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watching pre automobile at about with such a natural ah ah, it was in the 1950s that our secretary of state john foster, dulles proclaimed. our policy is global. ah, we started as a continental empire by clearing out native peoples and other
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foreign forces. when we became overseas empire by taking islands in various parts of the world, and then after the 2nd world war, we became a global empire. now we are playing on the whole billiard ah, the united states has always had a variety of tools to use. and it's a tax on other countries economic sanctions are, are often just the beginning. another thing you like to do is place some military
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pressure on the countries that you're talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country, particularly in our own press. and in the press of that leaders own country. americans loved to think there were intervening in other countries to overthrow evil people. and if that's true, you have to make the person look evil. in 1951, ottomans came to power in guatemala, after being elected by the people in washington, the u. s. president received all but with all the usual courtesies of a state visit. years ago, i wrote a book about how the united states over through the government of guatemala, in 1954. ah, the case a was
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a great example of american covert action during the period of the 1950s when covert action was at a paint. the country lost its legitimate government and hundreds of people lost their lives. mm. ah, a with them on the, on the, on them even today. let me pull one over here for you. so i
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know, ah, at this time a giant american company, the united food company owned a huge amount of land in guatemala. ah, a that way. and they were not you like, it was just being held vacant. while many guatemalans are starving because they didn't have land to grow food, i am with the ample gang. i love the battle in my on. i mean, we had a lot of both. don't keep that. i you that with medical, i me go on with now all of us here,
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no one month and then it's a, it's a way for lemme, and get those the recalls those. well that all of that when the annual. but again, if that is that, or you only, i get out yet. yeah. i'm as you know, but if you look at the end of sales off of them, i found that in a lift gate, now i let it be. i love looking up in the end so our president, our benz on the guatemalan government, decreed a land reform program. this land reform program would have forced the united fruit company to sell its unused land, so it could be divided up and given to poor families. the united for the company was very unhappy with this. they went to the united states government. the u. s. government then concluded that the socialist orientation of guatemala was dangerous to the united states rule. cuz this though, bye or go. i don't where rick was battling,
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they was the outbound buddha and throw your head. he thought at the medical. yeah. i think, i mean it's kind of are pretty, can we're good. we were to put here. put. all right, yeah, well, i wonder if this will go ahead with that. i think, i mean, a month later, civil war broke out. something like 200000 people were killed in that conflict over more than 30 years with the info me. but i didn't know at all going that they like etc. so black and a guy. oh, but a thought was the lateral it's them out won't be near. won't be near samarnie
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yet any. i've got his name in the sky. come with me for a while. go here. mm mm. i think if you, are you scared of the, with the amend, my thought cl, do they, they have been in this area and look at them. what get that is that course of it and then pick them up in. the 2nd one is in those see one bedroom with the other. okay. like to see. okay,
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so before i look forward to school and then one of them it is 3 stages. so the 1st one is in the government, the we don't like shows bad faith by bothering an american company. then we convince ourselves that that company is our geopolitical enemy. and then we sell the intervention for as humanitarian intervention. we only do it to help. we don't do anything for ourselves. in fact, we sacrifice ourselves for the good of others with
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american involvement in the overthrow of the government of libya. the government to whom our kodachi was another example that calls on a number of impulses in the american intervention of spirit. ah man. as mac cmc was nia thought, well no, not that could be a no hand and looked and if it had been with them, i'd only had danny and nancy a thing. well yes,
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defeat the fuck up as a c a c m. as that a la fi, medina has the walk in as soon as 4 feet now and then what's on that amendment. and that the house, the law at the huffman daily and bad issue with the full back and you being a muslim, a wayne will muscular even of net as issue up on the lea. be what
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we thought of him as a bad leader or one we couldn't control. now he looked like he might be about to carry out of human rights atrocity. so we decided it was time to participate in an operation to overthrow gadhafi. and in that operation, of course, he was killed. so we succeeded in the short term goal. get rid of gadhafi, depose that government. but then what happened? we didn't have a plan for what was going to come next. we thought that maybe by magic, some new piece. so regime already, burge, everybody would cooperate things. songs together with
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my mistake, i a time maybe i'm within our base center because it was a bit out of my burnett a month. it's mostly about the something today a, [000:00:00;00]
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a, a, b, a, b, a with i look forward to talking to you all, that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings accept where such order is
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a conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously, is to create trust rather than a various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a doorway talking with
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a with a ford edge that also produces julia. does she somebody over there? both those with video will you look are you up for you was up with the and i do so as you know that way. i don't mind
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ah, in how stephen michael point opened up. somebody a more good look in love making film work actually. how about ah ah ah lisa honey, can you're on bar sabah? filipino. com slash contribute to irma resemble himself. korea could never copy my love them in foster hut or couldn't they? an ear cody beamon harper? not my lad. if he wasn't i do. we are newton myself, a kind of cuddy bird,
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a film about my mom was in, i had to be within them. well, my mom shall they, if you just them and the what them and presenting on that. i'd love to know if you have any special fee. i'll bars cost co maya, who are p miniature. by any visual, i'm going to be just sending. i'm a company. if you have low, what? ah ah ah, i don't know but me because you got
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a month with these wrote a famous history of the peloponnesian wars. what he observes is the war or the conflict does not usually break out with the bigger the smaller country, pushing up and pushing up and finally attacking. that's not what happens. it's usually the bigger country that gets worried and then the tax. and you can see this pattern through history, they call it sometimes the considered these crap. and it's dangerous for the future because we've, united states is the power that's been used to being on the top and is now being challenged. national out of no net that leisure mat. let me. yeah. what kind of a lot of the yeah, the had the math, but nobody and me shit at the school at the last. get here and how do i live on?
