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ah, ah, with a good choice medical mumbo blog post actually sure i can keep a twinge quit duct which on the bike and then eventually when you want to push them, what they'll do you like it like the definition of radius less, it will much been a lot of what i thought that if you want to get course now i love that i can, i will push that to feel like if we had what i was. my goodness. now do good fun. thank you from cool for you. extra for holding the picture. where do we still hold? you go to the broker insurance card. we've got pretty good. what is covered in it?
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i've got the new talk with more let me do this can be done with. 5 this was for the oil e yeah, i would estimate because i started for the last nobody really sema, what does provide alicia with a little bit of like your local so to with a little when you are a tree shows what i her home a will hold fish has adult pixel chill showing up on the head a couple it wouldn't hurt or somebody. and then the mom, mom, mom, there are going to bring that is your light abilene. i've been with
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a lot with a with with,
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[000:00:00;00] with nash's a sheet and you didn't have to bring in full jammed on there for you. mushroom assume a show to chew near the what else jo? bunch newton's collect. heather, a huge meadow player or jury reaches commercial, van sca, but on a should ugly. poke that i'm
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with with regarding benito, like general me kim. i will push the when i was on one particular ducandi before this quarter because it is weren't able to people who are might open up the buttons 300 by so i could put the bicycle know, doing a cello and with them with the choice medical enough for the mobile blog post that's from the choice between quickbooks and show the basic and then put them to the bench needed,
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which was which was supposed to push me to just like to replace cuz they just love me through all of that. and i did that at patrol that but i knew that i was going to get his to go to the middle school again. they tell us that the 2nd shift to show us of numbers on that number and your medical them look it up new blood of the month of so it's not on the dead. for now, it's not wasted that her number was the little mental listing in the musical gutter brush bush and least sit on the dash me. so what mr.
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william was saying, but it's not me either meet the or somebody needs to participate industrial or probably just what but it certainly list for the i mean it's not always during a london book of nuclear history publish it and it was sort of just from, with, with with with, with this to sure to win boy a finance or nice feel comfortable with in the back of a wait. what is her to let the estimate the moment it's buckling in the can yet with the digital i don't believe i've never been in for the last one of the from
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what to with be 4 percent of bull last quarter. would i, ninette fletcher sputtered in july, 31st. my girl is not good function grove, by extra bordering official work data. she's in the store who does go to the grill guard. sure. now go it it when you're blue, we a huge scarsdale company go. what if competition got been in talk of norma if you wouldn't that with a pretty heavy 1st,
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i'm glad as better in athletic like a little video and getting convertible about data recording that wasn't the metro busher adorable. mitchell does not have to sort of furniture because again, with a bunch of bite attend, understand him on the and you know, packages out all that back up, patricia. should the banks normally have a fact that the to hell a you're going to school with us because you choose j did it would it would be sundays. course the she responded, morton speaking story the way
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i thought i didn't want to change because i didn't have much with so many people in with a with usually within dish we were point known as alicia. i mean, she's come on machine you but you might hear or put, especially in the learning culture is not slowing. going to come to foster. so her new disease with welcoming former she has come this, you know,
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most of my open to school and he took away in the school this year. but i went on look at the stuff or control just cuz always i was on school machining. this is totally didn't it comes up was the price would be 7 just wanting to find and that was to find the post number. i mean get it . not advisor much that i paste this idea of glove. i mean did i'm, they bought digital both to look at it and it's nice for them to draw it. there's one more to charge if you're still cars. cor, thank you for just with working with me by the post. it was a couple of quickly mccoy chick fil a couple of days from the airport and i was backup is just our country as opposed to middlefield,
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i think with one another source locker, which she knew he was not. most of those people are him because i put which i did a little boy. well, a school for new school could just so do i pay shutter was the showed him it was the place to point to point in my own pull it up and go to the level bush with a new perfect. you know, i them, we still up us by young moving yes, the lawyers look over the new. yeah, i'm showing press hold. sure more than was to go to the stairs. ah,
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to come to the russian state total narrative. i've stayed, as i'm shown in the most landscape, div us. mm hm. now knocking all sudden some of a group in the 55. would this been okay, so mine is gonna be the one else was about with we will van in the european union, the kremlin jeff machine, the state aunt, rush up to date and school r t spoke next. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube. mm. hm, so we put the question, did you think it was the channels with me
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a washer one. not spec live cable for so so the grouping maintenance company layer. so anyway, sharing with you, i have another question for the hero job. if you oh, and you're wishing to hear the skipper, you rudo and the router. oh, come on, my bill. a fetal with a bear with me, a quick turn on to that was in such a shit of transportation.
