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and then just any plan to attack the usaa breaking to survive. russia had to be sacrificed needs as w. b. i condition davis. mr. boyd from us as a lot of some record doc. this capital, a mixture of knowledge of knowing that the cold war had begun. with right now, raphael grossi accompanied by employees of your sub rogia nuclear plant is inspecting the site where the ukranian artillery hit this thursday, a developing story today. mid i tech somebody up at rogia, a nuclear power plant by ukrainian forces had seen from the u. n. a. tell me watch dog arrives at the festa, let's say. the russian military says it's ready to ensure their security. despite the shutting. we'll go live to our correspondent in moments, also ahead. no matter what my german boat is thing,
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but i want you to live out to the people of you train germany top diplomat valez to by keeping mc russian sanctions in place. even if germans take to the streets over energy prices this winter, the 1st of only 2 ships carrying ukrainian grain for african hunger head countries arise on the continents with most of the other vessels heading to wealthier nations, climate, injustice, african countries of the relentless, pushed by the west to go green, emphasizing that comparatively small amounts of harmful emissions produced on the african customer with just after 4 in the afternoon here in moscow this thursday, the 1st day of september. welcome to the global news roundup and our team. my name gina milner. a team from the international atomic energy agency has arrived off the
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embattled zappa rouge in nuclear power plot, with russia's military saying it's ready to ensure their security. that's all made . continuing attacks on the facility and its surroundings by ukrainian forces ortiz been following the team. the experts assess the evidence of shelling. i'm just trying to go through for right now. raphael grossi accompanied by employees of this upper osha nuclear plant is inspecting the site where the ukranian artillery hit this thursday. this was not part of the pre planned program, but the plans change on the go. it is difficult to overestimate the interest in what is happening at the plant. there are about $50.00 to $60.00 journalists at the site. yes, some the pictures to show you here are the 1st images of the i a mission inspecting the plant. the team came through ukraine control territory with russia using key of delaying the missions arrival by blocking their passage on thursday morning with
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the plants again coming under attack today, the head of the mission earlier acknowledge the risks of visiting the site. we are aware of the current situation. there has been a research military activity, including this morning. we have a very important mission to our company. as you know, we are going to start immediately an assessment of the security of the safety situation at the plant cities. right now or recent footage film by r t in nor good dora city, near the nuclear plant shows deserted streets after morning attacks today on the facility and residential areas which claim the lives of at least 3 people. and we did 5 others, including a child that is, according to city authorities, the local merrill, so claim ukrainian forces were trying to disrupt the arrival of the un watchdog by
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all means possible. today, she was surely don't you're leaving it for some time now, the ukrainian armed forces have been showing residential areas and the approach a nuclear power plant, the residence of our city. a scared ukraine seeks to disrupt the arrival of the i. e. a commission. that's why they detained the mission of the checkpoints. they try to destabilize the situation and give false information to them that the russians are fighting on their own positions. this is a standard scheme by which the ukrainian media provide information, but we have evidence to show the i a that the opposite is true. i hope the head of the mission mr. grossi has enough understanding of the current issue. another new slide on this, this morning, a group of her on 60 ukrainian trips tried to take control of the plants, according to the russian defense ministry. the m o. d. c, the attack was repelled. russia has constantly accuse ukraine of targeting the plant, kia, denies, responsibility, and in the blame on moscow. the 1st go live now to our senior
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correspondent, morass kelsey of in dawn bus hymer. so the e a mission has finally arrived at the sites. what's the situation there now and how have things been unfolding throughout the day? the situation is east 10, send these auggie, the city of phonetic a dove, which is right next to these up arrows you nuclear power station is, is itself without power as a result of attacks. incessant shilling by of the ukrainian military. it's important to understand the geography of the area, the nuclear power station, the and the, and that a good thought on the south bank of the a v at napa river, the ukrainian military and the territory controls span the north bank of the yep. river and will all that separates the 2 is, is a stretch of water, some kilometers across our ukraine,
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had been trying to argue foot for many weeks. now that it was russians themselves. shilling again themselves internet a good thought over a period of many days. but lucas, you, who they're trying to fool is, is anyone's guess to have been that have been teams online for example, that of ju, located by the way that the impact crates as a situated the at the, the russians couldn't of shelby area that the shots, the the artillery shells came from the north bank. the locals can hear the the booms and blossom. you put in guns in the north bank of the river of from the weapons, the shells they launch at the city. i don't really mean the nuclear power station itself. you can zoom in, pops on google maps of that. we've seen satellites images showing impact crisis on the various buildings of the nuclear power plant. as yee again, they'll be available online. i'm sure very soon. nevertheless,
