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royal, for some reason or government thinks that we should be in our own oil, which is crazy. ah, you are sees no issues with its health because the thing tie one which was apparently safe to do on tuesday. despite china's thing to move. it's a breach of its sovereignty with china will certainly take a resolute response and effective countermeasures. the safeguard of sovereignty and territorial integrity. we need bricks. the algerian president says the countries ready to join the alternative record inquiry economic lock. that's in contrast to you, it's late alliances, which appear to be losing global influence. opec secretary general described russia
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as a vital member in the alliance. this, despite continuing western sanctions on moscow's crude and r t visits moscow's new neon facility. as russia ramped up its production amid an acute global shortage of semiconductors. a good morning, it's just gone. 7 am and the russian capital from where we're joining you live this tuesday morning. i'm paula paula. and it's a pleasure to be with you. you. it says it sees no problem in the potential visit of its health speaker to tie one, despite beijing labeling to move a breach of its sovereignty. that's the mid report said nancy pelosi will land on the island on tuesday with washington. thank. she has every right to do so. this is very much a precedent in the sense that the previous speakers visited taiwan. many members of
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congress go, let's taiwan including this year. and so if the speaker does decide to visit an china tries to create some kind of a crisis or otherwise escalate tensions, that would be entirely on vision. there is no reason for beijing to turn a potential visit consistent with longstanding u. s. policy into some sort of crisis for conflict or use it as a pretext to increase aggressive military activity in or around the taiwan strait. could be with her to the so called one china policy, which has existed in its common form since 1979. when washington switched recognition from taipei to beijing, the u. s. officially acknowledges beijing as the only legitimate government for the whole china, including ty, one. however, this as well as cause for the peaceful resolution of a ty, one issue has not prevented the u. s. from entailing unofficial relations with taipei and sending arms to the island. despite the u. s. claiming policies that
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that doesn't violate the wine china policy. phasing doesn't seem to buy it. china warns it will respond if the potential visit goes ahead. when they say so, if we would like to warn the u. s. side once again, that the chinese side is ready. the chinese people's liberation army will never sit idly by and china will certainly take a resolute response and effective countermeasures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity ties. in junior tensions has been running high since a party merge last month that nancy pelosi plans to this a tie one, joined her 2 of asia as the trip began to pain, reportedly carrying the u. s. how speaker became the most tracked on the flight rate at diet plain tracking site before it disappeared from the map? that's the my tie, one not being included in pillow sees official trip itinerary, professor at the past school of technology and business benjamin sheila believes the trip as to the increasing us pressure on china. the us policy right
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now is playing with fire the u. s. scenes 2 free years ago have been doing anything up to the point of really violating or clearly rejecting one trying to principle. for example, the u. s. has invited to taiwan to the democracy, sub sub meet last year, which the chinese i had repeatedly warned against. and said that is a violation of the one time the principal, the u. s. seems to be you know, 4th in china to concede in trade use to and use position about russia, about the tension bush and so on. it looks like that. china has not conceded you in the last few talks and the u.
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s. is that we have the 2 options, but to escalate the matter. further the books group of nations is becoming increasingly appealing to more member states with the president of algeria, africa largest gas exporter, saying that the country's not ready to join the block. president to boone said the move would help distance his country from polarizing global conflicts. we need tricks firstly, because it allows us to move away from the attraction of the 2 poles. and secondly, we are a leading country and the non aligned movement. therefore, god, granted, this will be our way. this comes a month after 2 other countries, argentina and ran, submitted their applications to join bricks. the group consolidates growing economies, brazil, russia, india, china and south africa who already account for a quarter of global g. d. p with $24.00 trillion dollars and positions itself as
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alternatives to the unit polarity of the western world order. and as alternative aligned says, gain size and traction waste and live box seem to be losing beta dominance with us . officials now sending top officials to the african continent hot on the hills, the russian foreign minister visit ortiz maria phenomena explains a country one, seeing as too big to fail, is now too often seen as failing. a number of global ships have taken place over the last few months that have led to people asking the question all the days of us global domination over america's political territory is dwindling. there are signs that harold a big event, which is the total defeat of the us. more and more countries are looking to join global union is that washington is not part of like the shot high corporation organization and bricks. the latter are currently united china, russia, brazil, india, and south africa. already accounting for more than 3000000000 people. and
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a combined g d p, or more than $24.00 trillion dollars with 5 new members expected next year. hank lou in all the reach saudi arabia and l g area. this powerful unit of nations has all the potential to easily challenge organizations like the g 7 and other challenge to the u. s. global role is that other countries are increasingly traded in local currencies to bypass the dollar. ricks is even planning to create its own reserve currency. even live in america, considered by the u. s. for so long as its own backyard, a place it would forever have control over seems to be pushing back speaking with a unified voice against the isolation and sanctioning of their neighbors. and number of countries there refused to go to the summit of the americas because cuba and venezuela were not invited. and the u. s. itself has admitted they are losing hearts and minds. there. the russian media conglomeration russia
