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ah, well through august including on our t dot com, we'll bring you more of our special coverage on the controversial legacy of america is occupational afghanistan one year old from the u. s. military's public and that's where we even use rind off for now. but don't go too far as more programs are just about to get going. see what showing right ahead here on 247 are teachers with today i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions. foreign companies quitting russia. design 21. thank you. this glacial atm cause of blantan bangs disconnected
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from the international payment system. functional move hoppey, jermel donna and euro exchange rates follow up when i sellable up our nickel go more so so carbon would know what are what the committee met that evoke us. the bill of understand is the current. can you say i'm not sure. see, i'm a jail a couple of months volume and russian business overcome this song. see, near i bought it to the nazi to huddle. she is tremendously just me. don't pros, voice, bullshit. national, productive. nauseous, 0 dash a miracle. what i see on cell when you call, when you with, before you go to you got any of your mind or the street not but i, she's appraisal id, close book. i know post kit cost to get a group when you, when you, when we talk mom just listen to the school. so look for her to lose with the food or we'll put, you know, the motion for the girls or both . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even
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foundation, let it be an arms race is on very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time to sit down and talk a little more real to what they should end up unit 73. 1 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known.
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real to production. but it will show up enough keel to build on it. suddenly look at the keep money to know more thought this movie. no more. no, i'm new and i got the sale. i wish to know about jewelry, who he didn't know. i had to call them and all built, you know, it's nice to go want on this. she might new on it. i know i isn't more good. you know, i know how to think it was
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o rama. and she'll have it completed, sabotaged training and get done and served in 3rd reich units as an s. s captain. a secondary command of the enough the gul battalion, he trained ukrainian nationalist cadets. he was awarded to merit crosses and a nazi metal along with montera. he had been an o u and member from the age of 19, ah, and the old artist on from the been the same mom. when your mom does, it does offer guy in on does on bundle grants, just not studies to modern day. my saw there but just dory, you struggle sadly. if she believes kiddos, which i li shipper who tim, that yes they go trisha gotten better shown chunk dora. so star spotted
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on now i you nice you and one of the one i be love ish, but or sheila le for a young yes. sadden but them stamped on them on the professor while we share that with near school, he had to sell ne, scheduled up or he had to coastal polish giga e mo alicia g now spell on up in the van or he had no children. no, she doth so ashamed, jewish and viola sub they would just stick up and take her another was yes, the show stay mad, touch with a staggered she should go don't be lavishly picky. cl built or finish there, pretty serious that there were some of the bus to fight along with getting that that was a shared search or shoot. it's remote mm. from a report by a soviet partisan squad. april 1943 in to man region,
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a ukrainian national army unit, his task to kill the poles and burn all their settlements by april 15th. on march the 25th, they snorted, the population in burns or oleg, marianna, africa, and paradise. yonkers settlements on march. the 29th 18 people were slaughtered in killeen of co village in that village, a polish doctor. franklin was attacked, they cut off his ears and ripped out his nose and began cutting him to pieces. the vc just orchestra that i was on was a, well, the postal george neuralgia. so it's a, b, e are what they to, at region, lots of overseas you, truman, the put new volume of these older version. a, just not the soccer for teaching begins to you originally from the to media, rosie, and you know of the only the bible is lina will euro responsible. my bill is a or a studio movie resume over is of us or
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a studio scene would be mobile or a new site with gus. it's all unless each time i believe it's posted novel chest. you said those are sure to barriers on chrome. a go and i see the political can you one i've always you go with that the most of them, i mean a tradition. yeah. you only have to wait for that. but the hosting with from the interrogation of a u. p. a squad command step on red de she my platoon, took part in the bernie, a one big vintage, and a nearby smaller one. we massacred around 1000 poles, men, women, old people and children. we threw them alive into wells and finished them up with guns. the slogan for all this was destroy the polish gentry,
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blood, the ukrainian lands. ah, it's got the word spread. well, you can live about again, i do show you on the on that though. sure. mobile and wonder on you as you remind me, a chat about hello double russian recorded to live. okay. i didn't want to have been much happen where good jack nicola, that when i needed to talk to take him over to them, ah, i need the ears circus as their new grains focused on justin grain school goes to their store. i use a similar i'm one they each nova, duck or cook were any for to leave it. it will. i fear these are him practitioner which are tardy. it was that there was not much baton dip in your billing model.
