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tv   News  RT  July 19, 2022 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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a week i've had them week are that with that with a lot of your potent wrapped up trilateral talk with his radian and turkish counterparts. interact with the leaders calling on the u. s . to leave syria. well that while saying that refugees can return to the country which should be fully cleared of any terroristic threat. india announces the creation of a new defense eco system, and it bid to become a major weapons x puerto. while striving for self sufficient b. u is reportedly set to unfreeze the russian assets of ukraine cries foul over what it calls up a trail as western sanctions thought in the face of
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a global food crisis. what's a wall with key forces continue their relentless shelling of the people's republic as our t visits, the mother of a 10 year old girl was killed by ukrainian strike right in front of her home with you're watching archie international. i'm donald quarter. welcome to the program. which now calls on the us to leave syria amid international efforts to stamp out any remaining terrorists inside the country. those are the main takeaways from a trilateral summit between the leaders of russia, iran and turkey, which is just wrapped up in to run. the leaders also noted that they reject any unilateral sanctions against syria and underlines that the syrian conflict has no military solution. only a diplomatic one bottom here approved and said it's up to the korean people
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themselves to decide on the future of their country without foreign meddling. while turkey's president said half a 1000000 refugees have already gone back to syria, and it's now time for the international community to help more of them return home . the russian and a rating and presidents also agreed to shift towards trading in their national currencies. latimer put and also stress the need to revive and support the 2018 deal on iran's nuclear program, which should respect the interests of all sides involved. here's what else. a lot of our prudent had to say about the situation in syria during these talks. you think the deficient cooperation of our 3 countries to rates crap than the level of violence in this year in eric republic in the recent years has been decreasing. we have eliminated with the bulk of forces. so either send, either improves that train supreme in this country, we return the majority of the land. so the country under government control,
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university of terrain. professor said mohammed mirandi believes that the u. s. is being hypocritical when it criticizes russia's min military operation in ukraine. i believe that the united states is on the decline, and that's something that the iranians have been telling tarkey among the united states is, has been on the decline or decades now. the crisis in the world capitalism, the endless wars. and of course these and this wars are, make the, the western position on ukraine, quite ironic. because on the one hand, they condemn russia for the war. but on the other hand, they initiated wars in iraq, afghanistan, maybe they supported this, so he's in yemen. they've imposed brutal sanctions on venezuela, cuba, nicaragua, and they've, they've carried out a dirty war in syria. so they're really no position to talk about crane and
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the russian roll them. and iran, russia, china, these are countries on the rise. they are powerful. china is, of course, a global power. russia is a major power. iran is the most powerful country in west asia, and the united states. and nato simply do not have the power anymore to confront all these different countries at the same time. and i knew joe biden is in hot water on the home front. after failing to drum up support for the struggling u. s. energy market from oil exports arab countries, as ortiz kayla mop and explains, while abiding ministration is facing a growing amount of criticism over the continue to high energy costs in the united states, the cost of gasoline is school using many americans. here is what some republicans have said, speaking up, blaming the bye, didn't ministration for what they say or failed energy policies. how come it's
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wrong to produce our own oil and gas here, but you can go to saudi arabia and 5th, bob, to try to get it from saudi. i mean, it makes no sense. in fact, what he should have done, and what it should be doing is excavating energy. here at home, we have the resources, we need to supply our folks with the energy that we all need. a fundamental problem is that the u. s. is the world's leading superpower producing oil and gas. and joe buttons administration is trying to do everything they can, but sen hurt to reduce that production. now the binding ministration and the democratic party are committed to what they call the green agenda. moving against fossil fuels in the name of environmentalism, they have restricted and halted all offshore and on shore drilling on federal lands . in addition to that, they canceled the keystone x l pipeline. now it's important to note that at this point we have many leaders of the petroleum industry and united states,
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basically calling out to biden in ministration, saying, why are they willing to go overseas to try and get more oil when they could simply get more oil domestically this is what a leader of the petroleum industry had to say. instead of meeting with foreign governments to ask them to increase energy production, look to reliable u. s. energy sources here at home, join me and the men and women of america's energy industry. together we can tackle today's energy challenge with energy solutions right here under our feet. well, americans are frustrated with the high price of gasoline and the failure of the buy and ministration to deal with now the, by the ministration space in a way, the new problems related to this. for example, there's a government watchdog group that is now suing the u. s department of energy arguing that their use of the strategic petroleum reserves to deal with the rising gas prices. what's the dates in danger? because every time they make a release of strategic reserves,
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then those reserves are not there in case of a real national emergency. so people are resting frustration with the buying and ministration, and hoping that soon the white house will offer some kind of real solution to the rising energy costs. political analyst and economist mom don't solemn, a says de must domestic us. oil production cannot meet the needs of the countries energy sector. i had no, as i said, but the sheet or from saudi arabia and all b plus. the reason is that america show of action is, is spent force the best source in a place in the united states have been, it's hosted. so our plans have to move to more and more expensive slots. and that is closing in election course. and the
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client in production, so i'm going out, it says there are, are you seeing how the 11000000 bands i don't mean that my estimate is that it is less than 10000000. that's right. you know, since is increasingly impacting more and more early today are impacting 9 to 9 and a half a day and that meets them. no bill price brian shops and his prime minister says his country is planning to become a large weapons export or by building its own defense eco system. as of now, india mainly relies on imports from other nations for its military needs are t, r t t qu examines new delhi moves towards self sufficiency. this is a radical shift from the policy that india has had followed on defense.
