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tv   News  RT  August 2, 2022 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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and engage with trail ah, when so many find themselves worlds and martin, we choose to look for common ground. ah, all eyes on taiwan with reports the plane thought to be carrying the u. s. high speaker. nancy pelosi has now entered chinese or space reportedly on its way to taiwan beijing. strengthening military activity near the cell through territory for taiwan island are reportedly unfold. com over washington fees. no issue at nancy pelosi visiting taipei despite beijing, the current move of reach of chinese sovereignty. morning, the country is fully prepared at respond. the trip goes ahead. these are life pictures from some shop for a board where lucy is expected to touch. don,
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in touch with pay close attention to can last week continue. if you asked, insist on going on weight. china will take firm and great measures to safeguard chinese sovereignty. security with people in taiwan itself are getting anxious about a potential touch. those members of the public told us the us just want to spread its power and influence. not help with lucy, touch china's bottom line. she touched the red line, both the u. s. and china had to take actions accordingly. they just use, tie one to get their attention for domestic market. los, these visit will add tensions across the taiwan strait. i really hope the americans won't come around to mess things up so that we can live a peaceful life with
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from moscow to the world. this is art a pleasure to help you with us today. my name is gina. know me. tensions are mounting our on taiwan. the head of a potential visit by yes. hi st. speaker. china is ratcheting up military activity . nancy pelosi is apparently preparing to lunch in ty, pay on, choose the nie thought to say, is expected to be shortly. now it comes despite warnings from beijing. now the u. s . c's little issue with the potential touched on, but china has labeled the move a breach of its sovereignty. ah,
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nathan, who in the face of the u. s. acting recklessly in disregard of china's sullen representations, the contra measure by china will be justified and necessary. we pay close attention to policies, itinerary if the u. s. and system going its own way to china will take firm in great measures to safeguard chinese sovereignty security an interesting way. and so if the speaker does decide to visit, and china tries to create some kind of crisis or otherwise escalate tensions, that would be entirely on beijing. while chinese military drills have been marking the 95th anniversary of the creation of the people's liberation army ahead, all philosophies potential visit to taiwan. china is navy fleets being carrying maneuvers in various locations. according to military sources. drills include the
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use of weapons on coordination between war ships and fighter aircraft beijing. how stress the chinese military will be in a state of readiness throughout the day. here some on verified for this to show you all of exercises, allegedly at taking place in chinese food, young province, just across the tie. one straight. we'll try and show you a little bit more of that at a little bit later. but i want to show you this because this is the most trucked or a craft in the world right now. you can see the jet with nancy pelosi supposedly on board. we must dress that tick off from koala lumper, and there's no confirmed us heading towards ty, one after earlier visits to singapore, malaysia, japan on site korea is also on the temporary but although stops have been overshadowed by the potential visit to taiwan. taiwanese news report claims of the
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highest speaker and her delegation of to tell rooms in type pay and are expected to stay over night. meanwhile, taiwan international airport has strengthened security measures following a bomb threat. but it is a different report in ty pay that i want to show you not the live pictures from song shown or report a regional military or a base. it is where at the plane with nancy pelosi on board, may land allied to stress mail and we're just waiting verification on that. but in the last number of hours, it does increasingly look like that is going to happen on happens despite warnings from a number of countries including china and russia on that as well. well with me know, here in the studio r t corresponded rachel blevins a lot of will she won't she on this?
