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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  August 28, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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ah, with walking towards the part, an old russian saying hazard that once you have a reason finding a pretext is only a matter of time, including finding a pretext for a war. animosity between the rush and the united states has been building for a number of years. in fact, one could argue that it never really disappeared, just diminished with the end of the cold war. how current can the current conflict over ukraine? take it and what does it mean for the rest of the world? to discuss it, i'm now joined by what is id, professor of political communications at the university of tech,
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ron professor. his id is great to talk to you. thank you very much for your time. thank you for having. now, in one of your recent articles, you suggested that this did you political rivalry over your credit, the all and now observing in summer, even participating in just like the problem of iran. suppose that malicious nuclear intention is essentially an artificial problem if it was deliberately created by the americans to justify their intentional geopolitical you cannot make, has still a teacher with those countries. does washington even need a pretext to do? what is sad is mind them doing? you know, when it comes to russia i think. ready they do because it's. busy not that easy to pressure russia when it comes to you, they can always threatened to take your case to the un security council with russia having
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a veto power in the security cancer. that's not going to work out that, you know, they accuse the dawn of trying to make an easier ball with russia. russia has lots of nuclear bombs already, so that, that is not going to work with russia. is so, if you like, the states wants to fight russia and they want to do that, as you said, they need to find an excuse. and i think that is why they don't want the ukraine to finish. because if there is a settlement, then you are going to be able to use ukraine to put pressure on russia. and that is why if you go back a few years ago, the united states did not want to miss agreement to go through. because that's what that solve on the problems and then ukraine would not have been able to be
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used as a stage to attack ratio. it will cost difficult. but the problem with that rationale is that the war in the frame is putting pressure not only on russia, but pretty much from the rest of the world. because we see that in the form of skyrocketing within the field prices in many, many countries that have nothing to do with russia or ukraine on filling the pinch . now you've been pretty open about your use that you believe that these conflicts in your credit is changing their current world order and that is pushing it towards a more multi polar arrangement with different powers. they're going to compete with each other. do you think that new arrangements, whatever is going to be if you think it's going to be more or less violent than what we have at the moment? you know we are going to transition. we had the bipolar world or this is 2nd world war. you have united states and the soviet union,
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then after the end of soviet union, americans thought they're going to have it uni all our role with united, the 6 leaving that when this was about people like francis fukuyama talk to but in the history debate among the scholars, there's what americans wanted to do was actually achieve. there are some people who believe that americans never could establish really pull out all the people who believed they did it for maybe 15 or 18 years from the fall of the soviet union. and 20072008. and so these are the based on that. but what you know now is that the world is moving towards the most high fuller system. and during this transition, you're going to see more difficulties. so you'd like to see countries trying to
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find ways of. busy improving the chances of actually being a greater power when the new world order is that should be settled down now, because i as, as we move away from this western centers system or as this system continues to disintegrate, do you think they will ever be a moment when countries like, let's say iran, russia, been israel, and other nations that have, have had the experience of being sanctioned for a prolonged period of time. do you think they, they will come to a point of appreciating that experience because it made them more self sufficient? could it saves them some pain as the transition period continues because it's got this transition. i think we agree is going to be painful for many members of the international system has been on the sanction since 979. since
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lucian is so used to sanctions and that experience of being on the sanctions and also continue to live and continue to prosper. and has done a lot in terms of building things that you need because of sanctions. a lot of especially high tech devices. ringback not able to be sent to you, don. so scientists in manufacturers manage to build a lot of things internally. mister, rely outside sources. it's going to be more difficult to do that. but once you do that, then you're going to be self sufficient. that is why, for example, the military does not depend on the 10th from outside. they make all
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the things that they want internally. and that is going to be important, as you said, using this transition time, sanction to us fire policy to cause difficulties for countries that are not following us dictate. and the more self sufficient you are, the less those factions are going to help you. and the more cooperation you are seeing amongst sanctioned countries. so for example, we had the huge rush and the big issue in just a few days ago. russia relations are going to be much more now since their common problems are common enemies. and i think the same thing is going to be true with other countries that the us feel they need to pressure pressure. now, you mentioned before that they if we accept the beginning, direct confrontation between russia and the west or russian, the united states was intentional, was just a matter of finding the right pretext. d. think all those ripple
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a fact that the global economy is witnessing or, and the american economies also with this thing, do you think that was sort of faster then? because the americans are now facing unprecedented inflation, which is adding to already preexisting social pensions and all of that will be crucial mid term elections by the ministrations approval ratings are among the lowest things in history. so do you think all of that was also, you know, part of the plan? you know, you may have heard that you need it. i for the harmony has called the u. s. government mafia regime and been you study how the us government works. you. busy realize that people interest the us citizens interest or the citizens of europe interest. other people's interest is not really the 1st by the 1st priority for american politicians is to get to the elected.
