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tv   News  RT  August 30, 2022 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] with at least 30 people are reportedly told and over 700 wounded in clashes in bad following. they were timing from politics of a leading shia cleric who opposes us influence and iraq. for the 1200 ukrainian troops are killed in a butch defensive ordered by president valencia in the country south. according to russia. thank you. i'm say $6000000.00 afghans on the verge of found it as washington refuses to release more than $3000000000.00,
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a frozen asset. a very well welcome to you. this is the international with the latest world news update is good to happy with. i, we start with a rock where the 30 people have been killed, reportedly been killed, never 700 wound being clashes between protest and authorities in the green zone of baghdad. the process is storm. the government offices on monday and support of leading opposition, shia cleric mac tada, father who announced his final retirement from politic similar power struggle in the country. early on tuesday, the cleric village to support is to leave the streets within an hour. with a military protest is starting to disperse shortly. all the local journalists move the new bill with the latest from us after
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a mass. so the clash which last food for 16 hours, not good. now with ms. a call. after the speech of the off saw the, there were the draw the processors from the green zone, stopping the fire display for us and with, with heavy flashes heavy fire locked. now the security forces cleaning the area, i'm for doing all the fuels back. it's all the flight the security forces working on opening the streets to reduce the thrust or jump on the back and then people to bring life back. as before, this spite of the conflict politician conflict between the leadership book that our father and the cord initial frame or the unrest begun as our fathers follow a storm. the republican palace, a key meeting place for a rocky heads of state on foreign dignitaries,
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unit to be regular. your rocky army have been deployed across baghdad with the same force using live bullets and take us to disperse the crowns. latest on rest response, when the onslaught are announced, he's quitting political life and closing his offices. his policy has been unable to form a government. this client's having one, the largest number of seats in the federal election sort of support. is it been protesting and supported his call for a new national and the l. sauder is the founder of the sandwich movement, walks leading. she a political group, it became a symbol of resistance to the us led invasion in 2003, and helped form a militia to fight american troops during the occupation of iraq. it also wanted, by the us government over his alleged role in the killing of a washington back shale rival in 2003 in the wake of the american invasion and occupation of his country, mac tada. al father went on the record with some dumbing criticism of washington.
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bush reportedly said that his picture will be hung in every iraqi house. no, no, my dear, your picture is now under iraqi. the popularity the united states is diminishing day by day if not every 2nd. we reject the presence of the american army and even the bombings by the us forces we reject them. we do this as an act of occupation. thank you. save allan, was olivia political unsecured analyst from bank died safe and saw that has enormous support in iraq, but he's more minutes to follow is bringing tales to the country. he has submitted this amount of, among his followers and the last elections in about a 160000 bows altogether, one political part. so that basically is the base for his power. that's
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all iraq in baghdad to particular he has a number. what is large numbers? what is, but there is no issue with the problem with the militias. the ironically call he's, which is the militia connected with that and vague history. so bad news today, and we had very all day long nights movie by the misha attack, that many launch, government posts and engine people, even targeted civilians ah, to ukraine. now, where 1200 of cubes, troops have been killed in a failed offensive in the country south. according to russia's defense ministry. moscow say the craniums also lost 48 tanks and almost a 100 other armored vehicles of the trying to advance on 3 fronts. at once and being beaten back by the russian military,
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the boats to fan fever. so to have been ordered by president the landscape and came amid intensified ukrainian shelling of civilian infrastructure in southern regions which are controlled by russia. one of the late at the tax hit, a key bridge and a curse and region if on verified how much of fatigue pays to show the immediate aftermath, the bombing, the bridge is mainly used by civilians like a 30 success up an alternative pontoon bridge to help people get across, but it's also been challenged by ukraine's army under the neighboring examples year reaching local russian back toll authority. the ukraine has, once again, the city of anna guitar on your screen is the aftermath of a previous attack, which when did 9 people on sunday, and i go die is located near this up and i see a nuclear power plant which is expected to be visited by a delegation from the international atomic energy agency later this week. and i was after the facility with bonds multiple times with russia blaming ukraine for
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attacking the site which could spark and nuclear disaster. we got reaction from some of the local residents. this is steve of this is horrifying. i have no words. this is over the top. they're just selling civilians. this is complete lawlessness . we'll see it all. naturally, after the explosions and fires, we began to look around. i found the shell fragments and there is a hole on the 2nd floor where i found even more fragments, which have been sent to law enforcement authorities. and now to don bass way russian lead forces are intensifying or offensive to take back major strongholds held by ukraine ortiz egleston of reports from the front lines. mm mm. to just artillery fire. it helps confirm hits. it strips the enemy of morale on the outskirts of the town of solar dark. there's no rest for ukrainian and russian howitzers. we are
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basically in the epicenter hall and artillery duel between the russians have ukrainians. in fact, the positions of both sides are so close that we can only hear has the shows that it like that the russian side, but we can hear the ukrainians firing them. so essentially we can follow the whole root of any shell coming from the ukranian side. from the moment it was fired to the point, just like that to the point when it was over our heads and and as it hits somewhere close in the vicinity of the russian artillery positions. bloody gruesome street fights within the town limits have slowed down russia's advance in solid r to a trickle ground. troops are relying on artillery support to clear the way, but keep troops realized that too, while on other parts of the front,
