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we sonya, hey, it locked in with ah, the 2nd world war i think 2 millions of people during the company and the balance of power was held by the leaders of 3 nations. the united kingdom, the united states, and the ussr. ah,
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march the 31st 1945, a british royal air force, plain lands in crimea with a very important passenger, the british prime minister's wife, clementine churchill. boop, our daughter cathedral ye bill to perdition. she has shrimps me. you see you blame bus clinical destiny. the she did yes, policy the shuttle you are a flava stove. secret service is historian, explains why that unusual visit took place hon at washing luggage narration in the ocean ocean of you know, dirt das could. but he from pushing up idea enough ascii saying is jeremiah unless of de la forms for michelle from your school, for you to ask you, who did you need your, if it's really well, got down to the citizenship. clementine. john chil became the 1st financial donna to the fund of they raised
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a total of more than $9000000.00 pounds. sterling mm. for tomorrow, with, with national and i bought you over to mila ve noticed convention, which you should see you before. and you have got you could've been queued up to manager. i'm bringing my trust to jack or boucher. i thought you might be fewer still showing me ask you for you've a she shared with the company. i knew what was more last year, but she was coming with clementine, chill chill undertook a 40 to day 2 of russian cities when she brought medical equipment for red army soldiers. ah, she made chocolate factory workers and brought gifts to schools and children's homes. ah.
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and in this unique footage, she needs pioneers at the famous tank childrens cam. ah, she more my of come by beauty and the love being the styling contorted daughter because i realized i should the form is katara black. as my 1st constrain lou, the soviet government awarded clementine churchill, the order of the red banner of labor and the gold badge for excellence in sanitary defense. may the 9th 1945, the british prime ministers. why celebrated victory day in moscow? do you have on my dose to meet you? cherish for either of you of our brush? it's a spray of some sort of not, although i don't flip a video, you want out of my mouth, but now what? bless yes, camaro the ah lean while her
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husband, winston churchill, was planning in opperation, unthinkable. britain and the united states eventually planned to use 12 remaining german divisions to attack the usaa on july, the 1st 1945. i don't remember which one of each school or a suit or you've been yet to what the key, what schwarzenegger would be dakota said most to run through be emotional the problem. so yes, you say you told her that you would come onto the flu ridge blood by new brought every surrounding. mm. winston churchill, british prime minister, army reservist journalist, writer, artist and nobel laureate, and richard john churchill, his father was a descendant to the duke of mowbray. his mother was the daughter of a prominent american financier, churchill,
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graduated from the royal military college, but never received a higher education. he was a bit of a trouble maker. he did not go to university. he did not want to. i think he cause some trouble at school, but it was a very good school harrow, a former british diplomat also william melanson is well acquainted with winston churchill, his biography, or the greatest britain ever. according to a b. b. c poll, he started a military career, actually in cuba. he was actually fighting for spain against the rebels in cuba. and then he was in india. he then went of saddam was even at the battle of armed or man. and he saw serious military action. he was in the boer war fighting, and he was actually imprisoned and escaped. more than that, he also enlisted during the great war, what we call the 1st world war churchill. i was also
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a romantic figure. he wanted to be a great war leader, large shoes or larges, are famous forebear. the duke of marlborough, bull craig roberts, is a former assistant treasury secretary for economic policy in his writing. he analyzes the factors that led to world war 2. churchill had gone into the war seeking power. it was his avenue, the true, the prime minister shook. mm yoseph his ariana village, starlen original named joe gut, feeling a son of a shoemaker and a peasant woman. he had ruled the country since 1922. if you look objectively at the achievements of the soviet union during stollins period, you would have to say that they were tremendous. social welfare benefits were provided to the soviet population of medical care education, living standards,
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blue professor grove, a 3rd, ph. d, at montana state university in new jersey is well known for his work on soviet history and politics. he was a major political figure, certainly one of the most prominent political leaders of the 20th century. but at 1st the allies treat uncle joe as style and is referred to in the west with arrogance. the soviet leda was from a low social background and had been through prisons and exile. stalin rose from the lowest of the ranks. he in fact named himself, stalin, which means man of steel. scott bennett, the counter terrorism specialist and former u. s. army analyst is well versed in the complex history of us soviet braces
