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beeping at the compton wanted to see that as the bush with a balance of supporters of form of a stony prime minister in ron, calling and gathering near its residence to stop the police. any attendance to arrest the politician as a demonstrator, as i say, they are threatening to take over. the capitol thrusters for ministry says key have will bad, full responsibility if it's found to be behind the killing of dario do gonna, the daughter of are now and russian philosopher alexander doogan. moscow says, if proven this would amount to state terrorism rushers strides and
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strengthening ties and africa, sparking criticism from former colonial powers that are losing influence on the country. russia came and started resolving our issues. they didn't come here to play games. some people say that they came here to destabilize and destroy our country, but it isn't true. they work hard, day and night. we see it with our own eyes. they provide a lot of help to our military with it. it's great to have you with us for the monday program here with oxy international, a very will welcome to you from all of us here in moscow. so thousands of supporters have gathered in front of the home of pakistan's, former prime minister imran khan, ultimately blocking roads in an effort to prevent police from arresting him. oh,
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having demonstrations that throughout the country, backing in bron con potty members and other support has say that if he is arrested they would seek to forcibly take over the nation's capital. hi is just a walking on hon. just a important walmart is not acceptable for a whole nation around kind of a very popular leader right now. he's popularity is going like it's by about getting at if they do anything against him, which is a huge chaos in the country will be the motion. dad will be
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on most in the country, or no been out to a local reporter, java, randa, who has more details about what is happening right around the house of iran con. right now i am in a strand of the residence of the former prime assembly on han, and behind me is a long queue off to people. he spoke to his supporters, his loyalist who are here and they asked, they had seen that bill for the farmer by mister at the cost of their lives. as we speak of people i was told by the party a party seated. he does the odd marching words, islam bob endorse. people are with deployed on the residence of the former families to let me just give you a little bit small geography of the residence, of the former prime minister. it is located in money go out. this is a benefit, it bought office lombard, you say, look at it on a mountain. and on that, on the,
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on the inside, the mon things, the former understood has, has deployed his supporters. this means in case there is any possible police action . there is a good to possibility of a warning to reaction from his supporters and that does not aboard well for the future. focus on the glass. this is the time and focus on already facing political . i'm sick entity and if there is any police action against him, this, it is a likely backlash as a matter of fact because all of the backlash last night there wasn't a temp by the police to out of it. the former prime stood up on knowing this, his sport does gathered, i don't, his residence and because of which i think the police failed to pick action, not they are still apprehension. apprehensions about the possibilities offers at us . but going by what i have seen on the ground, it seems not that the testing diploma understood is something easier said
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than done given the fact that they, there is a long queue of the hist for those who would not let to stick any action against him. and also there have been a law skill for tests, of course, focused on and, but that boldly gives a signal that get on to government. that it will be difficult, but it did. it would be difficulties with the government in case it go for any police actually use the formula, barrister, java donna, arte slot. we also heard from a, if the how to do it on a senior member of him. ron cons, p t i political party who also joined in the protests. he set the size of the nation wide. riley's ultimately testified to the enduring level of public support for him. ron con, public has been somewhat charge. if you see says tonight, the free for the public is behind it behind him. wrong and last night was to be one
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of us it on we would be door that is a don't isn't charges. so the public reacted. so didn't dive in. if you see in the whole, cannot use log every written parking. so you can see the argument coming over the street and protesting. i've used it on which we believe it's an important team which has been, you know, enforcement focused on through ginger exercise. iran con, held his latest rally despite the threat of being arrested. he criticized the alleged torture of a senior member of his political party shop, isaac gill, ultimately saying that mister gill was abducted y'all's avow to achieve what he described as a true independence of pakistan. away from western influence that he coldwell lamed america, and i hope the i m f. the international monetary local journalist assumed shaheed brought us this report about iran cons latest d. now that i'm standing here in leon. bog to prime ministers have been killed in
