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tv   Interview  RT  August 13, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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i don't claim to know a great deal about em at internal russian politics. but i do, i have read all the speeches. i do understand, i do understand the history of the, of the recent history, certainly, or 21st century history of ukraine and, and, and others and other things as well. and i take a global view and, and so, and up because i'm interested it in it a. and because i have a dog in the race, my father died in italy fighting the 3rd, right? you know, i, i, i have a deeply em vested emotional interest in what happens to my brothers and sisters, including all the indigenous people who have been treated so appallingly for the last 500 years by we europeans, we settle colonialists. i'm so i have dogs in that race as well,
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just to delve into different issues then if we can. and just to widen it away from that interview gave you told the presenter michael's for college that he's believing his science propaganda. and he immediately refuted that. but why is propaganda always said to be just one way flowing in east to westerly direction or partly never the other way around. it depends on your perspective, doesn't it? unless you're troublemaker like, may, if you're a troublemaker living in the united states, you see the propaganda coming from the u. s. government. and it is a joke. i mean, it's extraordinary how they invent everything. if i spoke russian and i was living in moscow, it might, it, it's quite likely that i might look at what the though russian government are putting out good will. this is rubbish. this is an app. this is russian pra. i don't now, i don't live there a can't comment on it. that's why people may think that i'm at that my comments are
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slanted, against the american government of the u. k. government, western government western position. or maybe just because they're only hearing 11 way before that bullet rubbish. but they put out mainly the propaganda that they put out is, has nothing to do with the real issues because they suppressed the truce. and so to find truth in, in the west, certainly, i don't about russia a bed. it's just as hard in russia to find real trues is, is a huge task. you have to go on to the internet and then you have to sift your way through all the sites until you find an opportunity to perhaps discover what might be going on and what the truth of something is. i know what those sites are on the internet in my english speaking. well, i don't know about russia. i hope the same thing exist. and that there are
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troublemakers in russia who are determined to learn the truth about things too. because i bet you're not gonna suggest me that you can find the truth in crafter all or one of the other mainstream media. i don't know that. why is it my advise it now? i understand, but it, i don't know. it's about an hour years, isn't it? it's about seeing a lot of different use and making your own mind up r t has been banned across the e u. britain. the u. s. is that not? i know that. yeah, in terms of how that's being seen or is that democracy in action or one no of course is and they don't cheat me like a child. of course now we can, can we be grown up at least in having this conversation. now of course it's got nothing to do with democracy. it's nonsense. if you, if you just cut is like, for instance, in my world, the internet is becoming
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a smaller and smaller on has more a platform as the government than the an essay, the f b i and the cia, and mark zuckerberg and the whole of silicon valley on the whatever and the google brothers schwartz slowly but surely a cutting it making its mourns moron. i am sure i am in their radar. i'm probably in the middle of the cross hairs at some point. they're gonna try and shout me up for good. and they can a, they will put, you will probably find it suddenly i'm not even speaking to you or anyone there. certainly nobody in the mainstream media, apart from michael's mc cornish would speak to me. and it may be that that was only to now, not can oh to his michael of connivance in it. but it obviously it was to their advantage that my interview with michael was cut into little bits and stuck together to make me look like an idiot. oh, i'm not in india and that's why talking to you today. i'm making absolutely certain
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that people completely understand that my motivation is love for my brothers and sisters. all of you, every one, the chinese see and yet i've done it before every one. but there's in the short term, which is why keep coming back to it because it was one of the things i talked to michael bow. the ukraine is deeply important. let us not forget that zalinski was. he was elected as the president of the ukraine. after the coup in 2014 on a platform of solidifying and hearing to the minsk agreements to minsk too. and also agreeing to end the civil war that was already happening, had been happening since 2014 and the illegal co and and give em self government of her son. the way to the doctor,
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the dumbass him to lou bounced and done it. sorry. and labinski, and of course the minute he was elected, somebody put a gun to his head, i had so many changed his mind and didn't do any of that. well, a lot of that, 73 percent of ukrainians voted for him, presumably wanted those agreements implemented so that they didn't have to have a wall and it could be stopped in my view to morrow. all it needs is for the americans to come to the table and say, okay, let's go with the men sc agreements and then it would be over. but do you think western officials actually want the conflict to end? no, of course not. no, they have no interest in in, in the car. they will fight to the last ukrainian well, or if they do want it to and why don't they end it? because it's in their hands as always has been. it's in nato's hands. it's in jo
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biden's hands except it's not, it's in his, whoever pulls his strings hands, they don't want it to where there's but huge fortunes to be made out. battle fully enough just before i came on the air with you. and because i've been reading a lot about all, well, recently georgia, well, who we all know about great hero of us because i couldn't remember who m that they factions were oh, that states the countries in 1984. so are look to up this morning. oh, she ana, okay, which nominally is where big brother lives, which is america, eurasia, which is russia and east asia, which is china. and i don't if you remember, but in the novel they saw of constantly changing their positions. the important thing is that they're always at war with one or the other and that they can make