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it's just vague. it's just not exactly coherent what is happening in the skies in east asia. it does look though the things are ramping up, that it does, it looks like we may get a confirmation of a landing within the hour. so if you've been tuning in for the last few hours, don't go anywhere because we may finally have some sort of resolution. and then of course, everything that comes out here that now the latest here from the website we've mentioned flight rate. our $24.00 is the one that everyone has had their eyes on. now they officially updated the landing for this plane. pelosi is believed to be on as tie, pays song sean international airport. so right now, of course, all eyes are there, there have also been reports that the plane has officially entered, tie one's air defense zone. and so there really is a lots waiting on and writing on what that response is going to be from taiwan from
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china. and from all, all sides here. now, a lot of the questions have been about how taiwan is responding to this. there were reports of protest near the hotel where pelosi is said to be planning to stay earlier in the day. and we've heard from people on the ground who say that they are concerned about the long term impacts that this proposed visit could have on them long after policy is return to the states. here's what was said. it's all about mercury interest. they use time won. they, they use that you political ah, measure to, to benefit themselves. they only care about how the government um can be holding the power in us in their, in them states. okay. so they just used high one to get our attention for
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domestic market from gordon pelosi touch, china's bottom line, and she touched the red line. so both the u. s. and china have to take actions accordingly. don't only pelosi will benefit from the elusive visit. that's all i philosophies visit will add tensions across the taiwan strait, which has no benefit at all for the taiwan people. i really hope the americans won't come around to mess things up so that we can live a peaceful life far from a united, from, from top us officials and military figures up i said hello seato making us stop in taipei, rachel. so how, how is the house speaker her supporters justifying it? yeah, you know, when it comes to policies, decision to even embark on this entire visit visit to asia. she really hasn't given much of a clear justification. initially we heard from president biden and saying that the u. s. military did not support this trip, that it did not recommend it. and that it was concerned about how it would serve to
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increase tensions with beijing, which is exactly what we've seen play out. but at the same time, secretary of state blank and had a very telling message when he said that not only did he not know what was policy was going to do. but that it was entirely up to her entirely her decision as to whether she visited taiwan or not. despite the fact that lincoln knows, just as the entire u. s. government knows the warnings that china has issued the ways in which beijing has said that it will not sit idly by if it feels like its territorial sovereignty is targeted. now when it comes back to what follows, he's saying she seemed to almost try to make light of what is a very serious situation. saying that she was looking forward to seeing more of the pacific ocean, given that she is from california. take listen to what she had to say. the president earlier, well, earlier in his term talked about
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a strong emphasis on the asian pacific. he, he has visited, their vice president, visited the secretary of commerce and others. and we want the congress of the united states to be part of that initiative. of course, as a west coast person, we see that pacific as they're, you know, that they're their home. we're part of that as well. so certainly a light hearted comment at a time when you're of the world's 2 largest economies, increasing the standpoint of each of their militaries and preparing for the possibility of a direct confrontation over what pelosi has apparently decided. what's the general view state side. as regards below, see possibly heading to taiwan and initially had some more support for philosophy in this trip coming from both sides of the aisle from people who simply claim that they didn't want her to back down simply because beijing said that she should back
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down. but now we're hearing more from those voices that say they are concerned about how this visit would serve to increase tensions between china and the u. s. here's the latest that nothing good will come of it. taiwan will not be more secure or more prosperous as a result of this purely symbolic visit. and a lot of bad things could happen. these include a chinese military response that could result in the us being plunged into in direct conflicts with a nuclear armed russia and a nuclear armed china. at the same time this week with the blessing, the, by the ministration, nancy pelosi decided to head to taiwan. that's all but confirmed at this point, government officials in taipei have just been notified that policies arrival is imminent. you may be in the air right now. she's definitely coming. one source told wall street journal. the only variable is whether she spends the night. so nancy pelosi goes to taipei, what's the effect of that? well, we don't need to guess the chinese government has, has said repeatedly and clearly that if nancy pelosi lands in taiwan, it could trigger a global war. are you here to provoke a wool or to start a wall?
