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tv   News  RT  August 23, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] a new look the real back route of the events around this promotion a nuclear power plant is shamelessly hushed up. all this is done with one single purpose to whitewash their cube commanders no matter what they do. russia lashes out against the west that the un security council meeting covering up ukrainian. so on those up at all she nuclear power plant in the recent days with, according to the results, the investigation, there can be no mercy for the organizes. the contract is of the killing and the assassin refers to help different about condemns the car bama fascination of john list diarrhea do gonna saying those found guilty will be shown no bus
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authorities in there. don't. ex republic decry ukrainian military shelling of residential areas for civilians killed and a dozen wounded and reasons of also ahead in this program. oh wow. wow. yeah. i could be another attempt by the west to rewrite history as a lot to be an authorized arrest. 14 people protesting that demolition of an historic monument to soviet soldiers liberated the baltic state from nazis during world war with what your leg is worldwide news headline to live from moscow where it's now just off the 5 the i'm here and 10 pm in new york this is ok. so the west deliberately conceals key of shelling of those apples. ology nuclear power plant, making russia a scapegoat for everything. now that's
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a statement made by rushes and void to the un security meeting on tuesday in new york. discussing the deteriorating situation at the plant which has been attacked in recent days, russia representative reiterated that moscow does not use the facility for any military purposes. those who are new, i think us listen to start today. we again heard the old broken record, rushes to blame for everything. the real background of the events around this approach in a nuclear power plant is shamelessly hushed up obvious facts or hinder denied. all this is done with one single purpose to whitewash their key of commanders, no matter what they do. they have carte blanche for the most unreasonable actions in the knowledge that they can be justified by their patron. in any case, contrary to the false claims of the key of regime and his curators, russia does not deploy heavy weapons on the territory of the nuclear power plant and does not use the station for military purposes. the russian defense ministry is ready to arrive,
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the international atomic energy agency with high resolution images who show that weapons, especially heavy ones, are not located on the territory of the plant, the russian representative. madame z, a spoke before the un security council and pointed out that even though it was 2 weeks since the last meeting on this topic, a tax on the nuclear power facility have continued. he went over the specifics of these attacks. i and then he also described the weapons that were used most of them made in the united states. american weapons are being used that he provided photographs showing how grand forces are targeting this nuclear facility, putting the civilian population in danger. and essentially the united states and the ukrainian government in yeah, do not care about ukrainian civilians. they are putting them in extreme risk by allowing this to continue. russia on the other hand, would like for there to be an effort to protect the facility and even
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a minor incident facility could have catastrophic results for civilian lives. now it's also important to note that that there has been a call for the international atomic energy agency to visit the site. the representative of the united states indicated that the ukrainian government wants this nuclear facility to continue providing a leg tricity to ukraine, even though it is in a russian controlled area. they want that electricity to flow into the areas controlled by kiya by here is what was said by the representative of russia. listen to it. we've heard the words that the electricity of this approach in a nuclear power plant belongs to ukraine. but we would like to draw attention to the fact that we have not heard such words from the secretariat regarding russian financial assets frozen in the west, or syrian oral, which has been plundered by the american authorities. we've never heard of that. i've also heard from western representatives of leaders in the united states and others. and they say that if something does happen at the power plant,
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they will blame it on russia and russia will be responsible if anything continues to happen, regardless of they will blame it on russia. here's what was said. why on earth is a nuclear facility being used as a staging ground for war by russian forces? these questions can only be answered by president to putin. and could have been answered by members of the russian delegation. who sit here today. only they can explain why russia thinks it can redraw international borders by force in contravention of the you and charter. now rush, it says it is ready to provide evidence showing that the nuclear facility in question is not being used for any military purpose. and there is no justifiable reason for the ukrainian forces to continue their shelling of the facility. there is no justifiable reason for them to continue shelling. also, we heard the representative of russia describe the assassination of daria do. gonna . she is the daughter of prominent russian philosopher, alexander, do get,
