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tv   News  RT  July 22, 2022 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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has a so called american century come to an end. if so, how did he come about? was it poor leadership or the mission to lead? the world itself was always destined to fail. and what follows the end of the american center? a foreign minister says budapest wants to buy more rushing gas and won't get through the winter without it, as they used to go through the repercussions of antique russian sanction. africa, criticizes europe. you turn calls to increased energy supplies, an attempt to replace the brushing commodities. that something is upset by over fossil fuel development projects across the continent, as part of a gold green agenda. and you bill that would decide to puerto rico's future with the u. s. is currently making its way to congress countries that to
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choose between becoming u. s. date and dependence, all free association states is also coming up on the program. it's not only ukrainian or me that they're fighting against as position is very close to here for in the mercenaries, as well as the crew joined russian lead forces on the done yet on the line where the army is now targets in the military positions. here is using to show the neighboring city of them. yes. ah. and so you from our headquarters here in moscow this friday, this is all the international. my name is peter scott. and these, the top stories the sour while some european officials continue to blame russia for their domestic issues. hunger is foreign minister has come to moscow to secure a new deal to buy russian. gus, he says it's impossible to find alternative sources of fuel for the coming winter.
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all sorts of moral sodden muscle, whether we like it or not, and whether we want it or not. now it is impossible to purchase an additional 700000000 cubic meters of gas without russian energy sources. we can dream, we can blow balloons, but reality remains reality. they're missing here in the russian capital came the same day. europe approving you, package of economic sanctions against russia this time and if your resources were not effected, but previous restrictions already led to real energy prices in europe, that is dramatically dependent on russia's energy supplies. hunger is top diplomatic said that europe can dream, but it will not be able to survive winter without russia, and it will not be able to buy additional unnecessary, 700000000 cubic meters of gas without moscow. he said that only 13 percent of what's needed is now pumped in storage is in europe,
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the number is almost twice as bigger for hungary, but still it is far from enough to guarantee energy security, which is alarming. given that the winter is coming, minister oliver of said that brussels anti russia rhetoric is to blame for european sufferings delineation what is the to the further development of our corporation. ease of course, prevented by the outright was the fabric policy pursued by washington and brussels unit for you release means. and unrestrained buildable sanctions without a sound analysis of the consequences for the very countries imposing back was listed. there is a struggle within european bureaucracy which wants to subjugate everything. and everyone who so include a national governments and wants to dictate conditions and stifle any descent. ukraine was another topic on the agenda, and the hungarian foreign minister said that war is bad and that budapest wishes and one piece for its neighbour ukraine as soon as possible. and he pulled on everybody to do everything that is possible to promote peace talks ceasefire,
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to make this bloodshed and as soon as possible, mister law reminded that the crisis didn't start this february. and he talked about the pa, chrissy from european side that turned a blind eye to bloody who did. todd happened in p as back in 2014, but is in hysteria right now. there is hysteria over the fact that in ukraine, so all conceivable norms of international humanitarian law are being violated to plan that people are dying and it's true that people are dying. smith is willing to face the truth and not brush aside the facts you will. so it will tell us that people are dying from an indiscriminate showing by the armed forces and nationally centralink of ukraine of peaceful areas. 3 of dumbasses and other areas and on the minister love rock also said that moscow hopes that russia's western partners, we want to spend soon, that it is very dangerous and very counterproductive to feel you clean up with more
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than the weapons. and that this should be stop, so that the blood should end in ukraine. meanwhile, a turbine crucial for the transportation of russian gas to europe by the north stream pipeline has not yet found its way back to russia. now thus after canada agreed to send the newly repaired parts back through germany, the turbine is reportedly stuck there due to problems with documents. now it's still unclear when the turbine will finally be returned on when the pipeline itself will be restored to full capacity, which is restarted. gas applies to germany after completing an annual 10 day maintenance of the node stream pipeline, which was agreed in advance. but it still spark fairs of more shortages in europe. the pipeline is vital for the year, especially for germany's economy, accounting for the lion's share of the country's energy imports. berlin aims to philip is the gas storage units was still has some way to go to reach the target
