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ah, desirable again, that the new garza is an old dom, up all mutable, upright beacon there is similar bulgaria, from sheila, of your skin room, thoughtfully says the worth, eula. a bianca? yes. my thought was an invalid. again. did you fortune bri up my beloved about it? with such financial? ah so fine affairs of the central african republic soviet by port timo. thank you so much for joining us on our tea. what is your opinion of how the relationship with russia is developing? la la la relations with the russian federation,
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our relationship of bilateral corporation that has its own history, our nation's independence, was gained within the context of the cold war in a politically polarized, toward the central african republic. like any other country, chose her ally. because at the moment we were just in a situation where we had freedom neutrality, independence, we also had the opportunity to make our personal choice. and since independence a direction has been taken in which the central african republic and the russian federation have established diplomatic relations of cooperation. the embassy of the russian federation in the territory of the central african republic has existed for decades. and it has never closed its doors, various situations and live circumstances have led us to decide to intensify our cooperative relationship. and these ties are still strengthening. we intensified our relations within the context of the security of the central african republic, which was in a very troubling situation and required urgent intervention. and we,
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the russian federation and the central african republic plan to continue this work of strengthening and consolidating. because everything we do is, 1st and foremost for the population security is important, but we're trying to build stability through these security issues to enable us to strengthen our important partnerships in terms of economic development. and i would say social excellence. and that's all for all peoples from the side of the central african republic. we wish to be a strategic partner like any other partner. it is important to have such bilateral partnerships. we must grow together. will feel this need to strengthen corporation in relation to economic development, to take advantage of the experience and knowledge of the russian federation in certain areas, such as industrial development, trade, another issues, you see the situation and the central african republic. we want to learn from others. today, it is a sparsely populated country with considerable space. therefore, it's very important for us to have a partner. we need an engaged partner who will stand by our side,
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who understands our needs, understands, or respirations and who understands our desire to achieve certain positions that lead to economic development. all this is to meet the needs of our population with when it comes to education and health care, even in the 21st century, we are still in a situation of insufficient medical infrastructure and educational institutions. so we want to nurture this elite of the future, who will have the potential to support the country, show it the way take on the leadership, needed to enable the central african republic to reach the place on the international stage that it needs. and it deserves saucy. why do you think the growth of russia's presence across africa over the last decade? so frightens the western states and lab results? introduce you to present. i think the central african republic is in a situation today where we have to focus our attention on overcoming our personal
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difficulties at the international level, there is geopolitical and geostrategic tension because at the moment, the opinion of africa in general, and the central african republic in particular is ignored, we make great efforts to be heard. we want to be heard. and most importantly, we do not want to given the decisions made after the cold war to find ourselves in a situation in which we will not be able to make choices like others. the world is playing a g, a strategic game that we do not want to be associated with, simply because today we do not have such an opportunity, but it must be admitted that the well needs every one's experience. thus, the presence of the russian federation in africa given the situation and the central african republic is a necessity when ne, top and doors to new partners who are ready to come and help us. the central african republic could serve as a blueprint for a reorientation of african states on the world stage. in what way does this benefit your country or ketone crew?
