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signs without problem. so there is a global sold dog. i mean, to kick to, so can i being issued or will you? i think it's great in the forum with me. it should. i need to get a bit more than this formula number listed lucy askew thing. you knew you pitiless plans for this love zone brandy? remember today as is the fact that civilized europe failed to resist his advance for long belgium fell in 8 days. poland in 36, france, and 43. it took just a $116.00 days to conquer europe. nazi death camps were set up in poland, left field, austria and italy. people were tortured gas to burned them subjected to experiments, who's killed more westerners, not russians. westerners themselves, adolph, hitler slaughtered tens of millions of portia bell. forget about one 5th of all
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poles, were killed during world war 2. because 8 off hitler, including his nazi collaborators, western ukraine's department era slot, or the board. people in anti polish genocide in 3000000000 was, or one of the worst extermination comes with the few loop was told you knew where you live and germans and for ongoing you need to, i'm. ready going to kill the jews in treblinka who is got to know what do we well who it is little quickly in your semester lunch. yeah. well yeah, cuz i was seeing acres cuz i will show that our motion with them wash or with gus. boom is come up with a with us, need me to complete them for you and we are share with
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a lesson during world war 2, the u. s. i saw the united kingdom and the united states became allies united against a common enemy. but the partnership was seldom equal. mm. the guy who put enough money at the company was, i usually get a project that you have for like you should receive the money in through just to make sure to work with each yell at this, calling him on the one they see that you quoted a book i quoted, but it's a pleasure. i said it gets doubled up, suspended carts can happen to provo, to working with the victoria as an autism. in 1945, the u. s. s. i was quite popular with the country that liberated europe, but that popularity provoked even greater fear under western establishment all ways from charity. when stuff anyway, and the more she get a minute recorded, the sub boy could enjoy it in your machine. you miracle going as you get i, she's up on the market, right?
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i need to do that is we will or pure what i got right now, but i just got a little glove which he used to move in on the other from, excuse me. but it was key in video. he's m e come when you see a movie, julie east, i really pretty deal is we won't, but of the rain. you used them in your contract and we were supposed to, but it would be a bite. bob rhodes, which treaties must have done william brought your genius. what to do thus, the major order was on that when you were all put out on you them brought you for much. no one when you a computer, an approach to take it us the ability to law, we mean that those to borrow some of some data. so she's always given be daddy's on use in your commission. good activity of use in your continues 1000000. you're used to know what i'm pretty, which commercial or exchange and you're saying it's where i will if you, i need and yet meet me cause i handle liberals the disease when you storage stuff some or if you have to go down from you used to keep it it is, but tissue lukea does she stories? joseph, who is the west? who i've got to wash. you ready to penalize you ever. in the 17th
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century you have the swedes. you got bully on. you got twice the german. the kaiser doctor will just say that the historical facts, but never mind that russia expansion is, is always upright by main. 1945 on churchill orders operation unthinkable was drawn up britain and america with polish support. glad to attack the ussr. the operation was intended to utilize 12 divisions recruited from nazi prisoners of war. but it does get elected at the early a still good, but his marriage is cheaper than that. each one of our group, which danish store was up with me, but i paid $6.00 annual. come on a prestige from me and i didn't have, she just needs a push the rain the complex came from that sounds interesting. yeah, it doesn't really look at that in me that those piece i see a lot of us get an email confirmation cuz only when we literally me busy
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my wishing me. sure. with that, that was really your, what did i need your brad to see? you had a piece q studied that. then he's a boy sneaker whose q did you just give, who did the washer? i will put out. will bill you by you you would it. but with something you heard anybody 1000000000 show them to play with what i would apply usually when you're sending somebody cards. no, and you've actually been yeah, he's now with me, you know everyone by, at the more you not than i did. so when you get a venue, which is me nothing, you know, there was also america's totality plan to drop several atomic bombs on the us as on the exact number of varied from year to year of nice. pretty simple, good korea with them. but if you're off, you don't store a meal of a download for that reason. it's just right in the group you get from. i got we tv rule me because i did not give us away from the girdle here doing no doubt likable . let me start with the community, lulu meeting possibly us like
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a thunderstorm restored from the cartridge. when you seem sure your group of people, you with your school, she was probably will. she will be dying. your temperature was not value with healthy smoke at not the millennium with triple a global wish. anybody else? i'm for you. my, they're supposed to go buy something. you would, they didn't thunder. you ssr, but the cold war, again, even in 1947 western politicians still spoke of pete of the greats, will. and russia's longstanding plans for world domination, even though the document had long been proved to fake. this is oh, but you know, there is no smoke without fire. you understand. we know it's a fake, but maybe it is fake. has some real cause, you know, and then use it in order to justify the cold war and fight against the soviets. always the same story. united states, they have to be shown to be a lonely power. so called paula. and that's why they started doing cold war.
