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ah, ah ah, serbian kosovo reach a mutual agreement on a controversial border crossing that's according to the e. u, which is mediating talks. the international atomic energy agency, reportedly plans to visit a nuclear power plant and sub erosion. and next week with russia saying, ukraine's continued shelling of the facility amounts to nuclear terrorism. meanwhile, the u. s. shows it's intention to prolong the war by striking a new deal to provide ukraine with missile systems in late 2024 plus pakistan declares a state of emergency over what's been called the worst humanitarian disaster of the
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decade. after more than 900 people die and devastating floods ah, good morning for moscow to wherever you may be watching from welcome to the weekly or we go over the week and the most the hours most pressing you stories from the world. i'm girl, isabel. but 1st to serbia with bell, great agreeing to counsel a requirement for entre an exit papers for coastal id card holders. while kosovo has been given assurances, it will not introduce similar measures for serbians. that's according to the e. u foreign policy chief, joseph burrell. the serbian president, alexander routing has stressed that the deals should not be interpreted as any recognition of kosovo, self declared independence status. hey, miss brenda, this is maria them. we are ready to issue a general disclaimer, in which it will be written that the use of identity called issued by pristine,
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is allowed exclusively for practical reasons, either due to freedom of movement and not as any recognition of the, unilaterally declared independence of kosovo. halima more yet, i'm also local report our nicola jill, which has more on the situation. the news of the day was that as joseph burrell announce some season, peter account a few hours ago, that there has been a agreement between serbia and costello for the personal documents and regarding the entrance to kosovo and the 2 central serbia. so regarding this agreement for people who have serbian documents and live in northern cal, so we can go and travel freely through the whole territory. of course, when metal here without any problems or without any permits or licenses that were necessary until today on the other side of civil citizens who have a documentation of so called republic of possible can from now on. 2 travel into
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serbia directly without any problems. so this is a agreement that these as mr. brown put good and the due to the peaceful and democratic norms that you propose as a at least declarative lee. but it is still not to the most important thing since the problem with the license plates for the cars still hasn't been done. and the question is how and when will it be done at all? we are ending this day in a slightly a positive manner. but serves in kosovo, are still worried about their future in the few upcoming days until the end of the month. and i wonder what happened with the 1st days of september for rush today from costs commit teresa. my name is nicholas tensions flared in early august. one ethnic protesters blocked roads to to border crossings with serbia in northern
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costs. of all the violence ruptured over plans by pristine at to required those with serbian id is entering kosovo to also have additional documentation along with a plan for serbian drivers to display kosovo. number plates on their vehicles close to both proclaimed independence from serbia in 2008. but ethnic serbs who make up the majority in the north of the country do not recognize pristine as authority. they remain politically loyal to serbia, which continues to provide them with financial support, america, special envoy to the western balkans. gabriel escobar says he hopes tensions between the 2. do not escalate while drawing bel grades are by suggesting it should forget any suggestion that close of what was part of serbia. i think we have to move away from the narrative that kosovo as serbia and move toward the, the narrative that kosovo in serbia are europe, 7 gods. each. a professor at the institute of european studies in belgrade says the
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serbian public is tired of the west interfering. unfortunately, this is a decision. this comes after many bad decisions in the last 9 years. and from the beginning of the so called brussels process. since the you started to mediate the negotiating process, it was always bias. and the result was that serbia gave up so many of the state authorities paid for it to the illegal for albania, separate this institutions. and in return, serbia didn't get anything. however, i must say that the situation is very grima for the whole being in independence. many states are rethinking their decision or record over recognition of the succession of customer thoughts here from serbia. and many
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of them have revoked already district remission. as we hear there 7 war, those serbia, society is a very much anti western oriented when it comes to polio when it comes to geo politics. only when it comes to the boys. he's because you are always for loss or to years are being retreated to say it's my own most mildly. the west is afraid. nato is afraid that we might cause problems. and now to the conflict in ukraine, we're europe's largest nuclear power plant has been shelled. once again, by ukrainian forces that's according to local authorities. russia says at least 17 shells were fired at the facility in the zeros region. in the last 24 hours, the plant has been constantly shelled like you have forces over the last few weeks with moscow recently, interfering referring to the bombing as nuclear terrorism. russia said it has
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handed over evidence of the shelling to united nations members. according to multiple reports, the international atomic energy agency has assembled a team to visit the plant as early as next week. and staying in the zeros of regions on friday, ukraine use the u. s supplied high mar system to shell, a small town hitting a residential building and killing at least 4 civilians, including 2 children. we heard from local residents. those really do movies. firstly, there was one explosion in after 5 seconds a 2nd. immediately everything collapsed. rescuers arrived put up a ladder and pulled us from the house. doors and windows had been blown out of the apartments and not a single window left. what typically it was a direct hit to the roof and to don bass for residential areas of the diaster public continue to suffer from ukrainian shelling where the apartment buildings, hospitals and schools targeted, leaving dozens of civilian casualties in the last few days in administration.