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what the hell are you doing here? hello c. there are now reports of taiwanese plans escorting nancy pelosi is playing that are being shared across social media. so again, we will continue to keep an eye on this and to see when that plane does land, and of course, what the international responses to it. look, the implications of this are truly global. we have to say that in terms of international reaction, what's, what's being said, moscow offered its view earlier. i know that's right. a spokesperson for the kremlin, spoke out and refer to this as a very provocative moved by the united states, condemn it all together, and also said that russia understands where china's standpoint is here and why they have had such a strong reaction to those take a listener in to say, we should just name, we don't know for sure if nancy pelosi will get there or not. but everything related to this to her and her possible visit to taiwan is purely provocative. this
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leads to an increase intentions in the situation in the region. once again, we want to emphasize that we are incomplete solidarity with china. on this point, we understand china's sensitive attitude towards this issue, but the us, instead of showing respect, is choosing the path of confrontation. it won't lead to anything good. again, a lot of day care that has the power to go far beyond just this trip that posey has embarked on racial thanks very much for taking us through all that a lot of issues and expanding seemingly by the our r t correspond rachel blevins. what's a delve into some of those points? always a pleasure to welcome live onto the program professor of politics, east china normal university. joseph gregory. lona, you're most welcome yet. we know see report stuff. the plane supposedly carrying miss lucy is confirmed is heading to taiwan. if she is on the plate, how will beige in react to the visit?
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well, of course i'm not privy to this kind of information, but given the warnings we've seen from beijing given the messages we've seen from chinese military sources, given images, circulation, circulating, and chinese social media of troops on the move. it won't be surprising if we see a military reaction. this might include additional wargames that get too close for comfort. that might include fly overs. we've already seen reports of chinese workplace and worships squeezing the median line in the taiwan strait. another possibility, given the fact the mainland, his biggest trading partner, is there might be consequences related to trade and investments. yeah, a lot of issues in the u. s. claims that follows the one china policy in terms of sovereignty over the entire nation, including taiwan, rule by beijing. but do these actions demonstrate something different from washington? many are concerned, the vital has been hauling out the one china policy and the principle of strategic
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ambiguity. his characterization of china is a strategic rival. it's pressing nato to consider china as an adversary is block building in asia with office, including perforating nuclear submarines, strayer, his meddling and china's pears, and she and young tibet. hong kong anti one is admission of us troops and ty bay is efforts to draw. china is immediate neighbors and to the so called indo pacific quad, his encouraging japan to increase military capabilities, commitment to upgrade a controversial missile system and south korea all while asserting the us will come to, ty, wants defense, and at times, equivocating on the one china policy all of these collectively represent several red lines across from paging perspective. and now with close it coming, this might be the tipping point. i was suggest there's been some pretty extraordinary remarks from what's called a biggest superpower in the world. the by did ministration. seeing a cannot miss miss lucy, change her plans. do you think that is the case
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a technically this is, this is probably true. however, the 5 administration could have done more to persuade her, including putting incredible pressure on her, for example, using public criticism from the military about putting us service members and harm's way unnecessarily and so on. for whatever reason, by didn't do this either because he's interested in seeing how it plays out, or because he didn't want to face the backlash at home for appearing soft on china . why is the policy of what's being co strategic um, begin etc, from washington towards taiwan and china. therefore, why is not being poked perhaps even eroded here? what's the thinking, what's the, what's the big benefit for the u. s? well, what we've seen since trump is just almost a near unity across the ideological spectrum that china is a danger to us interest
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a china. this is not the case, but the principal strategic ambiguity goes back to a much earlier period of time when us with much more competent. these are the position with china, but us, it's been a relative decline for, for many years. we all argued out since when but, but many of us agree that since 2008 at least perhaps as early as 2001. and so this is what we're seeing now is this period in which the u. s. is no longer competent. that it's going to hold it said monte position in the future that the china is still climbing bed. china will achieve military parity by 2030, or 2035. and so perhaps it's better to provoke something. now, while the us still hold an edge or at least try to embarrass she jumping and is sensitive political year when he's up for reelection. very interesting and just
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just a word nancy pelosi as well. it almost seems like a personal and crusade for her. the strip that she touches done in ty pay. what is her motivation to think? what does she hope to accomplish her? well, there at least 3 motivations as your lead and noted. first she's, she's been a long, she's long been a pro taiwan and an anti baiting person. so her current sentiments are not new. second, she's in the waning days of her speakership and power, and this is perhaps the last project of her considerable ego. and 3rd, whether or not she's coordinated this visit with biden's. both she invited half repeatedly tried in the past year to embarrass and undermine presidents. she ahead of this party congress as well. and i think that is an obvious name here as well. is washington just to conclude, really putting itself in a no win situation in which it has to either concede to beijing or risk
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a response here perhaps. but there are probably some in washington who believe this is, but china, in a no win situation. open conflict would be a detriment to all but most analyst, including those in time. i get a conservative estimation of 5 years before china would be ready militarily to attack, but it might be the case not to worry about forcing shot into a conflict that aging might not be ready for. nevertheless, beijing said it's ready and i think we should take this seriously. just while we have you in the program that, that divergence or that difference between what top officials in the u. s. are saying joe biden, alluding to the military saying it wasn't a good idea or at least it's not good timing for nancy pelosi to touched on in, ty, pe, you at the secretary of state supporting her. of course nancy pelosi, she wants to do this. is that a chaotic situation or coordinated making it purposely vague?
