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with oh, a a nuclear power plant in the country, so controlled by russia for the 2nd time in 2 days talking fresh bit. other potential is on here on the, with the media pressure on the international. it's the same story. it's report exposing the use of human shields by new cranes military, but the n g, i would say that fil a po, damning revelation is well, so did how the company's objective things along with the sci fi, reportedly to begin at least $36.00 people have been killed that including 6
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children. i made a lack of condemnation from the with the weak top stories trying to reflect the military muscles around. i want to respond to a from book with a visit to the island by us. how we can nancy pelosi, this 5, beijing warning again, with hello and welcome. you're watching the weekly on, on the international with the late is world news updates along with a reminder with the stories that shaped the way thanks for being with us. ukraine has shelby area near a nuclear power plant in the country south for the 2nd time in 2 days. that's according to russian banks. officials and ukraine, southern that posey, a region who, se rockets on shrapnel phone, just a few 100 meters from the atomic facility. here, some of the footage released by local authorities showing the aftermath of sunday to tag you cranes. military is the 2 of you. it's multiple,
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walk it no inches with cluster munitions to sell the area near the active nuclear power plant. russia has previously warranted the direct hit on the reactive could cause that is also was than to noble a previous selling of the area took place on friday, sparking to fire at the facility with some power lines that linked to the planning tool. so going down last month, the site was boned with remotely control drones, can't denies responsibility for the attacks and is blamed moscow instead. meanwhile, the international atomic energy agency has raised the alarm over the security at the nuclear power plant. but it's still sort of putting the blame on ukraine. the a. yay, has received information about the serious situation, military action, jeopardizing the safety and security of his approaching nuclear power plant is completely unacceptable and must be avoided at all costs. any military fire power directed at or from the facility would amount to playing with fire with potentially catastrophic consequences. the i, a, a leadership is aware of the real risk of
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a nuclear catastrophe that the neo nazis in kiev are creating for the whole world. but they do not take any real steps to curb the criminal actions of the ukrainian government. you know, the i a's right to speak out. but why are they naming the perpetrator? you know, it's not military action. it sir. ukrainian military attack against the peaceful nuclear power facility. that's what's happening here. and um, i think you have to provide that name, that recognition of who is responsible for this job in order to better come up with a solution because the solution will come when nations like the united states, the nato nations, european union let ukraine know with, with 0 doubt that to continue this would put all support at risk that this is unacceptable. as apples, he a nuclear power plant is the largest in europe and is among the top 10 in the world
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. it's reactors, pump out enough power supply millions of people with 50 percent more capacity than the instrument to noble plant. well, that's not quite a close look at how a possible explosion at the nuclear plant in southern ukraine could potentially affect the area. most regions across the ukraine and on bass plus the russian border regions would be contaminated by radiation. but the effects could also reach much further spawning across all of eastern europe like the black sea and turkey. we discussed the possible ramifications with russian military expert, alexander, stepping off and author and journalist crystal nouns we have seen when did, did it turn abilities after happened? where did most of the toxic cloud went to, to the wisdom in the dominant twins are in these directions. so i really don't understand how they can be could came to such decision. honestly,
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for me, it's purely suicide. all the area around the nuclear plant would also be come to me in 80 like it was in china will. so it means that a lot of people will have, would have to be disgraced. it would be again, an area where nobody can leave. nothing can can, can be billed to or, or, i mean it's, it's a complete nonsense to accuse the russia, but, i mean, ukraine used to, to have this argument for the, the shilling of the d p r and l p r c, v d n c h here the always told that we were surely no, we're south. so it's not a new argument. it's some kind of old stuff that they are getting again and again. ready previously, ukraine carried out an attack using it can cause the drone. we can say that they conduct combat reconnaissance. in order to understand how much russia controls the nuclear power plant and identify vulnerabilities to create conditionals for hitting