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today in spanish as well as the sputnik mundo, used to have 7000000 followers and rti spanish now over 18000000. their ability to put out this information. and just so one environment that is full of untruths is, is very prevalent in the region, then the res, africa, the things of russia's foreign minister recently being welcomed by african nation, is angered and cared. washington, the us secretary of state decided to announce his own tour with media headlines clearly showing the reason he might be surprised to find that the pass colonialism and the current colonial policy of taking without giving have turned many nations there against the west. they sense this is a historic moment to build new alliances. the overwhelming majority of the world's
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countries do not want to live as if the colonial times of back. the vast majority of states want to be independent. want to rely on their own traditions to rely on their own history in their old friends when it comes to asia. it's not just big guns like china, india who neutral and not bowing to you as demands. people are growing tired of americas with us or against us narrative, especially when they are being asked to turn away from russia, the global energy and natural resources player, and china, the 2nd largest economy and 2nd largest military. so much so that even traditional us allies are asking not to be put in the middle. it is natural for some countries to be closer to one side or to the other. but most countries would prefer not to be forced to choose between the us and china. as europe's experience shows, things can go wrong and conflict can break out in war in asia. as a scenario, we cannot rule out. therefore, asian countries must continue to strive to deepen cooperation between ourselves.
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take all this combined and worrying image for america emerges. it's all tactical, sanctioning, and pressure, its language of ultimatums as part of a divide and rule strategy. have ironical lead to uniting the u. s. his opponents against it, the united states has been intensifying neo colonial exploitation for the last 50 years, at least on the united states, is trying to put a ban near of respectability on what is essentially a campaign to intensify. the occupation of historically colonized places like africa, the people and those poor countries have gotten the worst of the global economic deal. and now they're fighting back. they're fighting for economic independence, russia, china, iran, countries are aligned with their building, a new world world where resources are shared more equitably.
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russia is a powerful player in the global energy market that opec new secretary general described moscow's role in the group of the world's largest oil exporters. russia is a big main and highly influential player in the world energy map and its membership in opec plus is vital for the success of any agreement the opec chief added that the organization is not in competition with moscow. he reiterated that the oil price fight began before the ukraine crisis broke out, with very little state production capacity. being one of the main reasons for the price increase across the global market. the remarks come ahead of the opec class meeting on wednesday, with discussions on new market management strategy on the agenda at the meeting, the group over portly, consider whether to keep oil output unchanged in september and mid course from the us to boost supplies. and in saudi arabia, the middle eastern oil power house,
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economic growth hit nearly 12 percent in the 2nd quarter. that's as russia is rebooting, it's oil exports from the you focusing on asia with little serious destruction. let's go say to produce more oil in the 3rd quarter of the year despite the eas partial ban on russian crude ca, mohammad mirandi, professor taylor and university believe western sanctions only help oil which countries to prosper. irony is that it is u. s. policy. and it is european policy that has allowed oil rich countries to thrive during the circumstances. iran is now exporting all of its oil all the way that it can produce at a very high price. that is way not, is sounding, it's oil much more easily today than before. so the united states is
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hurting it while attempting to hurt russia. the united states is not only assisting iran and venezuela, but the united states is creating an economic crisis at home. so saudi arabia obviously benefits, and we don't know where this will take saudi arabia. but whatever land we look at this situation, it is the americans and europeans that lose as the digital world faces and acute shortage of semi conducted ships, russia is set to become one of the key suppliers of ne, on a gas used in digital and medical devices that is currently deficit with moscow set to launch new production facilities. as rachel blevins reports, global shortage of semiconductor chips has impacted industries across the board from smartphones to cars to medical devices. at a time when the world is more digital and demand is higher than ever before,
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however much moscow state technical university is hoping to change that with a facility dedicated to drastically increasing the production of purified me on. we've new new production, we are going to achieve 5 percent of work production may be in the next year. and the bowen, money universe, to allow us to do this. we've got some, you build in the new facility for this production half a year ago. only error was the rate of life for nitrogen and oxygen. afterwards, we achieved the song. sure. so i guess it's like, you know, a noun. and the next step is to achieve stable either of these get nearly half of the knee on, on the global market was wiped off earlier this year due to the crisis in ukraine after production plants in odessa and mar, you were shut down. now currently russia supplies just one percent of the new on,
