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ah, a wrong one, all right. just don't hold. any world that you have to feed out. disdain becomes the adjective. and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. a city was finished with a group called the monks and in the do nelson's new
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with great love and a lot of them. bod put him on a wall with a little lucy estoppel says those who should be present for you if there was a level grace for argument you much anybody out that there was a lot of thought that you got with they need that were still reading that book i watched on yours won't be an
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additional opinion that then i was to be a little person with a are people fleeing from southeastern ukraine. some have been bomb shelters for nearly 3 weeks. there was no phone reception so many i had no idea how to get out of town with ms. lundy busy at the he's doesn't speak with my dollar, with dish with us
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before and that's so some walked 4 hours through a humanitarian corridor that heard about others decided to risk it and just drove out, hoping not to get caught in the crossfire. some were wandering around looking for a way out when they were picked up by russian soldiers the city. mm hm. with affordable even a for had been lost and adult, but we don't mostly deal with this issue today, but i've been with them once to register that the border they're taking to a nearby shelter where they can rest, eats and try to regain their strength. some of these children don't know what a peaceful world looks like, and some are seeking refuge and russia for the 2nd time. this time,
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people began to arrive after the 18th of february, when they've done that scan. logan's republics order the mass speculation of women, children, and the elderly men, aged 1855, had to stay behind. brussel began setting up hundreds of temporary housing facilities in everything, from kim's to youth camps. many people offer their homes as refuge, and some refugees are even sheltering in a church. for me, me here with a a, a bureau. we want to do 2 dives,
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bundle and you posterior on the street in the high g, lisa store on medical abuse right now, richard drawer with the little boy mute. so use like a different country with peak. and i would need that because when i'm with the holding tank, i know couple nashbow tried to believe and a lot of him in the bike is that it was really you got when the in start next. sure. know that but little bit a spoke with them to the sun, the ocean cocoa tripped how she going to back usually with
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the lottery. the mobile. this should be a problem when i asked them how they feel, seen their countrymen in the west hiding in bomb shelters and fleeing to europe. boys, emily, a plausible chill of crush martin. i a new pathetic. 6 so green wanted to talk with you and your dealership or to to purchase a new car. that's not
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a problem with much though the back with when you thought your bye with the charges here. one large box for guys, a large number, not what you want more than buying a little or did you buy it when you get a distribution? i guess we're going to be challenged. someone give us a known as opposed to project b to them are looking at you when you have a copy, a form
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with shelby soon. ukraine has been a war. so for the last 8 years, government forces have been selling their own people because of differences. sterling language less closely ations culture history and their countries feature. the world watched the lever and in bloodshed for years cease fire agreements were repeatedly broken. the exchange of fire continued, but it no longer made the headlines. nursery schools,
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hospitals were baldwin's there was no international outcry. and even now when ukrainian forces are selling ladies killing innocent civilians including children, it's barely mentioned by western media. a black with those thought dumb models you need to do with those to come all is good movie it. so that initially was looking at a new good boy and was supposed to learn to use
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a uniform solution which i did a lot of these with really post it in the math. sure. yes, i did them with because i don't one you've got enough for my. she is more than upset conclusions with lunch that on the the, along with the mom had a shock with mr. duck, a finishing up there to some spits a bunch of on you. and you also stuff him. you cannot bellagio need sitting on the whole document. i need a book. they tell us that the funding for the vision of possible benito, annette grant g m a in southeast formation with i'm duncan. yes. come east in young
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adults when you go home. yes. when i mean it's not young. i'm g m a r c, me, nevada. now or go law west mean, just thought id, not i don't get enough that he was a a with that i to have almost no moment with border with tucker with her. i
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assume lucia bush, gustavo is do dish crossed out from you guys. did a good deal and i don't know should go to tutoring. sydney willits, w a lisa postcard is for the raleigh city leon lee. i know he's been doing cool and what's on my, my digital digital millennium of cash with of which lead to goes away. ah, a brittany putting you miles to national trouble now should have shown you what the fit in the road can. you spoke with
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a short note with a new book with a peach with data guy here is stored here, national chase, 30 or is divided. edna saying york by mid c e a voice, so me to let are it's in your notes, is that the time of when you play anything yet, i believe in that little really, but are behind the skim over us on what the quote was promised. those borders are shown to know about that. i see a store broker. i'm, you probably used the one they are it are when you to be an inside a walker, eat $45.00 plus that it'll have to tell you for calling
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a ah ah ah
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ah ah, how did ukrainians become so divided their relatives who no longer speak to each other because they support different sides. to better understand this, we need to zoom out and go back back to the early ninety's when the standoff between these 2 military organizations came to an end. the war so packed was disbanded and these countries could no longer rely on it to protect them in
