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tv   News  RT  August 18, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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a b, a a right here in my lap is direct evidence of the west to supplying the gradient army with internationally brown weapons. this is a german made antique thank minor. we expose the use of prohibitive explosive care trip, then going back hello pool pool. as we move tons of ordinance planted by formally occupying ukrainian ukrainian company wake up in thousands of dollars by offering munitions as a canvas to deliver deadly hate messages to rush mm . german or make us land in sanctions against moscow as economic harry carry,
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which will bring the country to its knees while doing nothing to help them cluster. like i try to appease the west concerns over the rising influence of china in the south asian region off the baiting dog with one of its naval ships. that with very well well, can see you because of the international with the latest world news update. it's great to have you with us this out. i. we start with the latest developments in southern ukraine. russia's defense ministry warrants that key of the plans, a provocation at a nuclear power plant. the next 24 hours to coincide with the un secretary general's visit. take here. i mean, he's just all brushes, defense ministry is under the impression that ukraine, along with its patrons, is planning to play the provocation cards, but causing what they consider a minor accident at the nuclear power plant,
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when thereby disrupting the normal and safe operation of the facility. while putting the blame on russia, the defense ministry also was that key of has previously accused russia of shelling the nuclear power plants destroying some parts of the complex ukraine claims that most get deployed heavy weaponry, nearby reactors, and use it to attack. he has forces. however, russia has invited inspectors from the us nuclear watchdog to visit the plant to demonstrate that ukraine's allegations are false. according to moscow, ukraine's forces have showed the plans at least 12 times since march off. it was seized by russian troops. the defense ministry say the attacks have hit some key facilities at the station including cooling and nuclear waste storage systems. however, western media have blamed russia for the damage and even claim that moscow is stealing energy from the ukrainian plant. how you see now is the aftermath of the shelling of
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a residential building in the city of perv and my skin, the la guns tablet, according to local authorities, ukrainian forces, use an american supplied high mas or tillery system. at least one person was killed and 3 others wounded, including a child in there, tug local officials have started a criminal probe into the shelling, which they say is further evidence of genocide. the mining operations are taking place across the front lines with the russian forces, helping removed, bound munitions, which were planted by ukraine in violation of international agreements. and some of the mines were even supplied by nato countries. as ortiz egos, dawn of reports from the ground for ukrainian forces, no tactic is off limits, no weapon is to brutal, international backs. agreements and conventions have long gone out of the window. and this thing right here in my lap is direct evidence of the west supplying the ukrainian army with internationally band weapons. this is a german made anti tank mine and inside it has a magnetic sense. um,
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so this mine it knows when a heavily armored vehicle with a lot of metal inside drives even close by. he doesn't even have to directly hit a mine for it to go off. when it senses the presence of an ahmed vehicle. so right now it has been disarmed, of course, and as i've talked to the sap as they take off anything metal, all the armor before working with this mind because it can go off just by sensing an armored vest again. such munitions are not legal to use under the international law. it is so sensitive it could be triggered even by the minesweeper when it's hovered over. that's what makes it a frowned upon choice of munitions. according to the defense ministry of russia, the national guard sap has discovered it on the outskirts of our term of the cities, arguably the biggest hot spot in the don bass right now. with russian infantry already fighting within the city limits. special forces of the national guard are
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providing cover these guys operate by the one shot, one kill rule, and they're not wasting any bullets on ordinary targets. much is a very good. our mission is to deploy currently and hit the most important targets . he said it was says it was new brand new, new cleanup going commanders, machine, gunners, snipers, and others in areas more. remote from the front lines, rushes national guard has its hands full to diversion. squads remain active behind the lines and are hunted down. yes, actually i could put on here, we run a checkpoint for civilian cars. prevent sabotaged, and reconnaissance groups from infiltrating into the area of responsibility and check whether civilians are carrying any prohibited materials. it's mostly people returning home after 8 years of absence. they wanted to see what happened to their homes. well, if any belongings or documents still remain,
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they take them away with them. with permission from the military police makers done a reporting from the don bass r t signing off on death ukrainians are offering devastating munitions as a kansas to express hatred of russians. the sine, my rocket fundraising fundraising platform, sells messages on a wide range of ordinance to be used against russian troops. clients worldwide pay for the inscriptions on bonds and miss files, and then receive photos of the munitions in action. a platform co founder said the majority of clients from the u. s. it came to provide money for the country's war effort. yes, it's not sanctioned by the ukrainian military. the platform has gone viral since it was featured in the washington post on line prompting questions as to whether it helped to promote the targeting of russians. including examples of feedback from satisfied customers and links to similar risk services. even highlighting the role
