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tv   News  RT  August 30, 2022 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah, [000:00:00;00] ah ah, ukraine's military has taken heavy losses after falling and it's offensive in the country. so that's according to russia's defense ministry here, pushes that barrel j one step closer to a nuclear disaster as the radioactive fuel storage building at the local nuclear power plant has been hit by your brain. and shelley also ahead
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hm . at least 20 people die in hundreds are injured in baghdad, as flashes erupt after a protest or storm government offices in support of a leading opposition. shia cleric plus ecuador is joining other latin american countries in announcing it will sign a free trade agreement with beijing. r. t explores how the west is group is weakening in the region as china's president growth with good morning for martinez, national studios in moscow, and for wherever you may be. joining us, welcome to the hours most vital news stories from around the globe. i'm girl, isabel. we start with the latest from the conflict in ukraine, where cubes troops have been beaten back in the country south after they tried to launch and offensive there. that's the latest from russia's defense ministry. moscow says that you, france tried to advance on 3 fronts at once,
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but have suffered heavy casualties as a result losing more than $500.00 troops along with $26.00 tanks and 2 aircraft, the botched offensive is said to have been ordered specifically by ukraine. president zelinski and in the hudson region caves true shall the russian control town of no bulk of holes car, according to local officials, hitting residential areas of a hydro electric station authority say that us supplied high mars artillery were used in the strikes and in other shelling by ukraine of the neighboring town, a local school was completely destroyed according to local official, to have this footage of the damage there. no casualties have been reported. and we heard from a former us marine corps intelligence officer, who belief that calves offensive was an attempt to show western arm suppliers that it is still in the fight. where we're seeing here are attacks for truly political
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reasons. so that the ukraine ministry, defense, ukrainian presidency can say, look, we are under the counter offensive, we are filling our promise to, to retake us on and, and showing our potential to retake other territories as well. but we can only do this, and this is the critical part. we can only do this if the west continues to supply us with the critical arms and ammunition and the resources we need to complete this fight. that's what's going on here. this is about zelinski about the ukranian military trying to make the case that they are still a potent force, that they're not purely on the defensive. they are capable of, you know, counter attacks, but they need, in, you'd military support. and now to don bass for battles continue to rage in the don . yes, republic with russian lead forces intensified and offensive to take over. major
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ukrainian strongholds are cheesy or stano reports from the front lines. ah, drone footage is become a fundamental part of the when ukraine it helps a just artillery fire. it helps confirm hits. it strips the enemy of morale on the outskirts of the town of solid r. there's no rest for ukrainian and russian howard says we are basically the epicenter of an artillery duel between the russians and the ukrainians. in fact, the positions of both sides are so close that we can only hear has the shells hit like that the russian side. but we can hear the ukrainians firing them.
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so essentially we can follow the whole root of any shell coming from the ukranian side. from the moment it was fired to the point, just like that to the point when it was over our heads and and as it heads somewhere close in the vicinity of the russian artillery positions . bloody gruesome street fights within the town limits have slowed down russia's advance and solid r to a trickle ground. troops are relying on artillery support to clear the way, but keep troops realised that to while on other parts of the front, russia out shells ukraine, roughly $20.00 to $1.00. here the ratio is way more close. ukrainian shows blow up black smoke at an uncomfortable distance. offices on the ground q our escape,
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the moment a brief flow comes in the storm. i the me i'm i get done of reporting from the don bass artsy. and now to further worrying news from up the raja work you have continues to increase spheres of a nuclear disaster. a radioactive fuel storage building at the plant has been pierced by ukrainian shelling. that's according to local russian. back to officials . these pictures released of the aftermath of the shelling show a damage roof at the facility. russian official say they have warned ukraine multiple times to stop showing the plat, europe's largest, which supplies hundreds of thousands of people with electricity have, has accused moscow of using the facility to how the military we spoke to the russian backed mayor of inner gold or the ukrainian town which is located close to the nuclear power plant. he says,
