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of the ramifications of this from, from the people in the region, the taiwanese, the chinese do you think ironically, could such a move if it's seen as, as oregon's really, that she at can touched on here. and there's going to be no huge implications that that could see people coalesce around beijing amazin, see, arise and support for time when he's re unification. exactly the opposite of what this trip was meant to chief may be among the most diligent members of the chinese communist party, but barely outside of china. i think there was a great sympathy for taiwan situation. it has been unresolved for a number of decades. keep in mind that beijing has never controlled under the communist party as never control taiwan. and so this is a matter that needs to be peacefully resolved between beijing and taipei. but i think if anything, if china overplays it's reaction and misinterpret speaker polosa visit, which by the way, she has every right to make. it may not be the wisest decision to make right now.
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especially since the u. s. is very much caught up in the nato response to russia's vision of ukraine. probably not wise to pursue a 2 front r geo political crisis. but it speaker policies decision. it represents also the will and support of many american people. but as childrens towards taiwan, but you have the military say, it wasn't good timing this at all. oh that president biden stated, and we don't know what exactly was communicated, that he was advised by the military, that this would be an unwise decision, but that's president biden statement. we don't know what the military is actually decided, but we do know that to protect our members of congress, we've seen a significant deployment of naval assets and air assets with a aircraft carrier, ronald reagan in the waters, and also a number of aircraft from oaken. our and japan to defend american lawmakers who are legally and lawfully going to taiwan and being welcomed by the taiwanese government
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. right. but that wouldn't be happening unless they were acting in a belligerent way. correct? that they, it wasn't, it would have said to have been on the official on the official list of the country . she would visit she, she knew this would be contentious. that's why only 4 countries for other asian countries are put on this list. it would be folly to argue otherwise. she's able to go to whichever country welcome. sure, why she's a value. why wasn't not said ahead of time. do you think i have no understanding of speaker policies, itinerary planning you. if you can speak with our representatives and i don't know how to read people's mind, no, but i'm just saying johnny, i would always do it with already actually the safety of herself. yeah. and the members of congress that are traveling with her because the chinese are overreacting completely to the situation. there have been a number of other senators and members of congress who went to try one as recently as last year. and we've seen no reaction like the one that we see currently from
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beijing, but it hasn't happened. this is the highest ranking u. s. official. in decades to make such a move, it's got huge geopolitical importance. and that's why it hasn't happened before. the issue of strategic ambiguity is the one that's been pursued by washington from the 19 seventy's. so this is a huge issue, whichever way we play it. it's a huge issue because of china's belligerent over reaction to the speaker's visit. they don't really have many cards to play here. first of all, she was able to fly to taiwan. so they've been unable to stop somebody from going to taiwan when they pretend that they control the island, and they don't try and do the way that they're responding. here is completely to the embarrassment, i think of beijing on the international stage. however, it is extraordinarily dangerous because of their response. they have the military capability to make life very difficult for taiwan. not just while speaker pelosi is there, but i anticipate that we'll see very heavy pressure on taiwan. maybe not the main
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island, but probably many of the smaller islands that are right off of the chinese coast, as well as a series, as i mentioned before, gray's own hybrid warfare type activities where the cyber attacks, whether it's military harassment, and just extreme pressure ratcheted up by beijing, against high pay after speaker pelosi leaves to let the taiwanese people know that they will suffer the consequences when there were these international demonstrations that support. yeah, she leaves felonies, the taiwanese people who may feel that front of that anger. right. and you say that china has shown itself to be embarrassed in terms of military strength by not stopping this from happening. but is there not the other side of the coin that they've shown. remarkable restraints in, in allowing this to happen in their backyard because they don't want to wrap up tensions to such a degree that a conflict is imminent on there's no backing done from it. can you see that point? i would disagree with that. they have no right to determine who flies in and out of