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in this case, you know, this is, this is a big question that a lot of analysts have been asking in china over the last several days. clearly there has to be some coordination in so much as we've seen some military movement in tandem with her with her travel. and this would require authorization from the white house, whether or not this was forced on the white house or whether or not the white house, the graduate went along with it. or whether or not it does tell us with, with biden's broader anti china project. it's really irrelevant, i think from beijing position, the bottom line and she appears to be coming and this is very disruptive. top notch in us as, as always we thank you for your time and your thoughts today. joseph gregory mahoney. professor politics at east china normal university,
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not the united states has an unbalanced position towards china. we just talked about an if i called it's one china policy. washington officially acknowledge his beijing is the only legitimate government for the entirety of china that includes taiwan. however, that along with calls for the peaceful resolution of the taiwan issue has not prevented the us from maintaining all official relations with type here. and you may recall recently sending arms as well to the island. another issue that seems to be at prolonging or indeed expanding the situation earlier, an american official said taiwan is not a big issue for china us relations, but the current situation does suggest to a period of the united states no longer sees taiwan is a problem in our relations with china, we see it as an opportunity to advance our shared vision for a free and open in the pacific and also as a beacon to people's around the world who aspire for a more just safe, prosperous and democratic world. so why is nancy pelosi is trip such a big deal?
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it's because of the one china policy. taiwan is officially recognized by the united states. as part of china usa adopted the one china policy in 1970 to us has no formal ties with the government on taiwan and government that was established by the forces who lost out when the communist party to power on the mainland. the usa has no embassy on taiwan and it advocates for taiwan to peacefully re unify with the mainland. this understanding has been key in us china relations for decades in more recent years, as washington drifted toward portraying china as its number one enemy. we've seen washington also drifting away from this policy, hinting at support for taiwan independence as a wages threatened shina. the united states is hollowing out and the blurting up the one china policy. us officials of course,
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deny that they are wavering on the taiwan issue. but it doesn't help when president biden drops bombshell statements like this. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment we made. in recent months, us relation to taiwan has gotten much more intense us weapons are piling into taiwan with joe biden approving for different arm sales deals, including $95000000.00 for patriot missile systems. nato is expanding its present in the region as well with various active posturing in the taiwan straits. there has also been a heated war of words. if any one dares to split, tie one from china, the chinese military will sight at all costs to resolutely smash any taiwan secessionist attempt and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. we're not going to lead the chinese communist party dictate where the
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speaker of the house should go. as the speaker of the united states house of representatives, you should never have to ask a foreign dictatorship or the state department for permission to talk to america's friends and allies. hello, she really rel if house speaker nancy pelosi visits taiwan, it will grossly interfere in china's internal affairs severely undermined china's sovereignty and territorial integrity trample on the one china policy principle. gravely threatened the peace instability in the taiwan strait and undermined china us relations. it will lead to various serious situation and consequences. in this context, nancy pelosi decided that she should go to taiwan at the same time, there's a new bill put forward in the u. s. congress that critics say would essentially nullify the one china policy when it comes to taiwan. our response should be that we are for democracy and against communist aggression. we live in dangerous times. china is sizing up america and our commitment to taiwan. the danger will only grow
