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or anybody with a camera conceal no, with russia and ukraine, seal a deal to resolve the long standing grain issue thing off, blank seat porch, where ukrainian wheat exports. that's despite the west repeated allegations of moscow, weaponized food on fueling the global hunger prices. with russia's foreign minister begins at diplomatic tour around africa. the u. s. is left back by moscow's presence in the region with top military chiefs, seeing it needs to be calendar. we look into washington's interests in the continent, also ahead that's one. and 2 times one is another
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not over there in the rooms, at least in car field. he's packed with them that don't balance republics deal with the aftermath of the retreat of kias forces securing at band and weapons on the mining explosives, hidden in green with wherever you're catching the program from today. welcome to moscow, the global news roundup. at ortiz, i'm, you know, neil, russia and ukraine have separately, inc. deal on establishing a car, a door for ukrainian grain exports to leave black c, which the agreement was broken on friday by turkish and un mediators in this the bowl with this signing, being seen as a critical step in averting a world food crisis. 3 ports in the black sea you will be on blocked under the agreement. ukraine will not be mine at sports repeatedly requested by moscow to
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ensure a safe passage of ships, but instead we'll escort the vessels to turkey where they will then go on to other international destination. the deal will also see at russia, turkey and ukraine operate a coordination center should any instance occurred during the shipment process. cargo ships will also be inspected for weapons as they enter and exit the black sea . something the russian defense minister stressed is essential. plus this is going to so it's important for us to inspect ships for the presence or absence of weapons and military equipment. the inspections will be carried out on ships entering and exiting the black sea. while the un expects full scale movement of grain ships to begin in the next fortnight, according to its estimates, the d will allow the monthly export of up to 5000000 tons of brain from ukraine. un secretary general antonio good terrorist hills. the developments today there is a beacon on the black sea at beacon of hope,
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a beacon of possibility. the question has not been what is good for one side or the other. the focus has been on what methods most for the people of all world. between the 2 countries, russia and ukraine, they supply about 25 percent a quarter of all the reach that's consumed in the world. and so they do bigger these we've had in the past 4 or 5 months. while the conflict in that part of the world has been raging, has been created, created basically a difficulties for many, many net food importing countries. i think this, this move to sign this agreement funding both parties to allowing the, the movement of these critical products. i think this is a good day. i understand that we prices gladly have fallen and this is a very, very welcome development. it was a busy number of hours in
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a separate memorandum signed moscow in the you and agree to ensure that russian agricultural products and fertilizers will reach world markets without any restrictions at washington. the you alleged moscow deliberately block ukrainian ports to provoke a food crisis by using grain as a weapon. russia strenuously deny still saying ukraine's placing of mines in port waters made transportation impossible. the country's foreign minister on the dumpster member on the not prove such western allegations just aren't factual. redness though it's gratifying that washington and brussels have dr. destructing the achievement of today's agreements. the signing of the memorandum between russia and the us has once again underlined the absolutely artificial nature of the west attempt to put the blame for problems with grain supplies to the world markets on russia. and the grain agreement comes of the west culture, even more sanctions against moscow over the ukraine crisis and economist, former and bob. when n p at the cross again,
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believes their impact on russian food exports will greatly affect other countries across the world. friendship, guys, you drove in the whole industry globally and any direction or any sanctions. breakage in terms of the availability of the products to global markets would have profound and long term significance. when you have a contract between these 2 states which disrupts global markets, it has profound implications for the whole world. and i don't think that was fully appreciated at the beginning of this, if a said, but i'm glad that senator prevailed. and that we and at least the west is not a posing very substantial development. because i think if they had continued to insist on this blanket sanctioned program against the russians, it would have had very profound implications for the rest of the world. africa
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needs to do more to save itself as most problems or the continents on making. that's the view of the trade director of the continents un economic commission who sees the food crisis could have been averted. our food market, so experience and a shock that is coming from outside the continent. but why we're experience in this shock is because we have very low inter african trade in a good culture. and that grew foods, if we had done better and unlock the full potential of the, grew cultural sector, who didn't be experience in what were experience in today. the united nations estimates an extra $60000000.00 people will experience hunger this year compared to last. and while they at west places the blame squarely in russia shoulders because of it so fences in ukraine, 3 years of un records show a growing troubling trend when it comes to food and africa activist point jonathan without immediate aid, the continent could face a large scale humanitarian disaster,
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liberian military and activists and researcher dr. your cooper. joseph believes that blaming of african countries further citizens being hungry is wrong and nothing new. one of the development principles, so prospect copy can countries as prior to our sufficiency. and so this lame in the african countries is norma, is part of the diving part of the development part of that. and we believe of africa if we develop or we have to develop, we must actually look inwards and be able to come to the foods that will be necessary for this population. mother population are picked up in grow in financial rates. so no doubt the sanctions and the war, the functions of their global food and energy prize is
