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find themselves will to part. we choose to look so common ground. ah, and 12345. you can lose cow when you look at this building and try to figure out how many shells landed here. are all the crew is among the very 1st to visit the and bought holds up at orgy nuclear power plant. as the i. e. a says intensive shelling of europe's largest facility promised the need for an immediate mission to the side of the real back route of the events around this upper ocean. a nuclear power plant is shamelessly hushed up. all this is done with one single purpose to whitewash their queue of commanders, no matter what they do. russia speaks of the un security council meeting, accusing western powers of covering up ukrainian attacks on those up. what i always mean nuclear power plant with also your,
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you to post might be deleted if it includes news coverage about ukrainian military attacks on civilian areas. that's according to report li leaked content rules recently issued by google. the us collect your support for the training of police in columbia on how to abide by human rights standards. meanwhile, u. s. authorities investigative violent arrest by arkansas police caught on camera beating a suspect that they would dictate with your wednesday while it headlines from moscow without the international from the entire news team. here. a very well welcome to you. the long awaited i. e. a mission to ukraine's at zappa georgia nuclear power plot may take place within days . that's according to the agencies director general. this while the facility continues to be shelled by ukrainian troops. now these epidemic nuclear power plant
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is the largest in europe, and the constant shelling of it stokes serious spheres of a nuclear disaster, which could potentially be worse than that of the child. noble catastrophe. it could affect many countries, neighboring ukraine, even reaching all the way to turkey. and our teeth, alexia griffin, is among the very 1st journalists to reform exclusively from the sprawling nuclear power station. cookies have you brought the atom. electra stand says the largest power plant in europe sup rosure is being shell daily by the cranium military. but recently as a result of yet another attack, one civilian was killed on the spot and yet another was fatally wounded. still, the station continues to operate with its reactors, generating energy with
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jack black rims are club no is not off. next, we're currently near one of the pumping stations up as approach a nuclear plant. you'll see ukrainian shall landed here in late july. you can see the consequences of that shelley right now for yourself, but this station continues to work as the main equipment is located in the basement . bottled, when you call, it's a bottom line at the wire and continue to reach this crater within the vicinity of the cleaning facilities was created last saturday. due to shelling by ukrainian forces. you can judge for yourself about the danger of such attacks. literally a 150 meters from here is the plants, 5th power unit. and it is still working just around the corner. another one mutates on it for at the moment the radiation at the station as well as the surrounding areas is within norms. the showing it mostly auxiliary equipment, hydrogen and oxygen facilities were trying to repair the damage as soon as possible, so that the nuclear plant will not have to halt its operations. i deem dora that he 12345. you can lose cow when you look at this building and try to figure out how
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many shells landed here. but the defense ministry has accurate statistics on how many times ukrainian forces fired at this approach. and nuclear plant is to say, and it is ready to share that data with the global community, including with the i e a. but no one is in a hurry to come here yet, but at the separation nuclear plant out of 6 power units, 3 or under scheduled repair to are working normally. and one is working at about 10 percent of its capacity to insure its own safety with the cooling system would be place to close. it chung with shattered glass walls damaged by shrapnel. this is the lesser evil that can happen as a result of artillery. shelling of a nuclear power plant in russia, even according to the most conservative estimates, in the event of a detonation of the nuclear reactor, a radioactive cloud could cover half of europe. it would take at least a decade to eliminate all of the consequences due to it as a barrel sky. as you see,
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the territory of this apparition plant is really impressive. it takes at least an hour to just walk around the power units. but from the view of a satellite, a reconnaissance drone, the entire territory can be seen all at once. if russian heavy artillery was located here, that would have become public knowledge long ago. the photos would have been published all over the media. but that is not happening because there is no heavy russian weaponry here. photography of when we go, i live with. so the west deliberately conceals key abs. shelling of those apples, you nuclear power plant making rusher, a scapegoat for everything. now that is a statement made by russia's envoy to the un at a security council meeting on tuesday in new york. the discussing the deteriorating situation at the plant, which has been attacked in recent days. russia's representative reiterated that moscow does not use the facility for any military purposes. those who are new, i think us listen to start today. we again heard the old broken record, rushes to blame for everything. the real background of the events around this
