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that is where you start doing get discontinued formula. there are a couple of other things also that he's well a, let's call it there on his formula. we have to live there, but i'm greatly appreciative of your wisdom and of your time today. thank you, ma'am. i need food. thank you very much. so nice to be and thank you for watching hope to start again next week on well, the part ah with mm ah, russian authorities investigate a drone bombing that struck the headquarters of the black sea fleet in the crimean city of austin with
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a lot of air potent lays out rushes new naval doctrine of national security and self defense. as the country celebrates navy day. the key here is the capabilities of the navy. it is able to respond immediately to anyone who decides to encroach on our sovereignty and freedom. china steps up its military activity near taiwan in response to u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi is possible trip to the island that she kicks off her tour of the region. beijing, as warned the move could mean crossing a red line. and in this week's top stories, rushes foreign minister gets a warm welcome as he visits for african nations. that's despite western pressure for them to snub moscow with just after 6 pm here in moscow, and you're watching the weekly on our team international. i'm your host donald
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quarter. welcome to the program. now to our top story, russian authorities are investigating a drone bombing of the headquarters of russia's black sea fleet. 6 people were wounded in the attack. in the crimean city of civil stobel and officials say an improvised you a v bomb could have been used, but it's not clear where it was launched from christopher milton. around 6 am, there was an explosion in the courtyard of the fleas headquarters. the attack was carried out by an unmanned aerial vehicle. there were no deaths, but 6 people were heard to staff members sustained moderate wounds. the rest have already been treated for light injuries for security reasons to days planned public festivities in so a stop will have been cancelled or however there is no cause for panic. and our law enforcement agencies have already been mobilized, as opposed to the attack took place amid annual navy day celebrations with crimea governor saying they've now put a hold on them in the city. locals have been asked to stay indoors as authorities
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assess the potential a for future attacks. a moderate terrorist level threat, a threat level has been declared in the city to facilitate the increased activity of russian security forces. meanwhile rushes defense ministry has released footage of its latest attack on a ukrainian field base inside the dynamic people's republic up to 50 ukranian servicemen, to howitzers and 10 other units of military equipment are said to have been hit by russian missiles. this comes after residential areas inside the city of daniel came under fresh shelling by ukraine's forces. some locals have posted new footage of the overnight attacks. ah, these uncertified videos apparently show multiple explosions. overdone yet. local official say, ukraine's forces fired nearly 500 different shells on the city. on saturday alone, having one person dead and 9 others wounded. ah,
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some of the ukrainian shells were filled with band anti personnel. mice which have now been littered across the city of dun yeske, russian lead sappers are busy defusing the explosives, which are small in size and could even be mistaken for toys by children. artes roman culture of reports from the area sap herself. the nest peoples of republic have a very busy day to day on sunday as hundreds of little minds were dropped on the city in residential areas right now there. scouring this area in order to find and destroy those mines, so that the don't hurt any of the civilians. these little minds are all over the city of the network at the moment. now they can explode at any time. now, they're designed to mame and not to kill, of course, so they can cause a death of
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a person, but so these minds are everywhere. internet's at the moment. if you can point the camera this way, a local residence, they're pointing out that there are mines here to make sure that sir, no civilians approach them now. but once they're dropped, they can explode at any point with any moment within 40 hours. and right now, engineers are sappers are working all over the city to try and make sure that all of these mines are destroyed. ukraine continues shelling, civil in areas of the nest are right now as i speak. they may look very small, but they're a very deadly to young children. they may even look like toys. so once they approached the may pick them up, the result will be either death or they could become disabled for life.
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should i reach and i need to get a warning i live nearby, so i heard the explosions last night. i almost confused it with fireworks, but then i looked at the window and saw the pedal mines were used to all of this. so i just went to work as usual, this opportunity mind part of the streets. so the people can move about the ukrainians, want to eliminate us, the people, but we're strong. they don't want us here, but we won't leave. we are patriots what? no one will be able to put done, it's gone. it's nice jim regarding it then. yes, please help from russia. here in then as has been instrumental the last few days, especially when ukraine began a bombing this city and covering the entire area with those. that's all minds, as you can see, a russian engineers well, russian engineer core are here working to try and make sure that no civilians are hurt in this. well, you can only call it
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a terrorist attack against civilians already. one person was hurt by these pencil mines. rwanda also have ard t. the nest people's republic rushes invited investigators from 2 international organizations for a probe and to keep the legit shelling of a detention facility in the danielle people's republic where 50 ukrainian prisoners of war were killed. moscow says ukraine carried out the attack on the site located in the town of union of car. while key of blames russian forces warning you may find the following images disturbing. now the united nations and the red cross have been invited to probe friday's shelling of the detention center, which russia says was carry out by a u. s. a supplied high mars rocket artillery system. dozens of p, o w's remain in the hospital after the attack. moscow called the shelling a direct provocation by key of made possible by american weapons, adding that ukraine as subsequently tried to cover up its role in an apparent war.
