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the battle with little or any possibility of victory. that's when you should start to think about ending the conflict. but this is not the case in ukraine today. the longer the conflict last, the worse it is free give it would seem that is washington's plan. a brussels foreign minister breaks down the reasons for the global food crisis as he stopped by ethiopia during his tour of african countries rather due to the absolutely inadequate reaction of the risk. we should those sanctions undermining the availability of food on demarcus known as the orchestra wagner. just as the musician this note above that, but the name itself is what keeps it didn't politicians because it's probably minutes is a general only good night
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r t gets an exclusive look into the inner workings of a high profile. russian private military agency during it's classified operations against ukrainian forces in don box with hello there you're watching are international. my name is donald quarter. welcome to the program. now to our top story, europe has suffocated itself by creating constant challenges to the supply of russian gas. that's according to russia's top diplomat. sergei live rob speaking in ethiopia on the last leg of his tor, across africa. europe systemic could, during the last, almost 10 years was creating barriers on the way of bringing to european countries cheap from the excessive thrush. angus, they have suffocated the old themselves with their own hands. the wide truths
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for pipeline was from russia. now they're looking for alternatives. is he o p a is the 4th african country, the russian foreign minister visa that in the last 5 days. and this is where he finishes he's to, we're on the continent here in ad is harbor mr. oliver of met the countries leader and he's ethiopian counterpart and just like everywhere during he's african to are mr. law bro, here was greeted and accepted as a highly respected guess. there was a special coffee ceremony as we were explained with fresh green grass on the floor, symbolize and prosperous dynamic vibrant relations between the 2 sides, loss of traditional incense and also the gas symbolically shared traditional f e r p. in brad, there was whole so another ceremony here on the territory of the russian embassy here in ad is ab ever miss oliver of and he's, if you up in counterpart wanted to endemic trees. here is one of them, a,
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to support the ethiopian government green legacy initiative. and here in the russian embassy is where miss lover of address the ambassadors all the african union. it is a very influential continental buddy united, $55.00 countries. moscow has always been saying that it will do its best to strengthen africa's position in more than multi polar world. and this is what lobby visit here on the continent stands for. and this more than world is something mr. law of talk to lot about in his speech in front of the ambassadors they wore old in which despite its all vis, multiple i re, to west, is still trying to impose its position and punish all those who disagree. the policy that mr. law of called a colonial policy in human, a moral and very dangerous, something that here in africa they understand very well. here are some of the most interesting points all mr. oliver of speech. and yes,
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the in situation and ukraine did effect additionally negatively affect the food food markets, but not because of, of the rush of special operation. rather due to the absolutely in there that with the reaction of the risk which announced sanctions, ah, undermining the availability of food on the markets. it's a period of history where little have to choose either to go though and the current which the west throws to to move. oh, saying that the world must bear on not by international law, but by the rules. they coin them, expression a rules based world order. and if you analyze the behavior for a western cortex in international arena, you would understand that this rules differ from case to case. there is no single
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criteria. there is no single principle except one. if i want something, you have derby, if you don't obey, you would be punished. earlier, sergey laugher off made stops in egypt. uganda and the congo received a warm welcome at every location despite the us earlier claiming that russia had successfully been isolated by western sanctions. a former, nigerian presidential hopeful told us that the western concept of unit polarity is now crumbling, especially or not in this would be a lover. clearly indicated to worship activity in africa until you can see how warming he was received egypt. and you can see also how you see it, you appear currently. it is with the rise of the multiple all the way i seem to be clear on it. but this time to give, i've got