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it is time for the central african republic, an african general to turn their attention to their own needs, needs in relation to government. if we go back to the issue of government, because there are governments in the west and this muddled can not always be simply copied because we have a different population. we have a different history, even if there is some kind of connection. and besides, we have a different way of life. we have a different climate in the central african republic. we have good weather all year round. so we do not stay at home or population, spend much time outdoors. we have a different life. whereas in the west, there are periods of extreme cold and people spend most of their time in doors. i would say that our people are more open. we'll live with other people with our relatives and loved ones. this is a world where there is a lot of contact. this also needs to be taken into account. actually, we need to consider, well, what we want taken into account are characteristics in order to know how to move forward. for example, when we talk about democracy,
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you see that the time democracy today, i think needs to be resort. admittedly, this is an obsolete time to day. because on the one hand, we're talking about democracy. but with all this, many countries into fin, the affairs of our country in the name of this democracy. what right, does anyone have to decide that he knows better? what is good for others? if he's thousands of miles away, doesn't live here and does not see the daily suffering of these people. but he thinks for them, it's by the notion of independence. we can not remain in a situation of moral or intellectual or any other dependence, where people to partnership sneaks, take this into account. and that is exactly where the central african republic is seeking. i do not saying there is a person who knows everything better than any one else. each person has knowledge in his field. there is always some one who knows more than us in some other area. therefore, we must work together and treat each other with respect. everyone has their own
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interests because that's the way the world is. we live in a capitalist world. it must be admitted that this is so and is such a world every one protects their interests. thus, it must also be recognised that another country has the right to protect its interests, the interests of its population on one, just like any other country. it has its own interests, but it's necessary to find this neutral zone. buell, which we have the right to protect what belongs only to us. how do citizens feel about the fact that the government is not western orientated yardage should? yes, i would say that the population today needs their government to pay more attention to their own people. as i have already told you, we face our own difficulties as a government. we can not fail to meet the expectations of the people and prioritize solving other situations. people have no idea that we did not support anyone. we
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have our own problems that take up a lot of our time and we do not have the right to talk about the problems of other countries. because for this, you need to be able to say, i did this at home, and this allows me to speak for others. i think that to day, the feelings of the people contain a desire to have a government that speaks primarily for its people represents the situation of its people on the international stage represents on the international stage, the defense of the interests of their country in the face of the west, in the face of all over the world that the central african republic takes his place in the group of nations in order to protect festival, the interests of the inhabitants of the central african republic. and even in this complex geopolitical context, the government of the central african republic must look after the interests of its people. it is important to monitor the impact of this geopolitical context on the people in order to be able to find a solution in order to negotiate on this international stage about solutions in the interests of their people. who instead of relegating central africa to
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a sideshow in a major geo political contest, western countries are now targeting a serious partnership on equal footing with major powers, now jostling full influence on the continent can the waste when back the central african republic i did was civic or we're yes, you know, we're no seeing how within the current situation in the world, africa has become in demand. recently, they began to come often from different places. what i regret is that africa is not focusing on itself. it's necessary that looking at what is happening today. we understand that, oh, this need africa much more than africa needs the west coast, because many people really need africa to guarantee the superiority of their power . this is what we're seeing at the moment. you know, if you invite your neighbor to you, he will not impose his lifestyle in you just because he will come to visit you. he will adapt them if he doesn't like it,
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that's another matter. you need to make sure that he feels comfortable but does not forget that he is not at home proceeding. ah, i. 2 that the deal good for me to say, i think is 70 percent of human, 80 percent of soviet people over why serbia in to me if you say i won't go through tonight he got it means i won't this best them. but this one, me not a toyota, me, sale boss, luisel rolon, l o c on those it
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a day becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. i want to with this with you, i is with you. i'm with
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wage and still with from beach still easy for this patient in the board with
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with how did the population welcome the russian military instructors let, let me know if you need to consider this issue in context. the population was very pleased with the help and support of the russian federation, because we're in very difficult situation in which the central african republic meets significant port. you know that this is a period of crisis of survival. a situation where you can't swim and you drown, and you need alive guard to throw lifeline at the right moment to get you out of the water. and in this context, the population of the central african republic feels the gratitude of the russian federation, simply because russia under sued the dramatic situation that the country was in. and it did not hesitate to come to our aid and tickets network with it,
