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ah, ah ah, the eradication of love ism was also conceived by hitler who formed the general plan awesome for the colonization and german ization of eastern europe. the plan involved about 80 percent being killed, relocated me, those labels, he just knew i busy you ruined his prostate. you mean your story up when you my abuse uranium? yes. conversely, knew it was threatening yet say look at us. so unions eat into personally, i mean, i was just, we did the good we're good. yeah. my as of that you of nice, lovely is alleged. yes. gigs with out of the gate mission much already know it'll be you see me image me say with national but again you still for me than you share will change lans get us, but it'll be really genius,
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wales care. what space need that to play on scott? i was a lot of the get the pensions, the upgrade a to being years reading year. i could only just just lay on school and i don't just, nobody got sick, but i took brains of pretty my purse that i d. e, a national guard without the gross legal financial. can you just look in your notes, excuse practicable with the more stablish little don't shake, dominion grain. see by like a push that with those much at least anybody in? yeah, i was number, i was laid somebody about jesus came out or the level of my blood sped, not that he'd stuff. no, he said he beat us the least. i'm probably just an apology. jim, you mean you them, bruce marshall them. i wish lunch from yours. one jury is as of skis, but you do it like you are from currently government. both of you, the little stubborn school bush that a label machine and i got too many monday me to for you to some to put the phone need, sees for be done. got to can do it to new coin without the problem for so be completely fine. says the eyes of that guy, you know, they can sure this,
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this signs without problem. so those are both full dog, lemon kiss crystal can i being issued? so when you lie, it's thinking it's crazy in the form or to narrow things. you know, i need to get a bit more than this form in store. compress the list to see who the lucy askew the new year. she's fly hitler's class with his love zone brandy. remember today, as is the fact that civilized europe failed to resist his advance for long belgium fell in 8 days. poland in 36, france and 43. it took just a $116.00 days to conquer europe. nazi death camps were set up in poland, latvia, austria and italy. people with tortured gas to burn them, subjected to experiments, who's killed more westerners, not russians. westerners themselves. adolph, hitler slaughtered tens of millions of ports. you will forget it. about one 5th of
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all poles were killed during world war 2. because adolph hitler, including his nazi collaborators, washing ukraine's department, dera, slaughter the board, people. and it anti polish genocide in 3000000000 was, or one of the worst extermination comes with. if you look was told, you know, the needs is where you live and germans and for ongoing you need to. ready i'm going to kill the jews in treblinka who you know, what we love to hear is little cupcakes in your snares. caroline? shell. yeah. cuz i was singing prefers cuz i will show that our motion with them wash or got fullness. come a pleasure with us. need need copies of with
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i think it was cooked with during world war 2, the u. s. i saw the united kingdom and the united states became allies you it against a common enemy. but the partnership was seldom equal. mm. the guy who put enough money to cover them, they usually get a contract here for a minute just to make sure to work with him, turn each. yeah. with this calling him on the one they see that you quoted a book, a said you get a cars can have to prove with to victoria as an autism. in 1945, the u. s. as i was quite popular, was the country that liberated europe. but that popularity provoked even greater theorem under western establishment ways from cherokee which the venue way and the more she get a minute recorded,
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the sub boy could enjoy is media machine. you miracle going as you get i see is up on the market right. i need to do that is we will or pure what i got right in that particular portal, but he just in, on the other from explain me. it was key media and he's in the community scared that dealer movie. julie east, i really pretty deal is we won't even use them in your contract. i'm gonna say that, but as long would they, if i did my approach, which is what i've done in brought to put in use. one did us to make sure that we were all put out. i knew them both for much. the woman. yeah, i could get her an approach to get us the ability to law. we mean not that those to borrow some of some data. so she's always given be daddy's on use in your community . you just get like, do you need any of use when you're putting use 1000000, you're used to know what i'm pretty, which commercial or exchange and you're saying it's well if you are reading yet that meeting correlation in the only possibilities you storage a stop somewhere. if you go with me, shows keep it. but if you look into a she story tourism, who is the west? who are starting to rush you through bernice. nice. you as
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a sort of issue with the 17th century. you have the swedes, you've got poorly on, you've got twice the german, the kaiser doctor with the historical facts. but minds of russia, expansion is, is always upright. by main. 1945 on church hills orders operation unthinkable was drawn up. britain and america with polish support. glad to attack the u. s. s. all the operation was intending to utilize 12 divisions recruited from nazi prisoners of war. but it does give unless it is certainly a prison. i just treatment that each go wrong with our group, which danish store was up with me. but i peter was on your come, i'm a press, gave me and i guess enough. she just needs a push the rain, the complex coupon. that sounds interesting. yeah, it doesn't really look at that. and i mean that those, the bus here get there just
