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a trail ah, when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, china accuses the u. s. of threatening international peace and security by spending trillions on nuclear arms development and basing nuclear weapons around the world. russia opens a probe and to those days did me shelling of the ukrainian truth, which killed 8 people, including a 12 year old gold. moscow slammed poland for removing the russian exhibition that the ash was concentration camps. moral saying it's another attempt to rewrite history with hello and welcome to our team international. we're coming to life on the russian
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capital. my name is paula sophia. thank you so much for joining us. china has accused us of posing a threat to international peace and security with its diverse nuclear arsenal. cooling on washington to reduce its deployments and restore dialogue with basing on arms control issues facing, made the statements during the non proliferation of nuclear weapons review conference in new york. chinese representatives planned the u. s. for investing trillions donna's and the development of different types of nuclear weapons warning this could lower the threshold for the use of such weapons. beijing also chief washington of undermining the regional and global strategic balance by developing advanced missile defenses in asia and europe. as well as saving nuclear weapons with non nuclear states, calling on washington to stop the practice. the united states should withdraw all its nuclear weapons from europe and refrain from deploying nuclear weapons in any other region. any attempt to replicate nato's nuclear sharing model in the asia
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pacific region would undermine regional strategic balance instability and would be firmly opposed by the countries in the region. and when necessary. they severe countermeasure and us has long been trying to include basing and arms control. negotiations with many american officials came in time as nuclear build up, maybe the stabilizing. but victor go, vice president of the center for china, and globalization disagrees. thing us policies are the real source of instability, china and other countries need to, to, to, to make the appeal to the united states. so that the united states is not going to maybe one family use the threat of nuclear weapons for the rest of the roach. because for the united states to constantly henry and nuclear weapons, white plains fights naval ships as well as the marines, without letting the rest of the world know about batch, without disclosing in a sub vision matter to those countries by which they will carry these weapons to is
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really an actual is a responsibility and it. ready needs to great instability. while it's de swing off time is large scale military exercises in the region and response to tie one's hosting of us health because nancy pelosi, the as part of a live fire role savings loans, multiple missiles including ballistic one experts came. it was the 1st time chinese miss hall had flown over tie one bills are being conducted in 6 zones around the island, 3 of which overlap areas that i pay claims a part of its territorial waters. k one says it's was funded by activating its defense systems and came 11 of the massage landed in waters around the island. i
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pay was reportedly forced to cancel at least 40 flight due to the chinese miller control. is an airline for trying to avoid tie when a faith, however, i pay has managed to remove some international flight. phasing says it has long time warned about the possible consequences of policies visit, calling it a violation of tiny sovereignty. when they thought china has made it clear many times that we are firmly opposed to pelosi visit. and we made it clear that once the visit has made, it would be a serious violation of the one china principal and a grave infringement on china's sovereignty and territorial integrity. china will definitely take strong and resolute measures in response, and all consequences shall be borne by the u. s. side. so do not say that we did not warn in advance about the implications of this incident. she was actually in response, washington has decided to re schedule its own ballistic missile test as tensions
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with china surrounding the tie. one quite so continue to wise. the white house has highlighted us policies as responsible in contrast to china's which according to the united states, only worsening the crisis. as china engages in the stabilizing military exercises around taiwan, the united states is demonstrating instead, the behavior over responsible nuclear power. by reducing the risks of miscalculation and this perception. and while washington fast to downplay policy says that to tie one ortiz rachel, bless them, and takes a look at the indecision of american officials and whether the trip was approved. nancy pelosi is 19 our trip to taiwan was watched by the world. but it's the white house that continues to send mix signals on whether the house speaker had their blessing. national security council spokesperson, john kirby appeared ready to rewrite history as he insisted that everyone had been on the same page the entire time. i don't know that there was
