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tv   News  RT  September 6, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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a good time with a with eastern economic forum and its 3rd day with the russian leader vladimir putin expected to speak of the plenary session with other global officials later today. ambiguous and unclear russia's envoy for the year and expresses frustration over and i a report on the project nuclear plants. it fails to mention any shelling of the facilities like year with the follows are done yet. tank battalion as it goes after ukrainian artillery. this
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belief of hits civilian areas are correspondent, almost gets hits himself yet another explosion were still writing in the basement of this world, another residential building still waiting for a chance to leave with a very warm welcome to you. it's just gone for i am in the morning in the russian capital line, peter scott, and wherever you tuning in from welcome to the program of the eastern economic forum as entered its 3rd day in russia's far east with the president vladimir putin expected to speak at the plenary session with other dignitaries from around the world. now, there were already some pretty big announcements during the forum with machine guns from and chinese national petroleum corporation,
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agreeing to switch gust payments to the national currencies instead of dollars. dialogue between india and russia also proved extremely successful with significant economic cooperation. underlined under conflicts and ukraine will inevitably pop up at today's plenary session with them through 10, although it won't be among the main topics of discussion that's according to a kremlin spokes person. we can now cross live to our fees on, on a boy co who's on the forum and is with russian foreign ministry spokesman. murray is the heart of it to discuss the complex global political situation with ethics on . can you tell us a little bit about day 3 of the form? yeah, peter. good morning and i'm very sunny morning from the law. so care because you know, the weather is changing enormously fast here yesterday we were in the eye of the storm with gusty winds, very strong waves, and today they saw that shining back on us. and i think that's also a bit of
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a metaphor for how quickly the environment here in the far as this changing. i want to remind you that this, then you'd be instant economic forum was conceived back in 2015 with a double goal of stimulating rushes, domestic development, as well as kick starting, and furthering russia cooperation with its east to neighbors. it's 2 prongs trying to do that seems to be paying off why handsomely creating the snacks is between logistics, calling me trade on the one hand and foreign relations and diplomacy. on the other hand, there's hardly a better person to discuss diplomacy in foreign relations here at the summit, at least in the absence of lie to me put in who is expected to make his appearance a bit later on in the day than murray is a hot a spokeswoman for russia for in the 3rd ministry, the 3 good morning maria. happy to have you with us
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folks. folks, gender number. why? thank you for calling me for folks who me and not number 5 or something like that or. yeah, but i hope which ok about the what i prefer it can be very exact because i do not like double meal that we're seeing everywhere. it's just not bad. certainly there is no doubt about the past. so you don't have a said i have a woman grill and maybe we can move to the questions since russian lama see for decades and for centuries has been good at conducting negotiations. that's what we've been very good at. but right now we're in the content that is sort of unique in this respect because we have a concept with
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a brotherly nation. it used to be, was a brotherly nation problem. and what is, in your opinion, is there any chance for negotiation was happening between russia? rain given the repeated statements made by watching. yeah, that's a very big question. you asked several questions really. so i can just answer your question about the talks. the brotherly nation is not our enemy. they try to become them to make them our enemies. impose some like doodle values on them, some anti russian ha sentimental ann arbor that my brother is they actually really big, right? use him. okay. so we're talking about the people if we're talking about democracy. and so my question is, are we talking about democracy here or not in this question is directed at our
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western partners lee. and if we're talking about democracy, people can just have one point of view, especially if we're talking about some fundamental issues. and the people of ukraine is go by and not just 8 years ago. but even before that, they've voted before i say, the president who wanted to have friendly relations with russia and other countries . but they did not want to have a confrontation with russia. and we even didn't even talk about through. so phobia in the context of ukraine, they were against freezing their relations with our country. and to those candidates, anybody dismissed with america that i'm looking newkirk i dismissed is a soft word gentlemen, because in some places, you know, many of those got, well, yes, i mean, you know, negotiations are not on the international level. the governments are negotiating,
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as it's like was said, the majority of the people in ukraine for many years. this is anthony chills, exodine as their representatives and president people who were not allowed to take a power because of the, with the who did todd or when the west interfered. or even if they were allowed to take off, as they were still removed from office later forties. okay. it, is it worth trying to make any deals with 3 g morning for russia, given the men's agreement to conduct the talk of russia said okay, you want to, we would take this step towards you. oh andrew lee did agree to the talks, i think was april 16 when we were sent our proposal the order. but i, i reaction to their proposals and then nothing was a big scene. it proceeded from boys because i live washington just said,
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no. russell said, no, let's not talk right now. let's see how a military, i mean, ukrainians. you have left at school until the last ukrainian. how are you figure it out in europe. where are they in range? you know, they are all over the world. they're trying to recruit ukrainians and citizens of other countries through their embassies. i don't know until the last you either a little cranium doesn't have any meaning because even if they run out of ukrainians, they will bring other people and say that they argue premiums, as he knew with his annoying company. isn't it obvious that russia does not want to prolong his conflict? how can we set off bad? i'm sorry, i'm just trying to was media this after 8 years of his work on that. it's yes. got this pro long to conflict. doesn't benefit anyone?
