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the the me toby lines right now here with the national un coles for an urgent investigation into the death of russian john list diarrhea due gonna as moscow related evidence that she was killed by someone working for ukraine in special for you as considering conducting a large scale military training program for the ukrainian forces as the philosophy does get increasingly involved in the conflict and south korea and expressing outrage and sole look at these pictures right here. many protesting demonstrating against military exercises to be held alongside us forces. it's
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a very reckless war. rehearsals that not only threatens the peace of the korean peninsula, but also the peace of the northeast asia region. also, the program in india speaks to come the dominance of us and big tech companies using several major firms of conducting illegal monitor politic business practices . the right, it is time for your worldwide news on our international if we come to you live in the russian capital, i'm rory, sushi, it's a pleasure to have you with us. so the car bombing that you said, the car bombing killing of john las diarrhea do going to moscow ultimately shows the criminal character of the ukrainian state. now that is according to russia's and void to the un who plans to raise the issue a choose a security council meeting. his remarks came off, the russian fed will investigate as linked the killing to cab special forces and
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released a video footage of the main suspect a ukrainian, a woman who came to russia a month ago. i left to estonia immediately after the killing. moscow says the suspect natalia wolfe was spotted near duke and his home. and at the event where the victims car was wired with at least 400 grams of explosives, of the un has also called for an urgent investigation. and the u. s. has issued a statement saying they quote, unequivocal, condemned the targeting of civilians. let's get this report now from our correspondent donald quarter. well, the f s. b, 's official investigation has concluded that the assassination of journalists and political analysts, daria, do gonna with carried out by the ukrainian secret services. the official statement has identified the terrorist says, a 43 year old woman who's a ukranian citizen named natalie of off and her 12 year old daughter who was brought along name sophia shabani. now, according to the f s. b,
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they were following around story do going to in a mini cooper, this mini cooper entered russia, entered the country with done yet the people's republic license plates. and then it was traveling around moscow with catholic stand license plates and then left the country to estonia with ukrainian license plates. the country where the assailants made their getaway to the same many. cooper we're talking about here was also seen on ukrainian websites for sale earlier before this attack took place. but that, but that listing has been actually taken down. a lot of people on the internet are seeing that by putting up a listing to sell the car, the assailants were trying to have an alibi before they committed the act. as for where the assailants carried out this attacks, it likely took place at a literature, music festival that both the assailants were at hand. daria do gonna and her father alexander, duke, and before she was killed shortly before she was killed before a bomb was planted under the drivers side of the vehicle. rushes foreign ministry
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spokeswoman maria is a har of a, has called this a terrorist attack on her telegram channel and that's exactly what it is. there's no grey area for interpretation. this was an act of state sponsored terror against unarmed civilians. and just to give you some background on the victim of this attack, daria do going to, she was the daughter of the anti western author and political commentator, alexander doogan. and she's also actually a personal friend of mine. her father has been targeted by the western media as a sort of advisor to vladimir putin on foreign policy issues. for the longest time they've moved in the western media, he's been really made out to be really important person while actually and russia in the kremlin has not officially recognized. and he's highs with him and many consider him to be them quite a marginal figure. and it's also important to note that cry many are saying that there's a lot of speculation and reports that change alexander duke, and was actually the true target of his attack. ma, considering the fact that this bomb was actually planted under the driver side of
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alexander dugan's car, and it was only after a last minute decision for him to take a separate vehicle to another place. and for daria to take his car that we, unfortunately, i saw that dory dugan donna was killed in this attack. this is a crime is a tragedy for the family. preventing such an incident is very difficult, especially one that happens like this one did in broad daylight. alexander dugeon is of interest as a philosopher and as a thinker, i don't agree with him on everything, but that doesn't matter right now. this country has fallen back on a weapon of the week terrorism. but yesterday, it is clear that it was an explosion since people are not as tyrants or sub tours as user id, logical terrorists with certain atkinson life and not just mercenaries. and people with attitudes like this in life are a very strong force that can only be broken by another stronger ideology. we spoke
