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ah, ah hello in welcome to cross talk where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle throwing good money after bad. this is what's happening because of the west obsession to weaken russia when backing the failed regime in kip. this obsession is so acute that western leaders are sacrificing the well being of their own citizens . ukraine fatigue is only a matter of time. ah, crow, sucking ukraine. i'm joined by my guess, michael maloof in washington. he's a former pentagon senior security policy analyst in tampa. we have larry johnson, he is ceo of burg associates and a former c i. a analysts, an u. s. state department counterterrorism official. and in los angeles,
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we crossed soupy and he is a strategic planning consultant, a private equity advisor and an independent economic analyst. i. gentleman across stock rules and effect, that means if he could jump in any time you want. and i would appreciate larry, let me go to you 1st at tampa. what has this? the west succeeded in its endeavours, backing ukraine in this conflict. a lot of money is being thrown at it. i mean i, i've lost track every single week. somebody else is throwing money into the pot here, but it doesn't seem to be changing, quote, unquote rushes behavior. so how do you assess the relative success or failure of the west's approach when it comes to ukraine? well, the west has been outstanding, had the saving and lying to its own people. other than that, it's been a complete fiasco. it's not changed a single thing on the ground, despite the, the constant propaganda that russia is failing russia's being decimated. although the russians are being led by a bunch of baboons who are capable of stringing
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a sentence together. yet the russians can 10 you to steadily advance and in and i guess it's, it's like a miracle. sort of, you know, jesus turning fishes and lows the feet of $5000.00 the russians despite the western claim. so they've suffered almost a $100000.00 casualties. and this is out of an initial army in the special military operation of simply $200000.00. so they've lost 50 percent of their force according to the west. and yet they've taken mario full. they're operating down west or west of mario full. and they've taken back to hans and they're in the process of taking back the nets and the ukrainians, despite having an army that's 3 times larger than the russians have failed to advance in any single area and hold in the territory. so i said it's, it's some sort of miracle, but the go ahead. yeah. ok. michael in washington,
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we had to remind our viewers that the ukrainian army was armed and trained by nato for 8 years. so this is a comment to reflection upon a nato's military proud, proud this here. what is the strategy here? i mean, what you and i have talked to since this are to the conflict many times. and i think 11 consensus one can draw that if you can't win at least keep it going. and so keep you fighting until the last ukrainian to weaken russia. that seems to be the policy michael, go ahead. this is the unfortunate development, and we're reaching to a crescendo here in which the united states and the west generally have to make a decision on just where, where do they want to go with all of this. they want to have an up now war with, with russia. they're only using ukraine as a cause for their greater strategic purposes. and that is to contain and maybe
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even overthrow the government in, in moscow. and we got the neo conservatives in the, by the administration. well entrenched pushing this agenda ad nauseum and it, and it's, it's gotten to the point now where the united states is that a very critical juncture, it's, it cannot get, they cannot continue this type of supply and pouring of money that it doesn't have, by the way, into this questionable activity as well as from the allies and back and backs supply the allies when they provide arms to the ukrainians. so the question has to come down, where is this, what, what does the end game? and nobody, nobody is saying this, and already we're seeing divisions within nato. and we're the end within the u. s. to where this, this, this entire endeavor is,
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is heading. and it's very clear that the russians have achieved what they want to achieve. and they're just now it's going to be a holding actually for them. they don't intend to take over all of ukraine as far as i can tell. they want to create a buffer, they want to keep ukraine out of nato, and they've succeeded. and, and i think that they can now declare victory. i think we're going to see in the, in the weeks ahead, maybe, possibility of discussions, possibly opening up. i think there's going to be increased pressure from the west on ukraine to allow for oks and the, and i think even the europeans as they approach which are now and well and given their economic plight, they're going to have to do something and do it fast. that's where i want to go. it's go to los angeles high, i me, i will talk about a self inflicted wounds. i mean, go through this cobit stuff self inflicted. now we have this here, i mean, the,
