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well, we're because it is just a joke by imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. so there's your boomerang yourself. with your top headlines live with the tower and off you international. china won't, it will take all the necessary measures to safeguard its sovereignty. and territorial integrity. it comes off to the us house speak. nancy pelosi touched down in iowa. our response to the visit. china begins military drills all around tie. one thing that will include non nuclear missile launchers off the sea, just east of the island. i. beijing had already been boosting its activity near the self rule territory, while ty, one's islands are said to have been put on full, come back a lot. meantime, people in taiwan itself are pretty anxious over the u. s. house speakers,
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the trip members or the public, told us that u. s. just wants to spread its power and influence with lucy, touch china's bottom line. she touched the red line. so both the u. s. and china have to take actions accordingly. they just use taiwan to get their attention for domestic market. unless these business will add tensions across the taiwan street. i really hope the americans won't come around to mess things up so that we can live a peaceful life with it is 11 pm here in moscow. and just off to 4 am in taipei, taiwan, which is where you as how speak a nancy pelosi is currently huddled inside her hyatt hotel. so yeah, alternately, she called that now the chinese foreign ministry in the meantime has summoned the u . s. ambassador in protest over the visit of the us house speaker, nancy pelosi to taiwan, comes off to china, had already seriously warned
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a washington of heavy consequences. china will definitely take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguarded sovereignty and territorial integrity. in response to the u. s. speaker's visit, all the consequences arising there from must be borne by the u. s. side and the taiwan independence, separatist forces by these pictures right now from the song sean airport and ty pay, it's a regional and military base. that was, that's pillows he's playing right there. when she was touching down and his she is coming down the rampart. now the flight trucking website flight radars at the number of people around the world following her jet reach 700000. it's a reported record figure about tracking service and wearing a face mask. the u. s. how speak us stepped off the plane around $1050.00 p. m local time. of course. first things 1st you go to stop for p, austin, and then get your picture taken with your tie when he's buddies. she said her visit is evidence of a u. s. commitment to support taiwanese democracy. policy has become the highest
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ranking american official to visit the self ruled island and 25 years. now. in response to harvard to china, the military has begun drills and at least 3 areas all around fi, $121.00 chinese war play and also and to tie one's ed defense identification zone. and military drills will include non nuclear missile launches from the sea, just east of the island territory, and according to various military sources, this includes the use of weapons on coordination between destroy as war ships and fighter jets that's high winds. islands are said to have all been put on full combat alert. and this is some unverified footage of exercises supposedly taking place in china's fuji and province that is just across the taiwan strait. ah.
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so the white house said the u. s. will not allow itself to be intimidated and will take old necessary measures to ensure the safety of nancy pelosi and washington has a rather ambivalent position towards china are officially called us one china policy. it acknowledges beijing is the only legitimate government for the whole of china that includes tie one. however, that along with calls with a peaceful resolution of the ty, one issue has not prevented the us from maintaining unofficial relations with. ty pay for example. washington likes to sell weapons to the island of china, said that the us need to stop quote, playing the tie one cart. this is a serious violation of the one china principle. there is but one china in the world
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today. one is an inalienable part of china's territory. china strongly urges the united states to stop playing the taiwan card and using taiwan to contain china. one china policy has been a definitive aspect of us china relations for the past 40 year. but today's visit by nancy pelosi seems to put all of that on the brink of destruction. the one china policy is that the united states acknowledges the people's republic of china as the one chinese government on the mainland. it does not have diplomatic relations with the government on time one than an advocate, taiwan being peacefully reintegrated with the mainland into one giant. now it appears that despite the fact that nancy pelosi has gone to taiwan, the white house and john kirby and others that us state department are maintaining that the one china policy does in fact, remain intact with us. they are not backing away from that. however, we're seeing signals to the contrary,