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with american political scientist on sociologists, mug sla boda, who says it was clearly an act of state sponsored tara a while political atlas, steve gill, says the most important question now is how the world will react. first of all, it is, we said that this is a clear act of political terror. we know from figures a former russian duma member who defected to ukraine and became a member of the ukrainian military trying to muddy the waters on a ukrainian propaganda channel. but making it clear that daria do again herself, was targeted specifically as well as her father. this is a cold blooded terrorist act to murder a 29 year old woman and academic a civilian. and there is no grey line on this. this is an act
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of really heinous political terror. i think the interesting thing is also, the united nations is always quick to go in and, and delve into the conflicts and delve into the sort of international incidence. and yet they've been pretty silent when it comes to, to the whole ukraine, russia conflict, and yet you now have what? if the f s b information is correct? a ukrainian state sponsored terror attack on foreign soil? and i think the question is, will the united nations will other world leaders step up and to cry that and start to condemn ukraine in the way that they would other terror sponsoring nations. the e u has been getting increasingly involved in the ukrainian conflict with a block now considering conducting a large scale military training program with ukrainian armed forces. mil details now and opinions with oxy contributor rachel marston. the rhetoric from some leadership figures in europe is growing increasingly militaristic and seems to be
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laying the groundwork for greater aggression and involvement in the ukraine conflict. the european union's chief diplomat, joseph burrell said on monday that the blocks defense ministers will be considering a proposal at their meeting in prague next monday, and tuesday to get involved in training ukrainian troops on e u. territory. one, i believe it seems reasonable that a war that is lasting and looks set to last requires an effort. not only in terms of supplies of material nicky, but also in training and assistance to the organization of the army and, and i hope it will be approved. it will not be in ukraine. it will be in neighboring countries which already have training missions, britain and canada are already train ukrainian fighters and britain may be canada will actually vet them this time to avoid the embarrassment of being outed by the canadian mainstream media again for training fighters who flagrantly supported neo nazi symbols and speaking at the use land warfare conference in london, britain's army chief general sir patrick sanders evoked to ramping up called
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operation. mobilize to prepare british troops for urban combat and to fight alongside nato allies in a high intensity conflict in europe. the british armies top ranked, warn officer paul carney, also just wrote in soldier magazine, which is the official monthly published by the case ministry of defense that british troops should get ready for the possibility of deployment. amid the ukraine conflict for which they should prepare their families, i want us all to check. we are physically fit for operations, and it is also important. we prepare loved ones and families who often have the hardest role in our absence. now, french president, a mentor and mac hall, also raised eyebrows here in france a few days ago when he framed the energy crisis and economic hardship caused by the use own sanctions. as the price of freedom in a quote, war economy should also not look through. i am thinking of all people who will need
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the strength of mind to face the times ahead to resist uncertainties sometimes to ease adversity and united agree to pay the price of our freedom and our values. france isn't at war with russia, but it seems like an attempt to blame russia for french citizens suffering under the ease on sanctions. it also makes you wonder why he knows about how bad things are about to get here in europe. as the energy and inflation crises start to really bite, all of this militaristic rhetoric seems all the more risky in light of some ukranian officials growing increasingly bold in their violent remarks. graham sir richard, were we tried to kill as many russians as possible, were the more we kill russians now, the less our children will have to kill them. that's it. and european and western officials, if they truly want peace, they certainly seem to be headed in precisely the opposite direction, with their recent comments. now, throughout the donuts to republic,
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therapy in about a 50 civilian casualties from internationally bind land mines. that key as forces have disposed mostly in a residential areas, victims including children of course with some of the bond weapons found well, right within the vicinity of schools. a former friendship service one abilene a bouquet, who has again recognition for independently reporting on key abstractions in the don boss describes the problem of land mines in that area. ah, you can see a recognizable element of the cluster munitions that scatters anti personnel mines when they are released in the air. these are the so called butterfly minds. they fallen in the center of done at city on household plots of civilians in another places around. this is obvious proof that every one is demanding to present. moreover, they have a serial number for those who want to get additional information about the use of
