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i got a cd was a study at that and what i see what i see now that you're smoking, i thought that was all done. yeah, i brought it. leslie of the ship. well that's a lot of like like even though it's a bunch, it's a clock nash with the keith, i thought it was like a movie. she keyboard, but it was that it shows that it would need a big deal is by these machine. yeah. if you want to produce them with, get me able to speak with them like guys a little bit of a dealer. them us store the store, you got the limited z u for the position, but the one that goes up to the bull,
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supposedly a meeting or the autumn. you've got a project, i'm graham and you have to run a ticket. they'll know who ah, with style field launch 11 the square kilometers stuff with exclusive booby traps. mind unexploded shells everywhere looking up with all the brushes, international mine action centers, bomb squad is kind of funny. sweeping every inch of it.
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mm. almost 2 months, fist fighting raged around the as of style plans. russian troops and dpr militia forced the ukrainian military to leave murray upa and retreat to the bond. 2 and a half 1000 militants to a corner in workshops. an impregnable pun, cuz they retaliated by bombarding the city and its residence with an array of weapons. with people. molars were, were with waterfall, always a firefox of a nucleus. one of those funny ear guacamole hooks considered dog or throng rubrics, merely, but also looked up with remedies record follow with every morning. going to show installs. unable lieutenant colonel alexander hud gov. scape established the dpi
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interior ministries milestone battalion in march 2014. since the onset of the russian spring, the battalion has been involved in all opperation stickly at don bass of neo nazis . they on the russian army, took some 60 days to flush, the neo nazis out a severe, legible as a book you write with this. so or a against this good luck with the richard patasha. i need a boy, but it's the only movie channels. you can choose another video to kinda put them if you can call it the water. i'm a particular particular procedure is really pretty good. well, any for the muscle to communicate, we only 2 minutes, but then when you put in the shared system you, molly, me or i mean usually a little bit of push. no, it's too many though anymore with me because i'm a point to list on where he's going to win possibly in years is no, wasn't video mare says that i mean what the question is,
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do you agree seem as opposed to mean it doesn't help with when it says, daniel below the catholic unit alone, you will watch no more. i didn't know from one thing. is that what you will you the what is your source of almost on your purity a with a book, a lot of one actually up or the room. i would have to probably give for the also charge those the deposit which is in a through with the user convertible. over those let no creature appears. you don't have to play the law or the on the cook, our pe teacher to speak to computer fairly familiar. the social worker with you. i
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know you spoke with michelle utley when will be able to keep up carson when you come to milam the michelin or not somebody worked for me from out of here. wouldn't you? well, i thought, you know, i knew it was minor, spoke when i was still going, when you see a song and i will go. so if you just then i'm going to see who do i just have a question or 2, give me one more number. i've emailed to me just yeah it was you guys are so busy, so no one is being billed now. so when you want to go to more like a little started when your question or showing you with what you get those a,
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you'll stay in your portion cut off for bootable, which is usually paystub, but mostly really about the fact that you are always somebody for the party, okay, but usually not a problem with that was just your morgan. yeah. if you learn, you don't need to provide it with a mutual customer which will cause the piece a little bit funny. i'd get you to put up with the solution logo is on your money case, the whole shows up all the way this money gets o'clock. i do have a valid done. yes, i brought it up here this year. well, that's
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a lot of like like being able to take the class a lot, a lot of interest with when you call those little car, which i suppose in the middle is deborah with a bulky with somebody needs. most of them will be in the course of the marble to let them know that we could look at the policies here with play on the motion 0 guardian up with you can just look, i'm going to know what to put up with
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a buffer. there's just some things with, you know, i just, i just want to know with all the po for the money and i'll spell it for a month. i try to of a one is put ross, you know, i still love with things or want to talk to you for before i knew it is sort of a for him to come up. i sure the way need so, but the so please always use your little to perform is when you're part of we bought a place for the most part of
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a bill was done yet. so she kind of service there, but only was a lot. thanks a wendy. this is ashley sola customization. mush apartment, 221. it was issued. the steel is across with a total different mushroom listening cause because all started friday was with only 3 of them. most of the solo input only have the soon okay, not a whether it rewarded portal or
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is it ease one calls? good. got it. that's good for that. i hear those 3 on mr. bravo on yours. other than sure. no worries go away. so if you're, are you on the law or do you like when you book with a google for, for martha jose jose. i mean really it is in the media, a koala, a collusion through multi a number and you know, so it's not going to keep it because i just don't want to live for much, you know, the unbelievable