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definitely the continent of africa relies for almost 40 percent on grains. we and other grains from russia and ukraine, where russia is top diplomatic is set to embark on a 5 day tour of africa in which healed visit egypt. a few pe, uganda and the republic of the go international and regional issues on the agenda as well as increased cooperation between the countries. sir, gala roth is set to meet the egyptian president on sunday. the start of the tour will rushes actions in africa are jeopardizing us interests, ought to be concert. thus, the view of lieutenant general michael e langley, who is confirmed by the senate, will oversee america's military presence on the continent. i'm apprised of what our competitors are trying to do. there are coercive tactics of coming in and encroaching on the continent of africa for minerals or rare earth minerals such as cobalt or senator is express fears that russia could push the u. s. i saw if africa
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is mining sector, especially though the cobalt extraction, the rare earth mineral is widely used in prediction batteries and mobile phones. it also came that regime change in western africa on the alleged involvement of the russian mercenaries have further expanded mosque was influence. and finally, the lawmakers accused russia of convincing african leaders to make a stand against western sanctions. allegation moscow denied because we have had good relations with africa since soviet times for many years now we have been restoring our presence and the africans are reciprocating. so we never taught them anything. we never force them to do anything. we always help them to resolve their tasks and to lead their countries in the way they want it. and we always had mutual visitors or the spice, or even perhaps because of the huge number of sanctions slept in moscow. rushes
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relations with african countries have been strengthening. the russian foreign ministry said moscow will continue exporting food fertilizers, an energy to african countries. and this week the russian state nuclear corporate corporation started construction on egypt. first nuclear power plant was a pleasure to welcome onto the program until garber, the 2nd member of nigeria is all progressive congress for his take on this. you very welcome sir. why is the u. s. so eager it appears to control the mining sector and i forgot not allow natural economic competition. i think the problem we have in the us is 1956. you know, when they come in? yes, this is julia swiss. can i christ egypt and enjoy it. ruby now on the call on your last us french and of course english,
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i'm going to come from 2 different people who are thinking in africa historically that we have that are coming into our lives and all that is, and i live in new new jersey using coal, we've seen what happened immediately after that with the killing of just move out in democratic republic of the quote. and we have seen how would you, especially interested in terms of picking or what, and read a in trying to improve their own productive justice given to the detriment of africa. sometimes i do not care about the population in that area, nor care about a mental issue that is i picked in the back to what i look a little high level mining activity. and subsequent did. he did a gentleman's approval african countries, almost everywhere in africa. when do you think god, now in my need to be nigeria, where you go, you will see high level activities for you is that is specifically targeted benefit
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to us to get rid of that one of them. so to the best of my understanding, this is what is called partnership. then this is a very positive partnership whereby you degrade our land because remember the closest in this particular area of the going to be world and eventually live ever in this. i didn't look at what so many of you know, when i got stick to so many in that you have, you can have high level will speed that is affecting the community in those areas that i usually fish. i mean, they cannot fish, they don't have going to what i don't know because i need 3 as i mean to sean, but yet do more to national oil companies that i'll get it to you and your thing to so this to me is not a big from a united states, from the outside, looking in the african continent has vast, valuable, natural resources. i don't know why hasn't led more countries to becoming wealthy
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themselves. that's why you want order that we 195. when it was created, non all african countries independent. so we don't have our own representatives, i'd get to and that one went against was because by that time most of the colonial markets operating in africa or africa lunch. so never getting to them. so even after new quote, during the cold war season, they use that as an opportunity to pin it that i forgot about it. don't pick the minerals or maybe have wall or that will be part of it as president. you know, i was, it would move with the windows open, don't put a ticket to their countries. but if i was, there's a button when i try to push to look at one statistic just a bit when we are doing them some review about a quarter to the ginger,
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we x one about 43000000 on what all wrong job. what did we end up in $4.00 to $1300000000.00 of gender. so you can imagine just kind of confusion because we don't, we don't develop, we don't have that. it was if we don't have the technical how we are not exposed to mobile, mike and we're just sure on the muscle, new colonial, more stuff. and this is really wrong. that is why you see my african countries. i will come in your cell call me why? because why is blood is what it is as a development, but you don't measure what is happening in it for the 1st time in africa. we have a new plan be, do you know african continent, you know, just you been right there will have been partner. and that is why all africa leaders are happy to welcome russia. if you still need to make one choice, it has nothing to do with raj. i'm trying to, when i'm putting in, there's another guy that will do with africa. willingness to deal with the new development partner that he's got is concerned about the wanted to go on that on
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that very issue. russia and its african partners, they're working to reduce the use of the u. s. dollar. the euro as well in mutual trade payments is not going to help the economies of african countries counted perfectly. it will be africa because we've seen well, can you be? i think the last 2 days do bilateral agreement between india, russia, where a concrete in just been told by, i think you got a lot. so what is bringing up and you know what to do when we have dinner sources on our land. we have the population of a 1300000000 people in africa, and we have one of my land into what, what i don't want to do. i just, i'm only going to want, why can't we be able to do what i was? so why is giving you a lot to do?