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the facility. the key of regime is considering a scenario of withdrawing from the conflict by conducting such a terrorist act. a techno genic catastrophe that would paralyze all of eastern europe here no longer considers these territories as its own for the future. and therefore, their logic is that if they can't have them, then no one can as well as prime minister, say the goals of the country's military operation in garza have been accomplished as sci fi is reportedly due to begin on sunday, early immediate reports came, the 2 sites agreed to implement a sci fi at a pm local time. the deal is said to have been mediated by egypt. however, these reports have not been officially confirmed walk. it's all still being fired. both ways. military conflicts in garza has already came to line 7036 people that in
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the past 3 days, palestinian health officials say 3 children have been killed in israel's latest stride. the idea has denied responsibility for the latest civilian casualties on sunday and is playing the islamic jihad movement for the death. televi save at least $585.00 rockets have been 5 in the country from garza over the island and defense system. hasn't a septic. most of them palestinian officials say from 650 buildings have been damaged in garza his while. some of the locals have been caught in the cross by had to say without any warning, they targeted the area near the kuwaiti hospital. or, of course, it is a camp, crowded with children, women, and the elderly. they targeted houses with 6 missiles, 6 houses were completely destroyed. below for the attack was very terrifying. we ran away in panic and fear among the children and women in the machine should the bulldozers could not go through. so they asked me to demolish my house. so that they could enter to save people from the inside. i agreed and allowed them to as
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people's lives are more important and saving them is more valuable than my house. chavez has local journalists and who to re reporting for my funeral procession and garza. today's the 3rd day of the is right, the aggression on the gaza strip. and now we are in the middle of the north of the causal strip. now there is a funeral that's going out of the moscow out the mosque where at least by palestinian children have been killed last night from an is ready to see how things are here to grieve, the loss of these children, according to the policy, the minute job has at least have been killed since the 1st day of digression, at least 200 policy. and one is the arab league has condemned israel and quote, the strongest possible terms over its military operation. brussels is justified the bombing of gaza smoking outraged from one outspoken european and pay the you calls
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for maximum restraint on all sides in order to avoid a further escalation and further casualties. while israel has the right to protect its civilian population, everything must be done to prevent a broader conflict. so this is what joseph burl cause. israel has the right to protect its civilian population, seriously murder and grandmothers, and 5 year old girls. amazingly no e o calls to sanctioned a poppy israel and send arms to god. so people can defend themselves. sika found to cooper carrots. iran has previously also slammed as well for its military operation, boasting support the garza islamic jihad milliken group and saying that they are not alone. meanwhile, ukraine's 1st lady has praised what she calls israel's resilience, calling it an inspiring example for kenneth. let's not discuss these developments with tomorrow. what came a professor of history and international relations at the lebanese university in
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bay route 20. thanks for joining us on the program. it's good to see you. i'd like to ask, what do you make of these reports of that possible cease fire agreement? and then we have this latest news from israel also claiming it's a military operation has been successful. well, i believe that the cars are trying hard to reach the fire between the 2 relatives. however, i believe that the eighty's what they claim to be that objectives, i believe they may objectively get me this. i mean, you have because it's going to the, the most radical palestinian rule, it's the most dedicated to fighting is there was no compromise whatsoever. the islamic jihad is also very
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close to it on has been, they can get on that in the model. so all of these factors may not get you has in an attempt to get a group that is going through those as the closest to it on among the but it's been in groups. and speaking of last night, attack is well is claiming that children were killed to, to an unsuccessful launch of a rocket by the islamic jihad group. while the palestinians of course, are saying and is rainy. strike is to blame for those death. was you assessments of these claims and what are the chances of an independent investigation? well, 1st of all, i believe that this is the one responsible for the getting of children. it has not
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. it's not the 1st time either during this confrontation or in previous confrontations. it has never given any interest in the lives of children and civilians. i don't believe that and you through entity would investigate the issue because what is called the national community that consists of the united states is allies. western europe has always been biased and has always blocked any sense by end user and objective committee, investigate crimes and lay responsibilities on the surface. so i don't believe that that is a possibility for this. now what we're seeing strong condemnation of israel's operation from the arab league and iran not many are countries of actually voice that support for garza's islamic jihad group. so it says, how much unity is that?