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crime carried out to intimidate its own troops. earlier i interviewed canadian journalist, david bartlett, who was at the scene, this is clearly an intentional strike on this facility, mom and its notable by the way, i went to the a hospital that was treating some of the injured i after going to this prison. and although we weren't able to go inside to see the prisoners, they were in critical condition. a doctor did come out and give a statement. and he said, did the prisoners are in critical condition and they are undergoing surgeries, they're being given the medicine and the care that they need. and now i just want to point out the irony that russia is giving the ukrainian presents of, or medical treatment. no matter. you know, in spite of the fact that these are an enemy combatants. and it is ukraine that is caused, that is inflicted, there are potentially mortal eye injuries on them. here's a perfect example of an out war crime committed by ukraine wet western weaponry.
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and it is russia that is mopping up the mass. how do you think this incident is going to affect the morale among ukrainian troops currently in combat? well, i mean, we see many videos being shared on social media on telegram, etc, of ukrainian troops saying like we don't have support from our commanders were being or in some cases were being fired upon by our own army. were being deserted, were being sent out front lines who are not equipped to fight are being sent to are death. so i, i would say their morale was probably already quite low. but i mean, this is just the next blow. i mean, they, even, they were again, ironically in safe hands and russian imprisonment because they were being kept safe . they were being fed, et cetera. but nonetheless, they were targeted by their own government. i mean it's, it's, it's, i can't imagine they could have any morale at this point. we've seen similar things in syria. we had in syria terrorist whether there are al qaeda for syria, army,
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isis, et cetera, intimidating civilians from it wouldn't be the same as surrendering. but from crossing from terrorist held areas into searing government areas intimidating them by threats that the government would rape or execute them. so we, and we've seen the same kind of strategies that have played out in syria being played out in ukraine. ah, the sunday marks may be day in russia, a national celebration honoring sailors and their ships. countrywide. the main parade took place in saint petersburg, featuring a flotilla of the navy's finest vessels. here are some of the highlights. ah.
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similar parades went on across major port cities in russia and even beyond russia's fleet and the syrian city of tartarus also joined the celebrations and the ukrainian port city of their johns, where, which is currently under the control of russian lead forces, celebrations, proceeded there. after years of being restricted by ukraine, maybe day is not only about the ships and the sailors, but also about coastal defense ship builders, maintenance and other service men. among the many participating dignitaries was president couldn't also unveiled russia's new naval doctrine. documents sets the main threat to russia's national security on the world ocean, as the u. s. as course towards dominance and the growth of nato activity yourself. vladimir putin laid out moscow's maritime goal. i was much of the good i need. we have openly marked the boundaries and areas of russia's national
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interest, most economic and vital strategic ones. first of all, these are our arctic waters. waters of the black sea, but hope see you bearing sea. also the baltic and coral straits you and we will protect them firmly by all means. the key here is the capabilities of the navy. it is able to respond immediately to anyone who decides to encroach on our sovereignty and freedom. our navy, successfully and honor fully carries our strategic mission on the frontiers of our country and in any parts of the world's oceans. are you and we got reaction to the newly signed doctrine from air marshal and motus warren and indian air force veteran and the head of the peninsula foundation thinktank. he says the documents signals that russia intends to firmly protect its interests. it's a very important signal because of it actually signals that rachelle willing
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to predicted interest anywhere across the globe and sillier than important ally of russia and, but that's the message i think i would bring across and the process. this is a really process sold in the changing world order and therefore does not going to happen overnight. little the process probably i would say it'll happen over the next decade and more and, and in that process, i would see us being the most powerful but i think of bob in the world at the moment. we'll see i expected to see you later in the day, and we'll come to that the global governance will be a multi ball system, but shared responsibilities and shared commitments to move and government. if you really compare what happened to the union when it laps and the russian foundation love seat and the bullet it's place. and if you look at what happened to the might
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be the early 2000 and. ready the lot of people who look forward to live and look the actual bought that and i share that back again. not just for any specific interest with respect to the family, but more and more for the global button and a balance of power system to be in the world. so in that context, i think shows crossed in revive li, most of the great part of india, china will play a major role in getting the words to the table. and the more, you know, balanced mode, rationalized global governance system, i would say, or they mixed in 20 years, this would make their life. and this is what i found in that context. something country is covering its own traditional strain. the grid staples of extremely both
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of those maybe days and actually pop companies to asia now where us, how speaker nancy pelosi is plain is reportedly heading towards singapore. the precise location of the aircraft is being tracked on the flight radar. $24.00 website earlier trying to warned against polo sees plan trip to taiwan and promised serious consequences if the visit goes ahead. our correspondent rachel blevins is on the story. nancy pelosi has kicked off her highly anticipated trip to asia, but she refuses to say whether she will visit taiwan this week, claiming she can't reveal too much for security reasons. of course, so far thou speakers team has provided a list that includes japan, south korea, malaysia, and singapore. however, china continues to warn against us politicians setting foot and taiwan, and beijing's military has started conducting unscheduled exercises, 280 kilometers from the island. tensions continue to escalate in the south china