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approach in a nuclear power plant is shamelessly hushed up obvious facts or hinder denied. all this is done with one single purpose to whitewash their key of commanders, no matter what they do. they have carte blanche for the most unreasonable actions in the knowledge that they can be justified by their patron. in any case, contrary to the false claims of the key of regime and his curators. russia does not deploy heavy weapons on the territory of the nuclear power plant and does not use the station for military purposes. the russian representative, madame z, a spoke before the un security council and pointed out that even though it was 2 weeks since the last meeting on this topic, a tax on the nuclear power facility have continued. he went over the specifics of these attacks. i and then he also described the weapons that were used most of them made in the united states. american weapons are being used that he provided photographs showing how grand forces are targeting this nuclear facility,
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putting the civilian population in danger. and essentially the united states and the ukrainian government in yeah, do not care about ukrainian civilians. they are putting them in extreme risk by allowing this to continue. russia on the other hand, would like for there to be an effort to protect the facility, and even a minor incident facility could have catastrophic results for civilian lives. now it's also important to note that that there has been a call for the international atomic energy agency to visit the site. the representative of the united states indicated that the ukrainian government wants this nuclear facility to continue providing electricity to ukraine, even though it is in a rush and controlled area. they want that electricity to flow into the areas controlled by kia. but here is what was said by the representative of russia. listen to, we have heard the words that the electricity of this approach in a nuclear power plant belongs to ukraine. but we would like to draw attention to
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the fact that we have not heard such words from the secretariat regarding russian financial assets frozen in the west, or syrian oil, which has been plundered by the american authorities. we've never heard of that. i've also heard from western representatives leaders in the united states and others, and they say that if something does happen at the power plant, they will blame it on russia and russia will be responsible if anything continues to happen. regard. busy they will blame it on russia. here's what was said. why on earth is a nuclear facility being used as a staging ground for war by russian forces on tent rules on the conflict in ukraine. the employee says he was being tracked by the company. i was asked to take part in an interview. they told me i was fired due to an information leak. it turned out they were tracking all the employees. they even admitted they have special systems that can record whether i take a picture from my personal phone. the alleged a set of rules has been published on social media. so what is being censored
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statements, claiming the ukrainian forces have been talking civilians. all that the west has been funding, bio weapon laboratories in ukraine ought to be labeled as harmful out of scope. content includes claims that nato is fueling the ukraine conflict. we've sent a google a request, a comment on the issue, but so far we have not received a response. however, earlier in this program, i spoke with author michael rectum ward is also a digital expert and author of the book google archipelago. he alleges that the american tech john has actually a political tool of the us government. google is a state apparatus. they're, they're part of the regime that's running the united states. they are a part of a political apparatus that's being run by a singular unit party that as son neo con am that is a leftist, an authoritarian all at the same time. and likewise that they arse censoring and
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they're serving as a propaganda organ. they want to shut down all possible perspectives that differ from this singular party line. and i of this is a, it's, it's a detriment this, this is a real threat to mocker say, if anything is because, you know, we don't have freedom of information here in the united states. we're being patrolled and policed by this overlord, google and the other hedge, monica, social media outlets that control all of our data and all our information and our news. so we, we, we, you know, it's a, it's a, it's a real challenge to find out what's going on in the world. it's good to have you with us today. the u. s. has pledged support for a police training program in the south american country of columbia. to educate officers on how to better abide by international human rights standards. washington
