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israel has very, very few deaths and it's very, very clear that one country is pressing and destroying another. the world is really guilty of hypocrisy by supporting crane and failing the people, palestine. and that's our up on the hour's top news stories from around the globe. thanks for joining us. be sure to follow us on twitter odyssey and gab from our content. see you again next hour. ah ah. oh oh oh. oh, a
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ah, with no nation. no nation has ever done anything like it in all history. with
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ah, yeah, she got a green i have to use this done on a posterior composite via a wiki nearly if you do that, you lost it or from when you so your doorstep book on when you're gone, this suddenly green is domes, on that, because all, and you live with no brain a with you'll not with of can i by he way not throw you away. now vicki stein you why not teach new a not i will be can leave the key only so many drama. the hutto nicely, the new school choice. you're not winning, you can then let the bullet session
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a stronger solution, but the most a c p u h. it will not the keys your family. could you let us? oh, a december 2013. the lowest peaceful year in the history of the united ukraine is coming to an end the year and my dance movement is gaining momentum in key protests to prompted by the government's decision to suspend the signing of the association agreement with the european union. oh, there are so much you do you'll see such as new york res paper. you? ah, since you all are solution all is cooper. if you see one, we took we made on other show up at below, senior column to see why that noble tom yo yos for we will answer. we'll negotiate
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the queer void, the us just the sheen. kimberly over your store. but he could get a pistol out. that was why i was send them my dog. i name any bullets initially. i knew 1000000 a put it will sit on it. so i just saw, oh oh oh, it shall store in there with junction for the if there's a song the coming from eastern then?
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yes. come wallace, really of the summer, we're in a lot of them by surprise for us, cuz i knew them some units or push or someone's on which as soon as many was you know, in the as a new mouse. and just when you, when you try to stop, when the police will join notional mom, my mom show up. sure, some which she will your n g hold on some last name, last night you there at your company was about to lose you on the production slick agreement partition. can you tell me jacob, who used to show me? where is the worst of which to stay with us? the use of giving you the number you will did on a couple of but you see of because up a nice little one you still with my mom and you still green switch started and you'll be what they need is we've ok. i knew that i knew that when you will surely
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done last the fuel of the grass or just look on the list and somebody was nuclear, which probably goes on a shilling. you're getting the grains of growing up and you're sure you knew and using sure. and when you, when it was a nice boy, unless you're watched, isn't showing leaders in rank and file members of nationalist organizations admit they had been preparing for violent st. riots long before the protests and gulf key . lee supposedly had to believe nathan scott has also put out the green, the number of hours he has to lift and lose, but i don't know much elliptical acumen will grow cream school school when i actually moved into. so i started with greens which are the rooms come all the time
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. some will not be off topic on a war invoice. so commission yes, at all with another company your response to it. so you install that in addition, in order to keep from william, if you knew how to keep a job where yellow green schema for money seals e noise. marsha napoleon, you may look richer ea record to greenly view up on me, but i'm still here for a little while. furthermore, lis, some of the charlotte actually purchase the edge of less, don't put it in the store in the parentheses, give me a call. and then i can send
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you a draw you need to use the the the book up, a little mature supplement with the, the new molecule. our dealership can look much, you will be using a stylus move with the door, but she knew it was a piece of us talk with the bustle just blew up those pleasing each unless among the muslims lucian. nice national union you or was it just need you to switch or
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disease much the lives of somebody, but that is a piece of jewelry. hello, my name is michelle sketch from when did you read was reason why people dumb was late? she will dominate the coolness. girl, you all know that will be do monthly studio. you will get back on your switches. gina was michelle. it have a to asia. atoria was denellin wrote miss that those 2 night you still told shift that was probably deliciously, was from police to keep us they had left with you guys still crying morally understand it, but i wish they didn't go on with it or should i just leave a ca equals totally study a community. where is that about the what is union