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a quick attention. a lot of us get an email confirmation cuz only you get your ordinary me busy my wishing me issue with that with that that was really your what did i asked the lady, brad to see you had a piece q studied that he's a boy when you go that route you did you just give who did the washer i will put out will be able to you by you. would it but yeah, that would cause i'm didn't you hurt anybody? 1000000000 show them what i always thought i would come by. you should, it wouldn't necessarily company card, you know, and you've actually been, yeah, he's natural, we, you know, of you by, at the more you not done idea, it's just when you get a venue, which is me, a number of machine. oh, there was also america's totality. plan to drop several atomic bombs on the u as, as the exact number of varied from year to year of nice, pretty simple. got boring with them. but if you're off q of thumb, store players gotta menial of like now go for that reason it's just right in the group. iraq, it's my global review rule. you, me, it was that you to do just get
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a little from the go here. don't know that i mean likable. let me start with noisy lou meeting. possibly us when you partially because they don't restore from the cartridge. when you sleep with polk at melinda, with a didn't bomb the u. s. hassan. but the cold war, again, even in 1947 western politicians, still spoke of pete of the greats, will. and russia's longstanding plans for world domination, even though the document had long been proved to fake this is oh, but you know, there is no smoke without fire. you understand. we know it's a fake, but maybe it is fake. has some real cause, you know? and then use it in order to justify the cold war and fight against the soviet. always the same story. the united states, they have be shown to be
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a lonely power. so co follow. and that's why they're starting to cool. let us be aware that while they preach the supremacy of the state declare it's omnipotence over individual. amanda predicted, eventual domination of all peoples on they are. they are the focus of evil in the modern world. for the year, a 1000 you want to you are a marketing, a teacher from when in video in the let me nasa here. i know that h or who model yet say that in it is race. i pull it up that he knew that they knew in our employer nearly 90 sort of it all it with me and i will not only bring them the woman who meet it. i was a leave of the little like i'm financially honestly if you kind of pass on the
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really little in 1946 in his famous fulton speech, winston churchill spoke of the terrace of communism and the usa benevolence with atomic weapons. this knowledge on the method and the role materials to apply it are at present, largely with and in american hands. ah, it says he puts it back, i would say, per gunderson. lee, there's a here issue. there's a song news. yep. wine merchant. i don't wish that service you say it was at the with sure street meeting it's, you know, it's a roof to figure americans believe the country was steered out of to tell a terry in his, in by, on that and who destroyed it from inside. naturally. gorbachev is loved in the us. we like, you know, the closer to the beat. somebody up guys it up with the, with the printer's discontinued with lisa, but i think our voice,
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the what the yeah. what's your birth will it will just pick it up and you might, why you? because she'll but she will talk to her voice pulling you up so that will says confusion throughout the year, which is a full throw up. so we didn't for the kristin columbus in bottles only on up video doors or will not care for i was a little closer to wishing program. i found it to me. we do not believe howard. i disciplinary issue. you know, what can you me if you wanted rushing oscar e a. what if anything. yeah. can i need your from to kick us man after i go to not a big push on gears with keith about all of that. but i'm wondering if the clinic i go to make some nash wanted to what i did some work with digital good. my job was question it. was it over north injured the that i did. so i need really knowing that i had a cold but i see janet but if you i mean political for my children that have them
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run over. fema is still got the order. and if your wife doesn't with national at the city will not a when you just give me a call, give you a, in a tutoring. i mean, you paid for over a year with doctor once a
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year. but i mean you are seeing in mary, they were all great. are you my neighbor about a year lease. i wonder if one i don't care what he yes you are actually. yes, i'd be willing. come see you. i spoke with her for yeah, it was always to relate to the russian leave. those would solve doing that. so is dion lane in style and now it's within because as the board, so for so for joe put it to win. the mos told russia is the most for so for the west. so it's a good time for worship. because if growth is told that so aside for joy,
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shy is also strong. because when russia with cowers in prizes like october, 1st well, roll off of their co op, so forth. so yet your new on there was no, i was for, for be i'm there was, ah, with when so with the union go out losing massive amounts of re, mental support here isn't women. basically, we need to do anything in order to earn some money which for you to western worth. so say, and these change completely landscaper are for you to see because it went towards