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in the 2nd world war years. you have stalin rise up and quite an effective leadership role under under war 2 and counteracting the german advances. franklin delano roosevelt. the 32nd you as president, led the country from 1933 to 1945. franklin roosevelt came from an extraordinarily wealthy family, a very high elite socialite family, dating back to the 1600s. the roosevelt family. the delano family were old money that had built their fortunes in merchant ah, ship building other trades. roosevelt was a pragmatist. and when it suited american interests was prepared to cooperate with the soviet union, it was under his rule that you, a soviet diplomatic relations were established in 1933. franklin delano roosevelt
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is recognized by many in the american historical and academic and political ranks as one of the greatest for term presidents in history. the only president to ever sir. 4 terms, in fact, for his work in resuscitating the united states after an economic depression that occurred after the fall of the stock market in the 19 twenty's. the big 3 is how the allied 2nd world war leaders were known. they had different personalities, were from very different backgrounds and had opposing views, each defended their own peoples and ruling classes, interests that best die in that the she that the men chide krista thank up as ne, in his books and on lot. so who has a ph d in history? so really analyzes the events of world war 2. as while our asked
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smiling in the shift to the main check dash, i enjoy has been place in creek. thing dodge fund, start match, dunbar, endangered. for she, there is a shaft near 40 dish. oh no one hush. cash smiley guy. i swam no yes she thought jordan ispa painter chapter. ah, officially world war 2 began when german troops the tank, poland. on september, the 1st 1939 with re shaping the world has started long before that. 938. austrian unsure this. the invasion of
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czechoslovakia and its partition by germany, poland, and hungary, czechoslovakia his allies, great britain and france, are accused of betraying it for the sake of peace with nazi germany. poland and hungary took part in the partition of czechoslovakia. some in europe felt at poland, had enthusiastically taken part in the roguery and destruction of the czechoslovakia. state u. s. president roosevelt had no objection to either the austrian angeles or the partition of czechoslovakia. the united states had no desire to interfere in europe's conflict. the world was sliding into a major war, but churchill and stolen was the only the politicians who seemed to know it goes to the prison. well, greg, you would drop off su, 4 work if consciously of put your boss, you defend your ski horse contractual,
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like you know for sure. because she cheer west coach unifor you. judy daughter jim sama, washington rudolph war. your british school. so years ago. dahlia shamburger sama boom just to what i still good about bulletin, butch flowing you diesel fuel just the soviet ortho was in a thanked, ignored events took their courses. if soviet russia didn't exist for that, a heavy price would soon be paid in munich, britain and germany signed a mutual non aggression pact that was the culmination of the policy to appease hitler. ah, i have brought you peace, the prime minister chamberlain promptly tell the british people on his return from munich church hills reply, we have sustained
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a total on unmitigated defeat. those other features, which marked an improvident stewardship for which great britain and france have dearly to pay churchill beak realised on. and he was alone in the british leadership that this policy of what's called appeasement. you know, encouraging hitler. i had been a big mistake with no one else seemed wrong. when i just don't move to safe out. disdain becomes the answer to an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves, wilson born, we choose to look for common ground. ah,
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it was clear to churchill, the redrawing of european borders had begun. war was inevitable. but as he wasn't a cabinet minister, he couldn't change anything much later. churchill, right? those were the he is of my desolate solitude. the situation in munich was also noticed in the united states. some often said that hitler must have food chain lin at gunpoint, france, and england have concluded a shameful peace. march 1939. the soviet union had a proposal for the western countries to form an anti fascist block to counter hitler's intentions, dissolved and trying to rally the west, make a stand with them against fascism. they opposed munich. they oppose allowing hitler
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in to czechoslovakia, but nobody would do that. so wasn't just in 1039 when the soviet proposed and elias, but britain and france against hitler. it had been actually throughout the late last half of the 19 thirty's from peter couldn't acre russia. and professor of history at the american university in washington dc analyze is the balance of power that developed in pre war europe because our staff had there, we could have prevent a world portal because hitler was weak and knew he would wait. and he was bluffing . and assuming that the west was back in his band, up to him at the west, was hoping in many oil elements in the west for hopefully that he was just going to go east. so in the thirty's, the soviets are the ones who are most strongly opposed to the nazis.
