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still make a piece out of this. well, let's go here. she said that the way out is through the door. somebody needs to use it anyway. dr. when we have to live there, i greatly appreciate your time today. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. and thank you for watching called to syria again on with me ah, avoiding the point frustration at the a report on the upper ocean nuclear plants as it fails to ease tensions over shelling of the facility. if i q brochure responds to key of shelling of civilian
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areas where this done. yes, i live chasing down those responsible. all correspondence on the scene gets a little too close to the action yet another explosion. we're still writing in the basement of this. well, the number of residential building still waiting for a chance to leave china. it turns the tables on the west by responding to allegations that it's a major threat to the world security by providing proof of america's attempts to hi . it's leading university on the eastern economic form, and this is the day with russian lead of id met putin expected to speak at the plenary session with the global officials later today with
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thanks for joining us. it's just gone. 5 am on wednesday morning in the russian capital. i'm peter scott. i'm wherever you joining us from. welcome to the program . frustrations the international atomic energy agencies bid it through the osha nuclear plants, thoughts as much anticipated reports of sorts of ident fun, ukrainian shutting of the facility ortiz kellum open house. more un security council, the 15 member body that leads the united nations, convened a meeting to discuss security at a nuclear facility that is facing ongoing ukrainian bombard. now, the representative of the international atomic energy agency went over 7 principles of agreement about preventing a disaster in this area where a nuclear facility and power facility continues to be bombard. here's one of his 7 principal men, the i e, a safety standards and nuclear security guidance,
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establish the principles, requirements and recommendations for nuclear safety and security that are to be applied to protect people in the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. the i. e, a safety standards and nuclear security guidance outlines the next steps, including the urgent establishment of a nuclear safety and security protection zone. so that the representative of russia took to the floor of the un security council and emphasized that the report was very neutral. and it was very specific in terms of the facts that raise, however, russia was not very happy with the report as it seems to not emphasize that the danger and the shelling in this nuclear power plant that has such potential risks in terms of human life and potential catastrophe. this is coming from ukrainian forces washing blue ribbon, which wouldn't show up in the hops, is the documents was devoted exclusively to the results of triplets. it is upwards, you're looking to paw from. the cold cushions could be clearer and more on
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a bit useless for me. we regret that in your report on an implementation of international atomic energy agency, sim, gotten ukraine for the period from april to september of this year. discuss when showing you distal dirty, indicated as a motion. now the representative of china who spoke before the un security council was not afraid to point out that the danger facing the world as a result of the shelling in this facility is coming from the forces of ukraine, nikia government, and its military forces. despite all the calls put on them by international bodies and countries around the world to show restraint, continue to engage in the shelling of this nuclear plant. and shina was unafraid to say that now the representative of the ide states blamed rush us wearily for the entire situation saying that if the conflict were not taking place, none of this would be in question. simply saying that because the conflict is taking place and because the nuclear, our plan is in areas that are contested in the conflict that the entire situation
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is somehow russia's fault. the current danger is upper etivia, is a result of rushes unprovoked, and unlawful invasion of ukraine. and specifically, it is a result of russia's premeditated march 4th seizure of this plant. russia continues to conduct military operations around the plant. every day russia controls the plant, increases the risk of the nuclear incident. the u. k. representative alleged in her remarks that russia has placed military equipment within 60 meters of reactors, and the workers at the plant are functioning as hostages. now the i, a report shows contradictory information says that military equipment is basically being held in the turbine hall. and rushes military force is a place to armored personnel carriers and 6 special trucks in the repairs. so the i, a report does not match what is being alleged. regardless, we have
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a situation where the i a report pretty much confirms what russia has that. but the countries aligned with the united states continue to blame the entire situation. the potential for catastrophe, as a result of ukraine's shelling on russia, they insist russia is to blame for the situation. even though that's not what the i a report clearly says lot these nicky are in earlier spoke to finish. journalist younger puts cornyn who claims that the i a has faced the same faith as amnesty international, which was forced to play down ukrainian, shutting off civilian areas. you know, the truth. we all know who have been shelling it for an extended period of time. and finally we get some observers there and i think that every sensible person in the world would understand that you should not shell a nuclear station in whatsoever going to be sions. and though craney and shelling of is of course, visible on the ground. and that's why the key of green is very afraid that these
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reports will be undeniable. and what i think will happen is that we, we will see a huge international political pressure put tony or, and though we'll, we'll see something of its kind like what's happened against the amnesty and others who have been trying to voice the truth. we will see or see it was a weak thing from the beginning for huge pressure. and i e, i have to take their stands now because you cannot deny the fact that who is showing who and they know for sure that the crane is, are doing that. but both the almost bizarre in a way is that while the i am inspect is when that and even now when we still have to observe is that the selling has continued. why do you think that it, it says the insanity. there are these elements, this extremist elements who get their orders from very different headquarter. what from these, all a guard funded battling us and they don't care their,
