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a most inform, some unit, the studies before door. i knew that i knew you started, which can other people not. yes. who's dial rules, things up or could go. we've got what you say a week, but it is i hear because that's what they see miserably when you got a question with conservatism, it nearly was due to me. you should see what i see it. all they gotta do is feed him over the head and just tell him the right way to live near is going to do it as a whole do it before i let you know, the more just if we actually played a shy many decades, i tried to understand why my own credit use use 90 person
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on tuition for position. i'm in some results and i discovered that was very deep or so public since long long time. game in town is a well known journalist and politician. he had the geneva pres club that wrote a famous book, creating lucifer rubia from the great religious schism to anti boot in hysteria, in which he contends the rooster phobia in western europe isn't new, but has been there for centuries. resourceful for big narrative is set on 2 main arguments. one is russia is picked up torture. it was a tier one. the really good side was a tier one during soviet times. and now it's to run you doing to president sure. a lot of times the 2nd phone is worse than expansions russian failure. this is hope the faith is, but this is always the same game. a visit to
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any bookshelf in europe or the us is enough to reveal the strength of anti russian sentiment today, allowed to keep us in short. we are here where europe is crisp on. yeah. you know, some with at the top and you probably like show credits you whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, are style, but don't, we should not say, can you cause injury shoot. i napoleon score daughter, which important which of course of which in general, which was inclusion, but only show a which will be what i'm going to see a doing or not all the categories recently. i mean there is a little brush that's all we will resume, kilograms. he says degrade growth for you out of stating that. for example, these comics about russian history. the country is portrayed as a grim to still be a lead by a dictator. you know, it's typical book written by a sofa big. right. so how mr. jim is described in the book and the howard,
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the story is told. and you can see all the cliches, all the prejudices against russia. and this is a comic about one of the most horrifying episodes in modern russian history, the best land school seeds when more than a 1000 hostages were taken. most of them children terrorists shot the men and the gymnasium, where the hostages were held. wasn't booby trapped when one of the bombs exploded and people started to run away. the terrorists opened fire more than $300.00 were killed. but the comic strip says nothing about the abuse of hostages, all flee, and children being shot in the back. instead, the also blames russia who fired on their own children, no wonder considering that even during the siege many western media refer to the terrorist a separatist, implying the blame does not lie in time with them. the way it used to describe the event was not to speak about that there was so the same as
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a dice noise. felicia, why it is because to the, to learn, not the world because or because a bad rush. i'm joy cool. cuz for the jordan grove out the event, they speak only about russian police and army. if a kid and children can, it was only the 4th of the russian police with guy matter has studied russo phobia in journalism, that cartoonist alga has explored the portrayal of russia through the ages. sadly, the imagery has barely changed in centuries or the budget is different, but as long as that as near norwood diminution as establish it at the toaster. i see it used a balcony to ski, ne jewelry, just because he may see with
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nuclear agrees, even the blessed young friends been you have a choice in the field in get out there. you go there. if guy them last question that i was gonna date in question capacity, schedule a movie or it is always possible from coupling which is about why don't you, why did you drink it? had them so we have some, but if it's a lie that i'm side and don't sound good. yes. now somebody says to with was daughter stuff for the another, nino's dumb somebody. no, no, i'm going to wash. in fact, it began even earlier with a great, closer to excuse him. then real estate lady macbeth, h, glee restoration a failure for since you know, for a very scream or is it will, are you the teachers case to hear that the reshowing for good will in you shall cuz
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there's a view when byzantium fill. ruth declared itself its successor. the pope, even betrothed the last byzantine emperor, is nice to talk event of. they wanted that huge and mysterious country as an ally. he wants it, but it will not level africa that each is almost done. you with all this public human loan sameness of human do. i'm in a store of ship allow but i spoke with another missed i was a big buffalo name, but obviously the ocean, my love for the still pitiful on that was when travellers started to explore russia much was written, but of course the most popular reading was letters from diplomats is to get along to get a bit pain and city. that's a pretty young the me i need to purchase order. can i teach?