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a lovely field so that we can also begin ward from the global community and global appears with, oh, she's on my own capacities. i mean was a global community who will be included the with a p s. did you need a grab or what you like it? you did decide to pool is one. we must are sick. as you can. you know, to the level you think it really clear that the room is wound up as what you took by the way, you know, has to be in line with what do once so. so that was where i believe africans are bigger or more secure with the organ or fortune done. and with that, we go to the latest news from ukraine, thrushes defense ministry says it's high precision weapons have killed $200.00 ukrainian soldiers in the southern city of nichol. i have russian missiles are said to have targeted a concrete factory where he has troops had set up a base. moscow also says it strikes have destroyed for ukrainian military command
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posts in the past 24 hours. and in the near petrov region and arm stockpile was targeted and more than a 100 rockets for western supplied, high mars launchers are said to have been destroyed with a 120 ukrainian troops. also, having been killed, meanwhile and on boss. the multiple explosion have shaken the city of done yet, as local authorities say ukrainian forces targeted residential areas, they're using nato supplied. heavy artillery for civilians are said to have been killed and at least 3 others wounded with the cities infrastructure, also sustaining heavy damage. that says russian lead forces continue to advance on the ground and on boss. while ganske authorities are saying that the allied army has taken control of the key, uglier gorski power station in don,
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yes. will grounds official se ukrainian forces mine to that area before retreating . and now a clean up operation is underway at the facility, which is in fact europe's largest thermal power plant. among the russian troops involved in the operation are members of the wagner group for private military company. and our t is more i gas d of reports from that area where he got an exclusive look into their operations. ah, there were no sea fruits leading to where we were doing it. then again, the people we were visiting. specialize in forging parts where there are none. the factors who took this village, good enough where they go there many different names. they're known as the regular group. they're known as the orchestra wagner. just as the musician. very little is known about that, but the name itself is one, but keeps western politicians,
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presidents, prime ministers, a general away good night. we turn out something called the wagner. the e u has announced sanctions on the russian private military company van as the church of the wagner group, as we know at 1st to have popped up in ukraine. the british defense ministry says more than a 1000 fighters from russian private military contractor. the wagner group are being deployed to the country. russian muscles is that gonna is recruiting and is making it known. and not just them give to his love to fear the world's most talked about. the enigmatic private military company with
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the whistling sound you heard was not an audio artifact. that was the sound of you, katie, and plus gamma rockets, disgorging hundreds of band p f. one mines, which characteristically flutter down to the ground. stand by the also anti personnel line convent which ukraine his party 2 weeks now. they have attempted to stall or at least slow, the orchestra advanced by carpet plum in the countryside with band butterfly mines and other things besides his. her supplies left behind by ukrainian troops nationalists as they retreated from clean of oil. you may see this very thing. wire, careful, careful. back and over there, something that shouldn't even be here, a man, 50 anti personnel non. what you can signed a convention pharmacy. it would never use that,
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it would destroy what the ensemble sappers can remove, safely. they do what they can't, what they deem could be a trap. they blew who thomas said for a 150 seconds is going to be quite the bride. with these was a rare opportunity. could you please do not hugely take kindly to outsiders. they work alone, where they operate. cameras are almost always absent. see who conditions that they work in. our permanent health hazard. artillery and more to jules, here our deputy and endless had minutes to not pass without from impact nearby a big 140 kilometers more. that seemed far
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ukrainian to see thought of the thought before enemy counted battery fired kicks in g as has thrown everything it could spare at the ensemble gradient special forces units. the nationalist battalion i got at the elite 10 mounted assault brigade, are all arrayed against them. thousands of mines and avalon troops, shells, and rockets. nothing's helps. the orchestra marches on silent, secretive and relentless to simply that only they can hear where it goes. t a r t from clean the oil that he has, the people's republic give says it wants washington to hand over
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more effective multi roll f. 16 fighter jets, instead of single roll, a 10 attack planes. archie contributor rachel marston, explains how ukraine has gone from begging for western help to bossing around its patrons. the west has been bending over backwards, trying to accommodate ukraine's requests, since the outset of the conflict and some of them as been pretty wild calls for weapons resulted in european union countries giving away their own to the detriment of their own national security cause for sanctions resulted in the u, sanctioning its own gas supply to the detriment of their own citizens and industry . ukraine president vladimir zalinski had even asked the west for a no fly zone over ukraine, which could feasibly have led to a direct arab war and conflict and shoot out between nato and russia. thankfully, he didn't get that. the message constantly being peddled by zalinski towards the west is that its efforts aren't enough. it's never enough. and now ukraine wants to