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the, the sacrifice, average people, consumers are being made, particularly in europe and around the world. we can talk about the global south later. but i mean, this is, this is madness. i've never seen anything like it all. i mean, all of these european leaders, i doubt any of them will be in office by the end of the year, particularly when it gets cold. go ahead in los angeles. yeah. first, i want to concur with your to other guests regarding the military and geo strategic issues involving ukraine, which is essentially being made him sacrificial lamb. and should thus serve as a model to other potential parties in the bullpen b, they, poland, be they a baltic states be the scandinavian runners up i it's not a i would winning situation and attrition isn't going to work here because frankly rushes the so a participant in may not remain so participant going forward if our conflicts widen, as far as sanctions in economics. i me russia's responding effectively. and in ways
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that at this rate will destabilize tightly hell, trans atlantic, financial assumptions. me as we speak, u. s. treasury secretary, jaelyn. it is apparently spearheading an oil price cap mechanism for other nations to follow against russian crude exports and ensuring those exports. yet its ill defined its toothless rushing crude importers are already seeking non u. k based maritime insurance options anyway. and it's even floated the fact that it's even a thing as shows indirectly, that new york and london ultimately control the oil price itself for now at least not opec, not non opec producers let alone genuine quote unquote supply and demand rushes based. it's botched if it's past and current budgets on a very low oil price. it's very smart. it's around $40.00 a barrel. whereas like benchmark brent crude hovers around a $100.00 a barrel. as of wednesday, russia uses discounted pricing to keep nations loyal. so how are you janet yellen?
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neocons, whoever trans atlantic lee? or are you going to get china? russia? i'm sorry, china, india, japan. i don't know south korea, indonesia, even the saudis, believe it or not to agree to suppose a price caps against russia. while then granting exemptions to e u and other nations and try why, why in the world are they want to get involved in such a chaotic fiasco? is that, i mean i, it's a pipe dream here. i mean, it just shows desperation legal back to larry in tampa. what i think this is a, a pathology in play here. and mike, when i have talked about it many times on cross talk is that there's this assumption messianic assumption. the west can't lose, but they are losing and they will lose. and this is a tipping point because the global south china, india, not only do not respect the west anymore, they don't fear it anymore. larry, well,
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when you fancy yourself mixed martial artists, then you spend 30 years beating up on kids of wheelchairs. you might naturally thank you, have a skills that cannot be countered and that you are really tough fighter. but what the united states is finding now that when there's an actual country with a real air force, royal army, missiles, air defense system technologies that the wes simply does not have and has not deployed all of a sudden. it's a game changer. and i think you, you really hit hit precisely on the head that this, this change that we're witnessing says february 24th. both. not only militarily, but within the international economy. it is as consequential. the change is what took place at the end of world war 2 with the establishment of an international monetary order that was undergirded by the us dollar. that era ended on
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february 24th with the start of the special military operation. and the implementation of the sanctions and as pi noted, the, the insanity reflected by western leaders work that, you know, you would hope that somebody's got a good, clear eye and business sense to me can add and subtract. we can even do that and can, we can even do basic math. i mean, when you look at the amount of weaponry that the russia has destroyed into a crane, it is that we're not talking about things that are easily replaceable. we're talking about the elimination of tanks, fixed wing aircraft rotary, wearing aircraft, and vehicles for transporting troops. that's gone. i mean, that has been, they've lost about 80 percent of that. so, what's the concept of a culminating point? the point at which the military can no longer operate were there. that's why you're not seen ukraine. mounting column to offensive is in fact now i think they tried to
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mount went on on wednesday outside kirsten. and there's video and when you're done, yes, that is 70 percent of the ukrainian economy. okay. what did they fighting for going to 25 seconds michael. before we go to the break. yeah, i think that they're trying to fight for their own survival, but it's not, it's not going to last. i have no clue where, where a 1000000 personnel are going to be coming from. but this is the ukraine is just a larger question. there is an overarching problem that we're seeing here, and that is the us come competition with this emerging bricks countries and, and i got my home that thought we got to go to a hard break. that's about hard break. we'll continue our discussion on your stay with the.