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this park. that is the reason emer on con, was asked not to address a rally here, but he insisted to come here and address his supporters. he was here without paying attention to any of the ongoing security threats. if the army stands with the current government, do you think the people of pakistan who has called them thieves and robbers for the last 30 years, will forget today the army supports the government, but the people will not accept them as rulers compressor made. in fact, it was a big gathering today, and people were excited to see him in his speech. he said he wants a real independence for the people, not to be slaves to any one. we need a real freedom from slavery. he said, we must not be slaves to the i m f, which is influenced by the u. s. because after taking money from the i, m f were making major policy changes. imre con also said if we had a good relationship with russia, our fuel crisis would not push us to the brink. and that this government has ignored the relationship with russia due to us pressure. he said we must allow our
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youth to stand for independence. he urged for freedom to the press as a free press has an important role in an independent nation. my suit shaheed, r t t v role pending. now right, so here at r t tv, we've got all the tabs on the situation in pakistan. we'll keep you well, fully updated throughout the day. we're nazi international for now in the program and investigation is underway into the killing of russian john list diarrhea. due to the daughter of influential anti western political philosopher, alexander, duke, and show you the last photo taken of the 2 together at the event right before the tragedy that happened on saturday evening. media reports have said that an explosive device equivalent to roughly 400 grams of t n t had been attached to the vehicle. the destination apparently having been remotely triggered. authorities have reportedly confiscated the surveillance cameras that were in the parking lot where the car was located. and while
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investigators have yet to name a suspect in the bombing, there has been a wave of speculation with many of queues in ukraine of involvement about key f as reject allegations. the russian foreign ministry is issued this stern statement, if ukrainian involvement is confirmed, then it is state terrorism carried out by the kiev regime. there have been plenty of facts, accumulated over the years, from political cause for violence to participation of ukrainian leadership and state services. and crimes. let's get more details now. marty's peter scott, who examines why suspicions have so quickly fallen on ukraine for this car bombing attack. he brought us this report. now doria herself. she followed somewhat in her father's footsteps. she. it was a political commentator and very frequently appeared on russian television. now she's a co author of a book called kinney gazette or book said in english, which is due to be released this autumn. she's also been to the dumbass on
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a spoke out in favor of russia's military operation there. she found herself on the u. k. sanction list back in july. i am honored to be in the same boat as my father . the fact that we are on the sanctions from the united states, canada, australia, and the united kingdom is a symbol that we, the dragons are on the path of truth in the fight against globalism. for 8 years in ukraine. or is the forbear, was cultivated by various programs. and history was written after the physical massacre of russians in those 8, terrible years for don bus with daily shelling. alexander, duke and, and his daughter are on the nearest for yates websites. now this is a ukrainian website that blacklists and enemies of the ukrainian states. now, alexander, to get the philosopher, is a widely known philosopher here he's known for his political and ideological work is also known in the west for his unseat weston rhetoric. it won't be surprised if
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investigators were investigating this as a more of an a targeted attack. now that's definitely something that one of daria's friends believes have happened at abilene. this is terrorism. this is ukrainian nazi terrorism. they cannot win on the battlefield and turn to terrorist matters. their main task is to saw panic and horror who are both in the media and in the public consciousness in russia. that's why they kill innocent people. terrorists always do that. they kill innocent people once who are just easier to kill. they cannot defeat our military on the battlefield. so they kill innocent people. women and children, daddy, alex under darnell exam drove now was a member of the intellectual group of the philosopher alexander doogan, and was a key element of his team. this was a terrorist attack, of course, targets and duke, and since elect shall group and him personally,