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russia out shells ukraine, roughly $20.00 to $1.00. here the ratio is way more close. ukrainian shows blow up black smoke at an uncomfortable distance. offices on the ground q our escape, the moment a brief flow comes in the storm. i am again down of reporting from the don bass. our t washington claims is worried about the unfolding european energy crisis and is promising to help deal with the threat of potential shortages which have been prompted by us like sanctions. i talk whitehouse aid says he's competent. the europe's commitment to ukraine will not be affected. despite these problems on the home front, we're concerned about potential energy shortages in europe as the winter approaches
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. we'll be latched up with allies and partners to try to do what we can to alleviate any shortages coming through. what we see from a diplomatic perspective, what we see on the economic front, and frankly, what we see on the security assistance front is an impressive and absolutely unchanged sense of resolve in unity over supporting ukraine. well, i'm afraid it looks like it's now europe's turn to find out that washington's promises aren't worth the paper on which they're written. in a letter that the wall street journal editorial board has described as bullying, u. s. energy secretary jennifer granholm has instructed the nation's top refiners, including exxon shelby p and chevron, to refrain from exporting fuel at a time when america's european allies are in deep need, given the historic level of u. s. refined product exports. i again urge you to focus in the near term on building inventories in the united states, rather than selling down current stocks and further increasing exports grant home sighted quote,
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historically low inventory levels of gasoline and diesel in parts of the country as the justification for looking out for america's interest 1st, the last thing, the biden and the democratic party need right now heading into the november mid term elections is a fuel shortage. that risks handing victory to the republicans. brussels was led straight down the garden path by washington and sanctioning its own cheap gas supply from russia. recalled back on june 27th, that the e u and the white house issued a joint statement saying that they were quote, working together to find ways to further reduce rushers, energy derived revenues in the coming months. and that quote, the united states and the european commission have made important strides towards reducing the european union's dependence on russian fossil fuels by decreasing natural gas demand walk rating on energy efficiency technologies and diversifying
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enter supplies. great. so where's the help from america now? well, the truth is that washington just doesn't currently have the infrastructure to meet europe's massive needs and faces environmental pressure against any such expansion . so the e u, a stuck having to run door to door world wide begging for gas while the u. s. energy secretary tells it's few companies, kids turn off the lights, hide behind the couch and pretend that no one's home, especially if it's that you guy looking for energy. meanwhile, here in france, prime minister, elizabeth bona just told an annual meeting of the countries corporate executives to draw up quote, energy sobriety plans. oh, we're all just so drunk on energy here. we need a sobriety plan. so basically, the french government is now resorted to treating its corporate citizens like drugs in a pub at last call and threatening to cut them off with rationing. speaking of hubs, those in the u. k. now risk mass closure over energy costs, by the way,
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the ceo of multinational shell oil and gas company isn't sounding too optimistic about any of this. it may well be that we have a number of winters where we have to somehow find solutions through efficiency savings through rationing and a very, very quick build out of alternatives that this is going to be some how easy over i think is a fantasy that we should put aside easy to say for a guy making around 6000000 british pounds each year to dictate how the working class ought to live and sacrifice. or for us energy, secretary grant home or for western establishment deletes who don't struggle to cover basic living costs as they skyrocket. it's a scam, but they don't care because they know they personally will escape the consequences of their own policies. so when the french president announces that his people are facing the end of abundance, he's not talking about himself. he is not facing the end of abundance, none of them are mac crown, and all of them understand they will always be and always be protected. they know that for certain,
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washington is looking out for its own interest. first and foremost, an individual member states should consider following hungry example in doing what's best for their own people, you know, hungry with it's new nuclear reactor announcement built with russia and it's new gas deals with russia. they should be looking out for their own people and independently securing their own energy needs before it's too late. next we bring to the latest on afghanistan and trials and tribulations of its civilians who are still struggling to peace. their lives bank together. a year asked the disastrous u. s. military withdrawal left their country in texas. ah, according to a recent poll, 50 percent, all americans think the war in afghanistan was a mistake. the u. s. senate has also criticized the bind and administration for the
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hasty withdrawal describing the post pull out the legacy of american betrayal. artes donald court, asthma, people clinging on to a plane for dear life, only to fall to their deaths, a suicide bombing chaos that was kabul. one year ago, as the u. s, withdrew its troops from afghanistan, that was, according to joe biden, a success 20000 people evacuated the safety. that number's more than double what most expert solar possible. no nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all history. the only the united states had the capacity to will believe you to do it and we did it today. if biden's disorderly withdrawal succeeded in doing anything, it was depriving the u. s. puppet government in couple of any chance to defend itself in the run up to the pull out u. s. air support for the afghan military was cut off. american troops, abandoned bagram air base without even warning the afghan commander there. all the