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2 jen, it's a good the i think, 70 percent of even 80 percent of soviet people. and why in a few say i want to approach. he told me i want this vest with this one. me not a toyota sale, possibly talk to login and then we'll proceed with each one. just simply looks at a map of bases and massage stations. i mean are, it's more than coincidental that russia is actually being surrounded and being targeted as an enemy. i mean, the ridiculous notion that massage systems and rewarding. yeah,
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they had to predict queued up from iran. iranian massage strikes. i mean, this is the level of deception that goes on a new choice. i'm not quite sure. the mumbo blog post. absolutely, sure. i can keep a twinge, quit that can jump to both and then, and then potentially have a push with a different benefits. you won't have to push my luck with them or will push that village to florida because my interest now do group on bunch of them are in the picture where he's using this tool. we'll just go to the quote on shipping and scars. they've got to go for these companies here to carbon upa was more than i did this can literally put us cause those to assist with this. let's
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put a boil e. yeah, i would estimate because i thought if she was nice no with me they all flo good luck with the late. what is there? somebody destiny? a visit when you ask them when you finish with ah, welcome back to cross sac. we're all things considered. i'm peter lavelle to remind you were discussing you crate. ah okay, let's go back to pi in in los angeles. you know,
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one of the things i found very curious at these western leads, they believe their own propaganda. they truly do, and that is what's putting them in a call the sack, one of the things that's quite curious of the media coverage, is it rushes isolated? a big one. okay. but it was, it was with a no accident at the bricks. meeting happened right after g g 7. okay, so there's not much isolation there. but one of the things that i find very curious is, you know, that, you know, russia will become a junior partner to china and all that. we've heard this for you many years here, but i think the entire global south will say, wow, look at russia that stood up to the entire western world and nato and nato in the western world blinked. i think that's going to be the long term message here. and the implications for trade and monetary policy or immense, go ahead in los angeles. b, it's, i'm stating kind of a stupid, obvious, but it's not obvious to people in washington and london in brussels. russia is not afghanistan and iraq and syria. and yet they're using playbooks, too,
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to assume that there will be kneeling at some point because it's just me that the sanctions issue again it's, it's completely incoherent and desperate and it's being half hastily implemented. it'll torpedo, this is important to note. it's no or no one's talking about this, it's torpedoing the petro dollar recycling in this and put into place actually 48 years ago, fi, nixon, kissinger and the saudis, which is on the wayne mathematically, anyway, so they're desperate to try and maintain this order that is dissipating are just on its own momentum. the saudis know this hence there coldness against biden, as we speak. the west is actually in the process of forfeiting it's oil pricing mechanism and pricing power while flirting with essentially dollar hyperinflation, by trying to choke a major global oil and gas producer in russia using rapidly incredulous dollar based energy, currency pricing, and trading standards. they're making a policies as they go along while the east, as meticulously planned out every chest move ahead of time for years. further
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sanctions by the way, which will probably come up from certainly the europeans that alone, trans atlantic lea. they're going to cause russia to simply formalize its ruble, link to oil on goal has something around having him cause the dollar, it's going to call, call the dollars bluff, essentially igniting this kind of, if you will, in a star worse and sensitive reactor core of the modern death star of petro dollar, her gemini, it's going to lead to the dollar. and the death stars ex, explosion, fully embargo in russia, which is also on deck a man and i, they're gonna try and do that. but embargo and russian energy exports were due the same, thereby bankrupting this over leverage trans atlantic finance. a mechanism by triggering a mega short squeeze on vidal system supporting gold, shorting derivatives and london. and you're not supposed to say that, but gold is still very vital to everything the russians know, and they've done their homework. you keep pushing, if they're gonna make ruble to oil and gold. and they're going to put
