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ah, being killed simply because mostly think differently. they are physically exterminated there and see when there is a difference and you do understand what is really happening that we need to do that we need to understand. i can assure you that a great number of people in ukraine hate this reunion with. we should rely on these people and these people who understand what is truly happening and who are willing to fight this. but they cannot do that because they are under the yoke of this nazi regime with. but once again, i can tell you that there are many people like that and we have to support ties with them. and we will do that. i am confident that the future of russian ukrainian relations, well, it's going to be after these people, but we have to explain to them what values we are bringing her. we have would you explain that what we bring them up?
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well, they will explain you to you just go to the dan boss and ask her crania to leave that. what kind of values do they defend their, they define their motherland. they defend their identity, they defend a history on a people, as well as the state canton help. but oscar somewhat corporate question. if i may, on the 5th of september, there was a sentence announced to events occur on of 22 years, will stay treason. that is the highest possible punishment for this type of crime. also a license revoked from mine when you know they ozetta, whose editor in chief is a nobel prize, lori it, and around the mass media cease to exist in russia. lately, many journalists relocated over to latvia and other countries abroad and keep writing and working from that from last year. do you think that the type of increased pressure on mass media is justified? don't you think that that could be considered a demonstration of
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a multi pola or maybe unipolar world that we've been talking about today? well, you made reference to their nobel prize, laurie, and we are delighted that a russian citizen to received a piece nobel prize award. but i would say the nobel prize committee somehow depreciated the actual value of no boy nobel peace prizes. just him for legal, please understand. i have a very good attitude to all colleagues and my despite some disagreements with us partners, we had very businesslike relations with president obama. but why would he become a nobel prize and laurie, who i never commented on that, but let me ask it now. what is it that he had done so that he received a nobel peace prize? please consider all the military actions that were taking place in various parts of the globe when he was a president. now a reference, it hasn't received a nobel peace prize. we know many examples when decisions are being made,
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so the onto the impact of the current political situation and it does not give credit to those making those decisions. but nonetheless, we can be proud and happy for those citizens of ours who received this award. now let's talk about those journalists from work from other countries. well, i can assure you that they are happy that they are allowed to relocate even to well being here in russia and working here in russia. there was worked against us and now they pretend that they've been threatened and they are happy to relocate with a very same salary that they used to receive here in russia. it's just that the situation of today forces them to choose their stance, to choose their side and what they are doing it really well. it is their decision to relocate and stay awake in their, in the anti russian things hangs or centers. and our goal is to explain it to the majority of the russian citizens would,
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is the actual position of russia and the leadership of russia. we need to explain our actions, the protection of the interests of the russian people and a multinational people of russia in general. we are acting solely based on their interest protection and we see that they over whelming, majority of russian citizens support us. what about the 22 year prison sentence? well, as for this sentence to a journalist, well this journalist received anyway, this punishment, i don't know the details, but i only know that he was not just a journalist. he was also a advisor to the head of ross cosmo russian space agency. and he was making his money, no just 3 journalist activity, but he's also collecting certain information. and she had to share that with an intelligence service over a certain country. our domestic intelligence watched him carefully for a few years, and they listened to all the internal communications that he was having with those
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paying money for the secret information that he was handing over to them. then an investigation was probably conducted. they seized no just the asset he had, but also the devices that he used for communication. the court has considered to be a well proven unmade or decision, whether that is a bad decision in terms of the sentence that was awarded as punishment. well, i'm not in a position to judge would probably have the prosecutor general here in the room if he believes that that is excessive punishment than the prosecutor would always appeal this punishment on a certainly the lawyers of the defendant and the convicted person. in this case are always allowed to appeal this decision. if i me the final question on my side and then we will wrap up. so coming to the topic of the far east, this is definitely the topic that i'd like to read about when you've been asked a similar question last year. what is your attitude towards the far east? now the situation has changed. have you somehow revised your attic and your
