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[000:00:00;00] a with china accuses the u. s. threatening international peace and security by spending trillions on nuclear arms development and placing nuclear weapons around the world . crush open to probe and to thursday. v shelling of the nit by ukrainian which killed a people including a 12 year old girl, anger and prime minister to all the conservative. somebody in the u. s. has court on the biden administration to engage in polk with over the conflict in ukraine and moscow plan proponent for removing the russian exhibition that that also puts
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concentration camp memorial, saying it's another attempt to rewrite history with hello and welcome to the international. we're coming to life on the russian capital . my name is leah, thanks so much for joining us. china has accused us of posing a threat to international peace and security with its diverse nuclear arsenal, calling on washington to reduce its deployments and restore dialogue with beijing arms control issues. bathing made the state minister and the non proliferation of nuclear weapons review conference in new york. chinese representative slammed the u . s. for investing trillions of donna's and the development of different types of nuclear weapons. warning that this could lower the threshold for the use of such weapons, beijing or so choose washington of undermining the regional and global strategic
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balance by developing advanced missile defenses in asia and europe. as well as sharing nuclear weapons with non nuclear states. calling on washington to stop the practice. may will, the united states should withdraw all its nuclear weapons from europe and refrain from deploying nuclear weapons in any other region. any attempt to replicate nato's nuclear sharing model in the asia pacific region would undermine regional strategic balance instability and would be firmly opposed by the countries in the region. and when necessary. they severe countermeasure. the u. s. has long been trying to include beijing and arms control. negotiations with many american officials came in china's nuclear build up may be the stabilizing. but victor, golf, president of the center for china and globalization disagrees, saying us policies are the real source of instability. china and other countries need to do to make the appeal to the united states so that the united states is not going to maybe one timberly use the threat of nuclear. ready weapons for the rest
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of the world because for the united states to constantly henry nuclear weapons, white plains fights naval ships as well as the marines. without letting the rest of the world know about that without disclosing in the subdivision manner to those countries by which they will carry these weapons to is really an actual is irresponsibility. and it needs to break instability. meanwhile, it's day 3 of china's large scale military exercises in the region and responds to tie one hosting of us house because nancy pelosi, the as part of the live fire drill. beijing is launched multiple missile, including ballistic one experts came it was the 1st time chinese missiles had flown
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over time. one fills are being conducted in 6 stones around the island, 3 of which overlap areas that i pay claims a part of its own territorial waters. how one says it's responded by activating its defense systems and canes. 11 of them is solved, landed in waters of on the island type high was reportedly forced to cancel at least 40 flight due to the chinese military drill. asian airlines are trying to avoid the taiwanese a space, however, i pay has managed to reroute some international flight. aging says it has long time warned about the possible consequences of policies visit calling it a violation of chinese sovereignty. to me, when they thought china has made it clear many times that we are firmly opposed to pelosi visit. and we made it clear that once the visit has made, it would be a serious violation of the one china principal and a grave infringement on china's sovereignty. and territorial integrity,
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china will definitely take strong and resolute measures in response and all consequences shall be borne by the u. s. side. so do not say that we did not warn in advance about the implications of this incident. in response, washington has decided to re schedule its own ballistic missile test, as pensions with china surrounding the taiwan quest as continue to come to climb. the white house has highlighted us policies as responsible in contrast to china's which according to the us, are only worsting the crisis. as china engages in the stabilizing military exercises around taiwan, the united states is demonstrating instead, the behavior over responsible nuclear power. by reducing the risks of miscalculation and this perception. and while washington tries to downplay policies as a to tie one way chose ortiz, rachel blevins takes a look at the indecision of american officials on whether the trip was approved.
