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tv   News  RT  September 2, 2022 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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ah, a with physical integrity, all vm bottles up a rogia nuclear power plant has been breached several times. according to the head of the u. n's, nuclear watchdog, who stays the agencies representatives will remain at the club. also coming up in the program. g 7 finance leaders agreed to impose a price cap on russian oil. this by moscow warning, there will be no supplies for countries implementing the move the meal to release by us attorney's general attempt to show that by the administration has been an incestuous relationship with big tech ada censoring
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a must go into the world. this is our team. my name's unit lea love. 30 minutes of news and views started out. we did begin with the latest from the conflict in don bus. the city of done yet is coming under intensive shelling by ukrainian troops, according to local officials. ortiz remind cost red is also there on centers this so i was just able to step outside of the basin because the shelling has just died down is still continuing at the moment. i don't have my alive that's only right now because i was simply having dinner in the theater district. this is the center of the city of dennis. this is the impact of the show that landed right in this sense are all done that's.
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it's certainly a very high caliber weapon. it's been quiet here for the last 10 minutes or so, but it's still very dangerous. and locals are hoping that air defense is working properly at the moment he can see people running. but while we were in the basement in this restaurant, we heard at least 7, very, very loud explosions. the ground was shaking. the building was shaking. i promise you, there are no military positions here. all i can say is that the building, all the administration of the head of the republic is, will probably about a kilometer away from where we are right now. but that building was shelves
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a week ago as well. so that sar gets old for the shelling is still unclear. remind cost read well the quote physical integrity of the in bottles up and rosie a nuclear power plant has been violated. now this is the view of the chief of the u . n's nuclear watchdog, which is currently assessing the site. i will continue to be worried about the plan dealer. we have a situation which is more stable, which is more predictable. it's obvious that the plant and the physical integrity of the done has been violated several times by chance, by, by deliberation. we don't have the elements to assess that, but this is our reality that we, that we have to week of night. and this is something that cannot continue to happen . the background to those words. the mission arrived to the plant on thursday,
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shortly after ukrainian forces, how to attempted to seize the nuclear sites, according to local officials. on while the head of the international atomic energy agency has a return to key of control territory, the bodies representative will continue to assess the phone. another recent update, russia stated how secure the key ukrainian defense position of pesky tone, west of the nearest the russian defense ministry also confirmed a country offensive by key forces was under way in the her san region or wherever it question the results of the punish. unclaimed, there were a high casualties among ukrainian troops. another big story, the day russia house and 9 to it will not restart gas supplies to europe. the energy john gas problem set a full had been fined in a turbine. it's north stream one pipeline. after maintenance checks request to repair, the turbine has been sent to german manufacturer, siemens. it is not known at this stage how long the pipe will remain closed.
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ben roff, group of 7 finance chiefs have agreed to impose a price cap on russian oil. according to his statement, released after a meeting of the organizations ministers, the new restrictions which are due to come into effect in december, also, bum services, enabling more time transportation of russia, crude oil, petroleum products. wherever exceptions would be made only in the case of oil being purchased, the price below the cap, g $7.00 leaders claim the move is aimed at reducing rushes revenues when it comes to spied moscow warning, not aid won't supply to any one. applying the new restriction just to run and consider those countries that will join the potential price cap will not be among the recipients of russian oil. we simply will not interact with them in terms of oil and such non market condition. certainly would you, our oil will go to other markets to those countries that are ready to act according to market conditions. the response from moscow is pretty straightforward. if you're
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part of the agreement, then that cit, you won't be able to buy russian commodities. and i'm saying commodities because potentially this isn't only about oil. so what are the u. s. the u. k. and allies trying to achieve here, we confirm our joint political intention to implement a comprehensive prohibition of services which enable maritime transportation of russian origin, crude oil and petroleum products globally. the provision of such services would only be allowed if the oil and petroleum products are purchased at or below a price. the price cap determined by the broad coalition of countries we've already heard from the white house that in the energy fields, this is the most effective way to punish the russian government. now, when it comes to natural gas, we also heard from the head of the european commission, or sla funder line that she supports a price cap also on russian gas, not only in europe,
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but globally to but then comes the question. how can you call that? globally, if, for instance, china is not part of it, right? the skeptics will tell you that russia has plenty of alternative consumers. and so i do have to say that there are quite a few skeptical voices among western industry experts to i don't know of anybody who works in markets who believes this is a workable idea. and i think most of us who work in markets believe that it has dangers associated with it. it invites opportunities to use potential loopholes. and like very often in the past, we are hearing of voices that there is currently not enough capacity in the world to replace russian energy supplies. the u. s. doesn't have the capacity to fill that up as the opec producers are not gas producers. in any case, there isn't any l n g capacity in the world to make up for the russian exports to,
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to europe. they were running at about 14000000 cubic feet, and then we have to find the resources to replace. so that's going to take years. the near future will show whether the price cap agreement will backfire on those who introduced it, or really become an effective punishment tool against the russian government. well, let's delve into some of the points that ilia raised there with associate professor at moving university. and india is registered on states. read your c chuck reports you're most welcome to the program. the u. s. has urged india to join the russian oil price cap coalition. but you deli, appears hesitant. why is that? though the global community should understand one thing that as a developing nation, india has a create in on demands and our electricity is our national
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interest. so it's a solvent country. so any got the usa you gave g 7 days, b cannot visualize india to buy or to blog our like energy demand or energy needs. india recently became the largest buyer of russian oil. will the g 7 decision to bomb the mara time transport of russian oil? and unless it's at the agreed price, cap cost will not impact india's supplies in any way up. i don't think it's going to affect india in any way. because right now, i think russia does 2nd largest law all exposure to india. and i think china is the 1st all right now. and g 7 countries are trying to push an ice india. but what about the other european nations?