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their work is to continue the war to keep the war going. exactly. and every provocation what they have in their hands. and that's why the don't but cities have been show it for years and years and provocation have come like a daily basis because their work is to provoke, to provoke and, and i think the cranium, government doesn't have a control whatsoever. these mercenary groups, which are the nationalists but the women's well and staying with zappa rosier, the supervisor of the russian controlled city of better jones is now a critical condition after an apparent ukrainian attack on his car. ortiz have denied previous reports of his death with mythics fighting to save his life and a criminal probe, now and away. as you see on the screen. now these are some of the latest pictures from the scene. you can see the burn out vehicle here or thought is they it blew up in front of an administrative building, leaving the man with severe injuries. now he's understood to have lost his legs in
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the blast. meanwhile, r t followed a done yet tank battalion as it traveled to targets ukrainian artillery spots which have believed to his civilian areas of don buses. ortiz, roman cost would have given those rare access to the ground. we are heading over to the front line along with the 2nd battalion of the 5th brigade of that and then its peoples, republics army. we are about a kilometer away from where the cranium positions are hands right now. we will witness how several tanks will head over and at work against the ukrainian positions from where they're continuously striking peaceful civilians. here in the next 236 to for this tank lagoon are now heading over to dave gun. continue the nav, divine ukrainian,
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and nationalists who are continuously targeting a civilian for the city of dun if we're hoping that that will they will be back here very soon. safe and sound. and of course, we'll talk to them about what they have witnessed with tell us as a tank crew member. artillery is a pretty accurate weapon, correct? yes. but the nice grass didn't suffer every day. crenan, snow, weather, shooting, or all they just missing. nathan, you know, ukrainians know where they are shooting and they purposefully hit the civilian population who large attacks with silent shells and artillery have become more frequent. you can only hear them when they land an explosion. these are presumably polish, provided nato style shells whistle, mo we boy, even liquor. we are facing water attacks from ukraine, especially artillery. the infantry is always hiding, usually knock them out. so can we knock out the enemy, finish him off. it's almost done.
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ah, unlike ukrainian nationalists who are targeting peaceful civilians here in done ask this tank platoon, know exactly who they're working against a right now just following ukrainian military positions. exactly those who are working a yes, peaceful civilians here in don't ask and they control everything using an unmanned aerial vehicle or in other words and roam, ah, we were just a movie shelf in the petrosky night district. so my, the brain in the military we are hiding in the basement along with the residence of this building. hopefully the show will stop very soon
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and we will be able to leave the area for yet another explosion. here in petoskey district of the nest were still hiding in the basement of this world, another residential building still waiting for a chance to leave. so we are finally able to leave the draft. the district actually were still driving here. the shelling continues, but they residential building where we were hiding from shelling. ah, it's simply rarely stopped. fortunately, and none of the civilians were hurt during this artillery attacked by your grain. we were hiding for about an hour and a half in the basement. now we've got our chest sleeve and we're heading for the center of the city where it's supposed to be a lot quieter room on call for
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a party. the next people's republic. earlier, we discussed the ongoing war in ukraine with russian. a foreign ministry spokesman murray as a carver who says that the west just wants to prolong the situation. mostly was this after 8 years that there's no gun. yes, it is now, but this prolonged conflict was it doesn't benefit anyone because it just had to be stop. it had to be resolved. that's why i'm moving years was up until the special meal liter operation started. and now the west is doing everything you can to prolong it, rush to change its geography and do everything within their power. * as the former president of the united states, they were presented as son of the former bruship, another former president of the united states, george bush. you are junior junior here. ah says he got out for the scheme in the politicians from other countries and just not seen. and they just want to ramp
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which they just. 5 want to prolong it on maria's carver was speaking on the side lines of the eastern economic forum in russia's far east, where body min putin is expected to address a plenary session later on wednesday. and of course, we'll be covering that in just a few hours time. now, there were already some big announcements during the forum with bushes gas from and china's national petroleum corporation. agreeing to switch just payments to the respective national currencies. us instead of the dollar dialogue between india and russia, also proved extremely successful with significance economic corporation on the line . and the conflicts and ukraine, of course, will inevitably pop up again at today's plenary session with president putin. although will be among the main topics for discussion of according to the kremlin spokesperson and know the news. india's petroleum and natural gas minister has stressed that it's his moral duty to successfully provide people in his country with energy resources moscow's very much parts of that
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equation. while emphasizing that european countries themselves import much more from russia, compare india. so somebody finding a lot of oil from russia, i sent you an appeal by more than one optional than i do an important. and while india refuses to put a price cup on russian oil is it chooses to better protect the interests of its own people. western nations are preparing for winter with the situation with energy supplies, getting even worse across europe. protests continue against governments with many people burning gas bills. a professor of international relations and j bars watch says that unlike western countries, india puts people's wealth f 1st, and is looking for peaceful ways to resolve the ukranian conflicts. while europe and washington continue to provide miniature support to key f, i think they do not have any moral rights on these kinds of demands on india.
