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ah, and i all eyes on taiwan. china strengthens military activity near the self rules island with the u. s. i speaker a part of the police said to visit later today. that's part of our asian tour. the american navy has also deployed for warships, east of taiwan, washington seas little issue with nancy pelosi visiting ty, pay this by beijing, declaring the move a breach of chinese sovereignty. and one of the country is fully prepared to respond if the trip goes ahead. young, genuine, china will certainly take a rational response and effective countermeasures to safeguard and sovereignty of
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territorial integrity of people in taiwan are getting increasingly anxious about the potential trip. seeing that the u. s. just wants to spread its power and influence the lucy touch, china's bottom line. she touched the red line. so both the us and china have to take action accordingly. they just use high one to get our attention for domestic market with hello sees visit will add tensions across the taiwan strait. i really hope the americans won't come around to mess things up so that we can live a peaceful life a across the globe. i run the club. this is art a pleasure to have your company today for the news hour. i mean the tensions are mounting are on the head of a potential visit by the us. hi speaker. china is giving up military activity as
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nancy pelosi prefers to land entirely pe on tuesday night. despite warnings from beijing. the u. s. e 's no issue with the potential touched on. but china as a label the move, a breach of its sovereignty. when they say so, if we would like to warn the u. s. side once again, that the chinese side is ready. the chinese people's liberation army will never sit idly by and china will certainly take a resolute response and effective countermeasures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity. and so if the speaker does decide to visit, and china tries to create some kind of crisis or otherwise escalate tensions, that would be entirely on vision. well, let's take a look at what i think we can safely say is the most tract aircraft in the world right now. and you can see that the jet took off from qual and per, and is now heading towards south korea. japan, after earlier visits to singapore,
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malaysia, but those stops are being overshadowed. so of course, by the potential visit to taiwan. a taiwanese news report has cleaned up the house speaker, and her delegation have boots, hotel rooms in type pay, and are expected to stay overnight. meanwhile, taiwan international report has strengthened security measures following a bomb threats or basing how stress the chinese military soldiers will be in a state of readiness. throughout the day. we can take a look at what i believe is an unverified video of military exercises allegedly taking place in china's at fujen province. ah
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ah yes. so just to one or 2 things going on with me now is our t correspondent, rachel blevins to keep us across what is a foster rapidly developing day ritual. it's been called a personal pilgrimage for the 3rd in line to the u. s. presidency touching, dining and promoting that unique brand of american democracy and freedom. how close is nancy pelosi from fulfilling her ambition? where, where do we stop? well, you know, you mentioned the most tract aircraft in the world right now. the website flight radar. 2004 says that there are around 300000 people following that aircraft waiting to see if it's going to go on to japan and south korea. or if it's going to make a turn west and actually go into taiwan. it is notable though that it has tried to avoid the south china sea in terms of that route. now,
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as for that private plane that i mentioned in the last hour, their report saying that did land in the south of taiwan. so right now we're still waiting for confirmation all around as far as this scenario goes. and that comes as we continue to see this ramping up of tensions between the us and china, with both of their militaries on they're ready to see exactly what happens. of course, we've heard a number of warnings from beijing with them saying that they will not sit idly by if they feel as though their territorial sovereignty is being targeted by the u. s . and in this case, by how speaker and nancy pelosi now when it comes to the people on the ground in taiwan and how they are seeing this, there are many that are expressing their concerns about the long term impact that this will have for them long after pelosi is back in the u. s. ticklish. what was said. that's of all about mercury interest. they use time won. they,
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they use that you political ah, measure to, to benefit themselves. they only care about how the government um can be um, holding the power in us in their, in then states a. so they just used high one to get our attention for domestic market from gordon pelosi touch, china's bottom line. she touched the red line. so both the u. s. and china have to take actions accordingly. so only pelosi will benefit from the elusive visit that's all philosophies visit will add tensions across the taiwan strait, which has no benefit at all for the taiwan people. i really hope the americans won't come around to mess things up so that we can live a peaceful life. an ritual. there's been a vagueness, perhaps even the hesitancy has in there from top us officials about policy making us stop in taipei. so how is the host speaker on her supporters justifying it?
