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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  August 30, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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in realize the need with or not, but somebody has to step take that step forward to provide that very, very big step forward url. as you say, when it comes to you know, overseeing a thinking shit. so to speak, person has person has said in recent times said, well, you know, back then the united states like the soviet union because we were weak and we needed their help. how do you assess that statement? i don't necessarily. yeah. i mean, i don't necessarily go along with that now, i'm not saying there were people within the u. s. higher that you'd that way. i wouldn't say most americans viewed it like that the were there. i mean was faith that i, i've interviewed a lot of different congress than and, and master me many people unfortunately,
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i don't think the cold war ever and and so if we're moving into a new cold war, will absolutely just the continuation for them to, to can you can, you just expand on that? it was just, just briefly call me when you say that the cold war never really ended. a lot of people say that it ended there. was it, there was a period of relative calm and then it restarts it again. but earl, you say the cold war never ended, or i'm saying the cold war never ended for many, for me and for a walk. but there are many very influential people that i do not really think it did. and they actually saw an opportunity. i think we have a policy of dating back even you know, before the fall of soviet union, the breakup. i think there was a policy within certain hierarchy where they agree or not. and i definitely don't agree of the u. s. a gemini, and i think we see that today as well. and i think
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a lot of people, and i think there's, there's a fight going on inside the the hierarchy as well. but i think, i mean, i think gorbachev's been push one and you know, they had that time period. i think they, they were actually looking at opportunities to move forward together. i really believed now what, what was used after that and other people with other venue or other other ideas they did not take that opportunity use that. i think we wandered it but, but i think you, i think it needed to be taken. i think were. ready positive moved and yeah, was the hardships. yes. that whole area of the economic area been better? absolutely. i think a lot of the resources were stolen or, or mr. misuse. a lot of the people lost everything they had. i think that was
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there's a lot of or economic conditions that were that were actually implemented in the west did not help them that actually you know, partially or probably largely contributed for that executive vice president of the ratio center. rasmus and joining us here for this breaking news coverage and all the international. we appreciate your time. thank you very much for that. the meantime, a slew of economic, social, and political failures during perestroika led to an attempted coup in august 991 senior government and military officials tried to take control of the country away from gorbachev. well, it failed in just 3 days, but precipitated the dissolution of the soviet union with a future leader boris yeltsin. come in to the 4 good. the 19th, 1991 on every tv channel in the country, a continuous loop of the ballet swan lake. meanwhile in moscow,
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dramatic scenes were playing out a moment. vehicles rolling into the capitol the presence of the usa seller is out of town and not a house arrest. the holiday home in crimea will radio and t v announcements proclaimed mikhail gorbachev was no longer fit for duty. and the country was now under the control of an emergency committee. ah, citizen was motionless duplessis day unused at all. yeah, the phone, you got a bunch of them if you wanted to gauge him. so unless the president, the assessor these anesthesia tabling him shuttle, you play awfully seeing him at his teaching is up on misty but at least teaches a chain. i pleasure. any of i didn't miss misty faces to set myself safe? nickerson, independent media shut down. people across the soviet union, left struggling to understand what exactly is happening?
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well, most device for waking up to around $4000.00 troops and hundreds of times to petroleum street. the co attempt was masterminded by communists hotline is they wanted to derail a pending agreement on wide ranging sovereignty for soviet republic, but tens of thousands of protest. this began heading outside, forming around the russian government, had quoted russian leda boris yeltsin. famously defied the takeover from the full tank i knew on by the evening. 6 more tanks join yelled inside the next a crowds outside the white house continue to grow. 1 ah, on august the 21st 3 people are killed when andy cooper. this is tried to solve for colon vomit vehicles ah.