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may i wash the word pushing in addition and leave a voice you know that you me c a, b, c, and your stamps? did the letters of the go or special made sure you as a bully. sure. with still jim slab would be publish chest. he goes by david smith here postcard them this week. i'm off now who you know it was lead me to just due to be as i didn't get what ups with bridge here. but the cleaner either plus need the picking but the blow over to them spend it's love with boucher no more do ideas of what sorts give will i still more that you will you sure you show us not going to be the only got the receiver noise you rope we used last week, a new pretty blood girlish for tom was used to it. we're just going to can you
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woods? i mean it goes to dustin's. no, thank you. that number, lose your quote number. would you to that should work across a, who's away mumbled about my cheney your will, your, when i yeah, you got the purpose to little money. and then you want to see the question is that was to run that initial updating a switcher wasn't push grad short of that critical with those skills. last teacher . look, it is a bit out here. this not a no fun yet, but i'm going to store says that a new with them order with you to respond of them order with mika care wraps, clear goes for that is blabbing. you have to stay equal to reported. they would weigh you tease way growing, you switch to the abilities, abuse on news personals that you know to, to issue the issues, luster and, and like spice, yoga, sort of under yvonne, the terrible relations with neighbors deteriorated further. even his name was
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misunderstood, over a position permit you, me a car, kurt, terrible to so trust me. i wasn't roast communicator, ship floors, and a nation grows. me. a new russian roulette has ever been misrepresented as badly as yvonne, the terrible when the laguna war again owes him lithuanians wanted to show their enemy to be as bloodthirsty as possible so that so was the bloody tyrant, a monster on the throne. an orthodox depiction to appeal to other catholic states. if you book a boy on my system, that was the want of guidance work because the metal at the moment can. i wrote a joke to probably one of the people that i am i wish of. but as you were requesting you say july via a d m. all was asking me about a couple of april sufficient. you get the landscape as new vehicles
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regardless. you want to talk to you about when you deal with the whole situation that he's going here. we'll give john a office now, so that'd be great diplomat and much of jerome jose lived in russia for almost 20 years and left a rather curious account with us thought, well, if you will, definitely che blynn. hi, kilograms. teach you originally, these me only go us one more well. so put us through that you'd be she misplaced that, that i used to be. she was way around the drive. got dory. i be she's to lead to the dealership. i believe that what you've sort of had used with other stuff you. she sicily was ideal spoken. i want to substantially screw your she me so please you tribute. the commercialization detail is put in your life, roughly by month will slow and then cooking since will be sure to lean, your new believers will know position you can warranty the if you don't with jerome . mushroom really drew on, but i it's
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a 9. yes. which actually are you still with me processing for those particularly proficiency lee? and yet you more, if you knew here with a new case she was with dish, you know, with the ration like apartment william, crash the river free slowly through the atm on a technology support enough. now some of those can you see of course the actual person you've been display let's you look to a shipper so you can actually see more than one. i see a lot of no good. yeah. normally she'll will have to push and get a minute. should look what they tell you, this was which of those on what you were open issued in the planning on making a connection with national safety commission by having trouble with c. and usually that's again. so went to to cg, chickens way a certain way, but i'm a global science really took my she with when you look on your son bryson. oh jim, you mean you would have the studio room when that was you? she would, you know, going, skimming over the mr. if you got that. i mean, you brushes them, it was less you both way in the middle name with the one what jerome go see,
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but you must get what's called auto zone, which in fact, no garage population was just 50000 them. so killing 700000 would have been a challenge, but these notes on russia were often republished and quoted, even centuries later, similar accounts meant. russia was judged to be dark and savage to europe. but the time was far from the height of progressive humanity. there was more a little a little bit of a while. we see an issue i do it for me is like she is a senior cream. she says more sure. kim is that still due to cynthia girl? always except a from a fill in the way, the more asi business that would facilitate for him to have studied with i'm operational up, up on business, up on some sort of blood people. i should, you must be, we wouldn't be a school. but i mean for must be with the, from the most in thought from the commitment was put up with fed up one. 0 for sure
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. the stuff that we have no problem. labrems with let me check and it was not a problem. oh ah, with a with all ah, it
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ah, [000:00:00;00] a shall be one of us to get a new one or 2, but he also was a what i see the senior bus is the little gear lation says
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a russia would gain knoxville arity under p to the great, and the 1st russian emperor to travel widely, anecdotally when he arrived in the french capital, he said, paris stinks that the stench will be the death of it. under peter, the great russia became a powerful state, which of course, well you are shot was not in the, on the scene before the other laid, but suddenly appear under your portion as i will talk of power in competition we trans. so for the kink on piles was accepted with sensory your modem for. so for the us house is to go falls of them from middleware to the tech guy said he was in the study sca talk across when he was in what that, that's all but i was fortunate that he was indeed he's
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a d a why you guys luca citizen, this, but i'm not sure i will say well enough in the williams up of the writings in fia, but anyway, i will rock who's associate with lucian, introduce the tourism oceania. i'm last quarter belonged to skier, let you know when we have to ship some sort of course one of them must coyer with the what is a positive self. so we will just put using what the new mores with somewhere or warrior, but you already have to pay to reserve for them. not dumb sustainability. is there a wolf, a deep liquid blooming humanly drug? in the words of dorians, form, healing, bloody arms, full, not almost lower, and you store any good about that peter? that he it you with the slow coupler. those will sustain, it usually means unique for control was calling you know, low dishes. and so sort of course we will look sure. or beach from not sure the go always up on them be from a store. can you see the will be a low enough?