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taiwan. it's as simple as that. well, would you expect a, a similar reaction if fat russia flew planes into mexico or china went to, to canada. you know, in their backyard. they're, you know, we, we can't just put our heads in, in the, in the, in the dirt on say that this is new importance. of course, at house, sir. a russian and chinese naval vessels come to within 13 miles of american islands and american coast lines. all the time is part of russian and chinese military maneuvers if they're able to operate in international waters in international airspace, which is all that this plane has done there. no, there's absolutely no legal right for any of the country to stop it. the u. s. can't do anything about russian and chinese military operations outside of a it's territorial waters and territorial aerospace and the same thing applies here with china. has south china sea in the taiwan straits or international waters. it's china's problem that they refused to recognize the rule of like the u. s. nato have
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spoken about their plans to expand in the india pacific. john does washington view taiwan as an ally or an military asset min? well 1st of all, i think it's very important for tie want to take a much stronger, much more robust approach to its own defense. i. it cannot rely on other countries along to defend it. and right now, unfortunately, don't see taiwan spending the kind of percentage of its budget to really adopt what we would call a serious porcupine strategy of making any potential amphibious invasion by china, of taiwan. as painful to the overwhelmingly dominant chinese military as possible. plus, they're not properly training their own soldiers, their own civilians, to protect the country in the event of an invasion. so i think 1st of all, it's up to tie want to step up its own self defense capability, and then look to see where the united states or japan may come to its assistance in the event of an all out military invasion by china, which is not
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a sure mean i would imagine that it would be foolish for china to undertake such a costly invasion when i think she can ping has more in mind a more peaceful or sort of pressurized takeover of taiwan. exhausting the country under attrition from the military. he cannot mclee and diplomatically to the taiwan finally relents. so, strategic ambiguity that set rule that washington has pursued. is that no dead? i would say the taiwan is an extraordinarily important country or entity for the united states. first of all, the manufacturers of the overwhelming majority of the world's most advanced semiconductors. any entity that owns or controls taiwan basically controls the global economy. and it's one of the reasons why we do not want to see a military invasion of takeover by beijing, by the chinese communist party of taiwan. they will then control the global economy for all intents and purposes. we also fear that if china overtakes taiwan,
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it'll break through into the into a pacific region and shouted at 1st our island chain that allows for the west to global west working with the philippines, south korea, japan, to ensure that china is not able to engage in the various activities beyond it's coastline. and thirdly, it would be a matter of shock to japan, south korea, their allies in southeast asia. if the u. s. is not able to maintain a credible security defense of taiwan in the event of an attack by china. to think after today's touched on by nancy pelosi, that's american military assets in the region are 9 more or less safe. oh, the remain safe. it all depends on what china decides to do. again, the ball is in china's court. we're looking to ensure that international waterways in international airspace are allowed to remain free and open for commerce for travel and for communications. the chinese government is the problem here on taiwan
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and specifically what speaker policies visit. they'll be a american and allied response commentary with china's reaction today, tomorrow and in the weeks and months ahead. okay, john, thank you for your time today. john. silly does geo political strategist on diplomacy consultant to the u. s. department of state. thank you. thank you. what are t carswell, rachel blevins sarah, is here as well as she has been for the last number of hours. rachel, we saw the plane, touched on with the house speaker, nancy pelosi. now the ramifications begin. now, do the bates starts about what that actually means? we just heard from that speaker believing that it's because of a menacing china, but i imagine there's going to be more views saying, well you've come washington to our backyard. you've done this when it wasn't on the i terry. so you hit that for a reason, but now you've done that,
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you've come to taiwan. beijing said you should not. it's happened. that's right. and as you right, really point it out. i mean, if you had china or russia doing the exact same thing too somewhere that the united states viewed as its own territory, as part of the u. s, there would likely be a very strong response. now i want to take us through a few of the statements that have been released so far because now we're starting to get that reaction. now initially, chinese media is reporting and saying that us, how speaker nancy pelosi is a visit, violates the one china policy. i know we've talked a lot about that over the course of the day, what the ramifications are for that policy that has been held in place for jack is on top of that, china is also saying that it will take the necessary measures to defend its sovereignty and the question then becomes, what will that look like now we also notably did get a statement from nancy pelosi herself. we've been sitting here wondering what she