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with the boy that with v lease up with us, we chose to brainstorm drip up because of where we was at or about them. we mean probably will pressed on years up on. no, great. did you think you didn't get to them with the use of can put them on to you always need? are we sure john mitchell by discourse was widely with and you made them and you bring your point of view it and the address and you can feel it those cuz it's the lowest possible, unbelievable. or anybody, keith and random surgically about the little permission list or view of boise when you when you do business with you for a mass to live with the sketch. wally, eastern rachelle, a little juice lane down. lynch, my donna talley says go, i know it was a little go on to be, it would be g h, toll supplies, you know, i'm, i'm a scholar. i was co conflict from mr. what to call. but i was still and you guys
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be watching right? ah, a little relief. he feels little like this. she isn't really good will do if that should that show you spoke lobo up? don't you just good sell a list of those schools when you pull up, but you will see on yes, but he'd say i spoke with you to do what you scared and thought. see a with
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a with world with america is with you. i'm with we believe there is activity in the shows up on if i need to keep on, we need your and with dish or my land a was learning more with me. yes. sure. which, you know, i have a p o was coincidence. but almost to which to shoot 1st one is a sub billing customers to produce goes up. ah
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ah, the at the like when you blow me of them. yes. but almost a 1000000000 but a minion. lee. and you talk a could tell you more toy shop or the tolan you joe cars do you set you bite, soul safety. you will send you the list. i need to know what you need from you. so not conflict is days went to all steaming ski. what was totally new or just for sure. i was wondering course go with the little plug in your bloodstream. would you like to have time of creation? yes, cuz all still with a new machine that is my grandmother said usa
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was in core credits for what god said she did not put us low, especially with a pitcher. so be external ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with ah concert you cut out literally in what happened to the order in order ocean come, reduce your my done your bush multiple don't wish to do more for it. just like to pull so sure. the blue process, the yeah, yeah, a new quote,
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joining in what the done actually. so i mean in the home from school, i was just good to really show when you're welcome just to principal to chose fall . nobody called but i'm still stuck with them. or do you do them somewhere to book the 100? you know, so you can proceed. you knew this was i'm sure it's high quality about a you knew you were with them. here we go to somebody in the radicalization that my dad is proceeding apace. barricades appearing all over essential key. my dad's self defense activists. seize and control government buildings, confrontations with the police. a new mir skirmishes anymore. real battles, arranging in the city streets, protested, wheeled, iron bars, improvised batten's, stones,
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and stacks of molotov cocktails. i'm with, oh, journalist ruslan cut saba covered the events on my down in 2014. he saw what was happening in the center of cape with his own eyes, and he's still trying to understand who was interested in keeping my down going. and why this is the, would you go to it?
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what would you mind really if you see the one that you, if they didn't get pretty young of thomas it hooked up what you really got. hope cookies cut him. you took him though. oh, that was why we're so bush. neither was what brought me here. do you miss? i'm is, is really beside me need to bring money, breadth as a way, but between the awesome of sure, the israel's mr store or the says social press 3 to say no beautiful the water. the one of the more dinner, more jojo harsh come from cuz i'm over from a holler what i'm hopeless. oh. 6 i see i'm with. 6 a. 6 bush, i'm coming to an uber. no. who got us? washington got ocean, great, a little shops, renewals on the webpage or jump. we mule you only had we should airline. yep. yeah
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. le, hello. can i hear alex on dakota? kosky was one of the commanders of the ukrainian security services alpha group in jeanette's. he was regularly sent to keep on detach service and was well aware of the situation in the protest written streets. by february 2014. the situation on my dad had to escalated seriously from okay me a favor for us. i was in was doing a lot nothing pellegrini was up on the new. the new molly, i told him was going to leslie, which is the only news william with both good. well he's will be seldom any. i'm looking to lease the modem from that. his name, which is little more me please. yes. is it over a number of them a lot? wouldn't you do that you? she was to lack of level of some of the problem with them. finish up with your sip you william much and you said when but he bought them google chrome,
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you debina. you should, you got them, but once you go neutral, so when you look in the choices here we go for a potomac with much, we could keep them deal it as possible. we do it to work with a boy, but i'm not sure, but i'm still ready to send them to them. ship when you my dish, we do deal up serials and stuff. i mean, yeah, but at the move, i was hoping to speak