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when the st. louis report for a shelter in the upper elson did any great, there we are. so, i mean, a usual move to the nickelodeon, the some of which we had a little game of shooting, controlling with the of a visual trish with a little bit of initial substance. there's always a grain with a little mushroom, anybody with in the orland ms. williams. really not on mr. still to you
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a. anybody have an interest for for safety? well yeah. she met with anything else that was something with she may have a couple to think i can go ahead and get familiar with what movies. dish with us. the deal with a,
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a specialist with we'll, we'll, we'll teach has a daughter, bexla. she'll showing it as a, do it in a b, j that canal with a, with a promotion with last time i was going on with the basic i usually go on a deal with a
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ah, with a slow will you talk with like a
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who get up with my bill with the key a come up official they were like with i'm so what's the name? it was on your cellphone, a sustain some consumer. and as of steiner, i knew for sure with for fishing and let me with a partnership right now when a school ship,
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who would you really me of us all of the kitchen cabinets has to do with showing which i'm not a month for us who was pretty similar, there's no cuz it's been a mile on a deal with them with dealtech still been on the shoulder though it was a sort of a cloth whose comments go she to a thought for the future for the for sure. with a school getting it was little is known in a new music of them. the french show me
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a quick so we can pull any nibbler does. she can walk out with that with,
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[000:00:00;00] with my computer up to this movie, to coordinate with the feel should be off the smaller one with a but you with some of you to be so she with a microscope often to do with how similar or just because all of the 2 by 2 fully football channel that ecologist will shoot them out. so so my social, i will bail from my williams,
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the bottom it all my me on. who do i get your local channels for you to talk about more cheaper before it comes with a quote, whether you forget it on doing this is kenya with i knew the world going to school for them to be able to talk with somebody who is a blessed to come through with, with, with the just a come on someone, but when i bought much of
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a discount with no money. oh, a statistical job, what's to be for a minute? i thought she was found it then with a question of toys post. it was that i really need to read it on this to play a dozen list of my a dozen with absorption is the statistic that the emotional mom wanted to go. big ask and then i didn't convert it. they put us garzo a. let's put a boy e. yeah, i would also need to cross cause i thought if she was national with other to let me since come now there was a bill and then the choice with that did other patella's stuff me out, but i mean, it was
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a shot. it was a shot and i still think so specially is this just for the literally can win him a glove as usual from in a condo, her knowledge to. so please i a did i'm going to mom know what i thought and this is eleanor. this is not the conduction go most of the with your good and up scholar to come with it failed. well, no problem. if anybody, riley, mom, way, bob by source. yeah. is when i go to have missed a chick bottling until about mom and then what i can. but if the piano, yes i'm with, but just but all what you got to do some lawyer in the school, you could it miss browley in that said i had my one. if you
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could, luckily with keeping out with a promise you it's all on under the fact that you could give me a bit of a clip on yet. you never said just a couple of banyan milligan is simply nica. yes. and we will, you must, which i to keep the but i'm in what them when we graham is, wasn't covered almost numb can. yes. mr. valko uses, the diana quit going into the national average deductible. the government wasn't my contact info. so that'll be my supposed floor, but almost for sure with us. so what i believe in us it is all i don't in the unit is show from all of the mission
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of show show should be, will be, will notice cash was a short survey. it will be in the warsaw or will it be with them with that or with 4 chairs crash or we could tell them way with crucial for these him for those another nobody else with a face
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for anything too much of a so what i forgot what it led to spec working were very amounts to conquer about the music could have gone, came to pass on the line called our problem truth, boisvert bang 20 built the english and then build a shot at cooper and cooper. but they will, most of it will measure of popular with ah, please, the so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in
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a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating. but nobody's lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. and we started adopting those techniques when i was station and mosul among them were stress position, sleep deprivation, and do some type of thermo. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrants and children, whatever you do in war comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past and the moral authority,
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the made america with sacrifice the shimmer of effective interrogation. ah ah hello and welcome to wealth apart more than a century ago, mark twain, the remark that god created more so that americans would learn geography. i guess today has supported old recent american lab wars, and a tom says regime change, but he's absolutely appalled by russia's actions in ukraine. why is that? to discuss it? i'm now joined by a former us national security advisor and former us ambassador to the united
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nations john bolton, ambassador bolton, it's such a rare treat for a russian journalist to speak to thank you very much for this occasion. well, thank you for having me. glad to do it. now you have the reputation of being pretty hawkish, thinker, especially when it comes to russia. when you look at the vans in and around ukraine, whom do you blame 1st? is it president putin o president biden? well, i think this is unquestionably an active unprovoked aggression by russia, and there's no legitimate explanation for so i think the responsibility does live with president colton and his government, i think unfortunately that the west failed adequately to deter potent from, from launching the invasion and, and that's a great tragedy but, but in this instance, it's pretty clear where the responsibility was now president put it in his own


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