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new alliances. but important thing to maintain big brother in power is that they have to be constantly don't war. does that remind you of anything contemporary that's going on now? the state of perpetual war because you ask anybody in co pink or any of the other, or all, well without war or any of the other and anti war organizations. and they that they know what i'm talking about because we live in the state of perpetual war on why, because there's a huge amount of money to be made out of it. so that's what these wars are for. it's about making money for a very rich people. so because, so why, why do we the people allow it? why do we allow them to force the rest of us into these situations? bring pride as littler. yeah. and wrong for it before we move on to other global issues, as profit for russian, for russian and weapons manufacturers,
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as well as profit from a you know, you know, you know, what's gonna happen is if i don't put that word in there, go, going to go way, oh, his of putin puppy. he's a russian. no, no, no, no, no. i am a supporter of the universal declaration of human rights from paris in 1948. that is it. if we apply those 30 articles or other articles there are, there won't be that cannot be another war, not even a single day of it anywhere in the world. ever again, if we apply those articles, you, you mentioned there, they the accusations, puppet of putin. it's interesting right now the last few weeks i've had lots of interviews about cases of russian artists, sportsman bon, from competition, the works of russian. ortho is prohibited at university soviet monuments demolished across europe. i would suggest the majority of people i 3rd disagree with and
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vehemently, but if they call it out, suddenly there a puppet of putin has nuance itself, pink cancelled, and how can it return? yeah, well one is constantly pointing out the the hypocrisy behind all of this nonsense sir. you know, the, i wrote a letter to the president of you for couple weeks ago for had it in front mount, rita, our is public made it public. i posted it. but basically i was saying, if you can a ban, you am in your god like position as the president of you for again, a ban all russian soccer teams. and that national team from are competing in soccer football with the rest of us because of the invasion of ukraine. you have to banish rail as well because of the invasion of palestine in 1967. you can't have it both ways, but of course they can,
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they cherry pick human rights all the time, depending upon the political climate wherever they are based i suppose. but obviously that it's ridiculous to ban russian teams, but not banners, religion, or, or other teams. i mean, ausa pointed out as some tongue in cheek cause i know this ain't going nowhere. i said, oh, by the way, while you are on the subject, you might have a word with the president of feed for your chum in the world organization football and ask him what their, what their position is on the fact that the united states of america gonna be playing in the world cup and guitar. wow. possible when they invaded iraq in 2003, contra painting everything in the united nations charter, the biggest war crime, any of us have ever since. and what, what, why, why is that? all right. why is that of just total hypocrisy?
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obviously nothing is treated with them even han except is by me and by all the other people who want peace on earth and good will to man for all our brothers and sisters. so you know, go vega i'm, i mean i don't wanna be all ranty because, you know, it's, it's always interesting avenue in the program until i just pivot maybe to more global issues. while we have you on the program. roger taiwan, cn claim that the timing for nancy pelosi is vis a could not have been worse leading to the taiwanese people, feeling the aftermath of her pilgrimage as has been called. but yet, beijing is seen as the aggressor. how do you see the situation where she's an old lydia. you know that she pelosi is a joke. i she is. she just is. and yet they're revered. they are revered in the united states, america. but the u. s. congress is had to slice nothing. really. it doesn't seem to
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have any power, or if it does have power, it won't look squarely, it seems like i am like you are to day on tv. and i hope some of the people watching this interview as well going, you know, what is right. why are we in a state of perpetual war because nancy pelosi wants us to pay and she wanted to apply in their posturing, taking huge risks, completely ignoring the agreements that were made. the one china rim agreements made in 19711972. after the nixon busy in $72.00, it was absolutely agreed that there's only one china and it's the people's republic and, and it's the hold of china. and so the chinese have held off on formosa as it was called in 1949 at the end of the revolutionary warren china. out where, where shanker shack settled with his pew defeated followers and was supported
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pens and billions of dollars poured in by the americans because of, oh, we're worried about communism spreading. well, listen, if the chinese people want to live under a communist regime or the russians or anyone else in the world, bless them, why shouldn't they be allowed? self determination. self determination is one of the human riots that is described in, in the paris document. why should you decide you? is the colonial settlement in north america watch it. you'll get to decide how the, everybody else in the world behaves. they wanna rule the world. that is what is so dangerous about american foreign policy. you know, now you've got me on to that subject. hams know if russia had a thout, or china had a 1000 military bases or to it all over the world, and we're in tend to ponce surrounding, oh, she honor and eurasia. oh,
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vice versa. or if east asia had a 1000 military bases and was surrounding oceana, it would be just as malevolent and wrong as it is to the united states. step a 1000, but i'm thinking now we know best and we will tell we will rule the world you car though the world show brightening. you can't do it, brother. it's, it's a fulls, aaron and look what it's doing right now. look at the ukraine and all those poor people being slaughtered russians and ukrainians, while you say in washington, dc in a checking out your shares in gracie in a minute, just despicable. so i don't know what's gonna happen by if i can nudge any of them towards me. what's wrong with minsk too? you know now why isn't it in the news every day?