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without placing any conditions to help with stick our heads out of the water. we need to try to several ice, the situation in the central african republic to normalize certain things. and to move the central african republic from this last place, which it occupies in the international classification of what it is slowly climbing, because the potential of the central african republic is huge. and we need to support to stabilize and resist the enemies of the world. we also have a tend to friend who will assist us in developing our potential. we must not forget our history because it's important to know where you are from to know where to go and to be able to store achievements in terms of our well being. our peace of mind, we see what's happening in europe right now. the situation shows that anyone can be at the center of a conflict and africa has had many conflicts. africa must understand the need to cherish the gains for peace. i think this is important because of history. african
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history in general shows that what we're doing today is the struggle of our old people for independence. this is true, but who also fought for an african union. it didn't happen. and in a speech by birth, elemy baganda proclaiming the central african republic on the 1st of december in 1958. he already warned of this. only large unions can survive moments of instability and we'll see it today. we see solidarity at the level of europe in the face of upheaval, hardy. this is also the vulnerability of africa. the continent has not yet ready to resist. there are still too many isolated places that leave us vulnerable. well, together we will be much stronger. have the foundations now been laid for a permanent relationship with you to partner? now, at the moment the partnership is quite strong and well established. we need to continue to work in other areas. but you know, there's a central african republic has a huge number of problems,
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a little bit of everything. we have to deal with many issues at the same time. the russian federation also has its own set of problems. but despite this, we are moving forward and i think that in this situation, one should not confuse speed with haste. we need to build a little, and that's just what we're doing. so we've already established a contact that's come up in connection with the provision of security. but we are also working on aspects of economic corporation and developing them. our sexual structures are fully involved in this, as well as the sexual structures of the russian federation. and we have established the contexts and are having many meetings. this is being done under conditions where we deal with several topics at the same time. we have a great desire and we're working to strengthen the economic corporation. because you know that the world today is driven by the economy. that all the conflicts that exist in the well today have one explanation when these are economic interests. embargo yes, lasha played an important role as you know,
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in the lifting of partial human sanctions against the central african republic. how useful was the russian assistance in this respect with the we dodgers was his ego. yes, i also take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the russian government, to the entire team of representatives from russia in the central africa republic. and because we have worked shoulder to shoulder to ensure that the security council, here's what is happening in the central african republic. and it was wonderful support from the russian federation, who helped us to make the voice of central african republic heard the ra armed fractions. they are the enemies of the world. but we have a government at once to the best of its ability to bring peace to the central african republic. the sanctions imposed on the government are ineffective and unproductive since 2013. this gun band has been in place and what happened. it turned out that it only few would the armed groups, them after this battle with the support of the countries that showed their
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attention to the central african republic. we were finally able to get the arms sanctions lifted up. would they no longer apply to government forces, for example, regular troops. thus the army had the opportunity to acquire equipment, like any other armed forces in order to protect. it's their role to protect the population and territory of the central african republic. and this is an important achievement, because from that moment on, the on troops saw that before them was a country that no longer had limits in its ability to have an army. regarding such de, terence, it is very important because this cycle with armed groups is also explained by these sanctions. this is true even for the common men. when you out of jealousy, you are a lack of morals. want to go to take something from someone. you will be where you will not go to attack a person who is in twice as big as you twice as strong as you. you will think twice
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before going for it. yes or no. but if there is an opportunity in front of you to get what you want, and in front of you as a person smaller than you, smaller in size, who does not seem to be very active, you will attack this person. and this has been the case in the central african republic. the armed groups will think twice to day anymore. they are no longer fueled by the cycle that allows them to armed themselves. and wes come here to mind the natural resources of the central african republic. and then by weapons from other countries, by dani and know in neighboring countries because neighboring countries did not manufacture weapons or to then come here and attack the population of the central african republic. this is a vicious circle that leaves us in a very difficult situation. both humanitarian and political in a situation of vulnerability and under development. this is an important message that we were able to get heard in the security council, thanks to the support of the russian federation. who is our partner in our