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on the global market, but they're hoping to increase that number to up to 10 percent by the end of this year due to the work that is coming from this facility in this university. and they're also hoping to raise that number up to around 25 percent in 2023. we already wanted to go like a year or 2 above the situation which is going on in our work. made us to be foster. we are working on the theme for fuel gauge is like peer review on your creeped on for like 6 or 7 years already working process already has been done. so we just needed to put new facilities with your compressor, which we already know how to use. and make the line fewer and get on with for cation for up to 70 percent of any on on the global market right now is used in the production of semiconductor chips, which makes it all the more important that production continues to increase. there
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are no semiconductor chips without deep ultra violet lasers. these lasers also find used in medicine and other manufacturing chips with an already fractured supply chain loom as a particular point of pain due to inadequate neon supplies from the united states trade war against china to the global cobra. 19 pandemic. the semiconductor ship shortage is only continued to increase in recent years and increased supply of chips will reduce one burden facing an industry that is also battling raw material price inflation. a tight energy market and rising interest rates that are throwing a dampener on consumer demand. government in the us have approved billions of dollars aimed at increasing their own production, saying that they want to compete against china. however, they continue to impose historic sanctions against russia, which is cutting them off from those crucial materials such as a purified me on that will be produced here at this facility. when it comes to
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addressing those shortages. russia showing that it is continuing to do that work and it's starting here at home, reporting in moscow. rachel blevins, r t. moving now to the democratic republic of congo, where at least 2 people have been killed and 15 wounded. after members of the united nations peacekeeping mission in the country, open fire at a board post on sunday. the mission has come under intense pressure of 2 days of protest against the organisation. ah, the peacekeepers appear to open fire before they headed through the border crossing to uganda, driving on and continued to shoot one clinical to cover you in chief antonia terrace, said he was quote, outraged by the incident and has welcome the decision of congress authorities to open an investigation and arrest the suspect of perpetrators. the peacekeeping
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mission in the country is facing increased criticism for its perceived failure to stop the fighting in the eastern part of the country last week. and even protest in the country left at least 19 co date. including 3 peacekeepers. the purchase was parked by the resurgence of m. 23 group, also known as the congolese revolutionary army, has been fighting government forces in the country. you in troops resorted to using tear gas and methyl force to disperse the demonstrators and meters who had occupied the headquarters of the local un mission. freelance journalist who lane balloon says the colonies are outraged by the silence of the international community. talk people are angry because there is a, a presence of more than 25000 peacekeepers in the, in the r c. but the situation is, is still the same and our people are so are still being killed and are so people
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get angry because of the answer to the occupation and one day. so they realize that there is this dead silence of the international community, especially the un peacekeepers. so people have decided to kick out there. you will mission ed by the you and has always held clouds, especially for logistics, transportation of the military on the ground. especially those who are injured, but there is a very long process because this, this country still needs more things, especially to help out the army to have the capacity of fighting the enemy. no one is in nuclear war. that's the stark reality. russian president vladimir putin described in his address at the 10th nuclear arms nonproliferation conference . this comes as president biden has expressed an interest in pursuing a new nuclear weapons filled with russia. meanwhile,
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the russian president added that moscow will stick to its nuclear arms reduction plan. our obligations under bilateral agreements with the united states on the reduction and limitation of relevant weapons have also been fully fulfilled. there can be no winners in a new to the war, and it must never be unleashed. and we stand for equal an indivisible security for all members of the world community in his remarks. he also emphasized the right of countries that are signatories of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty to pursue peaceful nuclear energy. it's also important to note that antony blanket the u. s. secretary of state, he addressed the gathering and he used his platform to attack other countries. he accused russia of nuclear, sabre rattling, criticized russia over the gray. and furthermore, he accused the islamic republic of iran, of nuclear escalation. now it's important to note that this all calm,
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in the aftermath of the united states and pulling out of quite a few nuclear agreements. now the un head antonio gutierrez, he wore the entire gathering that the world faced a nuclear danger. not seen since the height of the cold war. and many know that this meeting comes on the heels of a statement from the white house on which they are mulling over the possibility of reopening the j. c. p. o. a. the joint comprehensive plan of action with iran following the iran you're deal. but this comes after the united states actually withdrew and racked the iran nuclear deal that had been negotiated. so here's what we heard from the bio white house. united states is determined to lead by the power of our example through diplomacy and coordination with allies and regional partners . we've developed a proposal to secure a mutual return to full implementation of the joint comprehensive plan of action to ensure that iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon. now the usa has withdrawn from key nuclear agreements over the
