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tv   News  RT  August 11, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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a, with our top headlines here, one off international nuclear disaster threatens the continent. the ukrainian military shells, europe's biggest nuclear power plant. this all according to russia's envoy, the u. s. e u foreign policy chief says politics are about quote, applying double standards. as the block discusses a ban on visas for russians, the u. s. president comes in for heavy criticism after claiming the countries inflation rate is that 0 percent despite statistics showing it a 14 year report time with
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i just off to 5 am here at moscow. we are coming to you live. when are you international? it's a pleasure to have you with us. so the threat of a nuclear disaster is real and the consequences are unthinkable if ukrainian attacks on those up. what are she had told me planned continue, that is according to the russian envoys. speech of the un security council meeting there was urgently convened at moscow's request. yes, i can also proposals if the attacks of ukrainian army continue a nuclear catastrophe could happen at any moment than huge territories in ukraine. russia and other countries will be under the threat of radioactive contamination. can the real scale of a nuclear disaster at the plant is impossible to even imagine. in this case, the entire responsibility for this will fall on the western sponsors of ki, of, well at the 15 member body that leads the united nations, the un security council. in their chamber in manhattan. we heard from the representative of russia who raised the alarm about the dangers posed by these
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attacks on this nuclear power facility. i emphasized the deals that russia has offered to secure this power plant to secure that we don't have some kind of nuclear disaster. now, when the representative of the united states took to the flora, basically, the u. s. representative said that any potential fallout or danger from the tax on the nuclear power plant, they fall squarely on russia shoulders, simply because russia is involved in the special operations. here's the response of the united states to what seems like a very clear dent danger. the cause of the situation at is if we ship facility is not a mystery. it is another tragic result of the russian federation decision to further invade its sovereign neighbor, ukraine. russia alone created risks, and it could eliminate those risks. now, why withdrawing from ukraine now, the russian representative talked about how this fits a pattern that talked about how the ukrainian forces will embed themselves into
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civilian areas using civilians that affect the human shield. and this is essentially nuclear blackmail that attempts to force the russian military out of a certain area. or else there could be some kind of disaster, which would then be blamed on russia, even though it is ukrainian forces that persist on escalating things near this power plant. now, it's important to know by the fact that russia is raising the alarm and has been raising the alarm about the dangers posed by attacks on this facility has been trying to get the international atomic energy agency involved in dealing with these threats for months. and today at the un security council meeting, we heard the head of the i a, he basically said that there is, at this point, no immediate threat. there is no need to safety about these change any russia and other countries like china called for
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a de escalation the situation and concerns about global safety. but from united states and of allies, we heard a monster of blaming everything on russia, saying that there wasn't such a danger. but if there was the fall, i would simply be rushes fall. it seemed that united states and its allies were not concerned about the potential fall out and seems to be using the danger of nuclear disaster as a measure or a wedge with which to try and pressure russia to withdraw from certain areas. well, according to the local authorities, the power plant was attacked twice on thursday as key ebs troops used multiple rocket launchers and heavy artillery from the right bank of the river that has shelling campus hours before the un security council meeting on the issue asi correspondent, eager donald has this report from the ground. it is dangerous. it is alarmingly irresponsible because this time apparently, the ukrainian forces have targeted the concrete storage facilities for nuclear
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waste. now of course, it is reassuring that those well facilities are made out of concrete because it's a good and steady material. we've seen it withstand a lot of damage here in the longest people republican, the don bass basically, but it is not unbreakable, of course. and as well of these upper rows, your nuclear plant is absolutely massive. it's the largest one in europe. it is in the top 10 all over the world, so it does produce a lot of nuclear waste. and these attacks, again, they're not the 1st ones. on the 5th and the 7th of august, the ukrainian side also targeted this facility, this nuclear power plant. and again, this was very dangerous and rush has screamed about its concerns. in response gave accused moscow of shelling its own positions, basically creating a provocation, a causes belly for well for international condemnation. but rush of course, had brushed aside these accusations as the absolute nonsense as something
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ridiculous. and indeed, russia has called on the un security council to urgently assemble to call on ukraine to stop these shillings of a massive nuclear object. and in fact, the matter is very, very serious. these approach you nuclear power plant, it's capacities some 50 percent more than that overture noble. so potentially the disaster could be much worse than the tro, noble one. and while it is already a, well, it is already a name known. although over the world, it's an international synonym for an absolute nuclear catastrophe. the russian forces have beefed up at defenses to well defend the nuclear power plant, as well as possible, but the internationally they are moving forward with the un security council hoping that here the international community stays responsible. none of the ships packed with ukrainian grain have reached the poorest countries.