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a video to hold on for more could be with him and i know with you've been a lot of scope with how to go and do a little a little bit peach. peach with, with,
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with, with, with a done deal. so you can have a more start, a new was a whole style show room, or you're gonna get your 1st name as a new one you've been watching for the most with the style. lot of noise before we make up around you, blow with regardless of nibble us, your mom epa would be gallo graham that i need, but it's the larger storm d away in the, in the garage dance. a deal is not done. no idea. the leslie is more in love with it. you've done your lives yourself. it's not nobody to nick it. you go in and you
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love the you just to play a ah, a plan you probably show a go on up with a question. get with
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oh, well, so it's a union fill out those massive amounts of mental or years and then basically we need to do anything in order to, to earn some money we should or e to western worth. so say, and these change complete the landscape or for you to see because it went towards or more, or anybody with all those with
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major se galena sky code name, belinda commander of ukraine's $36.00 marine brigade served in crimea before the 2014 referendum took part in combat operations against civilians in dumbass approach, 2022 is marines join forces with as all that as a star table. let those go on those. and we said couple to 32 still, you know, we've had no grain was supposed to go to do a very good. it was his physicals and the formulas. anyways, will it be a little bit on the other katerina published, cook code name, birthday 21 years old as of regimen sniper poses, as a paramedic, inactive. my dad protested since the age of 13 past ideological training with as all civil cool, a disciple of the chief,
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nancy ideologists. that is left to check if you could give me keith, i got the right machine keyboard. you might want to go start initially. would you prefer luca productions for doing this for the, for sure. if you're credentialing with georgia, mentor unable to speak to the gym, we need your meeting and we bought a new, a lot of the materials cuz i need a full where you don't when you have to learn more, getting frustrated with until february 2020, to more than 10000 people had worked at as of style. many lived in the bronze dormitories. a practice that's been going on since soviet times just to watch out.
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really well, i will shoot my mind with a with what is a, with this company, a lot with another. why much food chest, what should history should they just their method of for i'll cut me another as is figler. that's cute. with national checking of what the charge will not catch up with
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london. my bill, but it's not stored on on my bill. there's my up front that i know that all the one that you left on last time i will wait. so read this coupling, and you did bra yet look one minute cheated here, but a lot so that mimic monday might be a separate stuff. if i pick up a ship to the bottom line, go on top of all the shows you what. when is not going to be more, it's not your fault, but grade when you're not gonna be ah, a, a new small, solid gosh with those it will get you the fruit. you a who should those movie? did you lose the cities?
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but the world did not stop clean. when will is you have to do, it is not a bring. you might not remember a thing. i knew 3, those are not gone pools. the board can blood supply the vision for budget commission in you and you live, you go next. it kills me with a lot that really story. start on the stuff that on there. are those tell you what you, what i'm with machine? well, no 3 got iraq, york, our school community still by beulah, not that couple of motion that i bought all and i got that also got them out there . got a black. but now circle of be mature and you don't really spend you. but by a way, and then we'll transport book in that genie. so that would be a function great. where you much and what,
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but also my emotion. i made martin got totally got the worst of money. we know we got new guy was mostly steve, but the most look got visually spoke up point that you signed up so much and i'll see i'm going to be an issue here. one motion your machine i will out. but when i got both ways to show up with is it, it does, it is not switch truck. i was going to have issues with a solution. can you pick that issue continued she has gone, we know enough about it. i think it was a school this year the but then you can wash, got a, now they too much leave them
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a loop in your minds. what does miss bassetti? the reason i mean, i knew blood is, i need to play a, be see a thought because of the bad mazda, we've visited ulysses, i'm in the glove. i knew that it looked at the back and he is on bus. little wondering is nitish disease, lose it. but alex he did and you've been freaking but also when you thought nicole gordon. you double. oh, do you not say today? l'aquila with jekka policy daily vazo mother fallon at the mirage graduate now they're your flossing. mm. on your one magazine as a say, a tosh. they've not done you, bradley, but them already brought it back. but sure it book about with
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center come with the ability brought it. i'm really definitely sure they mother will a bit. i generally push a button. they believe that they don't come with the form. yes, you guys for children. that's my math. always. okay, you need it but. but the reason is when you down below, probably most lovely, but i probably am a few boyish. he said, my child, you can do us the appreciation for them to put them up to. she has no deductible. she'll be able to that in a few months with the skeletal go with sheila east, which way you can actually keep warm at the particular body seen before, they can lower the floor. fisher a is also realistic over most lucia. yeah. the only way.