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the situation that have remained stents from what we understand there has been somewhat of a lull in ukrainian, chilling on the city of america dot, and the nuclear pow complex itself. the russian side has, has come out and said that ukraine has twice, 6, such in the morning and 7 am try to storm, tried to send a marines towards the nuclear power plant up from 2 directions from the north bank of the river river booth. attempts were repulsed by the russian military there by with the though the russian national guard, as well as helicopter, sent that way to provide as support for the troops that a booth attempts have been repulsed and ukrainian units. that the short, the, several of them, several ukrainian soldiers have been taken from what we understand a prisoner 2 of them in critical condition. nevertheless, the visits continues. the russian side, the russian foreign ministry, has also loaded the bravery of the international atomic energy agency of for going
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along with this mission for going through in their good dogs to the zap our osha nuclear power station, to witness themselves. what the ukrainian military had turned the place into the significant risks that ukrainian shilling poses for the area for the entirety of the european eurasian confidence, i would say lie from there to netscape public without update ortiz murat as they are. thanks, maria. meanwhile, germany's top diplomat has promised her country will continue to offer its full support ticket. despite growing unease at home over surging energy prices, only net burbock was speaking out a democracy conference in prague. we sent a wis ukraine, as long as they need us, no matter what my german vote a thing, but i want to deliver to the people of ukraine. and this means every measure i'm
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taking. i have to be clear that this holds on as long as ukraine meets me, no matter what term and voters believe last spring and r t contributor rachel marson for more on that. hi, rachel. so does the german foreign minister have full support domestically for her mission? ah oh, that's the german foreign minister or the ukraine for i minister, so yeah, the german foreign minister and alina bear, vaux slid over to this form 2000 event in prague from the u. foreign ministers meeting taking place in the same city were apparently they're cooking up an 8th round of anti russian sanctions. i guess the 1st 7 rounds of blow back haven't yet managed to completely destroy the european economy. so they're just going to keep going. i guess barrack made it crystal clear that she personally quote, wants to deliver for ukraine, regardless of how long it takes and no matter what german voters think. so she's
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basically emitting that germans facing an energy and cost of living crisis are going to be thrown under the bus by their own foreign minister with the hope that you know, just maybe they can serve as speed bombs to slow the halt or halt in the conflict in ukraine, she hasn't provided a single shred of evidence that germans suffering is helping the ukrainian people at all or doing anything to alter the course of the conflict. her reason here is kind of like that of a child. you know, when you see kids run to the top of an escalator and start talking on the moving handrail pretending that it's them moving all the people to the top. you know, she's basically everything that she's saying here is just emptied platitudes and the usual meaningless establishment. virtue signaling barracks remarks didn't escape the attention of russian foreign minister, surrogate over off with little so full screw, the obsession with bruce, a phobia is on display everywhere. yesterday jim and foreign minister anita bab,
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bulky confirmed that the german people now suffering hardship adding to the citizens will continue to suffer because belin intends to support ukraine. no matter what. what a fantastic confession never neglected to demonstrate exactly how these sanctions are hamstring in russia. although she sure really didn't need to provide any evidence that they're harming her own people, the proof of that is pretty much everywhere. meanwhile, 2 members of parliament from the german left party have written the peace in devout calling out the misguided german strategy as a quote economic war, not against russia, but against germany itself. and underscoring that the sanction or having no impact in ukraine, zara vegan acts and christian lay wrote that the way to end the war against germany . germany is to open the nord stream to pipeline. since its non commission is a sanction itself against the german economy. the sanctions against moscow and
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not ruining the russian economy, but rather the prosperity of the german population. at the same time, the corporations in making dream profits the other these are calling for a diplomatic solution for ukraine. you know, it would be nice if someone in a position of leadership, anyone could give some contours to a diplomatic solution and what that might look like. or, you know, at least give that as much thought as the western establishment gives to endless. useless sanctions and spin, like we're hearing here again, are to contribute our rachel marson bring us updates on that. the u. s. congress has once again take a name of the indian government over alleged human rights concerns. new delhi repeatedly refuted those claims washington. previous they tried to push india to
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cut in ports of russian fuel to quote, pick the right side. but new delhi has refused to condemn moscow over its offensive in ukraine and has been chained close relations with russia. in response, washington published more reports accusing india of suppressing freedoms of both speech and religion. delhi condemned those claims as biased. it is unfortunate that the u. s both bank politics is being practiced in international relations. we would urge that assessments based on motivated inputs and bias used be avoided. and the naturally pluralistic society, india values, religious freedom and human rights law, a ship carrying weight from ukraine doctrine, eastern africa on tuesday, while another is on its way to hunger. rock pseudo international officials say they're pleased and optimistic with such efforts to battle and starvation.
