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ah, the russia is foreign ministry, faith, kiev wilburn, full responsibility if it found to be behind the killing of doria to get the daughter of russian philosopher alexander moscow. say's if proven it, what am i to stay like journalists killing has been picked up by western media resulting in rather cynical headlines. choosing to focus on mr. doing themselves, treating him the driving force vine russian foreign policy. also in the headlines ships the kid can fighting continues in don't bumps but russian
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done yet. republic troops pushing further west from the city of done yet. archie visits captured positions. a new report claims un peacekeepers in the democratic republic of congo late young women use locals for years. i lost my daughter who died all she was pregnant, and one soldier my pregnant and i have no place to play my voice. since they arrived in the deal, they have not produced anything. they just rape our sisters. now mothers, they must leave the with the big stories of the week and right up to the moment developments as well. this is the weekly an rti hello and welcome. i'm going to need our top story. a car bombing in the moscow region has killed the daughter of influential russian political philosopher. alexander, duke and unconfirmed reports say mister duke and initially planned to leave the
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festival in the same vehicle as his daughter doria. authorities say the killing of the young woman who was 29 was plumbed. although the investigation is ongoing over, this is what the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman had to say. if ukrainian involvement is confirmed, then it is state terrorism carried out by the kiev regime. there have been plenty of facts accumulated over the years from political calls for violence to participation of ukrainian leadership and state services and crimes. the ukrainian government has denied any involvement. well, here are the latest pictures we have from the crime scene. run 20 kilometers away from moscow. and investigation has revealed the bomb was placed on the under side of the car. r t peter scott, can tell us more. authorities have now confirmed that it was 30 year old darya do. geena, who was the victim in this instant were currently about 20 kilometers outside of
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moscow now. and you could see behind me the scene of the incidents where it's half, 9 on saturday nights, moscow time, what is thought to be an improvised explosive device ripped through and su vickery, indiadukes dinner and tore it apart and threw it from one side of the road so the other now you can see just behind me, investigators and forensic investigator sifting through the debris carefully and just to my left here you can see see the remains of that vehicle. now, alexander de, again, the philosopher is a widely known philosopher. here he's known his political and ideological work is also known in the west phase unseat western rhetoric. and he was seen at the scene a very shortly after visibly understandably distressed. now reports to suggest that diggin himself and his daughter, they watch the attending a festival nearby and he was giving
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a talk on tradition and history. his daughter was a guest at this events, and reportedly dugan was initially intending to leave the event in the same car as his daughter. but reportedly the last minutes he decided to take a different vehicle. it won't be surprised if investigate says we're investigating this as sort of an a targeted attack. now that's definitely something that one of daria's friends beliefs have happened. journalist or a deborah, obviously it was an attack and alexander dugan for one time the collective west has considered him as prudence, main, ideologists. and so he's presented that way in the western press. therefore, i think that he was supposed to become a sacred sacrifice. this can be compared to slap in a glove in the facing. here is your main i the oldest, and that's what we did to him in your own cat little. this is an audacious attempt to show to the whole world what they are ready to do. now doria herself,
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she followed somewhat in her father's footsteps. she was a political commentator, and very frequently appeared on russian television. now she's a co author of a book called kinney gazette or book said in english, which is due to be released this autumn. she's also been to the dumbass on a spoke out in favor of russia's military operation. there. she found herself on the u. k. sanctioned list back in july. i am honored to be in the same boat as my father. the fact that we are on the sanctions from the united states, canada, australia, and the united kingdom is a symbol that we the dawkins are on the path of truth in the fight against globalism. for 8 years in ukraine, or so forbear was cultivated by various programs. and history was written after the physical massacre of russians in those 8, terrible years for don bus with daily shelling. the philosopher alexander duke and his daughter are on the merits for yates websites. now this is a ukrainian website that blacklists and enemies of the ukrainian states. now we
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can see some of alexander on a russian tv. what we do buy really what we look at, people like biding burrell, soros and schwab is people are maniacs. they are not old by their age, but by the way, they think they want to save their western dominance at all costs, but it no longer exists and they are still trying to save it is a complete delusion, though the musto region investigative committee has now lost a criminal case into this incident, suspecting foul play, western media has been reacting to the killing with some publishing rather cynical headlines. the focus is also more on the russian presidents with many pets describing alexander doogan. as a driving force behind russian foreign policy was racial blevins join me now in the studio. hi, rachel? yeah. a tragic day in terms of reaction to dory is death. what's being said, tell us in western media outlets 1st. well,
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the focus right now has really been on her father alexander do again, more specifically his political views, and also who's supposed ties to the russian government. we've got cnn, referring to him as a spiritual guide. the u. s. government funded radio free europe is referring to him as brain. and then at the same time, the daily mail took a very different turn here. they decided to focus. and on those tragic videos we saw from the scene in which to go with being there with his hands on his head, looking completely distressed as he watched the car that his daughter had been driving engulfed in flames. and they really talked about it as if this was some sort of a scene from a hollywood movie. but at the same time, there have been many people on social media who have not been nearly as poetic. they have been justifying. and even in some cases celebrating daria is dead because of the fact that they don't agree with the political views of herself and her father. now speaking of justifying it,