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has allocated at several $1000000.00 for the measure. with this project, we will strengthen our capacity to define, deploy, and promote institutional human rights policies based on international standards. the u. s. support has been fundamental for this new process of institutional transformation above all in this focus on human rights protection. or the move comes after international criticism over allegations of disproportionate use of force by columbia and police during protests in recent years in which dozens of civilian side training program, which has un backing, seeks to further educate officers about human rights standards, as well as improved discipline morning you may find the following images disturbing . it all common to me at a brand new case of police brutality with us authorities now investigating those 3 policemen and often saw they were filmed, beating that suspect they were detaining. and the picture is really speak for themselves. the police had reported been responding to an age of individual that making threats to the convenience store in the small town of mulberry. the offices
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have since been suspended following widespread outrage. and we heard from a civil rights attorney, robert latino in washington, who says the us really needs to focus on adequately training its own offices to prevent abuse of authority. think america has a lot of work to do, getting they were getting their house correct when it comes to police brutality before educating other countries on human rights fertility. it's a cancer in america. the only thing that has changed in recent years, it's proliferation of video tape. we've heard stories about police brutality in america for generations. now what have to happen if we need federal legislation that will reform are policing in the united states of america to instill the types of human rights that we claim to espouse on the international stage here domestically until you have uniform standards across the board. the ability to track officers who have been fired from jurisdiction 40 something needs a 4th, the end of what called qualified in unity with gill's. busy officer,
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the complete shielding of the law from being either simply sued or criminal. we prosecuted for action while on duty until you get rid of those things and change the policy. going to continue to have this part of the problem in america, because it's part of the culture police and has been instilled to court to generations or ukrainian n g o tons of blind. i too exposed disinformation by accusing russia of endorsing false narratives about the conflict. the document claims that ukraine must make every effort to counter disinformation. the n g o says russian officials and media outlets a lying when they report the ukrainians august, satisfied with their governing authorities. this as t f is actively expand, it gets sentenced. list silencing journalists to a critical about the government western states that supporting the censorship effort as well with foreign journalists facing a backlash back at home for reporting on the conflict. for example, one, german john list is facing 3 years in prison in our own country. for report titled
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ukraine's war crimes adding to that british blog. graham phillips is now included on the sanctions list in the u. k. well, let's learn more about this right now. a crossing like to be li, independent investigative journalist. now joining us here on asi international, great to see you today. what, why do you think ukraine and n g o is backed by the ukranian government engage in a campaign to accuse those who report different facts of spreading this information? well, i mean, i think what we're seeing globally and ukraine is only one element of what is happening. you mentioned earlier, the google crack down on any kind of dissident reporting or reporting that is in opposition to the establishment to the ruling class and the government taglines. but the recent gathering in ukraine of the national security and defense council and including us states department and us ministry of defense. but
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organizations and clusters to counter in that you disinformation reveals the fact that that what the intention is now is to effectively criminalize anyone. whether it's an activist or a blog, or a journalist or a photographer, anyone that is challenging the party line. and the policy line, of course, is effectively sensually governed by the us, the rules based global governance comply, or di, basically that's, that's what we're now being told. or certainly if your information does not comply, you become an information terrorist. according to the conclusions of this conference in ukraine, but, but this also crosses over to the u. k. in the u. k, the government is bringing in the online home spill, which is exactly the same, a gender to shut down free speech to shut down pre thought,