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while washington knew the country, security forces would only be ready to act on their own. no sooner than 2030. it's no surprise. the afghan military just cut and ran. special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction found that the single most important factor in the afghan national defense insecurity. fos is collapse in august 2021 was the u. s. decision to withdraw military forces and contractors from afghanistan. these events destroyed fosters morale. in a matter of days kabul fell to the taliban. once it did, thousands of people were left behind afghan collaborators, even american citizens, to fend for themselves against islamic fundamentalism. the failure of senior biden's administration leadership to plan for this fateful day resulted in a rush to fuck you ation of hundreds of thousands of americans, 3rd country, nationals, and afghans. it left behind hundreds, possibly thousands of american citizens. tens of thousands of afghans, partners and
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a legacy of american betrayal of allies. this failure of leadership cost u. s. military personal lives and has left tens of thousands behind to an uncertain fight on the taliban control. it wasn't long before outrage ensued across the political spectrum in washington prison. biden's was today was hollow. one american left behind is one to many. the fact to his president biden abandoned american son of garrison, living them at the mercy of the taliban, and isis k. the president made the morally indefensible decision to leave americans behind dishonour was the president's choice. may history never forget this cowardice elton. it is clear to me that we could not continue to put american service members in danger for an unable war. i also believe that the vacation process appears to have been a graciously mishandled. i think it has been an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. this is going to be a stain on this president in this presidency. i think he is going to have blood on
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his hands for what they did. 20 years of military occupation over $2.00 trillion taxpayer dollars down the drain. hundreds of thousands of people killed at the end of it all. us back president ashcroft gone? he fled the country and was accused by afghan officials of taking millions of dollars with him. the same man that washington itself described as paranoid and undermining for morale. a year later, the u. s. still refuses to come to terms with its failure from a virginia state senator, which in black says the u. s. should never have waded into afghanistan in the 1st place. withdraw was chaotic. perhaps a little bit more that it should have been, but it was an amateur ball, but we would leave. and it was inevitable that the departure would be k arctic. from the very beginning, this was a puppet government collapse was inevitable. and in a sense, the african armies rapid collapse was somewhat of a blessing because it avoided perhaps
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a year or 2 unnecessary bloodshed. this government has always been a mirror facade. and the instant that we ceased to prop it up and collapse, american people had been convinced to invest fabulous sums of money that went into swiss bank accounts or, or arms manufacturers. and for wealthy politicians, the president iraq afghanistan reportedly fled with $150000000.00. the fact is we never should have been there. we were in, in violent conflict with the culture of, of afghan, a, stan, we were flying the rainbow, sodomy, flag over the american embassy. and we were just in a terrible conflict with the way that the people live. and during much of
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the time that we were transitioning to create this afghan army, about a 3rd of all us casualties. people killed in afghanistan were killed by the same troops that we were trying to train. so it was just a disaster. the u. s. was grotesquely overstretch there. our problem was that we ever occupied afghanistan, which has always been the graveyard of nations. while the us is accused of undermining china sovereignty and ty, one, beijing has both feet in america's backyard. china's influence in latin america is growing with equitable the latest country to announce a free trade agreement with beijing and kudos production, trade and investments minister julio. jose prado announced that the administration of president dmo la su, seeks to achieve a free trade agreement with china. this year, ecuador join,
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you are going panama colombia, and nicaragua, and signing such agreements, all $21.00. latin american countries are also part of aging belt and road initiative. since 2002, china's total trade with latin american countries has skyrocketed from $800000000000.00 to nearly $450000000000.00 in 2021, which is gregory will say that us dominance over latin american countries is waning . china is offering much better conditions in terms of its investment in terms of the deals it's offering to latin america. and so it's making it a lot more interesting for the countries of latin america to switch towards china instead of the united states. and of course, the fact that the countries in latin america have have had social movements that have moved the government towards the left, basically with it, which are more critical of the united states. at the same time as china has become
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a much more viable trading and investment partner compared to the united states, the summit of the americas that took place in los angeles this year earlier this year was basically a big failure because lots of government to latin america decided to boycott, their participation are refused to participate in that summit and to the u. s. essentially a sabotaged its own summit, which was the 1st and over a decade our in our, in on us soil. and so that was a very embarrassing situation, and it's really quite stunning how, you know, all these foreign policy experts from in the biden administration did not seem to think that this would happen in the past. there are literally in the back pocket of the united states government, and that is definitely no longer the case, especially with what's been what some have been calling the 2nd pink tied. ah, we, while life goes on in crimea,
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despite the imposition of western sanctions in 2014 and he spoke with an italian entrepreneur he moved to the peninsula 13 years ago and i opened an ice cream shop and the city of sever stapo are both so lately has no plans to move saying that with the ongoing european energy crisis, it's much easier to do business in crimea. he says the sanctions do no significant harm to his ice cream business. and despite the ongoing conflict in ukraine, he feels safe on the peninsula. the problem we solve in 201415 now because after that, you know, we are here everything on my italian product. he's made the bit with a 95 per cent, the pro doctor from from russian meal for fresh cream for italian product that i use for business. no problem because they came before they came, they came during the period, they became now people who make this kind of business bring stuff from me to lee.