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strategic partner, and also a friendly country because it responded to the consents of the central african republic? has the presence of russia had a positive impact on the economy appraisal? so do you see it is important to have a presence that at depth to the last style of the population. and here you can feel the effects, those who donated furniture so that the children could learn. because without the standard of living, we cannot buy it. it is very expensive for the population, at least here in the central african republic. it's important to actually stabilize the situation, the country, so that all this work that we're doing to get the economy going can be, fell to the population level. you can see that construction is under way, but the impact is not yet felt so much for the population. there are things of the cultural level that are being done at the moment, but there is still this instability, as far as security is concerned. because i assure you that the huge crisis of 2013
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was something that actually affected the population of the central african republic . and in order for it to recover testability, it takes time and we are working on it. we're on the right track. the conflict and your claim has affected many african and middle eastern states as the global food prices have increased. how has it impacted the central african republic and how many food insecure people all over in your country? lemme back to the fact of ukrainian conflict on the situation and the central african republic was most in the area of inflation deficit. this is 1st of all, food prices and shortage of all types of fuel. there were big difficulties and there are still as the conflict continues. this is a sad situation because in the central african republic, we have been fighting against violence for decades. we're fighting to preserve the
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integrity of the central african republic. these are questions that we have been putting on the table of the united nations for decades, as far as the observance of the un charter is concerned. and today we have are a guarantor of peace in the security council, which is intention. so we're wondering if this is a moment to we think, to reform the security sector because with conscious b spectators in this situation. i know that the african union is working hard to resolve the situation on this issue. but what is needed? i think as these moments is a multilateral intervention, so that all parties can express their opinion, we can no longer remain in the situation where decisions for the entire world are made by a team that does not really know what's going on outside. because we are africans until came out of the african performance is we have a lot of our personal problems. we have been talking about these issues for decades . previously, these were armed groups to sit around, we have had
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a revolution to day, it is terrorism. and we haven't solved all the problems. and today, where we had a source of motivation, the solution of conflicts, big conflicts that were saw in europe. the 1st and 2nd will, was these a conflict in europe that left cause in the face of the world and africa took part in this. it made a choice based in its believes and bellies. i can only speak by the central african republic, where there were men and women who took part in the conflict. and since then, the central africa republic has been in a situation of constant conflict. i don't know how many years have passed, and they're still talk in the central african republic about armed groups. and now it's 2022. now we're talking about the hardest. we have g hardesty, of the central african republic, and we have no interest in remaining in a situation of vulnerability. we are building coalitions to fight against terrorism
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. but it does not make sense if you do not close the source of funding for them because everything will continue. so it's important to listen. listen to the voice of africa. what is the voice of the central african republic and support? we need to support with our conditions. we are a legitimate government and the friends who come here come to support the legitimate government in its struggle. we must fight against armed groups together so we can move forward. we may not understand some things, so we need friends. they came to help hers and have helped us build roads because they have the industry that can do that. but we can't have enough sustainable businesses to rebuild roads because we're in a constant conflict with aren't groups. instead of devoting time to building enterprises, training engineers, road builders. why not use the experience and knowledge of others were you and this is the support we need. this armed crisis shows that we need to reform the fundamentals in order to guarantee peace and international level. the consequences
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of this conflict are quite complex because the whole world is suffering. it's not the government that suffers, but the people and this is the source of the reproduction of weapons. we can not fight with all large termination against terrorist financing against arms proliferation. and on the other hand, do things that are contrary to the text that we're signing with. when need to be aware of this, we must look at ourselves agree together at the table, where all sovereign countries and we must respect each other as such, gonna discuss the situation in the well together. we belong to the world. if you can say that the central african republic as the last country in the world classification, because if it's not considered its voice is not listened to in order to find a solution in the world, it doesn't make sense to classify us according to the international classification if you do not agree that we participate in decisions that are relevant to the whole world. madame foreign minister, thank you so much for joining us here on auntie. thank you. thank you very much.
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to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. very katy killed time to sit down and talk oh the little people i think is 70 percent of even 80 percent of serbian people are productions. but you know, you cannot make it like a person or like something that you, you know, number people who come to the book and then you make inclusion. the pro russians are not.


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