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more. i want you to know anybody with a camera and feel no use of the with shortness. he's reason yes, tosto sof, with global financial sort of industries to with which you see numerous top political expert. dmitri babich didn't believe it was a forbear at 1st. the ussr spoke of western ante soviet his, him but that didn't mean russians or she suggested, you know, with big rush i forgot about centers, which in areas she davis or you know, social car go ahead. socialist precisely. she can you go, i really call you stuck with me unless you open it, me just real world would change. stood the bustos me off to pico vidalia torno,
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the ship that our kaltura yo flew over. i got a little bit of my monkey up, almo, almost all mortgage of almost along all is we need is a state, and he is not opposed to his menus. and one of civil to the beach, no matter how much they apologized russians when never popular and even in the 21st century are often judged by what was written hundreds of years ago. the american statesman speak new brzezinski to form a u. s. presidential national security advisor when speaking of russia praised the marquis de christine's books, which referred to russians as slaves. stuart barnett serenely serious medical skip last year. new of sucrose, floors mc bully teachers, kick gordon with your answer closing a bridge that she wanted. give you, can you do more clarity why muted keep their talk. wheeler, e coast use quote, a sheet to talk fill was the french foreign ministry in 1849 and wrote a famous treaties democracy in america they is. she remarked with media who she was
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told brought the leak is not all the category is what the year left. she leach of the beautiful kirk but it's the, it's the kid you made. silly. dorski the angler. i mean, he comes, i need a key, was wanted teach him exclusion for border worse year of dark on your story music. if story mc, we'll use move your gearing is the way you jordan the posting is coming up. we'll certainly blunt, at the way it will not trouble people in you, but in the 3 shall global cause those personal christie and mary can kill the 9 people of the engine tribes. when they bought the 15000000 african slaves to follow the north 15 millions, q all dead. the treatment pieces are good. this is the concept of what i call rushing. they want to be russians over the head
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generation to generation, to feel guilty and apologize for leaders hundreds of years ago that did not do anything even close to the evils that western leaders themselves are done. when modern rosa phobia began to flare up, andrew was a university student. he studied russia is friends, didn't understand why waste time on a week country with no saying everything changed on august. the 8th, 2008 the you know, put in, invaded georgia. democracies under threat, remember, george bush was crazy and mccain, of course, going crazy. my country soon. so the russian aggression fresh troops. anyway, the georgia, i've used to, we know now that there was an exaggeration. we now know the facts and what happened that was really initiated the attack against russia. keepers involved capital of south killed a lot of people and obviously russia had react the what at the time. lot of
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americans were confused because they had thought russia was nothing. it's our rush was falling apart. in april 2008, had the need to send me the u. s. administration invite georgia and quinn to become a member of and so forth. the up back because your jack the back or shoot, just regarding the permission of the united states. that was the biggest publication with us when to put his group just under the nose of a portia. modern russo phobia seems linked to u. s. policy. and after the collapse of the ussr, it became the only super american politicians increasingly referred to the usa is exceptional mission, to enlighten other nations and teach them to live properly. and so many disagree with what i believe my day of accepting it. because we have shown
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a willingness to sacrifice of blood and treasure to stand up, not only from our own maryland, but for the interest of all. i mean, i'm a state of washington seizures for the late 80 solutions. and i say to me, you might have because it is now right for chris donasia. hedwood, with all of the initial screening ration will be right with you guys later during ensure and was number i'm beat and most of the technical me attending because we and said that when you see me and my credits, you some numbers from supposed to come home and everybody else are barbarians. and actually everybody on our slave the u. s. in iraq and always other countries, bombing and killing and raping and looting, stealing and always other things over throwing government left and right. well why do they do that? the fundamental driver, what really convinces the average american or west here to support these wars of aggression is ideological. they think that these asians, these muslims,
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these africans, these lights and americans, they don't know what go to form, only in the west. know what's good and you resolution and you asked the lady, i believe you and she knew you remember to. so i nash is a, a importance my screaming at that beauty floor. and then you, me and then the show, or a music inter cigna lucian. you'd seen that brown when russia began its operation ukraine router from be a reach to new lights in the west. music by russian composers is banned in places. people can be fired for their nationality. does even a new russian ideology puritanism to fight against what was quite new with this new