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while greece is become the 3rd you country, that's up to spain and portugal to turn down a suggestion by the european commission gas consumption by 15 percent. now the u is trying to reduce gas and electricity usage, amid massive price hikes and rising inflation. economist and political commentator i came and says that western leaders have aggravated the situation by spreading misleading use about bush's energy policy. the problem is lying in the politicians and that personal ties to international networks and bay for bit them to put not going to into into operations the german population, the, the honorary man on the street, the middle, then deli, need the not me to pipeline. and they wouldn't have any problems about running this, but the have personal ties. and this is why they are risking the future of the germany economy. the future of the john middle that and the future of our wealth,
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just because we don't know to, to blame russia using gas as a where the weapon is fake use. like most of the things that they mention nowadays. and it's no secret that before anything should start the biden. and the obama already promised that they don't want germany and russia to work together. and this is one of the main strategies. so what they are blame me that russia is taking gas and oil as a weapon. it's just a hoax. they are taking or, and gas as a weapon, as they always that you state. so start to design new economic agreements with foreign countries, largely on the african continent. this is the union scramble to get new gas and oil supplies to replace russian deliveries ahead of the heating season. now the deal of
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the include 15 agreements between the italian and algerian governments aimed at boosting gas and deliveries. at the same time, the french president has also agreed on stronger corporation in the energy states that with united arab emirates, as the u commission president did with us by john. this spring, germany tried to establish ties, senegal, while the you tried to find alternative gas supplies in nigeria. however, these policies do appear, it's a contradicts the use previous strategy. for many years, the union has been thwarting any african initiatives on developing the fossil fuel states on pipeline construction by refusing to fund them, claiming it was vital to reduce global carbon emissions. this approach always on good african states which saw no other alternatives for their own development. our countries cannot achieve in energy transition and abandon the polluting patterns of the industrialized countries without a viable fair and equitable alternative. stopping funding for the gas sector would be a major obstacle. nevertheless,
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fossil fuel production rates are currently on the up. for instance, south africa has already exported more coal in 2022 than in the previous year. african states have welcomed the new deals yet their own problems like regular power shortages and climate change do still remain. the foremost statistician general of south africa. dots of poly, la hola, describes the decision as a nice if you poxy limited the long term impacts on africa will be harmful for, you know, to go to quote in college. i forgot to abandon called but because of welcome bookish is it will step critique, but when they actually suffer the slightest inconvenience of cold and fresh to the economy. oh and the people when you call them, then they seem to go quite deep pitifully gray should be at the mileage or the morally moral basis to persuade africa. rob alden, co, which in the 1st place up against very much about we've oh,
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each of the is also and out. the question that one has to ask any resource that is abundant or well with the price of that and you brought too much to eat? the cake that belong game for europe to buy both resources for, for scrap, and then brought to process them and then sell them back to africa. at the premium . is usually, why don't we use the image? why don't we use the grains, la casita, that we can go between oil so that the energy that comes from there is actually it not that you don't, i suggest solution to appointments and then suddenly leave them there and say that to we've, we've got to code casella levels are threatened levels enough ago,
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or is being threatened from colonialism forms lead buddy from ho new bill paving the way for puerto ricans to vote for independence from the u. s. in 2023 is currently making its way through congress. that is 5 voting against the bill. law maker missiles garcia says it's an initial step towards the self determination of puerto rico. while today marks an important 1st step in the deacon is ation process of puerto rico. i could not in good faith support the passage of puerto rico status act in its current form. the colonization of puerto rico is a shameful part of our country's history. from the moment the u. s. took control of the island to a century of limited citizenship. the imposition of pro mesa and our failures in disaster response. puerto rico's relationship with the u. s. is rooted in history of racism, exploitation, and oppression. the time is now for the process of the colonization and self determination on the island. but dependence on the u. s. does not end with the colonization with the puerto rico status comes amid math process,