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go after prominent wall street establishment figures personally, alleging war crimes against ukraine by executives of j. p. morgan chase city group and hsbc. according to one of zalinski economic advisors in order all of these companies, richer routes that are in meet them. ready were arms b, m a r and manson war are criminals. so basically you want to, to see them prosecuted for war crimes. is what you're saying. exactly. the same adviser had previously contacted heads of the financial institutions to tell them how to run their companies demanding that they refused to engage with companies that sell in trade, russian oil or gas, or in russian energy chairs like gas prom ross, snuff, luke oil, and vital team zalinski is threatening to pursue the managers of these wall street
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companies, personally, all the way to the international criminal court, which the u. s. doesn't actually recognize. in fact, the united states passed the head convention ox in 2002 during the global war on terrorism, which allows the u. s. to liberate any american or a citizen of an allied country held by the court. presumably, much to the disappointment of some that would probably also include wall street executives the same. impunity with which washington sparks foreign conflicts, including the one currently raging in ukraine. also means that zalinski is facing an uphill battle in boston around american financial interests. ukraine also apparently wants to participate in american cancel culture now and cancel prominent figures. it dislikes an entity link to the ukranian government has just published a list of russian propagandists featuring prominent us elected officials, journalists, and academics who even dare to question the conventional western narrative on
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ukraine. and these figures on the list include republican senator, ram paul, former rep, tulsa javert, a democrat from hawaii, university of chicago professor and international relations theorist, john mearsheimer, and pulitzer prize winning journalist, the lang greenwald. meanwhile, over here in europe, ukraine is telling the you to ask of russian citizens filling up visa applications, whether they support rushes role in the conflict and ukraine. different polls show that over 80 percent of russians still support the war, they should not get access to the free world. it'll be interesting to see how far the west actually goes in allowing teams zalinski to call the shots. here in the west. maybe zelinski can achieve the impossible, actually succeed in cleaning up wall street. earlier i discussed the ramifications of ukraine conflict, western economic sanctions,
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and the mainstream media's anti russia onslaught with author columnist and political cartoonist ted roll. it's all different when it's your country just issue doing the thing that you say other countries shouldn't be doing. hypocrisy is rampant in international politics as well as domestic politics. and you know, it's, it's all, it's, it's so extreme though, in this particular case that, you know, it's kind of depressing and transparent for anyone who's actually paying attention the, the united states media was really actively complicit in the war against afghanistan . and i would say, even now, with the effect of the sanctions on afghanistan, they're pretty much being ignored or shrugged off. you know, the, all the, all the rhetoric is always brought back to, well, what are the tall about doing, you know, what, what united states is keeping afghan government money. so yeah, though, it's, so there's no comparison in the way that these, these 2 issues are framed or covered by the united states,
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mainstream corporate media. well, i wanted to ask you about one of your cartoons. it's called the if we were on the other side of the ukraine, russia crisis showing how the u. s. would have reacted if missiles were aimed at them from a nearby country. and that exact same situation as actually happened before. back in the early sixty's, obviously with the soviet union deploying missiles into cuba and the americans didn't like that they, i mean, do you think they've forgotten historical lessons here? well, most americans don't really remember historical lessons in the 1st place in order to forget them. so it's not really actively taught and you know, historical context is just not presented in american news accounts. so nobody ever says, well, ok, so in $962.00 during the cuban missile crisis. this happened, but this is a different scenario. it, 1st of all, it's not a different scenario, and it's impossible to imagine the united states, tolerating, for example, mexico or canada, becoming anything less than friendly to the united states in any way if the soviet