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yeah. it just had to be stop, it had to be a result. that's why i'm with the special meal liter apparation started. and now the west is doing everything. it can to prolong it to change it to all graphy and do everything within their power. as before. my president of the united states. so i'm head as son of the former, another former president of the united states. george bush, a junior junior, excessive i think in the politicians from other countries. i think they just wanted to. i think they just. 5 want to prolong a jordan senior when the senior a is also the husband, tell the wife of my president of the states of america mention now to collect with a nonetheless, when the soviet union was a dissolving. and i see school yet. and i did say that you were concerned with
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what will happen to the new for arsenault in russia. certainly. well, the concern before i bought the nuclear stock wiles in the soviet union was present after i were done with the soviet union and with it for part. then hillary clinton actually confirmed that officially and she voiced the amount of money that the united states of america spent on any of the machine off the soviet union. the yes, certainly, there were reasons for this to dissolve domestic reasons and not on that all the channel reasons. so, yes they were there, but there's international law that prohibits. so it's external interference in the united states never upheld that law. they use those internal contradictions. not to
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help us get out of the crisis. couldn't apply to their benefit so you can but keep doing that and it seems like i don't really or even think about their own safety. because for the 1st time in his like to read the conflict, a guy brightening feeling and real nuclear power plant station coupled with an an object which can deliver a tragedy to everyone was like, yeah, the united states of america is not thinking about it. because this country is across the ocean and they are really cruel, hold headed, and they're basically sacrificing their nato partners and stuff with. and they are basically provoke in this nuclear disaster have. i'm in the process. i used to be really sound politicians in nato that he's not everybody i thought of that
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has been removed. and now the people that are running those countries, they're not really but politicians whiskey. and they are just nobody's. but it's also, or seeing hello london has the great expression. i know it all with no dolls. wonderful. that i who are there for one of the flights here may be like 18 months if they do some dirty work and then they leave. these people are not politicians, they are not serious about leaders. i know that it is a basic instance or one only thing that is with winter is coming. what self preservation instinct are you talking about? they just cut off all my possibilities. old potential for getting top quality cheap energy fuel in the winter and not oh,
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european countries are warm in the winter and the countries on both of them. and even if, if it's a southern country they will freeze in the winter because there will be no here. what, how many have to do could right and the, what i'm was a movie, this is a boy in serious medical in case that it before. but it certainly you will be able to watch it, observe it, it will be an interesting case study. that's what with basically self preservation inc. thank is working in the regular people who are taking to the streets now asking their governments what are you doing to us. i'm with thousands of people 70 thousands of people in the. 0 czech republic in germany that they take to the 3. i me, right, nuclear club. well, stations that have been closed in germany because,
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you know, why? because of the green movement. say somebody who's, you know, they insist it and who is behind who this green movement. it's the united states of america through their angie. oh, so i suppose the people that begin to ask questions, how are we going to survive? but they get this answer. we're good german foreign minister said, so we don't pair. so we're talking about responsible politicians. she said, we don't care what the voters think. this is unheard of. i wouldn't democracy book prescribes, ignoring the opinion of the voters. i want to say a bad words, but they basically ignoring it with their voters a think that's not democracy, that's a totalitarian. saved with rebel with talent, erin state, and i think that's what we've been observing for many years and, but i would like to get back to the other question because i wanted to talk
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about these approach a nuclear power plant. is it worth skip other examples of what can be called terrorist attacks on the territory of dawn and florida territories controlled by russia. i think that warrants perhaps placing the united current offer it is on the terrace officially because this is an important decision that i didn't know if you talk and the state sponsorship of terrorism, that legally speaking, we do not agree with it because there are certain legal explanation of why we do not accept this wester notion because even though but as for the methods that they're using, are in this as well as her aberration and get them in the methods, excuse him, that he's get his embrace and just the things that they claim beautiful,
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their ideology course with that is basically terrorism. in some cases that could be considered terrorism. so it's, but it's just more of a legal issue on that in some legal things that should be applied here. but what they do, and especially around as upper as your nuclear plant, that is terrorism, basically that's threatening with nuclear disaster. remember zalinski in munich and february, mid february, even before the beginning of the special military operation. the he told the west, ah, it was a video that you green needed nuclear weapons. and that was later developed by some of this representatives. but i do understand that voice, but nuclear weapons may be different. what control them? they're like official nuclear weapons that are controlled by the i e. o. it's the