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building in, dang, ask was among those to suffer heavy damage. artes, romano, closer have reports from the dying as capital. a warning, distressing images are head areas and then as have once again been struck by the artillery of the ukrainian nationalist forces. right now we are right in the center of the city. this is the central hotel. this is where a lot of volunteers said journalists and other people that come from russia and other countries i live at while, while they're working in don't ask, you can see the scale of destruction here. it's car here is almost completely destroyed. thankfully there was no one in it when the show fell right here. now we're also not very far from the administration of the head of the republic. it's very close to here at once again, the shilling took place in multiple areas of the nasdaq. and so once again, right in the center of the city that's rarely been hit by the ukranian nationalists
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. unfortunately, it happens a once again this tuesday, according to the local authorities, ukrainian nationalist used high caliber artillery and a case are talking about 155 millimeter nato artillery. exclusive shells used to 155 millimeters caliber. it's a nato type. so the west is directly involved in the destruction of residential areas in don. yes, i believe that the criminal ukrainian regime should get the punish it deserves at least 17 shells landed in the center of the nest, instantly killing civilians and causing damage to infrastructure to people, houses to cars. this is just one of the victims. his name is her stem. ha! we have blurred out this picture for him. but 2nd, tell you that the half of his half of his head is gone. his standing here
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at an intersection rover, a probably waiting for people to cross when the shell landed and killed him instantly in his car was his wife and his best friend there right here as well. and i spoke to them and they sold me. what happened was a book just in an instant bang and we ran out. i was sitting in the back with the dog. lena was on the side and rushed him, was killed. yes, a book i ran out with the dog, the dog in my arms, blood all over the place. lena screams rushed him was killed. nothing is clear, complete chaos. this is another area in central denette square. one of the ukrainian shells struck. take a look at the scar head, full of fuss, shrapnel, thankfully no one was in it at the time of that sac, but take a look at this building. the windows have been blown out. and one of the
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shells, according to the local officials, had landed right into that building. this building opposite is also full of shrapnel hold citizens. all the local residents are now out on the street, trying to collect whatever's left till their belongings. and they're hoping that ukrainian nationalist will not strike again at least this tuesday from on call for of archie don't ask and while the conflict in ukraine gets bloodier and the nuclear threat rose, the pentagon has signed a 182000000 dollar deal with the u. s. arms manufacturer to produce advance surface to air missile systems for the ukranian military by late 2024. while some western countries clamor for peace biden appears to be arming ukraine for the long run. the deal comes in the wake of the us announcing another military package for ukraine,
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bite and stressing that he will do whatever it takes to defeat russia. meanwhile, moscow has repeatedly condemned washington supply of weapons, claiming it deliberately prolonged the conflict and may lead to a direct russia nato confrontation. earlier we spoke to sara flounders, co director of the activist group, the international action center, who says that the u. s. is not interested in settling the conflict peacefully. is a weapon systems that won't even be delivered until 20, 24 august of 2020 for 2 years from now. so that means that's the kind of planning, but it's really all about profit. this is a profit bonanza for the largest military corporations and they're all in line to get as much money as they can as quickly as they can. for anyone who thinks that they're really interested in talking about peace, they're not interested,
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not at all. it's how long can they keep the war going? how long can they make promises to the ukrainian military? that something is going to come to these fascists forces that will back. that will save them. and as long as they can make that promise, and keep that hope going, they're willing to ship the weapons, a weapons, manufacturers care very little. a great amount of the weapons that are shipped to the ukraine, go missing a, disappear once or across the border. there isn't any accounting system even for them, and they're dealing with very corrupt officer core who has no interest in the war, except for how much money they can make from. it's not the kind of defense that the people of ukraine need. they need an end to the war, and they need an end to these forces that control the government are willing to march more and more soldiers off to war. we will continue
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to make decisions based on our own national interests. that's the message from india's ambassador to russia who is speaking during a commemoration of that and moscow marking 75 years of indian independence. one such decision is strengthening ties with russia. india has already increased oil purchases from moscow which reached a record level in june, and it is now also set to further deepen relations in the military sphere with the 2 nations taking part enjoy exercises later this month, the country's envoy to moscow says there's plenty more room for cooperation in the future as well. been dealt with stakes decisions on its own based on so national interest, obviously there is the new reality. there are, you know, there are many banks which are sanctioned. there are rom, logistical issues. there are payment issues which have to be overcome. we have to find the way forward. there is tremendous scope for increasing entre make on the corporation you've seen just in the last few months at