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to shut down opposition to power to government, to war, to global health tyranny, to anything that you disagree with. there is potential that you become an information terrorist and that you can be tried on the refurbished legislation as a war criminal. i mean it's i can only say this mirrors gestapo tactics. and joseph gerbils media tactics are in nazi j. many. that's the closest or similar comparison that i can draw. you painted a very disturbing pitch if i'm not sure of the state of affairs around the world today with essentially people not being allowed to question mainstream narrative. they always say the 1st casualty, and war of course is the truth. and as you were saying, you know, you, you're not allowed to disagree with peer. you're not allowed to disagree with nato states. i know you mentioned the u. k. u k. officials in recent days have been flying all around in europe, trying to convince you leaders to keep pumping weapons into ukraine. at the end of
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the day, though, when it comes to telling the truth point in global affairs, it's a risky job to do. do you think it's very risky job? i mean, i'll give an example of a very dear colleague of mine, and someone who's known to r t, a journalist, even bartlett, who was recently and has often been and on i can look and reporting on the ukranian war crimes committed on an almost daily basis now, we talked about the hedge monic. social media operators is like glow, like google, sorry, like facebook, like twitter, eva was actually dock by a former u. k. tory conservative party m p on twitter. who sent out an alert to the the intelligence link special forces of ukraine. when eva pointed out on twitter that she was in donuts. and she was reporting on the
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illegal and genocidal use of the petal mines by the ukrainian forces against or don't civilian within 2 days, the hotel were eve about that was thing was heavily shell. so, you know, it becomes very clear that now that these information clusters, these are cyber war for units are in close connection with the intelligence agencies of the countries and regimes that are targeting journalists that are exposing that criminality. and this, yes, it becomes, you know, it is now becoming literally the media and the n g i. agencies working in lock step with the regime defense departments and intelligence and security agencies are effectively becoming in direct hit man for their regimes. and you know, i can't,
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i'm under stating it actually was a conversation that requires a lot more time that we have here. and i do apologize for that. vanessa. be independent investigative journalist space in damascus. next time we will talk for longer. thank you so much for your time. you're welcome. a target of kiana regime. that's the statement made by russia on basset to the un regarding the assassination of russian john las diarrhea, duke and i here at moscow allegedly organized by ukrainian forces. the russian bastard showed a picture of duty and from the notorious middle for its black list of enemies, where the journalist was now labeled as on eliminated threats to earlier russia's foreign ministers. ok, laughter, office strongly condemned in his killing saying those responsible for the murder would be shown. no mercy. i believe this is a barbaric crime for which there is no forgiveness. my hope, the investigation we completed so and the f. s. b is already established the facts,
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according to the results, the investigation that can be no mercy for the organizes, the contract is of the killing and the assassins. meanwhile, the format russian state do my deputy, who is now ukrainian citizen claims kia was not involved in duke and assassination earlier, pulled them out of insist. it was carried out by a group called the national republican army, which he says is a union of russian liberal forces that is despite the group having never been heard of. until now, i had a clear understanding that people from the so called national republican army with which we've been in touch since april, have long been preparing an operation with a larger scale than they had ever done before. when it happened, they sent photos from the scene of the explosion to confirm that it was them. they sent a manifesto. natalia volvic had nothing to do with this campaign. when this message appeared, i contacted people from russia with whom we communicate. and they said, no, it wasn't her. what british media outlets in particular have picked up and promoted
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to put them off. claims about alleged power, military liberal forces fighting against not mapleton. moreover, they've also seemingly tried to humanize the story, emphasizing that russia's chief suspect in the car, bombing killing is the mother of a 12 year old child. a reminder, russia's federal security service has concluded that key of intelligence was behind the assassination. an independent political analyst, anthony webber says the west is continuing to pursue an ancy, russia, a narrative, even in the wake of the killing of journalists diarrhea to i think the whole agenda buys circle in countries. increasing the united kingdom has been to promote the idea that the credit side is profits, saints be the russian side represents a cause. we have any justification and though he's the means to bring this about.
