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tv   News  RT  August 2, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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all nobody's says to submit a you do what i see the student bussey's dog route you motivation says use a gun, bob. ah, all eyes on taiwan. china strengthens military activity near the self ruled territory where taiwan islands are reportedly posted on the full combat alert. does as the u. s. my speaker monthly is preparing to visit later today as part of our asia to american navy is also deployed for warships and they are washington sees no issue at nancy pelosi visiting type, a display facing the clearing, the move that breach of chinese conference in the morning the country is fully prepared to respond if the dress goes ahead. the young jin, china will certainly take a resolute response and effective counter measures to safeguards,
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sovereignty and territorial integrity. on people in time on itself, are getting anxious about the potential trip. members of the public told us the u. s. just wants to spread its power and influence. not help them with the lucy touch, china's bottom line, she touched the red line. so both the u. s and china had to take actions accordingly. they just used tie one to get our attention for domestic market. pelosi visit will add tensions across the taiwan strait. i really hope the americans won't come around to mess things up, that we can live a peaceful life with just after 4 in the afternoon here in moscow this tuesday, august. the 2nd. welcome to the global news. our on our t. tensions are mounting. iran, taiwan, the head of apec,
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still visit by the u. s. host speaker. china is ratcheting up military activity as nancy pelosi is apparently preparing to lunch entirely pay on tuesday night. that's despite a few warnings from beijing increasingly so today. the u. s. c's little issue with the potential touch that but china has labeled to move a breach of its sovereignty when they say so if we would like to warn the u. s. side, once again, that the chinese side is ready. the chinese people's liberation army will never sit idly by in china will certainly take a resolute response and effective countermeasures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity. and so if the speaker does decide to visit and china tries to create some kind of crisis or otherwise escalate tensions, that would be entirely on beijing. well, let's have a look at what a lot of people are looking at today. the most tract aircraft, in fact, in the world right now, you can see that the chat with nancy pelosi moodily on board,
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took off from qual and per on the snow. while similarly heading towards ty, one after earlier visits to singapore and malaysia. the rest of her trip and to japan and south korea. but although stops, i've been overshadowed by the potential visit to taiwan. a taiwanese news report claims up the house speaker and her delegation, her boot hotel rooms in type pe, under expected to stay over nights. meanwhile, taiwan international report has strengthened as security measures following a bomb threats. let's have a look at live pictures now from a different report that is song sean report. a regional one and military are based, located also in type pay. it is expected if nancy pelosi does land. this is where that will happen. there is in our forced base just around the corner from where you are looking at there as well. that touched on what happened despite
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warnings from china. it's critical reactions from other countries. indeed, as well, including russia on such while chinese military trail been marking the 95th anniversary of the creation of the people's liberation army. a head of pelosi potential visit to taiwan. china's navy fleets being carrying maneuvers in various locations according to military sources. drills include the use of weapons on coordination between war ships on fighter aircraft. patient has stress, the chinese military will be in a state of readiness right the day here. some on verified footage we have all the exercises actually taken place in chinese food province. stuff just across the taiwan strait. the, me the
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the well let me live in the she do as she has been for the last number of hours are to correspond. rachel blevins at rachel. i think you've been spending quite a lot of time on flight tracker. last that while the question is will she won't she nancy pelosi houses all guessing but she or so yeah. was me in about 300000 other people that are currently on that flight radar. 24 website tracking this play. now it's notable. this is the plane landed in malaysia with nancy pelosi on it. now it's believe that she's back on it and right now, continuing in that route. however, there have been a lot of other reports and questions about people asking whether or not there's confirmation that she is in fact on it. now, as the flight radar shows,
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it did make that all super important turn during more to the left is it continues to go north raising questions about whether it would go straight towards taiwan. opposed to continuing on that route towards south korea, japan which are other stops on her plan trip. now is notable here because her team has yet to say whether or not this is a confirmed visit, but then at the same time, we continue to see those reports saying that she is expected in taiwan. that there is a hotel room book. and now there are even reports of some protesters gathering outside of that hotel and speaking out against this visit. and that's what we've heard from a number of people with in taiwan who say that they're concerned about the long term impact on them. long after nancy paul as the returns to the us, here's the latest on what was said. it's of all about mercury interest. they use taiwan. they, they use that your political mom measure to,
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to benefit themselves. they only care about how the government can be holding the power it is in them states. okay, so they just used high one to get our attention for domestic market from good to lucy, touch china's bottom line. she touched the red line. so both the u. s. and china have to take actions accordingly from only pelosi will benefit from the elusive visit. that's all. i know, policies visit will add tensions across the taiwan strait, which has no benefit at all for the taiwan people. i really hope the americans won't come around to mess things up so that we can live a peaceful life time. and these people giving their views there on the streets. and far though, from the united, from, from top us officials and military figures to about lucy, making a stop until i pay. so how is the house speaker her supporters justifying it ritual?
