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ah, a robot must protect its own existence with a key this key of, of chemical terrorism. ukraine has used a weaponized talks and against russian troops with moscow to provide proof to the world's chemical weapons. what? so when you jerone shot down over crimea, crashing it to the headquarters of russia, black, the fleets without causing any serious damage or casualty as the un and you as the boys concerns over the israeli rating of palestinian and g. o, we investigate why you play deadly treatment of don't. basset isn't getting the same criticism in the with to block sweden and finland from
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joining nato. anchor accused of the nordic countries of failing to stick to an extradition deal with very well welcome to you. this is ancy international with the latest world news updates good to have you with russian soldiers have been poisoned by a weaponized talks in the front lines in ukraine, as, according to russia's defense ministry, which says it has evidence to implicate kids and chemical terrorism. his are correspondent to a bond closer if the russian defense sir minnes free said that says you to military losses in dung boss, and in other areas, the regime and kiva of president vladimir zalinski is and now resorting to terrorist act against a russian soldiers in particular chemical attacks against those who were deployed
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in the as upper roger region. now they're giving some details as say the, some of the military that were deployed in the upper roger region had been hospitalized with severe poisoning back in a late a july of this year. now, following examination, all medics have concluded that they have been ingested with its oxen that causes bachelor's him and let me give you some more details on that. if you're unaware now, or traces of the talking, close fries, you bushland him type be, have been discovered in samples of for those soldiers who were deployed in upper ozium or region. and so the ministry said that that points directly to chemical terrorism by a key of authorities. now the findings having confirmed by various medic, sir military men, medics and their civilian medics in russia as well. and they have all confirmed
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that all the samples showed samples of a neuro arctic are protein. russian defense minister free have also said that there are now preparing all proof and all documents. so that will be for supply to the o. p c. w, which is the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons that will show that same key if and president vladimir zalinski are now using chemical terrorism against russian soldiers. now, the latest from crimea where ukrainian thrown his crushed into the headquarters of russia's black sea fleet. the flying target, approaching the city of 7 stone pool from the sea and we saw down over the building falling on the roof and barking, a small fire. no significant damage or casualties were reported. he's what the local governor told us what additional subset of this book when the situation in
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service was absolutely calm. the tourist season continues. there are many tours in the center of the city lives its quiet life. well yes, unfortunately, another drone and try to attack the fleet headquarters as part of psychological warfare. air observation, post on the headquarters building, open fire on the drug. there is no panic moved and no one can create one. so estoppel residents immediately wrote to me asking how they can help and they say they are ready to fight double cannot be frightened or broken in any way. there's a need to organize rover lot. were round the clock observation of the sky or something else. residents never stop, i will say that they are ready. we understand the ukrainian going to put pictures on the internet to brag about another so called victory. and to show that everyone here is horrified and the so called great actions of the army. well, when nothing works out at the front for them, they tried to send small toys like aircraft here,
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but it causes nothing but irritation with them and surely off of the incident and serve a thoughtful another ukrainian drone was shut down by russian air defense systems in the western parts of crimea, the incident was caught on camera by eye. witnesses showing the defense is at work . and in 8th and ukraine. more than a 100 troops, including foreign mercenaries, have been killed by russian as strike. according to the defense ministry, russian officials say their missiles hit the positions of the ukrainian nationalist unit, called crockett. in the call of region, of the 20 american mercenaries are said to have been killed in that attack. the kracken unit was formed in february by veterans of the notorious hours of battalion, which is known for welcoming extremist fighters with neo nazi views from different countries. ukraine, the old trick nationalist agenda is now up for discussion in moscow, which is hosting an international anti fascist congress for the 1st time welcoming experts from $74.00 countries. speaking the event,
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worst is defense minister has blamed ukraine will proliferating the naziism while china's defense and void. russia has dressed, the global measures against fascism are now more needed than ever. it certainly has to be displayed itself. the air last ukrainian national deal with following the collapse of the ussr washington did everything to make you cry and rushed off to the constitutional to in 2014. and you power structures emerged in the national didn't have in professing the idea is a me or not them and racial intolerance towards everyone they created and on ukrainians. in modern circumstances, the hosting of the 1st international anti fascist congress by russia is of great importance. some countries are trying to rewrite the history of fascism. there is a glorification of fascist actions and law to russia, and china should jointly resist such a trap. as more of ukraine's neo nazi,
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our battalion fight as a captured by russian forces. some of the prisoners being investigated for alleged war crimes, from a french serviceman, adrian bol kay, who is known for previous revelations regarding as obs auctions in the last 8 years of the conflict visited the groups captive members. a warning for you, some of them could have been speaking under duress. i'm a no, any secret detention center were meeting captured officers of the as a battalion were being kept under strict guard. ah. ah, well it was exist. as you can see, the tattoos a real, the nazi tattoos. your civil is slightly camouflaged crosses or change and a bit different. they've signatures. look, this is a painted swastika. here's another similar dial. our