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not only the g 7 countries, the eastern countries on the south, romania hungry, poland, all of them, most of their oil resources are coming from russia. but they use the g 7 series that are unlikely to visualize those go. so why only want india c as a national as us over country india is of india can take a stand in india should stay against that and india again, one policy makers are taking it difficult channel right now. so i didn't think that the d g 7 nations should interfere into the sovereign matters of india involvement . there's a lot of citizens, particularly in, in europe hoping when they see headlines like this, or by the price comp on oil. that it's going to lower their bills. is that going to be seen by people who need it? what's happening today? what was decided by the g 7? will that impact the people who most need it?
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i don't think so because russia has like other other markets as well. g 7 countries are not the only market for russia. and if russia stop the stop exporting crude oil to those g 7 countries be need to look for other alternatives. the russia, and i don't think that that would be as cheaper as they're getting right now from russian money on with india and china not involved in this. how impactful canada actually be the india this is, this is said that 21st century is asian center. and the 2 largest equal amico giants, india and china is an asia, off goes in india, and china does not follow that g, $37.00 states, and the continuing buying oil from russia. i don't think g 7 countries can do
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much of it. okay, well thank you so much for your take today. we also enjoy speaking to the associate professor at moody university in india is regis on state rad darcy chakrabarti. many thanks. thank you. ok, turn off the lights on turned. 1 on the thought is the message increasingly being conveyed to people in europe. as governments scrambled to slush soaring energy bills. it comes and made fears of a shortage of gas, this winter sanctions against russia. i spoke to the former austrian foreign minister occurring can i so to get her take on the growing crisis. i cannot imagine that the europeans are going to do what they are currently doing because the stakes hustle high. so that was my real inner conviction. now 7 months later we see that they went even so the stakes are very high bowl issue on all night. you level, you've got the air foreign policy chief usa barrell. recently acknowledging that
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certain voices within the block are urging a rethink mouth sanctions. how loud, how significant from what you've seen are those voices when you break it down to the very simple point of departure? when do you introduce sanctions or why we're dis? particular thanks was introduced, it was to coerce the russian government into it change of behavior. so that this was the point of departure, have to succeed it. no. but their own people are being hurt in the other even more so is that not a more radical rethinking needed? now? a lot of people have ah, put their heads too far out of the window. if i right. okay. if i say that, that, that felt that, that how would put it in german or, and to rule back, no would look foolish that this is one right. of course you see now they're hurting, and people sat in the beginning. yes, we are going to take that pain the are ready to do that. that's what the government
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said. ah, but always assuming that there will be a change in action by the russian government. so did this, does this is the car situation an incestuous relationship. that's how you asked. attorneys general have describe the relationship between top officials from the by the administration and big tech. the louisiana uh, missouri officials released the series of emails showing more than 40 employees of the current administration as well as some u. s. agencies have been pressing social media platforms to sensory content. we have already received a number of documents that clearly prove that the federal government has an incestuous relationship with social media companies and clearly coordinates to censor freedom of speech. the department of justice is cowering behind executive privilege and as refuse to turnover communications between the highest ranking biden administration officials and social media companies. they're referencing what
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they say are a series of documents. and now they're saying that these documents show conversations between top social media platforms and around 45 federal officials. specifically when it comes to content loaner ration and those good old words of misinformation and dis, information that we have heard so much about lately. now specifically, when it comes to facebook, that's a big one that's mentioned here. and in one of the conversations at facebook, official actually talks about meetings directly with the white house. i know our teams met today to better understand the scope of what the white house expects from facebook on misinformation going forward. in our previous conversations, i've appreciated the way you and your team have approached our engagement, and we have worked hard to meet the moment. we've dedicated enormous time and resources to fighting this pandemic, and consider ourselves to be partners in fighting the same battle. now, speaking of dis information,
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and there is then this conversation where he at another facebook official talks about reaching out to the cdc directly and asking for help with their policy. we have been talking about in addition to our weekly meetings, doing a monthly missing fo debunking meeting with may be claim topics communicated a few days prior so that the cdc can bring and matching experts and chat casually for 30 minutes or so. yes, we would love to do that. now that line of conversation and cares job gone both ways. here. there are also emails that were sent by the white house cove. in 19 response team, in which they were reaching out to facebook. actually asked them to take down an instagram parody account, doctor anthony felt she facebook's response was to say, yep, on it. so there was no push back there when we had that back and forth between those 2, when it came to content, moderation was extraordinary. really isn't it comes right after confirmation by message. see you, mark zucker berg that the f. b. i interfered in the 2020 presidential election by