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here's what ukraine's presidential advisor had to say. he was the target and she was fully acceptable. collateral damage and not all ukrainians are red in. she called them sub humans. what she got was sub rosa. of course you are free to believe it was his compatriots works for me. he raised her to be a nazi and he dragged her into nazi groups. and i will actually quote, doing himself what doesn't kill me, kill some one else. in this case, his daughter and pretty chilling reaction there. why is there such interest in the russian philosopher and what spark such a negative reaction to alexander to get? yeah, when it comes to do again, he is largely been seen as a controversial figure in the west for years now and not stems from his criticism of the u. s. and its allies, and of course, their interference, really all around the world. he has condemned the targeting of russian speaking people in ukraine, and he's also been very vocal in his support of russia defends of the people in the
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don bass and in crimea. now it's those views from both himself and his daughter that had made them end up as the subject of sanctions from the west in recent years . now, when it comes to the work that daria was doing before she was killed, some have said that she was actually investigating the notorious nato funded group belling, cat. and notably, it was built in cats, to honor who was one of those taught voices on twitter, posting some very offensive messages in relation to her death. racial thanks very much for bring this throughout our team. rachel blevins at let's del, further into some of those points raised by rachel, with human labor rice lawyer done called like hi there are done yet talking into consideration that they had been openly supporting rushes offensive in ukraine. do you think doria do going on her father? alexander, where are the target of an assassination plot?
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i think that's pretty clear. i mean, as you say, given that they've been supportive of the operation given how the killing was carried out. i mean, this is a classic assassination tactic. trying to blow up someone's car, apparently, alexander duke and was planning to be in that very car. and in the last minute decided not to so clearly this is an assassination. now whether this was done by ukrainians themselves, i guess we, we don't know yet. but i think it's certainly fair to at least begin to suspect that you crane might have been behind this. we were talking to a corresponding to you. you may have heard just a few moments ago done about the reaction in ukraine, the, the media there. indeed, some people there are to a lot of terms like collateral damage and so be it at being used.
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what do you make of that in the immediate aftermath of a 29 year old there. yeah, obviously it's very upsetting, obviously. neither she nor father deserve to be killed. i mean, her father is an intellectual. he's a philosopher whether you agree with him or not. i tend to have many disagreements with him. but he has the right to say what he has to say. i mean, he's an honest intellectual. he has some very important things to say. and she of course, is a totally innocent person. and all of this, i obviously died simply because she was the daughter of alexander duke. and so this is nothing to celebrate this something back to be sad about. right in the same way that people should be sad about the attack on salman rushdie last week. i mean this, you know, you can't help, but be reminded of that. i mean the attack on it on intellectuals, whether you agree with them or not, is not proper of, in
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a democratic society by people who espouse democratic principles. and it's unseemly to be cheering on the death of, of the daughter of an intellectually, you know, happened like a lot of excuse of being made in that case as well as some in russia . i'm not sure if we still have the guest on the line that just seem to cut off done. you can hear me. ok. we just seem to lose you there on the screen. yes, i'm here. thank yet in terms of the in terms of the, the, the reaction among western media outlets as well. we're just looking at some of them on screen while you were speaking to as quite pointed quite barbed and daily mail saying in the headline that story was blown to bits in intimate and intricate detail is that i'm not sure they would know yet. it was very bombastic, the seem to just go with that. well, again,
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this seems like people are taking some glee and all this and it's completely inappropriate. and again, when you're, when you're talking about western media outlets doing this, to me, it seems to be nothing more or less than the russia phobia that we've seen not even in february, but even for the last number of years. and it's wrong, it's simply wrong. you shouldn't be supporting the assassination of intellectuals or their children, you know, and again for the western media to do the shows frank, the how little concerned and how little commitment they have the democratic values, their thoughts with the duke and family today as they deal with the death of their daughter. don, thanks as always for your time, especially this sunday, done conflict, human and labor rights lawyer. thank you. not another
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aspect of the conflict. the ukrainian business is attempting to raise money by offering to print, personalize slogans on military ordinance being fired. a russian forces essentially advertising on rockets. indeed, the sign my rocket fundraising platform has enabled clients around the world to pay for inscriptions to be placed on miss styles. bombs, in return, they reportedly receive photos of those munitions and action. a co founder of the business sees the majority of the clients are from the u. s. the platform claims to be raising money for ukraine's war effort. yet it's not sanctioned by key military . well, the platform has since gone fire, old after was featured in the washington post. the louis issue has of course raise many questions about the promotion of a speech violence. the tradition of resistance is strong said year us love read sack a ukrainian historian. he said, humor and obscenities have long typified ukraine's response to foreign occupation.