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was going to say what her response was going to be in the same and that she did really. she claim that her visit in no way contradicts the long standing us policy towards china and taiwan. she went on to say that talks with taiwan will focus on reaffirming united states support for the island. and then she said that her trip to taiwan reflects her commitment to a i brent democracy. and you know, it's interesting there that she brings up the term democracy because as we've heard throughout the course of the day, whether it's the people in taiwan who had taken to the streets to protest near the hotel where she was reportedly planning to stay. or the people who have called out this visit in question question whether it is actually for them or whether it is for the united states. take listen to some of the commentary that it's all about mercury interest. they use taiwan. they, they use that you political measure to,
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to benefit themselves. they only care about how the government can be holding the power. it is in their, in them states. so they just used high one to get our attention for domestic market from good to low. see, touch china's bottom line. she touched the red line. so both the u. s. and china have to take actions accordingly. don't only pelosi will benefit from the elusive visit. that's all i know lucy's visit will add tensions across the taiwan strait, which has no benefit at all for the taiwan people. i really hope the americans won't come around to mess things up so that we can live a peaceful life. but if this is being seen as a united front completely in the market, us just not true, is it because you've got a top us officials, military figures,
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according to joe biden, at least saying that policy stopping in taipei is just not the right time. so how does the house speak or what she, what is her supporter said to justify it? it was interesting that we just got that statement from her and which she's kind of really giving a blanket response to all of these legitimate concerns that are being raised here. and this is a different town in order, notably than what we've heard from her in the past. but it's also notable, we're still waiting from for a statement from the, by the administration to see what they will say. because the last we heard from secretary of state blink, and he claimed that he had no idea about clothes these plans, and that it was entirely up to her as to whether or not she went to taiwan. now the question then becomes whether or not they are going to release a statement saying that they completely support her and her wishes when it comes to this. now i also want to bring up the previous statement that she made, where she said that she was going to really explore the pacific coast. take listen
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. e m president earlier. well, earlier in his term talked about a strong emphasis on the asian pacific. he, he has visited, their vice president, visited the secretary of commerce and others. and we want that congress of the united states to be part of that initiative. of course, as the west coast person, we see that pacific, as they're, you know, they're, they're home. we're part of that as well. yes. and now a different statement coming from the house speaker than what she said just there. however, the question remains, what is she going to say in these talks during her visit? and i want to know that we know that she's there now that we know that she is at least spending the night there. all eyes are going to be on this statement that she makes. and of course, how china responds to all of it. it was generally assumed that she would go to taiwan in the u. s. and there is already been reaction to that house under there
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has been, you know, initially politicians came out in support of her visit saying that she needed to defy beijing and needed to stand up against them simply because they said that she shouldn't go. but now we've heard more and more voices speak out against this tread and really raised the question of why nancy pelosi is going in the 1st place and who benefit from a sort of escalation like this take listen delayed, isn't there nothing good will come of it taiwan will not be more secure or more prosperous as a result of this purely symbolic visit. and a lot of bad things could happen. these include a chinese military response that could result in the u. s. being plunged into in direct conflicts with a nuclear armed russia and a nuclear armed china at the same time this week with the blessing, the by the ministration. nancy pelosi decide to head to taiwan. it's all but confirmed at this point. government officials in taipei have just been notified that policies arrival is imminent. she may be in the air right now. she's
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definitely coming. one source told the wall street journal. the only variable is whether she spends the night. so nancy pelosi goes to tie pay. what's the effect of that? well, we don't need to guess the chinese government has said repeatedly and clearly that if nancy pelosi lands in taiwan, it could trigger a global war. are you here to provoke a wool or to start a wall? what the hell are you doing here? hello c. now we've also heard from moscow with the spokesperson for the kremlin, saying that this is a very provocative trip saying that they say what's china. and also saying that they understand how frustrated beijing is right now with the fact that they have issues so many warnings and clearly us how speaker nance, people as the has shown that she's not listening to a single one of them. racial thanks very much. bring this throughout our tea correspond rachel blevins. we're going to take a quick break. stay with our t international.
