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tv   News  RT  September 7, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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was proportions, these are not just static numbers stemming from to 4 weeks of the war. the number of internally displaced persons rose by 330000, just as past mont nor r d s. mary statistics. we're talking about children, the elderly, infirm, those with disabilities, vulnerable people come up in a situation beyond their control, seeking shelter and safety. just as we would do, this makes destruction of the, of the infrastructure. they depend on all the more abhorrent. on the 24th of august, a missile attack near a train station in chaplain. yay. because at least 25 people, including children needing to get more lives lost in an illegal war. an illegal war for members of this council have called recalled many times in the past 6 months. the parties to conflict most comply with international humanitarian law, including the obligation to distinguish between civilians and combatants. we condemn indiscriminate under proportionate attacks. there are no excuses under no
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exceptions. mister president, this is why we once again call on russia to comply with all its obligations. there must be fall safe and unhindered humanitarian access to civilians, including those who choose to remain in ukraine or who are unable to leave. they are not combatants on, there must be protected doses seek to leave or those who are forced to leave must be allowed to do so safely and be allowed to leave for destinations of their own. choosing a piece of their own choosing. we're appalled by the evidence of heretic violations . according in ukraine. do you in human rights monitoring mission under always have documented cases of enforce deportations, arbitrary attentions, abductions, torture and summary executions. there is evidence of enforce deportation of ukrainians, including of children. 2 areas of ukraine occupied by russia or to the russian
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federation under warning use of so called filtration centers. as part of this process, these violations of international humanitarian human rights law may constitute international crimes, including war crimes, is critical that access is granted to the united nations to all of these filtration centers. we know that displacement and conflicts increase the scores of sexual and gender based violence in the discounts that was previously heard. horrendous reports of sexual violence perpetrated by russian soldiers against women and girls, men and boys. but let us declare, rape is not a given in war. what's your order? a deliberate act that may constitute a war crime and lasting impacts on victims and survivors under communities. there must be no impunity for such crimes. mister president, we are also very concerned by reports of the mistreatment of prisoners of war. all prisoners of war must be treated humanely in all circumstances. in accordance with
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the tard geneva convention, allegations are incidents of miss treatment must be properly investigators and perpetrators must be held accountable for violations. the international committee of the red cross must be given access to all p o w was. finally, mister president, we are deeply disturbed by the disrespect for international humanitarian law. in this war. i'm resolved to ensure accountability for any international crimes taking place in ukraine. we cannot and will not accept impunity for such crimes wherever they are. course, once again mister present, we call on russia to and it's aggression comply with its obligations under international law and withdraw unconditionally from the entirety of the territory of ukraine. thank you mister president. shall i thank the representative of ireland for his statement, and i now give the floor to the representative of the united arab emirates. thank
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you mister president. and i'd also like to sign car briefers, u. s. g to carlo and a s g bronze caris for their sobering updates. and i also take note of the briefing of miss trick. like many households in new york and around the world. many of us have been consumed this week with preparing for the start of the school year. this should be a joyful and exciting time for families and particularly for school children, which makes it very difficult to imagine it amidst the conflict we are discussing today or any other ongoing conflicts around the world. on the security council's agenda, the images of ukrainian children back in their classrooms have been profoundly moving for the resilience they show as the war has not spared some 2300 educational institutions and destroyed 300 according to un reports. the war in ukraine has, like all wars disproportionately affected women and children at this particular
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time of the year. we recall unicef estimates that over to 1000000 children have fled their country, and many others have been internally displaced. some might be able to attend virtual classes in ukraine, but most will be in need of schools or day care facilities in their new homes. at the same time, even those lucky enough to have a school to go to are grappling with social anxieties of integration and trauma. the briefing of miss harris on the protection of children is something the ukrainian and russian authority should look into and rectify. with urgency, it is an area where communication between the 2 parties is much needed and expected by the international community. if ever there was a clear cut illustration of the need for a gender responsive humanitarian approach, this is it. the security council should insist on taylor made solutions by donors and humanitarian actors that specifically address the needs of ukraine's women and
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children. in the face of these difficult challenges, we commend you and hcr as well as other un agencies and humanitarian partners for their swift response to the needs of displaced people, as well as to the host countries. as the conflict goes on there, generous protection and service delivery for those seeking refuge, including an education becomes ever more vital. at the same time, we underline once again that such protection must be provided without prejudice or discrimination. mister president, those fleeing war are at their most vulnerable. in these conditions it is key that they retain dignity and agency. though seeking safety must be allowed safe and voluntary passage and when circumstances allow any return home should likewise be voluntary, safe, dignified, and durable. we reiterate that all parties must scrupulously abide by their obligations under international law,