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why it wasn't every newspaper in russia and united states? her hey, why don't we just implement the minsk agreements, the ukranian people voted 73 percent of the ukranian people voted from minsk to and for the end of the civil war and the dumbass. that's what they voted for. you mentioned joe biden. it the also a, you're in the middle of a north american tour. by the way, it's very good of you to speak to us during it as well. i'm sure a lot of people relieve to get back. i'd and start rocking again after 2 years of coven, et cetera. but there is one part of your, your concert, ju biden's image when it comes up on stage during your performance. i think it was your anti war song. the bravery of being out of range in does that come in your head because there's a line there, old timer, who you gonna kill next. it's a, it's a great song, but it's not how you see him as direct as that. well,
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joe biden, let's not forget was the democratic whip in the senate whipping up the senate in 2003 in support of the invasion of iraq. so it did joe biden commit a war crime to day? almost certainly. i mean, who did they kill the other day with an extra traditional assassination zab. dia is that his name? who was supposed to leave the 2nd in command to a some, a bin laden, they claim. nevertheless, your sang, we have the right to ply round the world and murder any one we want. we're using drone attacks and using our surveillance and satellite imaging and blah blah, you know, they killed our, our walk, his son. i believe you where the hell was he? i can't even remember, but he was sitting in a cafe. that's after they'd killed our wacky who was a u. s. citizen living in some other country. he was a muslim though and and, and,
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and so, so, and he had different ideas about it. so they just kill him. it used those tuesday meetings under obama. every single one of those meetings was a war crime. every one but and yet it still goes on and the drone attacks had gone on through trump and through and now through body. and they go on, you know, they killed suli man and they kill this and that, and the other and, and it's always wrong. it's always walk wrong, always with the way it hasn't changed. the law hasn't changed. so you're biden. and poor old chap. no, i don't feel sorry for him because he's made his bed and he has to liner. but this is the man who wrote the patriot act. i know that's not a war crime. it was a crime, but it wasn't a walk run so,
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but he's committed and thousands of will crimes jo bite and will continue to do so . his lack of interest in speaking to the russians and the ukrainians. okay. is a war crime in my view and you can, people can take that away if they want and tear it to shreds and go, oh no, i've looked in the dictionary. it's not roger's wrong about this. well, it is, it is, he could stop the war. i think it's a crime if you're in a position of power and there's a horrific war going on. and people are dying in a thousands, thousands and thousands of people die. and you're doing nothing but poor ordinance into it. give them, give them the weapons to keep the thinker, instead of acting diplomatically and stopping it, which you could do in a heartbeat. no, i mean i'm not, i'm, i'm not, i'm not gonna sit here and so start taking sides though i do. i have looked at it,
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or i do think it was a huge mistake. and for the americans to try and push nato right up to the russian border. but far clear of brains than mine. anybody who's, who's concerned about this at all? gone, read everything that john mearsheimer as written about it and watch all his m television, speeches, or speeches on the internet. listen to it, read about it. do your homework, check out the history, find out what the history of the ukraine, and please don't tell me that the ukraine doesn't have nazis in it. it does. and the way the way the west flipped suddenly. so it's a, it's yeah, yeah, of course it's nuanced and complicated, but it's not really cuz we are slaughtering ukrainians every day. and they should
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be alive. there should be taking their children by the hand and taking them to school to their ballet lessons or enter their soccer matches. there. go on, go, never run around and kick a ball instead of cowering unless shelton's, it's disgusting. but we're allowing this to happen and we are allowing it to happen . brewton is to, obviously, but it's a difficult situation. that's why you have to talk to one another. i said the other day, i did a webinar, which people should watch. i did it with world without war. it's about an hour long . maybe an hour and a half aren't remember? i forgot. i forgot what was going to say now own no, absolutely a maybe just we can never move to another subject. roger that's very close to your your heart. the people are very close to your heart palestine. and now we recently saw an upscale of events. there is really are
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a strikes and garza killing scores of people, a young child sexual girl, and few words of condemnation from the world on that. they said they were talking tourists as really defense forces. why do you think i just your views or not? and also as an aside, why do you think the international community treats conflicts in, in garza and ukraine quite differently? well, it depends what you mean by the international community, right? where i lived in the united states, the mainstream media layout like that because they do what they're told that do what they do, what they are told to do, and they print what they are told to print by the ruling class, by the oligarchs, by the soccer burges and the base losses, right. and the e long masks and the bill gates's, they print what they're told to a nurse, a bit controversial to say that. but if you look at the evidence, that's what appears in all of it that i'm print, anything that i have to say,