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past few years. and it's also important to know that ross has pointed out that the european union and the state actually throws an anti terrorism dialogue between the 2 countries that could potentially stop and keep the public say, here's what russia does, that corporation between russia and the united states in the field event i terror is now basically frozen washington, unilaterally and under a far fetched pretext, decided to suspend profile meetings within the high level dialogue under the auspices of the foreign ministries of brushing the united states, which were held in vienna in 2018 to 2019 and were useful for both sides. russia is response to anthony blank and words. question, how much good faith the united states would be using when it comes to renegotiating the new start treaty that is set to expire? it seems like the actions of the united states and the words of the united states
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at this very important gathering, discussing and reviewing the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. these are not the words that a country would use if they were trying to pursue peace and the escalation. let's now updates from the later from the ground in the dawn bus. at least 2 people have been killed with multiple others injured after ukrainian forces reportedly shelled residential areas of the nest with hundreds of band and 2 personal mines correspondent, roman customer report from their then its trauma sensor is now full of civilians who have been injured by ukrainian shelling all the last few days. they're here with various injuries, some of them had their lives torn off. some were hurt by shrapnel from all those shells that landed in civilian areas here in the next. but in the members we have a large number of seriously injured patients. unfortunately,
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more than 10 lower lim amputations had to be performed this weekend or all our patients are well treated and we have everything we need it stressful now. but we're coping let us our job is to fortunately, the children's trauma center here in the nest is also full of patience. on a sunday evening, a girl born in 2006 was walking on the street with her brother when the shell fired by ukrainian nationalist fell 10 meters away from her. and she stayed head injuries and right now is being treated at this hospital. i spoke with her mom sharon, yesterday seemed to be quite happening. the children were walking along the road, carefully watching their feet not to stop on any mines there, spread all over the city. cancer been blown up, people treading in mind, suddenly they didn't hear a shot or a whistle. it's just an explosion. it was had 10 meters from them, windows flew out and the children found thank out their light on it. doesn't brush
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investigators continued documenting at war crimes committed by the ukrainian army as a result of the shelley of civilian areas right now they're working right in a sensor of funds and that's good documenting damage to this building. this is their statement for dorothy, miss lyft, mark him at the moment. the investigative committee is examining the scene of the incident. obscure. the shelling was carried out by ukrainian armed formations in the center of the city of damascus. at the moment the bank building is being inspected. it is necessary to locate the windows fragments to find out what kind of shell was the ukrainian military, continuous shelling, residential areas of domestic as the resolved. there is a lot of damage to civilian infrastructure. unfortunately, peaceful civilians are also victims on the last 24 hours, at least 2 people have been killed and multiple have been wounded. schilling continues right now as we speak, and a little local trauma center continue receiving patients room on cost for f r t.
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done as people's republic he was president joe biden authorized as yet another $550000000.00 of additional military aid to be sent to crane, including munitions for he mas, multiple rocket launchers and artillery shells that use the total american assistance to more than $8000000000.00 since the conflict began back in february. however, the countries ordering ukraine are now starting to feel the burden of this weapon flow. the european commission is creating a hub in moldova to battle, the growing traffic of arms smuggled out of ukraine front, tx who is the you agency, responsible to coordinate order management and prevent smuggling terrorism and cross border crimes, efficient mobil offices and storage facilities on the board with ukraine, european police agency has already raised an alarm over the fate of waste and arms in ukraine regarding the war in ukraine. europe. paul has warned that the
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proliferation of firearms and explosives in ukraine could lead to an increase in weapons and munitions trafficked into the ear. this threat might even be higher once the conflict has ended. we spoke with godfrey bloom and military historian as to why arms deliveries will increase the term while in ukraine and hum, overall european security. i think the game for the, for washington, for the washington called him seems to be counter intuitive a permanent will. they seem to want the stabilize of the area for the political situation. now it's quite clearly interest to have these great de stabilize the war, continued the western europe, that is suffering directly when the weather is supposed to be american in the mean. when we get to these would be
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the means we could do that. i'm very disappointed there involving yes, another country in that area. no good. conceivably come of it. a lot of david constitution actually used to preclude any weapons of any foreign countries on list . i'm not quite sure what happened to that protocol. well, that brings us to the end of this bulletin. you can hit web site at auto dot com for more news and views we are covering. i'll be back to the team and around a few minutes with updates. thanks so much for joining us. a ah
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. when i was showing wrong when i just don't know. i mean you have to figure out this thing becomes the advocate and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves well, the part we choose to look so common ground. ah,
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ah, ah, ah. hello and welcome to cross top where all things are considered on peter labelle . the one aspect about the ongoing conflict in ukraine that stands out most is media coverage. never in the history of corporate media has coverage been so biased, one sided, it does not stop, they are questioning the standard narrative is akin to treason and subject to censorship. and cancellation ah to discuss these issues and more i'm joined by my guess vladimir goldstein in capital. he is the chair of the department of slavic studies at brown univer.


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