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worse if we show weakness in the face of chinese threats and aggression toward taiwan. these weapons that the u. s. a is piling into taiwan are a bit more than defensive. they have the capability of striking the chinese mainland. it looks like the united states is hinting it may once again back away from a promise. it's made to a major country and escalate tension. nancy pelosi is trip, could have catastrophic results for the world. caleb, martha r. t new york. among reaction i've been getting throughout the day to today's developments was from alfred desires, professor of international law, former un independent expert on international order and also angelo, juliano political and finance. one was our friend. did it surprise you? how few us lawmakers k monitor urging pelosi not to inflame the situation. it
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appeared for a lot of people in washington though those the elite really that as long as it poked china as long as it annoyed beijing, then pelosi was doing the right thing. or we americans love annoying. we are smoking our fingers in through their eyes and that shows that we are number one. and we don't even realize that we are 6. we do this because it makes us feel good. it's part of the informational war. and it's part of pino, full, the feeding into the of the chinese, as we have been led to here. russia and fear of russia that are so by definition we're the good guys and we're finding the good work, i don't believe is how and these are buying, and the rest of the world is not buying in latin. america is not buying it. neither is india. and of course, not rush hour,
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russia and many other countries in europe with china, apparently not carrying the military maneuvers in the area. is this historically recently, at least the closest we've come to a major incident between the 2 powers? yes, absolutely. so keep in mind, this is a show of force, china needs to do something. china doesn't want to lose face e, nancy, but it was, it goes to taiwan. something needs to happen, even if the u. s. is thinking that china bluff, it's making a huge mistake. international community would not point directly finger the us and say that ultimately if there is a refund response, the responsibility would come from china. so it's, it's just, it's be all coordinated, coordinated. it's not, it's not a private enterprise of nancy pelosi what they want to do in asia to flight china,
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to the last time when nice. they will have other countries fighting the was on behalf of the us. ok, let's get a quick recap now. all of our main story, the plane thought to be carrying the u. s. high. speaker nancy pelosi has entered chinese. aerospace is reportedly no descending in to taiwan. now you will be able to make out here in the screen. obviously it's blocked it, but those cars seem to be approaching song shon, or a ports which is a recent report in type paper, also home to large sways of the tie when these are force of well, just to let you know, china reportedly close the taiwan strait so in 1st civilian ur, craft will be keeping close, and the next 20 minutes or so it's been purported. the plane with lucy is expected to alright, let's say not move on to more world news on the program,
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washington is directly involved in the conflict and ukraine. that's how the russian defense ministry has reacted to revelations, from a top ukrainian official who admitted the u. s. advises kiev on. high morris strikes, has absolute veto power. if it's not satisfied with the target ship, i'm pretty sure my book of all this proves that refused to believe washington. contrary to the statements of the white house and the pentagon is directly involved in the conflict and ukraine. it is upon the ministration that is directly responsible for all rockets attacks approved by key m residential areas and civilian infrastructure in the settlements of dumbass and other regions which resulted in the mass death of civilians. let's get more on their son speak to our senior correspondent, murat galaxy of who's in the loop. ganske republic, high murat. yeah. andy, tickets through what emerged in not interview with the the top ukrainian intel
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officer to a british newspaper. and what do these revelations point to well look at it this way, russia has for munch now accused the united states of playing a much more direct role in this conflict than what the united states admitted to it was of just weapons they were said didn't training that they were given to ukrainian soldiers food that they was sending them to the deed salaries that they were paying them. but it also appears sags to the comments of the head of ukraine's main intelligence director. that the united states appears to be vetting, vetting targets that the, that the ukranian side is, is attacking so. so in this case, we can presume that the united states greenlighted attacks of several attacks on half a dozen. oh, but communities on the city of the nearest god chips, nobody got other.


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