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taking place in the country where we can go with spots by soaring energy prices with hundreds of people take into the streets of san juan. to demand the constellation of the government contracts with us, power grid operates at luma, demonstrates his claim despite frequency power outages luma has raised price to $7.00 times since 2021. represent this, this response, the processes. although we respect the right to protest, the reality is that some people prefer to play politics and ignore the fact that luma inherited an electrical system. it suffered years, in fact, decades of abandonment spokesmen for the puerto rican action movement one lopez bows. us says, puerto rico di colonization is a matter of urgency and could make people's quality of life better. the thing is that the put a weaker societies, so colon, nice not to understand the we have been poland for 5216 years. and it's been would never be in
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a free country in any way. we can still really know what, what was being free. of course, you have to know that we can history independence, has been demonize and brain pro independence, people who have been put in prison because of the special report for the resort. it's urgent matter recall and the united states are both part of the same fear and the construction of the productive economy can lead of course to the equation of the, of the, of a government in the states that can actually look and actually provide for weekends with a better while in a better life, in general, than the one that we have now. and over to ukraine now, where russian forces are targeting the ammunition, deposed on the $45.00 strongholds of ukrainian military. ah,
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the russian defense ministry has shed this footage of the toss one multiple rocket launcher in auction weapons are being used on the front lines, targets 45 positions of ukranian, army, and officials say the weapon system has proved effective against well defended positions. meanwhile, in the don, bask, done yet still faces shelling from the ukrainian military which targets the capital city of the done yes, republic from the neighboring town of gave her one of keith's most fortified strongholds in the dawn. bus ortiz roman casa, have joined the russian forces on the ground. today we're working near the town alpha of div tell, which is still under control of ukrainian military. now we're here along with nascar international brigade who have been at the forefront of defense against the ukrainian or me here in dynamic. now i spoke to a few soldiers and here, and they told me that it's not only ukraine,
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an army that they're fighting against as positions very close to here, a full of foreign mercenaries as well, with the new security of the fog. still, it's no secret, it's a fact that a lot of mercenaries are fighting for ukraine. both nato and the european union help them. it doesn't matter whether they do this openly or not. but yes, there is the george and legion which is located opposite us and there are also polls and americans. we came across them and everything has been filmed on video cameras. everything is recorded. they have very different uniforms. of course, they fight differently because they are instructors themselves. you know, we have been preparing for this for a very long time. and ukraine has been preparing for 8 years, and the nato instructors help them train them to supply them with weapons and teach them to use these weapons from. ah ah
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ah, ah. international brigade bit nautica consist mostly of volunteers from what i understand. it's really hard to get into this particular unit. now they have been at the forefront in this conflict against ukraine over the last 8 years. and of course, they have shown their strength over the last 5 months, as well as they have been at the front here in the day of god and deterring the ukrainian army from entering this city. and they have been shilling ukrainian
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positions from where they at sac peaceful civilians. here in the next, i've heard the group go horny. this is the agony of hopelessness. like when an animal is cornered, it sometimes bites itself on the tail. why else are they shelling civilians? they probably hope the civilians will rebel and say stop this go and surrender. for 8 years the people endured this lawlessness and now all their agony is heavily concentrated. that's why they do this. ukrainian army have been div guy and pesky near, didn't ask for the last 8 years. so there are positions there have been really heavily fortified by the situation has changed drastically over the last 5 months. and the fighters off that national international brigade are waiting for their chance to liberate those cities romani costs or have r t done as creep over republic or ukraine's president's cause on the you for strongest sanctions against russia. the new wave of mass dismissals of officials, as well as commonplace corruption inside the country has caused some concern in the
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west. ortiz fiorella, isabel explains, after backing precedence lensky with unless accolades for the last 5 months. western politicians and media are suddenly speaking out about ukraine's internal corruption, nepotism and instability that seem to have long played job. this comes after the ukranian president's firing of several officials, including his once close friends, prosecutor general irina benedict's law and the head of security service. even baton off, it's a delicate situation for us officials as they've continuously defended and given ukraine billions of dollars. but the last case laid as actions are being viewed by some as authoritarian. while the americans want to avoid backlash, that could make it more difficult for them to pass more aid for kids. the situation also seems to discredit the popular western fantasy that ukraine is this democratic free country highlighting corruption and internal division as a very real and present issue. ukrainian president vladimir zelinski as