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since $947.00 since independence, the wrong store, they get in the direction of self reliance, self christina ability and complete independence grad. mr. moby has given us very clear cut detection for the indian indian defense services. now he is asking them to not rely on any of the foreign weapons and ammunition, but a go for domestic production. today, a large part of the budget earmarked for the purchase of defense equipment has been spent on procurement from indian companies. in the last 4 or 5 years, our defense imports have come down by about 21 percent. today we are moving fast from the biggest defense importer to a big export or trends or more. b has been trying very hard to change the overall mindset within the bid aqua fee within the political leadership as well. and in the
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us defense services, because been consistently underlining that india can not be dependent on others. we developed the habit of being dependent on foreign countries for even the simplest products, like drug addicts we were addicted to the products imported from abroad. to change this mindset, we worked on mission mode after 2014, after learning from the approach of the past to create a new ecosystem of defense. clearly, branson more denise that india has to fight on its own. india has to be less relying on strategic alive and he is moving in that direction. he's going in the direction of basically self sustainability, self reliance in almost all sectors on the issue of ukraine. india remain neutral. india did not take any sites and that was in alignment with this mindset with this
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thinking that we cannot be of partisan. we rebuild not budge on our independence. liza the foreign policy, india stood by us shout. these are we, you bring india did not war against russia at the united nations. and this is part of that mindset that india will maintain its strategic independence. whether it's, you know, what if you clean, or whether it's domestic reduction off weapons. ah russians, defense ministry says its forces have destroyed a field base, manned by the notorious, neo nazi right sector battalion and southern ukraine with at least 200 militants, and to have been killed there by russian missiles. according to the latest reports, up to 60 soldiers have also been killed by russian strikes on ukrainian military positions inside the people's republic plus several storage facilities with
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ammunition for weapons supplied by the u. s. in europe, we're also destroyed, according to moscow. meanwhile, and the russian controlled hair, san region of southern ukraine, a key bridge has been bombed with local official blaming key as forces are thrown authority, se ukrainian troops used american supplied artillery rocket launchers to target the site. a no casualties have been reported as of yet, and that attack as key of military continues to shall, residential areas in the dunbar. people's republics, the number of civilian casualties, as mounting with many children among them. archie's roman closer a visited mother who lost her daughter during a ukrainian strike on central bunyan. the number of civilian casualties continues to mount here in the nest, especially so since ukraine started receiving heavy caliber weaponry and ammunition from nato. now this place in the center of dun ask is just one of the latest
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strikes according to local officials, a 155 millimeter cannon has struck this place. as the result, a 10 year old girl was ripped apart and i spoke to her mom who is completely devastated. ah ah, it is to carry, did not receive a war. he will ship us down. killa city, you bring the proof,
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the puzzle, more prostate. what group under or him? we're creating a center on. mm mm . i have all my asian children. but the most, are you doing good. good. that over the land. true at post sun with the rug with 20 acres are for, for you to you. soon to do with
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veronica was at a neighbor's house just a few doors sat down and just before the strikes began, she ran back home. according to her mom in order to brush her hair and get back to playing with her little friends. when the shell struck, her body ended up right here. you can still see the marks from the blood on the asphalt. the neighbors are all visiting the place of her death right now, bringing flowers, plush toys. and of course, none of this can bring the little girl back as her mom. helena is completely devastated. romano calls for of archie the nest people's republic. ah, meanwhile, the e. u is reportedly planning to partially unfreeze seized assets of some leading
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russian banks to ease global food trade transactions. brussels is said to be ready to pass the necessary paperwork on wednesday. however, the move does not mean that any sanctions are officially being lifted. this comes, it made an ongoing western denial restrictions against russia over ukraine have led to a global food crisis. meanwhile, western military assistance to ukraine is starting to dry up. germany's the defense minister says berlin can no longer afford to send as much aid to key of as before, while also claiming that ukraine is aware of these complications. however, all these recent moves are expected to be met with anger. and keith were, officials are already calling some of their western allies traders. as ortiz fiorella, isabel explains, it seems, the less success ukraine has on the battlefield, the louder it shouts at its western allies. those ukraine ones hailed us partners in the fight against so called russian terror are now increasingly being labeled as traitors. after all, it's much easier to pin the blame on someone else rather than take