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a public that would speaker for lucy. i mean, we've been nothing but consistent here at the white house that we respect your decision to go. this is her decision that we provided her, obviously the support context analysis that she needed to make her decision. but that's not actually how it all played out. as a reminder, following pelosi announcement that she was planning to visit taiwan, president biden declined to give his full support even admitting that the pentagon said the plan was not a good idea. i think that the military thinks it's not a good idea right now, but i don't know what the status of it is. even mainstream report said the white house disagreed with pelosi and that officials were quote, fuming at her insistence on going to taiwan. despite the clear concerns over the ways in which the trip would serve to increase tensions with china. however, it was warnings from beijing that of course led some of the most hawkish politicians in washington to insist that pelosi must go. because the chinese government was the one telling her that she shouldn't the idea of her going to
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visit. ty wants a good thing in my view because the chinese communist party is no friend to freedom democracy, we believe in democracy, and we believe that the taiwanese people have a right to that democracy. that's exactly the message that speaker pelosi is taking with her today. she's, she's paying believes that they can move about the cabin pretty darn freely and they can intimidate us. we can't let it happen. a sign me up jessie, it's a strange place to be, but i'm with nancy on this one. i, i think china should not have any say over were american emission officials travel . i think if the speaker wants to go, she should go. but instead of flat out telling the house that she could not go to taiwan, they took a different route in which they tried to distance themselves from it. instead, they insisted the decision was entirely up to pull lucy, as if she was the highest ranking official in washington, and there was nothing they could have done to stop her. the speaker will make her own decisions about whether or not to visit taiwan congress as
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a independent co equal french government. the decision is entirely speakers. we have been clear from the very beginning that she will make her own decisions and that congress is an independent branch of government. however, that concerns about the impact that polo sees night in taiwan were even acknowledged by mainstream outlets like the new york times who published an article, calling the trip, quote, utterly reckless and cnn who warned against how it would further do stabilize the already tense relations between the u. s. and china, while some saw this trip as a career highlight of storage for the 82 year old house speaker, speculation still remains as to why she was so set ongoing to taiwan in the 1st place. during the trip, she talked about upholding a vibrant democracy, standing with taiwan and achieving unspecified goals for taiwan, raising questions about whether the u. s. plans to do more than just so weapons to
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the island province. but while the aging pointed out the ways in which the u. s. violated the one china policy. 2 kirby insisted that was not the case. we're obviously monitoring her travel as we always do for members of congress. and we've taken all appropriate measures to ensure the safety of her travel throughout the region. let me be clear. the speakers visit is totally consistent with our long standing one china policy. we've been very clear that nothing has changed about i want child policy. meanwhile, senators bob menendez and lindsey graham are using the timing to introduce a bipartisan bill that would completely restructure the policy with china that the u. s. has respected for decades. our bill is the largest expansion of the military and economic relationship between our 2 countries. in decades. when it comes to taiwan, our response should be that we are for democracy and against communist aggression. we live in dangerous times. china is sizing up america and our commitment to taiwan . the danger will only grow worse if we show weakness in the face of chinese
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threats and aggression toward taiwan. not only were the bill proposed upgrading ties with taiwan, it would also set a new precedent by allowing the us to provide offensive weapons that could reach the chinese mainland. notably, the white house isn't on board with a plan just yet with reports saying that it is encouraging democratic senators to oppose the unprecedented legislation. so it appears that the only consistency from the white house is the mixed messages it send, as it continues to leave the most pressing questions on us policy towards china and the future of policy toward taiwan up in the air, despite seen just how much 19 hours and one hill speaker conserved to increase tensions between the world's 2 largest economies. the russian investigative committee has opened, approved into thursday shilling of the next by ukrainian troops. the next for public officials say 8 people, including a 12 year old girl, were killed and at least 5 others injured. a warning to view as you may find the