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anti personnel mines and done ask. and i want to underline that these are completely prohibited arms. i know that this vehicle is butterfly mines are highly explosive objects invented by engineers in order to cripple a human being. they have a pushed action mechanism that he's at the moment of contact with this object. a traumatic separation of the leaps happens. ah ha, ukrainians tried to hit several ammonia holding tanks. this was done intentionally . the goal was to create a huge cloud of ammonia,
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which would then spread to the population for its destruction by the vapors. fortunately, they didn't succeed. ah, we are here. we have found a huge fragment of a projectile. i can show you what is written on the ammunition. ah, and yes, you are not dreaming. the french word de montage, which means remove is on it. this is the biggest fragment of the and shell among those we found on the spot. it's an element of the french projectile duties markings, professionals will be able to identify and track this munition. the numbers listed here me use me in
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pam. we are at the entrance to the room where the prisoners were held. now we see where they live. so here was the entrance. me here they lived in their sleeping quarters, relocated right here. and as you can see, the shell fell and came to the roof. and as it seems to me, it was an incendiary projectile. as everything caught fire, all the prisoners immediately were burned. some of them were asleep at the time. you can see the condition of the beds which are completely burnt out from the bottom to the top. i know you can get it over to south korea now where cooperation with the united states takes the form of the largest joint military drills in years. however,
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thousands of people are annoyed and voicing that discontent will show you some pictures in the past 10 days. that phase right here, rallies are being held where people are assembled to protest against the military exercises. with america, demonstrators held signs to show their disagreement with the government's actions and they demanded a revision of the country's policy toward north korea and china, and pushed for cooperation with young. yeah. to establish peace in that way to work with us. he said he need the joint military exercise between south korea and the united states is a very reckless war rehearsal that not only threatens the peace of the korean peninsula, but also the peace of the northeast asia region. so we oppose the military exercise . now since the beginning of this administration, south korea is taking a hard line policy towards north korea and china. we are here to day to call for peace on the korean peninsula and inter korean reconciliation and cooperation. i
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discussed the story with a former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter. he says the korean peninsula or is facing dangerous times, with saber rattling by washington on its ally, sol, only exacerbating tensions in that part of the world. i think the fact that these military drills are, are back means that um, every everything donald trump accomplished in terms of opening the door for diplomacy has been swept off the table. so it's a very dangerous situation. again, this is ill advised policy on the part of south korea in bad advice, intricate, if it's been given by the united states. these demonstrations are, are, reflect the fact that there's a significant percentage of the south korean population that was looking forward to reconciliation. there were many south koreans are hopeful that there could be a, you know, a termination of conflict them better in relation or to, to re unification down the road. and what they're seeing right now is just,
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you know, a giant step backwards. this is not good for patients to build or start off with the quote anti competitive practices by big tech companies. and that's the allegation by indian authorities as they some under representatives of us farms, apple, google, and amazon full questioning details. now with our tea correspondent dungeon shot him do when one of ballistic got to says the indian government has come down hard on big tech companies. the parliamentary standing committee on finance in india has been looking to where is aspects of competition in the market space, especially concerning technology science, senior official and legal council's old company, such as google, apple, amazon ober, and netflix will appear before the committee on tuesday. representatives of apple, microsoft, amazon, google, netflix from their indian arms and
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a few others will appear before the parliamentary panel on the issue of competitive behavior in the digital market. oh, the boss, few months to parliamentary committee of finance has been looking into the subject . they've been calling different companies and service providers. in fact, last month the volume g committee had sought fuel from the likes of btn all r o u, a sweet diesel mattel, to understand how some of the baptists is all big tech companies. google, for example, can distort the market for them, act as a barrier to market and see what their pockets and also restrict their functions. so around 10 questions have been sent by the parliamentary committee of finance to the likes of apple, google, amazon, and netflix, which they will have to answer info onto the panel to de while the competition commission of india dens, to dig on that big. dex x thoughts believe that chava laws really are the needed are the competition act. 2002 follows the philosophy of modern competition laws and