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and on saturday she was murdered in a car bomb it. now at this point, russia security services have named the assassin as ukrainian woman, natalia voc, she is the primary suspect and, and it's important to note that during his presentation the russian rep held on for asia, an image of a website tied to the in government and its allies and where she darted to going to her image on a list of am, an enemies was marked as removed. so it seems your forces are essentially taking responsibility for this murder of a civilian. so it's quite an important moment at the un security council. there will be, according to the calls made by brazil, china and india. there will be an i a investigation visiting the nuclear facility in question, but russia continues to sound the alarm about the great danger posed by attacks on a nuclear facility. and as i was saying, just a bit earlier in that report, i russia's 4 minutes i started left off,
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strongly condemned the killing of dario. do going to say that those behind the journalist murder will be shown, no mercy. i believe this is a barbaric crime for which there is no forgiveness. i hope the investigation we completed and the f. b is already established the facts according to the results, the investigation that can be no mercy for the organizes. the contract is of the killing and the assassins. hundreds of people attended a memorial service to pay their final respects to the barrier to going to who has been posthumously awarded by letting me put in the order of courage. people recalled memories of the slain john list who was killed in a car bombing on saturday night. father right there on the shore with a grey beard, alexander, the duke, and a philosopher who had been speaking of the event that daria was attending, just before her death. remembered her as a beacon of light fighting for the truth. meanwhile, the former russian state duma deputy, there is now
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a ukrainian citizen claims kiev was not involved in duke and association yearly. upon the matter of insisted was carried out by a group called the national republican army, which he says is a union over russian liberal forces. thus, despite the group apparently never being heard of until now, i had a clear understanding that people from the so called national republican army with which we've been in touch since april, have long been preparing an operation with a larger scale than they had ever done before. when it happened, they sent photos from the scene of the explosion to confirm that it was them. they sent a manifesto. natalia volvic had nothing to do with this campaign. when this message appeared, i contacted people from russia with whom we communicate. and they said, no, it wasn't her well, me time british media outlets in particular have picked up and promoted to pull them out of claims about alleged quote, power of military liberal forces fighting against vladimir putin. moreover, they've also seemingly trying to humanize the story,
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emphasizing that russia's chief suspect in this killing is the mother of a 12 year old child. now, a reminder, russia's federal security service has concluded. that key of intelligence was behind the assassination or independent political analissa. anthony webb, oh says the west is continuing to pursue an unseen russia narrative. but this time over the killing of daria to gonna i think the whole agenda, or vice versa, gung trees, increasing the united kingdom and spain to promote the idea that the credit side is profits, saints be the russian side represents a cause. we have any justification, and though he certainly means to bring this about. so what we've got
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comparing with this latest news regarding this matter that the journalist is already, there's russian propaganda coming out and makes present and said in somehow or right to carry out this assassination. and that it's actually being parted. it's double standards. they think we've, if it is up in the united states or another country b point to be put forward. so it's all very sided aid. meantime, ukrainian forces continue the shelling of residential and public areas with infrastructure being hate and the donors were public. according to local officials, you say 4 civilians were killed and 12 others wounded in ukrainian attacks on tuesday. now, the following footage from the republics capital shows the aftermath of the attack on the city center. a government administrative building stuff with the most damage, along with several apartment buildings on nearby cause
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a hotel where journalists often stay was also struck. and he's a roman coss reps and has this report from donors shortly after the attack. i should warn you, you may find some of the following images disturbing multiple areas and then as have once again been struck by the artillery of the ukrainian nationalists forces right now we are right in the center of the city. this is the central hotel. this is where a lot of volunteers are journalists and other people that come from russia and other countries live while they're working in don't ask, you can see the scale of destruction here. this car here is almost completely destroyed. thankfully, there was no one in it. when the show fell right here, now we're also not very for from the administration of the head of the republic. it's very close to here at once again,
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the shelling took place in multiple areas of the nest. according to the local authorities, ukrainian nationalist used high caliber artillery and a in this case are talking about 155 millimeter nato artillery. exclusive shells used to 155 millimeters caliber. it's a nato type. so the west is directly involved in the destruction of residential areas in don. yes, i believe that the criminal ukrainian regime should get the punish deserves at least 17 shells landed in the center of the nest, instantly killing civilians and causing damage to infrastructure to people's houses to cars. this is just one of the victims. his name is stem. ha, we have blurred out this picture for him. but 2nd, tell you that half of his half of his head is gone. his standing here at an intersection,