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and they get elected by raising millions of dollars and big oil companies, big manufacturers in the cities that benefit from was quite happy. you look at what they are doing in the u. s. a stock market in the last 3 months. and so that is going to be a priority with american people. the stuff or not is going to be a concern, but it's going to be the 2nd consent of people like president by then i get people who are in the white house and that is why causing the kind of situation. and then they realize that not only people in the united states, but people in asia, in africa and other places are going to suffer. but american could care less about
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suffering of the people. but they care about the american officials is basically benefiting the small, the other gene that they're running and washing. but professor is, i mean, let me challenge you on this one because we both come from countries with a fairly large reserve war resilience. you know, we've been exposed to hardship before, but the american population by and large, i used to living pretty comfortable lives. and i have a lot of friends in the united states who are, who have been used to conference and who bought into all this ideological rhetoric about freedoms and how the american government or the american society, the american way of life, is exceptional. but now when they have to pay what they have to pay the gas time, i think the perception was a changing very rapidly. and you can easily see the other called the poles that be sort of the social attitudes in the united states are changing. maybe not
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dramatically. yeah, but a lot of people actually questioning whether what they've been told by their sources is indeed supported by the reality. do you think it's still business as usual in the united states become around or do you think perhaps they may have been change in the collective, not in the literature, but in the way the collective decide to proceed. what leadership is doing. you know, that's a risk that us government took. they wanted to do this very much. if you look at folks, apple ran reports and the think tank in, in the united states. they published that report in 2019 years ago talking about this is the title of that report. they say, well, they're reaching and unbalanced in russia. and so, especially democrats in the united states after 2016 election, the early wanted to cause serious harm. russia as a country russians as, as
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a nation. and that was a very important go. and the american officials, you know, they rely on the propaganda machine that the corporate media in the united states provide. so. ready and then by shutting down independent outlets that's not controlled by the media us media like like r t. so sitting content that is not in line, that is a foreign policy both. and then i'm sure you and your family prior to that a few years prior to that, because yes, the network was also essentially ostracized. them taking off international airways because it was broadcasting something that wasn't in line with the american mainstream. but i tell you, it took a couple of years for the u. s. good to go to that process. and they did to russia
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and outlets in a few days, but they did to couple of years. it took them just a few days to, to attack the rush and media. so going back to your question, does this list that the american officials took that they taught that maybe the corporate media in the united states would justify all the harm. that's going to be chaise by the american people. and to be honest with you, i don't know when there's this level of propaganda is going to actually work or not . you have a segment of the american population. that is yet, i think what divine and decision is doing is powerful to the united states as a country. and there's a segment that is basically following the propaganda said to them,
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i guess we will have to wait and see, but for the time being, let's take a very short break. we will be back in just a few moments. stay tuned. ah ah ah, in l look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about
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artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great truck rather than a very job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a will come back to well before we bought is id professor of political communications at the university of tak from professor before the break. we were talking about the risks that the divided administration to can try to over expand and unbalanced russia, and i think it was a saw, but ation greek story teller,
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who warrens about being capital for what one wishes for last it come true. i think it could be argued that the biden administration did that more to solve than to rush over expanding and balancing. but anyway, do you think they may initiate more geopolitical flareups of while in office, for example, in china over time one or do you think they've got enough on their place for the time being you know, americans are capable of doing all of the things that you mention, and i actually was quite surprised and i listened to 20 blinking speech of what china just a few days ago. and there were people in the united states that are doing that. and china could play a role by helping russia and fight edition that's coming from the united states. and there were some people who are arguing that good policy policy is