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a day later, gorbachev returns to moscow as the attempted overthrow effectively collapses. crown chair, as the russian tree cloth becomes the official state flag, the symbolic sign of victory by the hard line, communist cooper. gorbachev may have long since retired from governance, but he always remained a vocal influence on russia's political course. have a quick listen to this. in order to move the study, we must move on from a blame game to a search for common ground and gradual lifting of sanctions, which are damaging to both sides. stumpy, as a 1st step, we should lift the so called personal sanctions that affect politicians and members of parliament. fancy. shrewdly. nato was for some reason
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determined that ukraine should join it. there's an ongoing struggle for regional domination, but no side must dominate in this crossroads region with them. so recently we've seen a collapse of the trust that had been created in the process of ending the cold war, but it wasn't undermined yesterday before you and triumphalism went to western leaders heads who took advantage of weakening russia. they claim monopoly leadership and domination in the world. a case in point. the large amount of nato yugoslavia kosovo missile defense plants, iraq, libya, and syria bush and more outside pressure that is piled on president putin. the higher as approval ratings become among the russian public. when i appreciate you joining us there are naughty international, more of our special coverage on the death of the last leader of the soviet union coming throughout the day. there were not seen to a very different topic now,
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but certainly relevant. solomon islands has suspended all foreign navy ships from entering its waters, pending adoption of a new process for the approval of port visits. we have requested our partners to give us time to review and put in place our new processes before sending further requests for military vessels to enter the country. these will universally apply to all visiting naval vessels. the move comes a week after our u. s. coast guard, the vessel was blocked from refueling and the capital of the solomon islands, which the white house called regrettable. in a statement from his embassy and australia, the usaa had received formal notification regarding a moratorium on old pending naval visits. there's a waiting updates and protocol procedures of this comes after the island chain signed a security packed with china that was in may now certainly raised alarms in washington . clearly we've seen the chinese bully and coerce nations throughout the endo
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pacific to do their bidding. and to serve what they believe their selfish national security interests are, rather than the broader interests of a free and open indo pacific. it's regrettable, we call it out when we see it. and delving dba hennessy, international crossing live now to matthew robinson, the former deputy foreign minister of new zealand. joining us here were naughty international. a great pleasure to have you with us. thank you so much for coming on the program just straight straight to the to the i guess the not some bolts of it hit. what do you think of the reasons behind what's being called a temporary ban on naval visits from foreign countries to the solomon islands? while the solomon islands, 2000 kilometers from the north of destroyer and from new zealand, is exercising its sovereign right against patton of bullying from the united states. and they are doing what every other country, which is sovereign does this,
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if we're going to have military naval visits, will determine who comes and when, and they're doing no more than my own country. new zealand does that countries, 1st of all, subject put the applications in. and if they're carrying nuclear weapons, we suspect the nuclear weapon. so you can't come in for whatever reason, the pilot. and actually it's quite relevant with the death of president. gorbachev course is well known throughout the world when people think it was policies the emphasize piece. this reaction united states and all the countries is one woods denying the life of the solomon islands to have its own sovereign policy. as part of the power play. in the pacific of the former colonial countries, which is still there. interesting, the written notice had 2 ships permanently posted in the pacific. this little
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island off the united kingdom that lost it's formal empire a long time ago. as part of the strategy of spreading the world, the french, big military present, and they're always in the china doesn't that which is the bottom of the united states and lighting the bottom island will become a strategic popular planner. and that's what's the bottom, exercising this off, what it's actually, i mean say you say that exercise, and that's often right matthew, and i must say i'm quite impressed and quite surprised by your, by your quite refreshing perspective on this, the parliament islands are a key archipelago and not part of the world us and, and other naval ships passing through there for years and years and years they've been refueling during their freedom of navigation acts and all this stuff in the
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other, you know, in this part of the world. obviously, the solomon islands are closer to australia and papa, and you, you get here. and of course, new zealand. but when you go north and you've got the asia pacific, you know, this is one massive theatre in that part of the world. and, and when you say bullying, bye bye bye bye. the u. s. over the i'm amazed really to hear that. i mean, you are the former deputy foreign minister of new zealand. does it all come down to the new security pack with china? well it's, it's bigger than that, it's certainly that china and the solomon islands have formed a number of agreements. one is a security agreement to do with the policing if there's any problems in the country . the other is economic ties. but this is been long proclaimed by the united states and its allies, nato allies, including times new zealand that this is al sphere of influence. you can just get lost to china. it's tied in with the tax on russia as well.