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there are so many places that you can send your money that will directly alleviate human suffering in this war that are in this so many ways you can help that. don't glorify and cheapen the constant tragedy of war. yeah, it's pretty weird to see people rejoicing as they see strangers being blown up 3000 miles away in a city they can't pronounce it is such a remarkably strange thing, isn't it? on conservative talk radio host, steve gill beliefs such platforms, the only promote hatred on should be condemned by all parties involved. i don't think it's funny, particularly when you have civilians who are paying to have these inscriptions put on these deadly weapons when there's a history and warfare of combat leads putting inscriptions or messages on, on bombs or missiles. but you know, they're firing at each other and they are at risk to have somebody who's thousands and thousands of miles away safely as guys in their home. participating on this is
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quite frankly, i think sick, this is not some game. these are deadly weapons. and the ukrainian weapons are not particularly precise, though when they go awry and get some family in done, that's when they killed children. it began to seem funny to the people that were inscribing anniversary messages on these weapons. it is not funny, it is sick and fright. it's disgusting. i think the coverage of the washington post definitely promotes it is something that, you know, people may want to go online and participate in. rather than condemning it for kind of the sick humor that it, that it represents. this is serious business and, and frankly, the american government and ukrainian government should condemn it. steve gill, taken us through that no the, the background to all that indeed is that intense fighting continues on the front lines in don boss with russian lead forces edging towards major ukrainian strongholds in the region. that's go through what we know. russian and yet republic troops had been pushing further west from the city of done yet taking over
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positions which earlier were used by ukrainian fighters to reportedly launch attacks on residential areas in the region. are. don bass forces are attempting to circle the city of our 2 moths, where kia forces are concentrated. the number of strategic points have come under russian control on the outskirts of subversive earlier rtp course had done off, visited captured positions were done, yet the republic soldiers had been putting the ukrainian neo nazi battalion cracking a warning. his report contains disturbing in the troops. cameras are a rare auditor here. commanding offices are dazzled by our unannounced visit, but seized the chance to parade the evolution of their advance. this may be about 1500 meters towards the ukrainian positions from where we are right now. i'm talking about the town of save ask. this is the main hot sport on this direction.
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basically, the russian forces and the forces of the guns people's republic. they are advancing on a very wide section of the front. so this is the northernmost point of this advance. and basically what they're trying to do is they're trying to, well, in circle severson on this direction from the north, ukraine's and nationalists battalions like kracken for instance. they're ukranian, nazis very much like to that of as of, they are the ones who are holding off. they're the ones who are basically defending their the frontline defenses of the town of servers. the kracken proudly brands itself as an elite unit, but outside the promo videos. the battalions reputation is overshadowed by atrocities and lawlessness. its members and global notoriety when they were caught on video torturing russian prisoners of war. also in part,
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the unit has been formed of current convicts who will move from theirselves to the front line, vice president zalinski zada. and this video, a russian grown tracks. one of the kracken fighters to his companies trenches. from that point. the artillery takes over rounds from artillery. doors were back and forth routinely here to ukrainian tanks, flee from the shelling as to bright orange spots to the right suggest to moore didn't make it. no one wanted to fight people submitted reports to refuse service, but they spurned them. we had poor training, we were only taught to move by 2 or 3 people, assemble and disassemble our guns and shoot. we were not taught to advance at all. we were absolutely not ready for this. when we were shelled, we were told to retreat. something exploded behind me and wounded me. they left me under a tree and abandoned me. i waited until morning than realised that they would not come and get me. so i began to crawl through the forest. i crawled for 2 days until
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the russian soldiers found me as we explore the captured town, 2 soldiers accompanying us notice a suspicious item, and in their words, it's better safe than sorry. it will leave as commanders are dishing out new orders. the offensive goes on august, dawn of reporting from the don bass r. c. k. to more of the stories that shaped the weak food traded for sex, young women rapes and children abundant and newly released report has implicated un peacekeepers in years of abuse. in the democratic republic of the congo largely targeting civilians living and destitute conditions. me. i lost my daughter who died while she was pregnant, and one soldier matter pregnant and i have no place to claim my rights asks
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a government to expound this un mission from own country. but in my heart there is a wound. and if i saw his peacekeepers, i would stone them. my daughter went to them to ask for a job. finding a job was difficult, so she started cooking for them. after a few days late her she was raped. my daughter is desperate. she now has psychological problem. we are not going to be discouraged. we will continue to ask for the departure of the un mission because we know that it has no business here. since they arrived in the d. c, they have not purchased anything. they just rape our sisters. now mothers, they must leave 1st on testimony there while the report itself is based on 2500 interviews, many with girls and women who claim to have been raped by un peacekeepers with children conceived as a result. our t correspondence carrasco. the salter picks up the story shocking levels of poverty displacement,