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nancy pelosi is 19 our trip to taiwan was watched by the world. but it's the white house that continues to send mix signals on whether the house speaker had their blessing. national security council spokesperson, john kirby appeared ready to rewrite history as he insisted that everyone had been on the same page the entire time. i don't know that there was a public that would speaker hello see. i mean, we've been nothing but consistent near the white us that we respect your decision to go. this is her decision that we provided her, obviously support context analysis that she needed to make her decision. but that's not actually how it all played out. as a reminder, following posies announcement that she was planning to visit taiwan, president biden declined to give his full support even admitting that the pentagon said the plan was not a good idea. i think that the military thinks it's not a good idea right now, but i don't know what the status of it is. even mainstream report said the white house disagree with pelosi and that officials were quote,
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fuming at her insistence on going to taiwan. despite the clear concerns over the ways in which the trip would serve to increase tensions with china. however, it was warning from aging. that of course led some of the most hawkish politicians in washington to insist that pelosi must go. because the chinese government was the one telling her that she shouldn't. she ping believes that they can move about the camera pretty darn freely, and they can intimidate us. we can't let it happen. i signed me up, jessie, it's a strange place to be, but i'm with nancy on this one. i think china should not have any say over where american emission officials travel. i think if the speaker wants to go, she should go. the idea of her going to visit taiwan is a good thing and not view because the chinese communist party is no friend of free in the democracy. but instead of flat out telling the house speaker that she could not go to taiwan, they took a different route in which they tried to distance themselves from it. instead, they insisted the decision was entirely up to pelosi as if she was the yes ranking
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official in washington. and there was nothing they could have done to stop her. the speaker will make her own decisions about whether or not to visit taiwan congress as a independent co equal french government. the decision is entirely speakers. however, that concerns about the impact that policies night in taiwan were even acknowledged by mainstream outlets like the new york times who published an article, calling the trip, quote, utterly reckless, and cnn who warned against how it would further do stabilize the already tens relations between the u. s. and china. while some saw this trip as a career highlight of storage for the 82 year old house speaker, speculation still remains as to why she was so set on going to taiwan in the 1st place. during the trip, she talked about upholding a vibrant democracy, standing with taiwan and achieving unspecified goals for taiwan, raising questions about whether the u. s. plans to do more than just so weapons to
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the island province. meanwhile, senators bob menendez and lindsey graham are using the timing to introduce a bipartisan bill that would completely restructure the policy with china that the u. s. has respected for decades. our bill is the largest expansion of the military and economic relationship between our 2 countries. in decades. when it comes to taiwan, our response should be that we are for democracy and against communist aggression. we live in dangerous times. china is sizing up america and our commitment to taiwan . the danger will only grow worse if we show weakness in the face of chinese threats and aggression toward taiwan. not only were the bill proposed upgrading ties with taiwan, it would also set a new precedent by allowing the us to provide offensive weapons that could reach the chinese mainland. notably, the white house isn't on board with the plan just yet with report saying that it is encouraging democratic senators to oppose the unprecedented legislation. so it appears that the only consistency from the houses, the mixed messages it send,
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as it continues to leave the most pressing questions on us policy towards china and the future of policy toward taiwan. up in the air, despite seen just how much 19 hours and one hill speaker conserved to increase tensions between the world's 2 largest economies. the russian investigative committee has opened a probe into those. they shelling of the knit by ukrainian troops, dennis republic official, say a people including a 12 year old girl were killed and at least 5 others were injured. and wanting to view, as you may find the following images disturbing. according to local officials, around 10 projectiles, hip and it says you santa damaging several buildings in this 14 you see the moment the don bus palace hotel where journalists were based was hit, an on t camera crew members believe to have suffered concussion in the incident. the strikes happened just before a communication service and
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a local theater for recently killed the next militia commander. all those present we evacuated to shelters. canadian journalist eva bartlett, who narrowly escaped the strike, spoke to us earlier. this is clearly an intentional strike on this facility. and its notable by the way, i went to the a hospital that was treating some of the injured after going to this prison. and although we weren't able to go inside to see the prisoners, they were in critical condition. a doctor did come out and give a statement and he said that the prisoners are in critical condition and they are undergoing surgeries, they're being given the medicine and the care that they need. and now i just want to point out the irony that russia is giving ukrainian presents, of, or medical treatment, no matter. you know, in spite of the fact that these are our enemy combatants. and it is ukraine that is caused, that is inflicted there of potentially mortal injuries on them. here's