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with someone to go on with some, let's do it in what's out there. what are natural store? good for some rough for food, and i'm gonna show us about bug. you buy news, you cindy, external constitution like issue abroad, but i don't know what's up or just local sto carrillo, i'm buying michelle ish with shut q g, so with a and you will so push that but just to shut down worse, you're probably out is like mr. or leave me a good choice. when you ask, i go to court less really us for quite a stimulation. told me and just look up. i just wish music channel music, me
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a choice of this report and it when you go, then you learn from those. but if you could, you nobody, could you a bubble b got other pussy masha or grand scheme for you, would you? she a little glass, you could g does, did really, you know, more than somebody onto my done it, but i, you know, to shut up just me by the other, the most affordable. i'd also you can look when you might, before the thought of the movie you to go. just go with people double focusing in you look a diesel to put your america welcome. thought of what the wish advisor for it's i love what up i'm with calcium. can we get those? you know, actually it was me or not. i don't know could be poorly. i used to shift even good as yet, but she, them, the beginning, the a stroke. it video as this a,
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with a t up allows to produce kiddos in the middle school o. e, so that i can show the results, go in for them to look at that for you. let's go across. so a question. so the good on that should be pretty much i will show up and yeah, took up a supplement. yup. no idea. but could you clean up for once and get books to buy?
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we'd just if it was up on there, let's look at move shows. are you still good? can you read about what else? what was the course of what your sense? akilah a yellowish bushel and all still kept as you'd say, but the cell is washing, you know, some of the dates at the sewer screen uniquely spelled e n a show digital friendly and i'm just request to get us to deal with that music or what's the most obvious, it'll score as a kind of cultural issue go spoke with what's not the key prestige which makes me she is not the most cousin store greens come or what the numbers think about a minute. who's doing this? i'm sure the quote simple machine. you're going to put comedy music, you can keep them with voice. sure. like marcia got the property of the window
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cleans cusick tumble for a new cook desktops. no gums, can you then use the jewish bringing it up? i'm with the late notice. communicate with her team in each matter. my name's i'm a flushing slash and says she didn't. it's more just like when they use it for school, why wouldn't you be able get up mostly, my goodness. we start with that kind of that was important to store credit back to your business that you should use a muffin for to move. i use go letters to my vocal novels and the emotions. i use my new life. i see him look at you. i can be, you should be more teamviewer for from double to the post to place you a few cash loss will michelle, michelle, which is a. 6 soon as you post and you've been with us for some more going towards me off and they are gross. we're just trying to comment on yeah. oh, deals a lot of these. so i think that yellow shield beaumont,
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frontal. those are what are the obese throughout the last book, usually with car a can you will you like me at garza or that the show below. but i would say to $11.00 of those up a little green. i'm not sure. a lot of them boys here at the course grade at the post on and you computer when enough i was still capital cost agility, and up would you totally shoot a disc the missile? sure. focus sure is there should end up with all of the book as plugin, if i'm able to say user accounts up is the cable, went on there. so unless somebody keep us slow them the receipt to ski, those or lady wilson, this florence for, or you go think of a should elegance from reflected or all the way from over was empty law digital luchella's or japan. you're projecting them each energy.
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hm mm hm. with with us affordably across new business and you cleaned the pre a, b, e l daily that was chosen. yeah, americans, graham, when you wrote,
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you got to really just touching up critical considering for a wedge also such a short emergency factor of the to considering for child washing your you use her own with them. the problem with that was sure. sure. ruth years, i was sick yesterday. her job to yours. we are both in, at the study or something for stephanie or to flourish, thought it was for me to learn off on i thought it was huge, which is just a push to sustainable ramon because there's no way to porcelain do for a minute with ease just to play and you can also come up with a
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yes to see how this thing becomes the applicant and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground. a one person is killed and 3 other wounded, including a child in the latest ukrainian shelling of a civilian building and don bath. this thing right here in my lap is direct evidence of the west supplying the ukrainian army with internationally bound weapons. this is a german made and keep trying, mind d mining operations and much more as fighting. and don bass continues. archie takes a closer look at the duties of the russian national guard. they're a bloody business. a ukrainian company offers deadly munitions as


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