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there are some great on person for lack of billboard in your vehicle. booked over the phone of chic leslie trevino. there wesley dom startled, build for chicago chest to ship. a la tara's not sure what the heck was bruce, or if john everett are now now getting to newport to bullock stuff over. okay. super good papa priscilla walker stop by have you saw me miss assessment? you still put the muscle together to consume? she smeared yoko no. mit laska is cora? oh gosh cooper. and i never will look. level of sir. ah, in the moga litski family van to rights killed the parents and son yoseph. the
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daughter in law irina was taken to the gang lead his house kept in a basement raped, and then thrown into a well arena was pregnant. oh, tougher ma more to have. i never had a chance show for the 1st ronald vic, we'll get all of it on or you can she, richard? i'm are years ziki. mclauren autry is oh you did. she just you got to run on there are her she piano de jesus within. cool to dos of those old to be able to put more d, a k the yacht. i stuck. i ok at the destroy each thing. yeah. pretty much any storage coding geez, you can, you may to what even the player come with the keys. we are sort of anybody in the g o. on august the 30th 1943, a u. p. a gang led by yvonne clim check nickname, bold massacre, the polish village of all our austria pizza, maria. i sent you a 5 year old son,
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sat over her dead body asking his mom to come home. he couldn't understand what had happened. then about there i came up and shot the child in the head. on that day, nationalists killed 220 children. oh, what will this be? he will be. well d t y d and so was just so you're sheila stuart, the quote to push to play new approach for graeme. and you said you actually were changed on your tv or the activists that in the, on the cross, even though some of the sugar was it, but i, most of that salad will to share your will. that will, the shuttle will not say he will. it will the ship a visual pain,
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a distortion from my to pursue a certain over. so for instance, only is that the truly a primarily meter washing machine design logic. arturo notion of a stone coon assumes up the shirt, a bible, steamer skin one should i have not done the month of the month, brittany mc palazzios k for you, so i can. okay. ah, when you will be valley slee, who kind of chesney? tiff? kataria casarez winchester, these ah, 3 of them are going to pull up any kind of eileen for book,
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premium ali swing home. he agreed they only ought saline jewelry if surely. moreover, he tarkey bartonville was wild trophy pony with my galleys every quarter. 112 fillmore vanya for a nice, you know, like i to know, i noticed that no, when always millennial launched the reads at amazon, yet i wanted to look at my me and said, those are what man, i should i, cello, to why it's not also such a code that we will play any machine. you please quoted that out at cisco and looking at your magic issue. ah, my business computer stayed what to do. say it bullet to collect your ship. pushy shoes to shoot. we're shooting circle, barbara. nobody's us. it for she, she the voice from she should the works go, could you creation of sheets of witnesses 3 master the bill or she had her funny so
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spoke to chipped little tiny stop to push before be mortgage. ah gotcha. now the agreement agreeing said, going to she crew needy. usually she fucked it in your pocket. go to the one they are to me, change sho, tico, but rama process. but it is very tricky. you she, the lawsuit or gainesville, i did. she rushing ballasa and food totally to table up. be captured. ah, an order to o. u. n. commanders. 1944. eliminate the traces of everything. polish. destroy all church walls. by november, the 25th 1940 or destroy all ponies buildings when poles used to live, destroy the trees next to the buildings said, there are no traces of anyone living there before. make sure nothing is left. if there is poles will claim all lands. i spent at buston, actually a niecy chile, super tuning for teach skiing,
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jablonsky ovals on the the scholarship we were towards english at equals samar. but on the ne, skip i personally who just sammy yeah. or a guy he's about he verity. could i be or, or say, golly nice joel. yeah, christina, best be changed as us a huge on brown you onto below. it's quite nice out cool game logic should be. do you ship sick valley exec dominic's? just so he started sniff, costing us start us. robadeax ish peaky, should be tickle midst minutes yaki snares, angel brown. ah, a flyer issued in 1943 by the polish organisation corpus at burrell bellini. the news from valencia makes the blood run cold. there's been a massacre of ponies residence, ukrainian gang, so well armed, and their violence goes unpunished. we call on all polish bodies,