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a certain change in the direction of trade. we certainly buying lot more oil from russia and fertilizers also, but i think there's a greater demand from russia for many more products, consumer goods, food processing items, auto parts, or a lot of areas which can get this thing, including of course, traditional items like that old so mocking 75 years of india, russia, diplomatic relations. and i am sure that this wonderful tradition, we have a friendship and quote, christian will continue well into the future. with the wes imposing sanctions against russia, moscow has found new partners and markets to fill the void and india is happy to participate. planning to double trade, tech turner work, that's according to the vice president of the russia india foundation, who discuss the prospects for bilateral relations with r t. a passion gotten to know that industry, according to ministry. i'm gonna give it to the 5 years, and i'm not, i see
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a big support more a v r thought of your channels that you double this has come to the objectives and picks of good prospect. says that who will be 3, has already been the starter. the have live when you're doing the check by tomorrow and all the up with in the boost off on a i'm a boy and then with same with the blue structure. news from north africa now where at least 13 people have reportedly been killed and dozens wounded in clashes and libya's
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capital. o. intense fighting broke out and tripoli early on saturday with rival militia groups reportedly exchanging heavy gun fire. according to local media, the clashes were initiated by one of the capital strongest arm factions that says rival forces continued revive for power. as you can see, military personnel took to the streets as the fighting subsided. the conflict occurred due to rising tensions between the 2 governments, those rolling libya's east and west. it is reported that the prime minister's supporters clash with forces loyal to his predecessor who is refusing to step down the oil rich country has not had a stable and united government since nato intervention toppled then leader moo. margaret duffy in 2011. more now from the nation, still suffering the consequences of western intervention. our special carver, john f. gannon. stan continues as we enter the final stage marketing one year since
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nato's chaotic withdrawal. ah, today mark's one year since britain bry. it's disastrous, 20 year presence in afghanistan to a close in the process, leaving many of those it employed and has now promised it will relocate behind me. i me why my hand man that you ation for just
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a way for how long me i i while as possible on this me we will do everything we can to ensure that those people get a package that they did on our message to those women and men is clear, there is a home for you in the united states. if you so choose, i will stand with you just as you stood with them. oh.
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the pull out itself is remembered as one of the darkest days in nato's history. with british authorities showing a complete failure to understand the situation on the ground. here's archie's donald quarter, with more a colossal failure by the world's most formidable military power. one year ago, joe biden pulled the plug on the u. s. his 20 year long, military occupation of afghanistan, i concluded as timed it and america's longest war. it's time for american troops to come home. the troops began to pack their bags. there was no need to rush after all us intelligence had no doubts. there was time to spare to book come under pressure from the taliban in as little as 30 days and full to the extremist group within 90 days. but as the taliban advance showed no sign of abating washington began to realize it had not 90, not 30, but only a handful of days before the taliban would be at the capital's gates. on august
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15th kabul became the seat of power for these law mach emerett of afghanistan. ah, before they knew it, the americans were forced into the awkward position of having to cooperate with their decades old enemies to bring their people home. and this time, they had reason not to drag their feet 1st on evacuation. we agreed that we will continue to close our close corporation to get people out as efficiently and safely as possible. we are currently on a pace to finish by august the 31st millions of dollars of military equipment left behind collaborators abandoned into the hands of the taliban. those 90 days were a figment of the imagination of a u. s. intelligence. and because of their critical mistake,
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u. s. troops periodically fled with their tails between their legs. ah, let's not forget the subordinates of this us led coalition also reeled from the defeat. the international withdrawal from afghanistan has been a disaster in terms of planning, execution, and consequences for the united kingdom slider interests. even if the exact point at which the taliban ascendancy became inevitable could not have been predicted with certainty, the special committee believes that greater prudence and therefore,
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a more proactive approach was warranted in response to your scanning stance. clearly where sitting trajectory for washington's closest ally, the u. k. the political fallout was devastating. senior members of his party criticized both the decision to withdraw and the government's response to the rapid takeover of afghanistan by the taliban ministers have acknowledged being taken by surprise. and johnson and his foreign secretary dominic rob were forced to cut short their vacations to return to london. as the afghan capital cobble was taken. johnson's predecessor theresa may suggested the prime minister had hoped on a wing and a prayer. it'd be all right on the night in afghanistan and warned the u. k. now faces an increased terror threat due to the taliban and things were no better for the administration at the forefront of it. all. the survey conduct to before the u . s. military puller was completed, also finds that 69 percent of the public says the united states mostly failed in achieving its goals in afghanistan. the public is also broadly critical of the