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position regarding the forest and the people living here? what is your attitude to them now? you know, nothing changed here. on the contrary, and our chinese friend mentioned in his speech. and then he said that the far east is of great interest for russia and for its neighbors in the asian space here. this motion. and we're delighted that all positions coincide on that. and that was also mentioned by our distinguished calling from the republic of the union of myanmar. the armenian prime minister, the mongolian prime minister all mentioned it. but the key thing for us is that a lot of the far east, just like the all taken, is the region of the future. those are the regions determining the future of russia . and it's not just about the resources it is also about did you want you to get access to the global region that is developing rapidly? you was initially with,
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with started and active recovery of the economy of the far east development of this region. no, because we're preparing some kind of melody operation in don't bass. the development of the far east has started long before. and that is our strategic bat, base film, the trend of development of the global economy and emergence of the new power banks, new centers of power in the world. would you normally corrosion and says we have a friendly relations at very high level of strategic partnership with china, with our neighbors here in the region. we see the region boosting really on the growth is really lavish. so we need to do our best to facilitate our contexts with the region and with our neighbors in this region. we've made this decision a long time ago, and we are very happy that this decision was made. we're also happy with the outcomes. so far they're probably modest, but they aren't there and most importantly,
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we cannot afford to have reduction of population here in the far east. on the contrary, we need to make it attractive for residence. when for the 1st time in the newest history, we witness migration inflow at the far east for the 1st time in 2021 in the city. and actually the natural china population is happening, but it is still lower than on average in the country. and that is the key demonstration, the manifestation of what we do and the things we're doing the right direction. a lot remains to be done, but nonetheless, we'll continue moving in this direction. thank you very much, president put in. i would like to express migrate you to all the distinguished guest at the closing remark goes to you mister president, you're doing well to be frank. i was not preparing any closing remarks. i would like to express my gratitude to the audience for their attention, and of course i would like to express my gratitude to all friends have been able to
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come and join us despite stayed busy agenda as in their respective countries. thank you very much for being able to share your time with us to pay you a visit to russia. and i have no doubt since they do. and i know that we are to have bilateral meetings later with some of the colleagues. i've met some of them already a and me some later today, we will discuss the outcomes of our bilateral relations and discuss steps for the future. and i am convinced that it will contribute to facilitation of our bilateral corporation and corporation in this strategically important freedom for russia, the region of forest. thank you very much. here by we close our session. ah, ah,
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ah ah . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is offensive, very dramatic development. only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk in
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the united states has always had a variety of tools to use and tags on other countries. economic sanctions are, are often just the beginning. another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries that you're talking about here. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the whole world. and we need to make rules for the rest because without hours there will be 2. 0,
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the, the eastern economic forum was conceived back in 2015 with a double goal of stimulating rushes, domestic development, as well as kick starting and furthering russia corporation with its eastern neighbors. it's 2 prongs trying to do that seems to be paying off why handsomely creating the snacks is between logistics, a economy trade on the one hand and foreign relations in diplomacy. on the other hand, there's hardly a better person to discuss diplomacy in foreign relations here. the summit, at least in the absence of light may put in who is expected to make his appearance a bit later on the day than marie is a hot over a spokeswoman for russia. for in the 3rd ministry, maria though, but rather one morning marie will happy to have you with folks. yes folks. gender number. why?
