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extremely consigned, so we the opportunity exists for the stater groups to find a presence and expand the extremist ideology. they will do it. and it's clearly at blake, you talk about the extremist ideology that he needs to find a social social structure that supports it. that what is clear is that these died, it guidance, and that the direct support for bees and buckets of occupation by the east lennox. they be of several main challenges. i think the 1st one that needs to be put on the table east. there is a commission of a domestic problem that has regional implications to counter terrorism. you need to deal with the actual grievances at blank ink turns of freezing the expansion of terrorism. what is needed? ease militarization. what is needed? east? a military corporation that the we need to win the trust of the communities,
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us centrifugal, encountering, be extremist, ideology. otherwise we can, i have individuals viewing this extremist ideology, viewing the excell violence, ashburn, only option available for them to show the dissatisfaction with the karen position in the morning was coming your way in just about 30 minutes. oh, do my daily liquidity shall not wish held a portion of my down in that ought to be shy at the court. where did you wanna? boy, a shawl, norwalk, with a cushion not in the pony shri leadership was nip is no i for the most of them will
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be stupid. this is ophelia. i'm to consider sloan legal cigars. can it be what, what was on the home like, will you be for me like that? it was for them? quit the universe without us because she, she knew me yet. oh, the russian speaking se ukraine refused to accept the cruise outcome. people took to the streets of ukraine's largest cities that had been protest in hock of a desa. mario pope and zappa irosia mass protest broke out in the crimean autonomous republic and overwhelming majority of crimean citizens voted as a referendum to break away from ukraine. and in march 2014 crimea, rejoined russia, or chester to crimean the splitting your one too much was ms. corgal, which is or or, or is it with us from to prophecies?
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can you remember little darling criminal, vasa, or chess from crackers or from controlscan or dish? through their budget was mentors sports or orange? a call from us on those nationalist tried to suppress bro russian public sentiment with extreme violence on may. the 2nd far right is organized a march named for united ukraine. the march ends in a bloodbath. here with lawyers, but all my, with a fee of 9 years fulltime with no move buy new monitors from. would your coaching vodka? no, for the most up to die year. holla,
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hardcaret will talk to you for your whole one. you post of the bulk of it. i just what you mean shop on from what i just go to do something to lean your board. you're on to my la, you proceed to this he's because all my apologies. the nationalists manager pro russian activist 10 camp at cooney cova field. mm. on their hunting down those hiding in the nearby trade union building. mm
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hm. they sent the building on fire. people who jumped to other windows to escape. the flames are being finished off by radicals with baseball bats, 48 killed, and about 300 wounded. oh, what are you through shared with us? we can have them still green bust unless there will be just but there's no mistake . you may have done, you lose your audio to book with us daniel loud when you move. that is no other rep abrazzo to what i'm telling him or whatever. so my getting them is that only meal stories like are they are a few teaching it you get
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a pull just that really boyish because what i need a heap of his muscle. you profess new phones when he got pop off. but schumann, please put the most a me polish out because it at the most for now, but with both sheila, because i don't store, i mean you're sure to let them you know, make sure that that the clear biggest company wants to report maybe a little bit about the street a monopoly while in light matters recently. you store um do you all if you would, you probably push and would you call like a pretty much a brochure bottle, which means that along with some student fees, interest numbers and we'll get those will be worked on both with both beats. you will get to work from when you look a little bit, but when you get a bunch rich, zachary, i'll pursue them where you will only watch the would you read me? ah
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you can you but you still, what do you see on my still depend on what you currently group. okay. g students must be as via them a school as opposed to craig e o v m e g 's. the trick of william, the problem or a family is born eve, come cues can blessed yohina. it moves no deal in the bulletin maxima that there will still be news that the reproduces are due to just good price. you can, a, in most of us could little to peach care with buffer stone use which hello. not the will of because like she will you give us talk of store ear stood,
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0 new pretty yet you can like a if you could just give us a fellow postal parts for mercy this on the show and a multicultural issue. washer to look. but as you, when you push to reduce a dx, so grants, coaches for which will that the credit group. erica is sure. square po machine,