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authorities are ready to provide evidence of shelling of the facility to international observers. although no one knows sure that the moment radiation levels are normal, as the shilling only pierced the roof of the building. so they wanted to carry out a terrorist act that would lead to the spread of radiation around here and further towards europe. this is being done in order to prevent the international atomic energy agency from entering the plant. although we have a lot of evidence to show the international atomic energy agency, in particular, how the ukranian army has showed the nuclear facility and the nearby city of enter go dar, you'd be slow. all these attacks are documented and all of this will certainly be presented to the international atomic energy agency mission, which is coming here. this is what ukrainian politicians and their military are afraid, because they are terrorizing not only russia, but also their own citizens who live here. the international atomic energy agency says it will send a delegation to the power plant this week to inspect the situation. the team
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includes the head of the global nuclear watchdog, and experts from 13 countries, some of whom may remain at the facility on a permanent basis. however, kev says it was the i e a to come to a single conclusion that moscow is responsible for the damage to the plant. the day has come, the international atomic energy agency support and assistance mission to zap roacha is now on its way. we must protect the safety and security of ukraine's in europe's biggest nuclear facility, proud to lead this mission, which will be at the power plant later this week. we expect a clear statement from the international atomic energy agency mission about the violations of all nuclear safety protocols. we know that russia endangers not only ukraine, but the whole world, exposing it to the risk of a nuclear catastrophe. this comes as western media blame russia, despite top u. s. officials being unable to give a clear answer on who is to blame for the damage to the plant. first, who was shelling the station. i'm not able,
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at this point to make any confirmation about the shelling and where it's coming from. the u. s. department of defense has not ruled out that ukraine's forces are firing near the territory according to media reports. that's a mid one sided, western media coverage of the situation. although russia says it's ready to provide evidence of ukraine's action. meanwhile, residents of the upper osha region are asking them to stop key of shelling of the plant which is endangering the safety of millions of lives. we spoke to steve gill, a radio host and political commentator, who says that the west is perfectly aware who is showing the plant. it's just not in their interest to confirm it. from the beginning, the us media has really kind of advocated any journalistic integrity in covering the sounds like which is why you've seen propaganda from both sides get, get a lot of play and not a lot of journalists on the ground reporting what's actually going on. the i e, a should be there immediately. i mean, there should be an all hands on deck,
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death time, 5 kind of level of getting people in there determining very quickly exactly who's doing it and making them stops. you know, again, if, if it's miss targeted russian shelling then that needs to stop, but i think it makes a lot more sense than ukrainians or shelling trying to attack this facility, trying to perhaps drive russian soldiers out of there so that they can retain the facility but the a, the, the international community, the united states government ought to be stepping up and making it clear that they know who's doing it, and they're going to hold them accountable. at least 20 people have reportedly been killed and hundreds injured in unrest in iraq. after protesters broke into government offices in baghdad, in support of a leading opposition, shia clerk who has announced his retirement from politics after he was unable to form
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a government which has sparked an outbreak of violence the latest. but it shows protesters taken to the streets despite a nationwide for you. you can here long burst of gunfire as law enforcement battled with protesters inside the government green zone. local resident colleen ali told us that the situation on the ground is much worse despite the government looking to restore the situation is becoming less no. re entering. that dad is really good from more of the stuff to go down. most of the areas around delete the green zone. my house is about 7 minutes from the green zone. and each time when they start shooting inside the green zone, my house and the window,
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the prime minister where he get oh, does not to adapt the civilians. but it seems when the army, so that the militia and the demonstrators getting guns and they opened fire to again, they opened fire and a number of them. the countries army has now reportedly taken full control of the government offices by force morning. you may find the following images disturbing. many of those who died such as the man pictures were killed in clashes with local security forces. the iraqi army has now reportedly taken full control of the government offices after using live bullets in pure gas to disperse the crowds. supporters of cleric looked out al solder were met by security forces as they entered the ceremonial building. but after the arrival of the iraqi army, the clashes moved on to the streets and the military is now patrolling the capital while curfew has been declared throughout the country. the latest unrest began last