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a base on their currency as well as gold itself. and it's gonna, it's gonna cause of spiraling catastrophe within trans atlantic finding. who would have thought larry, who would have thought that the of this, or a special military operation would have a turn, a soft currency, the rubel into a hard currency because it's exactly what's happening. larry, one of the things, it's really interesting, stealth and berg. you know, let the mass drop and he said, you know, we've been pair of preparing for this for 8 years. ok. he wasn't supposed to say it, but he did. ok. but you know what the russians were preparing for this is well after the my don qu, so who is better? ed planning and understanding how the world works because it, nato has egg on its face right now. i mean, i keep reminding everyone, nato is a propaganda out. it's nothing more than that. larry well, nato's a lot like hollywood hollywood and tried to pitch an idea. you know, i say, well, who is the villa? so you always need
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a villain in order to justify that to drive the drama, but for the, for nato, you need the bill. and now russia, in order to justify these exorbitant expenditures on weaponry. i mean, what's really shocked when you look at the size of the u. s. defense expenditure, which is approaching that, you know, a trillion dollars, i would say, $8800000000000.00. and then you look at what russia is spending. and yet, it's the united states who's, you know, $800.00 times what russia spending almost and is complaining about. it's running out of missiles, it's running out of shells. it's running out of artillery. it's, it's running out of things. they keep waiting for russia to run out, and here russia is. you know, you turning along like the ever the energizer body is just doesn't. well, larry, i would say there's one thing that depending on, doesn't run out of. and it's called the griffin because that's what it is. it's a, that's all the mean. it's never in shortage,
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is the great grip. and it's no surprise to me. you go from the afghan, griff, to the ukraine grip that it was in a very short amount of time. they're very adroit to doing that. let me go to michael now. michael. well, how does nato walk away from all of this? ok, i mean, i know, i think, you know, the new york times, you know, ukraine's winning and all this, you know, how do they walk away from this? how do they, how do they explain to people? not only did we lose the ukrainians, where was we crashed the economy? after crashing the economy with coven? go ahead. michael looks like to me. they're not walking away from it. they're trying to enlarge it by introducing for the 1st time china into their final statement. they're, they're, they're, they're looking for a whole new lease on life. and by bringing in china that, that, to me is very, very worrisome. and i think, and i think it underscores the competition that they now feel against the, the west. michael, michael, do you think that chinese fear nato,
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do you think they fear nato? oh, no, no, not at all. it's just that. we have stella. bert trying, who's the head of head of nato trying to justify nato's existence and, and by bring it in this whole new aspect. and it in atlantic alliance bring in now into china as a, as a concern. i think race, is it the issue of just when does this all and when, when do we stop fighting wars? we've been out of her 20 or 2 years here, a fighting wars constantly and, and yet we, we keep jumping back in. it wasn't any sooner that we were left or, or dropped out of afghanistan that we were into the black sea. we just can't help ourselves. and this is got to stop. and now we want to bring in china and we want a m and which just raised a concert. you can't fight a 3 to 4 front war. and now we're and now this morning as a result of what biden's,
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stead, with laughter visorio that we may potentially have a 4th front war by committing the united states potentially to a military conflict against iran. when does it stop? and i think that it, once again, nato is just, is, is out of, it's an element here. it's gone too far. and the end expects the united states to support the united states supports made by 75 percent already. and we don't have the money. i and our own internal politics is k off. ok, let's ask 5 that he's, he's the economist here. i'm, there's one thing that will stop it. it's called economics eventually go ahead by, i mean, it really is in people just kind of immediately, just by our historical training and conditioning through media. every, simply referred to mid to military issues. which, you know, again, this is not a smaller here. ah, in china and russia, no one is to remind our nuclear powers and the joined at the hip. finance is really at the core of the pardon the lucas reference again, but the death stars sensitive
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a center. ukraine. for instance. ukraine wants $9000000000.00 in monthly aid, now not the $5000000000.00 very recently previously or mark. so what's it going to be and what's the demand in the fall? $15000000000.00 a month to stay ahead of global inflation, which i mean, partly results from well printing money out of thin air to fund ukraine's failed state status. germany and other e u members are already questioning if you don't rain really need that much money so. so much for unity as far as nato's as geostrategic fiscal and joey economic stance. and that should really beg the question over desperation because there's, they're out of arrows in the grill. you know, larry, i, i'm sure you remember like the rest of us that on, on february 23rd, the ukraine was considered one of the most corrupt countries in the world. suddenly the corruption issue was not up front and center. it really should be because i will be very cynical with my guess and with my audience, there are people around zalinski the want this to keep going on so they can feel