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aims at fostering competition in protecting indian markets against anti competitive practices by enterprises. the act prohibits anti competitive agreements. abuse of dominant position by enterprises and regulates combinations with a view to ensure that there is no adverse effect on competition. in india, a recent dimes big dec forms have come under government scanning after receiving several complaints about alleged anti competed to we all stick knology platforms and forms the c. c. i or at the competition commission of india is already building some of these cases, especially in the digital space following campaign. so on fe, business status is recent video shows police in the u. s. date of our console, beating a suspect. they were detaining of the footage has sent shock waves throughout the country. i should warn you, you may find the following images disturbing. as you will see, the pictures are essentially speak for themselves. now the officers involved have
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been suspended, and a use of force investigation has been launched. handle worcester was taken to a local hospital and treated for his injuries before he was booked into jail and a list of charges including terror threats. second degree of sold a stemming from an incident with a local gas station clog before his run in with police. now the local sheriff and government officials have condemned the incident. and so far, washington hasn't commented on the case despite the graphic nature of the beating. this, despite other cases of police aggression towards black men, like george floyd, for example, that prompted an immediate outcry from top u. s. and un officials you and human rights chief condemns george floor. it's killing an urges serious action to stop us police killing some unarmed african americans. this is the latest in a long line. so there all kinds of expressions of concern,
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but not just expressions of concern plans to take action so that this stops will they appear to be a growing epidemic of police brutality assault and violence directed at african american men systemic cycle just as a so exist in this country cuts at the very heart, more sacred beliefs that all americans are equal rights and dignity. and it sends a very clear message to the black community, black lives that are under threat every single day. investigative journalists are edwards, all the says that officials are more interested in skin color rather than justice. i think its attack in arkansas will not own me ignite, they're ready, a ruptured frustrations of the public, but i think it hits to the core of the issue. americans have with their government right now. we don't trust the government. we don't expect to govern too much in our
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favor. no major cultures is common to that. and it might be because the man who was beaten so ferociously by those police officers, well, he was white. he wasn't black, like george floyd, somebody going to consider the george ford's killing occurred under republican administration. the beaching of this man was under a democrat administration. ultimately, if you actually look at how this parse is out, it reflects on the biden administration, the democrats, the people that would be most likely to erupt in, in defense of the victim. they were very quick to come out and attack of the police when it came to george floyd and they could care less about the details of the incident. they cared more about the skin color of this man. now when this man went to meet his maker, the lord didn't care about the skin color he had. but the truth of the matter was the democratic party hillary clinton and the rest of their their apparatus. jo bind's handlers definitely cared about it and it did use this to a rode the base of the republicans. they painted the republicans as racist.
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serbia, as president alexander, of which it is valid to protect the ethnic subs and the break away cause of our region. as he says that if nato peacekeepers fail to ensure security tensions will escalate, we have no where to retreat. we are cornered and so our key message to our population in kosovo and met here is that no matter what happens, there will be no columns of refugees. we will save our people from persecution and pogroms. that's if nato doesn't want to do this, or if they participate in programs with albanian units, though i hope they will not. but the president's state comes to spite nato promises to intervene and boast of forces in cause of over if needed. at last week's trilateral talks, e u foreign affairs chief joseph burrell, aim to normalize ties and fine common ground, but he failed intentions, rose earlier this month, when the cause of an authorities moved to ban serbian documents and license plates . international affairs commentator,
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marco gassett believes there are external forces, adding fuel to the 5. what they need to bear in mind is we don't really want to go, doesn't want to leave separately. loza need to sit back on form and the outside is going to stop the pot in the 1st like, made it impossible to solve and keeping it in the soul by supporting one side that national side against the other side, which is safe. and serbia, what we are talking about, what we intend to do. and the refusal of a confession is benita, which bombed its way into gulf, created the biggest military base since vietnam in cultural state in cocoa, ever since of the cultural babies tended to compromise. because the us is allowing them to make demands and no concession expected. the kids go to the trade love history, culture and people and help with the product of the planes were late so full
