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tv   Documentary  RT  September 5, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, that's good, the cold water could do me it's but he has to do this is compared to the shop for grades and she is in the world like a boarding student. ah. you got the pleasure of speaking with, but he didn't like the leash sodium and you still more. you had called out of the award me as the little music when you brave lives in
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little of the near ski in your bull here. awesome. come vasquez willie ward. you 1000 a google earth and me shark coordinate really hideous me. she wouldn't yet. oh, i didn't brush speak to the thought good as yet, but he or cole. second was it. why am i to good allison? i grew up. we shall. we jewel, gloom was, is she in the are all was, i mean she stood to buy the ard that year brush will support them. will soul national choose from a world group. thornton is like what lucel's appalled molly bolcko's taxpayer 3 year old. but bill at the neurons reveal the charter, the ivan lashania, but his w. b. o. ship mo at bolted, ah acre with using it on the immuno was a 1st floor, but she did not sleep. they, if she was dis, ah,
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just a loss to leverage was to buddha bless laws. and i said that was a bit of notice by v e. o, which indeed mister hawk is in your mouth? he did h form of cigarette. the girls, the mystery age and was the loudest. so de larosa was shooting me, a nettle, who and it's still really new. it's a good, they used the rooms. what did nuclear complete for a link is starting to annoy or suppose life is when you with a new board number, what is really nice, you mean by me ah, i'm with people
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with bright milestone diagnose and she had the worst of girls this year. those numbers to quinn . yes. oh oh well that the mr. this is miss polly. but sidney? pardon me, what the status with it now wash,
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pollock or what was in you're not you're not sure what your sponsor should run like the lighter shampoo with north your conclusion was yes. ah, with what the water loss was this the guy
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with with the new mind with the machine. yeah. you're done with a new i just i got all the was just a little bit stuck with me. not too much. so one moment that i was pretty low, yes, we shall brown, my god, what not go away from me and they retired. teachers took a clean up until when he made the annual process. so she really thought my little boy interesting, except the cold water for donald music on the chairs were wrong, but come with a community chair because he was still working near will hold me post personally and you were sort of deal it was for the place to live to cook with the pin the last on the issue on the hud. you hoarding with student orient along with us for some time, longer cibola. we wish you
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a solution for me and the more sociable finally on the problem is the money's on board. are you photos williston, what lot of the noise really tell me a little bit into the hillock roof, but mill, can you read us loose from your phone with bloomberg most but those are the costco, so thank you my long the gosh. monitor those one was shocked. at the, at the museum there, move on to q when the unfair hope us to discuss it with the vision. you know, for sure. the, the motion for the good will this and they'll have it in your swear you off the bus fire. yes. or who was want that with them, but i did i, when you're still she'll but alex now will have symbol. he will know who has
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insurance of thought and in this nation who might still 100 and we put symphony x as in india. what's last night? oh gosh, a little bit. when you start, we will show it he or cello, linna, seagly, about the non spill, or thought that though at some west rush there, sure a middle initial appeared that ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, tis machine, he did that at least of my bill is all new. the who you to in the front here, the condition, human oscar, girly or as with a kiss through, oh no less what. what are you know?
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yes, we have a new a school which they are a years, but he is new there today named for to get to burn with burnett not sto, marybeth. booker journalists. of sure can you've sealed us? oh, good bit. then of course i put a few tricky. we later to we have to really embarrass new can 30th the but dear to joy, him there by the the way, ah, with much winnipeg getting ready to cut, mogley teachable. everything's all in a concert of them is beautiful women. she's dumb for the back of the you. sean lula . come the light comes out of there. ah, but don't come to us. no,
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ma'am. my soldier, e. c h. i thought, you know, got on your mac bye at the moon. she just moved in with my uncle by nixon. let him die is lulu. ah, no picket comes up by that artist. but as many law dashing in north got the leach, so a t suit, lots of good ordering enough widget supposed to watch him on his fragment that i mean at the better gospel, she thought said the crash, the doors are low. let us follow guides, consult them on the mustang mm. at the range from us to what the ship posted on the polish
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of love room. we feel seems to be equity. miracle buffers up your company. at the la shambria. ne. i taught class or shown up front. i think that she somebody at the nice elephant ocean front watching that i'm good. let me, let me look. i took away my produce as a hipaa cut ocean broke. i didn't use hilton or chicago to kill ideas via brutal disorder. did you order biscuit? dorothy bush reach us bus with georgia or my as emiliano insurance, though is yet young as was not for easy maria. yaga shay you receive yan yesterday? im lewis, our daughter watch coastal richard schultz. i will go what that she what that bureau han yet she will now so or yeah you you need to one us to plan. yeah. i you read your room for a year or visit. gosh demeria to with my sister passed mysteries,
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mother unusable. why don't we just do my horror stuff here to watch units, but he's got boss nice done. us your buffer shift to worry about for yourself to lou. does a corner for just a few more. yeah. but it was where you heard me barky up either those for you heard me, but i shall to william ross volume. deborah, i knew he outdoors or missed his name in your video or your mortgage crowds look sad. sure. ah, he does go to what fiction come mostly to list me and we i watching cut, osha, dog feet, cutting the flesh because she would have to show up because of a d on here. we're pretty much still new to put fluency damage now. well, you might, if what you bought, that your vote here pretty much that the years i've never been decide on property.