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actually causing difficulties between russia and china. and when i listen to lincoln, i realize that they are actually making a decision of putting pressure on china at the same time, i think russia, which is, i don't think it's a video my decision, but american officials are also not making my decisions in the past. and the result is that, i think the chinese realize that if americans succeed in this campaign against russia, china is going to be next. and that's very important. now, on the other hand, there was, the situation with russia were creating more emphasis. emphasis there seems to be for the resumption of the iranian nuclear talk. they're in motion again and while i understand what's in it with americans, doctoral iran is
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a large oil producer and we already mentioned b, you know, the discontent of bad american voters when they come to the gas station. what i cannot understand is what it is for iran. why would your country need another agreement with the american could be easily revolved by the previous administration by this, by this next administration. rather, that is why you have a need as a really cost about him. and is this american saying that you food me once? shame on you for me twice. shane, shame on me. so they don't, i don't want to be sort of see the same problem again like the american b rains are actually starting the years for lower and relying on some of the american wisdoms. and you know, if you have some of those same, i don't know,
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my knowledge of russian is not that great. so i don't know if there's something similar to russian, but a, i expect, you know, this is, this is a very large something to do. and you know, given that fact, if you anya leaders realize that competing with russia in the oil market is not going to be a good policy. i think the majority of it, i think that having some sort of cooperation with russia because this is what the americans like to do. they want to push on to position that russian government is not going to the police. so they sabotaged united russia relations. but i think in your life, the fact that competing with russia and energy market is not going to be something good because no matter what americans tell you the gender, the don't do what they say and they do other things. and this is the experience we
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have had with the united states in the last 4 years. the rain, they talked surrounding the iranian nuclear problem problem has been going on for so long and various iteration that it's hard to understand what the center on for the time being. are they feel about your suppose it intention to have a military application of your nuclear technology, or are they essentially about be mon, the pain that the, the west can legitimately subject iran to what, what is it the center of those you know, one problem, major problem that we have is that based on the 2015 agreement, j, c, u, a, the united states and other members of p 5 plus one that they do not need to see national, they cannot make relations. that was, that's what,
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that's what the law was supposed to get done, would get severe limitations and it's a peaceful nuclear program, and other side would stop sabotage and united economy internally or externally. and in reality, what happened was that they, they never really followed that article out of the agreement and then top left. so let me just clarify for our audience the agreement was signed, but be in practical terms. many of the international banks still refused to do business with iranian national privacy. you never quite read the rewards that were promised. they were on paper, but they never came to being materialized. that is a tool. and now what they want to do, what happened in the top administration was that they put part of military understand actions. they called the military terrace organization, which has never been done before. and then they put that part of us
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military under sanctions. and the aim was to sabotage whatever the next administration in the united states decided to do. this is what people like robert maggie was needing. the american team was saying at that time that the, the top administration is doing things to make the 2 g c, p. a very difficult now. 1 that these people are in power, it seems they want to continue the sanctions that created this addiction to sanctions that you see people in the white house and they want to continue with that addiction. they want to achieve that sanctions. and the problem that is that this gives them a tool to basically sanction anybody in iran as they wish,
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because they can just say that this person is linked to the military. and then that's, that's how the sanction that person. so by keeping us middle city under sanctions, they want to actually have a role of not doing what they're supposed to do under the agreement. and that's what you'd be. there's a very cautious if you got to what's going on. now speaking about their reading leaders, you already mentioned the speech that i told him many gave a couple of weeks ago in which he talked about the need for the muslim world. and specifically, iran not to be sidelined as the world's most or try to take in you shape. not sideline does many muslim countries were after the 2nd world war when the current system was, was forming? how do you think the muslim world or the my, which lets me there's also divided across national terry and political life.