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case of an attack, the soviet union collapsed and countries like ukraine became independent brush, and america were starting to become friends, but need so kept expand in its collective defense, many russian, c, nato as a vestige of the cold war, apparently directed against their country. they point out that they have disbanded the warsaw pact, their military lions, and ask why the west should not do the same thing. so started including former socialist countries and later, even former soviet union members drawing closer and closer to russia. george or any crane appear to be next on the list. with the guys we did o e sheila commission left and i'm gonna need another scholarship union. mimi it nickel was machine. yeah. whether i knew that this and my only answer elecom is between you because of us. missed it. real. know about it a few years. no part of what to do is you fuck them to you j. she wouldn't they
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even that with you unless you but i mean you were but i were a korean those prices. roger, go enter machine. you're still still is still in the right now. well, is up with them. but if not, i mean was there hospice? bunch of go the go or run the u. s. have always accused each other of trying to install public regimes. that was the case in georgia where we silence turner armed conflict, lead c, at another stand self between russia and the west. and that was the case in ukraine when president and the college refused to sign an e u association agreement. choosing closer trade ties with russia, the president was forced out in a violent could a talk, and a pro european parliament took charge of ukraine and invited foreign specialists to advise them on how to run the country. the relationship with russia had been badly
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mismanaged, trying to bring georgia in ukraine into nato, was truly overreaching recklessly ignoring what the russians considered their own vital national interests. not everyone was happy with this pro western sentiment, especially in the southeastern part of ukraine, which has always felt closer to russia. some of its residents are ethnically, russian, or have relatives in russia, most ukrainians speak russian and is the predominant language in some regions. attempts to balance only added fuel to the fire. ukraine's neo nazis took advantage of the situation and began to literally wipe out the russian speaking population. they formed fashion battalion, some of which even became part of the country's armed forces. crimea was the 1st ukrainian region. so expressed discontent and voted to return to
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russia. later the people have done boss also stood up to protect their land. the ukrainian government was unable to cope with the situation and for the next 8 years, continually shall the saudi, some parts of the country while simultaneously seek in closer integration with the west power relationship or with russia is. it's lois to point seems their cold war and moscow so aggressive are r a. europe and north america must stand strong together in the night to defend our others. and our interests should there were any mom putting it on one of the issues and using it in that. but his mind is ation with the new skill level . many schools and he's home school, metal middle school, or miss middle of the going to put it on was exceed on, but he's a around the union with a new can you please while you bizarre classes,
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they shouldn't bizarre classes with by giving you a sheet with no, i think i can get natasha lee and you wrote you right in the way i write you did one each got a little issue
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regularly visit shelters to try and help people deal with what they've seen and experienced with a meeting or a new model with with can you go and you will have to will
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a lease lee, which is thrash lately as of the war, but the annual year? holla, yeah, but the deal and i thought of what you missed me. amber plus the new. ah, with not she dtm discussion we have on the doc last year. i emailed the teacher thought, if i put it on yours didn't the now you don't have the dish and i saw with derek diener on the ideal. so someone else got to finally got down on last bill that as b through dawn would love to see him qualified in your visit the world. but honestly, i'm not idealized but up stealing a night. the story that these teeth and that would when it was lydia cut down that we should see an update and i see him go and then he gets caputo cri. did it my ebt card, did he do? i need the can you tell me when i got there,
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i need to get those to press for that. i'm more on the papers up on the dog. got guns that bundle your school ballpark of what is on the chin. i had so much not sub . steal it. a message at the get them they had me one minute now. did you schooling? yes, you know versus a said mean. yeah, i'm almost polish gold. las gym of bomb. so brain, they're genuine wishes shit. i see daniels crane you knew crying some young children catherine, a be done monthly in my lateral genia. genuine daniel grimes yates in the right. it's more than that that is covered yet, but there was over water there yet, but they would say i'm all lead within the slave. would vara, thanks to see just late. so you see me, which who took the chance towards who, from who, who's, who 1st me arc fee and the beauty not with that you put in your mind. yeah. so
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that you could that as you spoke with still or did the most, but does she is to no, he is not cool. my daughter knew when you marked in, you could just put in your 2 a clinician article that the river shows you. not that jim was, you know, not to some of her team she to meet with the idea that with the store were simply as sam and believe us diana, madame, any jail belonging to shouldn't aqua george square? she's not understood. no, we're lo total. he must stubbornness, resumed new toy company of hans. there's a snobbish exec luncheon, a deposit with some of them, but you can use her
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long more when i was showing wrong when i just don't hold any world to feed out. disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. oh, to move or show you the most all or so for is you do with russia is the aggression know his answer much about or i need a key what's more to do to move to lose it. so we have any quality for russians.
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can all we gotta do is just feed them over the head and just tell them the right way to live near is going to do it. yeah, just a we did it on these clear the with up nice gloves, with the new. sure. with our season at the washer to work with the washer live with
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with it is breaking used our life on our end to national as we understand. now the latest count, at least 50 rockets have been launched from the gaza strip towards israel. comes in response to an earlier. it's really astro on god. i wish did target a top command of a palestinian militant group all in an attack. the left 10 people dead including a 5 year old child to $55.00 others injured as a result of the russian investigative committee accused as a key of shelling hospitals in the center of gun yes, leaving several people injured, including at least one child.


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