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other symbols. look at this one. at the top, there's a helmet of the s l guard. and this is a small touchy, there are hundreds of fighters with s s. rooms and watch it. when i see hundreds, i mean, and this is just one example to show you. it's a reality. i had you ever killed or shot civilians? nation by orders of my commanders. i shot at the vehicle was carrying people moving . so if you were shooting an unarmed civilians only because you've got the orders. well, not exactly. it was dark. the bus had tinted windows and the driver didn't stop on
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demand it. do you understand that what you have done is a war crime. turns out that i do. while you were hiding that as of style plant, did you know women and children were dying from the shells hitting their flats in the center of the dentist? there was a war going on and there were 2 sides, not one engaged in the fight. ah ah. meanwhile, a youtube account, reportedly managed by a british mercenary, an prisoner of war, aid, and osland has been terminated by the platform. some critics, according to move a fresh demonstration of censorship in the west. as limb was captured by russian lead troops in april, off the fighting c ukrainian, the city of mario paul, he's been sentenced to death and don, yes was hobbling for trying to overthrow the government while working as a foreign most narry, while on death row athlete has drawn on the record criticizing the ukrainian and
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which is government for their role, the conflicts against the people of dumbass failing to secure a prisoner to bring the convicted force. and it's the same thing that it has been from the very beginning that will work in your case, your top priority, and this is what ukraine said. they said, i'm a top priority yet. i'm still here. and it's the same with the british, the british government, i asked them like, have you thought about trying to at least contact to be a meditator, at least if ukraine doesn't want to speak, maybe you guys can be a meditator between the 2. and it says, no, we don't want to do that because the detail is not official. so it's hypocritical for the british government and tony, they can't speak to the depot because the racial but yet i know they speak to the saying y p g, even though they're not official academic and independent journalist faith. and michael says people who are open extracting away from the mainstream coverage of ukraine being censored in the west. from anyone who is active on any
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social media platform. well, certainly most american base social media platforms are facebook, etc. youtube would, would understand that there is an increased level of censorship. uncontrolled. the simple fact based journalism, such as the threats being made by the political and journalistic establishment of genocide is being suppressed. the fact that social media accounts are being suspended for reporting was actually being fed in kiev needle tells its own story. and there has certainly been a significant drive on social media to highlight an incredibly propagandistic vashon of events in ukraine on social media that can really be on sunday because
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any counter narrative is being actively suppressed, closed and canceled in effect. yes. the israeli rating of several palestinian human rights organizations in the west bank has drawn sharp criticism from the un and even television allies in washington on please we are concerned about the israeli security for us is closure of the 6 offices in the palestinian in jose. we have reached out to the is really government at including at senior levels, including here from washington, as well as from our embassy in jerusalem for more information regarding the basis for these closures. and will continue to seek additional information and to convey or concern directly. and privately to our is really partners. i'll high quality of the most prominent human wise groups in the west bank, which works to prosecute israel at the hague, reported the soldiers stormed its offices and left
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a military order declaring the organization outlawed. 3 other n g o z will also rated one of them report that israeli forces broke down its office doors and confiscated documents. the ideas claims that 6, palestinian and jose were part of a militant funding network labeled to groups of terrorist organizations. some observers have pointed out striking similarities between israel's treatment of the palestinians on that, as well as ukraine's handling of don't pass. and most of his conduct at least get some criticism in the west. he has deadly actions are simply being tolerated and thought is don't quarter explains israel and ukraine, 2 countries with a lot in common and not in the way western propaganda would have. you think this week israel rated the offices of several, palestinian and g o in a fashion, so brutal, even washington saw fit to criticize it. just a few days earlier, a similar story surfaced in ukraine of people being punished for accepting humanitarian aid. we will now focus on the noteworthy cases of the collaborators
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activities. they have notified to citizens of ukraine on suspicion who began to collaborate with the occupying forces. they received humanitarian aid from the aggress her and had it distributed among the local population. the justification, keith considers it criminal collaboration for people to receive humanitarian aid from moscow. in pro russian areas, indifference towards the killing of civilians, including children is another area where televi eve and key of overlap the eviction of palestinians and east jerusalem. and in the occupied west. bank, the military detention of miners bombings, of civilian areas. these are all long documented israeli actions that many opponents have labeled genocidal. ah, i for the last 8 years, ukraine's military campaign against the don boss,