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and then you're dealing when you say you surprised, but when i was a cabinet minister, we had a stand off with the united states by being nuclear tree. and we said we wouldn't take part in the bullying. the red, almond and other parts of the world and we made else, then we criticize the radio being the deputy of the united states. unfortunately, my former colleague taken us neatly into later part of the loop pacific strategy. we've become the deputy sheriff deputies, you know, what was this made in? and that's again to the long term interest of new zealand to get to the long term interest. because this is actually reparation war. nobody can you say this is why i'm going to jump in on that. so you say this is preparation for. busy forgive me for jumping in here, but we've, we've heard the former australian foreign minister in the past in the past few
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years saying we've got 3 to 5 years before that. the next great war and australia, new zealand are going to be on the front line against china. what do you think of that? well, thank you very much for being a stranger new zealand into the, the former that's about the former defense minister. but the new labor prime ministers continuing the policy is trillion airplanes of buzzing chinese ships and planes. australian bosses and bowl it looks like the united states is setting up a proxy war as they have done in the ukraine with destroyer and taiwan. to lead the george with the united and it's a very dangerous situation. i mostly will never heard of the lions. and the only reason i say the, the colonial united states. they don't care about the people of the pacific care about like carry it out as a strategic asset militarily and economic and zealand. well is always
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been great opposition to the continue colonialism and pacific using the testing ground. we use zealand having become out, right, but he's probably been part of the us empire for a long time. we've been we've, it's all, it's been a position to that, but unfortunately we're going the country going back into that situation with a 1000 matthew robson. it's not often on international television. you hear such franken and lucid thoughts of the former deputy foreign minister of new zealand. i wish we had more time for this conversation. one day i'm going to buy you a beer. thanks for joining us here and fix that up to iraq now where at least 30 people have reported being killed as we understand now over 700 wounded this in clashes between protesters authorities in a different magic green zone of baghdad.
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the protest, a storm government offices on monday and supportive leading opposition. shia cleric mac tara, i'll start the hu analysis final retirement from politics. submit a power struggle in the country. earlier on tuesday, the cleric urge just afforded to leave the streets within an hour with militant protest starting to discuss shortly after his local journalist mussa not bill with the latest from baghdad. after the flesh which lost food for 16 hours. not good now, with a countless, after the speech of looked off, saw to withdraw the processors from the green zone stopping the fire. this place for us stand with, with a heavy flashes heavy fire lots. now the security forces cleaning the, i'm for doing all that he was back all the place. the security
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forces working on opening the streets to reduce the traffic, jump on the back, the people to bring life back. as before, this, spite of the conflict politician conflict between the leadership looked at our father and the cord initial frame war. or the unrest began as outside of those follow a storm. the republican palace at the key meeting place for a rocky heads of state and foreign dignitaries. units of the regular rocky army have been deployed now will across by the states forces using live bullets in chic asked to disperse the crowns or the rest of the latest, i should say. unrest response when mac tut outside of announced he's quitting political life and closing his office and his party has been well unable to form a government despite having won the largest number of seats in the federal elections last october. you wonder why he wasn't allowed to move forward?
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started supporters have been protesting in support of his coal for a new national vote. now, father is the founder of the sonorous movement, iraq's leading sheer political group. it became a symbol of resistance to the us led invasion in 2003 and helped form a militia to fight american troops. is also wanted by the us government over his alleged role in the killing of a washington backed shia rifle in 2003 now in the, in the wake of what was that american invasion and what was in occupation? because i'll start, i went on the record with some pretty diamond criticism of washington. bush reportedly said that his picture will be hung in every iraqi house. no, my dear, your picture is now under iraqi. the popularity, the united states diminishing day by day, if not every 2nd. we reject the presence of the american army or even the coming by the us forces we reject them. we do this as an act of
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occupation to your cry. now whereas we understand $1200.00 of p of troops shipping killed and failed offensive when the countries south, this is all according to russia's defense ministry of moscow says the ukrainians. last 48 tanks in almost a 100 other armored vehicles of trying to advance on 3 fronts at once, were being pushed back by the russian lead forces. the offensive is said to have been personally ordered by president lensky, came amid intensified ukrainian shelling of civilian infrastructure and southern regions which are now controlled by russia. now, one of the latest ukrainian attacks a key bridge was hit the hardest on region. the unverified amator footage appears to show the immediate aftermath of the bombing. the bridge is mainly used by civilians and local authorities of our set up an alternative pontoon bridge to help people get out and get across. but that's also being shelled by ukraine's army as