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ukraine's grain is getting out and it's getting to the world sangree. i think the hopeful thing about what is just happened with the docking of the ship and the, destined for, for a therapy in somalia. is it, it gives of somehow to step in my direction. well, i figure closer look at the final destinations of the cargo ship since they began moving again over the summer. more than 30 percent of all vessels are heading to turkey with italy being the 2nd most popular in point of the ships carrying grain from ukraine. but countries such as yemen, i'm suit um, which are on the global list of those most effective by hunger. i've seen only one ship. so far, ortiz don quarter has more known. why? so few ships have been gone for countries in real need. but the rest, sailing to richer nations brave commander, the un chartered ship carrying ukrainian weights to east africa. it's finally arrived in judy and since august 14th, the western mainstream media has been hyping it up to no. and the united nations
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chartered ship brave commander will depart ukraine for africa in coming days after it finishes loading more than $23000.00 metric tons of wheat in the ukrainian port of p. n. e. a. u n. official said the vessel, the 1st specially chartered by the u. n. s. world food program to unblocked food shipments stuck after russia's invasion of ukraine, will head towards a booty from where the grain will be transported to ethiopia. the restarting of food aid from ukraine could mark a major turning point in the fight against worsening global hunger. we heard about it again on the 16th of august, and then again on the 18th of august and 2 days after that, the un secretary general praised its mission as well. so moving to see in istanbul, the world food program, ship, brave commander, loaded with tons of ukrainian wheat, destined for much needed hunger relief. in the horn of africa, i saluted those involved in this amazing humanitarian operation. at long last, the ship made landfall on august 30th and was as if hunger on the continent was
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about to come to a definitive end. it took 2 weeks to travel here from southern ukraine. this wheat is meant to feed 1500000 people in ethiopia for a month that it is not enough for a country facing several humanitarian challenges. food security experts call it a drop in the bucket for the vast needs in the worst hit horn countries of somalia, kenya and ethiopia, the nation where this 1st shipment is going, oh wait a minute. why did all of east africa only get one ship if they're so desperate for food? un records show that ukrainian grain went to other places as well? ireland, greece, italy, countries that are not exactly hunger stricken while ukrainian officials are wiping their hands clean of that. since after all, the free market decides the destination for the cargo has been negotiated between the supplier and the buyers, and they are totally commercial activities. we don't decide where it goes. it is a free market. however,
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not everyone's buying that alibi. 34 ships with grain went off odessa. only one went to africa, the other to europe and usa, ukraine as rescuing nobody from hunger. only one out of 34 ships exporting grain from ukraine went to africa. so much for the western fake concerned about hunger in poor countries. all that media attention for a single ship and the plight of starvation and africa. was it all really because the west is so concerned about starving africans, or was it a big p r stud to boost key abs popularity around the world? we're the 1st place you blame this on russia, as actually, sir, was the food crisis has been around for a long, long time. this is cynical, and this is part of the geopolitical oh, propaganda comes from united states in european countries. and that watches very carefully watched policies with ministration and new new africa strategy,
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which i just wrote about. the secretary state lincoln's trip to africa last week, and is still with hypocrisy and for well insufficient wheat supplies are not the only obstacles struggling african countries face nations, their western lead efforts to reduce global c. o. 2 emissions as climate injustice ortiz, cargo. the tattler explains what's behind africa southridge. a head of the united nations club, 27 climate conference which will be held in egypt. later in november, this year. african leaders of government and private sector gathered for the africa climate week in order to speak with a united voice. i heard of cop 27 african countries. i seeking what is called climate justice as the greater part of the transition dialogue from dirty fossil
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fuel to cleaner energy sources. the continent produces the least amount of harmful emissions, yet african stand at the coal face of the negative impact of climate change, such as drought felon, as well as rising sea levels with a plentiful supply of natural resources. not all african countries. i happy to turn their back on conventional energy sources in order to go green, just to appease the more developed west the nations. despite contributing less than 4 percent of global emissions, africa is obliged with already limited financial means, and scant level of support. to spend around 2 to 3 percent of its g d, p. per annum, to adapt to these impacts, a disproportionate responsibility that cannot be described as anything other than climate injustice. while africa has a responsibility to address climate change,
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the west to is expected to support african countries in their quest to access energy and transition to clean up our. there's been a lot of discussions around abandoning coal as an energy source. but for many african countries, coal remains an erna of much needed foreign currency reserves, and a contributor to balance of payments expert the warning of major social upheaval. should these countries abruptly abandon these energy sauces? africa has contributed among the least 2 climate an agency. yet it is already facing devastating impacts, but biodiversity loss, water shortages, reduced food production, loss of life and likelihood african countries can make use of an array of natural sources for energy. from geothermal, solar wind to tidal energy. but now, more than ever, africans are asking the question why they should gamble with their own future. if
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it's only to appease the green energy lobby. in the west. i am got to believe that angel has worked for r t international. and just staying with his story advisor to south africa power center much sheila cocoa believes hastily walking away from fossil fuels, would deeply hurt the economic development of african nations then roll out or did did cover no issue of the electricity sector must have been had to pace, and course a good article economists for it discolored rides for utopian economies to persuade africans to abundant forces were when the african countries so much. why us electricity to power the industrial system, to power in common with sector and for red building choir in greece, load. it is tuesday,
