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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  August 2, 2022 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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ah, ah, a all eyes on taiwan shyness strengthens military activity near the self rule diamond with the u. s. i. speaker apparently said to visit later today of parts of her asia to or the american navy has also deployed for warships east of taiwan. washington cities, no issue with nancy pelosi visiting taipei. despite beijing declaring the move, a breach of chinese sovereignty and warning of the countries fully prepared to with china will certainly take a resolute response and effective counter measures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity. and people in taiwan are getting anxious about
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a potential trip, saying that the u. s. just wants to spread its power under with the use taiwan, they use that political major to the benefit of. so only pelosi will benefit from the elusive visit that's all with wherever you're catching the program from today across the world. welcome to moscow on tuesdays global news. rhonda, i'm unit oneal. only one place to start today. tensions are mounting. ron taiwan, the head of a potential, they sit by the u. s. high speaker. china is ratcheting up military activity. nancy pelosi proposed to land in taipei on tuesday night, despite warnings from beijing. the u. s. c's,
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no issue with the potential touched on. but china has labeled to move a breach of its sovereignty when they say so if we would like to warn the u. s. side, once again, that the chinese side is ready. the chinese people's liberation army will never sit idly by and china will certainly take a resolute response and effective countermeasures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity. and so if the speaker does decide to visit, and china tries to create some kind of crisis or otherwise escalate tensions, that would be entirely on vision. let's have a look at the most tract or craft in the world right now. and you can see that the jet took off from koala lumper, and it's not flying near taiwan with the spell o c on board. her official itinerary liaison visits to 4 countries, singapore, malaysia, so korean japan. but all those stuff have been overshadowed by the potential visit
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to taiwan. a local news report claims of the high speaker on her delegation, her boot hotel rooms into pe under expect it to stay overnight. meanwhile, taiwan international airport has strengthened security measures falling a bomb threat china essays. its military will be in a state of readiness throughout the day. with tags, military vehicles are ready, participating and exercises and the nearby the g and province. several fighter jets have also been seen, reportedly flying across the taiwan straits. yeah, so it's all going on in that region to make sense of it are to correspond. rachel blevins joins us in the studio. hi there, rachel? yes. so you have an island was less than a 100 miles across pretty much the focus of the globe right now. what is the situation? it's everyone's watching to see if nancy pelosi is going to go through with this reported plan for a visit. of course we've heard multiple reports saying that she is planning and you
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know, it's interesting because you mention the most followed plane there. there's actually a 2nd way and that is getting a lot of talk on social media. that is a private jets that people are following and they're raising questions about whether or not she's actually on the initial plane that she came from in terms of the one that she landed in malaysian or if she's on this other jet. so that's been a very interesting thing to follow in terms of social media and what everyone is saying they're. now of course we've heard warning after warning from china, even going as far as to say, they will not sit idly by if they feel like their sovereignty is targeted. and yet at the same time, we continue to see lucy moving forward with this entire trip and with questions about the does it when it comes to those questions about why she is embarking on this trip and the 1st place there don't seem to be a lot of answers, and that includes from the people in taiwan who are now questioning why they're
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being put in the middle of the cross. there's here, checklist know is there, it's of all about mercury interest. they use time won. they, they use that you political arm measure to, to benefit themselves. they only care about how the government um can be um, holding the power in us in their, in them states a. so they just used high one arm to get our attention for domestic market from gordon pelosi touch. china's bottom line. she touched the red line. so both the u. s. and china have to take actions accordingly. so only pelosi will benefit from the elusive visit. that's all philosophies visit will add tensions across the taiwan strait, which has no benefit at all for the taiwan people. i really hope the americans won't come around to mess things up so that we can live a peaceful life. yes,
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some interesting use there on the streets in taiwan listener, there's been hesitancy to from top us officials about nancy pelosi potentially making a stop in type it. so how is the house speaker herself her supporters justifying it? yeah, you know, when it comes to this entire trip, we've seen the white house really trying to kind of distance themself from it. and we really haven't heard much from how speaker nancy pelosi, in terms of that key justification about why she is moving forward with such a visit, even when you see tensions increasing all around. now when it comes to the white house, we know we heard from president biden, he even admitted that the u. s. military does not think that this is a good idea and they are concerned about this. but at the same time, when we heard from secretary of state blinking, he claimed that he did not know whether or not pelosi was going to visit taiwan. and he claimed that the decision was entirely up to her setting out for