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a lot of actions by the united states and the lead up to today's big of that have indicated that the u. s. the one china policy may be on the brink of being revoked . this is what we heard from a representative of the american institute in taiwan observing recent trends, the united states no longer sees taiwan is a problem in our relations with china. we see it as an opportunity to advance our shared vision for a free and open in the pacific and also as a beacon to people's around the world who aspire for a more just safe, prosperous and democratic world. now you have the visuals in 5th, they are not wavering on the issue of taiwan. however, it doesn't help when you have the president of the united states making remarks like this. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment we made. now we see us official giving mixed signals almost as if they're not talking to each other before they make their statement or engage in
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their actions contradictory messages being sent by washington. the world is quite nervous about this, as they fear it could push things onto the brink of another global crisis. but we did speak with human rights, the labor lawyer, dan kovachick, just a bit earlier. he says the us has its own interest in policies visit, haven't this. hello. see. is trying to add a fuel to the fire. she is. this visit is very provocative. she knows that china has a red line on taiwan. she knows that china did not want her to go, and the u. s. continues to cross these red line again, even though it would act very aggressively if other countries cross their many red lines. this seems insane. shells are very important position in american politics. it is very hard for me to believe that she is there without the tacit support of
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the executive branch. and in fact, if she's not there with that support, she's actually violating the law. she's violating the logan act, which forbids people like her outside the executive branch, which holds the foreign policy power from engaging in their own foreign policy. you can't do that. there's laws against that, frankly, that my country's being run by mad people who seem to be willing to bring the world to the brink of possible nuclear war. and it's quite, quite scary. i think the u. s. views every country as an asset or tool or a vehicle toward something else you. ukraine is discovered this, right, the us really push them into this war, which is a bit out or in the program here on our team during our special role in coverage. i discussed pelosi visit as high one as a part of her whole asia to the discussion with a corresponded ortiz, rachel blevins. hello. he's finally touched down there. you know,
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even even in the face of all of this rhetoric from china, hello, she apparently had to make a visit. what are your expectations now that she's here? you know, she released that statement right after she touched down and which she claim that she was there to support were she referred to as taiwan vibrant democracy. she also went as far as to say that she does not believe that she is in violation of the one china policy, which is absolutely not how beijing sees it is not what they have worn again and again, when it came to the lead up to this proposed visit now as far as her itinerary for while she's there, there are a lot of questions about what it's going to look like because her team did not initially say that this was the plan, right? they gave her list of places that she was going to visit in asia, and taiwan was not on that list. so there are some questions about who she's going to talk to when it comes to officials. and of course, what she's going to say while she's there, given the fact that we now have these tensions increasing between the us and china
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all around exactly where lucy is right now. now it was also notable that she talked about democracy there because it makes you wonder how do the people of taiwan see this visit. and what we've heard is from people on the ground there who say they are concerned about the long term impacts of policies, visit that will play out and impacted them long after she has returned to the united states. take listen to what was said. it's all about the interest they use taiwan, they use that your political mom measure to to benefit them. so they only care about how the government can be holding the power it is in them states. okay, so they just used high one to get their attention for domestic market from good to lucy, touch china's bottom line. she touch the red line. so both of us and china have to
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take actions accordingly. only pelosi will benefit from the elusive visit. that's all you know, hello, sees visit will add tensions across the taiwan strait, which has no benefit at all for the taiwan people. i really hope the americans won't come around to mess things up so that we can live a peaceful life policy talking about taiwanese democracy, taiwanese democracy here, and you hear some of the comments from the locals as saying they're really concerned because this is, it's flaring an awful lot of tension between the 2 biggest players on the world block these days. yeah, it is curious as the kind of rhetoric that's coming out of close his mouth these days. how is the how speaker actually really justify? well, you know, we haven't heard much from her in terms of what she believes as the justification for this visit. even with that statement that she released just a couple of hours ago. but in all of this, it's also been notable to see how the white house has responded to this, right? you get president biden, who himself has admitted that the u. s. military did not think this trip was