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let us be aware that while they preached the supremacy of the state declare its omnipotence over individual, amanda predicted, eventually domination of all peoples on they are. they are the focus of evil in the modern world. and there are, for the year, a 1000 you can still, you are a marketing yet if you're from, when you're in the, let me nasa here, i love that a to who model yet say that in it is raise oh my and up on the pickup that he knew that yeah. and they knew in our employer need driving sort it all it with me and i told me it was sort of bring them the one and only hey, i was a legal general like i'm fine. you're going to leave because anthony, really a photo. in 1946 in his famous fulton speech,
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winston churchill spoke of the terrors of communism and the usa benevolence with atomic weapons. this knowledge on the method and the role materials to apply it are at present to largely retained in american hands. says you can see that there was a program there still lee. there's a harrison i was thinking in the out by netflix. original name news. yep. on each merchant, i don't wish to say this case. i use it to attack show truth for them. rob, sure. st. needed. it's, you know, it's a sheer companies for us to fit it. americans believe the country was steered out of totality realism by a man who destroyed it from inside. naturally, gorbachev is loved in the u. s. right. you know that will be closer to the beach. so with guys it would be due to the with lit up and we did do a little if you go to the village, the one is discontinued, louisa, but i think avoid the yet not too bad will it will just pick it up and you might
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why didn't get a feel, but she woke up with them. they are pulling you up. so who says composing throughout the whole? she's a forced throw up, so we didn't for the quiz. the news more closely in bottles. only i love video of doors or one of them for i was a little closer to what she took them. i found a new way. do you believe howard? i am getting the discipline i yes. you know, what can you me if you want it is rushing oscar even if i need like a wooden frame? yeah, i need it. because my last i thought a not a big push to push on gears with keith. i don't know if you could, but i'm more than it's a clinic. i thought nickerson nash wanted to madison with people. good. my job was question with was it over noah? injured the that i had it. i need deal of knowing that it's got all but i see janet . yeah, i mean medical for my children that isn't i thought i
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knew that with pretty wellness. come on, you better back. look at that as you move and that's no way with us. why did you just came yesterday or the day we'll have more that we made it a woman that you were doing. i mean, you paid for over a year, but i mean you are seeing an elementary. they were all
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a year lease. i wonder if one i don't care what he yes, you more actually? yes, i'd be willing come see your work i work with for or is always to relate to do rush, i'm lead go. those would solve doing this. how is dion lane humans? and now it's within because as the or so for so for the all joe put it to when the mos told with the most wrong with the with. so it's a good time for show. because if there were some of his blog that's assigned for troy is also so because when russia with cowers in crisis like us. so the
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1st world role after the collapse of so your junior on there was no, i was for, for be i'm the with a spoke with madison both, both the models you need to do both got nothing new with a form already a lot of
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a a with a personal number that we're here to with when i was showing wrong, when i was just a proud name, becomes the advocate an engagement. it was the trail. when so
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many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. i was just all as you read it in. yeah. how many times when i want to with world with you, i guess with you i'm with
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full credit. it's going to be out of wood, from beach to still easy for the station or but in the board with wish, which is a reason? yes. so, so, so for the intern stobel, financial sort of supplementary with which you see numerous top political expert
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dmitri babich didn't believe it was a forbear at 1st. the ussr spoke of western anti soviet his em, but that didn't mean russians or she's just too young to me. now with big rush, i forgot about centers, which in your machine davis or you know, social car, go ahead. socialist precisely. she and you go, i didn't call you stuck with me unless you open me to swim or would she stood to pasto me off to pico vidalia thorn on the ship? a yo flew over. i got a little bit of my monkey up almo, almost all morning. which is almost a long while is when it is listed in another post, as many as someone else you will to beach no matter how much they apologized. russians whenever popular and even in the 21st century are often judged by what was written hundreds of years ago. the american statesman speak new brzezinski to form a u. s. presidential national security advisor. when speaking of russia praised the