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probably probably waiting for people to cross when the shell landed and killed him instantly in his car was his wife and his best friend there right here as well. and i spoke to them and they told me what happened. a book just in an instant bang and we ran out, i was sitting in the back with the dog, lena was on the side and rushed em was killed. so i ran out with the dog, the dog in my arms, blood all over the place. lena screams complete chaos. this is another area in central de net square. one of the ukrainian shelves struck take a look at the scar headset full of fuss, shrapnel. thankfully no one was in it at the time of that sac, but to take a look at this building. the windows have been blown out. and one of the shells, according to the local officials,
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had landed right into that building. this building opposite is also full of shrapnel, whole, the citizens, all the local residents are now out on the street trying to collect whatever's left of their belongings and they're hoping that ukrainian nationalist will not strike again appreciate you. joining us with the program here on our t, as we understand at least 14 people have been detained as authorities in riga have dismantled a world war 2 memorial dedicated to soviet soldiers. the controversial move provoked outrage in moscow, but also among lack fears, ethnic russian community. oh, ah, crowds gathered at the sight of the monument of protest against its dismantlement. a recon maya has said the remnants of the structure will be completely destroyed. oh, good. earlier latvia is, parliament suspended an agreement with russia that had protected monuments to
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soviets soldiers. at last month the latvian government announced plans to tear down $69.00 soviet memorials saying that many more could still be on the way my privacy to this monument is in memory of our fathers who died in the war against fascism. what now look at what the fascists are doing. the just look in fact fascist, demolished the monument of the liberators of fascism. the bridge broke today. so they don't have money to repair it. but for this destruction of the memorial, they certainly have money. well the, so the monuments in question here is the monuments to deliberates. as of reagan, i was built in 1985, as you said in the, in honor of the soviets role in liberating rieger from nazi germany. not only if you've seen it, but it's quite a huge structure. it's an 8 to 5 meter. abolish this flying thigh, the side by soviet soldiers on one another and the soviet woman on the other with her arms raised high. and this move by the latvian ole forest is,
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is just the latest in the baltics as she stokes tensions with russia. for example, it comes just one week after estonia removed another soviet monument in the town of knob and 9 house. we said this monument was much smaller than the one in latvia. and in latvia, there's around 25 percent of it's $1900000.00 population, our ethnic russians, and many of them are against the removal of the monument to liberators of rica. the lavender russian union debt was wanting to hold a protest to decry and denounced removal of this monument. and he said that it gathered around 10000 signatures of people who are against it, bolts de la, hello saw it says they did not give a permit sightseeing, a safety insecurity for the last. the whole area has actually been cordoned off in preparation for that demolition. but talking about this particular monument deliberates as a reg is not the 1st controversy that surround in it. every year on may, the 9th, the locals gather there to lay flowers in honor of the sacrifices made by soviet
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troops to liberate the city. and this year local police said around $20000.00 people gathered there this on official events. but here's where the controversy lies early the next day, those flowers that were laid by those people who actually bulldozed and we can see quite shocking images of them circulated on social media, mostly hundreds of thousands of flowers that they got rid of. and obviously this caused a wave of discontent, and it was widely condemned. myo by the russian foreign ministry as well as the latvian russian union. the boats in an act of defiance. on the next day may the 10th people went to lay more flowers and you know in honor of the soviet sacrifices made. but the controversies don't and there on the day may the 10th, there was a young lady of 19 years old at the time, alexander stefan of he was up, she arrested for waving a russian flag and giving a speech there. now he says he sees the victory day and waving the russian flags is
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a symbol of unity. but i think it's fair to say that the levine authority in the police didn't see it. that way. they saw his actions as supporting the war in ukraine. now he faces up to 5 years in jail to certainly a have to sentence for waving a flag like a say, a very divisive issue, and i'm sure this won't be the last time we'll be discussing the baltic states moving soviet era memorials. as mentioned a full quarter of latvia as population are ethnically, russian. the chief editor of the both news website has also authorities. there are completely ignoring the values of this group, dental, disciplinary shane. this is a criminal decision made in the context of the crisis in ukraine. attempts to impose this decision on the routing majority have long been tried and the situation has formed such this become possible. this was taken advantage of the program was announced to dismantle all military graves and soviet monuments. this monument was a holy place for the russian speaking population. and hundreds of thousands of people come from many cities on mass. on may,