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including those aspects of international humanitarian law, addressing displacement. since the start of the conflicts have guaranteeing the safety of those fleeing has proven to be a particular challenge. with recent fighting, intensifying in the areas surrounding carson, car cave and ne pro, route to safety must be secured and humanitarian actors. supporting evacuations must be protected. meanwhile, reports of the destruction of water, electricity, and gas infrastructure are once again, leaving people in particularly vulnerable situations. without access to life sustaining services with the ongoing approach of winter, we reiterate our cool for the protection of civilians and for all civilian objects, including those indispensable to the survival of the civilian population. not to be targeted. as is conflict stretches on the need to find a way to stem the suffering and stop the violence only deepens. we must redouble
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our efforts to support mitigation of the impacts of the conflict. and here is towards further confidence building measures. there is no other pathway forward. over the last month, we have welcomed the resumption of agricultural exports from ukraine as a result of the black sea grain initiative. but it is key that grain continues to reach those most in need. not just those able to pay. at the same time, we hope to see swift progress in getting russian fertilizer out to the global markets as well. this is crucial for next year's harvest and to avoid the further deterioration of the current food crisis. doing so will not only contribute to addressing the real needs of millions around the world. it may also create momentum for other tangible agreements to address the conflict. mister president, we continued to gather here and listen to the mounting costs of the war. and like all wars, the human costs will only worsen with every day that passes. but what is needed now, our ideas and the political will to make them a reality. we saw the 6 weeks ago in
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a small way in a stumble, and we must see it again. a succession of hostilities would be the right starting point. thank you mister president. julia, i thank the representative of the united arab emirates for her statement and i now give the floor to the representative of government. thank you mister president. i think under secretary general, madame merle me to carlo and the assistant secretary general mas got bronze harris as well as madame drake for their respective briefings of a situation in ukraine. mister president, the war in ukraine continues to cause significant movement. so people fleeing the war with large scale humanitarian consequences. despite considerable international
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mobilization, the humanitarian cost of the war continues to rise with the escalation of the fighting. despite some recorded returns, the number of people fleeing the war since the beginning of the hostilities is more than 7000000 around these include women, children, older persons vulnerable people. we have repeated this at every council meeting and we repeat it again today with the same commitment civilians are paying too high a price while at the same time their protection is guaranteed by international legal instruments, including the geneva conventions and their additional protocols. the belligerent parties must abide by these mister president, 6 months after the beginning of the war. while international public opinion
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is awaiting specific proposals from this council for an end to the conflict, it is quite clear that the parties remain rigidly stuck in there and talk in ism and they continue to trade invective. we must reasonably plan for a diplomatic outcome, 2 and based deadly war. we have noted with some horror, the allegations reporting the existence of filtration comes from the use of profiling, both of civilians, prisoners of war featuring also missed treatment. the use of forced labor and cases of torture. these are particularly serious allegations which if proven, would be inconceivable and unacceptable. a state of war is not a state of lawlessness and human suffering cannot be the subject of speculation,
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blackmail, or battering. it's particularly horrifying to learn that children numbering in the hundreds of thousands, reportedly also affected by such inhumane treatment. on such a serious subject, independent and impartial inquiries must be conducted to establish the facts and those responsible. mister president, protecting civilians from the ravages of war is one of the main tasks of this council. where it fails in ensuring its primary responsibility, which is ensuring the peace and security of peoples. whole of the mechanisms of the multilateral system must be activated to avoid adding humanity to the horror of inhumanity to the horror of war. my country will be swerving in its support for the
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pursuit of peace and we will stand alongside those who propose alternatives to the deafening sound of bombs. artillery strikes and shelling by urge the parties to cooperate with the un and if specialized agencies to ensure civilian protection in ukraine and beyond. humanitarian workers must be able to have unhindered access to those areas and people in need of support. we also the belligerent to engage in good faith in negotiations to bring an end to the war and to reach peaceful coexistence. i welcome in this regard, the ongoing negotiations between the parties on prisoner exchange. at the same time, we welcome the agreement that enabled the export of grain from ukrainian ports. we
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believe that these are glimmers of hope, which we hope will get out of enclosing mister president. i reiterate my country's appeal to all of the parties to bring an end to the hostilities and to silence the alms. this is the only way to avoid adding further to the humanitarian cost of this war. thank you. you'll miss, i thank the representative of god bone for her statement. i shall now make a statement in my capacity as the representative of france. i thank madame decarlo, madame bruns garrison, madame drake, for the briefings. the war of aggression waged by russia for 6 months in violation of all of the principles of international law. the charter is having intolerable consequences for the civilian population