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this company they could and more along the time mom bought so anyway, you everything case comes coming year. no problem so far, you know, we didn't starting february now is how was though, actually didn't know that somebody's gone. everything was pretty, pretty good. i don't going to leave. no, you know, we survivors, we surviving good in this by this. it probably is a little be, you know, danger also where we can see our business is going on a family's gould, a my, my babies now started to go to the school. and so i, and i do see big problems. you know, the un humanitarian chief cause for an aide for the people of alaska stone, where 6000000 people are at risk of famine and 19000000 face acute food insecurity . afghanistan is a humanitarian crisis,
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but it's not only that. it's an economic crisis. it's a climate crisis, it's a hunger crisis, it's a financial crisis. poverty is deepening, the population is still growing and the defacto authorities have no budget to invest in their own future. it's clear to us, i'm sure it's clear to all of us that some development support needs to be restarted. the un save more than $700000000.00 is needed to help us gun survive becoming winter months with more than half of the population requiring she when it's harry and assistance. well, the 3000000 children are acutely malnourished. and i'm going to stop on the you and warns many could die without treatment. but the us rule out releasing $3500000000.00 in frozen afghan funds anytime soon. much needed caches, part of a total of $7000000000.00 that has been held in the federal reserve bank since the taliban with sense of power last year. as close live to jamal, we came professor of history on the international relations at the lebanese university in bay, were many thanks for joining us on the program. now as the one is called for june
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8th to help us on deal with a deepening, he went to terry and crisis. how exactly should pay when i believe that the west on top of the west, the united states should pay for that because they were the cause of the crisis. not only since the invasion of the country in 2002, but also before the since the late like in 7980, when they supported them, which, i mean, i guess the song or under the i guess the soviet then by supporting the radical groups, i find that that company then they can be fixed. i think that it was amazing. the company revenue, the company, the resource. in addition to using gets assets
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goal thinking over the country and then find nancy when he is occupational this country that sort of the deterioration of the patient. i believe that this was all the west and maybe the united states responsible for the iteration in this company. the mission in this company. and i believe that the united states has left against them in this situation in order to serve as boiling that with the satellite neighboring companies try not we're not the only one who thinks this way, rushes on basset to the you. when accuses washington of abandoning afghanistan, how likely you think it is that the us will take responsibility for his actions? well, i don't believe so because the united states have ravaged other companies. i'm have
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this other company that would be gumbo, the lowest paid for the actions if not, who disliked this acted as crime. and so i don't believe that the united states, we submit the but it will deny who wrote just this problem. on other words, on the european may be the russians, the chinese and other countries that might find an intervening in the country and has it in order to prevent the effect that the country is clearly in desperate need of money right now. why? what would it take for the us to handle? that's $3500000.00. a frozen us gun funds for the country so desperately needs well,
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but there is no one who oblige or enforce this decision on the united states. the united states has an experience of freezing assets of other companies without being responsible or without being liable to be got. i don't know why the united nations, which act on the command of the united states doesn't that to be with the united states in the previous under the gate, the crisis. oh, well the us continues to hold on that money and say, it's not going to give it back to i've gone to some will. the taliban is still empowered? what the other solutions all the to this crisis will people are on the verge of starvation? well, i don't, yes. well you shouldn't practice speaking unless that is an internship is taken by
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the corporation. organization companies who are to be damaged by the collapse. i'm going to going to be, but too bad. i believe that the united states will act of any effort to relieve the country tomorrow came professor of history and international relations that the lebanese invest in bay roots many thanks for your time. really appreciate your thoughts on next. thank you and thank you for joining us. here in asi, international, we're back in 30 minutes with the very latest to see them me


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