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a good idea that they were concerned about the ways in which it would increase tensions between the us and china, exactly as we have seen. and then at the same time, you also had secretary of state lincoln who spoke out and said that the decision was entirely up to nancy pelosi herself. and you think about all of the possible ramifications that could come out of this between the world's 2 largest economies. and yet you have the white house sitting there saying it is the speaker of the house who is allowed to make this decision and to do something that would lead to the current tensions that we're seeing. and yet when we've looked back at the statements that nancy pelosi is me and she's kind of shrugged it off and downplayed the situation to say the least, tackle is know what she said earlier. the president, earlier well, earlier in his term talked about a strong emphasis on the asian pacific. he, he has visited there as vice president visited, the secretary of commerce and others. and we were the congress of the united states
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to be part of that initiative. of course, as a west coast person, we see that pacific as they're, you know, that they're their home. we're part of that as well. so you can see there, she's almost shrugging it off as if it's no big deal. she's just going to say more of the pacific ocean, and yet we look at all of the ramping tensions that we're seeing between the u as in china right now. that makes you wonder if she truly realizes the impact of this visit. that let's take the politicians rhetoric out of the equation for now. rachel, what's, what's the general view in america regarding this whole thing? yeah, there seem to be more questions than answers as to why a policy is embarking on a trip like this. right? with everything that's going on in the u. s. right now with the american people who have repeatedly said that they're concerned about skyrocketing gasper prices about inflation. but all of the issues they have going on at home, they're wondering why the speaker of the house is making a trip like this and why she's costing the american taxpayers millions of dollars
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in security in order to make this possible. and that really is reflected in some of the voices that we're hearing speaking out now questioning why now, why this trip and why is this something that polosa embarked on? here's the latest on that. nothing good will come of it. taiwan will not be more secure or more prosperous as a result of this purely symbolic visit. and a lot of bad things could happen. these include a chinese military response that could result in the u. s. being plunged into in direct conflict with a nuclear armed russia and a nuclear armed china. at the same time this week with the blessing, the by the ministration, nancy pelosi decided to head to taiwan. that's all but confirmed at this point, government officials in taipei have just been notified that policies rival is imminent. should we be in the air right now? she's definitely coming. one source told the wall street journal. you only variable is whether she spends the night. so nancy pelosi goes to taipei, what's the effect of that? well, we don't need to guess the chinese government has said repeatedly and clearly that
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if nancy pelosi lands in taiwan, it could trigger a global war. are you here to provoke a wall or to start a wall? what the hell are you doing here? hello, see? so we've heard a reaction, the outer beijing, we've heard a bit of muffled reaction out of washington dc. what about the rest of the world? it's rather quiet at the moment we have any other international reaction to that. yeah, you know, is interesting because earlier this week when policy was in singapore, the premier, there actually said that the focus needed to be on maintaining stable relations between the united states and china. that that was something that was in all of their best interest in the region. at the same time, we've also heard from moscow a spokesperson for the kremlin, spoke out and referred to this trip as extremely provocative, noting that russia stands with china and also that moscow understands that frustration that is coming to from beijing when it comes to this visit in the fact that the united states has continued to carry out. so certainly
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a lot of moving parts here, a lot to keep an eye on, and these consequences will likely be felt long after this visit is over. the thing is, any chance at nancy pelosi could actually get stuck there because in the coming days i saw a picture of a map that we're trying to basically publish. and so we're going to be doing these lie fire drills on the west side of taiwan on the east side of taiwan to the north and south in the coming days. is it possible that policy could actually get stuck, that? you know, that's an excellent question at the same time, we've seen the u. s. military really focus on trying to build up some sort of buffer zone, but you're right, that is china's region that is right in their backyard. and so if they wanted to make it difficult, they arguably could. now the question is going to become what they decide to do. and of course, how the united states decides to react, if the by an administration is really going to step in and ramp tensions even more than what they already are at right now. we'll just ahead to policies, visit a group of locals, gathered outside the grand hyatt hotel in taipei city, which is where she's staying. protesters are waved, flags sheltered slogans, and the loud speakers as they made their feelings. pretty clear about her trip. now