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people has been shockingly similar, indiscriminate bombings, cutting off supplies of fresh water, electric war crimes, documented by international rights organizations. what's more, the attitudes of many who support key f and the mainstream ukrainian media could hardly be considered not genocidal. and was that it? is that a unique you dumbass is a whole bunch of problems with the biggest of which is that is severely overpopulating woman. people, nobody has any useful done no matter how crew of my sound there is a certain category of people that must be exterminated. sounds a bit like what some israelis think about arabs. i know that i can see for myself that if there was a button, i could press that would make all the arrows disappear. that would put them all on an express train to switzerland. me. they lived wonderful lives there. thousands of palestinian to work in israel are also being denied pension benefits that would otherwise be available to israelis. another striking similarity with the plight of
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the don boss people, the elderly who are left in non government controlled areas, are among the most vulnerable of the civilian population. for many of them pension payments or their main means to survive ukraine as a party to the international conventions, guaranteeing social protection should take all measures necessary to ensure the rights of those people. suspending and cutting off people from their rightful pensions contradicts national and international obligations. of ukraine, internationally, band devices of death are fair play for both televi, even kiev as well. the ukrainians weapon of choice. pedal mines that claim to have destroyed, launched in cluster bombs over residential areas in done yet. the idea for its part has long been using dense, inert metal explosives, armor piercing, bombs, and white phosphorus weapons that cause debilitating and inhumane wounds to those unlucky enough to fall victim to them. and accompanying this, blatant disrespect for international law has been drawn out propaganda, campaign silencing those who try to speak up. this is not
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a new phenomenon. this has been happening for years now and it's contributing to silencing our voice and restricting us from documenting human rights violations and war crimes that we are exposed to. if you are a critic outside the immediate reach of the israeli and ukrainian governments, don't worry, there are blacklists that will try every which way to get you cancelled. key of god mirror for it. so list with connections to ukrainian intelligence which brings attention to anyone labeled an enemy of ukrainian state fellows. vehicle of character, assassination is called canary mission, which the israeli government uses liberally when deciding who can work lives or even enter the country. yours truly is on both lists a person who is not a terrorist, not a violent extremist, but a journalist. it just goes to show who these governments are really trying to silence. list 8th and michael against western propaganda is selective when it comes to different conflicts around the world. conforms perfectly to the water norm.
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chomsky described as abilene as the 1980. as the propaganda model of journalism, several things are highlighted, other things on plate and some things on don't ignore me. i. we do have this language of the killing of civilians, the civilian population to be exterminated. the a very for lack of any of the having the, the national socialist or not the language, all categories of useless people to describe the palestinian people as this or the people of don boxes. this is deeply watering right in the rectory. please be stay, you know, this is why this is not being covered by western media is, you know, quite frankly, it's betty to something how much will the into the national community, how much for the west hold ukraine and. ready israel to account for the language
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and these cravings, well, not at all. this is being done very much with the support of this international western community. you know, these are allied in effect all of the west. so no, i think all parties are guilty and that includes the so called international community. meanwhile, the us has announced a new batch of military 8th, the ukraine was $775000000.00 with washington saying that the conflict is at a standstill. the package includes additional ammunition for highmore rocket artillery systems on more how it says along with 15 scan, eagle recognizance drones plus mine resistance on the, on the vehicles. the new ammunition also includes high speed anti radiation missiles, with a range of at least 50 kilometers designed to seek and destroy radar equipped at defense systems. friday's announcement brings us military military assistance,
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the key of to $10600000000.00 since the sauce of biden's presidential term with the u. s. department of defense. now claiming that the weapon supplies a forcing russia to hold back on it's offensive, we want to make sure that ukraine has a steady stream of ammunition to meet its needs. and that's what we're doing with this package. you're seeing the russians still paying a high price with ukranian attacks, especially using that high mar system. but they are incurring these costs and not able to advance. however, the u. s. supplied weapons are not only deployed by ukraine against military targets, according to don't bass and russian officials. they're also being used to sell residential areas have done yet scanned other regions, controlled by russian forces, including a pre trial detention facility were captured, ukrainian soldiers were being held which led to the death of 50 prisoners with the 773 others wounded. i retired us air force, lieutenant colonel told us that western arms close to ukraine will keep going. as
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long as it's good for business. half of all of that money goes directly into the pentagon. so the pentagon has received the money and begun and its contractors are shipping their materials pretty much as soon as they can over to ukraine. but it's not really connected. i don't think to a strategy as much as it is a domestic spending program. none of what the u. s. is providing will assist in any reclaiming of territory. it's simply, in fact, increasingly is defensive on what's left of ukraine. and i think as long as there's money to be made between the ukranian elite and the, the military industrial establishment in the united states and, and some of the other european countries as long as money is, is it long as this war is profitable? it's going to continue for them, so they're not going to acknowledge anything. the hypocrisy is down to here. i