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a perfect example of an out war crime committed by ukraine with western weaponry. and it is russia that is mopping up the mess. how do you think this incident is going to affect the morale among ukrainian troops currently in combat? well, i mean, we seen many videos being shared on social media and telegram, etc, of ukrainian troops saying like we don't have support from you know, our commanders were being or in some cases were being fired upon by our own army. were being deserted, are being sent out front lines when are not equipped to fight our being sent to our death. so i, i would say their morale was probably already quite low, but i mean, this is just the next blow. i mean, they, even, they were again, ironically in safe hands in russian imprisonment because they were being kept safe, they were being fed, et cetera. but nonetheless, they were targeted by their own government. i mean it's, it's, it's, i can't imagine they could have any morale at this point. we've seen similar things
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in syria. we, we had in syria a terrorist, whether there are al qaeda for syrian army, isis, et cetera, intimidating civilians from it wouldn't be the same as surrendering. but from crossing from terrorist held areas into syrian government areas intimidating them by threats that the government would rape or execute them. so we, and we've seen the same kind of strategies that have played out in syria, are being played out in ukraine. ukraine's military tactics have become the focus of amnesty international latest report. the global human rights organization has found ukrainian forces, intention, me, you, schools, hospitals, and other civilian objects. as bases for the troops to launch attacks. we have documented a pattern of ukrainian forces put in civilians. a trace can violate the loss of war when they operate in populated areas. at $22.00,
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out of $29.00 schools wasted amnesty researches either holland soldiers using the passes or found evidence of currents or prior military activity includes in the past and so military fatigues, discarded munitions, army ration packets, and military vehicles and misty added ukraine has been endangering its own civilians by placing troops and weapon systems in residential areas. branding the move, a violation of humanitarian law. they're demanding kids stop putting civilians in harm's way and evacuate them from old battle grounds. ukrainian president flooding has been in sky was highly critical of the report local budget. we saw today a completely different report. ready from amnesty international, which unfortunately tries to see the terrorist state and shift the responsibility from the aggressive to the the organization, ortho blame moscow for court and casualties and civilian areas by using highly destructive weapons to target ukraine's military. russian foreign ministry spokesman spokeswoman maria the however,
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said russia has been reporting on kia using civilians as human shields for some time. and the russian embassy in the us also says the allegations against the russian military distort the true facts on the ground. jonas and author look river, it says ukraine's military had been endangering civilians with these tactics for p all purposes. amnesty international which is respected everywhere, white's in west. that is important because it's usually very much less leaning and, and perceive this as quite neutral. and in this, there are really on mentioning things that are totally unacceptable. so for the governments, it will be difficult in germany as well as everywhere. france, italy in the public places because that will be questions they think simply that the population that this event population is a protection for them. that's all they just high within the population in the cities, in villages, just to,
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to avoid the shelling of the russian artillery that so really not the way to, to wrong to, to behave in a conflict for an army. but of course then they can produce that press release is saying that the rash army aim, surprised and killing civilians by shelling schools and hospitals and showing photos of hospitals. forgetting that it is their troops, your gray and troops that were in the building and were show by the russian army. meanwhile, tennessee republic forces came, they've taken control of most of the town of pesky. a crucial point used by ukrainian troops as firing position to target the dentist region. the militia is now moving towards a deaf cattle in the area are going out. his correspondent roman costs about reports on the ground. we are heading to the front line positions just on the outskirts of genetic along with the nest republics, 100 and 85th infantry battalion. now ukrainian positions are
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a mere 500 meters away from where we're heading. we have to walk very carefully and constantly look down because this area also came under shuttling many, many times, and ukraine had spread those butterfly mines here. once you step on one of those, you can tear your leg off. now this is one of the temporary positions of the 100 and 85th. a battalion of ids and nets, republic, ukrainian army positions are very close. this is a place where they arrest, you can see have a bunk beds right over there. and the guys are just waiting to stormy for any positions right now. have a chance to speak with one of the fighters, foremost, for faith. our battalion consists entirely of reservists. these are ordinary civilians who previously worked as teachers, doctors, salesman, miners, drivers. for those, we just want peace to finally come. so our wives will become and children will stop