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a really fascinating area here. when you have the speaker of the house, yes, she's 3rd in line to the presidency, but she is not the president of the united states. and yet you have the white house saying that this decision is hers, even though they know they've heard those warnings from china. they know the ways in which these tensions continue to increase all or route. now, when it comes to what policy saying, she seems to be more focused on the pacific ocean and her visit there if you can believe it, take listen to what she said. the president earlier well, earlier in his term talked about a strong emphasis on the asian pacific. he, he has visited their vice president, visit their, the secretary of commerce and others. and we want that congress of the united states to be part of that initiative. of course, as a west coast person, we see that the pacific as they're, you know, that they're their home, we're part of that as well. so yet another instance of polo said downplaying the
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reality of the situation and the consequences that could come from a decision that apparently is entirely up to her. yes, some lofty ambitions there. and as you say, it is the 3rd and succession to the oval office. you know, it's not just some 2nd senator from a small state or something. it's, you know, it has significance with that in mind. what else is being said the side as regards nancy? pelosi possibly heading to taiwan. yeah, the initial reaction was that we heard from politicians from both parties who were supportive of her visit almost because of the fact that china was warning against, right. they were saying that she should go because bathing beijing said that she should not. however, now we're starting to hear some more of those voices that are speaking out and questioning why she would even consider embarking on such a visit in the 1st place. especially when it flies in the face of jack,
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aids of diplomacy between the us and china. here's the latest, i'm not, nothing good will come of it. taiwan will not be more secure or more prosperous as a result of this purely symbolic visit. and a lot of bad things could happen. these include a chinese military response that could result in the u. s. being plunged into in direct conflicts with a nuclear armed russia and a nuclear armed china. at the same time this week with the blessing, the by the ministration, nancy pelosi decided to head to taiwan. it's all confirmed at this point, government officials and ty pay have just been notified that policies arrival is imminent. you may be in the air right now. she's definitely coming. one source told the wall street journal. the only variable is whether she spends the night. so nancy pelosi goes to ty, pay, what's the effect of that? well, we don't need to guess the chinese government has said repeatedly and clearly that if nancy pelosi lands in taiwan, it could trigger in global war. are you here to provoke a war or to start a war?
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what the hell are you doing here? hello. see? now speaking of the president that would reset by this. it's also notable that right now when it comes to those trending terms on social media, you've got taiwan, you've got lucy, you've also got the term, the one china policy and a number of people are speaking out and pointing out the fact that for decades now, the u. s. has respected the one china policy. they've respected the fact that taiwan is a part of china. and now all of a sudden the binding administration seems to be departing from that. and yet they continue to put the blame on lucy herself. yeah, i'll be getting into that with her next guest. thanks for an hour to correspond to rachel blevins with me in the studio on the deed. let's dig deeper into those points with hong kong, independent china specialists, andrew lung. hi there, andrew. as you see it, i'm interested in this, is there a tangible, positive outcome of pelosi trip? and if there isn't, what's its purpose?
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well actually it was almost one of those. well, it is that she thought that she doesn't want to lose her a house at home elections in the world. so she needs to be in the stall on fire. i've got the consequences. and like, why a lot of that. and that's why both parties seem to be consensus that because todd is that the congo that united states to make sure that she does both. now, both countries war and neither the j more as a buyer because of the company key is the weather. for china, there's the national congress with and also i'm showing the leadership including the replacement and the job because
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the results and all this is by then obviously it depends on me because he risks losing control of both the house and the senate. so bothered to be seen to be strong, but no, i don't want a war for the with the ban. so for both sides are registering up rhetoric and both sides cannot seem to play. so mike, a nation at this point is that losing it? i want now what capacity i don't know like using a private jack, but regardless of was a position of the business is already they sure has already said that regardless of what all do business is going to take some action. so what kind of an a tree is also gearing up on some
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life sizes. quite a. busy 100 kids and these already some of our so i think that as soon as she lands a will will, will, will, will, will increase. and also a possibility. busy or even a, if you want to slightly by want and even maybe some a plane, right? a lot. so all the, actually, i think the united states have already taken into account. right. beijing is all of the view, mr. lang that the u. s. has been slowly chipping away, the one china policy, but washington still officially stays beijing, us holding authority overall of chinese territory including taiwan. so it has been
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suggested that this is perhaps an over reaction by china high for is not analysis. well, a perspective a. busy out, in spite of the fact that the united states is saying that a one time policy, but all going to hand continuing to create a lot of people met it. phase one f, one was a separate country, for example, for services and also supporting one row national, including under the united nations. and also we have kind of doing a lot. so the jeep perspective, not displaying the time one car, the tires are down now, and there is also a kind of