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thank you for calling me for to me and not during number 5 or something like that or. yeah, but i hope which ok about the what i prefer it. it can be very exact because i do not mean that we're seeing everywhere. it's just not too bad. certainly there is no doubt about that. rob, so you don't have it. you know, so i'm a woman grill and maybe we can move to the questions russian lama see for decades and for centuries hasn't been good at conducting negotiations. that's what we've been very good at. but right now we're in the content that is sort of unique in this respect because we have a conflict with a brotherly nation asking adult, used to be twice bravo, the nation. and jessica,
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what is, in your opinion, is there any chance for negotiations happening between russia and framed and you are given the repeated statements made by to you for watching the process? a very big question you add has like several questions really. so i can just answer your question about the talks. the brotherly nation is not our enemy. they try to become them are to make them our enemies. i impose some like pseudo values on them, some anti russian ha sentimental ann arbor that my brother is. they actually remarkably, they great if you some of the, so we're talking about the people if we're talking about democracy. and so my question is, are we talking about democracy here or not in this question is directed at our western partners lee. and if we're talking about democracy,
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people can just have one point of view, especially if we're talking about some fundamental issues. and the people of ukraine is both and not just 8 years ago, but even before that, they bulleted before that i see the president who wanted to have friendly relations with russia and other countries. but they did not want to have a confrontation with russia. and we even didn't even talk about through so phobia in the context of ukraine. they were against freezing their relations with our country. and to those candidates, everybody dismissed with him. next that much the movie is newkirk i dismissed is a soft word gentlemen, because in some places i know many of those got well yes, in, you know, negotiations are not on the international level of the governments on negotiating. as the psych was said, the majority the people in ukraine for many years with journals as many as
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their representatives and president people who were not allowed to take of our because of me. but the who did todd, or when the west interfered him, or even if they were allowed to take office, they were still removed from office later for use of. is it worth trying to make money? deals with 3 g morning for russia, given the means agreement to conduct the talk. for some russia said ok, it's a one to we would take a step towards you. oh, and we did agree to that it talks, i think it was april 16 when we were sent our proposal or that i reaction to their proposals and then nothing was a big scene. it pretty much. and boy is because i live washington just said, no, russell said no, let's not talk right now. let's see how a military,
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i mean ukrainians. you have left the school until in the last ukrainian. how are you figure it out in europe. where are they in range? you know, they are all over the world. they're trying to recruit ukrainians and citizens of other countries through their embassies. until last you either a little cranium doesn't have any meaning because even if they run out of old ukrainians, they will bring other people and say that they are ukranian. but he knew with his annoying conflict, isn't it obvious that russia does not want as long as conflict with how can we set off? but i'm sorry, i'm just trying to was media this after 8 years of his work on that. it's yes, this prolonged to conflict doesn't benefit anyone. yeah. it just had to be stop. it had to be. well,
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that's why i'm with dillard is special meal liter apparation started and now the west is doing everything you can to prolong it to change it to abra fee and do everything within their power. * as before, my president of the united states, so i'm head as son of the former, another former president of the united states. george bush, a junior junior, excessive who i have in the politicians from other countries. i think they just want to, i think they just. 5 want to prolong a jordan kia when the senior leave, but his idiots that he was also the husband of the life of the my president of the united states of america. i mention now to select within the media. and if i use nonetheless, when the soviet union was a dissolving way, and i see school yet not to say that we're concerned with who happened to the new
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for arsenault in russia. certainly want to list all their concern before i bought the nuclear wilds in the soviet union. and what was the present clinical after i were done with the soviet union and with it for part, then hillary clinton actually is confirmed dad officially. and she voiced the amounts of money that the united states of america spent on ella finishing off the soviet union. yes, certainly, there were reasons for this to dissolve domestic reasons, not on all the eternal reasons a lot. yes, they were there, but there's international law that prohibits. so, external interference in the united states never upheld that law. they use those internal contradictions. not to help us get out of the crisis picking up. i try
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to their benefits. i can you can keep doing that. yeah, we'll see a couple and it seems like i don't really, i even think about their own safety because for the 1st time i'm in, he's like to read the conflict. a guy branch on the feeling a real nuclear power plant station. couple with an it's just an object which can deliver a tragedy to everyone. i was like, yeah, the united states of america is not thinking about it because this is countries across the ocean and they are really cruel and not cold headed. and they're basically sacrificing their ne, till partners and stuff. and they are basically provoke in this nuclear disaster love. i'm in the process. i used to be really sound politicians in nato. ah, everybody i thought of that has been removed. and now the people that are running