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and the arab world over this conflict. when the autumn league condemnation is not a non effective, actually it's avoid condemnation because it's not coupled with actions against israel. of course, many states and companies might be happy to direct a blow to that because they consider that it's a group that is not under there. and not under the rule and that they cannot through all they cannot factions, essentially, that it got to texting, interests, especially for the company. the other companies that have these 3 cuz with israel or that are interested in normalizing relations with us, all you know,
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has always been as strong supporter of the islamic resistance movement and all that . and i guess that's why i believe that the city isn't condemnation level is an enemy of you and they can not cannot affect the israeli. let's say you are a decision making process or because the factions against novel came professor of history and international relations and lebanese university. thank you very much for your time. i am nasty international has been forced to issue an apology for a damning report on ukraine detail in the use of human shields by kenneth military . the enjo findings sparks backlash in ukraine and the western media leading amnesty, head of operations in t. f to resign. however,
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the watchdog says it will stick to its conclusions revealed in the controversial report, which saw fierce condemnation from care amnesty international. amnesty international unfortunately tries to amnesty the terrorist state and shift the responsibility from the aggressor to the victim. and if someone makes a report in which the victim and the aggressor are allegedly the same in something, if some data about the victim is analyzed and what the aggressive was doing, the same time is ignored. this cannot be tolerated. back up or would you grimaced him, put him in this behavior by amnesty international is not about finding and conveying the truth to the world. it is about creating a false balance between the criminal and the victim. so please stop engaging in this creation of a false reality where every one is guilty of something. instead, engage in reporting the systemic large scale truth about what today's russia is. anesthesia report describes how ukraine is endangering its own civilians by placing troops and weapons systems in residential areas. the angio has called this tactic
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a violation of humanitarian law. the woodstock has called on here to stop putting his people in harm's way and to evacuate them from the combat zones. and as the also says, it's seen it ukrainian schools being used as military bases. we have dr. mann's or to pass on off ukrainian forces putting civilians are trys, can violate the laws of war when they operate in populated areas. at $22.00 out of $29.00 schools to wizard amnesty researches either holland soldiers using the premises or found evidence of current or prior military activity include in the presence of military for teaks, discarded munitions, army ration packets, and military vehicles. and organizational so blamed russia for causing casualties in civilian areas by using highly destructive weapons to target ukraine's military russian foreign ministry spokeswoman maria, however, says moscow has been reporting on care the use of human shields for some time. and
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russian officials also say the allegations against moscow are distorting the facts on the ground. social media has been flooded with images showing ukrainian trips using civilian buildings as base is. some footage also shows military vehicles hiding behind residential homes, journalist and all of the look we have a se. ukraine's military has been intentionally endangering civilians for propaganda purposes. amnesty international which is respected everywhere, weights in west. that is important because it's usually very much less leaning and, and perceived this as quite neutral and in this are really mentioning things that are totally unacceptable. so for the governments, it will be difficult in germany as well as everywhere. france, italy in places because there will be questions they think simply that the population that the student population is a protection for them. that's all they just high within the population in the
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cities and villages just to, to avoid the shelling of the russian artillery. that's so really not the way to to wrong to, to behave in a conflict for an army, but of course then they can produce their press release to saying that the rash army aim, surprised, and killing civilians by shelling schools and hospitals and showing photos of hospitals forgetting that this bad troops, ukrainian troops that were in the building and were show by the russian army. china is ramping up pits, military drills around taiwan launched in the wake of us, how speak and nancy pelosi controversial visit to the island. pie one defense ministry says if detected dozens of chinese planes and 14 war ships around the strait earlier, ty pay announced its own rows in response to the chinese activity survey things military exercises around the islands. they included ballistic missile witches,
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which have landed the world. the taiwan is armed forces also conducted jewels in zone surrounding the island facing the military said the exercises were focused on training for joints located as well as c target assault. and as faith control, hi, pay has condemned beijing calling it an evil neighbor next door. also accusing china of destroying the taiwan straits with military drills. washington also criticized the chinese dro, describing them as a responsible and provocative and were totally ation for pillows. these trip aging has 7 times with washington and several key areas. china foreign ministry stated bit to operation is now flows in an area such as dialogue between defense departments, military maritime consultation cooperation on illegal migration and crime, as well as climate change. chinese military officials of also allegedly stopped responding to calls from that pentagon counterparts. here's how else the situation has been developing. how speaker nancy pelosi is planned to visit taiwan potential
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stop in taiwan. visiting taiwan is in taiwan. why is she assisting that? she may well go to taiwan. it would be a serious violation of the one china principal and a grave infringement on china's sovereignty and territorial integrity. those who play with fire will come to no good and aa 3 . we are in an unpredictable moment. chinese military assembling at 6 different locations around the island. us china relations are on shaky ground. what were she doing into everything she touches turns to
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bed. i don't because i don't want them to say he used foul language. she don't. i don't want to hear it does returns good. seems to me your main goal was to stir up trouble. thanks for bringing more problems to the world. america stands with taiwan. beijing announced it will impose, i'm specifying sanctions. jonna will stop cooperation with us on several prominent issues a fear of measures are being directed at the united states. now the u. s. has acting treacherously on the taiwan issue so i, one itself was also affected by apollo, sees trip as china, the islands biggest trading pond has bond importance for more than 30 taiwanese
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companies. earlier i took a closer look at the consequences of policies, visit toner is already taking action, as it warned it would fall out from pelosi as well. when trip has been swift and brutal to quite rightly. people are asking the question, we have seen the chinese authorities take multiple economic actions against individual chinese companies and entire sectors of the economy. one has already paid a field visit and is likely to continue to do so with the coming days of week. what concrete tangible benefits could be promised taiwan, offset the cost of your trip. a tricky question. slickly deflected because she knew exactly what she'd done. and americans have made a bit of a habit of doing things like this. throwing others under the bus in service of their own goals and the consequences over this brief trip already taken hold.