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instead, the heading to european ports of western politicians. politicians i should say, have for many months been putting the blame for africa's food crisis squarely on moscow. unfortunately not a single ship carrying grain has reached the starving countries of africa. so far they mainly go to western ports and the range of exported cargo is mainly not weak . the cone grain in some flower oil, which cost out on the sincerity of the ccs voiced in the west that the world's food security depends on the grain deal. the vessels movements can be easily track on the us official website, which shows the ships are not going to the middle east or africa. at least 2 of the ships are heading to turkey, one to england, another one to ireland. as we understand others are selling for italy and all the way to china, the cargo on board, the vessels is mostly corn, which is just raise more questions. under the agreement, russia and ukraine, turkey and the un agreed to resume shipments not only of ukrainian grain, but also russian food and fertilizer exports to the global market. the us said the
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deal would help feed millions of hungry people across the middle east. or journalist martin j finds the politics surrounding the issue. slightly ironic. i surprised because it's only been about 10 days. but when you look at who is making those calls, micro re raising concerns about it, you have to understand the implications of a green short a weak shortage in a lot of those countries in africa. we're looking at a rise in terrorism on massive grocery close to europe. so those are obviously concerns to macro. you actually look at the politics and you take a big abroad, a helicopter view of what was going on in the last couple months. it was lensky who would have profited so much by famines in africa, by insurgency, an uprising revolution in north african countries, if it's food crisis and really broken out. so, you know, most of these companies have subsidized bread, for example,
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would have been so lensky. you got more media attention. she craves more and more. so it's kind of ironic. ah, the use diplomacy chief or joseph burrell has said that double standards are a common practice and foreign policy. or the admission came as the official was question on the hypocrisy surrounding western support for ukraine and on the palestinian affected by those of these radio attacks. we are often criticized for having double standards. but international politics is largely the administration of double standards. we do not face all problems with the same criteria, and some of the blocks member states appear to be following the same practice. this, as estonia plans to close its borders to russian citizens with shank, n. v. 's as issued by tollen. the european commissioners also said the issue of tourist visas for russians is now on their agenda. more details on more opinion, hey, with auntie contributor rachel marston. funny,
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remember how that you reacted when former president of the united states donald trump did exactly the same kind of thing in 2017 and signed an executive order to stop issuing visas to people from random list of countries here shop around libya, north korea, somalia, syria, venezuela and yemen, citing national security. but we do not discriminate on the basis of nationality. grace, whole religion. not only when it comes to asylum, but in any of our other polis, no one can be deprived of his or her own rights because of their place of birth, their religion, than any city. this is written in our constitutions, both in europe and in america. this is who yada, this is our identity. this is something we cannot forget. oh, it's their very identity. it's written in stone. it's written in the constitution,
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except now apparently you're going to make exceptions when it comes to ukraine and russia. so remember all those terrorist attacks in france a few years ago, not even at that time, was there a blanket ban from jihadist hotspots. it's always been a case by case assessment of each individual requesting a visa to travel, not an arbitrary blanket ban on a whole nation. and to do otherwise has always been viewed as totally contrary to the use own values. not to mention a pretty troubling precedent because, i mean, today it could be russian citizens, a national, some wrote could be any one else. they don't happen to agree with policy wise. but now, according to the use top diplomat, the e is apparently embracing the double standards that it once rejected because, well, hey, that's just how the world is. apparently, here in paris for example, to female russian visitors were denied entry by officials at the chateau advice sen . tourists site at the end of july, french government had to clarify this week that the checking of visitors,
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id and nationalities only applies to actual military installations and not to tourist sites like museums and shad toes. but now we also have a german cabinet go to person confirming that a proposal to ban russian nationals from the e. u is actually under consideration. now it's all hypothetical at this point. it's important to underline that, but it still can't be rolled out since it's yet another demand coming straight from ukrainian president library lensky who tends to get a lot of what he wants from the west. and now zalinski is calling on the west to ban all russian travelers saying that they should quote, live in their own world until they change our philosophy. jesse means also little kids and anyone in russia who might be a part of that civil society that supports him as well. or are they going to get social passes? how is that gonna work? estonia and finland are also pressuring the block, authorized this man. so you know who needs values when you can just pastor him blue v 8 depending on the direction of the political wind, it remains to be seen which of brussels faces will ultimately prevail on this