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following. images disturbing. according to local officials around 10 projectile hit the next city center damaging several buildings, and that's 14 to see the movement. the dom bus palace hotel with jennifer based was hits law camera crew members believe to have suffered concussion in the incident. the strikes happened just before a communication service and a local theater for recently killed didn't. it's melissa commander or those present . what evacuated to shelters. canadian journalist eva bartlett, who narrowly escaped the strike, spoke to us earlier. the 1st blast occurred around 10 20 am in a series of blast. within a few minutes i. when things calm down turtle, i started going outside to document the damage. there was unfortunately one dead woman just outside the hotel. i was actually in the hotel when it started. i was working and i went and after the 1st 3 very strong explosions,
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i went to the hotel lobby. ah, and at the time that the assistant to the camera man was injured, that was the 5th blast, a very powerful blast right next to the hotel. i had just stepped back from the, from the lobby. so it, thankfully of, i'm sorry that he was injured, but yeah that's, that's where i was at the time and about an hour prior. i had been working in the room that took the most damage out because that this hotel is a journalist, go to it because it's a central location and it has powerful why fi and those her tools that we need. so i'm pretty sure that ukraine knows that this is a hotel that journalists, i stay in and i don't think that this was accidental. i do believe they were attacking the funeral intentionally. this was a slain dpr kernel. people attending the funeral would have been civilians would have been enormous. people not, not necessarily military, even if they were military. the fact is, this is a residential civilian area, not military target. a time that the blasts were occurring. it was chaotic and confusing. although i have to say people here are quite resilient and they've been
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dealing with these kind of shelling for 8 years. so for them it's nothing new for me also. it isn't anything new. but there were, there definitely was chaos because you don't know how long the blasts are going to continue. you don't know how strong they're going to be, how much more damage if they had the hotel once they could hit it many times more. so in that sense, there was a lot of confusion. it's now calm, but people ever, of course, on edge knowing that ukraine has struck the center already a few times not could happen at any moment. global human rights organization. amnesty international has stated ukrainian forces intentionally. you schools, hospitals, and other civilian objects, as bases for the troops to launch attacks. we have documented a pattern of ukrainian forces put in civilians. a trace can violate the loss of war . wendy operates in populated areas. at $22.00, out of $29.00 schools visited, amnesty researches either hall and soldiers using the passes or found evidence of
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currents or prior military activity. includes in the past sense of military fatigues, discarded munitions on the ration packets and military vehicles. amnesty added to the crane has been endangering its own civilians by placing troops and waste weapon systems in residential areas. binding the move, a violation of humanitarian law. they demand in key of stop putting civilians in harms way and evacuate them from battle grounds. the organization gave moscow for causing casualties and civilian areas by using hind, destructive weapons to target ukraine's military, as well as indiscriminate attacks, wash and foreign ministry spokesperson, maria the her over said russia has been reporting on care of using civilians as human shields for some time journalist and author, look we've, it saves cranes, military have been endangering civilians with these tactics for p. r purposes. steve international which is respected everywhere, weights in the west. that is important because so it's usually very much less
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leaning and, and perceived as, as quite neutral. and in this are really on mentioning things that are totally unacceptable. so on for the governments, it will be difficult in germany as well as everywhere. france, italy in other places because there will be questions they think simply that the population that the severe population is a protection for them. that's all they just high within the population in the cities and villages just to, to avoid the shelling of the russian artillery. that's so really not the way to to wrong to, to behave in a conflict for an army, but of course then they can produce their press release is saying that the rush army aim surprised and killing civilians by shelling schools and hospitals and showing photos of hospitals forgetting that it is their troops, your gray and troops that were in the building and were show by the russian army.
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russia is strengthening global relations with states outside the western block. as many analysts believe, relations with russia will not return to levels before the ukraine crisis. foreign ministers of the asian group of south east asian nations are meeting in cambodia with russia's top diplomat. so they'll evolve said to hold bilateral meetings with counterparts this year. cambodia, invited foreign ministers from 39 countries to various meetings that in the asia in a framework. among the issues on the agenda are climate change. sustainable development and territorial disputes evolve will be holding meetings in cambodia after his as a, to my mom, which he said was aimed expanding compensation and dialogue quote, we are so good variety of groups that eurostar news, roma received by george ruth rush. russia supports my most historic choice and is committed to strengthening a pensive strategic dialogue, as well as expanding practical cooperation in all areas. we're convinced that the