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well. as the neighboring as her orgy region, a local official say, ukraine is once again shell, the city of antarctica dot. your screen is the off them off at the previous attack, which wounded 10 people on sunday. i know that that is the city, whether it's upper orgy nuclear power plant is located, which is expected to be visited via dedication from the international atomic energy agency. later this week, off the facility has been informed multiple times with russia, blame in ukraine for attacking the side, which could sparkle, nuclear disaster, more grave and larger than that of charging or so we got reaction now from some of the local residents of another goes off it is, this is of this is horrifying. i have no words. this is over the top. they're just shelling civilians. this is complete lawlessness. we'll see it though, unless you look after the explosions and fires, we began to look around. i found these shell fragments and there is a hole on the 2nd floor where i found even more fragments, which have been sent to law enforcement authorities. are down to the donuts
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republic where at least 2 civilians have been killed and ate more injured after more ukrainian shelling of residential areas according to local authorities. it's also being reported that keeps forces have used a nato's big 155 millimeter artillery shells, in the attack. a number of residential buildings and a kindergarten as we understand was struck. and while in the center of donor city center of slavic culture took heavy damages on his correspondent roman cousin. i have no reports ukrainian nationalists continue to target civilians and civilian infrastructure. quite a lot of destruction in donetta on tuesday. right now, we're just outside of the done netscape. slavic culture center. this is the point of impact where according to authorities, 155 millimeter shell, landed destruction is everywhere. hold of buildings,
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war blown out. the strike took place at around 6 o'clock in the morning. thankfully, there were no people here at this time. but when this center is full is a full. it's a home to at least 800 people who come here to learn about slavic culture. lou ah little it'll should eulysis blue. this is probably being done to destroy some sorts of cultural foundations. this is the center of slavic culture. after all, we have around $400.00 students here in a total of 15 groups with people from the age of $4.00 to $80.00. various crowded events have always been held here. so maybe they just don't like something about
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our culture and values. hey, this is a hospital number 14 in the patrol school district of the nest kits located basically are right on the front line. and it's the 1st medical facility to take in wounded civilians. right now, i will speak to 2 people who were wounded today as the result of ukrainian shelling . by your call, the other day i went to buy food for my poultry. a tank drove by 3 shells were fired at it from the ukrainian side, and then out of nowhere grad rocket launchers fired cluster bombs to close fill. i had just woken up and gone out to open the door when the impact came without warning. i was stunned then i ran back inside and saw that my arm was all covered in blood. this hospital, his work in 247 to save locals from wounds that were inflicted on them by the ukrainian nationalists. as you can see there still accepting patients right now as
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we speak while we were working here. incense shelling continued, and we were advised to leave the area as to as possible from on call for m r t. s. peoples republic. your program returns in 4 minutes. lou. the balkan company, it's been simmering for some time or so is not. she was a sub scope for whirlpool crane. i quit, but i'm a little bit more than enough to albanians demanded the cause of a subs change car license plates. in other words, they recognized cost of either if you saw the hell, let me see for the 5th grade, refused because of a is serbia. so discriminating against serves is a slap in the face,
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a roll report from the for your post for your off, your bill will set up that can go there. so they would have to go to the new recent bill. those new they'll buy the sima dom or i should. he'll be golden on me. oliver's will still be in president alexander gucci. hasn't ruled out the possibility that the west is waiting for the right moment to strike the republic with georgia tech. here with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on a very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult. time. time to sit down and talk about
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them was a demon. yeah. how many times with her with you, i'm with ah, with
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full credit it's got to boot from beach, gonna still be patient, but in the border enabled it there with with ah, the 1st time in history,
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an entire country's culture has been canceled to the very modern weapon cancelled culture. really desert wonderful. i wish i feel my love. so we're just me sitting there with the phrase now particularly refers to counseling russian culture yet them know what a few orders that i give you my fuel which will be your choice. so that all of them, most of the temperature random eat them, we what rushes created over the past 1500 years. there's no question. partially condemned, reviled and rejected. his sort of like a bill of brown. there's a lot, no closer on a whole bunch. anytime i guess it'll show all the list. joining total condemnation grows daily and now enclosed does de escalate to cascade shostakovich that i need
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to you with the time. will you do obama lee? you want to look a little more. ah ah ah. well, oh oh oh oh, i ah,
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the wrecking youth, the doll here went off to international. the final leader of the soviet union, mikhail gorbachev has died aged 91 in moscow at central hospital, off for a long illness. and here on the program will be looking through this historic legacy and structural coverage. and just a few moments the at least 30 people reported killed over 700 wounding pastures in bagdad following the rest time and on the politics of leading shia cleric mac tada. i'll start up to oppose is u. s. influence in iran.


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