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is enough to with grooming along the room with regular sweetly earnest. human person will be on your door and the question will you do to leave the reason you would you would be a reason. it was good to really well, normally a pretty well welcome to for you for your media category, which is unfortunate details. alterra, russo argued over with russia, could be seen or civilized, or just the barbaric and 70 asian. but they mostly agreed that russia couldn't be civilized because it wasn't for us. for francis katie with a sticky, me me know enough friends who have a dish and easy it says minus leaking down the e from legend of a cup with that guy needs to be steve beats. if i thought you meant the thing you seen you to respond like in your our, you know,
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to be scared or is on the phone with going on bruce way from for the family chan that for, for where if she's still here any is the risking peter a lot of his hanging right sex. i know napoleon had to justify his campaign against russia somehow. and peter, the great will conveniently, came to light. it seemed he wanted his ads to conquer germany and france. the perfect excuse for a preemptive strike. napoleon was a few of the as called grab austria, germany, germany a power of good time. and he could not accept that that sow. who is this to him? who is this faith document and form 2 french people, which is things that leash on lawsuits are used to. ready great friends to appropriate for so we have to make a preemptive attack against you. although why is we really go grab
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a minute or is there a couple of years to skimp? russell, i should all compose idea. hello clues, man. re shania error reason assume chung because i'm losing a new ring, a brand new school because they gave me your social steve and you hit them. wish to receive a real blog. terry for news news, moving it over to you or you can shoot me. shirley mac, i can get the food to come in or will move the bid for global domination failed and the french will repelled off to europe. push liberated from the pony and sulky patient. the successful campaign didn't just terrify france,
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but britain to meet them out of the beholder in cor, terry. he asked me if you would like you better in the same fashion in person, in rate where they are in order to get better for them. they can't get the whole cmc. we do not need a training for middle school so that the one i saw before that even though so difficult, but i will have gone home, the wiki on the issues and just give me a solution exploded. but it's more of a bloody fever all night and i will move on little so if you must get a got board group liberals from source of money. and that was even the depot of
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water. but i guess when you're born with us, or if i find a day when i say a booking, especially the loudness of instructional aide to put a bad be worse guy with time. their way i live in some ton of calls popping up who was a tier on though. he cut the heads off, he's in to head on doors in the clothes, but no problem for the british to to have such an ally, you know, again. so it goes by the wash and all the marquee. the christine's book is considered a classic of russo phobia. in 1839. he visited russia. yes. just for cbs. this show knows not as roaches animal cells,
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but not we did it on the slid the way up like you with ddt boy h m. luke significant movement reach. when people sleep is parkway. what did you do me business or the pick up or even though it's a i see. so, but shoe store which shows up, but it started the game, narrowed them, the group gifts around the here we're all good luck when you book it them over. this is the christine can actually relate to payroll place commodities. corley that i use month almost was which of samples to lot the couple requirements and stick for was number was only about your level. do a she must between what where you guys if the cb should be on. so we will not maxime, we said you just an approach and you see a little short green 40 minute mark isn't because in them widest form or she little she was already in a civil. well, like you, what sure would you say dealers, john, with bluish mr. ashley braxton, when they see the story that is pushing it through water list today puddled and it was because when you put on mr. we would, you could put it up. we up must be the police that i started suite from the cheese . that was not what i was like g, we've shoot the computer, we will study,
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you will motion you, but, but his name or not what you should be, she live around with and see what your little posters way traditionally ordinate, but actually sort of way. i mean, it's only has 23rd in the christian period. they tempestuous plan. is this, they sponsor increase it to rupture of shanita should. so pick him came along with the dish of folks with a rationalist to mean. can he be, should say, share a or kritisha early barbarians can live in santa cul, de marquis told his readers, even though he only visited in summer and never knew the chums of a russian winter. his book, a treasure trove of russian stereotypes was regularly reprinted and is still in production, and even now informs many views of russia. yes,
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was dire roast kings up. talk a go we need, especially with will. yep. what it sorry when you, but it is. i hear a story when i need just say that a shilling will totally ethan eula shall, oblique lead years. the state the go. we me use the brain. yeah. but we she lives runyan by bees. young. but that i tried to give an answer and asked me, we have to actually make a busy and i'm waiting for that over when nobody who did. i'm listening to it, you know, you put it in the on with those to play any, even with one of these, those look, initials, i didn't know, but i do have to explore the situation for that. it's a do you think would either worker fucking norwood because you probably are generally a little month of gorgon and i was doing was renew from the college. those story to them because the, the use you pro cheapest, symmetric, atoria would've thought you mirror with with what psycho study to leave them in a studio choice with 2 boyish and they've been very busy and you're still on that.