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by deciding to attack ukraine. russia was aware of the suffering that that would entail. while the consequences of this illegal and unjustified war being felt felt for all around the world, the ukrainian population is paying the highest price. and i once again would like to express to the ukrainian population of full solidarity and we have courage in the defense of the country. we profoundly worried by the inflammation reaching out regard regarding force, transfer of ukrainian civilians towards russian occupied areas or towards russia. such acts were in particular, documented by different independent bodies. it was reported that ukrainian civilians, including children, have been transferred by force towards russia, occupied areas or towards russia. while they were simply seeking to flee the
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hostilities russian off socrates reportedly have also subjected ukrainian civilians to horrible, inhumane detention conditions and filtration processes. all necessary light must be shed on these extremely serious acts, which if proven to be true, could in all likelihood represent war crimes and crimes against humanity. since the beginning of the war of aggression launched by russia, we continue to receive stories of unbearable scenes and great violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law. i say it again. the crimes committed in ukraine as a whole, the subject of rigorous documentation, evidence gathering, and criminal analysis which will criminal law analysis which will allow them to be reviewed by the court. the perpetrators of
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these acts must be held accountable. the work of the international criminal court and the independent international commission of inquiry established by the human rights counsel is crucial in this documentation and analysis efforts. it work and this effort to counter impunity. we support this work as well as the work of be your ukranian court in the investigations that they have opened france alongside as partners will continue to work constantly on this front. i now resume my function as president of the council, and i give the floor through the representative of ukraine. thank you mister president, distinguished members of the security council. i also recognized here the
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representative of terrorist russia in the berman and seat of the soviet union. i would like to think under secretary general rosemary decarlo, assistant secretary general is a bronze carries and human rights expert, alexander greek, for their substantive and truthful presentations. the heroic facts and human sufferings from the russian. okay, fires brought to our attention, has again proved that the only option to and this word is to hold the aggressor accountable for its criminal actions. criminal, indeed, due to both the huge records of crimes in the occupied territories of ukraine and the criminal background of many russian soldiers recruited recently for the war against ukraine. the story of russian murderer. no, but otto is one of the many highlights the level of degradation of russian armed forces. back into 713. this person was
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a leader of the gang sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing 5 people and arm to salts. the murder adjoined the russian occupation forces in don voss was killed in a short while and then awarded with the rush, a high military decoration, no moral constraints, readiness to kill, and to terrorize civilians. these are the personal welcomed now by the russian military recruiters. this is the face of russian army mister president, to day, almost 200 year a days since the day invasion started. we are more than confident in the victory of ukraine. despite the fact that the enemy is still on our land. despite that, we still have a long way to go to liberate the entire territory. we have no doubt it will happen . in fact, it is happening now. over the recent days,
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the crane enforces liberated territories and settlements in hudson. hawkins and the knights christians, the russian occupation forces considered terrorizing local population to be an important part of their attempts to prepare the grounds for faith referendums. but broad, active, and base of resistance in the occupied territories disdained by the local population towards occupiers. small number of collaborators and 1st and foremost, intensive actions by the ukrainian armed forces have already for russia to abandon its plans to hold such a random in september. as earlier plants by russia. by moscow, we have no doubt they will fail with any new deadline as of all distinguished members of the security council. as a part of its aggression. russia continues, forcible deforestation, of ukrainian citizens to its territory. our people are being transferred to the
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latest and depressed regions of siberia and the far east. the scale of this crime is so traitorous, according to available data, nearly 2500000 ukrainians, including about 38000 children, have been transferred from southern and eastern region of ukraine, blocking of the case to the mainland ukraine. russia simply leaves for the population of the occupied areas, no other choice, but to go to the russian territory already occupied crimea. russia is indeed the biggest recipient of force for the presentation of ukrainians as a part of the force to the case. and at the port taishan, russia detained refugees in so called to trace and camps. these extra legal facilities have been widely used by russia to terrorize the civilian population
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under the pretext of identifying dangerous persons. in reality, those come the occupiers suspect of disloyalty because of their political views or potential affiliation with the ukraine and army government media. civil society groups disappear up to so called filtration in the grey zone of occupied. domestic and lines, families are separated. children are grabbed away from parents. according to the o h. c, char report. such persons were later held in tragically known lane where 53 ukraine and prisoners of wars were brutally killed russia. and in don't ask. many detainees were reportedly tortured and some of them summarily executed. the so called filtration camps, hoping also set up in the cities of mckee of sneezing. right. so that's hard sick now, as of but johnson, the religious of nico sca. ms. man,