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the vice chairman of the shanghai center for rim pack and international studies i nelson wong believes the policies trip is actually a clear provocation by washington, which will have consequences. it is actually the, the us, the american arrogance or that is playing with fire is meddling into the domestic affairs of another country. and in this case, it is china. everybody knows that taiwan is part of china. this trip itself is going to be a symbolic one. only, and it's us what, it only serves her personal interest, this has consequences and a half repercussions. so that's why china is, you know, making a quite drastic reactions. it hurts the feeling of the chinese people. i think this incident will be marked in the history of us china relations, not as
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a positive one, but as a very disastrous point. this is not only at national thing for china, this us arrogance, this american arrogance pools handling relations with other countries is not acceptable in this 21st century. and this is something i think the rest of the world should come to realize all the renovations of policies that have already been felt on the local markets. shares fell in semiconductor manufacturers and taiwan at the home of the largest such companies in the world. overall, taiwanese stock dropped around 2 percent as the biggest fall in 3 weeks. the unprecedented visit of the u. s. house speaker brought down the values of a number of industry giants. in addition, the fallen stalks was not only felt in taiwan, but also with other global semiconductor manufacturers as well. well either in the
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program or my colleague, you know, neal discuss the situation with alfred design, the professor of international law and angelo, juliano, a political and financial analyst. we americans love annoying. we are focusing our fingers and grow their eyes from the shows that we are number one, and we don't even realize that we are 6. we do this because it makes us feel good. it's part of the informational war, and it's part of pino, full, the, it is feeding into the of the chinese as we have been led to fear. russia, fear of russia that are. so by definition we're the good guys, and we're fighting the good. what i don't believe is how and these are buying it, and the rest of the world is not buying in latin. america is not buying it. neither is india. and of course, not rush hour,
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russia and many other countries in europe with china, apparently not carrying military maneuvers in the area. is this historically recently, at least the closest we've come to a major incident between the 2 powers? yes, absolutely. so keep in mind, this is a sure force shannon needs to do something. shanna doesn't want to lose face. it was he cause to taiwan. something needs to happens if the u. s. is thinking that china bluff, it's making a huge mistake. international community would not point directly finger at the us and say that ultimately, if there's a refund response, the responsibility would come from china. so it's, it's just, it's been all quality coordinated these, it's not, it's not a private enterprise. he of nancy pelosi, what they want to do in asia is to fight china to the last time when he's there we
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have other countries fighting to was on behalf of the u. s. one could also ask, just as alfred alluded to their how helpful this is for the taiwanese themselves. is there an argument to be made that they could be left in a much more tense environment done before despite but pelosi is trying to achieve or see if she wants to, to keep in mind that how one is actually de facto economically integrated with china. so you have a de facto integration. it is going against how wants interest? well, the vice president of the set of china and globalization, victor gower. i spoke with him a short time ago. he says that a polosa completely disregarded warnings from beijing not to visit taiwan. nancy pelosi now in tie bay is completely disregard the repeated counseling by the us president joe biden. timing was not right for her to visit taiwan. and she completely disregarded the repeated walden by the chinese government. because china
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says her visit will hollow out the one china policy will be in violation on the one china policy and will really cause more damage to china. us relations. what she brings is only bad news and disaster she made really grow a big wedge in the china, us relations on the one hand and in the cross street relations. on the other hand, i think it is the aggressive nature of the united states. in this part of the world, and this is also one reason why we do not have regional stability and peace prevailing to a very large extent. that's very away from tie one for a bit here and get to some other stories on the international. as we understand it is a so called leader has been killed in american drones dry can cobble or they attack rock. the center of the african capital reported
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a drone fire 2 missiles at the al qaeda leader as he stepped onto the balcony of a house where he lived with family members. one taliban spokesman describe the u. s . operation as a violation of international principles, but president joe biden had said that he would promise to fight terrorists enough dennis. time. now, justice has been delivered in this terrorist layer is no more. and i made a promise to the american people that we continue to conduct effective counterterrorism operations in afghanistan and beyond. we've done just that as cross loc now to scott, a shoes, to bring out some details on this score here. very good evening to you for moscow. it sounds like a big target for the us getting wiped out any more details for us. white house has announced a c i a lead us missile drawn strike launch from within afghanistan has killed achieve. i'm in our harry as i was here, he was thought to be one of the main planners of the attack on the u. s. s. cole