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countries reported their nuclear whether they're also alert yvonne. yes, and you also have a dirty nuclear weapons and the upper as you nuclear plant could become that dirty weapon in the hands of the key of the regime. and the european union should understand that. but again, look at the leaders of those countries with family them that are probably just incapable what that and they don't have the skills to deal with the situation to understand what we're talking about here freely. they don't know what to flee, why are aware? and we asking them to be nuclear fin, the nuclear physics is probably too difficult for them. i can recall that in february for when the list try said that she would just like push the nuclear button on log in. but it would be of scared. she just said what she's talking about
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wouldn't be pushing the nuclear button a she rose schermer, and now the sy kids quit isn't that if we were children, one of 1st learned about the coming of those cities. it wasn't organza, but it was important information was right, because we developed this healthy some of the year a towards nuclear war is when you how many people died. dallas became that became the symbol of that tragedy. and japan is i called in memorial services, and it's the officials. good. i'm not that number the point to get us in to got thank you. but that those officials are saying, yes, we need to remember about hiroshima and nagasaki. because russia is terrorizing everyone with nuclear weapons, we're not saying anything about the united states that we did this without any reason whatsoever. and that was the 1st and i hopefully, the only time when the peaceful civilians are bond with nuclear weapons. and what
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does russia have? plenty of will said rush a's. don't you that keeps saying that nuclear war is not, it should never happen. so they're not professionals. they're not experts are coming back to them. you know, they are in session or, and oh, most certainly, i don't both say, but that's the, that's the thing. that's the essence. i always thought he said he wished up as a e and our, our education high school education and higher education and our media, they pay attention to these basic things focused on them. and that's why we are responsible to our door. now let's talk to them like i'm a state official with us like my and we understand this, not through sheila, because our country taught us to think about those things. love that he's friendly
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. i think it's a deeper question. it's not about the country ordination, it's about something like a logical in people's consciousness because russia software either log, as you said with fear makes people, you know, yes. observe. and it's even that, it's like you say it said that emotional intelligence. what collective emotional intelligence is the result of careful work them out more when the with the last uh, emotional intelligence is now directed at that number of gender, discovering hall many gender is there rocks? that's what they're focused on right now. it's just very different attitude towards life, but they're not thinking about the real problems. it's a difference between ross's and grieving. yeah, yeah, it is interesting about to talk about that. but the country that was suffering for real isn't connection with suffering wild people who only heard about being all
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know what software and ease of music. but coming back to the question of the meaning conference on 6, i am with you mentioned, you know, there's official nuclear weapons, legitimate nuclear weapons. and there are durgin nuclear weapons. and then when he was saying, there were ease of the agreement for a non proliferation of nuclear weapons. and the world of there are members of it. she, i still amber is who recognize this and are part of the structure that controls this . yeah. give notice, but i think so even what is a, despite this agreement, there is no way of stopping the brain because i can't recall any one mention in a game. so those claims to want to know what's going globally, the nuclear non proliferation of issues. a separate issue,
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but as for them unit conference because of the, the rush and delegation. oh, what's the part of the, of that conference for many years. i watched the experts and leaders, i think that children talked about russia, china. and then that was reading the news at the same time. yes. how are you? what can you country sure. people were dying from corona virus. good guys. and so i'm here in the interview. i said that the world is going to experience something that it's never a korean war. it was february 2020. i knew that the pandemic was coming when you and at the munich security conference, they discussed with the most weird things. but they didn't cover the actual security. and in a couple of weeks i, the woozy italy was closed down and russia helped italy at the time and
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a logistics rumbled and trees and please these are grounded trading back to your remember of what happened. so that's the value of those 4 things. well done, quote there don't do much ideology, not enough substance mad. i'm with despite that we have to work with them, you know, to miss on cibola. and as you know, the i a anesha is the here at the approaching missouri with nuclear power plant and it's reports where i 3 strain on that was luckily with the united nations. a show this by ring when you plan to with, despite that is good at that are on the 3 general all the way around or this i was our did sign things like in order to normalize the situation, brush has to withdraw its troops from around this station she thought of it and