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the 9th and the latvian nationalists did not care about the opinion of these people . their values were ignored. in order to humiliate russians in addition to the monument, there is a struggle with everything russian. the language symbols in saint george's ribbon all prohibited may. the 9th is constantly marginalized and laughing authorities demonized this day. and the last one was the monument. it was protected by a bilateral agreement with russia, but the latvian side does not comply with these documents and unilateral decided everything itself reported by pakistani authorities are reportedly filed new charges against the embattled former prime minister enron con this time for allegedly holding an unauthorized rally in islam abroad and the charge is focused on a rally held by cons. political party p t i on saturday to express solidarity with his chief of staff who he alleges was tortured, while in police custody. islam about high court will be hearing from mr. con, next week. open our local reporter javert,
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urbana. brings us the update bug is any government seems to be creating more legal grounds to artist formerly by mr. milan hon. and all members of his party in the latest development to police seems, lombard devil distorted yet another legal case against him on hom. and all was in dire thought. new to ship of beauty i in addition to, in addition to that, hercules van 1000 members of beauty, i have also been booked under the under the utah sheet, which says that the beauty, i am sure men wanted in all fish has been on building public gathering in slumber last week, under this, so if he's, if they are prosecuted, dick in prison, legally speaking up to 6 for 6 months. but this is just tip of the iceberg. off the number of the legal counsel that the 50 i understand is chairman and milan. con has been fishing in different course of law, including the election commission of pakistan. i think one of the leading guest is a part of funding case,
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which is pending of election. michelle focus on he has been believed that he received legal funding for formal deep by cassandra, mostly from foxon, or the flood from bucks the nations living abroad. which the government says is illegal and some of them also include some foreign nations. now the government is also proceeding in this case can amended that to his b b. i. a party of the former families that can be bang politically and legally the father son being off years with in the military that he can come in on holly for you to those 2 bought. he can change the fish off bucks and spun policy. he may join china and russia, lead lot of which is something the immediately and means to other lamps. you bought this vertical parties there. don't feel comfortable with iran con, who was removed from office v a very that of a parliamentary vote earlier this year has remained ultimately under intense
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pressure from political rivals who are now in power. not situation has drawn plenty of parallels to what's happening. state side with former u. s. president donald trump, as the authors, rachel blevins now explains. the crackdown on the former prime minister of pakistan continues, months after he was removed from office, and it's drawn comparisons to the vine and ministrations treatment of former president trump. in a world where both former officials had seen their supporters compared to domestic terrorist in round con is now reportedly facing terrorism charges. following a speech, he gave to a crowd of supporters in which he vowed a lawsuit against police, alleging that they tortured his close aid. this comes as regulators have also banned the live broadcast of his speeches. drawing sharp criticism from con in response, the fascist imported government sung to a new, lo today by banning live coverage of my speeches on tv and then blocking you to
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temporarily during my speech at least get bog. all this, after continuous intimidation of media persons and taking channels off air earlier, con continues to address anti government protest after he was removed and a vote of no confidence back in april the law, the government attempts to limit who can listen to his speeches that has only led to more attention and more support, so of con is facing terrorism charges. then what does that mean for his supporters? and could they face action themselves? notably, hundreds of individuals gathered outside of conn's home after the police investigation into his speech was announced. and they've out to take over the capitol if he was arrested. so far that hasn't happened as a court issued a protective order that prevents his arrest for at least 3 days. ah,
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i comparisons to the politics in the u. s. have come about as trumps. reach was also limited after he was banned by all major social media platforms. however, his supporters did participate in protest that turned into riots at the u. s. capital back in january 2021. their faces were placed on f. b. i wanted posters, and so far the longest sentence stands at more than 7 years. and while trump himself has hinted at running for office again in 2020 for the current administration, appears to be doing everything in its power to keep him out of the white house. earlier this month, trump's home was rated by the f b i with a search warrant revealing and investigation under the espionage act. similar scrutiny has been applied to con. as pakistan's media watchdog argue that the prime minister's speeches amount to threats against state institution and government