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ah. who to? no one. no, sir. no, no, admiral. who are joking? no, no. we'll go more shrill than what they should end up. unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. and grill. oh, you know, to production with it. so give sure sure did that. they're not killed when you saw new rochelle you on more more
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general manager thought this is meant nguyen from all one of our brand new and i got the much sale i got ya. i go on render thought i wish to know about jewelry hole knew he did room or got more or less than a cheerios i had to put on this car, their mother and all our buddy build garage door cowers nice. oh boy festival. to go. what is your, oh, what the on this the wall? she my indiana. i'm all i can send more or said mom, good student, i don't a year. you know, a lot of them are going to give us a look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except we're such shorter. is it conflict with the 1st
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law? your identification, we should be very careful about official intelligence, and the point obviously is to create trust rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time to sit down and talk.
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ah, it just approaching 20 minutes past 6 pm here in the russian capital. you're with r t international. and our top story really are sole story for quite some time. the u. s. high speaker has touched on in, ty, juan, these are pictures of that to plane with their wheels gone as they approach function report in taipei, a regional and military are based from to large swathes, all the taiwanese military and nancy pelosi it was on the plane. she came out after a number of moments after her team had disembark 1st and then she came out in her pink suit. now the visits come despite numerous warnings and we have heard more of them from china in the last half hour or so. since this touched on happened, critical reaction from other countries including russia, that is at when she disembarked there as well at chinese military drills by the way,
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they've been happening, marking the 95th anniversary of the creation of the people's liberation army chinese navy fleet. subbing carrying maneuvers in various locations, according to military sources. drills include the use of weapons on coordination between worships on fighter aircraft, beijing. how stress the chinese military will be in a state of readiness and the high throughout the day. i would suppose nights well, let's go through some of the main parts of this. why this is so momentous today, you know that states has for some time hot, and evelyn se position towards china officially call it's one china policy. washington officially acknowledges beijing is the only legitimate government for the entirety of china, including taiwan. however, that's along with polls for the peaceful resolution of the time on issue has not
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prevented the us from maintaining on official relations with ty pay sending arms. you remember recently to the island earlier, an american official said taiwan is not a problem for china us relations, but the current situation does suggest to appear otherwise. the united states no longer sees taiwan is a problem in our relations with china. we see it as an opportunity to advance our shared vision for a free and open indo pacific and also as a beacon to people's around the world who aspire for a more just safe, prosperous and democratic world. so why is nancy pelosi is trips such a big deal? it's because of the one china policy. taiwan is officially recognized by the united states. as part of china usa adopted the one china policy in 1972. the usa has no formal ties with the government on taiwan and government that was established by the forces who lost out in the communist party to power on the mainland. the usa has no embassy on taiwan and it advocates for taiwan to peacefully re unify with
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the mainland. this understanding has been key in us china relations for decades in more recent years as washington drifted toward portraying china as it's number one enemy. we've seen washington also drifting away from this policy, hinting at support for taiwan independence as a way to threaten shina. the united states is hollowing out and the blurting up the one china policy. u. s. officials of course, deny that they are wavering on the taiwan issue, but it doesn't help when present biden drops. bombshell statements like this. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are. mr. commitment we made, in recent months, us relation to taiwan has gotten much more intense us weapons are piling in to taiwan with joe biden approving for different arms sales deals,
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including $95000000.00 for patriot missiles. systems. nato is expanding its presence in the region as well with various act of posturing in the taiwan straits . there has also been a heated war of words. if any one dares to split taiwan from, nor the chinese military will fight at all costs to resolutely smash any taiwan session is to attempt and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. we're not going to lead the chinese communist party dictate for the speaker of the house to go. as the speaker of the united states house of representatives, you should never have to ask a foreign dictatorship or the state department for permission to talk to america's friends and allies. hello, see if house speaker nancy pelosi visits taiwan. it will grossly interfere in china's internal affairs severely undermined china sovereignty and territorial integrity trample on the one china policy principle. gravely threatened the peace