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of such quote, humor in war. the tradition of resistance is strong, said, year islov reached sac, a ukrainian historian. he said, humor and obscenities have long typified ukraine's response to foreign occupation. there are so many places that you can send your money that will directly alleviate human suffering in this war that are in this so many ways you can help that. don't glorify and cheapen the constant tragedy of war. yeah, it's pretty weird to see people rejoicing as they see strangers being blown up 3000 miles away in a city. they can't pronounce german ortho. and we'll correspondent thomas where to save valley. any of the money spent will be used for humanitarian aid. this is cynical, ah, we are talking about what dying people we are talking about i, i wasn't the next guy wasn't done but we're talking about a bombs and shells and rockets hitting and really see what regions are like,
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like even by hospitals and so on. and to order some kind of text on such a rocket, i, well, i can commanded. i'm what, what they're trying to do is of course, to, to fund some money extra money for, for ukraine. but again, yeah, even understand what for, because when we see a how much weapons the west gifts into ukraine, there is no need to buy anything. additionally they have they have enough. and so i even don't know who would receive this money and for what, for which purposes. and as we see with the viper weapons delivery from america, with the in the u. s, they say openly, it's a black hole. and cbs said on the only 30 percent reached the front and people who will spend money for that. and i think they are just financing some car up structures and you credit. i don't think that even a center of this will go to any human hearing there 8 or whatever. yet another large industrial company becomes a victim of europe's energy crisis. as a major elementary producer in slovakia has to quote close shops you to storing
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european electricity prices. let's get more on this is lisa will contribute to rachel. marston, i, rachel. nice to see. so europe seems to be facing a rough ride. is metal industries crippled by energy costs, while european stems becoming poorer with every passing day or more? can you tell us while initially it was german industry representatives bracing for the impact of the european union's own anti russian sanctions on manufacturing. but now other countries within the block are facing similar threats to their industrial production as a result of brussels, self imposed sanctions. even nations are all in the same boat, and that boat is pretty much a dinghy that's taking on more water by the day while they're all focused on shaking their fists at russian president vladimir putin. so tangible results are shirley right around the corner, right? it's always darkest before dawn and all that, or maybe that's just the lights shutting off because europeans can't pay the energy
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bills. so now it's a norwegian own slovakian aluminum plant that supplies all of europe that set to stop production at the end of september, jeopardizing $300.00 full time jobs. so how important is this smelter exactly? this laval co, aluminum smelter is a key supplier, not only for slovak companies, but also for other european ones by stopping production. europe will be forced to import aluminum from countries like china or russia. so the plant manager himself says that you sanctions specifically meant to target russia or harming production to the point that the e. u will now have to turn to russia and china for ex aluminum sounds like something that the you is desperately going to need. this aluminum, so maybe they should hurry up and you know, sanction it. belgians, zinc, producer, nursed are also announced this week that it smelter in the netherlands will go offline starting in september,
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due to skyrocketing price of energy. it's starting to sound like con gary and prime minister victor or bon, maybe had a valid point. maybe he was on to something when he said last month that europe quote shot itself in the lungs with anti russian sanctions. that could destroy the european economy. and now even the head of germany's parliamentary energy committee is referring to economic suicide. energy sanctions against russia have turned out to be a serious mistake. a major recession in germany is inevitable. in the energy sector, the economic downturn is primarily due to the sanctions, as well as statements that russian energy supplies will be cut off regardless of existing agreements or contracts. jeopardizing the energy supply of europe's largest economy is hara kiri. it hurts citizens and the industry and does nothing to help ukraine. all right, so things are looking pretty graham for the right now, but they're nonetheless sticking it to vladimir putin. right. well,
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if these eas sanctions were actually hitting their intended target, then that you probably wouldn't be grasping at straws, going so far as to entertain the idea of a travel ban for ordinary russian citizens. which brussels is set to discuss at the end of august and which runs against so many of their stated principles. now meanwhile, according to a russian economy, ministry document obtained by reuters mosque was energy export. revenues have shot up by 38 percent this year. remember what you commission present or laundry lane said back in may, that quote must pay a price a high price. but with each passing day, new evidence suggests that the one paying the very highest price as a result of the use best efforts are europeans, where so many things to that on saw, he contributed rachel mazda making sure line k dismisses the u. s. concerns of aging rising influence in the region as it allows china naval ship to dock in its
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port. the country's officials were quick to distance themselves from american remarks and stated that the 2 asian nations maintain close tice. the indian ocean region must remain, is region of peace. that can be no conflict. it cannot be home to enemy camps, even if we are strong or weak. he cannot mclee, we need to maintain the stones. the chinese ship arrived in sure lunk, his port following a short delay off. it was welcomed in a traditional ceremony, attended by the countries lawmakers upon arrival, chinese se, let's helga banner welcoming the close friendship between 2 nations. and the officials, on the other hand, were not so welcoming as they expressed worries the china's naval presence in the region. the indians argued that new delhi had provided financial aid to sherlock is collapsing economy, and that the islands nation should take part in security concerns will seriously decide to austin, son, a chinese ship, his doctor in she long got out of the home and took off port it's important that