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i la medina publish the debt. the last thing i do at the wasn't the majors. yes, i learned a lot of believe b to a to fee for said then let them feel whoa, whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, the
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this is lee. oh, um is off. ha ha ha ha ha ha. but i am on the via nona. beautiful, been the only in the last mean hays name
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with ah, we believe that we are an exceptional nation. this is a phrase you hear a lot in united states. we call it american exceptionalism. it means that we have a responsibility for the whole world and we need to make rules for the rest of the world. because without us there will be chaos. ah, my name is dr. young site and i am a wine political scientist for
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8093 and my country was invaded by the united states and we've been under an illegal and prolonged occupation ever since. i've dedicated my life to not only finding out why the united states invaded my country, but also how to bring the occupation to with hawaii was a long term american project. it began with religious missionaries. they left from boston in the 1820 to go to hawaii and lived there to spend the rest of their lives. civilizing the poor savages and barbarians, as we saw who lived in hawaii with this is yolanda palace here on the back row. this was the executive monarchs building hawaii by 18. 93 was already
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a constitutional monarchy. so it had 3 separate branches of government. it is here, legislative and judicial, which is across the street mm. with leader of these white hawaiian actually came to washington to win permission from the president of the united states to overthrow the government of the kingdom of hawaii. he received that permission. he went home, he organized a coup in which the hawaiian kingdom was overthrown. american marines were quickly landed to secure the new white government. and a few years later, hawaii became part of the united states. so this is the place
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that us marines landed on this road. here is where they marched from honolulu harbor and they occupied this location right here when they invaded my country, the hiking them. so we're at right now. this is where cap smith, this is headquarters for the pacific command. and it overlooks per harbor. and pro harbor is a naval base for the united states, so it falls under the command structure of the pacific command. ah, what you was taken by the united states were invaded in order for the united states to control per harbor. because of hawaii's location,
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it's central central in the central pacific. so there's a central location that ships enter. hawaii ports after disarming, refurbish, leave home ports, re arm, and go back fighting a metaphor who was engaged in b, y island by money, by greed. and so he with the lease and they represent all the things that was happening in 189 and 930. so what we see rising out of the land out of the ocean are these giant monsters that are asked to read with documentation of allocation of documentation that basically saying we're right is what we are. we're the inevitable truth. and there was also, again that the pi saying that from the newspapers that was being never
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huh. we've developed an unusual a point of view of the world because of our location. we have huge oceans in a couple of weak neighbors in mexico and canada. therefore, we've never had to have a foreign policy of clear co operation with others. we've been able because of our power to impose our will on others with what we hear of hello come on, a charter school high school level that we're going to be visiting both to share with you book stewart hoffman. kind of turn it over to you on your class. and so if you 40 feel like we already know,
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oh i was is standing national on was his nation state and for 50 years he celebrated 8093. when we know that, oh, united states of america illegally over through o e. now, how did the united states maintain that power, despite having no legal authority from a military? i said military threat of force violence, perhaps weapon, who, how else could they maintain power in hawaii? e over population, we just talked about how many guys spending a 2 hours a day in traffic. was all americans with ha,
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yes. ah, we are the evidence. oh, the nationalization where the evidence of the warcraft, we are not the war crimes ourselves. what are what you already is an independent country, all that was overthrown. anything 93? was our government by the united states, not our country. so our country is still an independent state, but we're not in control of our independence. we're occupied move. mm. this book over throw is an attempt to show the times that america over through foreign governments over a long period in the united states, at least in a relative sense,
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is declining in power in the world. and we can still remain, and i believe will still remain a potent dominant force in the world. but we need to accept that the conditions of past decades don't exist anymore. and we're not used to this. we're not ready for this psychologically. americans have always been on top. we think of ourselves is always getting our way, and we're entering into a period when that's not going to be so easy. the challenge is, can we adapt our habit of dominance to
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a more equal multi polar were to ah. ah the ah ah


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