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sea with taiwan launching drills of its own. all of this as beijing says, it considers a below sea visit to be a red line that the u. s. should not cross blue. you do? we have repeatedly made it clear to america, our stern position against you was house speaker nancy pelosi is potential visit to taiwan. if the u. s. insists on going its own way and challenging the red line of china, it will surely be met with forceful responses. if the u. s insists on taking its own course. the chinese military will never sit idly by and it will definitely take strong actions to, for any external forces interference in, while a commentator for china's global times wrote that the chinese military would have the right to intercept any you as fighter jets. that accompanied philosophy is plain and even shoot them down and they don't respond recalls. but despite the threats u. s. media and politicians continue to argue that policy can't back down now,
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because that would be a big win for china. we can not allow chinese threats to return a mere visit my member of congress apply one. if we can allow the chinese to dictate who can visit taiwan and who cannot, then we have already seated. tie one to the chinese. if pelosi postpones, will cancels a visit, it will be seen as a u. s. climbed down in the face of chinese indignation and protest, and an affront to our friends in taiwan. jane says the plan visit not only flies in the face of decades of diplomacy, but also violates the one china policy which the u. s. has historically respected in which taiwan is classified as a breakaway province of china. while the u. s. has sold taiwan billions of dollars and heavy weapons over the years. it is largely respected the principle in terms of diplomacy up until the trump administration. and now the by an administration continues increases tensions with pelosi taking the largest step towards conflict
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so far. but china is not backing down. and recently a representative raised the issue with the un calling for the nation. sovereignty to be respected were dog. certain countries have repeatedly emphasized the principle of sovereignty over the issue of ukraine. but they have incessantly challenged china sovereignty on the taiwan question, and even deliberately created tension in the taiwan strait. ot don't, this is blasphemy and an infringement of the principles and purposes of the un charter as her what the people of taiwan think about the situation. summer expressing concerns that a visit from pelosi will only lead to even more attention in the region. i think she is coming to taiwan because of her upcoming mid term elections at home. she wants to attract attention and demonstrate that she stands on the side of democracy and freedom to oppose the chinese communist party. the united states will not be a true friend of ours. under the geopolitical circumstances, we can only lean a little towards the u. s. otherwise, china will soon have us for lunch with of all now in polo, says court,
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all eyes are on taiwan as observers. wonder, just how far china is prepared to go in its response and who can actually benefit from such a provocation by the us. the proposed a visit to taiwan by nancy pelosi will really blow up the china us relations and inflict huge detriments to both with chinese people as well as the american people. this whole epis to demonstrate, once again being very graphic and terms that the united states is challenging the one child policy by words, as well as by deeds versus foreign minister survey. lab rav conducted a toward a trip up to 4 african countries this week, and received a warm welcome in all of them, despite calls from the west to isolate moscow. it is becoming clear that russia is recognizing that his own actions have caused it to become
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a we have good relations with russia. all countries of africa have sovereignty and are free to choose their own policies. to our stance on the russia, ukraine crisis has remained unchanged since its break out. we never wanted to how with the wolves as to will to the fire sergei leverage visits were deemed such a success that the u. s. secretary of state is now also set to travel to south africa. the democratic republic of congo and rwanda. washington announced the new trip for august just 2 days after lab rav wrapped up his visit. ortiz maria phenomena covered his tor agent, congo, uganda, ethiopia, truly historic tour. at a time of isolation, russia,
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the world's most sanctioned country, is supposed to be struggling, losing ties and partners. but instead, it's foreign minister to was the african continent with a bang airplane land that 4 times in 4 days ain't for a different african country than everywhere. russia. 7 diploma accepted as a high leverage back to get as a brand in ethiopia, they lay the floor with fresh green grass, a symbol of respect, man, everlasting friendship. in a gander, a leader not seen without a mask since they called at 19 outbreak, made a notable exception for la rav he had nothing on his mouth, but a smile in congo. the hogs, smiles and jokes that greeted la rob. we're more representative of an old pals reunion rather than formal diplomacy, a,
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in each country. they also the same russia, enjoying overwhelming appreciation for supporting african anti colonial movements more than half a century ago, while recognizing the independence of african states. this report been with us for the last 100 years. how can we be with again, this is a how can you begin to somebody who was never hom does. the venues for labrems 3 were picked carefully and wisely. a no gonna. he was greeted by a veteran african ruler and opinion leader. while in congo it was the turn of a regional influencer. at the country's hound since 1979 and then on to cairo. an ad is ab, about the headquarters of too powerful regional bodies. the arab league and the african union both said they had failed pressure from the west ahead of the visit. but i'm 40 right now. these instincts of colonialism emerge in the politics of western countries when they demand the whole well,