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a section that somehow the united states will be into the war fighting a making sure that the chinese in on the mainland. i think the chinese by one, so there's a kind of a possible direct and i think it is. i think it's unlikely to fall into this fact. very interesting, isn't it? the, the reaction from washington and indeed the u. s. in general, over this trip, it seems to be mr. long, almost a personal crusade by nancy pelosi she's visited before. she's talked about it many times, but there is hesitancy. there is some resistance to that, including from the american president. but do you feel that is that all words or is
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it, is it coordinated this kind of vague and. busy response to what's happening in taiwan that it suits, washington not to be overly clear with what their their actual view is. well, this whole strategy o n t one is the united states would that it can be one of the all i can also get to china is a nuclear on country with all the delivery systems. as in the case of russia, if united states, they're not to trigger a nuclear ball with russia, why? so the united states for the whole china and but all the way the warranty in the united states are such, there was a bipartisan consensus of china. it's essential to the american issue of the
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whole american let flow order and then china and here locally. but especially with all the a c in the collect collectivity, $130.00 countries around the world is the largest with all the united. ringback states, so i think that this is kind of patients to carry long but the calculation there's one question, it's been a long day. and the present position is the result of very careful calculations and calibrations that you get to really bitchy. because according to the latest military time, the thought have a 100 percent confidence to play over taiwan until at least a couple of years later. so the idea is possibly to pull up a j doing something rash as a b a dot work. is there the stomach for, for
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a wider conflict in china, you know, coming after cobra, coming after economic decline across the world. is that something that in essence, in reality that beijing is weighing up very seriously? do thank. so i don't think so because to compare with other countries. i thought it too badly, for example, in light of the so called the company of the united states, a with united states, and to try to with the rest of the well, actually last year. and also at the beginning of this year to get with the investment in china at the beginning of this year. and also the current inflation. even though it says what's, what's left, compare with the rest of the well, the fact that they may join the of the time is people a corporate office. according to howard leave this office business report for
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a couple of months before the end of the people support the government and all of the well 90 percent of the people support because the ones that are over the past 4 years under this. busy is part of the page, the life a whole and this is nothing compared to what happened. it was for the rest of the world. so i don't think that b j is to worry about that kind of issue, even though there are issues, but i don't think that would be a vision china doing something rash. ok, thanks for the breakdown and not just another aspect. if i, if i may just breach upon a recent article in the wall street journal stated, quote, the west has been trying to bring china into the coalition of the civilized for
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a half century, not is not perceived chewed of superiority. one of the main causes of tension with beijing a perhaps we don't hear by too often publicly, but it leads to underlying tension in china. well, is that the eyes of the time people, the chinese civilization, is the civilized, civilization. compare what you see in the united states with a kind of social, divine, racial. busy discord and our role united states is the highest population, you know, well i spoke with a cap so so i think that this kind of civilized rhetoric. busy by the wayside i suppose sometimes people. ready just look at what's happening in china. so, so i q stable a piece and stability, even though there are some various other problems or attention to some
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my kind of groups. the whole country has been relatively moving forward. and the productivity, all one of my time is being a leash. so i think that the ice china is the west was not understanding what the charter is in baton. is the intention of soap in the american row as well. but least what i want is to be recognized as a great power and to be respected and to have it it will and to allow grow on the so i think that the west completely misunderstand on its intention. is there a financial aspect to what's happening at all? and i'm thinking of one an issue in particular that of computer chips manufactured in taiwan. it's a merge somewhat as a bottle ground issue between the us and china,
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talking about many billions of dollars and very significant going forward. but how important is that issue to both countries so, so the lot of space is see a change. because the, for the whole level, chips, those maybe a and below all the critical and a lot of high tech products including 5 g and you've been in the military. but the all the and then michael are in the hands on a single company one. and the machine with is the, the single company by controlling these to the united states, saying that it be able to control the future. but without realizing that this is a huge problem, the china is recognized as you get ahead of the latest report is
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able to produce a kit. and of course there's a lot of g semiconductor chips keeps on changing at all times over. busy by g and artificial intelligence. so by using, by relying on his own launch capital, capital a station always it. so i do think that this kind of a game changer, i'm sure audience will agree a fund of knowledge on a friend all the programs. thanks so much for giving yourself so much of your time today. independent china specialist, andrew long live from hong kong. thank you. thank you. now just to go over one issue that mr. long was speaking about that one china policy,