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the activities which he has been engaged in for many decades have now suffered heavy loss. in my opinion, the beneficiary of the explosion is obvious. and this comes from the fact that the american leads have repeatedly declared to get the most dangerous person for the western agenda was up on. the western media outlets have reacted to the killing with some rather well cynical headlines. the author ritual blevins brings us some of the reactions from around the world and how coverage changes, i guess at the end of the day, based on who the victim is. the tragic killing of daria do. gonna attracted headlines from media across the west with their focus seemed to be on her father, alexander doogan, or more specifically his political views and his supposed ties to the russian government. cnn referred to him as putin's spiritual guide, while the u. s. government funded radio free europe called him hooton's brain. the daily mounts are gay, different approach focusing instead on duke ins, appearance,
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which was shown on videos taken at the scene. they described his reaction to seeing the car. his daughter was driving, fully engulfed and fire as if it was the plot of some hollywood movie. but whether the attack was aimed at dubin or his daughter were both, didn't seem to matter to the individuals on social media who looked to justified the apparent assassination. simply because they disagree with the views of the duke and family, and speaking of justifying it, here's what some and ukraine had to say. doogan. what's wrong with the face? prudence propaganda, consultant, alexander doogan himself was also supposed to be driving in the blown up car. his daughter was killed in the explosion. the apple fell not far from the tree. she continued her father's work promoting the ideology of the russian world and justifying the war against ukraine. in general, the earth is vitreous to this russian, and we hope very soon dad will join her in hell. if it seems like the mainstream
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responds to doris killing is different. that's because it is. in fact, earlier this month of dozens gathered in new york to show their support after a controversial indian british author was stabbed at an apparent assassination attempt at an arts festival in new york. while he had made his share of enemies due to his religious writings, world leaders quickly came to his defense insisting that he was falling entitled to share his beliefs. salman rushdie with his insight into humanity, with his unmatched since the story with his refusal to be intimidated or silenced, stands for essential universal ideals. truth, courage, brazilians, the ability to share ideas without fear. these are the building blocks of any free and open society. and he is not alone, long time u. s. government official and accused war criminal. john bolton also made headlines this month after the department of justice revealed that he was the target of an
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alleged assassination plot by an iranian national. but despite the deadly attacks, bolton himself has supported western media responded with nothing but concern. today the department of justice unsealed charging documents, revealing in a rainy murder plot against john bolton. this was a serious plot and the threat extends to other former government officials. officials say the man was a member of iran, revolutionary guard, cor, suspect, put a $300000.00 price drag on your head. what goes through your mind to better? well, i've, he bearish, that the low price i would have thought would have been higher, but, you know, i guess it maybe it was the exchange rate problem or something. while both individuals were controversial in their own ways, they didn't do the one thing the alexander to can has been doing for years. he has been an outspoken critic of the west and its foreign policy. he is also condemned ukraine's attacks on russian speaking people and supported rushes defends of the people in the don bass and, and crimea as
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a result of their willingness to publicly share their beliefs. both doogan and his leg daughter were the subject of sanctions from the west. but it's the media's response, which serves as a reminder that tragic killings and attempted killings are only condemned when the target has a history of selling the approved narrative. if this were this we're killing did happen again. someone in the u. s. for example. this would be treated much differently. i do think the western media is showing a double standard here. there's no question that if this it been the daughter of an important american intellectual, that the u. s. media would be ringing its hands would be calling for justice. would be calling for reprisals against those that did this. instead they seem to be taking some glee and what has happened. and yes, i mean again, clearly this is the result of a very strong anti,
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a russian sentiment in this country, which frankly has crossed a line in the pure racism. and it's not acceptable. and i think a journalist in particular in the western media should take a good hard look at themselves and do some self reflection. so as united states defense to pop and approved, yet another military aid package for ukraine, he has forces have been implicated in attacking civilian areas with the devastating artillery shelling, particularly in the city of don. yes. now this new $775000000.00 package includes an extra ammo for us supplied hi mas rocket launch systems and howitzer artillery guns that's as civilians and the don bass continue, bearing the brunt of continued shelling by the ukrainian military. now a correspondent, naughty romance cause a refuse, examines how weaponry provided by western powers. particularly america has been