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instability in the taiwan strait and undermine china. us relations. it will lead to various serious situation and consequences. in this context, nancy pelosi decided that she should go to taiwan at the same time, there's a new bill put forward in the u. s. congress that critics say would essentially nullify the one china policy when it comes to taiwan. our response should be that we are for democracy and against communist aggression. we live in dangerous times. china sizing up america and our commitment to taiwan. the danger will only grow worse if we show weakness in the face of chinese threats and aggression toward taiwan. these weapons that the u. s. a is piling into taiwan are a bit more than defensive. they have the capability of striking the chinese mainland. it looks like the united states is hinting at may once again back away from a promise. it's made to a major country and escalate tension. nancy pelosi is trip, could have catastrophic results for the world. caleb mama,
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r t. you're always good to welcome live on to the program. human and labor rights lawyer from the u. s. a dumb cove like done good to have you on the program in washington? no, very far from where you are there in pittsburgh. palo sees supporters are calling this high risk on the high reward. what kind of reward can we talk about? do you think? yeah, i think it's high risk in no reward. i mean, all that's happening here is that hello c is trying to add a fuel to the fire. she is. this visit is very provocative. she knows that china has a red line on taiwan. she knows that china did not want her to go to try juan. certainly not without going through beijing, it would be like a foreign, you know, dignitary going to hawaii or puerto rico and acting as if these were
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independent republics. which isn't even a great analogy because there isn't huge tension now. but like during the 60s or seventies, when the puerto rico really did have a strong independence movement that would be viewed with disdain. and pelosi knows this. and so i don't see any upside. that's the point, there is no upside unless in fact they want to war would chime and maybe they do. and i guess that's a potential maybe that they're upset. it's hard to see how this doesn't de escalate tensions. now, how do you think? and beijing immediately react to this. well, obviously i hope they don't overreact, but they're going to have to do something. they're going to do something to show their disapproval this. i hope of course, they do it through a diplomatic channel and diplomatic means as opposed to a military one. but they've drawn this red line in the same way that russia drawn
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this red line over ukraine and the. b u. s continues to cross these red lines again, even though it would act very aggressively if other countries cross their many red lines. so there will be a reaction. i'm not sure what it will be, but i'm sure it'll be a strong relax reaction in china. you mentioned the red lines there. does this par let with ukraine? what's happening or? i think it has to be seen is paralleling that. and i think to do this when you saw what happened in ukraine when you have a now a war going on in ukraine because that red line was crossed and then say ok, well now let's go cross or red line with china. i just can't imagine the thought process is behind this. this seems insane. it reaffirms my believe, frankly, the, my country's being run by mad people who seem to be willing to bring the world to
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the brink of possible nuclear war. and it's quite quite scary. but down it does take focus away from domestic issues. well, it does though, the interesting thing is, you know, it looks like congress in bite and are about to pass a huge bill on green energy and health care, which should be positive for them. why aren't they focusing on that instead of focusing on trying to, to gin up another war a mean? again, all of this is quite disturbing. it, i don't like the american people like that. that's the other thing. i mean, i don't think these distractions work any more to galvanized support around the president. i mean, we see this where the crane biden's numbers went down after he approve that $40000000000.00 for you. great people want our money and our attention cheer to fix
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our problems. not to cause problems in other countries done during the build up to this the last few days we were hearing from people in taiwan. now there was supports for washington seeing it as an ally, but there was a lot of, i would call them free thinking people who basically said, we're not sure if the u. s. has our interests at heart here. we may be, we're may be upon in this that we've got our problems, but i don't think they're going to be solved by a high ranking american officials doing this to the country. some was very enlightening, some of the views, but we know that the u. s. nato have spoken about their plans to expand in the into pacific, so it begs the question. does washington view taiwan as an ally or a military asset? i think the u. s. views every country as an asset or tool or a vehicle toward something else. you ukraine is discovered this, right, the us really push.


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