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biden administration's handling of the situation in afghanistan, 42 percent, say it has done a poor job. decades went by trillions of dollars were spent. nearly 200000 people were killed all for the most well funded, most well equipped military in the world to fall before a ragtag insurgency. that in the end was more determined to win. there's more special coverage to come on the k arctic. let's draw from afghanistan here on our tea in the next month, but for now you can read extra stories on our web page in social media, and don't forget to leave a comment or to stay tuned. no nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all the history. with
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john and now to former american president george w bush, who has been boasting about his past foreign policies known for launching a u. s. lead preemptive invasion of iraq and afghanistan. he is now giving decision making lessons. i recognize very few people watching this will become present. i think you will find lessons in leadership. them applied to your line. i'm george w bush, and this is master class. if you've been looking to work on your leadership skills, then master class has the mentor for you. former us president george w bush is the newest talent acquired by the streaming platform. and he's featured
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in a lecture series on authentic leadership. yes, you heard that right? the same man who authorized the u. s. invasions of iraq and afghanistan is now lecturing the public on tough calls he has made during his career. and they are expected to pay for his advice. as president, sometimes i had information to the american people didn't know and therefore i did make decisions. what was best for the country on knowledge? there wasn't a range of all of a series, includes topics such as accountability leads to results. it doesn't give any tips on how bush himself has escaped accountability for the last 2 decades. although bush has been rehabilitated into a harmless grandfather who enjoys painting and sharing candy with former 1st lady michelle obama. his real legacy will never be forgotten by the millions of people who are impacted by his policies directly. in fact, the war on terrorism, bush declared in the aftermath of 911, is still active to this day. his pledge to show what
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a leader he was by giving the u. s. military a blank check to target. anyone they described as a terrorism suspect set in motion of foreign policy that has impacted countless lives without any form of due process. when looking at afghan, a stand alone, the u. s. invasion led to a 20 year along occupation after tens of thousands of civilians were killed in the war. the nation is now facing a humanitarian crisis. that is one of the worst in the world. then there's a rock, perhaps the leadership called bushes, best known for as it was made by his administration. and they're promised that they would find weapons of mass destruction. intelligence gathered by this and other government leaves no doubt that the iraqi regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised. this regime is already used. weapons of mass destruction,
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against iraq's neighbors and against iraqi people. no one was more shot and angry than i was when we didn't find the weapons. i had a sickening feeling every time i thought about it. i still do. not only did they not find the weapons, they claim to know so much about, but the war didn't and there, and it's estimated the early years of conflict resulted in the death of more than 1000000 iraqis. the results, the u. s. military is still present in iraq to this day, and it concerns that if they leave the government and the military they have spent years building will meet the same fate as the one. the u. s. spent 1000000000 supporting and afghanistan, of course, bush isn't using master class to finally be honest with the public. instead, he does that when he's delivering a paid speech and he includes the 40 and slip of the century. in is 2010 memoir. bush made the comment, we got things wrong in iraq, but the cause is eternally right. although nearly 20 years later,
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the public is left to wonder whether that cause was for those who stood to profit off of the conflict. because it certainly wasn't for the well being of the iraqi people. and when it comes to bush and his leadership abilities, he's not the only one who has walked free after accusations that he was complicit in a host of war crimes. that seems to be the standard for every member of his administration who sold the lie of w and d 's. and for the overwhelming majority of military members who indiscriminately killed civilians even when they were caught laughing about the lives they had just taken on camera, a late individuals with from this clients who are subjected to his reign of terror in the middle east to the u. s, military veterans who went on to live with years of crippling p t. s. d. far to many know the reality of bush's leadership style. but of course, master class didn't see fit to include any lessons on how to wage
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a legal invasions, how to get away with occupying nations for years on and or how to lie about all of it, and be accepted by the mainstream public. a tough call indeed. ah, charging tina now we're protestors took to the streets and forced to show support for the countries ex president who faces up to 12 years in jail on corruption charges. ah, water cannons and tear gas were used to disperse the crowd that broke through police barriers in the capitol when all sight is. meanwhile numerous supporters of foreseen a cure center. now, the vice president gathered in front of her apartment to show solidarity prosecutors of called the case, the biggest corruption scheme ever known in the country, and are calling for character to be banned from public office for life. she has been accused of leading a criminal investigation.


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