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brutal attacks by groups and fighting the democratic republic of congo is one of the world's poorest. and most want on countries in the world, however, transferred to an already bleeding and a recent report claims the united nations piece campus, which have been in the african country for 20 years. i've raised the young women traded food for sex, father, and abandoned thousands of children in the d. c. allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse among un peacekeeping missions, and nothing you had no systematic research on paternity linked to a new school. that's the un mission in the c has apparently been carried out. until now. please just interviewed one girl who alleges she was traffic by her family and impregnated by soul just when she was only 10 years old. she's now 16, and this is her recollection of what happened and was very young. just 10 years old
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. i realized later on that i was sold out in my aunt, the man with brain beer in the pop to share with me. the research also says the youngest girl that the interviewed, that was impregnated by un peacekeepers, was just 10 years old. and then one in every 2 mothers. well, under the age of 18, when they conceived according to the report, many children were left abandoned and the father, my father left to my mother while she was pregnant. she gave birth after he was already gone. people disturb and hurt me so much. they say they will chase me because i'm a foreigner, i'm suffering they, when they the vase of allegations contains over 400 reported incidence of p. keep a father babies says 2007. the report is based on almost 3000 interviews with members of the colonies community, and in thank you and personnel from 12 countries. although the report points out
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the leg of prosecution for these offences by peacekeepers due to the immunity, the un says that its strongly condemns the behavior of those who violate and undermine the venues of the organization. by abusing and exploiting those who are looking to the un for protection. but the number of the victims of this renders abuse can be hard to come. there are potentially thousands of children left behind by piece campus in the democratic republic of congo. part of the problem is that some of those deployed seemed to be treating these missions as an opportunity for sex, tourism, and sexual crimes, that they're unlikely to commit to their home countries. this all came to light after a number of violent protests against un peacekeeping forces in the eastern b r. c. i made calls for the us to withdraw from the area 15 people have been killed in p. u. and protest in the last week imitates the due. and chief antonio
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harris said, could close the to the wall crime, the government has been trying to get the mission to leave for 2010. and the u. n. has been in the process of drawing down the operations since 2020 protest. meanwhile, say the one the u. n. to leave because it failed to protect civilians. there is a kind of disruption. we've the un peacekeepers who are enjoying life. they are partying almost every day going to bars and meeting with prostitutes. and that's the issue here in the r c. so that's why there's several peacekeepers have forgotten. they are real mission, is to promote peace, not to have marquee, and abandoned them in the r c. that's not one of the mission that can and if the u . n, can be very strict. and also de simply it's troops because
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i, you know, without discipline, this cannot end ok from africa to asia where flooding in the eastern part of, of dallas, done this weekend has left at least 9 people dead. a particularly heavy rainy season has cause widespread damage to infrastructure. it's putting additional strain on a country still trying to pick up the pieces falling nick, chaotic us withdrawal and collapse of the government. one, your i go all this, not our teeth, the voting special coverage to that anniversary. ah, earlier this week, washington announced it had abandon plans to on the free $7000000000.00 of afghan state outsets, allegedly because the money could be used to finance terrorism. now the war torn central asian country devastated by 2 decades of
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u. s. military occupation is teetering on the verge of fun. ah, ah, by sorry, off on a sunday after the u. s. froze, our money people moved under the poverty line of banks have given up. they have no solution. the americans are dishonest. first, they left the country in chaos and then they froze our money up. they did this intentionally to push us into serious trouble and then take advantage from that in the future. it of europe, in my opinion, the us should not miss st. afghans. why the poll people of afghanistan for about 20 years have lived with conflicts hauled ship and suffered poverty? ah, no humble, says he, what else we have demanded at washington implement the agreements reaching doha. we
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have not violated any of the points in the agreement so far, but we ask others to fulfill darrell obligations as well. ah ah, monica who knows us sanctions have destroyed afghans. homes made children suffer from famine and literally took the clothes from their backs. only a rare person here can say that they can make clothes for their children and not mentioned the high prices of flower, oil, sugar, and food. if the mother taught him why, if we talk about the sanctions, america imposes on our poor and innocent people. they just want to kill people. ah mm
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. a man we want to be seen as ordinary people were not wizards, where people like them. these countries have reached their present level in 30 or 50 years, and they want us to achieve it in one year, even though the condition of the country in which we got it is not good. ah for this month we will be bringing you more of our special coverage on the controversial legacy of america is occupation of afghanistan, one year old from the u. s. military candidates, a lot for law,
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but just a reminder for up to the minute development this sunday to give our twitter page a follow it will keep you in the know by for not ah, in with a. ringback ready


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