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officials and therefore cannot be broadcast live. it has been observed that mr. iran con chairman pakistan. terry key in soft in his speeches and statements is continuously alleging state institutions by leveling baseless allegations and spreading hate speech through his provocative statements against state institutions and officers which is prejudicial to the maintenance of law and order, and is likely to asterisk, disturb public peace and tranquillity, it's a tale of 2 populous politicians who continue to influence the public despite the fact that they are no longer in office, raising questions of how far the governments will go to st. silence their voices, and how their supporters will respond. let's take this further now. crossing life you libertarian national committee, vice chairman often vote joining us live here or not. you international a very will welcome to you. thanks for coming on the program here. many have compared iran calling to the former us president donald trump. of course, both of phase 2 charges under successor governments. is that
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a stretch show or can you draw any comparison between enron, khan and donald trump? the absolutely, the big curl of the pakistani government is essentially controlled by the military . it's been under direct control the military for decades at the time. and right now, it is so heavily influenced by the fact that military that it might as well be under the direct control the united states government has, is so heavily influenced by the american military industrial complex that it may as well be under the direct control. so we have 2 countries that have an undue amount of influence from the military on the civilian government. and they're both going after the former leaders who did disrupt a lot of things in the each countries are 2nd military's. so the parallels are very clear and very strong here. often. what do you, what do you make of them? are on con, speeches being removed by the pakistan media. i mean, it sounds a bit familiar to weapon to trump when he was president and twitter. it was blocking him, wasn't it?
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this is have this happen to donald trump. it's happened to many libertarians. it's happened to me for that matter. when the social media sort of establishment doesn't like a political message, it will center it when they don't have opposing arguments. they switch over to censorship, and we're seeing that we thought that was all trump, and we're seeing that with him on con route. we're seeing the same thing where the message this, this message that goes against the military establishment of each country is so electric. and so exciting to the people in that country that the military industrial complex are just the strait of military impact then is not really able to contain the message. and like people do in their youth settling things through force. they just, fortunately, shut that down. often we've seen in recent days and even in the past couple of weeks, enormous demonstrations coagulating and various cities across pakistan in support of embrun. com this following the vote of no confidence by the government. and then, and then when we had the recent raid by us authorities on moral lago trump's home
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down in florida, his popularity ratings seemingly shot up it is there some sort of parallel there again, between khan and trumpet that it seems like the more the establishment cracks down on these popular figures, the more the populace seems to rise up in both countries. the military impacts then and the military industrial complex, as well as the security state in the united states have lost the trust of the people. the military industrial complex in the united states has lost the trust, the american people. and law enforcement has really been losing trust of the american people with many police department being even shut down in various districts. so we see that lack of trust. and when those organizations then turn on a populace leader of course, is going to make that popular leader more popular because it is now being seen as somebody standing against this unjust persecution by the military establishment in
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the respective country of in little time left. maybe thanks so much for joining us . one last question if i may, iran con, has alleged the us orchestrate. it is also the day that the u. s. was behind the parliamentary vote of no confidence. but then i entered, i interviewed a pakistani official 24 hours ago, who said to me, o iran con, it's full of nonsense. he's a conspiracy theorist. there's no other external forces acting here despite the fact that iran con, calling the pakistani government that of an imported government it's, i mean the, you know, united states has a lot of does a lot of work in terms of messing with for an election. so i don't know if it happened, but it is certainly the type of thing that the united states government has done and is doing in many other countries. it wouldn't come as a surprise to me at all of involving the libertarian national committee, vice chairman joining us live or are you into national? always a pleasure. thank you very much for that. thanks dr. young and i thank you for
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joining us in this program. lie for moscow. of course, this is asi international. i will research i, we return at the top of the hour. ah mm, with me . hello the welcome to was a part of the day of creating a glowing of leader around the pacific ocean has been tantalizing the minds of western strategist ever since washington announces intention to give it to asia. but it never quite came to fruition, in part because of india hesitancy isn't going to be more likely now after the conflict in your crane. well, to discuss it now joined by problem, stephanie,


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