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how do you think it could bring its weight to bear on international politics? i think what you have decided and you're hoping that other muslim countries do the same is to actually have i, assets and networks with countries that resisting us him and answered my question in china. and so the cultures are different. religions are different. cultural backgrounds are different and, but it is a common threat to humanity in washington and us policies are causing lots of difficulties for organ if people are around the world is so this is the. busy hope that we have that country that realize that continues that have the option of not full following us need. you know that there's some going to do that under us pressure. we have in this part of the world the. 2 have
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countries that have us bases inside, inside the country. it's difficult for them to make in the and try and policy decisions. but for countries that are relatively less dependent on the united states, the hope is that having network in the coalition of countries that are going to resist that pressure that's coming from the united states and developing discussion of business. that's why a lot of people admire what the russia is doing now, because russia and b this ship finally decided to say no to this aggressive policies that was coming from, from the best that needs to be have that needs to be that needs to continue. and then our job in, in countries outside russia is actually to join forces to make sure that us his, when he is going to and so live with professor is currently from rome. i don't
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think any country can afford to take such a rebel is stands for cultural or your political reasons. but what i'm also seeing over the last couple of months is that many of the old rival resort i'm, if you said being rephrase that many historical grievances between countries, let's say india and china or russia and turkey, iran and some of the goals phase. but i think these rapid changes in the international system that they've been discussing the program today. of course, in many of the countries to sort of think outside the box. do you think that and also happen closer to your home? do you think that could be any wrapper small between the sunni and the sheer world to that would be that great. that's towards making the muslim world and it's waived on. busy international politics. so you know, you don't have been trying to do that since the 1979,
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nomics resolution. you don't have been supporting palestinians as you know, and suddenly muslims, and you don't actually think a lot of the high price of supporting purchasing is especially with military technology. so they can defend themselves against. there's probably been a weight in international politics. it's a, it's a very painful issue, but that influence is not the big. if we take, let's say the golf monarch is like the saudi arabia or the, i'm, or it's been very interesting to watch that the southern changes in the politics of late, how they relate to china, how they relate to the united states. do you think there's any interest in that in tech, ron, and juicing around can take it a bit further. i think, you know, has been, even before the current situation has been trying to improve relations. countries like saudi arabia and he says he does not consider them to be enemies, enemies, enemies,
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the united states and countries. but is there so improving relations with the saudis, and you're going to be important. and also, as you know, in our neighborhood, you have to continue to have extra relations with you. but as it was in just a few days ago, you reservations with mod excel and you don't have good relations with countries like iraq and artists, and funding and other neighbors that you don't have. and relations with this countries depends on how much they want to follow us, lee countries, my father and you have been historically clients of the united states. and as you said, as they realize that the us is climbing power, hopefully they develop more independent foreign policy. and if that happens, the united relation in this country is the significant, well, let's keep our fingers for that as well as what the rest of the world professor.
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it's been a pleasure talking to thank you very much for this opportunity. thank you. thank you for watching hope to hear again was the parts. ah me me ah, only one main thing is important for naziism, internationally speaking, that is, that nation's allowed to do anything, all the mazda races. the reason the u. s. head germany is so dangerous, is it done by the sovereignty of all the country wars? business and business is good and that is the reality of what we're facing,
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which is fashion. with 9 people are insured after ukraine shells residential areas of a region where europe's largest nuclear power plant is located. also ahead here has been promising to go and the offensive for quite a while now. and in fact they have been attempting to recapture the previous, the last positions and villages for weeks here. but well, to no avail. as fierce battles and don baths continue, an rti crew get exclusive access to see how fighters from russia infamous wagner group are operating in the region. our r t correspondent visits the.


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