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those countries, they're not really politicians whiskey, and they are just, nobody's pretty low source. the hello london has the great expression. i know it all with no dolls. wonderful. that adds you who are there for one of the flights here may be like 18 months. they do some dirty work and then they leave for the beside me. little are not politicians look funny. they are not, theory is summer leaders like it. and it is a basic instance for one know a few minutes with some of the winter is coming. what self preservation instinct are you talking about? they just cut off all my possibilities. old potential for getting up top quality, cheap energy fuel in the winter, and not all
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a european countries that are warm in the winter. and the countries are one with them. and even if it's a southern country, they will freeze in the winter because there will be no what i only have to do could right. and then what i'm was or movies, if a boy insidious me back with, certainly you will be able to watch it. observe it, it will be an interesting case study. that's what it was, the window level, yes, the se, basically, self preservation instinct is working in the regular people who are taking to the streets now, asking their government, what are you doing to us on the 66000 people, 70 thousands of people in. 0 the czech republic in germany, that they take to the street, a nuclear club. well, stations that have been closed in germany because, you know, why? because of the green movement saying about it because, you know,
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they insisted and who is behind who the green movement is. the united states of america through their angie. oh, so much about frozen. people begin to ask questions. how are we going to survive in the middle but that they get this answer? we're good german foreign minister said we don't care. so we're talking about responsible politicians. she said, we don't care what the voters think. this is unheard of. i wouldn't democracy book prescribes, ignoring the opinion of the voters. i want to say a bad words, but they basically ignoring you with their voters think well that's not democracy, that's a totalitarian. saved with rebel with tele, terry and states. and i think that's what we've been observing for many years and, but i would like to get back to the other question because i,
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i wanted to talk about these approaching nuclear power plant. and is it worth scale? other examples of what can be called terrorist attacks on the territory of the domain amps and territories controlled by russia. i do think that warrants perhaps placing the country united current offer it is on the terrace officially because this is an important decision that i didn't know if you're talking about the state sponsorship of terrorism. that legally, we do not agree with it because there certain legal explanation of why even though we do not accept this west or notion. because even though, but as for the methods that they're using, i'm in this military operation with the message with grace and just the things that they claim for their ideology.
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of course, with that is basically terrorism. in some cases that could be considered terrorism . it's but it's just more of a. # legal issue or that in some legal things that should be applied here, but what they do, and especially around as upper as your nuclear plant, that is terrorism, basically that's threatening with nuclear disaster. remember zalinski in munich and february, mid february, even before the beginning of the special military operation, the he told the west, ah, no, that was the 3 that you grade needed nuclear weapons. and that was later developed by some of this representatives. but i do understand that what nuclear weapons may be different people down or what kind of oil. they're like, official nuclear weapons that are controlled by the i e. o, it's the countries reported their nuclear with their own learning bombs. yes. and
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you also have a dirty nuclear weapons and is up on the upper as you nuclear plant could be combat dirty, a weapon in the hands of the key of the regime and the europe european union should understand that ah oh was reason is meaningless cards and like if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about a couple of don't put your human symbols on display a guy. so you guys don't talk to strangers. 7
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i avoid noisy gatherings with your colleagues and perhaps also your friends think you're guilty because you'll russian much and i have the bomb so i don't know what i'm saying. so i'd be glad to with being a specific social with oh, when i was showing wrong, when i just don't hold any you have to fill out the same becomes the african and engagement. it was the trail
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with so many find themselves worlds apart. we choose to look for common ground. i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to great trust, rather than fear a various job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation. let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk who is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing up in your future, probably when was the course renewed as you speak on your senior, mostly mine, or wish you were banding all in ports of russian oil and gas, new g i. g,
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with a, with regard to joe biden, imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. so there's your boomerang. ah, subarus is one of the most beautiful cities in russia's far east. ah, it sits on the river that runs on the russia, china border. and was for many years the far eastern capital. ah, there is no shortage of historical sites here. the officers club is one of them. this is where in december 1949.


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