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union were still around with canada, be allowed to join the warsaw pact would they be allowed to talk about joining the warsaw pact? no. want to bring the conversation into the realm of sanctions. i really want to hear what you have to say about the facts that of course, we've seen unprecedented western sanctions against russia since the military operation in ukraine was launched. do you think they're going to be successful and can europe in union countries survive without russian energy sources? well and the sanction seemed to be very effective at hurting the western academy and driving up inflation and energy prices in the united states and it's western allies. you know, i've just moscow for, i've been here for 24 hours since i got here. it does not look like it's on its knees. economically. the only surprise about the sanctions failure is that it's really unraveling so quickly. i mean, here we are in the middle of the summer, you know, eastern europe isn't not in dire need of heating oil. and what's going to happen
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when the winter comes, we were expecting this to really start to hit november and december. it's all, we're already seeing the effects present biden's already having to try to talk down the possibility of an imminent recession or maybe the possibility that the u. s. economy has already entered recession. so, you know, the effects are, are there. i don't, i think, you know, russia fell, it was coming and was prepared. these are the latest pictures from the iraqi capital of baghdad, where hundreds of anti government protesters have stormed the heavily guarded green zone in the city center and broken into the building of the iraqi parliament. none of the law makers are said to have been present there during the attack. according to media reports clashes between protesters and security forces are ongoing. demonstrators are furious over the nomination of an iranian backed poet. politician for prime minister and government officials have called on the protesters to disperse peacefully. the classes are reportedly organized by supporters of
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a prominent shia cleric. initial reports indicated that a number of protesters had been injured after being shot by security forces will of course, keep you updated on this story as it continued to develops. to libya now were more than a dozen people have reportedly been killed and wounded in firefights between local mon militant groups. meanwhile, britons ongoing to the un has called on the warring sides in libya to restore oil production and exports. we urge libby an actors to refrain from the politicization of state institutions, including the national oil corporation librium. people need to see the full resumption of oil production and the equitable distribution of the states oil wealth. that statement you just heard was voiced at an international meeting on the libyan crisis. the united nations itself is warning of a dangerous situation in the north african country and civilians. there are being
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increasingly caught in the crossfire. the overall situation in libya means highly volatile. with an increased number of clashes in and around tripoli, they can amik situation remains dire. in addition, the human rights situation in the country still remains of serious concern. clashes between rival militia have spilled over and recent weeks with reports of more than a dozen civilian das. this comes emitted times by the united nations to push for an official national election. once again, as the country is still gripped in an economic crisis, the renewed fighting pits, those who support the government installed by the west, against those who support the libyan war. lord colleen a half. tar does my plans for elections back in december that never took place, talks were held in geneva last month. however, the instability has continued leading to warn over resurgence of terrorism activity
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. that stands to have an impact beyond libby as borders. and the frustration is over more than just who will be the country as a nation's economy continues to face a massive energy crisis that has led some cities to enact power cuts for as long as 18 hours a day. that in turn has led to protest from desperate civilians. ah, a sadly, this is nothing new violent clashes in libya have been ongoing since nato supported the legal overthrow of margaret dorothy in 2011. in addition to the thousands of people who have lost their lives, in the aftermath, the un said in 2020,
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that the overall losses in the country were impossible to calculate with over 9 rid 1000 people. still in need of humanitarian assistance. it's certainly a far cry from the freedom and democracy. former president obama claimed he was bringing to libya. all those years ago, were under no illusions libya will travel a long and winding road to full democracy. there will be difficult days ahead. but the united states, together with the international community, is committed to the libyan people. so if not for the benefit of the people who live there, then who has benefited from nato intervention in libya, well, it's no secret that the nation has the largest proven oil reserves in africa. and that opportunity for profit was clearly on the minds of western leaders who made it their mission to take out gadhafi. in fact, a new york times article from 2011 noted that the nato countries that provided crucial areas support to the rebels were also moving to make sure their companies