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regardless of their political stands to launch the defense of albania, land, no nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all history. with ah
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with please. she sat down with pleasure to assist the samo bronner push refurbished. yes or courteously me so she she actually she'd look up is was injured. you dog, he had the dog fink took me. so was she no it boucher too. is just for her on the booth. what there summer run is. who does it by isca not will. not is aquila
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costa? paula? oh stop by. don't our give me estimate, but yet already on our rent, i'm dash 0 going use of our she killed. she pushed sort of granularity. attack on some oberon. net for thatch net. i wish to let's get ya. kish them up already in july 1943 nationalist tried to destroy this village. $600.00 residence died in 2 days of fighting. it was clear that the next day will be the last bar who tossed upon sca to me. here shackleton? yeah. bordeaux slow. no. yes j e s j a miracle. im glee. visser valley road now shed. we provide healy thornton. now she say who does that buy ski? does dog ducky legally obey swim blackwood? ah, he m e m, so we've got to have him give him his he nobody to him. it's holly pretty
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soon. in april 1943, the soviet army began a counter attack. the germans needed their forces at the front to control the polish and ukrainian territories. the german command began recruiting local ukrainian volunteers to form the ss kanisha division ah, plays us up to stop around to the easy you at. this was kind of just talking about it when you kind of trans fossil per vlosky nationalist about those i sure is up. i'm gonna study numbers for him already know, daughter on buffoon, i cause his own, allow krinski nationalist of yaki lenin's. in 2 months, 26000 volunteers enlisted in the division after training and bella, rosa, france, and germany. the new recruits swore allegiance to the right eye. the ukrainian volunteer pledged my continuing allegiance and obedience to the german leader and
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the german army commander in chief adult hitler. i solemnly undertake to serve the german army alongside my motherland. m civic was divided into the last on days. jessica, you $10.00 for you sell off 3. that upon a line out there to turn off going to me only some anybody, anybody's tanius damage the muscle kinds of courses to value. those are that are gonna zap a po battle, such as millenniums such as a shame, mogley. look on the verge of just a cat's needs. new to her bill changed. if you don't get to know your program. pamela, which some annual presentable time. genius in your mogley, pneumonia dodge. i spins in nicholas ramos and i almost diana. esther got each and we're just new to yellow actor much if you got in the van chance from fossil game. so for, for your bowden elbow gym on march. the 12th 1944, a gang of u. p, a militant and an ss calisha division, a tank the village of polychrome v,
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inhabited by poles and ukrainians. pul residents were forced into the street and arranged in order of nationality. after that, the poles were shot with machine guns. 365 people died. a letter from you p. a leader shall kia bitch to metropolitan shipped ski. your eminence. we are doing well. the germans are happy with our work. ah, formation of the galicia division was backed by andre ship. teeth ski, head of the greek catholic church. priests also join the nazi ranks. not really good. you could reach the shinnecock. dora book a slowly idea or beat battery is probably the really obese. he place shelly, if you get a he, he dollar is reason yeske a suit. you arcada kelly. she shinji pretty much in the past isn't will chest you
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will be stuck in was never known a bully, a loser. coliseum. that little glitch ratio. cur tom. could you go to him? colgate, scott, only cookie, just cool. throw us love them. a delicious year old girls. cooper was formerly took notes, cousin tuck who got mobile studios, where they respond with circus. grades need that to lenient. neil and the new g needs oak of krista. i took grades by at the more did you as a and i chill so he'll need 008 to be jewish name. what about the tale? but still you lou. some precipio grants concerning misqueso v at revolution was sure to what you said is just what is why says manual g e federal should instantly, when we were such as used for capital gains consistently, it would as each us,