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pressuring his company to center ledge. russian misinformation and the hunter biden laptop. story to that's right. you may remember back in october 2020 facebook and twitter took really unprecedented and moved to sensor the story about hunter biden's lock top. that was published by the new york post office of didn't go quite as far as twitter did. however, mark sucker bird did speak out about that this week. he admitted the f b i reached out to him. now what's interesting here is he said that the f b, i was warning him to be prepared for some sort of quote unquote, russian disinformation that facebook needed to be on high alert. and so she said that their decision just sensor that story was part of them being on high alert. however, does, of course raise the question of how often this happens, how many times has it by ministration reached out to those social media tech giants and asked them to make certain decisions. and how often have they complied as these
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emails appear to show them? in some cases they were even asking for more and more direction. do the revelations come as a surprise at all? well, with this administration, they become almost more and more expected, especially when you have someone like president by then who gave a speech earlier in which you referred to republicans as extremists. there's a lot of building concern about what his administration has done and what it's continuing to do when it comes to those members of the public that they don't agree with. and it's even drawing some comparisons to a police state like this one. take a list. so that laptop was not censored because it was propaganda. whatever that means, it was censored because it might hurt joe biden. that is the definition of police state behavior. so certainly a lot at stake care and a lot of concerns, especially as we get closer and closer to that mid term election with top social media dance like facebook and twitter are ready saying that they plan to act
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against when they see as misinformation coil dell, further in to the story on go live to new york with legal on media analyst, lionel pleasure to have you on the program today, sir. so deep, we have these e mails showing the link between the biden administration on big tech firms. many, including yourself have claimed previously that that was the case, but does the alleged scope of its surprise even, you know, of course not. but, but what, what surprises me is how people are not going to be reacting to this. let me put it you this way. this is what i asked my french. what have you found out that the government, any government around the world? what did they found? what have you found out that there was an agreement between the postal carrier, the post office, the letter carrier, whoever, whoever brings your mail. what if there was an agreement that says listen, if you ever see anything from this company, just let us know or get rid of it or open it. people would go crazy,
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over mail. this is mail, whoever uses mail anymore. but for some reason, this is what i don't understand when it comes to facebook or social media platforms . people have this kind of a detached, well, okay, wait a minute. this is bigger than the mail. this is a means of communication. this is the oxygen of communication. now what i find fascinating and you know, recently there was as big to do were mark zuckerberg appeared on joe rogan shaw when he was like, oh my god, he even admitted to this and people thought there will be some revelation one. nothing's gonna happen because most people are, are a sleeper in a coma. but what i don't understand is why don't we talk about section 230 of the communications decency act. now the whole idea is i, this is the immunity, this is the, this is the life blood of social media platforms where they said the only way that we can survive is if you guarantee that you cannot sue us for libel and slander. because after all, we're not publishers,
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we don't do anything to send sure what is or isn't being said, we're just a a billboard, a blank slate, a tabula rasa that people write upon. we have no say, no independent editorial input. so please provide us with this immunity. well, that's not true. that's metro. they censure all the time. and what i find even more interesting is, are these, these politicians who do nothing but every 6 months or a year, they'll bring in the usual suspects. drag him into congress, they'll point their finger. listen to me. is zak gerber. by guide, you better let people speak. ok and then all is forgotten. what we're doing is we're the only one just talking about this everybody, the world is going crazy. but the people who can really do something, namely, the congress said, and by the way, government all over the world, you're generously put to switch. you're not doing anything. they're just saying this is terrible. get rid of that immunity threatened it. i mean,
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really put teeth into it and that'll change everything on a related thing to the the attorneys general have no filed a court petition demanding. the justice department provides access to the correspondence to social media companies of even more stuff from the by the administration on the reported demands that they made. do you think that will happen? well, it depends how far this goes and there's a number of road block. second occur, and i could tell you as a lawyer, they could say, wait a minute, all that this is, this is a problem because there is a, this is of a, of an ongoing investigation. and this could affect national security above ababa. so there's, there's a lot of things that could do it, but, but what would be, the most important aspect is if the, the average, the rank and file, whatever that means american citizen or world citizen in every country were to say, wait a minute, we want something to be done for this, i predict, and i'm sorry to say within 3 days of this,