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yeah, you know, it's been interesting to see that even president biden himself has admitted that the u. s. military does not think that this proposed visit is a good idea. and they are incredibly concerned about how it will serve to increase tensions with china. but then at the same time, secretary of state blink and spoke out. and he said that he does not know if hello c is going to visit taiwan. and he referred to it as entirely up to her as her decision. so it's a notable to see the ways in which the white house is trying to distance themselves from this. even when you're talking about someone who is the speaker of the house. i mean, yes, she is 3rd in line to the oval office, but at the same time, she is not the president of the united states. yet the white house is literally coming out and saying that she is calling all the shots here. now, as for the question of how pelosi is justifying this, well, the answer seems to be that she isn't entirely addressing it. instead, she's making some big statements about how she wanted to see more of the pacific
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ocean. here's what she said on that. the president earlier well, earlier in his term talked about a strong emphasis on the asian pacific. he, he has visited, their vice president, visited the secretary of commerce and others. and we want that congress of the united states to be part of that initiative. of course, as a west coast person, we see that the pacific as they're, you know, that they're their home. we're part of that as well. yes. such a simple light hearted statement at a time when she is considering a visit that would break apart decades of diplomacy between the united states and china, you know, very benign and harmless words being used there. but when you think of the ramifications that goes a little beyond that, what about in the u. s. itself racial take us through what's being said stateside as regards pelosi, possibly heading to taiwan. ally initially you saw politicians on both sides of the
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aisle who are actually supportive of her plan to visit taiwan based solely on the fact that beijing was coming out and warning against it. it was as they were saying, hey, china says this isn't a good idea. therefore, you should do it for that reason, but now we're starting to see some more pushback. we're starting missy's and more voices that are speaking out, and questioning why posey would consider such a visit given and the increased tensions between the us and china and the impact that this really could have in the long run. here's the latest on that. nothing good will come of it. taiwan will not be more secure or more prosperous as a result of this purely symbolic visit. and a lot of bad things could happen. these include a chinese military response that could result in the u. s. being plunged into in direct conflict with a nuclear armed russia and a nuclear armed china at the same time this week with the blessing, the by the ministration, nancy pelosi decide to head to taiwan. that's all but confirmed at this point,
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government officials in taipei have just been notified that policies arrival is imminent. should we be in the air right now? she's definitely coming. one source told the wall street journal. the only variable is whether she spends the night. so nancy pelosi goes to tie pay. what's the effect of that? well, we don't need to guess the chinese government has said repeatedly and clearly that if nancy pelosi lands in taiwan, it could trigger a global war. are you here to provoke a wool or to start a wall? what the hell are you doing here? hello c. now we even have to remember that even if this leads to the most peaceful of outcomes, we have yet to hear a lot sad about the cost of this entire trip, right? you're talking about millions of millions of dollars and increased security for pillows the all around. and of course, at the same time as the american taxpayers that are footing the bill for this trip, even as those tensions continue to increase. and the question is, does it benefit the taiwanese out all as well?
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rachel, thanks very much or too personal. and rachel blevins taken us through. that's well one, that big issue in the background of all this united states has really and bibble in position towards china officially called it's one china policy. washington officially acknowledge as beijing as the only legitimate government for the entirety of china, including taiwan. however, up, along with calls for the peaceful resolution of the taiwan issue, has not prevented the us from maintaining all the official relations with ty pay. and as you may recall recently sending more arms to the island earlier, an american official said taiwan is not a problem for china us relations, but the current situation does suggest to appear otherwise. the united states no longer sees taiwan is a problem in our relations with china. we see it as an opportunity to advance our shared vision for a free and open in the pacific. and also as a beacon to people's around the world who aspire for a more just safe, prosperous and democratic world. so why is nancy?