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so it's got a combo group, the more of a performer, affordable. good. look at the revenue. so for this, when you go, let's get on. so usually group as well. if it was just a little just for reference of a was, if you remember this, where it says or not work, there must go to court to purchase very much for as all of his military unit 3057, the special task force, the national guard of ukraine established may by 2014 in murray, you pope task to suppress and emanate pro russian sympathizes in and ukraine founded by us sent a backup. former minister of internal affairs personnel nationalists from the right sector. and my dan self defense control. because this is a visitor, often with him as an equal dealership, spiritual voice from smith. i'll go down
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a little note in awkward, so you never spoke of during the president thea with or vision emotional from about the cooking. this with somebody in pentleton, you cook, but nothing has to be push positional costello's, his public to prepare no of also i knew pulled up that i knew was imaginative. was it bubble to be funny? would issue or still mostly now bought a new movie nozzles, but although the muffled honestly with it all it is for jim makes no small order. we didn't usually or nuclear arsenal. go what you what you remember are you only responsible for? does this thing more than what dimensional or positional
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cripple the need to sonya is that you're certainly going to store on your medical leave, a series equity phone number or engineer from, from school or. and you didn't, you wouldn't need to when it was causing me for the stucco. burbock. so on you. good morning. my thought grain scarce though he started as a dirt. oh my god, benito in new york, when you bought from don't somewhere consumes. as all has closed connections with far right. extreme is in the e. u and u. s. in october 2019 the us congress suggested putting as of on list of foreign terrorist organizations, the state department blocked the initiative in russia. as all of is recognized as an extremist organization and his band with what you all the paperwork of a venue. i am with the minister when was this that i read only put
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a couple years. so i knew that it was a shoot that a thorny barnabas it was supposed to do was trying to do concrete regression crystals. we were so close. karen mervin bornsugar, doorstep unusable was night. just wanted to confirm us all the bug scores them grow as well as crime suppression of pro russian demonstrations and shooting at police offices in murray. you play video and haka in 2014 the siege of the crimea, nevada kidnapped rate looting and robbery. human olden trafficking, torture and killing a prisoners of war. people in the dpr cool adult death squad with the can you go to summer? do you deal with the sinus versus asking? well, there's more so when you call it the rubles this one for the given old supposed to born,
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it wasn't worth for them with a in michigan, robinson, the girl was boring. you used the occasional boards from personal college, the through certainly lower their postal role, or do you produce done with school of where is little spring explicable, a over the ability to portal a simpler muddy opal at the store. so when you click upload them, when you get a go, you got
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a certain issue. the ability to do with with, with today i'm authorized to additional strong sanctions, foreign companies, quitting russia, a license atm console, blantan banks disconnected from the international payment system. so she'll be happy joel donna and euro exchange rates follow up on a couple more so,
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so i would know what the committee met. evoke with sure. c. m a j o. a couple of sports in in russian business. overcome this song. see yeah, i bought enough to handle huge, tremendously just me don't press voice bullshit. national productive. not to steal . nash, a miracle. what i see that both of them. so when you come, when you look at the employer, they've already got a low price of i need to have a cost difficult when you, when you're speaking with dr. new person who is a school. so a delusion gets a little bit loosened levels a with
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with russia and ukraine, seal a deal to resolve the long standing grain issue, opening up black seaports, where ukrainian exports asked us by the west repeated allegations of moscow weapon ising food on fueling the global hunger crisis does russia's foreign minister begins a diplomatic tour around africa. the u. s. is left back by moscow's presence on the continent. military cheap saying it needs to be countered. we look into washington's interest in the region. so ahead that's one.


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