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marquis de christine's books, which referred to russians as slaves, stuart barnett, serenely serious medical skip. not sure knew of secret floors, liquidity teachers, kiko gordon with no answer, was no butcher, that she wonders w. can you do more clarity why music you did talk really? e, kosciusko, a sheep to talk fill was the french foreign ministry in 1849 and wrote a famous treaties democracy in america they is. she remarked with media who she was told the really kicks not all the got to read and just want that here. let's just leach abuse. whoops, kirk, but it's the, it's the key. human silly. dorski, the angler. i mean, he comes, i need a key was movie g h and we still use it's well border. whereas here of dark on yours to way me to give to him, it will usually if you're getting is the way you, hey, jordan, this postings with the robot, the secretary blunt officer bus at the mccord was a board number for woolen rush, control, cripples with what he knew, but in the 3 cho global, it was
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a kind of those will cripples normal. christian americans kill the 9 people in tribes when the defaulted 15 millions african slaves through america, follow the north, 50 millions, q. all dead is bad christmas. this is for growth this is the concept of what i call rushing guilt. they want to be russians over the head generation to generation, to feel guilty, and apologized for leaders hundreds of years ago. that did not do anything even close to the evils that western leaders themselves. a modern rooster phobia began to flare up. andrew was a university student. he studied russia. his friends didn't understand why waste time on a week country with no say, everything changed on august. the 8th, 2008. i say, you know,
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puts an invaded i ga, a democracies under threat member, george w bush went crazy and mccain. of course, going crazy. my country is and so different things to run aggression. russian troops invaded georgia, obviously, we know now that there was an exaggeration. we now know the facts and what happened because really initiated the attack against russia. peacekeepers and 16 bow capitol of south aesthetic killed a lot of people. and obviously russia had to react a time. lot of americans were confused because they had thought russia was nothing, it's our rush was falling apart. in april 2008, had the need to submit the u. s. administration invite georgia and quinn to become a member of and support the attack because your jacket not that back or shoot job dog. the permission of the united states. that was the biggest publication with
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us when to put his group just under the nose or a portion modern russo phobia seems linked to u. s. policy. and after the collapse of the ussr, it became the only super american politicians. increasingly referred to. the usa is exceptional. mission to enlighten other nations and teach them to live properly. and so many disagree with what i believe my favorite subbing car. because we have shown a willingness for the sacrifice of blood and treasure stand up, not only from our own maryland, but for the interest of all. i mean, i will state of washington c g as the lead katie loose banging. and i say to me, you might ask cuz it is now right, because donations hedwood before the racial screening ration will be right with you guys later during ensure and was number,
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i'm beat and most of the i think only attending to me and said that when you see me and my credits and numbers from supposed to been home and everybody else are barbarians. and actually everybody on our slave the u. s. in iraq and always other countries, bombing and killing and raping and looting, stealing and always other things over throwing government left and right. well, why do they do that? the fundamental driver, what really convinces the average american or west here to support these wars of aggression is ideological. they think that these asians, these muslims, these africans, these lights and americans, they don't know what go to form, only in the west. know what's good. and you resolution and you asked the lady, i believe you changed your question, never to. so i nash with a
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come coordinates name or my scribe at that beauty plo help them and then you meet an issue or a studio immediately. if cigna lucian, you'd seen that around when russia began its operation ukraine router from being reached new heights in the west. music by russian composers is banned in places and people can be fired for their nationality. there's even a new russian ideology puritanism to fight against what was quite new with this new type of force. so phobia that it was kind of ethnic cultural paid. and for me it's just the same as the so us his mom is like autism. it. this will tease when it came into power and just started discussing jews remote burning books for by the new code. sure. everything thought that