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dying was working with all the fight has become more intense. the ukrainians have started fighting back more. but we've made a major push lately. half of the ukrainians aren't actively fighting. there are many people who were mobilized, who were forced to come here. the laser gazing at some of the ukranian surrender, but most of them are afraid of vanity. they can't go back close behind them won't let him out alive like his and if they move in our direction, they will be shot in the back group. i was how we've reached the frontline positions of the 185th infantry division, ukrainian army positions used to be had that a couple of 100 meters away from here. but now this battalion have already moved forward. so ukraine's positions are now at least 500 meters away. we are in the trenches at the moment and there are constant reminders. be careful, it says caution. the sniper is working. no, possibly neutral. it's been heated here in recent days. there's artillery in tanks
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firing. there are counter attacks from the ukrainian side. there is massive fire from our scientists, but we're moving towards africa taking up positions, we are in a positive mood feeling good. now we asked the military if we could to raise the drone here to take a look at the cranium positions. they said, yes, we could do that, but our drone could be stolen by ukraine, so they offered their own renovation. what they're doing right now is attaching a line from a fishing rod to the drone. and they said in case there's some kind of a chronic warfare or ukraine will intercept our drone, will be able to really back ah, we are now leaving the frontline positions of the 185th battalion of the nest
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peoples army. they've made quite a lot of progress in the last few days and moved a deeper into the territory currently controlled by ukrainian nationalist. it is hope that this progress, their advance will continue and ukrainian nationalists will finally stop shelling the people of done. ask rahman cauthrin, r t learners people's republic. speaking of the conservative political action conference and dallas, hungarian prime minister to albany, reiterate a cause for the bind in administration to engage in talks with moscow over the conflict in ukraine. without american russia, galks data will never be peace in ukraine. more and more people will die and tougher and our economies will come to the brink collapse. i cannot tell you what to do if you are so rude diffusion. i can however,
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tell you one thing. only strong leaders are able to make peace during his me to the hungarian prime minister or stress the need for ukrainian refugees to return to their home country open told the gathering that an average of 10000 refugees on entering hungry each day or the most travel on would further into europe some 6 and a half 1000000 ukrainians have entered the use of february, according to fund takes the border and coast guard agency around half have since returned to ukraine. we heard from radio host and political commentator, steve gill, who says it's time for western needed to start discussing peace with prime minister all been ready to lead by example. they can take the leader to start the progress storage at least talking. you're not going to find any resolution to a conflict like you have between russia and ukraine when, when nobody's talking. nobody's trying to bring the parties together to find
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a resolution. i think it's interesting that prime minister orbit has calling on the president to, to talk to conservative leaders in europe and in and in russia when president by money, even talk to conservative leaders in our own congress and sent it. so i think i, fortunately it's probably a pipe dream by the prime minister of hungry, but i think that is, it is time for talk to start replacing the bluster, the propaganda, and the military fighting between ukraine and russia. i do think they are serious rifts in the european union about the ukraine, russia conflict, and i know there's a serious rip between american taxpayers and the by did ministration on how much longer we can continue to support ukraine financially, economically. and militarily. the common consensus among many western officials is that relations with russia will never be the same. and narrative supported by the media. one times a manian general things. it's wishful thinking to expect relations between russia
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and the west to return to the levels before the ukraine crisis. the same thought appeared in an article by a key official at the russian foreign ministry who claim that decades of cooperation with the west will be problematic at times was complete over interesting cooperation with russia is now growing in countries outside the western block. for example, india expects bilateral trade with russian sri lanka to reach $8.00 to $9000000000.00 over the next 2 months. that's often new daily allowed international trade in rupees. earlier, my colleague mckee, aaron discussed the issue with august i think as far as india is concerned, we've always had good relations in russia and now new opportunities have emerged or india to cooperate with russia. we have started walking more oil from russia. we are looking at to investing more in the oil sector and russia as we western
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companies get out of luggage like a column one and all of these new channels which are opening up. well, i think open up new possibilities or russia, india trade, economic cooperation. the director of the foreign policy planning department at the russian foreign minister, he thinks that cooperation with the west is completely and it is over and done with . can the western countries distance themselves from russia, though without any consequences for themselves and their economies? is it even possible? i guess it is possible, but in the short term, certainly they're going to stop terrible consequences. obviously, the winter coming and the europeans really haven't or throw the consequences of their boy costs of russian energy. they haven't figured out how they going to replace russia oil, which they're supposed to get themselves off by the end of the year. they have no