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i promise you that they will never print hang on a minute. we should be looking at this in a global fashion where all brothers and sisters, we all come from africa. where like cousins, we should be embracing one another, not blowing one another to be they don't think like that. and that's partly because it's sort of enshrined in their political ethos that only thing that matters is the bottom line. and the corporations have only one responsibility and that is to their shareholders. and the only responsibility is to maximize the partner. well, clearly in a civilized place, corporation should have a responsibility to protect the environment, to make sure that the, those in society least able to look off to themselves are looked after. that there's a safety net and so on that we educate our children and so on and so on. and so those are the important things of those should be the responsibility of the
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corporations, just as much as they're supposed to be. the responsibility of a government represents the people that doesn't happen. and again, i'm not, i'm not saying that this is only the united, so it's just, i live here. i see, see the homeless and on the streets every, every day when i'm in the city. so you see it happening before your very eyes missing out. hold on. you see the people all around me not being able to make the some sad up at the end of the month because of inflation. and because of that, and because the ruling class fight to keep their wages, the lowest possible level that there are, they still arguing about $15.00 an hour. oh my goodness, i cannot imagine trying trying to live on 15 bucks and i'll get any body possibly do it. it's impossible. sandwich cost $15.00 is crazy. anyway,
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i, as i say, i wanna know i can't go on knocking. it's just that i live here. so i see it, you can see it yet. it, it hurts you. can i just ask as, as a, as a final question. once, what makes you put yourself in the firing line like this eve? a few quit in your pocket and you're a musical engineer icon to many. you could live a nice, comfortable life. what makes you keep questioning? keep probing. despite the obvious heat that comes your way in return, i've told this story more more times than i can remember. i will tell it once more . so pay attention a. my mom, when i was 13 years old and i was struggling with something or other that i was trying to make a decision about said what, what is it, what's? and i told her what it was. and she said listen to me carefully now. and i said,
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as she said, all your life, you're going to struggle with weighty questions. probably if you care about anything at all, when you do his my advice, read, read, read, read, read, find out as much as you can about whatever the question might be. okay, and listen to all sides of the argument. okay, but when you've done that, you've done all the heavy lifting your work is of but, but i went, she said the next bit is very easy. very easy, roger. and well, what's the next bit, mum? and she said, do the white thing ah, i know, i feel quite emotional. even saying that now. i mean, she's been dead for 15 years. but my mom said that to me when i was 13 years old and i would say to anybody else to any child or young adolescent or anyone really
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breed, read. and when you've done all that, do the right as well. i try and do is the right thing. so talking to you to day on our t, although it's going to come back and bite me in the ass, i couldn't give enough. you know, why? because it's the right thing to do. and to go on making a noise, as long as i have a voice. and as long as i have breath in my body, i will continue to do this. i will never stop. oliver is love hearing for you on hearing your views on all that a we so appreciate your time today. you've been more than good roger waters finding member lyricist principle compose and create a force behind pink floyd. many thanks sir. thanks brother. ah ah
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with a advocate, an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find them, sell the parts. we choose to look for common ground.
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the moving business, and you will clean the rugby daily shoes on your medical graham . when you wrote your illusion got to will is just such a group. we can certainly provide you with such a physical image of the different impala child you get thrown with them the problem and you're still move through your fear sick if history to your birthday and not the study skills on that. just a bunch of stuff coming off on ok, which which and it was just in the solution up and push to sustainable for a moment because i knew it was useful and you don't know which i know for the don't know if i should get to do given the other than that, we're going to do these just opinion for us is come on
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the news, the nuclear is off the hangs over the continent as the ukrainian military shells and europe biggest nuclear power plant. this is according to russia's envoy to the united nation, us a secretary of state, anthony blink, and looks to confirm america's commitment to africa earlier in the week and placing blame on russia to the continents, various problems. and as india proposed to mug 75 years of independence from british rule and the politician of the country into india and pakistan. we hear the story of one man whose time.


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