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pelosi is trip such a big deal is because of the one china policy. taiwan is officially recognized by the united states as part of china usa adopted the one china policy in 1972 usa has no formal ties with the government on taiwan government that was established by the forces who lost out when the communist party to power on the mainland, the usa has no embassy on taiwan and it advocates for taiwan to peacefully re unify with the mainland. this understanding has been key in us china relations for decades in more recent years, as washington drifted toward portraying china as its number one enemy. we've seen washington also drifting away from this policy, hinting its support for taiwan independence as a way just threatened shina. the united states is a hollowing art and the blurting up the one china policy. us officials of course, deny that they are wavering on the taiwan issue,
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but it doesn't help when president biden drops bombshell statements like this. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment we made in recent months, us relation to taiwan has gotten much more intense us weapons are piling into taiwan with joe biden approving for different arm sales deals, including $95000000.00 for patriot missile systems. nato is expanding its presence in the region as well. with various acts of posturing in the taiwan straits. there has also been a heated war of words. if any one dares to split, tie one from dinah, the chinese military will fight at all costs to resolutely smash any taiwan sir. session is to attempt and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. we're not going to lead the chinese communist party dictate for the speaker of the house to go. as the speaker of the united states house of
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representatives, you should never have to ask a foreign dictatorship or the state department for permission to talk to america's friends and allies. you don't know if, how speaker nancy pelosi visits taiwan. it will grossly interfere in china's internal affairs severely undermined china sovereignty and territorial integrity trample on the one china policy principle. gravely threatened the peace instability in the taiwan strait and undermined china us relations. it will lead to various serious situation and consequences. in this context, nancy pelosi decided that she should go to taiwan at the same time, there's a new bill put forward in the u. s. congress that critics say would essentially nullify the one china policy when it comes to taiwan. our response should be that we are for democracy and against communist aggression. we live in dangerous times. china sizing up america and our commitment to taiwan. the danger will only grow
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worse if we show weakness in the face of chinese threats in aggression toward taiwan. these weapons that the usa is piling into taiwan are a bit more than defensive. they have the capability of striking the chinese mainland. it looks like the united states is hinting it may once again back away from a promise. it's made to a major country and escalate tension. nancy pelosi is trip, could have catastrophic results for the world. caleb, martha r. t new york. me delighted to say welcome. i must live all the programming out for desires, professor of international law. and for me, are you an independent expert in the trash? no order. an angel juliano political financial. unless gentlemen, you are both most welcome. alfred, can we kick off with you even if nancy pelosi decides not to visit anniversary? what may be a crisis this time? is it fair to say that us china relations have been almost a ref. ripley damaged
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a lot. props all trust laws. no, no, no. and then this is the hallmark of american policy, whether under obama or under trump, or under bite. and i mean, imperial arrogance, in theory of nitrogen, some is the hallmark of american foreign policy, obviously violates principles of international law. non interference and the internal affairs of other states are the one on 2 of the you and charter. now assembly resolution 2625, et cetera. but i mean, i don't think that this is more than a lot of noise that is happening around in the united states. certainly does not want world war. neither does china, but they come and de escalation are words absent in the
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lexicon of nancy pelosi. it just shows a lot of back judgment. angelo with china, apparently not carrying a military maneuvers in the area. is this historically recently? at least the closest we've come to a major incident between the 2 powers? yes, absolutely. but keep in mind, this is a full force fan that needs to do something. china doesn't want to lose face e, nancy, but it was, it goes to taiwan. something needs to happen saw in china and he is not bluffing. i think we need to keep in mind that china is taken on the u. s. s. or in the sixty's sticker on in. yeah, it's taken on do u. s. in the korean war, if the u. s. is thinking that china bluff, it's making a huge mistake. i'm slew though. secretary lincoln has said that if nancy pelosi