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idea how they going to replace the russian gas. but our report is that the rest of the world did not join in the sanctions against russia. most of the non western world will continue to co operate very happily with russia. how will functions the gates, russia? renee has expansion to russia's borders affect the geopolitical situation in the near future. i think it will be negative for the in you, but very positive for russia. they, after that may be put in, as i mentioned before and budget. he's not going into agree to aggression in a claim to talk. he's just just in that or credit people is one of the russian people before you have some sort of humanitarian target in special operation. he didn't like just to distract the fraction companies from all. so they extra weapons coming from the west about coming components via all. and you came from matt,
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a horse you sent for some other european countries in order to extend the time of the where, which you very difficult and very bad for the work inside the moscow has land, poland decision to shut down the russian exhibition at the house with book and museum saying it's another attempt to raise the memory of the sacrifice soviet people made in world war 2. as for the book now, as a former nazi death camp in southern poland way over a 1000000 people were killed during the war. the weight army liberated the site, which became one of the main symbols of the holocaust, was museum of the patriotic war, used to maintain a permanent exhibition on the site, but war thought has now refused to extend the memorial. the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman says this is an attempt to rewind history. do you understand that the house wits birkenau museum isn't disneyland, where you can just change signs, paint,
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store windows in different colors. and generally refresh the exposition from time to time, inventing new attractions and getting rid of the old ones in order to keep the public entertained. you can't change history simply because the current political conjuncture requires this of you. soap in american journalist and historian abortion mileage told us that numerous polish attempts to raise historical facts may soon backfired. this has been going on for quite some time and i think that worse, official wash or worse or is using the conflict and ukraine is a convenient excuse to push forward the agenda that they've been pursuing for quite some time. now they cited this crazy excuse, said, oh, you know, you didn't file the paperwork in time. it's problem is that nothing to do with co bated had nothing to do with the conference in ukraine. it's simply an ongoing effort by the polish government to basically rewrite history. outreach is a horrible place where truly horrific things happened and to try to tell the
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history of it by air brushing certain things like who liberated from the nazis is, is wrong. when you have a country that has airbrushed, it's history for me, you can be and things from its history. you get a government that tends to paulo and repeat the same mistakes of its predecessors. you racy things from history. you blind yourself to lessons of it and the and this can only this can only backfired us basketball star. but me greiner has been sentenced to 9 years in prison in russia, after being found guilty in her drugs trial. however, negotiations have been under way behind the scenes between us and russian officials without a potential prisoner exchange. the case of the us athlete detained on phoebe the 17th at moscow. a port ended with a half sentence. kim keith city court sentenced her to 9 years in a penal colony. the verdict came despite attempts by senior american officials to negotiate
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a prisoner exchange with russian counterparts. he was president joe biden has already caught the verdict of the russian court unacceptable, and demanded her released criminal spokesmen. dmitri pest of say that there was no specific agreement between russia and the us on a potential exchange. yet, for why the founder of president legal news dot org told us that despite numerous urges from the u. s. to free they detained in russia, the us itself has been active in detaining foreigners both in us and abroad. well, i think it's worth noting that the, the federal prison system in the united states holds around 17180000 prisoners and an over 25 percent of those printers are non us citizens. there are other countries including russia, the most common ones, the worst, you know, mexico, columbia, central american places like that. but the united states, as long been
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a leader heard incarcerating people. and i think it's also worth noting that as you know, i wasn't aware of the exact number of russian citizens that are in american prisons . but one of the things that really distinguishes the united states from other countries is, has a conflict of universal jurisdiction where the united states takes it upon himself to be able to literally roam the world, arresting people the claims are violating us. well, let's go live now to russia. stop diplomat. so galen robs press conference at the asian summit in cambodia. so this is an annual event we looked at how agreements were being implemented reached last fall as an online summit of the russia sci summit, where we adopted a very important document, a comprehensive corporation plan up to 2025. but you'll get into this sort of and


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