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dismissal of senior officials as casting an inconvenient light on an issue that the biden administration has largely ignored since the outbreak of war with russia, ukraine's history of ramp and corruption and shaky governance. a western official closed his lensky administration, expressed concern to political that the move appeared to go in the opposite direction of the use request for keith to crack down on corruption and increase the independence of its law enforcement agencies. if it wants to become a member of the block, it looks like the lensky is firing people without any real evidence which screamed of a power trip. let's not forget that he basically shut down every single oppositional political party in ukraine. signing a decree, outlawing group seemed to be pro russian. he also merged all the media into one huge propaganda channel. it all sounds like the very authoritarianism, the west accuses russia so much so that even the media has noticed the presence so
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close friends and uses the landscape. the top of the givers even would indicate definitely quite a corrupt nature to the governments of the conflict. and it shouldn't come as any great surprise that people who are not necessarily competent for the roles that they then find themselves in these offices. what macros is loyalty, it can be understood in private when the media. ready and politicians in the west discuss ukraine that this is deeply embarrassing, and that may be discussed, in fact, will be discussed in private, but the glorification of ukraine as an instrument of the last has to continue. the current situation also raises the question of how's the lens keys? close friends got those high ranking jobs to begin with. many sol, but count off with no. law enforcement experience was unqualified for the job and to close to the lensky to be given. such a powerful position,
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but ukraine's president stopped his cabinet and heads of top agencies with those close to him. imagine president biden appointed a friend from delaware as head of the cia who had no experience in intelligence. it's not very surprising that these people haven't performed well, but this shouldn't be surprising. last year ukraine ranked 122nd out of 180 in the corruption index. and before russia's military operation began, the media was happy to report on this. in fact, ukraine's corruption problem was one of the reasons the country was not allowed into nato. earlier, of course, on the 24th of february, ukraine suddenly became a beacon of democracy. inexperienced the officials put in by their powerful friend in an already corrupt system. doesn't exactly make a winning combination needed to fix it. there seems to be a consolidation of power around the landscape. what i think also this points to is i'm growing weakness of the regime was time as
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a team of great possibility for any country that the normal rules are an effect suspended. this is a guest to any government or any regime the. ready feels that it needs to achieve certain outcomes in piece time. it's more difficult to do this because a qualitative behavior is exposed. you know, the, the usual run of journalism will hold it to task and question. but an o war situation. we get to see the media rally behind the administration, the external and internal friends of the, the ukrainian regime rally behind zalinski. and of course he can do no wrong. so when he dos, do something wrong. that can't be emphasized in any great ways. it's almost as if all the idealistic pictures of ukraine that the media has been paddling all these months. we're ally, ukraine is in chaos and zalinski, the actions pose them as
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a leader who is doing the opposite of cracking down on corruption. meanwhile, some may remain shot. what cannot be denied much longer are you cranes to her bill aunt problems. the american association for human rights has slammed moroccan on spanish authorities for last month's tragedy in which dozens of migrants died while attempting to cross into an autonomous spanish dizzy from morocco. this unprecedented encirclement which highlights the new inhumane practices in the role of gendarme reactivated with force just after the normalization of moroccan spanish relations. the migrants were once again attacked daily to prevent them from settling in this camp. almost 6 kilometers away from the lyla. at the same time, as the severely injured migrants piled on top of each other, were crying out for help and moaning in pain and agony. the public forces continued to violently dragged the arrested migrants before piling them on top of their compatriots without taking into account their health condition. in order to
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handcuff the migrants and put them down on their stomachs, some migrants were trampled while continuing to receive in justified blows from the public forces. human rights association reports was published following the tragedy in late june, this year, the board of post a barrio chino, the instance, led to the death of 27 asylum seekers. with another 64 people missing, many more migrants were injured as police pushed by crowds using force. these deaths drew public attention to the problem of sub saharan and north african migrants on the treatments. asi earlier i heard from mohammed, i mean a, a, b, da, president of the moroccan association for human rights in the door. and author of the reports. we believe the main cause of this tragedy is the result of the migration policies pursued by these countries. any attempt to avoid responsibility is only an attempt to hide the fact that these policies are the main cause of this tragedy. this catastrophe, this migration policy will be the cause of other tragedies if it is not stopped.