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july regional composites of to drive economic development africans have to develop a committee who is buying this course. he's assume noodle peers. there are seen to africa. africans must be less reliant on co contribution africans to put them into african congress to the in house to system issues is really mm hm. we cannot carry that. begging to do cover nice that it is the sector returning now. busy the program to an earlier story, the u. s. congress has once again taken aim at the indian government over alleged human rights concerns. new delhi repeatedly refuted those claims calling them biased in the refusal to publicly condemned russia over it's offensive in ukraine. and don bass is seen as a major reason behind washington's calls. well, let's discuss it live now with you like
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n p or 3rd journalist on political commentator in new delhi. welcome to you. like on the indian independence day in august, president biden called the u. s. on india to great democracy on south development in terms of strategic partnership. so are you surprised by these reports now from congress? i'm not even if you look at nate, all um, it's a model. it can be, it is us plus others comprises united states and, and a lot of unequal partners. the fact that most people in the mainstream western media are trying to hide is the fact that us has never liked equal partners. they want junior partner, they want rason states to be aligned with them. they don't treat anyone equal. and
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that is the logic that drives that united states you and in the rest, even in the most offensive defect friendly force that the out of commentary. now they don't seem to have any kind of thirst for equal partners and which is why they also want anyone who is friends with who wants to be friends with the united states to be junior partners. and i don't think in any mood to be a junior partner has everything from several, several state men's recent statements, prime minister himself, and also the foreign minister in several international forums. on a very basic level, i put to you, is it up to washington to label countries either being democratic or non democratic?
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this is a, this is part of her life and they know, i'm sure you're on famous. we're a famous author. i just to risky or send them or people like them so that they lose sight of prospect in the and then that's what is happening to the united states. and it does no business in the 1st place to, ah, the board democracies. because, you know, it's a lie, you know, you look at iraq, afghanistan, whenever they have gone to war in recent years, especially after $911.00. and then i'm not even going to the ninety's when the funds to iraq or to please. but if you look at all the wars after 911 agreed to, we're done with the promise of you reporting democracy used to raise pantries in the world in a hurry. and that was
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a big project that americans are under the command. you don't see any, any i or both fruit or any materialization of that goal, either in iraq or afghanistan. so the united states wanted see, you know, and how it employs it, or machinery pool with the help of mainstream of media. and in this, as a journal is become complicit and it's so it's such a shameful thing that's happening. and if you look at how the report on iraq is the on and i've got to stand and now you bring this a turned in to you look at how i saw regiment as a battalion was characterized by the washington post or real time or any other
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media group with the way they used all the neo nazis. now they're not of you whether they are writing laura my them on the national god. and then for completely renounced the stuff that they've taken just a few years ago. just before for a 24 and it's such a humiliating thing. it's center. it's a huge blog on international journalism. what, what about the reaction i was suppose around the world to this. could this report that type of rhetoric from washington about alleged human rights abuses, other domestic problems as well. they're putting that out internationally. how does that affect india's image will not be listened to a negatively effect for india? i think it's a, you know, i've met
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a lot of journalists on my recent trips abroad, especially for london, where the journalist at any people, including journalist, tend to believe a propaganda of the rest of the mainstream media. because they don't go beyond that . they don't probing what's happening all around. but i, i'm sure this is a short term phenomenon because we know what happened when americans and its allies are in need to do the most in famous also that iraq had weapons of mass destruction and much more than george w bush. it was tony blair, the unequal partner, the junior part. ringback know when. ringback water, i bought the presence of the alleged prisons of weapons of mass destruction in iraq, and we know what happened then. we know the wood had a great laugh, and now you imagine a donny black making that statement on god's,
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which making that statement. we are left with no other emotion but laugh out loud. all right, will not take us to the end of this news bug you like and p author journalist on political a commentary. thank you very much for your time on your thoughts. that all was enlightening. yeah, indeed. next everything you wanted to know about the collapse of the ussr, but we're afraid to ask. stay close for a documentary timeline. i crash course beginning a moment. ah oh, now it's showing wrong when all proof just don't hold the world yet to see how this thing becomes the african and engagement equals the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground dean u b. s. precursor. she had, there were some one who were to children, here's where. sure. of course. ah, in 1991, the situation spirals completely out of control. got a bunch of announce the referendum for the spring of that year. he asked soviet citizens to vote on whether the state should be preserved on changed the system was this broker dealer, that the city and the with, with on the selina pergola. so yes, get sales ah, trends nice. there is a narrow strip of land along the bank of the nice to river in soviet times it was part of the mold davian.


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