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and 2000 as well as 911. a $25000000.00 bounty had been placed on his head. president joe biden, still under isolation from testing positive a 2nd time for cove. it actually delivered remarks and a prime time announcement. the news in a rear sure of bipartisanship, gained, appraised from both a democrat and republican lawmakers all for the death of the al qaeda leader. however, the strike also exposed the substantial power that al qaeda garners in afghanistan, as well as the continued strength of the terrorist group in 20 years later. maybe it's because over the last 20 years, united states actually found al qaeda to be an ally in regards to the conflict and syria. don't take my word for it. this is actually articulated in 2012 by an e mail from a jake sullivan to his boss at the time. secretary of state hillary clinton, where he says, al qaeda is on our side and syria. now around that same time,
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us intelligence reports show that to terrorist attacks ordered by zola. here he himself occurred in the syrian capital of damascus and a one additional bombing in a leper which killed at least $28.00 people. now als our hearing, what did muslims all around the world to show their support for those rebels in syria who wanted to overthrow president bush r l. a thought as our hoary also visited america, silicon valley around the time of the september 11th, 2001 attacks. all of this despite being appointed back in 1993 by osama bin lot and as the 2nd in command and al qaeda. now the purpose he was here to fund rate and all our harry was hosted by a u. s. double agents and u. s. army special forces veteran. i'll aid mohammed. now u. s. anti i says on by brent mcgregor actually garnered much anger for his comments regarding the syrian opposition. when he exposed the syrian opposition,
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strong ties to al qaeda and it lip lip province is the largest al qaeda's safe haven since 911 tied directly to i'm and also hearing. now i join the course of those who are praising the death of a terrorist. however, i find it very ironic for those in the u. s. government who are patting each other actually on the back for the death of someone they possibly help grow in power reporting for r t. i'm scotty, now he's tired out. he's got a huge the latest on the killing of a. i'm and i was a water. thanks very much scott. he will speak to you soon. thank you for thanks or joining us to run out international with our special coverage as well. of nancy pelosi lannigan, taipei. it's about ha phosphor in the morning that more details the come when we return soon. oh
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ah . what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation. let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time time to sit down and talk
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with with . mm welcome to the part the american approach did it well could be reduced to one bumper sticker? it could be, this perception is reality going to in the early ninety's by the come then republican strategy. we ask what it may ample use of both codes and did a treats, but nonetheless, through very effective in securing the presidential victories of reagan and george h. w. bush, 40 years on how big is the gap between american perception and global reality? to discuss that i'm now joined by luke sheen,
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an anchor with china state drum tv on channel. she has great pleasure for me to talk to you. are you big for out of your work? thank you very much for making the time for me. thank you for the invitation. yes, i come from c g t n. we call ourselves the international television of china. i mentioned you're working for a space channel without any judgement. i myself work for a space on this channel. and in fact, the great value in, in a national effort to try to shape the global storage. but i noticed that when you talked to some of our western colleagues, they, they're always a bit skeptical. it's not condescending, all of your affiliation. if this, your deletion somehow influences the quality of your work. you have, you have any, anything to say. i the reason why i have to correct people almost all the time,
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including my colleagues from our teams, for instance, is because i believe this is part of the essence to use perception to shape people's understanding of the world. because in a western context, the word state is almost has very negative connotation to it. it's opposed to the people. it represents power that is not necessarily representing the overall interest of the people. it is kind of viewed as the opposite side. whereas in the eastern context, for instance, is very different. and so i don't, i don't want to be given that label before i open my mouth, which is the case every time. and i don't know about your case on twitter for instance. we are, we are given the label status in the media which immediately gives people the impression that we are also credible or what we.


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