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take their side and running against all the others. one day they asked me a question. i know bruce wolf rose. i should, you must, you must come when you do. why do you think of my, my many job is to be pro some would i am through i should've in fear of provocation african union ambassadors asked for him maintain, in russia's embassy while the arab league was less intimidated. although asked by western diplomats not to be pictured with lab rob in protest at russia's actions in ukraine, they gave a rather clear response. the west with his sanctions and condemnation basically pushed russia closer towards asia and africa. but as soon as it realised they could backfire, they tried to fix the situation by blame in russia, by blockading ukraine's grain exports, and restricting the trade of russia's own fertilizer. boons actions have had the consequence of inflicting pain on the people of kenya and on other countries
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throughout the world. he is hurting the people of kenya in order to benefit his own situation from his own perspective. but africa didn't seem to buy it, although there are no data functions and on the, on the west. cars stokes russian ships for all coding on a number of ports, plus lumber off came to africa with good news. a deal was reached to resume grain experts from the black sea. it will bring relief for developing countries on the edge of bankruptcy, and the most vulnerable people on the edge of famine. and to love stabilize global food prices, which would already at record levels even before the war a total nightmare for developing countries. and with the west, realizing that russia to blame for everything car didn't help. it used
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a very unexpected joker. now see if russia is one of the last imperial colonial powers, it has decided to invade a neighboring country to defend its interests. that's the reality. it's a bitter irony to hear such sentiments from the leader of the country that has been colonized in africa for decades. that has basically never stopped seen. the continent has its own property, years after independence movements to called have to use in it as a backyard for nuclear tests. and as an endless base for free natural resources. the russian foreign minister is not the only one to re nafrica the they both are making the journey off the french president, but you add them back to you when the head of the u. s. agency for international development. analysts say it's like when you called were playing out in africa with rival trying to get english as well. yes. and now however, while others had just woken up to the africa as a partner,
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russia and real friend has always been here. raven alternate id from africa and other news relatives of slain palestinian american journalists say that the u. s. state secretary has rejected their appeal to investigate the reporters killing by israeli troops. sharina barclays family members demonstrated outside capitol hill earlier this week to demand justice. does it in by didn't have the power to make sure that this doesn't happen again? we need him to follow is raj with meaningful action, shooting, desert, justice and our demands remain the same. us investigation that the accountability, any family of the us citizen who is killed abroad, expects their government to put its resources behind an investigation. this is the very least the by then administration must do. the medical administration is using the standard. it speaks about the killing of journalist and other places,
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but when the gen ed kids that american was given by those really on media, i'm trying to protect event accountability. and the conclusion of the department investigation was very important. and very strange. they concluded that probably issue a bullet that came from your side and they did not see decisively as washington post indicated and see. and the one for the claim that the killing was unintentional. there is no way to justify how they came to that conclusion. our opinion, american administration is trying to avoid that proper investigation and using double standard. and i'm trying to protect it from being accountable to the crime
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was committed against this wounded. earlier this month, the us state department stated that sharina will actually was not deliberately targeted by israeli soldiers and called her death the result of a trap of tragic circumstances. washington did admit that the likelihood, but she was in fact killed by idea of fire palestinian officials and activists accused israeli snipers of gunning down the journalist. while she was clearly wearing a fast, just a warning, you might find the following images disturbing. the killing took place in may and they didn't israeli raid on a refugee camp in the west bank 51 year old sharina ob walkway was covering the clashes at the scene while on assignment for the algebra or a news agency. she was shot in the head by a sniper with an armor piercing both. c israel initially tried to blame the palestinian side for her killing later and conceded that its own troops had been possibly responsible. however, televi has not held any of its service members to account. according to israel,
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a proper probe of the killing is currently impossible because the palestinians refused to hand over the bullet which killed the reporter. that of the palestinian national initiative told us that the u. s. is trying to shield its israeli allies from justice. american administration is approaching every question from the perspective of their own political interest. and that's why you see this huge double stand, not on the in terms of interest to getting journalists killing alike if you are compared to what they talk about and agreeing. and what did, what's happening and punish that. but even more than that, i love the sanctions down imposing and russia, claiming that it is because of occupation while all sanctions have been imposed on israel. that's what i believe in man attacking, posting and pupils since 74 years. in my opinion, a stand has clearly been taken out of
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total and complete bias to this very new site. more news coming your way and just about 30 minutes. ah ah ah .


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