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yeah, you know, it's been the most major question here is what is that justification for the fact that policy is moving forward with this trip? despite the increase tensions, despite all of these warnings that we've heard from beijing, which include the fact that they are saying that they are not going to sit idly by if they feel as though their sovereignty is being targeted. but at the same time, we have yet to hear the biden administration condemned this visit. instead, we had president biden, who said that this was something that the u. s. military did not recommend that this is something that they were concerned about. but secretary of state lincoln, even sad that he does not know whether or not lucy is going to go to taiwan. and he said that it was entirely up to her. think about it, you have the world's largest economies. you have both of their militaries increasing those tensions, increasing their readiness for whatever may happen for any kind of specific
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conflict between the 2 of them. and yet you have the by an administration saying that this is entirely up to nancy pelosi and her decision to make as to whether she makes this a visit. now, when it comes to what follows the views as the justification for visit. well, she has yet to really say that, and instead she seemed to think that this was more of a vacation, and she talked more about the pacific ocean. take listen to what she had to say. the president earlier. well, earlier in his term, talked about a strong emphasis on the asian pacific. he, he has visited there as vice president visited, the secretary of commerce and others. and we want that congress of the united states to be part of that initiative. of course, as a west coast person, we see that pacific as they're, you know, that they're their home. we're part of that as well. suppose they seems to be completely, i'm bothered about the fact that she is embarking on
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a proposed visit. that is looking at breaking apart decades of diplomacy between the u. s. and china. yeah. so how is that going, don? just what you've said. they're the general of use, the it's i biggest, there's so many ramifications at 2 such a conflict or even an escalation here. and what's being said about policies trip there where, you know, initially there was more support for her from both sides of the aisle. but now we're starting to hear those voices that are speaking out and saying that they're concerned that they're concerned that this could lead to a direct confrontation between the u. s. and china. and they're really questioning why pull osi is embarking on such a visit in the 1st place. take, listen to what was said. nothing good will come of it. taiwan will not be more secure or more prosperous as a result of this purely symbolic visit. and a lot of bad things could happen. these include a chinese military response that could result in the u. s. being plunged into in
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direct conflicts with a nuclear armed russia and a nuclear armed china at the same time. this week with the blessing, the, by the ministration nancy pelosi decided to head to taiwan. that's all but confirmed at this point, government officials in taipei have just been notified that policies arrival is imminent. she may be in the air right now. she's definitely coming one source told the wall street journal. the only variable is whether she spends the night. so nancy pelosi goes to taipei. what's the effect of that? well, we don't need to guess. the chinese government has said repeatedly and clearly that if nancy pelosi lands in taiwan, it could trigger a global war. are you here to provoke a wool or to start a wall? what the hell are you doing here? hello. see? now when it comes to the response that we've seen on social media is not surprising that the terms pelosi and taiwan are training on twitter. but the term one china policy has also been trend ne, with many pointing out the fact that for decades now, the u. s has respected the one china policy and is now stepping into
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a position with policies proposed visit where it could be breaking off those important decades of that agreement that is had with china. a lot of interesting observers watching on here to see what's going to occur. many countries including russia, has moscow hugged it, say, as yet they have a spokesperson for the kremlin, spoke out referred to this visit as provocative said that russia stands and solidarity with china. and also noted that they understand where beijing is coming from when it comes to their relationship with taiwan and also their concerns about the united states and it interfering with that. take listen to what was said. richardson newman. we don't know for sure if nancy pelosi will get there or not, but everything related to this to her and her possible visit to taiwan is purely provocative. this leads to an increase intentions in the situation in the region. once again, we want to emphasize that we are incomplete solidarity with china on this point. we
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understand china is sensitive attitude towards this issue, but the u. s. instead of showing respect is choosing the path of confrontation. it won't lead to anything good. so certainly a lot to stay care and we will continue to follow the most tract aircraft in the world to see where it does indeed end up landing. rachel, thanks for taking it through all of our t corresponded rachel blevins will the united states has unbiblical position towards china officially called it's one china policy. washington officially acknowledges beijing as the only the sole legitimate government for the entirety of china above includes taiwan. however, that along with cold, for the peaceful resolution of the taiwan issue has not prevented the us from intending unofficial relations with ty pay and sending arms to the island earlier. you know, the american official said taiwan is not a problem for china us relations, but the current situation does suggest to appear otherwise. the united states no