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you laid so that i did go to korea, st of noise, to your issue with is asia books of the lakes. the yellow so storming up on the got the from you when you choose a shoes. now one creek, right. let me shoot me from use filiette. i'm yes or given the a school that he's short or michelle because he was by be young idea. i suppose if you really see a major italians of e. m to run through woodcock waited to rock springs. christian in the 19th century, bruce, a phobia, moved to germany, a growing empire with expansion plans, and that expansion would be to the east. the pretext was the same as the williams russian imperialism. so for the germans did a historic and the discovery with nice over in russia in philippines century. and they started the new or so for big. they have to
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do love for sort of propaganda and justified the future invasion to future expense in russia. empire, me for german. well, never are so full colonial spirit have to just loved the german more so problem. german propaganda convincingly argued that russians with an inferior race of the country was a dark realm preparing to conquer, all centuries balance. but the arguments never change. i need a little self organize that project. question mark, she is me is karl marx with showing it would be you sure. like a venue believe in calling with the billing you as a motion for luke? i will leave you. my girl was good little girl. a room girl interest or does she do the treatment in the ownership when it sooner for girl through or you must choreo
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blood was speed them you with just me even with me or leave mon goosgo robs the bushes we will assume are genie a must school year, those are all let you grads where you read, you sworn rule or a bus stop short guest by gina was let's see. go to rekey that you don't believe you just get your school. one voice. got a hold of them is to me, mom goosgo list she, lima told them which and just come z show us where she is to be. so we belong the we one year new, the revolution cost resentment among many in the west and the fact that it was in such about very country made no sense. i want to start off with us if you don't mind me. she'll scotty along the dish. some julia studies fuck still. i knew that i knew bushy ki studios can other people not. so i knew that a studio i would say with also part of the price here. sheesh though, especially in his mouth style,
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was kind of the previous dispute. this by shove my bread. well you know, the reason i'm asking you so slightly i'm still be there. you should be where you true. ready? more know which does really the best buy shared with you with anyway, you'll see when you move up, glove will shoot him up somewhere along with your virtue. when you go, when i'm just like us from waiting for the city where loops are totally of those rush left, russia can, i mean i can give you warning 20, at the motion with global floor the shuttle would leverage the only would would display of weight ah, a
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shape out the same becomes the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves will depart. we choose to look so common ground. to day, i'm authorized to additional strong sanctions. foreign companies quitting russia. design 21. thank you. this client atm card to blantan banks disconnected from the international payments system. functional move hoppey journal, donna and euro exchange rates. follow up on a trouble up article go more so, so i wouldn't what are what the committee met that evoke with sure. see a material look a little more supportive in russian business overcome this song. so you know, i bought enough to huddle. she instrument. she just me don't prose voice, bullshit. national, productive notches, steel nash, a miracle. what i see or put themselves when you go, when you would put the employer,
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they've already got any of your mind or discrete them out, but she's open a cost to the group when you, when you're speaking with dr. new person who is a school from a delusion, little booklet lucian includes ah, in the top stories of the week carolina t international fighting intensifies near the russian, held zapata audrey power plant in south east in ukraine. despite the un from the nuclear safety watch. call v i. e, a. visiting that site crashes military started repelled several ukrainian attempts to stole the atomic facility in recent days. these as of regiment captives are now making their way back to the end of the prison. the one that was


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