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entire system of our interaction objectively contributes to strengthening the regional security in architecture. and sustainable development is important that we're united by a firm commitment to the formation of a more just and democratic multi polar world orders. so that's in contrast to the restaurants on line mar, with washington considering imposing sanctions on the country. the white house chooses the military on top of suppressing descent. the military has been governing the state since last year as crew. the plans to hold parliamentary elections. washington has also been pressing asian states to been mind marta account for alleged human rights abuses. all countries have to continue to speak clearly about what the regime is doing and it's ongoing repression and brutality. and i think all the other countries need to hold the regime accountable for that or to continue to amanda to me association of violence, the release of political prisoners and the restoration of from us democratic death
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. some experts came, the u. s. is more land not by the alleged flaws in democratic rule, but rather by the role of mind mark in chinese projects, namely by the belt and road initiative. the concept was announced over 10 years ago and envisages economy, economic trade, transport and other types of cooperation between more than 60 states across europe, asia and africa. with china taking the lead role. it said to a place to other projects, the silkwood economic belt, and the 21st century maritime silk road. it could also undermine newest dominance by increasing the economic significance other emergent powers. we spoke to political activists and journalists, raina sheer, who says my mom is still in some ways a u. s. in new colony. i believe that overall is going to be realized. the main obstacle from what i can tell to the built in ro initiatives implementation is us meddling and us efforts to so violence,
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economic deprivation chaos across the formally colonized world. and an important piece of that demonize ation is portraying what china is doing as an equivalent to what us imperialism is doing. needs to portray china as neo colonial as exploitive as having alteri or motives for what it's doing wherever the united states deems necessary to. so conflict, it uses any means necessary to do so. the equivalent is happening in me m r, which was a u. s. neil calling and still in many ways is moving out to poland, where moscow has slammed that country decision to shut down. the russian exhibition at the outfits book and museum saying it's another attempt to raise the memory of
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the sacrifice. so if people made in world war 2, alpha canal is a former nazi death camp in southern poland way over a 1000000 people were killed in the war. the weight army liberated the site, which became one of the main symbols of the holocaust watches museum of the patriotic war, used to maintain a permanent exhibition on the site that war for has now refused to extend the memorial. the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman says this is an attempt to revive the history. do you understand that the outputs birkenau museum isn't disneyland, where you can just change signs, paint, store windows in different colors. and generally refresh the exposition from time to time, inventing new attractions and getting rid of the old ones in order to keep the public entertained. you can't change history simply because the current political conjuncture requires this view. second, american journalist and historian abortion mileage told us that numerous polish attempts to raise historical facts may student backfire. this has been going on for
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quite some time, and i think that was official washer warsaw is using the conflict. ukraine is a convenient excuse to push forward the agenda that they've been pursuing for quite some time. now they cited this crazy excuse that. oh, you know you didn't file the paperwork in time. it's problem is that nothing to do with co bated have nothing to do with the conflict in ukraine. it's simply an ongoing effort by the polish government to basically rewrite history. outreach is a horrible place where truly horrific things happened. and to try to tell the history of it by air brushing certain things like who liberated it from the nazis is, is wrong. when you have a country that has airbrush its history from inconvenient things from its history, you get a government that tends to paulo and repeat the same mistakes of its predecessors, pure, racy things from history. you blind yourself to lessons of it and the,
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and this can only, this can only backfire speaking of the conservative political action conference in dallas and gary prime minister, victor all been reiterated cause for the biden administration to engage in talks with moscow over the conflict in ukraine without a murder come russia, bokes data will never be peace in ukraine. more and more people will die and suffer and our economy, and we come to the brink collapse. i cannot tell you what to do. it's your full range diffusion. i can, however, you one think only strong leaders are able to make beef. turing, his speech, the hungarian prime minister, office for the need for ukrainian refugees to return to the home country. open told the gathering that an average of $10000.00 refugees are entering hungry each day.