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of. busy gone solutions one last and amid the times to avoid escalation, serbia will now have to refuse russian oil. so being president has said that from november the 1st to belgrade will not be allowed to import russian oil due to e u sanctions. what are we going to do with electricity oil from november 1st, there will be no rush in oil for us. we will be under sanctions. a motto, gas edge also says the e u is willing to make bulk in the states poorer in the fall out of his geo political and economic war with russia. the point really here is that the you is stopping time because reach the graphic port in croatia from which it goes by pipeline to gratian and to it's not about president woochie, doesn't want to stop importing oil from, from anybody, recent russia,
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most of it. so this is a problem critical the use making it wants to make the balkans correspond you or even pull ra over. this wind tends to freeze even more winds up than it should carry on with this tank of bad because then people can soccer. and if you eat sloppy with that, then let them carry on imposing this time to buy. but i think the populations in croatia was and elsewhere they will see the lead you satisfied with the european union. if you see that, that's what your opinion. it was up i was in a hunger crisis in eastern africa as the u. n. world food program, i sounded the alarm and coal for more resources, saying a regional drought has exacerbated and already devastating from people here have been waiting years for rain, but they cannot wait any longer for life saving food assistance. the world needs to act now to protect the most vulnerable communities, from the threat of widespread famine in the horn of africa. there is still no end
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in sight to this drought crisis, so we must get the resources needed to save lives and stopped people plunging into catastrophic levels of hunger instead of ation. that un, already warned earlier this year, 13000000 people in the horn of africa were facing acute food insecurity. that number now has increased to at least 22000000 as the region has struggled with a severe lack of rain for months on end. as we understand about a 1000000 people have fled their homes and settled in humanitarian camps for food and water. the un status, it's able to provide rations for 2400000 people, but that is a fraction of the 22000000 that needed. well, we heard from award winning journalist martin j a u n, and western powers of long taken a pretty ineffective approach to resolving issues in africa. the culture has been fraught with a number of typically bad droughts. and the last couple of years which are set to
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some parts after quite drastically. the history of the united nations in africa is deplorable. i mean, to go back to somalia, rwanda and other sites in central africa and chad and places like that where the un ready has failed. but the problem is it always takes too long before maybe the western donors actually begin to realize that you've got a problem. in this case, and one of africa usually takes several 100000, if not a 1000000 people to drop dead or come close to the when countries in africa, particularly in north africa, especially in the so how ration when these countries go towards when they face extreme situations, like the one, the somalis going through now the present some of the whole lot of problems, which not only affect them to fix people in the region even affects europeans. you know, the 1st one obviously is when you have such grinding poverty and such salvation or massive skill. terrorism starts to become an issue. the 2nd one attached to that
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2nd problem, the implications of, of a drought on the scale not being dealt with is also migration that affects europe as well as the tears. and, and migrations situation is in is really a dire donna level right now. and we need to re, look, we need to re examine how some of these countries can treat themselves in the short term with these, with problems like drought tensions around the region. the notorious our spring a series of protests, uprisings armed rebellions and will intrusive n g o's, they will claim the thousands of lives in the past number of years. economies ruined governments destroyed only to nuclear though, where the movement 1st began more than a decade ago, has actually seen a transition to a more democratic form of rule. but even that is now reported in jeopardy as author, rachel blevins now explains more than a decade after the arab spring uprising,
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the one country that was celebrated as a success story by the west is now facing a political and economic crisis. despite the protests that were carried out across the middle east and north africa, and notably encouraged and sponsored by a handful of western back and jos tunisia was the only one that saw a transition to a democratic government. but politicians in the west are no longer bragging about the progress they helped foster. as kenesha was president, just over saw the creation of a new constitution that gives himself a host of new powers. this comes after he suspended the country's parliament, fired the state prosecutor and gave himself the power to rule by decree. criticism of the government's decision has been met with backlash, including a prison sons for one independent journalist which was condemned by amnesty international.


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