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negotiations between the ussr written and france to establish an anti fascist blog, reached an impasse because secret british german negotiations were taking place at the same time. in return for guaranteeing the integrity of the british empire, britain offered hitler freedom of action in the east for britain to survive. russia had to be sacrificed churchill objects. if for instance, mister chamberlain, on receipt of the russian offer had replied, yes, let us 3 band together and break hitler's neck. history might have gone a different way. it was clear to starlin that the western powers were ignoring his proposals and could no longer be relied upon. and by 1939, almost all of europe had already signed agreements with hitler. with 1933 germany,
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france, britain, and it today conclude the full power packed 1934. the bill suit ski, hitler pack between poland and germany assigned 1935. the naval agreement between britain and germany is concluded. 1978. britain, france and italy agree to defy czechoslovakia between germany, poland, and hungary. 1939 non aggression treaties assigned between germany, latvia, and estonia. august the 22nd 1939, moscow. mm. the soviet commerce of a foreign affairs, molotov, and german foreign minister, reuben trump, signed a non aggression pact. the pack made it impossible for nazi germany
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to fall alliances with other states would dissolve it the youngest too for him done . thus chamberlain, on that day should these are fashion tissue. masons are to lamb, he knew of action angland and frankly, dusk, i've been present it. question the thing i'm from brown dodge, went to my father italian out on it. the united states continued its policy of appeasing imperial japan. the americans held on to the hope that japan would re focus his attention on the ussr. the soviet union did not want to be caught fighting a 2 front war war with japan and the east, and also a war with germany in the west. and they knew that the germans were going to attack sooner or later. also, when the british and french refused to form an alliance against germany with the saudi in the polish government, also refused. on january the 26th,
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1934 in poland became the 1st european country to conclude unknown aggression treaty with germany. the pill such k, hitler packed along with germany, poland plan to attack the ussr with polar and must not remain idle at this historic moment. the main goal is to weaken and crush russia. but on september the 1st 1939, poland was attacked by germany to ship europe 4 should get good gigs reversed luca, cooney, dwaa if one. yeah. and you brought up with the new fbi food. if we're to model our up so was before for shipped off with story. oh, book agreed the cool birth 3 and you will you toward the movies corner, your wife?