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you know, a lot you change what it is, there's just to $669.00, or you can imagine your difference is going to not do more. you don't have to do that. he's still in, but i do want you become sort of a rabbi. we have a new hard engine, but it's going to have to do a lot. i do is i, did you mean welcome that you've been taught that there's no progressive that you do want to go to. and just to touch briefly on another issue, which didn't get a lot of and column inches. but in april, calmer rudin signed a strategic military deal with russia. why do you think the camera means ad didn't follow the western stance? the pressure that i suppose would have been put on the country and cut ties with russia. why did they stand up? did you use the communal has been independent since 1966. i'm coming to the bit of
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my knowledge, not in a jillian, you know, come look at government income. you look at government is not, you know, it's much more to job them. some of the state governments come in, come in on how much of land a lot of resources, what community have access to nothing, you know, didn't want to be on the economy. they didn't control the policy. they don't control different policy. everything was controlled from the other party. so how do you expect them to see a partner that it's coming to you called a members living community, but don't go for them. so therefore they will have to same strategy defense argument for sure. because georgia is a member. 1 of global community is pushing for more to put a lot more to like a 2 dimensional, more like a lot of them were marketed by do with what did want to like that to do that is coming to us on did you want to do
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a new ways to fix this problem. so different community, what is out? how do you spell it with no africa government to do for trinity r o. that is why big bipolar wanted to see much very important for africa like visual africa. what we do appreciate time, especially the weekend coming on to speak to us. we have been talking to our new guard by the 2nd politician. i t entrepreneur live from lagos, nigeria, thank you. thank you. and which one? ah, russia and around are the most sanction countries in the world. so how much of a concern is that for their governments going forward? ortiz maria phenomena has been discussing how the 2 nations cooperate amid the restrictions in an exclusive interview with a runs minister of information on communications technology. i said, is, are a poor russia and iran are the world's most sanctioned countries. how does this and fortunate fact affect the relations between the 2? first, we believe the sanctions are acts against humanity. second,
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we have proactively changed the, the game to create opportunities from the sanctions. are these days are we have our, our products and solutions in different fields. and the last but not least, we order thee to share these capabilities with her rush, hard to get rid of all these sanctions and the effects on our nations. so there is a feeling that it's not the end of the world near exactly in iran or we are facing for more than 40 years with the sanction. and as you can see, we are progressing in different fields. is that this is not the end of the world. so as i said, we can create opportunities for our nations from this actually is a sanctions. these are unilateral course of measures. and that we can
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get, get unified against these actually sanctions. we can share our experiences and that we can even do some common actually activities like or we can do own research and development r and d on the products that we do need. and there, i'm more than 100 sure of that. iranian youth and russian youth, scientists can actually, ah, provide the all the products, equipment and solutions that we need. okay, no news line to bring your rushes. the fence ministry says that over the past fortnight, russian lead troops are destroyed for americans applied high mars, multiple rocket launcher systems, ukraine's reject about us fake on saturday, russia said around 300 ukrainian sojourn militants from an extremist battalion were
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killed in her and artillery stripes in total were done, $200.00 ukrainian targets were hit overnight, according to the m o d. and while a frontline is being pushed westwards in the territories under control of those russian lead forces, people are discovering what's left after the withdrawal of ukrainian trips that include stocks of heavy weaponry, imported from western states as well as mines in grain fields. ortiz senior correspond murat gasdio based on the ground, their forests, a warning. some images in his reports are distressed them. kiev has thrown tens of thousands of troops into the fray to hold what it still controls. a defensive lie, now stretches from the town of cbrtc. the solider, and from their cabal moot, and all along, ha tillery batteries. july day and night. ukrainian forces have dug tens of kilometers of trenches,
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spanning the defensive line to dull rushes edge in artillery. but they wholly protect from conventional fire. the t o s one nicknamed salts at milk or sun blaze in russian is a thorough barrick rock. it's artillery system. each impacts creates an enormous pressure blast wave. the trenches can protect against and these are being used in greater and greater numbers. the decimate ukrainian lines and morale here in the vicinity of the town of solider. the defensive line, east, bending russian forces along with allied units have been able to push enemy troops out of several settlements and strongholds within the past week. the bodies of ukrainian soldiers and nationalists fighters lit the countryside. that positions overrun were now as a forward position near the village of step of ca,