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month when iraq supreme judicial council suspended its work. after said, our supporters camp out near its headquarters to demand it dissolved parliament. his party was unable to form a government despite winning the largest number of seats and federal elections held last october. we heard from political analysts side levy who says the current unrest in baghdad could lead to civil war and brought to says austin, on the streets and the zone of international zone as is known as still surrounded by security forces and large number of classes are soon inside the russian zone, also number of armed militia also enter, which are connected 3 d and the address. and the area of the situation is moving into more being more critical. it is very possible,
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a civil war. we can actually see the beginning of an escalation that could very easily lead to rule to fall out of the war, which it will be devastating to the oil industry because the civil war will take place. being mainly in the south of iraq where the oil fields and the world exports facilities are situated. so we are actually facing real present danger. and we can see no bridge. and now to libya, which finds itself on the brink of another civil war as clash as once again breakout on the streets of its capital. leaving many asking how long can its fragile status remain? ah, the conflict with re ignited due to a stand off between the you and back tripoli based government of national unity and
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a rival administration supported by the parliament in libby as eastern block of tow broke both sides. blame each other for violence over the weekend, which left 32 people dead. and $159.00 moved it. the country has not had a stable government, says lu mark adolphe was ta falls and killed by nato back rebels in 2011. local journalists, ahmed to me, gives us more on the story, what they ask, and if the classes last a 2 days and led to the deaths of around 23 people, the 3200 injured among them, civilians and fighters from both sides, material and human losses. were very large, we saw civilian casualties, there were very many because the war was at think, taking place on the streets of the libyan capital, tripoli. the forces of the tripoli, government control, all the entrances and exits of the capital. the libyan people are extremely angry about what is happening. they completely reject the existence of these 2 governments at the maddening elections that should have been held on december. the 24th last year was delayed for many reasons. the most important witness that the
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house of representatives in the supreme council of state failed to agree on constitutional rule about all libyan people. citizens in the east and west among the elections and the abolition of all legislative and executive bodies in libya or water, allows the failure of senior biden's administration. leadership to plan for this fateful day, resulted in a rushed evacuation of hundreds of thousands of americans. 3rd country, nationals, and afghans. it left behind hundreds, possibly thousands of american citizens. tens of thousands of afghan partners and a legacy of american betrayal of allies. this failure of leadership cost u. s. military personal lives and has left tens of thousands behind to an uncertain fate under taliban control and shut up even after the fall of gadhafi regime, the new authorities could not reach compromise on who had rural, leading to another war in 2014, which left thousands dad, terrorist groups in control of several areas and
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a humanitarian disaster for millions. we spoke to john foster, an international petroleum economist about the role of oil in the conflict. i'd say this about, go get it. in my mind, you use the oil will to live your advantage. he made education and health both free live, but had a 90 percent interest rate and the lowest infant mortality in africa. so no part of the west. he did things which offended the west. he proposed financial institutions for africa, the challenge, the world by me because the i m f. he was the gold currency of africa in lieu of the us dollar, and he wanted to call them african passport. well, moving, moving to today,
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the fighting in liberal capital tripoli on saturday. as we know from the newspapers it was the worst in 2 years. the fighting between the rivals left a lot of dead and a lot, lot of wounded and has given fright or alarm to the idea of maybe run. 4 you might risk going into civil war again and with that, from an oil point of view coming off it's oil exports. once again, china demands a us stop all military contracts with taiwan in an effort to avoid further touches in the region. the concern comes as biden's administration reportedly plans to ask congress to approve more than $1000000000.00 and military aid to the island. the u . s. army sale to taiwan grossly violates the one. china principal encourages