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you miss burton one which let me know or guy away. most thought to load so her sure . even to the coin watching the front. her lay of that now below a petition. i know you're the one supporting me. human dish though, to simply put a show you when you were able to reduce that what it is ah,
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when i was showing wrong, when i was just a shape out, this thing becomes the advocate and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. 2 yes, if the deal good i think is 70 percent of even 80 percent of so be below for why in the future say i want to approach and it means i want this best buy this one.
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me not a toyota. we say a boss slowly. so and then we'll proceed with ah, would you be to know what period you did is what had obvious finish line previous gonorrhea from missouri to the you know, brought us were body home just literally only 39 years. cook, actually her story, give it a parish lot, various can sub at all that exert cooper. sure. what bumps ch of now who used to have good phones go on the dish or are you home?
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yeah. put the kid that he love is all ah, a go to the months from verbal nitrogen to thought cities or do you studio a dentist that also no more but he's of sterling rules that go for kiss air. that's a nuisance. sure, your castell, is there money, get them not politically shipped, that again, it's lisa, he had no get his shorter than that. okay. and he did potential me it and get it is cuz i'll just put her new happening. my get a shing album as a co lamps. any mom with i'm with them belcher and i came across his casale. can you switch around with them? she at. i want the ragged forged thing. i didn't get them. when i go, i still owe
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a certain to tv music when your boat overt plug to he will a good that he of them or store and then you 3 or what, but it's, well, we're swim milam in with us dealing much america horseshoe to 2nd to a, get it from revenue 7, the customer idea marker, what people will up or michelle, cuz the minute there are many, 3, a storage. and again, the video is content issue. i'm with poor said we judge the on the starboard. the district were speaker thinker. they show up steel to pay just one more day. mean. yep. you wish i thought i thought that she had to work with it for you for you. mind. yeah. see what kinda issue are you? long gonzales kirkwood north vicki quinn wanted me to work on this because i
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need to go know move the quote on still repeating what good bonus for sheer geometry us dollars before i got on fetch was she responding to the 100 bit chilly? it's a bright, strict dr. media network with the bullets and name. but don't will, did the woods should be the media city was familiar with this meaningless character . and that was my choice for your norfolk to nor you we for the you see chelsea more father and so i was to renew bedroom. us. could you describe with the not that we've seen and nor mean or but resume like somebody generally and then on the do the educate us them even though they haven't with dish and does that to the c chest i had them. oh yeah, definitely. so injected america to me, god, if somebody slows and i already know what the lucy,
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they get aged to. thank you with kimberly mozilla butcher. i mean, yeah, jim, good any, by the way in the beginning, i'm a guy, a little little girl ill just picked up it and get a when i was a bully at that or start them symbol am ago a school should they wouldn't get away. classic is cashandra cited at that jump to go any somebody bug g she said, but i'm we will. hello this diane customer? yes. yes. yes. my gosh the, she wouldn't much possible. a dishonor block on another is garrander with ah,
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a mock she's been on dodge of chicken. i'm going to chat like a 1000000 bucks with the music i wanted to follow. ammonia won't allow the volunteer to pay. you believe that he kept getting a concert and out of chicken some good, but she knew couldn't upscale him with with me and then sell all move through fuzzy. it's a rainy you do much when you choose eniela santiago shows. i mean was yeah, i mean, what are you doing for a lateral? i knew she is still playing my. i'm more happiness. i blush out. my you, prince, you've been fine. you more is it. we can do much to see just in your prov norion, you hit the garage when you might use to narrow it down. you do, which in dover,
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you from 1st you not only approach you lost on you don't cause a nonunion us rule that you do my you wish to signal with a quiet machine you watching risky random from surrealist, you know, friendly not older total price quarter note you guys will just point and you took version or? yes, mr. chest? no ups. good. ah, not, i need to your termination. i your form in your, on your chin. get some lawyer. i do my door. so at the parking lot. ah, parker can, you must be back in a new move. set them up on good through the process. will you be able to be,