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for me on to work with on the is pulled software and not being able to be there or should kick them to re east or do you not old of p p. so oh, skin tear guardstock. i put a new bit of it, but i can get it or she can are sure, storing individuals with almost all skill in the gtc communion you was painted by them are doubling it then are season and devotion to work. so i would say that the washer to democracy, she, when me, i'm sorry, she is now the functional morgan law post to him with rob. so lucian, i'm with bush as a so many as you know, and then i get your skiing young. i wouldn't be able to get that there is room out
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by someone call you. if she were mira, the bus started somewhere, don't ship a policy, she still go out and start with dark on you would have to swing nichols always to a should. can usually vote was that all was mostly you do print do much to with alisha, blue shows result yakobelli. many attempts to shrill blogger slow cry yearly. she with speaker asking me to build a new solution to have those 2 girls don't care way. mama did you do duty, was up a sure to ask you leave. i have to put the 2nd was a couple years. get you to work with big company with key. the force was the here you really we can be charity, bill garrick, when with, when i wiped out because i many critics asked me, oh, you have to denounce russia because russia is killing people. new crane i civil
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case. so we have to denounce a crime against humanity, enough guns, somebody with this. if it's another story, we cannot compare ways to problem with their own behavioral criminals. oh no. you can complain all the media coverholder ukrainian side but don't cover the russian side. what see of it even not which and always with me and they have these get them will just not the view she wants to make sure that is going to give you those to me. so can you solution is that once you set a modem for somebody at the national goes away, that was he which meant the good look. sure you've been doing it beautifully within the if. so what i please to do. so can we use what's just put on the job done with the new me i wish to be to bear with me don't much like what she plays couple when
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you watch the movies or some dealer or the gold gold coastal sky. what i mean eco deloney, shes up, isabel white. so please, if you get that machine, you will get to play with songs commutable for you out of your role. she'll started record your connection to that we joined. if they knew you're dealing with police, like all of these, i mean you have to the gussy circles or it's in his book. so somebody opened them wash on the not skirt question. now let's press, you know, teeter see i've now i need reading use more to it shows that they square feet collections. can me a nice you to my me and it made a mistake because by each with denise, with simple, not send this to late. this thing wish that he wasn't beat any delay will bring you
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my bruce, this is luke with us to fully of got deal with annoy me. yeah. it's a good to you. the doesn't mean functional. yeah, it was a good job. so let me do it and i'm with practical them with a book that with fish commercial. nice about food with immediate
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food ah, with just look up for um, natalie muscle is robin chichardi doesn't being in the green shield on a nurse to me as possible. mama cook that goose creek summary tamika, barbara his ashley of dc wanted to work with one of the cool position to, to meet you putting out. and i put the key for the chino, brian's can that work for phones or something like that. and then we got that boy did i see with brain lisa had that
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started brushing special military operations. mccraney key was tied itself up and not it declares it must be independent, fresh energy, while at the same time terrified moscow might terminate wise. altogether, any energy policy is if you're not struggling, pohden is the aggressor today. i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing. i think you, which of the problem was to call soon as you speak on the bill in your senior, mostly my number will ship. we're banding all in ports of russian oil and gas, new g i g with info. let me know when you have regarding joe biden imposing the sanctions on
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russia. yo hes troy the american economy. so there's your boomerang. ah, ah, the fur no. to blackmail when it comes to foreigners says, that's the message from russia and the republic of the congo. after the talks between the countries top diplomats received your lab robes african floor in full swing. the buckets done. a business community is keen to develop trade relations with russia, that the president of the pakistan, the business foreign notes, the attractiveness of the russian markets for the countries export and restrict thing the flow russian energy dined gas from says it's taking another gas turbine offline for maintenance coating already reduced gas.


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