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particular issue. the one that defends its most basic stated principles or the one that hypocritically betrays them to virtue signal over the cause of the day, madrid's mayor has become the latest victim to get caught out by the infamous russian pranksters, vo, von, and lexus. they pretended to be key evs may of a tale crisco during a video coal. and among the rather extraordinary admissions made, was a pledge from the spanish official to post acute russians living in the country. my opinion, oh no mesa's my opinion. a measures regarding the russian citizens here in spain. i think it's necessary to punish these russians. and of course, we're doing everything to that. and on the national and local level, still lot of men ah, went to west, instead of finding for you, craig dandridge, help us with the de partition of ukrainian man to crane. i think it's not,
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i don't think it's a problem for madrid to send ukrainian refugees back to the war in their country. i think it is necessary to provide more soldiers for the fight against russia. of course, madrid has all the means to provide the transportation to send these people back to ukraine if necessary. la jose luis martinez. alton may the launched into an expletive written charade against russians, and the 17 minute video, coal, very moral prank, called it auto dot com. the conversation led to criticism among some spaniards who have called the official stance outrageous. and we spoke to one of the pranksters earlier lexus told us falling politicians is not particularly difficult who are not so really surprised because the european strand to punish all russians around all europe. so he's just a typical mayor from no one, no because to keep it. so low european countries. so it was not
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real surprised was that he was the, the muscle crazed, the mare that we have regional, usually one where each other international politicians, usually in our private conversation they said what they, i really think so ah, usually they are lying on tv on media and they're trying to make a good reputation for them, but in fact, they go with that being another one. and while folds, it's not hard to even we have brain many out worldwide, which i think that's people to have a weak system of security. so i think it's a problem of psychology. no one thinks that he will be next targets frank or something like that. the biggest problems are only for you,
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process or organization. so you can, you can make, it falls only through this process. but if you will radiate according to the call, everything will be fine. our huge, it was banned by the ministry of this defense of the you k, because we're praying for their secretary for the fans when wallace. and he said that it was a reason for national security of the u. k. and he, man, that's you tube to been our channel ridiculous because it's a 1st time when the minister of defense, so any country demanded to ban any channel. the american javelin, anti tank system may actually be rather less effective in combat than previously
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thought. i think got insight into a review paper by the weapons company behind the joplin, which raises questions into the systems reliability and success rate. based on observations over 3 brigade teams, training rotations, anti armor engagements are generally less effective than what gunners and leaders expect. these engagements are ineffective. primarily due to engage in a very short ranges, the lack of effective engagement development and a lack of operator. mastery of the systems. the report to indicate that out of 11 test launches only 3 hit the target. and while the advertise effective rangers 5 kilometers in reality, it's half that. the analysis also says that while a direct hit against the rear of a russian t, a t would lead to a catastrophic kill. a frontal shot would have minimal impact. and the low effectiveness is blamed on a lack of understanding on the job in real effective range. the manufacturer also
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claims only a highly trained professionals, auto operate the missile systems, while captured soldiers in ukraine, where the weapon has been widely supplied. i reported they learn how to use the launches by watching youtube videos as one of the world's most effective man, portable anti tank missile systems. scouts should be well trained in the employment of javelin. we attribute low effectiveness rates to a lack of understanding of engagement distances and insufficient detail and planning for employment of the systems. escrows'll have not as are flawed as he's joining us here on our team to national co director of the anti war organization, the international action center. it's loud as is great to see you today. thank you very much for joining you here on the international for this story here. wanted to ask you what, while the west does continue to send military aid to ukraine, these, these new reports suggest that the forces there are not entirely prepared to use them that well, if you may have just heard me saying that that when it comes to using the javelin