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longer sees taiwan is a problem in our relations with china. we see it as an opportunity to advance our shared vision for a free and open in the pacific, and also is a beacon to people's around the world who aspire for a more just safe, prosperous and democratic world. so why is nancy? pelosi is trip such a big deal. it's because of the one china policy. taiwan is officially recognized by the united states. as part of china usa adopted the one china policy in 1972 usa has no formal ties with the government on taiwan and government that was established by the forces who lost out when the communist party took power on the mainland. the usa has no embassy on taiwan and it advocates for taiwan to peacefully reunify with the mainland. this understanding has been key in us china relations for decades in more recent years as washington drifted toward portraying shina as its number one enemy. we've seen washington also drifting away from this
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policy, hinting at support for taiwan independence as a way just threatened shire. the united states is a hollowing art and blurting up the one china policy. us officials of course, deny that they are wavering on the lawn issue, but it doesn't help when present biden drops. bombshell statements like this. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment we made in recent months, us relation to taiwan has gotten much more intense us weapons are piling into taiwan with joe biden approving for different arm sale deals, including $95000000.00 for patriot missile systems. nato is expanding its presence in the region as well with various act of posturing and the taiwan straits. there has also been a heated war of words. if any one dares to split taiwan from tyna,
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the chinese military will fight at all costs to resolutely smash any taiwan session is to attempt and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity were not going to lead. the chinese communist party dictates for the speaker of the house to go. as the speaker of the united states house of representatives, you should never have to ask a foreign dictatorship or the state department for permission to talk to america's friends and allies. if how speaker nancy pelosi visits taiwan, it will grossly interfere in china's internal affairs severely undermined china sovereignty and territorial integrity trample on the one china policy principle. gravely threatened the peace instability in the taiwan strait and undermine china. us relations, it will lead to various serious situation and consequences. in this context, nancy pelosi decided that she should go to taiwan at the same time, there's
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a new bill put forward in the u. s. congress that critics say would essentially nullify the one china policy. when it comes to taiwan, our response should be that we are for democracy and against communist aggression. we live in dangerous times. china sizing up america and our commitment to taiwan. the danger will only grow worse if we show weakness in the face of chinese threats and aggression toward taiwan. these weapons that the u. s. a is piling in to taiwan are a bit more than defensive. they have the capability of striking the chinese mainland . it looks like the united states is hinting it may once again back away from a promise. it's made to a major country and escalate tension. nancy pelosi is trip. could have catastrophic results for the world. caleb, martha r. t new york. well let's cross live now to nelson wong, vice chairman of the shanghai center for rim puck and international studies on long time vall die club contributor as well. it's
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a pleasure to have you on the program. sh. they sold this a coordinated trip or just the chaotic one. on the one hand you have the by the administration saying it's not keen on the timing and yet miss below see almost seems to be on a personal crusade to touched on in taipei, your thoughts? well, let's put it this way. i think this is an incident, but it's a very last a political incident and i was being graded by nancy pelosi. on the other hand, people also see that the white house has again said they stick to the one china policy and that they will never support taiwan independence or people who do not understand what's going. all of this is a typical strategic and bigger on the pie. one issue, the us government has been play for decades. and as
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a chinese or i can say is that it is actually the, the us, the american arrogance that is playing with fire is leveling into the domestic affairs of another country. and in this case, it is china. everybody knows that taiwan is part of china. and then this trip of nosy burrows, while we don't know whether she is going to land or not, but we will find out within less than an hour. but even if she lands in taiwan, this trip itself is going to be a symbolic one only. and it's us what it only serves a personal interest. so it also gives us the opportunity to see once again, the nature of career politicians in america at the expense of the
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feelings of people in china. and also think about what other asian people would feel about what the us is doing. so this is not only a national thing for china, this us arrogance, this american arrogance pools handling relations with other countries is not acceptable in this 21st century. and this is something i think the rest of the world should come to realize. that's pretty astonishing, isn't if it's being done on a, on a personal crusade for the, for a full who should all move starts with nancy pelosi wants to get ice. if this, when there's been a strategic ambiguity for more than 40 years on taiwan by the u. s on chun relations happening. being fantastic, but they've been peaceful. it's a big issue now that if that's put in the crossfire,
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i mean it's playing with fire to put it bluntly, isn't it? absolutely, absolutely. if you look at things like this, if nancy borrows, say, is not going to make this trip to taiwan annoys log in to announce that she intends to visit taiwan. there is no such tension and that tie once shape is a peaceful place. the pacific west is a peaceful place and who is in a crating pace and the grating trouble. it's not china. china has been telling the rest of the world that china's rise is going to be a peaceful one. that it has never invaded other countries that has never colonized countries and even poor the us even until today, china still hasn't called america an enemy. but on the other hand,