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a look at yourself or change tactics. the latest to fall from calves, very high pedestal is just an trudeau. that's after the canadian prime minister refuse to allow europeans to freeze this coming winter due to the rise of energy costs across the u simply done in the postal. this is not just about the turbine. this is about complying with sanctions. if there is one violation, now it's only a matter of time before others will follow. russia is duly some purpose, black mailing, others with gas and provoke and sanction breaches. ukrainians will never accept kennedy's decision regarding the norse from turbine, which was decided to be handed over to germany in violation of the sanctions regime . it's not just canada back pedaling. vladimir zalinski is not pleased that some western banks have chosen to continue doing business with russian companies. in fact, the ukranian president even thinks some of them should be tried at the hang. never mind that j. p. morgan, one of the banks mentioned last $524000000.00, largely because of the fallout from the russia ukraine conflict. the bank is one of
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the biggest players and global commodities, and it's economic fluctuations, greatly impact the global market. in my view, western banks are committing war crimes because they are helping the putin regime in this specific way, and they are supporting the regime. that's not all ukraine's foreign minister slammed what he called, a hypocritical nato for doing literally nothing to counter russia. the war is always a test that rips masks off, and we all saw real faces. what we saw some revolutionary groundbreaking decisions taken by the european union, which even they themselves did not expect to make. and we see nato as an alliance as an institution sidelined and doing literally nothing. i'm sorry to say literally nothing. a reminder that since the conflict began on february 24th of this year, ukraine has received billions of dollars worth of weapons and military equipment from at least $28.00 countries, including $25.00 nato members. and unfortunately for ukraine trainers are seemingly
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everywhere these days with the so called betrayal coming from inside the country as well. the lensky recently fired to top officials, one being long term from even because of the head of the country's top security service. and the other being a rena benedict de la, the prosecutor general. both were blamed for ramp and treason within their organizations, with the lensky saying that a large number of their staffers were working with russia. stone. assuming that he's still not as of today, 651 criminal proceedings have been registered regarding treason and co operation activities of employees of the prosecutors office, pretrial, investigation bodies, and other law enforcement agencies. in particular, more than 60 employees of the prosecutors office and the s b u remained in the occupied territory and are working against our state. so while the u. britain and the u. s are giving billions of a to ukraine and creating a self made economic crisis in their countries. he others still calling many of
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them traders. what will be enough for ukraine? it seems the country is not only losing ground on the battlefield against russia, but losing faith in the support from its allies who are coming to realize that heavy consequences of their own sanctions. we're going to go back to our top story right now, and that's the trilateral meetings that are going on into iran, the capital of a ran between the president of russia, iran and turkey. for more on that. now we're going to cross live to professor of political communication from toronto. full odd is id. thanks for joining us on the program. so russia and iran are both under huge political and economic pressure from the west, from the west if they have anything in common. it's definitely that. so how significant is there bilateral cooperation in stepping up to these common challenges? do you think? i think it's going to be quite significant. the boats, russia and major oil and gas producers, their neighbors,
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they have had historical relations. president was in russia just before they thought of the conflict in ukraine resisting less than is a loan of both country. and i think the leadership in both countries have realized that no matter what they do and governments including, and especially the united states, is going to question it. so it makes sense for neighbors to be increased cooperation. as you know, iran and russia signed the $40000000000.00 and gas corporation agreement today. and that was discussed in the meetings in the around the level of cooperation is going to increase. and it's going to be a win win situation for both sites. it's going to be good for the people of both countries, but also us. i don't, i'd also like to ask you about turkey's president,
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who is of course, present in toronto for these talks on topics, including ukraine and syria. what do you make of turkey stance on these issues? you know turkey's also and neighbor too, you know, he is not very far from russia and iran until you have had disagreements over syria for many years. both iranian president and president put and encouraged the turkish president not to attack north and syria. the turks are concerned about the kurdish population, but attacking a southern country, celia for that reason is not justified. so that was the team that was repeated. the said by both iran in president and the russian president. so the hope is that after today's meetings in the countries government refrain from
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attacking north and city and has had good relations with us. so the 2 countries have been able to separate this political disagreements from their economy corporation. and i think these type of meetings is going to actually increase corporation by both sides. united is worried about turkish linkage is and is that within just a few weeks ago? so the hope is that you decide to have a more independent foreign policy, not to be influenced by united states as well. the u. s. as of course, been very zealous when it comes to competing with the influence of russia, iran and turkey, and even china and the middle east. so to what, to what extent you think washington is going to be able to maintain its position in that region? if you add to the power and decline, and that's why they're acting in the manner they do by their lives in this part of the world just