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separatist forces advocating taiwan independence and increases tensions in the taiwan strait. the u. s. side needs to immediately stop arms sales to and military contact with taiwan and to stop creating factors that could lead to tensions in the taiwan strait. that a man came after a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson accused america of a deliberate undermining of regional peace. that was after 2 american worship sailed through the taiwan straits, separating china and taiwan. may go june, june for the u. s. warship, sailing through the taiwan strait. the eastern theatre command tracked and monitored the entire process, us warships frequently show off their force under the guise of freedom of navigation. this is not a promise of freedom and openness, but an attempt to provoke and undermine regional peace and stability. china once again urges the us to stop hollowing out and distorting the one china principal who you okay home. the warships were accused of crossing the median line that separates the chinese mainland anti one. it was the 1st
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u. s. naval transit in the waterway since us china attention spiked over this month's visit to the island by house speaker nancy pelosi, scotty now hughes political commentator and tv host. with more details on sunday, 2 american naval ships made it no secret that they were sailing through the taiwan strait. a bold signed by the united states. as is the 1st operation since house speaker nancy pelosi visited the island of taiwan on august 4th. now since then, multiple us legislators have visited taiwan, angering the chinese government, and with you as naval ships purposely traveling through the strategic waterway where the chinese have been recently conducting extensive maritime drills. the question on whether the u. s. will push for the ratification of the united nations convention on the law. the c is now being asked is a treaty. the u. s. has declined to join for more than 25 years. and despite refusing membership,
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the u. s. still has the power to push for ratification because they hold the premier naval force worldwide. however, the currently, the u. s. is wanting ratification of unit close, saying it is essential for the deterrence of aggression by the chinese in the south china sea. however, if you would accept the u. s. a suggestions this could lead to the u. s. a. joining the treaty, a move which makes very little sense concerning the u. s. already has a free reign without being bound by any treaty, and giving any power or any more power to the united nations. not to mention it would open up the possibility of international lawsuit against the u. s. for climate change and would require the us to pay oil and gas production royalties. now following speaker policies visit china and a sign of strength. and some can say intimidation began to hold a live ammunition drills in the taiwanese straight. in response, taiwan is hoping the allies like the u. s. was certain international law,
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principal called the freedom of navigation all to protect the median line between china and taiwan. a boundary which has existed since the 1900 fifties and was crossed over by the chinese more than 100 times during these recent chinese exercises. now today, while major countries like the united states in the u. k has said they want to strengthen trade with taiwan. neither have actually committed just then militarily, if a conflict does ignite between taiwan and china reporting for r t. i'm scotty. now he's and while the u. s. is trying to destabilize china's power over taiwan. asia has that both be in america's back yard. china is influence in latin. america is growing with equity. we're being the latest country to announce it will sign a free trade agreement and kudos production, trade and investments minister julio. jose prado announced that the administration of president dmo la sue seeks to achieve a free trade agreement with china. this year. ecuador joins, year ago i, panama,
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columbia, and nick, our impending such agreements while 21 latin american countries also engaged in china's bottom road initiative. since $122002.00, china's total trade with latin american countries has skyrocketed from $18000000000.00 to nearly $449000000000.20. savings again has very much been the west as lost, as shown in e. u. documents revealed by spanish, daily, and faith. last week. earlier i spoke to gregory will per a freelance journalist and founder of venezuela analysis dot com was convinced that americans dominance overlapped time countries is waiting. china is offering much better conditions in terms of its investment in terms of the deals it's offering to latin america. and so it's making it a lot more interesting for the countries of latin america to switch towards china
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instead of the united states. and of course, the fact that the countries in latin america have has had social movements that have moved the government towards the left basically with which are more critical of the united states. at the same time as china has become a much more viable trading and investment partner compared to the united states, the summit of the americas that took place in los angeles this year earlier this year was basically a big failure because lots of government and latin america decided to boycott, their participation are refused to participate in that summit and the u. s. essentially a sabotaged its own summit, which was the 1st and over a decade in our, in on us soil. and so that was a very embarrassing situation. and it's really quite stunning. how are all these foreign policy experts from in the bible and ministration did not seem to think