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although most travel onward further into europe, some 6 and a half 1000000 ukrainians have entered the use of february, according to fund takes the border and coast guard agency around half have since returned to ukraine. when it's cross live, now tis steve gill, radio host, and political commentator. thanks so much for joining us. yeah. the prime minister is the only western leader calling for direct peace talks between russia and the united states over the conflict and ukraine. do you think that his call will be heard by the us government or the european politicians? and if yes, could other leaders follow suit? you know, they can take the leader to start the progress storage at least talking. you're not going to find any resolution to a conflict like you have between russia and ukraine when, when nobody's talking. nobody's trying to bring the parties together to find a resolution. i think it's interesting that prime minister orbit has calling on the
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present to, to talk to conservative leaders in europe and in and in russia when president by money, even talk to conservative leaders in our own congress incentive. so i think unfortunately, it's probably a pipe dream by the prime minister of hungry, but i think that is, it is time for talk to start replacing the bluster, the propaganda, and the military fighting between ukraine and russia, tonia, speech open said the west is that war with itself, what do you make of that statement? is he this associating himself from the foreign policy of the european union? and he's definitely distancing himself from the, from the european union. and you do see the inviting there. you know, you had france and germany and others that were all the end was backing your crane until, you know, they're, they're recognizing that winter is coming and the lack of oil and gas will cause people to freeze to death. they're concerned and have been concerned about the flow of grain out of ukraine so,
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so you're seeing them start to shift away from their top talk at the beginning of the conflict, and then you've got others that are still trying to stand firm the united states. unfortunately, i think taking the lead in, sending more and more money constantly ukraine without any accountability of how it's being spent, or when that flow of money from american taxpayers will end. so i do think they are serious ripped, in the european union about the ukraine, russia conflicts, and i know there's a serious rip between american taxpayers and the by did ministration on how much longer we can continue to support ukraine financially, economically. and militarily, how do you think victor all been in viewed by his waist and counterparts? could the criticism he's facing be related to his relationship with president putin? yeah, i think he clearly has a better relationship with president putin than say, most of the european leaders and certainly better than president biden the president to have. but that's the kind of conciliatory. let's sit down and talk
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move, but you need from leaders like or been in order to try to bridge the gap between, you know, just painting president putin as this evil monster which made play well in the press may play well with the president by objectives, but it doesn't, in the conflict, it doesn't in the, the, the human suffering is going on and ukraine, it was his thing. i think there was, there were some talk this week about whether ukraine would, would even consider giving up some of those territories in eastern ukraine. and i think that their, their posture with interesting and saying, we can't consider that because we're not sure that russia would stop if we locked in where they are. again, i think that shows at least a willingness to consider it. if they can find a way to confirm getting the parties to stay where they are, you know, in the, in the near future. what about opens view that a piece deal can only be negotiated between russia and the united states? you have other politicians saying that it can only be ukraine, that takes the lead in doing that. what is your take on that?
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well, sadly, i think, you know, orbit is right. i think that the sad part is that i don't think that president biden is that strong leader who can, can, can kind of but what the union and what french and german and other european are taking as a posture. i do think he's right. if we had a strong president like barbara president trump, i think the same could have already been worked out. and again, ultimately russia and the u. s. should be on much better terms than we are right now. and that starts with getting back to the table talking and finding some common ground. and i think so many people would agree with you that it's time really for some kind of negotiation, steve gill, radio host and political commentator. thank you so much for joining us. your naughty, thank you. ah, now moving to iraq, where supporters of she had carried them october al serra continued to protest and call for a disillusion of parliament. demonstrators were ordered to leave the parliament building and continue the rally outside. i'll set his followers,
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stormed the parliament building on saturday. his party won the parliamentary elections in october. that was unable to master majority of support to form a government and decided to step down. this led to the coordination framework block, becoming the largest in parliament, that there was still no agreement on naming a new prime minister, president or cabinet. local correspondent mussa bill showed us what's been taking place inside the parliament building. this boy where i stand in front of the frontal gate, all the bell. i'm a bully, which goes to the as the new station to the potter's at that the reason for it to last year leadership look at those subtle which version i need to protest outside of the building. ah, some reporters get on the stage where i was going to lead utilize so rules,
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killer fellows and board on it. 7 but this way, we're sarcastic. 7 way as for us, 3rd, bates, these are group or peoples were sitting on these deputies. here's a morsel of them said we wish to use these positions to liberalize certain rules, which is wisdom to live and dignity. ah, then swell an opposition? nita one glider who has won a u. k. court ruling over control of around $1000000000.00 worth of gold held in the bank of england. the u. k. along with some other western countries recognizes lotto as the president of venezuela london high court ward court stone need to recognize judgments by the supreme tribunal of justice to venezuela, which concluded incumbent president madura should manage the gold. the venezuelan
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president has slammed the u. k. over the ruling to hand over control of the gold was of got the operation of kidnapping and festive venezuela. gold deposited in the votes of the bank of england by the central bank of venezuela is shameless and outrageous for the entire venezuelan community. for all the people of venezuela and the whole world must know that there is no legal security in london, nor in the bank of england. that at any moment any country or central bank in the world can be relatively international reserves. we spoke to daniel shaw, professor of latin american and caribbean studies at the city university of new york, who told us that the case high court's decision will hum ordinary venezuelans. this is, make you neo colonial aggression against that as well or against any country that they can't control who are the courts of england in the bank of england to determine what to do.


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