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missiles, anti thank miss austin, ukraine. the ukrainian soldiers are learning to use them by watching youtube. well, yeah, it's true. they're hardly trained and 3 out of 11 shots are actually reaching its target. isn't a very good success rate. it's also important to remember that when 70 percent of these weapons literally go missing. there is an enormous corruption in the crane. so lots of weapons never reach the very forces who are not trained and how to handle them. and they are for a little use, and that's the reason they're so quickly resold because they're not very useful. nevertheless, they are enormously profitable to raytheon, to lockheed martin, who have a joint contract. every one of these javelin missiles cost $78000.00 per piece. thousands of them more than $5000.00 and the initial run were provided. then there
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so launch pads worth another $100000.00 piece. so this is an extremely profitable weapon, whether it's effective or not, whether it's sold and resold drops into a black hole. us doesn't really care, nor does raytheon lockheed martin. they're making enormous profits on this war and they are willing to fight to the last ukranian if there's enormous ukrainian casualties. but they're selling the weapons. they'll go right on providing javelins, stingers, high mars, one thing after another where it reaches they don't really care and who dies as a result. because missiles misfire, it civilians go all over the place. they truly don't care. that is part of the corruption of this war and some enormous corruption in the very weapons that are
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provided and how useful they are. how can i can i jump in? i do, i really apologize for interrupting you, but, but what? first of all, i want to say i appreciate you being so straight with us here at appreciate you being so, so honest, you talk about the military industrial complex, you mentioned rafia and you mentioned lockheed martin. you mentioned where you nearly mentioned b e systems as well. there's a whole list of these companies involved in the military industrial complex, and it's also these are the companies where countless us politicians have stocks and investments here in the military, industrial complex. i'm any court who's profiteering here on one side of it. we've got the military industrial, complex profit hearing. we've got us politicians, i suspect. and then of course, as you said, with widespread corruption across ukraine, a ton of these weapons, a winding up on the dark web. in fact, washington says roughly 30 percent maybe of the weapons or go into the hands where they intend them to go. this has serious implications, doesn't it? very serious implications. and it is when you look at past
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u. s. wars in afghanistan and iraq, syria, one after the other. it's the same thing. there's a huge resale of weapons, weapons that are ineffective levels of corruption. all of this plays a big role now is a military industrial complex care. frankly, they dump there in the business of selling weapons for massive destructive wars and they need those wars. otherwise their stocks go down. and every politician knows that that is part of the corruption of the system that linking in between the media talking heads. who so often come from the pentagon, now making money selling the next war. and the politicians who only passes one right after the other. we can't get vaccines or infrastructure. we're health care in the u. s. the military budget passes without
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a question. as you know, as far as, as you know, america is not in a recession. joe biden says, everything is peachy. imperfect. despite the fact of having 2 consecutive court has going down the drink, i want to ask you when it comes to pumping weapons into ukraine, you mentioned, for example, the high mars. and these are these truck launched mythos to fly many, many kilometers. i read some reports that ukrainian officials were complaining that america sent these hi, mom miss our launch but didn't send the software with them. so they couldn't even actually aim them directly at the targets. they would just shooting them indiscriminately all across the parts of the country and how dangerous is that? well it's, it's enormously dangerous. it's dangerous for especially for civilians. it's dangerous in urban areas. but does raytheon lockheed martin to the politicians with vote for these wars really care? see,
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that's the question. they really don't if they can sell the weapons even if they can't be used, even if it is rather stunning. good. thank you. trying to figure out from you to how to put things together and how to launch them. you can see why things get resold. and now now we have these kind of cars he drove and he's kamikaze. drones are that, that are being sold for a few grand on the dock web. as we, as we understand, shoot amounts of money and weapons that continue to pour in a weekly basis into ukraine. of vast majority of them are either disappearing or just being sold on the dock web. you know, you mentioned the issue of piece a few moments ago and when you, when it comes to the military analysis here, i've heard some people say, for example, that the russian military is designed for military purposes. the american military is designed for profit. if the western partners are so interested in peace in ukraine, why do they continue to pump the country full of weapons wrong? because they're primarily interested in profit. and they're also determined to