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the u. s. has name to china all kinds of names. so that's the, the risk of the world can see very clearly, this is not 50 years ago. the last half a century. i think people in different parts of the world have woken up. and so i think it's time. we come back to the basics, handling relations between countries. we should use diplomacy. and diplomacy is to be used to not this kind of political dramas and political shows for us. no games considering that they into an election is coming up in the us. it's quite clear what she's trying to accomplish. can you perhaps put this in the context for us? what is happening is this the closest the u. s. and china have come to real warfare over taiwan? well,
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i wouldn't say this is a point close to a warfare, because if you are aware that china has this anti secession law, which gives the government the constitutional rights to take military action in case the red lines get crossed and the red lines have been laid out quite clearly that if all measures for a piece for negotiate for a piece for re unification has been exhausted. number one, number 2, if taiwan becomes a defacto independent, illiterate, and number 3 is if things for, if the movement for independent,
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for independence in taiwan gets uncontrollable already, then chinese government will have the constitutional right to take military actions . because it is not in the interest of anybody in china and for people on both sides of the straits to fight against each other. why should we chinese fight against chinese? and it's quite clear who is playing via the top. one issue has been left over from china, single wall, right after the 2nd war. so it's, it's an issue that has to be solved eventually, but not by flooring interference. only by peaceful talks on both sides of the streets. to can i just touch upon an issue quite intriguing one today flight truckers, a lot of eyes watching this plane in,
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in eastern asia. but those truckers are suggesting that rather than taking a direct route from malaysia to taiwan ticking or pass the vietnam hong kong in the south china sea, her plane has been forced to circum navigate the philippines. go around it before heading left, possibly to tie, pay the job itself and that route. what does that tell us about regional alliances? what frankly, i'm not following that slide. tracking all things about now super roses trip. i'm not following all last month. however, what i can tell by what you've told me, and i've read in the press as well in the news media. this is why this trip becomes so mysterious, why she's creating so much suspension in the whole thing, it becomes a drama. if you are a statesman, if you are
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a senior politician of the biggest and most powerful country in the world, why are you hiding your chip schedule? this speaks a lot actually. you should be quite open and quite frank about james. is there something you are afraid of? you're not afraid of any noun. you're not supposed to be afraid of anything. so i'm looking at the whole thing from a different angle. so this is what i can say. sure. i've just been looking at some of the, the press, some of the conservative press in the us. yeah, one of the views is that they're pointing out to washington still officially sees beijing, us holding authority overall of chinese territory, including taiwan. and they asked the question then, is this an over reaction by china?
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because that the strategic ambiguity it's, that's what it, it is, it hasn't been fully eroded, it may be on the road to it. but right now, is there a need by beijing to react? like this, well, 1st of all, strategic ambiguity of the us is a fact. and this proposed chip to taiwan by now super osi is obviously a provocative step. and china didn't respond only today. china has stated its disagreement about this proposed chip of nancy pero said to taiwan almost a week ago when the whole trip was 1st proposed. so it's been consistent. china's reaction has been consistent because it hurts the
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feeling of the chinese people. and china has also set that the bottom lies very clearly because she's not a nobody. she's the house speaker in the u. s. so this has consequences and has repercussions. so that's why china is, you know, making quite drastic reactions. just finally, what is the best possible scenario for the u. s. to get out of this trip even making much nations about going there, even if they don't touch die and what do you think is the best possible scenario for them? i'm not a script, right? i, i would try to make the reason if it was just, it appears. there's no way in the world, you know, it does, it appears as if there's no big victory that america can get from this exactly.
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only now super o c. she's going to, you know, get something out of it, but maybe in the immediate future in the upcoming election, but in the role rotten. i think this incident will be marked in the history of us china relations. not as a positive one, but as a very is all just point ok. just that while we're speaking on the, on the screen just to tell her viewers in the bottom corner there, there's unconfirmed reports that nancy pelosi has a touch tone. on her porch sung, shall i believe her report in at ty pay. we will wait and see if we can see more in the props. get some pictures of at what is coming from the claim. we don't even know if she's all, it's at all, which has been one of the situations throughout the day so much at vagueness,
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the lack of clarity at really on this trip. and we're speaking to nelson one now since a long time involved. i club country, pewter nelson, you've been very good with your time. just one more issue. if i may perhaps just get your thoughts. busy on the economic issues writing this, there's been a lot of talk at between the us and china over computer chips being made and type pay. we're talking about billions of dollars just briefly. it is money. an issue here is the economy an issue? well, i think for china, money is not an issue when it comes to taiwan. this is my personal observation. yes. semiconductor business is big time in taiwan and more than half of the world's chips are being produced in taiwan. so yes, the u. s. government has express.


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