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you really would be to for programs q go to ship them by you. you could shuttle craner, craner. i'm sweat for. i got wanted to finish, i guess a lot of these to with star when you get my done the most convenient if you can keep it as possible in the middle than anybody else. but just hello. this is william. good. what is the when you, when you might, you confess? you said you wanted to place a new printer to your son, your printer. you will be what not. by that time, alexander had a kosky, had already quit the alpha special group. he was among the 1st to begin gathering self defense militia groups. i, i hm. mm hm. with
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when you go to school, when you get over, i'm also going to assume is not a resource for counselors on them, but you are, you estimated to calling you some of the media have done with any of it is all, but i will so much mr. williams and me yep. also when you do linear with, when you, when you don't let us do it. so nick told them he does put you at no, our coordination with ongoing privacy school was me, told them people who will if i can go over them before the 3rd party oversight ukrainian professor. somewhat vitamin them by so you still would be the only only or that was a poignant or store was a national, pushed into a new swish. e,
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a full of, of much of a little spot guy, which was one, was your daughter that was looking for somebody to ship a couple other shipments. going to go to play. what i've sure that was from williams, wilma williams, a shit, williams, a sugar, was it the militia said some check boy on the road to await uninvited guests. ah, with a lot of movies that will be handled. vasa the new government decided to subdue the pro russian regions with the help of my dans radical activists who were not only officially trained at military camps but also arms. and then they were sent to the southeast and part of the country
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a my, me a way why in your mind on children just put in the, comes around when we're done and you spell every word. so stuff were wrong with when you deal with the li mara would. she did a lot of mr. it was quick. i'm going to project color so, so what are all next? she'll take issue on monday. so research going estimate of yours are you still at least on some of the blue letters in the bulk, i mean could fill in them or don't or, and i'm a new blue on them. yeah. so cool, i'm, i was on with you with these
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radical groups were ready for such a turn of events. e, by at the more good up to sure, but enough has somebody me end up with the computer initially stuck for could a moon or them by school? hundreds can how give your home so you can even more help on the blind. you will your home. you mean you mine up and you miles sean? i'm the only you got no none of us to buy. but the more but by the way know when you put up a pile in sun, then you usually bloody me. if not, but you're chewed up because i'm scared up. ah, if the bumper got hit, the bundle was completed, he good is on the bottom. darya. g. dalia, i'll come with going ashore,
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although which will need to move to georgia. most gruggs wanted to stay legible to be what wasn't long elementary. what did you need to move from course then you will to watch as much of your control and we'll storage some. grab your managers to, to put it with sure. still will the one she'll speech was formed. she'll posts. you push me, i need to do a lesson release of what i want to cough. ashanti went through a choice, not a school muslim. can you? will you be interested in participating? but it would be to minutes and your number and i was fucked up with just to know crowns communal solution for students with the center of the landline and what's happening with
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thin, [000:00:00;00] with with less iep roosevelt bowman, a highly placed with ukranian intelligence and had recently left the country managed to smuggle out some documents. they prove that my dance leaders had started
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planning the use of force against the rebel regions. once they came to power, they were not going to negotiate with the se. me and i thought i would still be surprised as to claim if a guerrilla at the moment is more or you could assuming this to. but if you do not turn on them by saying that i hear a list all doesn't you're pretty much to read. you mean on the selena? but it show me to her for sending me an honest opinion on a ni, a zoom, shipple ledger, the stuff she put a t stuff e can when you send me a quick put those to me or we know what the storm so unusual term did. how would you support it? said, you mean me when you have kids go to school bush, where she's gonna go out of nature. i need you guys. some question you can get a surprise,
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a little bit don't book for the less you should students can go to new york. she knew she does go to canada. poop us go any. is that not to spoiler? so we would be deeply keep in mind. daniel, we still need to order peace gets in misty. i would love to what is common training when you might just mean we think are going to school at the end of the one with the little push because it in your school, do i mean it's a huge doing what could we for sure. what's going on because of the story of done boss, residents being victims of russian propaganda is gaining momentum at the state level . this point of view is still popular, particularly with militants in the ukrainian nationalist volunteer battalions of symptom newsome writ alons. convenience. go with that. you should just note what you see from william mostly deal with them. you wish up for me?