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you would have come. according to ministry of spring to gratian temporarily occupied searches of ukraine, that only about $16000.00 deported citizens were able to return to crane. according to their accounts, most of those transferred to russia face lack of means and absence of travel document. this makes dozens of 1000 people fishing to return back home, literally trapped in russia. mister president, it is a back to back to school time in most of other states. regrettably, the school year in ukraine has started against the backdrop of rocket and artillery showings marashi with education facilities being irregular targets. since the beginning of invasion, the russian forces have damaged 2177 educational institutions. leaving $284.00 totally destroyed you to the security threats only 56 percent educational institutions are prepared to provide in personal learning for the
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students. the primary concern is the teresa attempt to expand its practices of militarization and recertification of education to the territories it has occupied since february. it focuses on raising the ukrainian ethnic identity according to available data, about 200000 children of school age, remain in the occupied territories. principals and school staff in the occupied territories are subject to pressure and intimidation aimed at enforcing them to follow russian school programs. needless to say, the curriculum, the dresser tries to impose in the occupied territories of ukraine, does not provide the study of the crane and language and literature as about the history of ukraine. it's most of ukraine and teachers in the occupied territories, refused to calibrate the rational keepers tried to substitute the local stuff. would that coming from russian distinguished colleagues,
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children from the occupied territories, are transferred to russia and to legally given up for adoption, the forcible transfer of children, one group to another with intent to destroy in whole, or in part, a national ethical, racial, or religious group is a violation of the convention of the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide. on august 23, the cross and our department of family and charles went in the russian federation publicly reported that over 1000 to ukraine and children from my point illegally transferred to outside is into men. it could cameras and all regions, more than $300.00 children are currently being held in specialized institutions in cross region. very to rate that all ukraine and children who were illegally displaced to the territory of russia must be returned to their parents or legal guardians. until this happens,
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this crime needs most power for response by the international community. mister president, facing the substantial threat to the states and the people ukraine continues contributing to averting the global food crisis and fulfilling in good faith its obligations for the grain expert initiative. as of now, more than 90 ships have already been sent from ukrainian ports. and in general, more than 2000000 tons of other food have already been exported by the sea from the ukraine and ports. but as long as russia is able to continue its aggression against ukraine on land and sea, the global security threats and food crisis would remain for giles distinguished colleagues. such modern evil has to be disarmed fully in order to prevent their petition of violence and watch it. this is key less than drawn from the 2nd world war. the started 8 to 3 years ago and for september 19th, 39. people believe that it would be possible to avoid the repetition of those
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terrible crimes and such a cruel war. but the similar morning happened again for millions of ukrainians on 24th february 2022. once again, aggressive, tries to size territory in europe through must murder and terror by exploiting their due. all your patron where there is something that did not happen again. there were no pacts with aggressor from the very beginning of the work we have received real help from true friends all around the world. rushes capacities to wage of war has been limited by sanction packages. and we urge the international community to further expand this practice that literally save the lives of ukraine and people, as president zalinski said on the occasion of the anniversary of the 2nd world war and quote, we will do everything to ensure that ukrainians and other nations throughout the globe lived freely. we will do everything to ensure that the morning of september
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1st, the morning of june 22nd and the morning of february 24th. do not repeat, never again. we will do everything to make hatred finally loose. i thank you. show me if i sank the representative of ukraine for her statement. i now give the floor to the representative of italy. thank you mister president. let me also think the 1st. yes, jean god alone. a s g guns case and madame drake for the alarming but very affected description of one of the darkest sides of this war. as we reiterated multiple times, rush immigration on ukraine is a blatant violation of international law. however, the filtration system over ukrainian civilians we have heard about today is
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a regulation of the use in the law as profound as we have not weakness in europe since world war 2. it was indeed to avoid these horrors that the international community gathered in geneva in 1949 adopting the 1st convention. we all know it is crucial to reiterate. once again, the prohibition of forcible transfers of civilians from the occupies terry to be to the occupying power. steady took him regardless of the motive. in addition to the, so already gave a breach of international humanitarian law, which could be prosecuted as a work crime in the crime against humanity by the international criminal court. credible sources have a whole so raised awareness of potential fuel in human and degrading treatment,
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illegal biometric data collection, torture arbitrarily, the tensions and in forced these appearances. these are all disrespects of the most basic human rights. despite all the information attempts. mister president describes not only by alicia over the international legal framework there also and the thing. so the shared values and principles of which united nations built on the seriousness of the situation requires 2 swift and crucial actions in order to end the unacceptable and in human conditions in which thousands of innocent ukrainian cities as find themselves as we speak. first, we call a rational grant and fainted access to both un modest and international induce, such as the i, c, r c to freely and safely visit the temporary placement centers. we did the correct .


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