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but almost a christian. what authority, personally, one more thing really wasn't choi vicky but the mean yeah. you need this need some nother, you know, done switch in some of the steps to publish as your former ticker category of not sure. he actually usually own you through with cookies. the songs abuse name with us, they must corrales with o ukrainian nationalists, tortured and slaughtered about 60000 pauls in vidalia,
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in law of about 40000. and at least 45000 and 10 o'clock in the stanish love area. it was $25000.00. 15000 on nubian soil, and about 3000 in militia. in total, almost $200000.00 poles were killed. ah . will h k to ship that chablis a milk osha? you should shin, to you, show me met documentary am a co fishy dish, answer some of the wireless summit for lack of you, you just read your neutral shift. you have a partial good on a percentage of jewish about, ah, no, sir. this is rich tutorials review on the old fashioned m as in york tray. i wish if i can attend more detail on this. the stature funding burbock martin and mariano finance for loan russian york may at if nation are they so he a tough lansky army. ah,
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a sphere well is, could easily find a sequential. she should sort of show you what i'm going to do. but it was rubbish . you sure? ga camino. yes, good credit was aim than you and the reason was that who else will be doing? it? will be 3 o'clock. i wish the boy knew pretty chestnut rickie told cut was hit that war. but his actual opinion on the healing image don't. but i asking a said
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a portion godaddy fortune they selena willa. we've used enough bullshit. oh clients case portion. no. could i you know, don't cook. i've done appraiser. sure. let me. is it a one year boy, each sculpting supple that come freaked particular sheets? patricia ski, a leslie from hero and yeah, i will no problem your stores and have consisted of store to sort of get them to do this. i mean, they do it at times you know, solution put center when you, when will yeast, yuk, little sliver lateral share. any frost plus studies rate come from this up at new korean. you think when you play see interval and evening edison with the loan, that he can do that initials the, let's do leadership is in yoko across the mask would go get the we present some the most of the book is where do you still at the when you're probably at the level.
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never do it at the store. moscow say it, but yeah. okay. and another dewitt swishy later in the any mobile have you come or christie able to persuade venus please nights or to leave in the building. please note jacob, that even though with portia, is a co garza, not that good, you well, as could isn't there. so you've portion, you know, could i any of korea at the news or shades? well, i suppose should us mother would. oh, sodium, you know, could i you? i think i am where amy whistled epstein much as i love for you sir. the green skulker was posted the guest trajectory the church has sprung ringing in your will a voice of miss nancy evelyn? yeah, but he's younger for korean, the foolish, the intercooler, it's a tragedy look strong. he should porky proline in darvin lowe. leticia in ask i'm
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going to put us marshall's proposal please manual in case you do not see them. if reduce politicians, give sabatini on his knowledge of target de selling anthony and arthur money enough for them. cook the cover. a monument in mausoleum was unveiled in the pony city of rod slab. on september the 25th 1999, an inscription reads to the parish citizens killed from 1939 to 1947 by the o u n. the organization of ukrainian nationalists and the u. p. a. the ukranian insurgent army. next to that there's another inscription in memory of the ukrainians who gave shelter to poles. ah, yes, mr. hoskins measure compared at the noise. any of the more that in your double jeopardy teaches q elite they pretty teach sky, sponsoring in its analyst sco factor. one credit so they came press didn't i came
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with he sees them that the school might be latoya emotional boy cheat, go point deputy school by beard mole. cooper, which can sit up. he will usually of you know, ah, with a when i was showing wrong when all through just don't hold me you world. yes. to shape out disdain becomes the african
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and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, russia is foreign ministry save kiev wilbur full responsibility if it's found to be behind the killing of doria to get up. the daughter of russian philosopher alexander moscow. say they have proven it. what am i to stay with journalists killing has been picked up by western media, resulting in other cynical headlines, choosing to focus on mr. dugan simself for treat him as the driving force behind russia are also in the headlines that shape the weak, intense fighting continues and on both with russian lead troops.


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