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were in a quote, prime position to pump libyan cru 20. and while europe doesn't want the refugees fleeing from conflict and the war torn nation, it does want unlimited access to libby as natural resources. they use spokesman for the middle east and africa said earlier this year that they see libya is one of the countries they hope to rely on as a look to reduce their reliance on supplies from russia. as for the reason why the west is suddenly taking interest in libya, once again. well, the increase in clashes has led to a decrease in production at a time, one global output is already unstable. so the same countries that claim to care before are showing once again, that they only really care about the people of the devastated nation when there is a way to profit off of that foreign policy. analysts tough as i'll go yell says that if western countries want to end the conflict, they just need to keep their own promises. i think they need to live up to their
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own promises. i mean the national security council in new york with the support of both of your day united states, england and france and the rest of the european union have pledged that they will take certain steps. chief among them is to prevent outside those from supplying arms. for example, into the various libyan and malicious, both east and west, that has not happened. a supply of weapons continues from countries like the u. e, for example, which has played a very damaging role in libya over the years. and supporting, for example, our allowing an american citizen like after to engage in sort of with a military rebellion. with that, can you? consequences is a serious problem. but there are a number of military years powers and militias on the western side of libya. there
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are also engaged in all kinds of illegal activities, including war crimes, illegal immigrants to europe, illegal drug trades, illegal financial transactions. if the united nation and the united states and europe do not seriously take that there on pledges, i mean this is not something that is a wishful thinking. this is a debt on pledges over the last 11 years as long as the country is allowed to in this way without any sticks to hold these people accountable, the country will continue to drift. a cancellation of us. how speaker nancy pelosi is planned visit to taiwan would be a victory for china. that's the warning from the senate republican leader. mitch mcconnell, as quoted by a bloomberg reporter earlier china, told washington that policies visit to taiwan. plan for august would have serious consequences. beijing says it would take forceful measures if you house speaker
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follows through with their plans. and that would be the 1st visit of such an american official to taiwan and 25 years is also comes amid growing concerns over tensions between beijing and ty, pay over the possible consequences of policies visit to taiwan. and while some us officials are fearful of a potential conflict with china, other american politicians are apparently pushing for a serious confrontation with beijing. you know, the whole idea that we're worried about chinese rhetoric shows how misplaced our policy is. this is a question of how america conducts its own foreign policy and thank you very much. decision ping will conduct it the way we want to conduct it. can we send a constitutionally denominated official to china? are we going to back down? because gigi and pang is shaking his fist. if we can allow the chinese to dictate who can visit taiwan and who cannot, then we have already seated. tie one to the chinese if they can veto everyone in
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the world who wants to come to tie one, then taiwan will be isolated. so i think she has an absolute right to visit, and i think the support of taiwan is important. victor gao is the vice president of the center for china and globalization. you told us that nancy pelosi trip to taiwan would seriously undermine us. china relations. the proposed a visit to taiwan by nancy pelosi will really blow up the china us relations and inflict huge detriments to both with chinese people as well as the american people. this whole episode demonstrates once again in very graphic terms, that the united states is challenging. the one china policy by words, as well as by deeds. now, for the recall of the united states, acknowledges there is only one china and taiwan is part of china. from the chinese perspective, we have made it known to the united states that nancy pelosi,
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a speaker of the house of representatives of the united states, should not and cannot goal to visit high water. otherwise, pub is it will trigger a whole series of consequences. and the united states will be solely responsible for the all the consequences in whatever way possible coming out from har proposed visit to taiwan, china, serious about it. i hope the world will listen to that. and i hope all the other countries will watch this as a life episode unfolding before our eyes. meaning that china stands firm on matters of principle. and this one, china policy is a matter of utmost importance to china. and china will not allow or tolerate any further.


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