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be keyed, see good through it. so, so nice the perfect kind of new berlin, sarah, which would normally bar early mullin, your neo chic school will. you shows a good boy with almost us with the kid schoolyard that up with her. there on the she had some more thought the bell would. she'd have squarely 1000 fdr, $3000.00 and we're good that we're we're oh, it could be, but the good thought get the price when did oh pull it out. no, because of i'm yeah i'm when i'm guessing purchased and buy it as a country. i think you're cheated. ship or chesapeake another quick. ah, come go. yeah, yep. black our cars, the dean here, but on the to can the children. can you much? good lord. good. the blue book of blooming up and finish it. but my guy, li, boberski, v underscore from yeah, i bought the letter that most of them been coming up in digital cameras. none of
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the makoto church ask them, come near parish, our papa in when you have the ability to my car. so bring english the bush that the summer about the sky achieve, click on your m w at the one chicken mandel here by feeling that brings me to lunch to little a patio launch number. and if it ample me, i'm gonna put it in. and my is all matched and the you know, in the state, so i took that against call him on his police, didn't go to public. look at the convention. they did the what picking up shows that sort of credit shows or anything it's but of but i was go well and we'll get all your buttons that can which gets more through through the budget. and
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i don't know, i wouldn't done that. fletcher left thea able over football. ah more give it a deal? no it is a while and knowing don't just them. i would rather know game when jo sugarloaf is a fiesta, can reach out there, i thought you were going to use them guys the order on was, you know, brought in for a good story with the want on moody. i didn't stay up there and i got to the wedding doesn't know, but don't cheat is music when they are older. you. what do you want? now, with financial thorsten here, we're doing a real issue with the
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media. didn't show you the doors on the center through my chelsea. you dealing with nice show nick doing is now food are nice. i mean is my live home record needs a copy is when you because all so it's good that they use water. holy shirts. i me if that come with the dental spa style, what bitterness the color stay on the you. you can 3 room to to chat with the one that is all. yes, a container will edgy
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a lot. of course. i know what it much quicker i will show room. she knew she wouldn't like because they went the closest about them for me to go to college on this question, which informally will be cut off introduce i will need you to know what to go over the willow limit dash in your book was anybody walking me through this, i'm going to get
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a check for the video and send us an ocean with which and number from those to close to the last with a leave. welcome, which is fine. so it doesn't really knew what we needed in order to show us the database. i don't know how you know that we are the case energy the me
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i me because of the mobile a good number to pull news. oh, she just always, you know, got on a macbook log, potentially logo flow serrado. she would have to come to his to produce share, east. but i mean, she thought tv a totally sticky or torture, but all skilled enough. i didn't this jacket open, you ah, jail should you to look worth all that we really knew said william, well, cuz i just see how it goes. so when i go to know those children, jesus, it's been. yep. because his report on your job is to lock the will some really concrete up by charity near below. oh, and you will another he which has a
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1000 you loading up. and you might, you to post them. dod gyla guild look and saw the produce you would you like double by saturday? bill beecher g e is not sto, fortune us. it does look pretty nice at the store foot shit. but as we'll shut off senior. ah ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic, development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very difficult time time to sit down and talk ah, ah mountain as well. yeah. wow. give easy. wow. for oh, yeah. or you know, it's a one slide yes. south. yeah. thrashing out with a new dock. awesome. but you know, watch them for me. that'll pull up. i'd beat them. yeah. bull video from sure. let me just kim's room for the video. it's the why fi ela? a yes. my vote or jane in that it again the or fortune very up. my be
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a lot of all this morning just not a a with to russian diplomats. they work as a confirmed, killed along with 5 other people in a suicide bombing outside moscow's embassy. and the afghan council. couple a nuclear power plant comes under a fresh round of ukrainian shelling, according to local officials, with bombs falling near one of the reactor as well to inspect the i a, a remain on site. 10 years supreme court confirms the election of william root who


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