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a few days ago. he claims to want to stay in the middle east and not allow a vacuum to be created and to be filled by russia, china. and he's saying this and the 1st anniversary of him running away from that. so i don't think anyone in this part of the world explained insidious the aging. and the teams that he says is not aligned with what's going on in the real world. and when a power and decline this, engaging in activities that is going to be harmful for themself, that's why they're causing a lot of difficulties for countries like russia, china, and iran. but, you know, we live in the 21st century. united states is not going to be a hedge one in this century. they're moving towards a multi point. and the sooner in washington realizes that,
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i think better what is going to be. what do you make of the results of jo biden's recent visit to the middle east? some are claiming that his goal in the region meets only us national interests while disregarding those of other of middle eastern countries. what do you think about that? you know, i suggest you read today's while the john debated described. the trip, i think is accurate. it was a disaster for the united states. i don't think the tree actually serves the interest of the united states either and the us government is trying to force countries of this region to be fighting when they don't want to do that. the israelis have a lot of influence in us foreign policy when it comes to the middle east. and there it is generally don't do things that is in line with us national interest. and this
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goes back to the power of the lobby in washington. you know, the u. s. policy in a fight us and has said the us policy and said he has fed us policy in iraq has done a doing really well in level on the policy. and yet i have faith the us policy has said, generally in this part of the and this where the people in washington realize that the method in which is going to be, well biting has also stated that the u. s. needs to fill a political vacuum in the middle east to prevent russia and china from stepping in . do you think middle eastern countries would agree with this? considering washington's track record of military intervention interventions in the region and around the world. you know, the, what the us wants to do is they would they want to create what they call an arab natal. and they want to lead that. and i think the premises in this state that is the soldiers on that thing to ship any blood to save the government
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of francis here. and so they are not putting all the acres in washington basket. they realize that the promises that the u. s. makes generally not kept historically, it is used to be an american backyard before the 1979 and in iran, in control of iran and most of the countries in this part of it. but this was a century and then we move forward. you realize that these policies are not really paying off. and the general idea is that the us wants to be present, but the vacuum is already created and the direction is already filled with countries like china and russia. one of the things that the leaders of
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these 3 countries that these trilateral talk spoke about were, was the discussion around counter terrorist operations in syria. how well do you think that they've gone up to this point and how do you think they're going to go now that all 3 leaders of these countries are talking about closer cooperation, and that's fear, you know, russia and iran, but on the same page, they held each other to make sure that the government in syria is not removed by force. and toki did not realize that the fact that he was contributing to the civil war country was happening on opposition to the city and government. and that policy had said the government is the same as the one that before the transition intervention instead. yeah.
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so i think the turkish government has realized that they need to change course. it may be difficult for an aggregate to accept that then publicly announced that you know, but if they attack, no sincere and we had today the boats and russian opposed to that venture. i think the total situation is going to be much worse, and it's going to cause a lot of sort of the and casualties as well. and i don't, i don't think countries like united states are interested in turkey fighting, but the chord could have been in line with the united states in this part of the world. so overall, i think this city and situation is improving. the city and government is under another sanction. that is, is our thing and people in the city are suffering and same old policy of sanction,
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sanction, and country being implemented in syria. so you have a lot of ordinances and suffering. but over on the security situation at the city as well, one more question i want to ask you here about the ran nuclear deal, because this is something that russian president vladimir putin mentioned at these trilateral talks. he said that they need to be preserved and their countries involved need to spare, no effort to do so. what do you think the future of the ran nuclear deal is going to be you know, the racy administration is negotiating in good faith. they see promised a lot of improvements in the economy and if the agreement is signed again, it's the u. s. c test. and then i think the message and supports the problem that we have isn't.


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