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think in many ways turkey is threatening to scrap an agreement that would let finland and sweden join nato. a stock home has no time to go over to anchorage a single person involved in terrorist activities, but instead of extra time, the man convicted of credit card fraud. if they think that by extra adding ordinary criminals to turkey, they will make us believe that they have fulfilled their promises. they are wrong. nobody should test turkey. back in june, sweden and finland find a memorandum in which they agreed to declare the kurdish party, a terrorist organization, and agree to extradite and dozens of people on christ. these as terrorists on the understanding that turkey was lifted opposition to the nordic countries. joining nato took his professor, bearing underbelly se sweden and finland of painting to understand the importance of the deal. it is it so as you comment, definitely pleasure call, which clearly this is, this is an insult to churchy and this is
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a more cut off to achieve might a to get is not banana republic. i think they will not understand all room of one plan. the simply important that we know these 2 counsellors before me to membership we have had facials in all religious for years because of their support for 4 terms to cheer and see them up. look at the terrorism from the same point or free of effect. this is the biggest problem or full 21st century. unfortunately, each country has its own definition of who is headers. in fact, this issue is not only a metal fillings and student, also made to, which is responsible for ensuring can safe 2 of its members. this said big by them are in the u. s. j. biden's top adviser has claimed their washington's interventions and latin america's politics are in the past. despite evidence that
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points to the contrary, sebastian gonzalez appears to boast that the us would have would previously have sped no assets to prevent the election of left wing politicians like columbia's new leader. 40 years ago, the united states would have done everything possible to prevent the election of disturbed petro and once in power, it would have done almost everything possible to sabotage his government. the u. s . has been accused of multiple interventions in the affairs of latin american countries. the most recent cases include current support of the self proclaimed venezuelan president, the one glade. as well as the 2019 alleged assistance to the displacement of been head of bolivia, even morales was more the usa named for encouraging a qu in nicaragua, in 2018, possibly contributing to similar events in honduras, 13 years ago. and while the us administration keeps denying any involvement in staging, cruise from american permanent political figures that miss it and say it out loud. i was a c, i, director, we lived,
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we cheated. we saw somebody who is help plan coo data, not here, but you know, other places it takes a lot of work. we will not promote democracy through costly military interventions or by attempting to overthrow authoritarian regimes by force. we've tried these tactics in the past. however, well intentioned, they haven't worked me well. i think countries are enhancing that ties with the ages top emerging power, china, according to the world, the comic form that trade is increased 26 fold since 2000 and is expected to double a by 2035, exceeding $700000000000.00. right to community work and steven sethkin say that latin american states all hostile to the us. but the policy of ballasa forces them to seek alternative partners. if you look at the pronouncements by government leaders in latin america, even of countries that are regarded as opposed largely opposed to united
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states foreign policy in latin american, the congress, caribbean. none of them say that they regard themselves as enemies or rivals of the united states. they hope to maintain friendly relations with the united states . but on the basis of respect, it's very clear that the united states has maintained intervention is policies. so just over the last 3 or 4 years that been very clear examples of the u. s. intervention or not direct military intervention. and i think it makes more sense to talk about countries feeling alienated from the united states as a result of u. s. policy. the united states repeatedly drive countries into the policies to adopt foreign policy in which they look more to the people's republic of china, or the russian federation rather than to the united states because united states
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policy gives them no alternative pains in afghanistan is key for stability in the region, as, according to a new statement from the members of the shanghai cooperation organization, it comes as millions of afghans struggle to pay their lives back together. yeah, also the u. s. military left the country in tatters. next we bring you the latest in all series of special reports on the aftermath of the war. no nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all history. with
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12 months on tens of thousands of afghans who collaborated with washington are still stuck in the taliban control country. as the americans have failed to deliver these special fees, as they promised to their former allies, ah, or message to those women and men is clear. there is a home for you in the united states. if you so choose, i will stand with you, just as you stood with us. ah, frederick in the night, the telephone captured the province. we were in rat. we fled to flora and then to hel, monday port. we arrived and campbell, with lots of difficulties as each claim took off,
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we hoped to be on the next. we tried always to get out. there was a nightmare for my family and me. it's been 11 months since then, but i still have the same nightmare. ah pentagon is facing questions about whether u. s. troops may have shot afghans civilians following a devastating suicide bonding last year. with a dental mm hm. although i have been living in albania for less than a year, we are in a tough situation. we abandoned our lives and came here. we worked in afghanistan, we had jobs, but now we don't. we do not know what to do, what will happen to our lives in future. i urge the americans to pay attention to afghan citizens living in 3rd countries. we are waiting for our cases to be
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processed, but in the past 11 months we have not received any answer but to give so excited of a return to our country depends on the economic situation in sick already issue again, a stand must be in contact with the international community and people must be assured that they are living in a secure, economically good situation. that is not the case now. thanks more details on our website on dot com will be back in about 30 minutes with the buy like a .


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