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one of the conditions ah, with which we were permitted here is that we can't tie this place to any specific area. so amongst our viewers, ha, ukrainian intelligence officers and they are eager to a spot where to strike. and the less here in these trenches, we found yet more native troy trophy weaponry. now, in the service of the new guns people's republic, these are $284.00 millimeter grenade launchers, rocket propelled grenade launchers. one of them is a heath round or a high explosive anti tank missiles. and these again was scattered all over the area. ukrainian troops have also planted thousands upon thousands of mines, including band anti personnel, munitions, along the defensive line from shave,
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escobar moved in order to stall the russian and allied advance fields of wheat and sun flowers turned into death traps at one anti tank mon, this another not over there, they're in rows, and this entire field is packed with them. and this is relatively dangerous. that cow is heavy enough to set off an anti tag, but and some of them were so close together that there could be a chain reaction. but cows off one of the casualties here regularly. the troops here say they hear the bus when these, these cows that have been abandoned, explode mines designed to tear pot hanks. leave little of livestock clearing these alone. the minds planted already will take decades. but as the front lines shift, many, many more mines will be planted,
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and fields, forests, and along new defensive lines. crane, after all, still has millions left. or i'd gazda of la t for legend yet people's republic. america's chief of space operations house confirmed ukrainian troops are being provided with certain stellar capabilities which come from the us itself. this racism we're o m and we've seen them in this in this conflict commercial spaces, provided kimbrell has been helpful to, to ukraine as well. well, there have been a number of reports in major media outlets about commercial satellite systems being used for military purposes in ukraine. one of them is a long mosques star link, which has given a critical communications lifeline to korean forces according to or force magazine
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. some details on the starling can fly over 200 kilometers above a wars on to beam dawn high speed internet access, because it's in a low earth orbit, it can receive and transmit information faster than traditional communication satellites that can allow front line ukrainian troops to communicate with a chain of command the stretches, hundreds of kilometers from a un weapons inspector in iraq. scott ritter believes commercial and military communications should be kept separate. if you want to use a certain communications tape ability for humanitarian purposes, it needs to be totally dedicated to that purpose. the moment there's crossover with the same system that you're applying for humanitarian use. you now are using it for military use. all of those systems can be deemed to be military and nature will make it very clear what humanitarian law says. there can be no connectivity between the 2. none whatsoever. it what the law must be doing and ukraine is absolutely
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unacceptable and actually push legitimate managerial workers lives at risk. because if you're operating one of those terminals, you are now a legitimate military target. and if i was a russian, i would view every single one of you on must terminals and ukraine as a hostile target, worthy of being destroyed as soon as it's detected. scott ritter taken us to the end of this bulletin. but if you're in the mood for a little more digging and investigating, do check out our social channels, give us a follow wherever you see that our team run back up to the top and about 30 minutes to catch you with
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today, i'm authorizing the additional strong sanction foreign companies acquitting russia dumb design soon. thank you. this licensing atm cards will blantan banks disconnected from the international payments system. so she'll move happy jermel donna and euro exchange rates follow up on a level up article more so. so carbon would know what the committee met, the bulk of the bill on this plan is the current. can you say, i don't know? sure. see a material with almost volume and russian business overcome this song. see me and i bought italy nasty to huddle. she's tremendously just me don't plus voice bullshit . nash, a productive notches, steel nash, a miracle. what i see that book on cell when you go, when you with the go to you got any of you my, i'm going to sleep now, but i, she's a price of i do have a cost to get the group when you,
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when you're sitting in with dr. numbness, listen, go to the school, so good to lose with little little booklet lucille improves with noon . ah, daughter of a brings food to the city. and on her way back she times people who are too weak to live in the ruins of mario cal. any more, april above a guide, nothing just assume with accumulated are door is women of a dumb this chris will new hershey give us credit post the much
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need for customer with the coastal grains just right up of the little logo. it shows now you get them see that, that the grains if night, but as of which genuine you want them had you as the young people to know also that those who may have not got an e. what grip you have a child shows about doing young if a still normal oh boy, maria, whose old ladies are involuntary witnesses to the cities, horrifying battles, many couldn't get down to basements or a shelter because of their age. so they watched the horrors of war from the windows of shell flats. oh.


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