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their pockets. that's what this whole thing is about. okay. they're not interested . there's no victory there. the victory is the stuff your pockets that get the keep the griff going as long as possible and then the jake is up and you get you helicopter your money out. go ahead larry. my, my, in my private business, we've done investigations in ukraine. it that involve taking automobiles from the united states, re selling them on the ukraine market. they don't call an organized crime. it's because it's disorganized in chaotic. it's highly organized, highly structured, and very adept at taking advantage of situations like this. so not only are they, you know, losing the humanitarian aid is coming in and making a profit off of that the military equipment. and that is also disappearing. that at least they, they'll find somebody that can it what's, what's so ridiculous about the united states continuing to send some advanced melody weapons systems like the m 777, a howitzer or the high mars multiple la launch rockets system. that
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there's nobody on the ukraine tried to use it because it's their best soldiers the most the competent have been killed. so the process of having to train and recruit new people to take over those functions. you don't do it overnight. it's this that it's not like a television show where you can resolve the, the drama within 25 minutes. you know, miko, we have one minute left here. i'm in some of the mit weapon systems that larry just mentioned there. i wouldn't be surprised as they end up in the, in moscow's military museum real soon because it all, for the 8 years during the conflict, the down bass, they, they, the, they, both the, the fighters on the bass were, were buying arms from the ukrainian military, purely corrupt, 30 seconds to you, my friend. go ahead. yeah. your years at your statement about one in this war to be perpetuated in it also applies to us defense contractors. there's no accountability right now. what is going into the ukraine and somebody's getting rich,
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a lot of people are getting very, very rich, and they don't want that spirit to be turned off. and that's one of the compelling reasons why we need to bring this war to an end. because a few people are getting very, very rich and they are and they are perpetuating this, this is well or to continue or yeah, michael, we do have an example hunter biden. lead the way a lead to way in your brain for everyone here. all right, gentlemen, that's all the time we have. i want to thank my guests in washington, tampa, and in los angeles. i want to thank our viewers for watching us here at our p. c. you next time. remember across that room? ah a show you the most all or so for the i is you do with russia is the aggression know his answer
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much about my music was more due to me, delusions, wellborn. here we have any quality for russians can, all we gotta do is just feed them over the head and just tell them the right way to live here is going to do it just a little bit. a boy with a lot of nice gloves, with the new sure. with
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our season, it's a washer to work. so i was at the watch with no look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is it conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point, obviously is to create trust rather than fear a very job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with hello bob must protect his own existence with oh, during the 2nd well, when nazi occupied, poland, virginia was
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a farming region today. it's part of ukraine. between 1943 and 945 members of the ukrainian insurgent army led by stepan bandera. nasa could thousands of poles in virginia in a diabolical ethnic cleansing process. the mergers were particularly horrific and brutal villages were burned and property looted. the valinda massacre is without doubt one of the bloodiest episodes in polish ukrainian history. my al ukrainian politicians are still reluctant to talk about these events, how to modern day ukraine and poland view this tragedy of the past. and why does the memory of belinda still divide people oh
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oh, people are, i think of 70 percent of you and 80 percent of serbian people for russians. but you know, you cannot make it like a person or like something that you, you, you know, out number people who come to boost for the book. and then you may conclusion. they are pro russians or not. lucia phobia, mean social cerebral phobia.


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