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type of force. so phobia that it was a kind of ethnic cultural paid. and for me it's just the same as the rust is. it's like, i want to submit this good dorothy when it came into power and start to discuss it with the jews renewal of burning books for by the new code. sure. everything thought that for me on to work with on the is pulled software and not be able to be there. i should kick them to re yeast or do you not all of the pieces. oh, skin tear crunch folk upload a new bit of it. but i can get it or she can our source doing individuals almost all still in the gtc communion. it was painted by them are doubling it. the new and
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our season intellectually works with the washer the democracy. she, when me, i'm sorry, she is now the functional. morgan law a must media status, a 6 y east upside, you know, sort of not lucian, i'm with bush as a so many as you know. and then i get your skiing young that was linked pretty seattle together that he was really out by some ecology if she were in europe, the bus driver sound sport don't ship a policy. she's still going to start with dark on. you would have to swing nichols always to a should, can usually go to that almost muslim, your new printer don't wish to establish a machine was result yakobelli. many attempts to shrink blogger slow, cradling freshly with speaker, asking me to build
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a new solution to have those 2 girls don't go away. mama did you do? duty. was a pleasure to ski leave. i think it was a couple years. got you to work over. good, build good company with good key, the fortress. i hear you really. we increase yearly bill girl. when with, when i wiped out because i many critics asked me, oh, you have to denounce russia because russia is killing people. new crane. i civil case, a crime against humanity, enough guns. somebody needs you out here with this. if it's another story we cannot compare to way is the problem with the or behavioral criminals. oh no. you can compare all the media curve out there who quinn inside, but don't cover the russian side. lexia would even not mentioned,
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always with me and the please give them will just not vicky. she wants to make you some, ask me, give you that to me. so can you just literally she dish that was just like a modem for someone in the pasta. not sure. who is the way that was here? we just need to make sure you did want to be able to get this from within the if. so what i pleased to offer me used in what's just put on the job done, would you believe me? i was for you to be do better with what you like or she plays when you watch the movies or some dealer or the gold gold coastal sky. what on the nico deloney? shes out, isabel white. so please, if you get that machine, you will get to play with me while pull you out of your aubrey show study. of course you can actually see that we joined. if i knew you were dealing with police like i was just, i mean you have to because he said that was all, it's his book. so some of them wish corporate on the not square were question. now let's press, you know, teeter and see i've man, ladies need reading use more to it,
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shows that the school sci fi collections. can me a, maybe she says my, me and it made a mistake. if i need security by next year with any, any sort of compensation from that since you up with this thing english that he wasn't speak, any delay will bring you my bruce. this is luke with such an experience with just before you got to deal with annoy me. yeah. it's
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a good idea of the doesn't new fog store. yeah, it was a good job. so let me do it and i'm with practical them. we're seeing the bush itself, of the short body of that with fish commercial van with immediate ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we
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should be very careful about our professional intelligence at the point, obviously is to great trust, rather than fear a would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot most protective phone existence with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have, it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult. i'm time to sit down and talk with
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walter to wells fargo, jokingly dismissed or shameful, was the point that i'm the last a very complex and a very common back phenomena revealing something here in both about it's consumers are decide, is it like any collective preoccupation? it gratified and punishes souls and exhaust, exposes and misrepresent. with points, i still joined the chunk of internet traffic. what makes point such a symbol of this? i guys discussed that i'm now doing by georgia to kind of call clinical psychologist from house. we'll get them and,
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and also last got us this. a kaleidoscope on orange, georgia. it's great to talk to you. thank you very much for your time and congratulations on this amazing book. thank you very much. thank you. now, as i said, you are joining us for a little bit here in russia. it is a subject of many lurid and politically incorrect jokes about the hot finish. mann, coupled with the data, you're citing your book that 9 out of 10 finish man, up consumers of 4. and i wondering if there's something in the house and error that not only spark your interest, but also gave you the sort of the scientific courage to explore a subject like that. no, i don't think you'd speak with him and i am from you. i moved here to see on be 13 years ago, actually the interest in such a talk and you're writing something started on their goal. for 1st they started reading many books about format that they could find a.


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