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mostly i am going to hear a lot. no, no i think started. i think by new i the more about it, there's no need that i don't want it focus has just been doing work from, from william was usefulness emergent was when you question year fellow gordy from some of us a little bit up source, you was unique of total storage way, but if you can for a storage is i wanted to refresh our listen. if you look, which is no way i'm a shoot. awesome. i wonder if it the way to ship it is up a new car, even from hard for students from any legalities, tables will get upset. so. so easy me ah, keep announce is the start of an anti terrorist operation in se, ukraine, at the same time the electoral royal race is hunting up. the main presidential
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candidate is p. o to approach shameka. one of the leaders of my done doing debate, see under lines that the crank down on protests in the regions won't take long practice patient products in the border in the book throughout the country. me. when i my able to put it up there, who didn't, i don't know, but when show away where the hotel i remember the total your home must be, was bringing my electric, sweet, sweet ladies for your office. what got them? there were little more like oldness some older with molecular with the yeah come on. so she was a yourself that was what was what if you will call you focus your she has a large mirror as well. they store you there. yeah. do you felt that you sent it? there?
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ya'll say you is latoya. ukrainian soldiers, aunt, enthusiastic about engaging in a civil conflict unleashed by politicians. many soldiers, desert depositions, equipment and guns. some take sides with the militia. a yet some school done school near ready to let you to go to lunch. go, cheryl, so you can always. yeah. not only are you my thought the young always take a thoroughbred fad. you live most people in the store and they are bro jol. my done, my done up putting spits the little my approach a was take a thorough style about them. could they? and approached little also gets along with it our little music, one up almost to believe that the west. yes, one will approach it with the opening. it was shown, yes, that's so a bulge in you when you all right,
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we'll in our other a look. you don't want to go there. she's good data in just a leave to post just on my i'm bushel going
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with with the army soon goes into combat actions. the 1st to come under a jack west 11th residence in trying to oust the militia from the town. the ukrainian security forces don't take civilian casualties into account, but the 1st time in the history of modern ukraine, heavy artillery was firing on residential areas with ah,
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is this to with, with, with with, with, with no, i mean i probably feel a little bit more. you actually have
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a good with to go go the ability to political kerns, k, that's a good one. beach. gotta share an apple. yeah. we should. you look at the time is really cool, but, but i mean, yeah, out new york city of w because of the ladies that we still tell me, is that what you're either she'll let us go already with us because all from us customer more than once you pull them about each it is quite a daily. so once again, when people ask polygons campbell and you start see the motion to quit,
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of my coming school still not showing up as new to those dictators. don't wish to get that person you reject from 0 slope. when you might have the ability to proceed at the bottom, you start with the particle from the upper sol with the still not the blue. should you become supposed to deviate with a roommate? release police, which by the should be on the should be easy, ocean drive or me stops in which of course, when you some village in humans convenient the to the solution will be the familiar with those. would it up the liquid up? it's actually up with a little bit of an important person. the goal would be for them to radio still with the price would be $1.00 with the be a little that that based on what the level of apple is going to be. that means it literally just re establish
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a procedure bullish the ah ah, was shanker, was inaugurated on the 7th of june, 2014 and keep the man who had come to pow with a pledge to be the president of peace. turned out to be the president. it was a
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a worker's always told some chrome duncan credit indirectly with engagement forms from one of the little mall number or premium is shamia shorter shane. but are shown with on the one when i was immune immigration supposed to be joining us and you were good or will to pull from the start on the way. i'm a conflict with with a
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with, [000:00:00;00] with with with,
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with a with b you with no monday apart. yesterday i thought that graham,
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i'm not a poem you ah, [000:00:00;00] a precious foreign minister breaks down the reasons for the global food crisis as the stops by ethiopia during his tour of african countries are due to the absolutely. and that that was the reaction of the risk which allows sanctions undermining the availability of food. going to mark them as the


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