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it's not a neutral statement. why you can you explain why these statements are coming from the un? unfortunately, there is a political agenda. are behind us many international formats regarding it though i yeah. even if they were that had the, it was the security department of the un was against him. i got the day with inspector his mission to zeros. you nuclear plants saw here's your answer. yeah. it was june 3rd, when they 1st decided to send the mission and for 3 months they were hitting the he kinda break, la rushes said. everything has been coordinated the route, the plan of their admission. but for 3 months, every, by deal, including the secretariat, they just with the brakes and they were obstacles, competition. so a lot in all the field reports are different. you and missions not by the
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love, rosa, they answered the basic question, anything who is firing at the station which side is firing at the station at the power plant. and when the special representative of security general or experts come to a level to speak to curity council meeting is e report, they report, but these are where this fires coming from. so the whole world is looking at this one spot and everybody's eyes are glued to that, that all specialists, an experts from through satellites. and other means i looking at the pros, you nuclear power plant with nobody hiding the fact that if you crane that's firing and now they are you it be naive thing. well, we don't know, we don't know, but i think i think, well, come on girls. the only reason that i was the weight,
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you know some ladies are quite smart in some countries still sufficient. that's for sure. i wanted to ask something else. look at this vehicle a, a i a made it to ukraine. they are, they are now they produced a report which was quite 3 straight across the how long you will, the i a, a mission be the, are you seeing a trip? was a fishing or will it be a point? it was the same as the non proliferation deal. so i hope that they will not give up with and what it's like in is, are you sure it will happen this way? or you just hope i, if i'm convinced that there is that professional, listen to experts and who will act professionally with dignity. because if a professional allows ideological notions to dominate the job, being the professional. so you can't hold the scientific conference if there is an
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ideological model that will have to dominate. so scott, also just like the organization for friday edition of chemical weapons. that is another lesson for all international organizations drive in how a good little organization can deteriorate in my block. if it decides to allow that with external forces to interfere with them. the truth seems to be coming out, right? because there were some expert carrier who tried to say the truth and their reports only that they were experts and to report it by fi mil, ms. i. and article if i say, bud weeks is really it's over. unfortunately, this structure has become politicized last week. and it is
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infected by the western politics that it was that i have come from my that's right . to watch you. so you shall receive around it. coming back to the conflict about this conflict between russia and ukraine and the west. i think it's a conflict between the russian and the west and the 1st place, casa, i don't think so love by, in the grand scheme of things that the, what i think it's the global crisis that the width is experiencing, but it can't find any internal sources for further development and growth, and that is the fundamental issue in every time the west gets to that critical point. when you have critical for the west, they begin from external aggression, the local globe. i completely agree is another stage of their crisis. it's just some local conflict. it's not letting the thing,
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it's the global crisis of the liberal idea. that is the problem of sullivan is better than you. and i also think it's different because it's a firing back at them this time. bonita, can you both the united states and europe in their population, dealing with consequences or what's going on with the new again, yellow, going back to that issue. if your experts are guided by ideology, they will never give you the correct analysis. if the west washington or brussels or them unique security conference, if they, if the experts would be allowed to, i'd have adequate reports, accurate reports at those forums. they wouldn't be so many mistakes, but they're not allowed when you ever remember amnesty international. i am this international right that their report. i bought the key of regina and there are
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crimes against civilian that i need and what happened to them. they were just bullied. the same thing happens to journalists and politicians who try to say the truth and they should deal down. that's just their favorite thing to kneel down and kiss somebody's boots and put the ashes on their heads and repairs to the elk and mostly in iowa whitehouse. gov, whizzing zavy and of course who is gonna not come with some kind of independent report after that. we'll bring it up. oh gosh, that's not even the record. it will say that he away me longer if he could face me getting themselves more. move in that justice. i think i, we have to wrap up unfortunately because our time was up. thank you so much. thank you. ok, sana, thank you very much for that wide ranging in see us ortiz, our san a boy co talking with russian foreign ministry spokeswoman murray is a hot of a thanks very much.


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