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does visit and china responds, the responsibility for the escalation will lie entirely on beijing. how convincing is not argument well this the usual la rhetoric. busy i personally focus on action, there's lots of was actually being exchanged, especially coming from the u. s. side. they become not trustable. i would just focus on action. the single fact that l o z, nancy pelosi e might be on the island of taiwan. that that is a very dangerous escalation and we are, we are heading to was a hot war as, as any amount of time. it's still, it seems like it's no more like if it's more like a win alfred the u. s. has suffered a number of reputation said products in recent times from afghanistan to latin
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america, pushing back recently, saudi arabia not conceding to us. the models to increase production significantly in energy is pelosi visit. and the attempt to show that america is still relevant internationally to out degree. that's part of it. as i said, imperial narcissism, and i feel that the united states is instrumental. i think the legitimate interests of the people of taiwan not for taiwan before our american economic interests. and the same thing we've done with ukraine with instrumental eyes, the problem in the ukraine. and of course, military industrial complex is laughing all the way down to the bank, and anyone who was invested in the military is very happy about ukraine. them is very happy about being sent to taiwan when i do not
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see a conflagration anytime soon. angelo one could also was just as alfred alluded to their how helpful this is for the tie when these themselves is there an argument to be made that they could be left in a much more tense environment than before despite pelosi is trying to achieve our see she wants to do was ponies, there's a very large majority that one does start to score it is going against of course one's interest. keep in mind that one is actually the fact to economically integrated with china. 50 percent of a cohen's expose go to china to highly dependent on china. you have 2000000 taiwanese that actually leave on the mainland. so you have the factory integration . it is going against how wants interest, but now we have the d. p. p. the point dependence part of pay when,
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which is when she has been co opted by the us, she used to have secret meetings or we need back in 2005 getting secret information to the u. a. i t the, the de facto u. s embassy in chi one, so you see she, they had, she was selected 1st by the us before being elected by taiwanese and she's, i have high doubt that she's working for the best interest of taiwanese alfred. did it surprise you? how few us lawmakers k monitor urging pelosi not to inflame the situation. it appeared for a lot of people in washington though. those are the elite really that as long as it po china, as long as it annoyed beijing, then pelosi was doing the right thing. we americans love annoying. we are smoking our fingers and through their eyes from the shows that we are number
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one. and this is also the dream of from, with make america great. again, how do you make america great again, as of by favor rattling and by banding people over their heads, instead of say, how about reviving the legacy of eleanor roosevelt. there's many good things in the united states, and there are very many reasonable people in the united states, including sen, ram, paul, and his father, congressman ron pole, and you can, it's cetera, et cetera. but as i said, we instrumental life, everything, give lip service to human rights. we try to wrap this up in the language, mock christie, and in the language of human rights, we invoke the noble prize winner. late leo, you about it cetera, et cetera. so we put ourselves in a very favorable light,
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except that i don't believe how and these are buying, and the rest of the world is not buying latin. america is not buying it. neither is india. and of course, not rush hour, russia and many other countries in europe. angelo. the vagueness i think is the kindest word i can use, but at washington's views on this trip you've got pelosi, pretty much gung ho. it seems to be a personal crusade for her to touch diamond tied pe, you've got the american president, seeing that the u. s. military doesn't think it's the right timing, perhaps even the right trip. and then the secretary of state essentially defending it. is that coordinated or just chaotic? it is completely coordinated. yeah. i've see that's the purpose of being vague is not a so we, he saw the international community. we're not point directly finger at the us and
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say that ultimately, if there is a refund response, the response would be, would come from china. so it's, it's just, it's the all quality coordinated. it's not, it's not a private enterprise of nancy pelosi is been planned for a long time, and actually she was supposed to be to be in taiwan already 2 months ago. and she canceled that the last minute. and i'm expecting this probably be the u. s. wanted to, to, to blackmail china not to go along with. busy with russia and navy section russia, and it did, you didn't succeed. so this is why i see now in the u. s. is actually getting back at china and, and, and what they want is very important. you look when you see the 2 contact ukraine conflict, where the u. s. wants to fight the last acquaintance one wants to fight russia to the last queen and all to, to the extent of the last european, what they want to do in asia to flight china. to the last time when nice and if not