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because you see that india is buying very less all from, from, from, from russia. european countries buying more and they are desperate it today to buy energy and then we'll go from progress. yeah. because now that would be good to see jen and the people will suffer so they can compromise with the people's demand and people's suffering. so india, looking forward to all these conflicts, might be split dialogue, but other than support being one nation by arms to fight against that mission. that's what the european countries are doing today. what the americans are doing, put it as supporting, supporting you in my arms, and by other means to fight that is the, this is and then shoot all ringing. these 2 missions on die love for both, and negotiates. and with all the conflicts,
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i'm sure they will never be in it any kind of gap. so more like t and caps or other things and should be in between the people cell fan and the, the indian national interest china turns the tables on the west by responding to claims that it's a major threat to will security by providing apparent proof of america's attempts to hoc it's leading university ortiz fiorella, isabel, possible, as military tension between the us and china rise. the 2 nations are increasingly at odds on political and economic fronts. for a long time, washington has claimed that china has been hacking valuable american technology in attempts to undermine us national security. now the jing has pushed back saying that washington is a one guilty of targeting china. the a serious of the legal cyber attacks conducted by the notorious national security
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agency. the anessa cyber attacks and data theft against china are supported by a clear and complete chain of evidence which involves 13 personnel in the us who directly launched cyber attacks against china. and more than 60 contracts and more than $170.00 digital documents with us telecom operators to build an environment for cyber attacks. they have claims the large scale cyber attacks on the washington sanction chinese university. focused on finding information on the defense secrets to undermine china security. according to the national computer virus emergency response center, the university reported computer break and back in june and said the center working with the commercial security provider quinn, who 360 technology was able to trace the attack to the an essay, but did not specify how according to the university, the hacking did not result in any significant data leak, but china demands an explanation. beijing says the fishing emails targeting the
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university are yet another example of the u. s. government cyber attacks. if you've been listening to us politicians and the media, you might think that the greatest cyber monsters in the world undermining nations at every turn are either china or russia. though the emissary has not responded to a request for comment. the us for it's part claims that beijing's accusations are a way of forming an information campaign to counter us allegations of chinese hocking. they say china is the one, conduct the in arch operations to target u. s. infrastructure defense contractors and even the countries power grid. at the united states and its allies have condemned china over what it calls malicious cyber activity. the high profile briefing will come after months of trump publicly challenging the intelligence communities assessment. russia is to blame. i also know things that people don't know could be russia,
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but it could also be china report tonight, lifts the veil on a kind of invisible war. china unleashing its full spied power on american power grids and the wealth of american manufacturing. tonight, new reports that a lot of your army of hackers is again targeting america, but this isn't the 1st time the u. s. has been caught with his hands in the cookie jar. back in february, beijing released a half day 56 page report on a sprawling u. s. lead cyber operation revealing that the an essay was behind malware. researchers encountered in 2013 during an investigation into a hack against a key domestic department in china. and the, and as they hardly has a squeaky clean reputation, don't forget that it's nipped on the phones of than european leaders like german chancellor angela merkle. putting the traditionally strong relationship between germany and the u. s. and jeopardy, further research revealed that the multiple procedures and cyber attack operation
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manuals disclosed by the hacker group called the shadow brokers were completely consistent with the only identifier used in the an estate network attack platform operation. exposed by former c. i. a analyst, edward snowden, revealing the death of power and tools, the agency has at its grasp. their job is the black bag team to get in and get stuff that's really valuable and really secret. they do this by basically hacking systems, but they have a budget that no hacker has. so the idea that the u. s. has his hands clean a claim, it's been weaving for years now. simply doesn't hold any water. and now china has clearly had enough and is explicitly naming and shaming those at beams responsible while bringing the receipts to prove it. it seems that the hacking victim narrative from the u. s. has too many holes and is simply falling apart, potentially exposing it as the very perpetrator. no, it's cost live to my call reg,
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some water format and new york university professor and author of the google archipelago michael. it welcome to our international. thank you. good to be here. so what do you make of these latest accusations from china? some truth to them or simply responds to us on negations from the west. china seeking to steal information from the west? well, as the accusations, if these deflections by the, by the campaign or that they didn't spy on china, then i have to be led to disbelieve what they say because they haven't said anything. that's true in some time. so i believe china on this, right. so we get a bit of a valuable insides into the murky world of international espionage. it's very difficult for people like you, me to really get to the bottom of what's happening here. yes. that i think there are possible possible ways to find the fingerprints on these kinds of hacks. they