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used to attack residential areas. ukrainian, nationalists forces continued, sar, getting civilians and civilian infrastructure in the generic can in the inside the nest people's republic. recently they began using very high caliber artillery hands are we just arrived at. so one of the houses that were destroyed by ukrainian shilling. and here we discovered certain elements. now this particular one. ah, it has her english markings sang fuse and then a serial number. and our simple google search her has shirts. old us stud sir, this particular fuse is used in these are still resist that systems up to 155 millimeter caliber. 2 people were killed and at least 11 were wounded in darnedest people's republic. on saturday alone, come in here to the next trauma center has become almost
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a daily routine for our crew that has been working here for say, years. today we're visiting the children's way. ah chance i did it on the, on the to the children were playing hide and seek in the room. one of the kids, he did the closet, while little lena was standing beside the bed, suddenly there was an explosion. thank god, my husband told them not to panic. i managed to get the children out of the house. the whole place was just a mess. then v to lena told me, mom, my leg is bleeding. when our neighbor and i were treating her injury was saw, there was a 3 or 4 centimeter gash, with the inner flash completely exposed in the hospital. they told us that the
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injury was not from cut glass, but shrapnel from a mine. the doctor said that such injuries take a very long time to heal the children's wing internet trauma sensor has seen hundreds and hundreds of patients over the last 8 years. unfortunately, the number of children's casualties continues to amount here. unfortunately, we witnessed not only children that were wounded by those who are killed as well from one cause for f r g, the people's republic. it is all the international rushes of success in developing its influence in africa, sparking criticism from former colonial powers that are continuing to lose influence on the continent. ortiz paula slayer, now reports from the central african republic rusher is seeking to help and a devastating civil war that has largely gone unnoticed by much of the western world. away from gilbert and international communities. watch on developments in
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ukraine is a bloody civil war there for nearly 2 years has gone unnoticed by most of the world . this is bungie capitol of the central african republic, a landlocked fragile country in the heart of africa. that for the best part of a decade was the world's poorest state, wrecked by conflict, suffering and death. but there is one thing for locals to small about. it's the annual military parade. a highlight on the calendar 62 years off to becoming independent from france. only recently has it become a permanent fixture years ago, something like this would have been an imaginable offense, right? we government demonstrate the military strength, which have been my telling in bringing peace to a country that was once torn apart by a brutal civil war and instability. back in december, 2020 rebel groups of a took 2 thirds of the country and threatened to overthrow the government. the president appealed to moscow for help and within
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a few months with russian backing. the republics ill equipped and pretty trained army, had successfully repelled the rebels to the countryside and bought stability and security to large parts of the state. therefore, i don't, it's the 2nd time i've attended the military parade. it was beautiful and i enjoyed looking at different military vehicles. so bonus i did the in the military parade went very well, especially for the president of the central african republic and the general commander in chief mamma, due for the local authorities for the prime minister for the ambassadors, including the u. s. ambassador at the military parade. went very well for our country monkey. so lindsey bishop, i really liked the military parade. this one is not like the ones before. from the moment russia started helping, as i've noticed that the military personnel started behaving differently. their behavior and work drastically improve russia. trains are soldiers very well. russia came and started resolving all our issues. they didn't come here to play games for some people say that they came here to destabilize and destroy our country,
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but it isn't true. they work hard, day and night. we see it with our own eyes, you know, they provide a lot of help to our military, full people here. russia is not just another country. they follow closely, the one ukraine movie show nike at the local stadium and feel for the people i've done thus. saw him on tier central africa thinks that the russians are very good persons because for a very long time, there is not so much peace that is to day, the russians in central africa have restored the peace. central africa loves the russians very much. 7 out of 10 central africans loved the mo, the poverty line most don't have access to t v and even fuel to the intimate, which is why a competition to when cellphones sponsored by the russian embassy in the local social media is a major event. let's just say already it is social error that is secured, is it? we don't need to have fake news. everything we broadcast, everything we share is good information. i work with developers who studied abroad