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she like i used to be for 99 years. i just couldn't be back the chinese loan spent on it. i for she like, i definitely don't. i love the lesson last week as index best to secure she can sense, but china stay had its way and she is in the backyard. she youngest, the for the ship is on a piece mission, but india is no find that line new day of islam and the statements are coming from countries talk last. the government carefully monitor any development, having a bearing on india, security and economic interests and takes all necessary measures to safeguard them . the you won't find a on tuesday morning. i will report the stay there for a week. permission granted for chinese survey shipped to enter ham, been out of port for replenishment. i was in favor of the chinese request. our foreign policy is neutral, and any foreign war,
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logistic misc ship can enter our harbor, provided she is on a peaceful mission. no long new day worried about the shining ship could be written, signed on india, to unlock and bought a concern for new day. the course is only about one, a c, c kilometers from india. i'll ship as if he's for satellites and multiple antennas . so what can the ship actually do? reports suggest that they can monitor 3 types of launches, satellite rocky, an intercontinental ballistic messiah. they can also gather technical intelligence . the range of the ship system offset to be up to 750 kilometers. there is a chance all in defense assets being exposed until the indian navy is reportedly keeping an eye on the chinese west when a small bankrupt nation, like sri lanka, delivers a diplomatic slap to new delhi by hosting a chinese surveillance ship at its commercial ward of hamburg, no doubt, it is a stunning reminder of both india's feckless foreign policy and receding influence
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in its strategic back yard. meanwhile, i shall see is that if she, if you see lanka will not affect the security or any county, they do not affect the security and the economic interests of any country and should not be obstructed by any 3rd party. you don't have all the chances in the indian ocean waffle. now he's waiting actually watching and sharma t u day. we heard from political ex burton's consultant editor as the head. a niece who believes that sri lanka isn't as an independent state is capable of choosing the direction all of its developments, including cooperation with china. in fact, she loved to have the right to start, right. i think this is a classic case. despite that, you know, the pressure from india and you wouldn't us, i think we love to ground to see that, you know, if there are significant,
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you know, they will address. but because that was india and most looking at us could not convincingly prove that day. second, because you know, i think that the graduate sits on buck and china has been a great helping hand in the past despite you know, de does, there are some concerns. so the did, but china has be one. china has been so generously given money for some interest structure, mostly after the end of the war. and i don't think she, lunk, a limited infection, not only the china, but even the countries and all special coverage. we continue looking at development in afghanistan since the last american soldier left it for one year ago, this month, along with the suffering hardship and failure experienced by the afghan people. no nation,
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no nation has ever done anything like it in all his trip with on the one year anniversary of the takeover of afghanistan by the taliban, dozens of relatives of $911.00 victims of sent a letter to president biden, calling him to return the frozen by b, u. s. afghan reserves of $7000000000.00 to the afghan people. the by did administration wanted to give the money to the families of 911 victims. however, the families are saying that they are not entitled to cash that normally belongs to
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the afghan people that are living in dire conditions. but by the administration has abandon plans to release billions of dollars of afghan funds held in the us anytime soon. leaving locals who face chronic cash sort. this shortages in the 12 months since america's devastating withdrawal and despair. ah pfizer, f one, a thunder after the u. s. froze, our money people moved under the poverty line on banks have given us. they have no solution. the americans are dishonest. first, they left the country in chaos, and then they froze our money up. they did this intentionally to push us into serious trouble and then take advantage from that in the future. it of europe, in my opinion, the us should not miss st. afghans, why the poll people of afghanistan for about 20 years have lived with conflicts
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hauled ship and suffered poverty. ah, not humble, says he, what else we have demanded at washington, implement the agreements reaching doha. we have not violated any of the points in the agreement. so far, but we ask others to fulfill darrell obligations as well. ah ah. one of you who know us sanctions have destroyed afghans. homes made children suffer from famine and literally took the clothes from their backs. only a rare person here can say that they can make clothes for their children and not mentioned the high prices of flower, oil, sugar,
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and food at the moment taught him why. if we talk about the sanctions america imposes on our poor and innocent people. they just want to kill people ah mm . a we want to be seen as ordinary people were not wizards, where people like them all these countries have reached their present level in 30 or 50 years. and they want us to achieve it in one year. even though the condition of the country in which we got it is not good. ah, a
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new poll in taiwan has revealed the support for the island fleet has dropped in the wake of us half speaking. nancy pelosi is controversial visit to ty pay according to the survey by taiwan public opinion foundation, the number of those a proving sy, england's policy has fallen by 6 percent since last month. the polo so focused on dropping support among tie one's youth with their approval of her. now standing at 54 percent, 20 percent lower compared to july less. now go to nelson. wong, vice chairman on the shanghai center for the rim of the pacific exercise and international studies. man, thanks for joining us on the program. so what's your assessment of the survey results, mr. wong? and how would you explain these numbers? well, it actually show you the change in public opinions and the people's confidence