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say that they located the, the exact code that was used by the n s a elsewhere thanks to wiki lakes. so i mean, it's also, it's also possible to replicate some codes and use and have other hackers use them . so it's very hard to tell who's whose hands are in this. but as i said, it's hard not to believe if, if the binding ministration is denying it, it's probably true. but it is certainly unusual. i think, to find this sort of claim from china. obviously it's very often the other way round. you know, i'm talking about the accusations that chinese communications provider, always trying to infiltrate u. k. u s. infrastructure. and obviously it was removed from u. k. infrastructure and i think it's in the process of, of been done in the us. what do you make of those western accusations against while way? well, as i said, again, it's very difficult to determine whether, you know, russia, china, or the other state agents are actually engaging in this kind of hacking because
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they can be spoofed. they can be, they can be basically imitated by outside hackers who could do the same thing and make it look like it was china or russia. so it's very hard to determine whether that's the case. you expect the us to respond to these accusations from china. i would think, you know, out of denial or else the other probably they'll just utterly ignore it. but a denial is most likely i would think of regarding the timing of these allegations from china that the u. s. was trying to hack into this university. obviously it comes at a time where relations between the 2 countries are the, you know, they're not too great to the moment, especially when it comes to tie one. do you think the timing is a coincidence? and do you expect relations to degrade? well, it looks like the relations are degrading precipitously, and this,
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this particular accusation only lends greater force to the conflict that's going on between the us and china. it's only getting worse and tensions are certainly rising . and this, this kind of, this kind of hack, or even the allegation of a hack certainly heightens detentions, even further. i'm afraid we're going to leave it there, but dr. michael rates and will former. and while you professor an author of the google archipelago, thank you very much for your insights today. thank you. the washington appears to have dropped a call for the killers of a prominent algebra journalist murdered in israel to be prosecuted. that's after sullivan admitted the high possibility that its soldiers shot sharina. actually falling a probe into the events surrounding her death, a position from the u. s. that's how spots public discontent. move confused as to
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what your actual response and what your actual position is. this is the american station was killed. you had called for accountability and get, there does not seem to be any accountability there. and the statement came out yesterday and the name mentioned capital b. but i satisfied that this is done what they need to do. so we continue to understand accountability in this case, and we're going to continue to impress our israeli partners to close the review it's policy even practices on rules of engagement and consider additional steps to mitigate the risk civilian harm, protect journalists and prevent similar tragedies in the future, despite the findings, the israeli military, top legal office says it will not be launching a further investigation due to the lack of criminal suspicion of even though the
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soldier allegedly responsible for the murder has apologized. according to an israel, a military official. claire was shot dead while covering and he's really raid on the jenin refugee camp in the occupied west buying. despite being clearly identified as press several independent investigations including you and have concluded that the palestinian american journalist was killed by israeli fire. but unofficial us prob, appears now to be over sparking criticism from blacklist. suddenly he were incredulous about the findings. well, earlier r t spoke to investigative journalists, edward saw who is convinced the us is covering up israelis atrocities, to avoid its own skeletons from falling out the closet. well, i think the condemnation, we're hoping for would have been from the us state department, which some suspected was coming because the bottom ministration has certainly been a little more open to a different perspective than president trump's ministration on the question of
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palestine. the question of human rights for children and women who have been living under the siege of gun fire and assault and persecution for the last 50 years. i think that will be expected at least a fair shake. what we saw was another exoneration. both is our haitian by the israeli government toward their own soldiers and the by the ministration toward our closest ally. the issue i found looking through the report, which i hoped that some of the pentagon, the least have the guts, to be honest about, is that the report showed that the soldier who has said that he fired in the direction of mr. serene is that he was using a long range scope, a cypress scope, and the reports are that he struck the journalist who had pressed right here, right on her chest, struck her right here to the neck, right above the press mark, which you would have seen an h dash d actually very high resolution through his scope and under of course her helmet.
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the thing with this investigation, i think if the by and ministration were to condemn israel is what would turn around and say, well, hold on. what about those atrocities you crib? it and hitting a rack. what about those atrocities committed in syria where isis numbers crucified christians out of a lot of what about the atrocities you're supporting in ukraine? well, that's her up for now. my name is peter scotts and i'll be back again. the top of the always all the let's just use unused l. nazi ah ah, ah .
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oh, was recently is meaningless cards and like if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about a couple. don't put your human symbol, us on display a little space each night. all right, so you guys don't talk to strangers. i avoid noisy gatherings and rallies a mushroom, even your colleagues and perhaps also your friends think you're guilty because you'll run.


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