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. for example, in india, where there is the biggest i t school, we created this. turco is the 1st central african social network. it's late to curiosity about the russian faith and culture. in a small village with one more to pump, the faithful come to pray alone are commune appeared in central africa back in 2010, we've been waiting a long time to become a j, new and part of the orthodox christian church. finally, the russian orthodox mission arrived in africa, which allowed us to establish close ties with the moscow patriarch better mi. alongside a growing appreciation for russia is a growing antithesis sentiment exposed to regular antique fonts demonstrations. paris is considered by many to be unhelpful and dishonest. with a new hope and pray that moscow will bring the much eluded peace and even prosperity to the steepest parts of africa policy our ot bondi, central african republic. let's take a look at another story here on our t. as a western media outlets have broadly condemned the chaotic us withdrawal from
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afghanistan, the scandal is still sticking. joe biden, one year on, and in our special coverage here on our t, we look at one years in the u. s. military abandoned his positions and the war torn central asian country after 2 decades of what was an occupation ah logical, rational, and right, exactly. one year ago, those were the words joe biden used to justify pulling us troops out of afghanistan . i think that history is going to record. this was the logical rational, right decision to make just wakes before that fateful day biden was riding high on a near 60 percent approval rating. but after a 20 year long, military occupation came crumbling down with the humiliating and chaotic withdrawal
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. americans were left shocked and odd. it was a pivotal moment that he doesn't ever really recovered from things were going well in terms of how voters viewed him in terms of bringing stability to the economy. and how the government addressed upon demick issues that a higher priorities to the american electorate than the war. enough, gunston, but i've kind of stun cracks, that image of competency and he hasn't ever really been able to repair it. over $2.00 trillion taxpayer dollars down the drain, all for the us backed regime to head for the hills and for the taliban to return to power. naturally, many felt the white house had betrayed its people. the president made the morally indefensible decision to leave americans behind dishonor was the president's choice . may history never forget this cowardice jo, bite and abandoned americans in afghanistan for months by dint and his administration promised. the withdrawal from afghanistan wouldn't be chaotic. they were wrong and it was all downhill from there. last month, biden's approval rating was pegged at an abysmal 36 percent within his own party.
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biden's approval has dropped by around 10 percent. and when it comes to republicans and independence, the figures are way lower. when a president with the fishing carriage and poets, and she thought and writes a rapid transition to renewable energy in vassal half k access to abortion in all states and controls and assault weapons in high capacity magazines, president bike and hasn't shown himself to be the present in 20. so why is biden's still haunted by a decision he may it a year ago while the u. s. is botched withdrawal from afghanistan was just the beginning of the saga. the white house caught a lot of flak for its neglect of afghani collaborators after the pull out as of july 74000 potential afghani immigrants were in line for special u. s. visas. people who helped washington for years and are now at the mercy of the taliban. what americans are dissatisfied with most of all, does anything and everything that affects them directly unreal energy costs record
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high inflation and extortionate prices at the pump. sure gas is expensive and crippling the economy, but we still can afford 3 different kinds of joe biden. i did that sticker, so it's not all back. saw this in a ton of i did that stickers, the station owner scraped them off, but by the following day, they're back. someone must have gotten tired of scratching off those bite. and i did that stickers and decided to put one up of his own with with midterm elections around the corner. and over 60 percent of democrats saying they prefer a new presidential ticket. biden's going to need to pull a rabbit out of a hat if he wants to overcome the legacy he's forged. since the withdrawal you can get many more of the fine details of the afghan withdrawal via our website oxy dot com. down here on auto international throughout this month will continue bringing
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you more boss, special coverage, mocking the one year anniversary of the afghanistan callback. no nation, no nation is ever done anything like it in all history. mm. a with
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. very difficult time to sit down and talk for a minute because a lot of mr was, are due to me. you got to be what could be? are we on suppress, ma'am? a l and there i just didn't know, i know that he's gonna.


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