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in the current regime in taiwan. and this is very indicate, particularly at a time where nancy ferocious visit to taiwan was just 2 weeks away from now. so it actually gives us a good example of how an incident can affect the polls of history. maybe this is a bit exaggerating, but public opinions a do. and i will say something they do prove something. so the taiwan regime, it's a wake up call as well, about what they should do, what they are not supposed to do when it comes to protecting the people's welfare, to secure regional peace and security. so it's not something that you can do at ease, because when you are impala,
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your acts and actions do matter. and they, every step you take will have consequences. so this is a good example. yeah, many observers actually expect to policies visits a boost the taiwanese latest popularity, but we're seeing the complete opposite way. so look like anyone was seriously expecting that to happen. i think this is, this was predicted actually, a chinese government did warn the us to try to persuade nancy per se, and officials not to make such move because they will have consequences. and the chinese retaliation measures is also a show of child knows determination to solve this issue. and it's a clear message that has been sent out not only to the u. s. government,
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but also to the people of taiwan. and i believe the recent opinion polls have already shown that things are changing. it's interesting also that the survey highlights the tony's date is falling approval among the use of tie one just how significant is that? so saying one's political ambitions. yeah, this is a very interesting point, actually. you mentioned the young people are always the future for every country they represent the future. and i think the recent opinion polls reflects the change of attitudes of the young people in taiwan, which is very encouraging. it is very good for both sides of the streets as pokes are going to happen. and i believe more talks on both sides of the pie was st
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. are expected in the days to come. we know that another delegation from the u. s. visited tie one says 12 days after pelosi and that move triggered it was more chinese military exercises near the island. what do you think washington is trying to achieve with such provocative visits? yeah, i think it's i think more and more. ready people in china now have come to realize that the u. s. is a different country as compared to china, because we are different in our social systems in our legal system, in our governess. it's quite different. so there is a new delegation of the senate go into taiwan and yes, but these are politicians and the white house
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never said it approved slaps. so this is that the u. s. and begin to when it comes to dealing with the tie, one issue. what people need to realize is that why the chinese government react in such a way, react so drastically. it was official visits of people, of politicians to taiwan because the u. s. government, when china and the u. s. established diplomatic relations. both countries have signed a series of agreements and commitments and made public communication confirming that the u. s. is now going to maintain an official relationship with the regime in taiwan. it's going to be on the for show. and yes, there is
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a u. s. commitment to tie was defense and they're going to keep selling on the weapons to tie one. but the u. s. committed that the level of modernity of the weapons. those are going to be on the decrease instead of on the increase. but what they are doing is quite the opposite. so this is something that it's not very encouraging. on that note. now some long vice chairman of the shanghai center for the rim of the pacific exercise and international studies. many thanks for your time. we appreciate it. thank you. it can make cooperation between turkey and russia has strengthened in recent months, much to west and officials dismay at the time when the european community is scaling down its ties with russia in response to its aggression against ukraine. it is not really appropriate to increase links or engagement with moscow. according to the kirk, a statistical institute,
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the country is exposed to russia grew by 46 percent in the last 3 months compared with the same period last year. and the value increased by 75 percent for last month alone. it comes off the ankara allowed turkish companies to step into the gap created by an exodus of western business is from russia. but so it is not the only country that has increased is economic ties with russia, midwest and sanctions. the international north south transport corridor has facilitates the high volume of trade between india and russia via iran, over the last 3 months. while data from beijing is general, administration of custom shows that china, russia trade, has risen by 29 percent in the last half year. and iran is preparing for launch car sales in russia, according to the international business times. the russian market is one of the top priorities will also make a wrong called row a c, c o. medi kathy be said, deliveries to russia would start before the end of this year. let's welcome
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political analyst on us and, and get those on now. many thanks for joining us on the program. it's nice to see as a ways are turkey has significantly business exposure to russia over the past 3 months as what we just said. is this a strong fund that on christina moscow was a partner even though some might consider then geo political adversaries. hello, 1st of all, thank you for your invitation. ah, these economic development showed that uncle and most go are getting read off the play projects to just off history and start to remember that they are neighbors. and the western pressures like the sanctions against russia play and accelerating are all in the development of neighborly relations between ankara and most school. and from a geopolitical point of view, i can say that we see that, you know, turkish and russian corporation has given positive results in.


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