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it will be forgotten. the next issue does your why, because we have the attention span m a nat, and i can't be any more clear about that. we forget all these things. one minute we're talking about julian assange than we forget about him is that we talk about nancy pelosi anti once and then we forget about it. whatever the subject is, 3 days max. it's forgotten. it's like snap check. we have the snapped jet mentality, we say something and is gone. so if we can get over this kind of a system a ties amnesia, i think that would be even better for the world. will light up very me know you miss. it comes right after a confirmation by meta seal. mark zuckerberg got the f. b. i interfered in the 2020 presidential election by pressuring his company to censor, allege russian misinformation on the hunter. biden la top story hall alarming is such states interference. i think in house to be called and i far does a go. well,
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this is this, it, well as you know, historically, this is nothing new. we've had incidents in the past of our own operation, mockingbird, and there's always been a connection between the government and entertainment platforms in world war 2. it was a voluntary move of the studios used to work in con shirt, with the, with the, the, of the allies to produce hole some propaganda. but it was for a good cause. so there's always been this intermingling, there's always been that, but understand the irony of the incredible delicious irony of saying you are involving yourself in misinformation and collusion. and in order for you to stop this misinformation and collusion, we are here by colluding and providing perhaps business information to thwart this collusion. i mean it, it is it, it stretches any kind of credulity that we have. but what's happening is that,
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and this is, might my final comment, i'm afraid that we're becoming habituated to this, that the more we hear about this, the more the citizens of the world say, oh, well, what are you going to do? that's the way it is. i've got nothing to hide, it's a new world. those are the breaks. what are you going to do? that kind of thinking scares me even more top notch analysis, as always from legal aid on media analyst live from new york city model. thank you very much. thank you, sir. arrive big developments in the tech world. the us has ordered a whole to the sale of artificial intelligence chips to china and russia. the order impacts 2 major american, a chip producers, and video, and a m d that's cross lie to our teeth, kill up my pen for more on this. hi,
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caleb. i already see markets down. i can't imagine that companies in question are happy with the move. so what's washington's motivation here? well, ship designer and video came forward on wednesday and said that us officials have asked them to stop exporting to top computing ships that are involved in artificial intelligence, work to china. now this will essentially restrict and prevent the advanced work of the video when it comes to business in the country. things like image recognition, it'll basically prevent them from functioning fully in china. now we've heard from the shiny chinese commerce ministry about this. this is what the, what the commerce ministry of china had to stay on the topic. yesterday. for a period of time, the us has been abusing export control measures to restrict the exports of conduct related items to china with family oppose this long piece now has spoken up and
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said this essentially violates fair competition. and it prevents china to continue to trade on the world market. it impacts the amount of technological development that will be able to go on in the country. china is opposing these new u. s. government restriction. meanwhile, the president on taiwan is coming board and saying that they are looking forward to producing what they're calling democracy chips and coordination with the united states. gigi, antenna taiwan 6 to most cooperation with the united states in the semiconductor. and all the high tech industries look forward to joining in democracy cheaper to save all the interests of all the governors and create greater prosperity. turns out it's all, underscore is the deepening tension between the united states and china and it appears the united states is tempting to essentially weaponized ship markets for
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geo political. and now the results on the stock market have not been good in video stock as suffered as has a m d and others. and so that's the situation we're in. i think the united states is moving ahead with trying to prevent china from having access to certain computer chip technologies. i've heard of freedom fries before, but democracy chips as a new all on me. caleb, caleb, thanks very much for bring this through that are to kill up my pin. okay, some news to bring you before we go. a powerful bluff has rocked a mosque and western of dennis done killing 18 people according to local authorities. the bomb exploded during friday noon prayers when the mosque was packed with worshippers. the preacher who was a well known scholar supporter of the telephone was among the mosques across the country, have been targeted multiple times over the past year with the regional branch of ices, claiming responsibility for earlier attacks. local journalists sent us this report
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from the c. how alyssa did though us today at around noon local time and the car get area of her answer. okay. a powerful bomb exploded in a model. scott, police and eye witnesses said the well known religious scholar movie would chief order him and on sunday was among those killed. the spokesman of the governor of her out said at least 18 people died. police said the bomb exploded, when would she butter him? and on said he was on his way to the mosque for friday prayers that the police have also confirmed that this was a suicide blast. no organization has claimed responsibility for the incident from us to the wrong man another deadly day in afghanistan. now this were relieved. the news for now, but next get ready to board. our brand new nuclear powered ice breaker in the arctic with our tier short dock ice line life flight. again, some moments ah
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ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation let it be in arms. race is on offense. very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk and look forward to talking to you all that technology.


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