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he did. he thought it as the crushed polish government, fl, eastern england, poland ceases to exist as the state and german occupy poland. the most hideous form of terrorism prevails, more than 15000 intellectually does a shot 300 in one place at another. a group of drunken german offices are said to have shot 70 hostages, 130 thanks. 12 or 13 year old boys. a butchered and just 3 weeks later, stone incense, his army into poland, which is lost. sovereignty england, a bronze sympathize with the introduction of soviet troops. it was vital for the soviet union to push the german army as far west as possible
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to buy time and gather forces from all corners of its colossal empire. the molotov revenue truck packed ended up being a crucial factor in a soviet and ultimately an allied victory. if i hadn't had that extra 2 or 300 kilometers to travel, they might rather well have occupied moscow. likewise, it's quite possible that that it saved leningrad goes. the german armies were very close to lemons grad as well. hitler had already declared that he was gonna kill all the inhabitants of leningrad and destroy the city and give it to finland. the finish leader marshall mannheim was a 100 percent can shaver of that? meanwhile, honoring his promise to the american people not to get involved in the war, roosevelt passes the neutrality act. during this period, the one is clearly shows hostility towards the soviet union. by the spring of 1940
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all relations between the 2 countries of rosa, the americans remain neutral, which rose about later regretted because he understood this was the time to stop the nazis. and the said, the fascist forces, blay, the 10th 1940 german troops invade france, and in just a month hitler enters paris. most of the country is occupied and the french army has no moral lessons. scorsese was up by junior france. a boa holden could be to lesser for unfair of my chela, but in cpr, isn't that you nor your yet prestige cups? none of them in his work don't to have historical sciences. alexi is i of essence is the events of world war 2. it let's go say you was a if the bush tomorrow i'm glare mimi of linda shy war for pushing you. bruce
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bustled. miss chair, cost not a me to excuse those kind of nice shows so that it's do outdoor water but the most or was more than pretty social to regenerate. we've showed latoya deals. ah, with these appeasement policy in tatters. prime minister chamberlain is forced to attend to his resignation. on may, the 10th 1940 the day germany invades france. winston churchill becomes the new british prime minister. i have nothing to offer but blood, toil tiers and sweat. you replace chamberlain because as it is well known, chamberlain did not want to war with germany. churchill, it appears was at a very different view. he never wavered from wanting and insisting on
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war or pursuing the war with germany. he didn't trust the germans. he didn't trust him, but he didn't like hitler ah. august the 13th 1940 a little which is miss. if it takes long but you cities for the next night, 80 pushy shad crump attack the key . sh in riches with us operation blitz last almost 8 months. many. but if he suffer, catastrophic destruction to
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chill chill, it is everywhere. a top piles of rubble left by and strikes in factories and hospitals. it gave speeches works on military plans. for his age, judging only 60 sakes, he himself would have rushed into the battle. mm. but england cannot withstand germany. le churchill asked roosevelt for help. roosevelt had no affection for churchill. he had no trust of the british and fact straw. the british has penetrating much of the united states state department intelligence agencies, academic institutions, all to more or less influence the united states and government and academia, to being much more in the line with the british. atlanta assist agenda
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ah, ah, the united states thinks war is war, but business is business in return for help. and in exchange, buffalo global one destroy is the u. s. demands the right to use. 8 british military base is in the atlantic. ah, we didn't receive anything from the u. s. that we didn't painful in 1940 alone written pays the united states for and a half $1000000.00 in cash. a huge amount of money at the time. when roosevelt down to the u. k. his ability to pay, he sends a cruise at the cape town where $50000000.00 pounds of british gold reserves are stored. in desperation,
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chance you'll rise to roosevelt. in the midst of war, great britain is close to bankruptcy. roosevelt seized no benefits in britain's defeat. after which the us would run the risk of facing war to double cri, doman. liam leaves a de smarter old display. pretty bad show water for anywhere in the jeff. nicky, national congress share on bill up or is not the criminal lawyer still cargo? sasha got it, don't we won't display a bed is just lunch to want to shoot for a dome. the little dice parker push up picking from our sh. however, lindley supplies are immediately entangled in financial obligations. dustin, your bully sports on the doors per year was what i should say. there was a porch in store halleck war by sham girls. em. but i knew you put a good local ups for your growing younger sister. ah
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ah ah ah ah, ah ah, ah, ah, a ah,
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ah, church's goal was to preserve the british empire. the united states wanted an open world there, which american dollar could penetrate, which american trade would have access everywhere and to market and to labor add to resources around the globe. so they had very different kinds of conflict. the interest with john chill wound stolen of an impending attack on the ussr in the face of great danger. he seeks an alliance with russia. stall in doesn't reply. he doesn't trust churchill. with
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at 4 o'clock this morning, hitler attacked and invaded russia. suddenly, with our declaration of war, without, even algae made him. the german bomb rain down from the sky above the russians in russian danger if therefore, our danger and the danger of the united state school. 2 days later us, president roosevelt also gives a speech supporting the ussr but there are other political forces in the united states. i returned makes a speech in december of 41 and the senate is as if the russians are.


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