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break all possible trade and economic relations between the e. u and russia and the sanctions keeping the sanctions in place. voting a new round and a new round a new round sanction is in u. s. corporate interest. because, you know, this is the purpose of nato. it is really to be the u. s. military, us commanded apparatus on the ground for control throughout the entire region. and that means really keeping germany and france and italy, spain, they are competitors and allies at the same time. so the sanctions have been very effective. devastatingly bad in europe, who feels a real pain and russia who is self sufficient in grain, energy fuel seems to be doing quite a bit better than a number of other countries who are facing
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a very difficult winter ahead along with these weapons. but there's the, just the cost of what this war is doing. continent wide and the hardships will create and the hardships it creates right back here in the u. s. when there's this endless amount of money for war. and there's just so little for education or health care, very enlightening commentary from founders of the international actions and have joining us live here in our international greatly appreciate your time. thank you very much. well, the u. s. president has face sharp criticism over his recent announcement on the, the rate of u. s. inflation. actually, i just want to say a number 0 today. we received news that our economy had 0 percent in place, 0 percent. what the announcement came just hours off of the federal consumer price index data showed inflation in july and dropping slightly from $8.00 and
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a half percent from 9 point one percent in june. but that figure was still a 40 year record for the us economy, where living costs are on the rise, all across the board and the editor for a reactionary times. julio nevada says the by the ministration is struggling. this is a desperate democratic party that has an important election coming up in a couple of months and they're trying to spin this in any way they can to try to make the economic number seem positive. but the truth of the matter is, the all items less food and energy has risen 5.9 percent in the last year. the food index has risen 10.9 percent. that's the largest 12 month increase in 1979 of the energy index is increased. 32.9 percent. and obviously the 9 point one percent inflation in june was actually the highest since $981.00. it went down slightly year over year or to the point 5 in july and they're
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claiming this or the victory. but the fact of the matter is americans are suffering . the price of everything is going up. democratic party, i think has kind of a little bit of a bad reputation right now. i mean, they're not doing anything on the economy is bad. you know, the gamma stand pull out was disgraceful. you know, the cost of gas at the pump, the cost of items at the retail level, american prestige, i think it down. it's a shame that america has to be embarrassed by having this type of a president the syrian oil ministry has publicly accused us of stealing its oil. the amount of oil production during the 1st half of 2022 amounted to some 14500000 barrels us occupation forces, and their mercenaries steal up to 66000 barrels every single day from the fields occupied in the eastern region in its statements. sorry, and officials branded american lead troops as quote,
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an occupying force. it has been reported to us is responsible for the effect of a $105000000000.00 of oil since the beginning of that war. and according to local reports, last weekend alone, sol, dozens of us, army tankers, ultimately smuggling oil out of the country directly into northern iraq. the russian president vladimir putin has previously called on the us to stop exploiting, serious, natural resources. while economic consultants, i mean i, you says u s. involvement in regional conflicts has for years. just be stabilized the region . we actually count all those years since the complex started in the sense for the us actually got people figure might actually be correct because the oil industry and syria, although the production only represents one percent of the world production, it actually was a $1000000000.00 industry. while that's the main problem, and this is what's actually russia actually vetoed last month on the,
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on the new and the resolution for a to syria, which actually comes in every year. will actually do us involved in many conflicts in the region actually prove before they were not very efficient in sullivan, local issues, the american model of democracy actually fairly and in the region. and a lot of initiatives actually failed, including enough again to stand in iraq and known syria. so syria reps out the program for this off. how here live on the international directly from the russian capital. thank you so much for joining us. we are back soon with poker a a.


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