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enough to the japanese and korean. so here we see clearly that the us is not fighting. it's was, they had the is the dividing and conquered the usual divided inquiry where they will have other countries fighting the was on behalf of the u. s. i'll for the last 30 seconds. you were almost at a time. but how does this play? i think, wow, so as i say ah, is our playbook, and we are spending time. we don't even realize that we are cynics. we do this because it makes us feel good. and there are plenty of people like lindsey graham in the senate who are warring, nancy pelosi and the press is that laurie, nancy pelosi, etc. so it's part of the information war. and it's part of
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penal for the it is feeding into the fear of the chinese as we have been led to fear russia and fear of russia that are so by definition we're the guy and we're fighting the good. what great discussion as always, alfred desires, professor of international law firm. are you an independent expert on the trash, the order on angelo juliano political on financial analyst. many thanks. not chinese military drills have been marking the 95th anniversary of the creation of the people's liberation army. the head of nancy pelosi potential visit to taiwan chinese navy fleets being carrying maneuvers in various locations according to military sources. drills include the use of weapons on coordination between worships fighter aircraft in terms of the
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wider geopolitical reaction to watts occurring. moscow for one has given its reaction to the potential business closely to taiwan kremlin spokes person. dmitri pest. golf said, the move would only worse than the situation as it stands in the region. message, her simon letterman, we don't know for sure if nancy pelosi will get there or not. but everything related to this to her and her possible visit to taiwan is purely provocative. this leads to an increase intentions in the situation in the region. once again, we want to emphasize that we are incomplete solidarity with china. on this point, we understand china's sensitive attitude towards this issue, but the u. s. instead of showing respect is choosing the path of confrontation. it won't lead to anything good. ah, good to welcome live on to the program. kinda show senior fellow at a beijing base thing tank the pango institution for his take. welcome to you,
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your thoughts 1st of all and on the, the driving force behind this you have the, by the administration saying it's not keen on the timing, as stating quotes from the military and yet. and nancy pelosi seems to be in something of a personal pilgrimage, determined to, to see this visit to taipei through. how do you see it? well, i think it's partly could it be as a spill over of the mac and politics that may be like the fighter inside of the democratic party, which is running part. you have the president, you have the speaker of the house from the same party, but somehow they don't have the same one china policy here. and you have by then talking to the chinese by the game team a few days back and the repeating one time a commitment from the us. and then a few days later, the house speaker, the 3rd ranking us senior official, now goes out to visit the cow, one, a clear breach, no violation of this one. china measurement. you know,
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this is the political condition of the normal relationship between china and the united states. so it's a serious issue for china and some other, you know, there are a lot of, i guess is something maybe this is a full, you know, made a new term election in the united states in november. because they know by the end of pro rated very low, that democrats the odd death to, to do so, they have to do something like a political stance. you know, i'm standing up to china cuff on china. so they're needing this being cough from the republicans though they can do something else. probably like lifting the arabs from the impulse. the chinese good to read, you know, to help alleviate to the lation. so they can have a, you know, expected to have a better performance was made from election. that could be anyway, domestic is all otherwise, it's really a silly visits that because you don't need a war or ministry conflicts to demonstrate the world that you support democracy. you know, part of the world, i would suggest that the majority of the american public does not have to stomach
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does not want to hear the word war to day. what a bite in, in china is that something plausible that a conflict could break out and be supported? oh, for sure. i would say there's no lack of support for defending our national sovereignty and territory integrity. you know, for china, i know, think of a lot of countries outside the us in particular, non western world. people have this a similar sense that there is a lack of respect at the basic issue, you know, respect for sovereignty and the cultural integrity from western nations. in particular, the united states, you know, the other 2, the sovereignty remembered 2016 is the fraud. you'll end the allegation all. there is a russian interference of the earth of election in 2016. everybody knows that it's a fake one. but you know, i just, at least it shows like we are sensitive to the.


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