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so what we've got with this latest news regarding this matter, the journalist is already, there's a russian propaganda coming out and makes presented in somehow or right to carry out this assassination. and that the, it's actually been parted and it's double standards. they think we've, if it is up in the united states or another country b point to be put forward. so it's all very side. indeed. it is good, happy with us today. the legacy of 2 decades of us occupation of afghanistan, we examined the enduring consequences of america's war on the central asian country, special coverage marking one years since the chaotic final withdrawal of us forces
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. no nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all history. with back then the reality in afghanistan changed in a matter of days. the collapse of the western back government was faster than anyone expected. in an interview earlier this month, the former president ashcroft danny rejected allegations that he had acted like a coward despite the fact that he fled cobble with suitcases stuffed with cash,
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his artes rachel, perhaps one year later, former president asher afghani is still defending his role in the swift fall of the afghan government days after the withdrawal of the u. s. military. he claims he was not afraid of the taliban even as he made the decision to flee the country. the reason i left was because i did not want to give the taliban and their supporters the pleasure of yet again humiliating in afghan president and making him sign over the legitimacy of the government. i have never been afraid. while he claims there was no fear of the taliban, the former president did express concern over the people who are supposed to be on his side and whether they would turn on him once the constant support they relied on from the u. s. came to an end, but other than the strategy of saving himself, it doesn't appear that connie had much of a planet all for a wife without us occupation. that also doesn't appear that the biden
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administration cared in their final phone call just 3 weeks before the fall of the afghan government biden emphasized the need to project a different picture to the world, claiming it would help in the fight against the taliban. you clearly have the best military. you have 300000 well armed forces versus 728-0000. and the clearly capable of fighting well, we will continue to provide closer support if we know what the plan is most we'll doing and all the way through the end of august. and who knows what, after that, i need not tell you the perception around the world and impulse of afghanistan. i believe, is that things aren't going well in terms of the fight against the tolliver. and there's a need whether it is true or not. there is a need to project a different picture, projecting strength and actually having it are clearly 2 different things. but as binding pointed out, afghan stan was supposed to have the best military. after all, the u. s. had spent $145000000000.00 reconstructing everything from the country,
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security forces to its government and its economy. the expectation was that such a high investment would guarantee at least some level of success. as the pentagon expected, the troops, they had trained to be ready to defend their own land. this is their country, these are there, these are their military forces. these are their provincial capitals, their people to defend, but that wasn't what happened. and it seemed that no one wants to accept the blame, certainly not biden, who blamed every one from former president trump to connie insisting that the afghan president assured him that us backed forces would fight. we talked about who have gannon stan should prepared to fight their civil wars. after the u. s. military depart to clean up the corruption and government. so the government could function for the afghan people. we talked extensively about the need for afghan leaders to unite politically. they feel a do any of us, mister ghani,
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insist that the afghan forces would fight. it obviously was wrong yet. they didn't put up a fight at all with sudden reports even saying that taliban was surprised by just how easy it was to take the nation's capital. of course, connie was a bit busy at the time as he stands accused of taking millions of dollars in cash with him when he fled the country. 3 weeks after he took a helicopter to safety, the former president made a statement apologizing to the public, which was notably only released in english. it is with deep and profound regret that my own chapter ended in similar tragedy to my predecessors, without ensuring stability and prosperity. i apologize to the afghan people that i could not make it and differently. my commitment to the afghan people has never wavered and will guide me for the rest of my life. it appears as though the ears of corruption, that shaped out can't stand after the u. s. invaded went all the way up to the
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presidential palace and one millions of people suffered and hundreds of thousands lost their lives. the politicians of the talk were the ones who walked away unharmed. a perfect picture of the legacy left by 20 years of us occupation. we will bring you more of our special coverage on the legacy of that of the patient . i've got an s dawn and the chaos left in its wake throughout this month for more insight over to our website. so i, let's do a bit of a quick global wrap for you here on the program as flashes have a roughly and argentine as capital in reaction to vice president. christina, for mondays, the coach not being accused of fraud and potentially facing a lifelong bond from politics. you see right here, thousands of our opponents and the support is it means facing outside her home with, as we understand intermittent st. survive. nowadays, 40 people have been killed by flash flooding in northern india right along the
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himalayas. this is due to severe rainfall. the affected areas are mostly high up in the remote, high altitude terrain, which is just complicated, any and all rescue operation as a portable val, which has declared a state of alert over an enormous set of wildfires, fueled by unusually hot and dry. some of the conditions as well as high high wind as we understand more than $90000.00 to hector's have already been burned in the country so far this year was that it's wrapping up the program for now. here went into national. thank you so much for joining us. artie is across the spectrum on social media platforms across were on telegram odyssey and gab for the meantime. thanks for joining us.


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