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the report will play or rather is already playing a key role in shaping public and international opinion about what happened on the day of the tragedy. using this report, we will also try to ensure that morocco stops playing the role of gendarme for europe in spain, and that the migration policies pursued by morocco. the european union in spain change, become more loyal to migrants and comply with international human rights agreements . china has called on the us to stop looting soon. resources with beijing, also slumming what they calls washington's double standards on human rights may found this, you may, us troops still occupy serious principal oil fields and we're producing bread basket regions. the u. s. armies, plunder of syrian resources has aggravated the humanitarian crisis on the ground. some angry syrians have complained that the u. s. came for profit and would leave when all profit is gone. they say the us presence and syria itself is
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a type of terrorism. the u. s. claims to hold itself to the highest standards on human rights and rule of law. but what it did in syria is clear evidence that the standards mean little to the us. as comes up to syrian media outlets reported on u. s. convoy allegedly smuggling, 3 weeks oil and military equipment into iraq. tens of thousands of bows of oil offsets been stolen from northern syria where us forces our base. during his time as us president donald trump admitted to the countries ministry presence in syria is only for oil contradicting official statements from his own government, which maintains that the remaining american troops with us to fight terrorism. meanwhile, during his recent trip, the terran president, but you may uproot in reiterated that the u. s. must stop its exploitative behavior in syria, the cross the region, russia, iran, and turkey. despite our divergent views on what is happening on the euphrates have
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shared position that the u. s. must stop stealing from the syrian people. they must stop taking oil from there and they must withdraw from the country. we believe that in order to achieve long term stability, their control over the entire territory must be transferred to the official government in damascus. under the control of the armed forces of the syria era, republic or independent journalists. vanessa bailey says, the u. s. actions in syria are nothing short of theft and piracy. i think it was only 2 days ago that 40 oil tankers were seen leaving north east to iraq. and from there, of course, they're sold predominantly into israel. the theory and people are living under some of the most barbaric functions that we've ever seen in history that also even affect countries that are coming to the assistance of syria to rebuild civilian infrastructure. so we have sanctions, we have oil theft or oil piracy. we have the burning of agricultural crops and the
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occupation of agricultural areas by us proxy. so it's not only oil and resources. turkey is cutting of water, so there's a hydro many war going on in the northeast also. so effectively, the us occupation is totally preventing the restoration of syrian society. it's preventing the flow of syrian resources to syrian people, right. and so the us occupation must and for syria to be able to repair itself and to rebuild and for people to be able to breathe those the main stories they do head over to our c dot com or our social media pages for me on any of those stories you've just heard. if it's got anything great, have you been ah,
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ah, the russian state never. i've been on the northland scheme. again. i'll send them the 50000 bit. okay, so i need to speak to one else. question about the even though we will ben in the european union, the kremlin, the media machine, the state aunt, rush up to date and r t spoke. they're given our video agency roughly all band on youtube with me.
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oh, when i was showing wrong, when i'll prove just don't a whole new world yet to say proud disdain becomes the african and engagement it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. ah . with hello and welcome to cross stock. were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle has a so called american century come to an end. if so, how did it come about? was it poor liter.


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