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that this would happen in the past. there are literally in the back pocket of the united states government, and that is definitely no longer the case, especially with sort of what happened and what some have been calling the 2nd pink tied in an editorial the new york times claimed that the f b, i should finalize ongoing investigations into ex president and put him in jail among from no one should revel and the prospect of this, or any former president facing criminal prosecution. mister transactions have brought shame on one of the world's oldest democracy and to sublime its future. even just as before, the law will not re sustain, nor will prosecuting mr. trump fix the structural problem. select the greatest crisis in american democracy soon, the civil war, but it isn't necessary. first step toward doing so. among trumps latest problems are an f b i rate on his mar lago residents,
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a search warrant secured on suspicion he broke the espionage act. however, trump has deny the accusations and claims that biden's administration is trying to throw him in jail. so he'll be unable to run in the 2024 election. it's sounding like a fascist statement to me. sounding like we have big business, big corporations, big media, all colluding with the current administration, the bite administration that sounds pretty corrupt and that's what sounds like fascism if that's what we're if that's the point we've gotten to here in america, we need to write that ship and unfortunately, it looks like that's the point we've gotten to everything that's happening right now when it comes to these policies. and this is administration, which means that if this can happen to a sitting president, this can happen to any one of us. and we, as americans, should all be concerned about that. it doesn't matter if your democrat, independent or republican. this is not the american way of justice. what is
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happening now is never happened in the united states, this kind of persecution, and that is not happened. it didn't even happen with president lincoln, abraham lincoln who gave all he gave his wife for this. so this is really what you see in 3rd world countries. that's what this is, has you know disintegrated to, ah, and now to our special coverage on afghanistan which marks one year since nato's chaotic patrol. ah. the u. s. constructed basis for afghan troops everywhere in an attempt to save the country from terrorism, but then fled. afghanistan deserted boats would depend on its support. our teeth, donald quarter, has more people clinging on to a plane for dear life,
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only to fall to their deaths, a suicide bombing chaos that was kabul one year ago, as the u. s. withdrew its troops from afghanistan, that was, according to joe biden, a success 20000 people evacuated to safety. that numbers more than double, but most expert sower possible. no nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all history. the only united states had the capacity to will believe you to do it and we did it today. if biden's disorderly withdrawal succeeded in doing anything, it was depriving the u. s. puppet government and couple of any chance to defend itself in the run up to the pull out u. s. air support for the afghan military was cut off. american troops, abandoned bagram air base without even warning the afghan commander there. all the while washington knew the country, security forces would only be ready to act on their own. no sooner than 2030,
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no surprise. the afghan military just cut and ran. special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction found that the single most important factor in the afghan national defense insecurity. fos is collapse in august 2021 was the u. s. decision to withdraw military forces and contractors from afghanistan. these events destroyed foster morale. in a matter of days, kabul fell to the taliban. once it did, thousands of people were left behind afghan collaborators, even american citizens, to fend for themselves against islamic fundamentalism. the failure of senior biden's administration leadership to plan for this fateful day resulted in a rush, evacuation of hundreds of thousands of americans, 3rd country, nationals, and afghans. it left behind hundreds, possibly thousands of american citizens. tens of thousands of afghan palatas and a legacy of american betrayal of allies. this failure of leadership cost u. s. military personal lives and has left tens of thousands behind to an uncertain fight on the taliban control. it was
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a long before outrage ensued across the political spectrum in washington, prison vines was today was hollow. one american left behind is one to many. the factory stressed and bite in the bands and american sin of janice done living them at the mercy of the taliban. and isis k, the president made the morally indefensible decision to leave americans behind dishonor was the president's choice. may history never forget this cowardice. elder, he's cleared in need how he could not continue to put american service members in danger for an unreasonable war. i also believe that the vacation process appears to have been egregiously mishandled. i think it has been an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. this is going to be a stain on this president in this presidency. i think he is going to have blood on his hands for what they did. 20 years of military occupation over $2.00 trillion taxpayer dollars down the drain. hundreds of thousands of people killed at the end of it all. us back president ashcroft gone?


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