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global market so spooked and the largest military drills around taiwan in decades. ah. but it might prove that the economic measures imposed by china will tie one the most staging has already banned imports from $35.00 taiwanese exports plus restrictions on some fruit and fish. and one might not sound like a big deal. the ban on son to which the island was already short of plus if a key component of ty, one's greatest export semiconductors, which have not be mentioned. well not yet. if aging does decide to go further, people on the street, we'll be sure to feel it. china is tie, one's largest trading partner after all. so is it any wonder that there were people in taiwan who weren't engaging in the pillow? see, love fest money on the bill. what do you mean below? see what the hell i didn't care whenever you come to taiwan. want us to buy more
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weapons from you and fight against the people's liberation army in urban terrain. none of your business relationship between the mainland and taiwan is already very tense. your support into wine, but we don't need your support. you are literally pairing oil on the flames. you only make things worse. so who did this flying with its 1st was simply pelosi. he wanted to be pictured a charing tie. pay before she potentially gets kicked out this november, or was it the war hawks in washington hooping ratcheting up the china rhetoric for months now? oh, and of course the military industrial complex, the very heart of american foreign policy. american officials have been quietly pressing their tie when these counterparts to buy weapons suitable for a symmetric warfare. a conflict in which is smaller, military uses mobile systems to conduct lethal strikes on a much bigger force. we could say what it has here is a win win. not only does it make money on selling weapons, but it also has
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a leaf on us weapons at the ready in the region should decide it needs them. as we know, tie one wouldn't be the 1st to pay the price for the policy. the b. c. warhawks, people in afghanistan, all starving because the government can't access its own money, which is frozen by the us. there's tens of thousands of venezuelans have paid the ultimate price for the u. s. as punitive sanctions. and then there's the ukranian people who critic say dying needlessly, just in american porn, and the u. s. proxy war with russia. but apparently in the long run, it's always a price worth paying. we have heard half a 1000000 children, a guy. i mean, that's more children than died when went in here a shame. and you know, if the price worth it, i think this is a very hard choice, but the price we think the price is worth it. so now have tie one pelosi once even
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give it a 2nd thought she got her photo after all. more than 300 demonstrated, and 65 m. p 's would attended anti government rallies in india's capital. on friday . the protests will reportedly part of a campaign by india's main opposition party against issues like inflation, unemployment, and rising. prices will make the changes they try in march to the presidential palace. one from social support is also taken away. people were pushed to the ground and then the police most were released office 6 hours a week. detention is a common practice in the country. a 3rd person for indian national congress who took part in the rally, says the government to touch from the needs of the common people. we were reading all last protesting against the right size, protesting against how democracy has been demolished in india. and how that is a huge gap between the list and the world which has the wife and the government to
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follow how that is extreme nice size, which has caused the household bus 3 as well as that is doctor smith. you normally been the one who's jobs weekend or did be sick? i'm human but they don't guide ok. devices. like i said, i don't know what kind of blood or imagination finance ministers living in. she has no idea what the common man needs, because she has even gone on the bottom and said that i don't need onions. i don't need garlic. how does that matter? to me just because she does not consume the basic food items that are normally that i use in the normal household in india, that does not mean that there is no price. they have to go, the price is petrol. and visa, especially wouldn't be getting cheaper about petroleum from either from russia, especially when we have that kind of facility available. instead, the prices are so high. according to statistics though,
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inflation in india has actually been going down in the last couple of months. and indian supreme court lawyer told us that the country's economy is in a better state than the opposition claims. on the right, i have to believe the pin number one. we have seen that in the us and it is really mom. the also going to have huge and by the prediction of the needle, all the best in the saltisha already. she's going to be there. good. why do you see the number of companies currently? we have your number 3 and they are just so many new stock coming to the and you know, just so many f, b i o by different companies. i mean that, that we're going to stand for why did you need to understand it off? the less, you know, a lot now are for the odd be should be made more, has
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a real gosh. yeah. so that shows the power off. i got on the, i got the got the 30 years in the water was majority going to be and off the 5 years, what didn't go, my name would be we have seen even the higher number of 2019, again, headed by permission. and so i guess the book of the bomb, i did not connect with the government of the day. i not in your do ready for the vomit to have such majority will such i was like one population many thanks. don't get say we're an aussie international web back in 30 minutes with
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