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the united states really has an bibble in position towards china. call the official one china policy. washington officially acknowledges beijing is the only legitimate government for the entirety of china, as we said, including taiwan or by that along with calls for the peaceful resolution of the taiwan issue, has not prevented the us from maintaining on official relations with ty. pay an sending arm you might remember to the island in the not so distant past. earlier, an american official said taiwan is not a problem for china us relations, but the current situation does suggest otherwise. the united states no longer sees taiwan is a problem in our relations with china. we see it as an opportunity to advance our shared vision for a free and open in the pacific. and also as a beacon to people's around the world who aspire for a more just safe, prosperous and democratic world. so why is nancy? pelosi is trip such a big deal is because of the one china policy. taiwan is officially recognized by
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the united states as part of china usa adopted the one china policy in 1972 usa has no formal ties with the government on taiwan and government that was established by the forces who lost out when the communist party to power on the mainland, the usa has no embassy on taiwan and it advocates for taiwan to peacefully re unify with the mainland. this understanding has been key in us china relations for decades in more recent years, as washington drifted toward portraying china as its number one enemy. we've seen washington also drifting away from this policy, hinting at support for taiwan independence as a way to threaten shina. the united states is hollowing out and the blurting up the one china policy. us officials of course, deny that they are wavering on the taiwan issue. but it doesn't help when president
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biden drops bombshell statements like this. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment we made. in recent months, us relation to taiwan has gotten much more intense us weapons are piling into taiwan with joe biden approving for different arm sales deals, including $95000000.00 for patriot missile systems. nato is expanding its present in the region as well with various acts of posturing in the taiwan straits. there has also been a heated war of words. if any one dares to split, tie one from china, the chinese military will site at all costs to resolutely smash any taiwan secessionist attempt and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. we're not going to lead the chinese communist party dictate for the speaker of the house should go. as the speaker of the united states house of representatives, you should never have to ask
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a foreign dictatorship or the state department for permission to talk to america's friends and allies. you know she'd leave l if house speaker nancy pelosi visits taiwan. it will grossly interfere in china's internal affairs severely undermined china's sovereignty and territorial integrity trample on the one china policy principle. gravely threatened the peace instability in the taiwan strait and undermined china us relations. it will lead to various serious situation and consequences. in this context, nancy pelosi decided that she should go to taiwan at the same time, there's a new bill put forward in the u. s. congress that critics say would essentially nullify the one china policy when it comes to taiwan. our response should be that we are for democracy and against communist aggression. we live in dangerous times. china is sizing up america and our commitment to taiwan. the danger will only grow worse if we show weakness in the face of chinese threats and aggression toward
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taiwan. these weapons that the u. s. a is piling in to taiwan, are a bit more than defensive. they have the capability of striking the chinese mainland. it looks like the united states is hinting it may once again back away from a promise. it's made to a major country and escalate tension. nancy pelosi is trip, could have catastrophic results for the world. caleb maha r t new york. and earlier we discuss below see potential visit with benjamin shaw and asian, a 1st professor at the power school of technology and political economist, tim unders. it's certainly a stunt. it's a provocation, whether diverting from those matters is the main purpose is not the story we've known for some time that the u. s. has been ramping up this confrontation that extreme jealousy with china. it's being pushing in this direction. i mean, the problem is that washington is in the habit of doing what it sees fit and not
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applying the standards of the world to itself. it's not just china's backyard, it's china, it's territorially china. they are a handful of small countries that recognize taiwan as a separate country. the usa itself does not. this is an incursion, a military incursion into china. and that's why the chinese are taking it very seriously. who your policy right now is playing with fire us? seems to free years ago have been doing anything up to the point of really violating or clearly rejecting one trying to principle for example, the u. s. has invited taiwan to the democracy some some meet last year which the chinese cy has repeatedly warned against. and said that a violation of the one on the principle, the u. s. seems to be, you know, force in china to concede in trade use to and it's position of russia about the
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tension of bush and so on. it looks like that. china has not conceded during the last few talks and the u. s. we have the 2 options, but to escalate the matter further. just align with the regional and age tie ones. presidential office website was reportedly hit by a cyber attack on choose the although it was shortly back on line. ok. all the dates of elements off the top, there's been quite a few hope you can join me then for them. this is art internet ah ah.


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