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a security council decision when people are dying and are especially when people are being killed and women are been raped, but we have to wait for the security deck deck un, a concert security decision. so it's better for the you went to, to be efficient and to make sure they can satisfy and by peacekeeping and promoting peace. and that's the only one that is fair satisfaction that can, can make people happy, especially the company's population, which they are mondays normally eats to protect the local population. but unfortunately, a, that's not the case was a haiti now where thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest against the current government. as if the caribbean islands nation has been gripped by rising crime and made a sky rocketing inflation. rate demonstrations have been focused in the capital po,
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to plants as well as other cities, triggered by increasing numbers of kidnappings, gang violence, and in nearly 30 percent inflation rates as widespread outrage over the government's failure to control searching prices for essential goods and fuel as well as a lack of jobs and you, thanks for joining us here on our t international as always, plenty more to be found on our website. auto dot com will be back in the top of the out with
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oh ah, with shimmer that's i with normally the style study of columbia
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video mama fall use a . 2 2 2 2 50 see her for a shirt, but she anthea thought to meet you a bit of the
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g. b, a funny because of the boys. more lives analogy ship or thinking it some might say 70 years is a reasonable life. i but i'm is one that may be full of events spokes, happy or sad, all know ups and downs me christ opportunities and glorious achievement. misty in the historic center, 70 years. his duality and instantly ag edition. you where you live with the july 13th march, the 17th anniversary of events, the meaning any significance is alicia still debated in ost, poland. and you grain them up just yeah. ah.
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bill of with the teacher, the announcement of our on april, the 8th 2013 is just before the 70th anniversary, the divided the ukrainian nation with an ideological stand off $28.00 senators with the law and justice party will be submitted a draft to the polish senate only proposing that july the 11th should be a memorial day in poland, to honor the memory of the victims of massacres of poles in valencia, and other parts of western ukraine in world war 2, public dogs up at their granite on april the 11th in the same year 29 m p 's from the polish people's party submitted to poland, lower house of parliament, a similar draft titled on the genocide committed by the organisation of ukrainian nationalists and the ukrainian insurgent army against poles on eastern polish territories property by lack of restoration at the end of the keep up as of both these documents was to recognise the organization of ukrainian nationalists and the ukrainian insurgent army as criminal organizations. which according to the authors,
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had committed genocide against the polish community in western ukraine. with 212 representatives voted in favor of the proposal to designate the massacre of poles in valencia finally o u n. and u p. a genocide while 222 voted against the proposal was defeated by a majority of just 11 votes. and the genocide issue was lost from the agenda. blue opposition voted to classify the o. u. n. u p. a crimes committed as genocide against the polish population, but the party empower
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of going and see them however, poland lower house declined the opposition's initiative to have the valiant tragedy officially declared to genocide and to make july the 11th memorial day in poland. to honor the victims of massacres in eastern polish territories,
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the decision provoked a wave of discontent and poland. vishal key vanny edkey said he with a voice cookie would be g. what the formal keyboard is gauge? thank gosh 6, i me a fool. you must with me. mutiny. couple was coming to harvey, achieved a s. as for about 9 more to the last coverage to is this a sheet with gigi on the brooklyn you shared a matter my number to be is on the vehicle. so many ship with will get normal and i go to the cities about i go to them, they go young shackles, rskovich to throw in slumber slower. yes. for sure. yeah, neither of those thought was the theme, but she's guilty with bueley if you absolutely love to say, but for hello this gustavo, nothing of all the boys. but you, in the balance, which in your home, you know, if you can traditionally senior snap on,
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i'm just again asking for shit at the political poorer. but younger was like a bulky us, i guess, from boston. nice cousin. polishing. you're going to means think of somebody on the scene yamil any more computer on it. show officer for your money, but i'm so you can see use them. but them question you can call uniform was going to give us a new product with the leash print media have led us somewhat blood discussion on the subject. the majority of publications denounced the polish authorities lack of determination on the matter that there is also a regularly repeated call to allow bygones to be bygone skin and to touch the volume tragedy to rest back at least for now. ah, we will only be able to get back to the berlin tragedy when ukraine becomes a stable and prosperous country within the western sphere of influence. i'm trying to address it now would make no sense any calls for restoring justice,
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apologies or compensation, can only aggravate our relations with kia at a time when ukraine's future and its association with the e. u. r. being decided, it would make sense to revisit the subject in about 20 years from now or doing it now would be more than useless. it would be politically detrimental, under telecom genocide, as political leverage. judge bus, polito, poland, that a teacher's face is the ceiling and not to the 3rd of densely she approached her sniff. john, they're far more off of your thoughts than when you're listening to rachel crane's coaster, opening my billing and thinking of the rep, phillip urged in a symbol in southeastern law to blake and jessica. she's commission probably nana which is near quite her. oh, just a little bit of something that i faced with with all kinds of possibility and delirium. i am and only a he has killed the shady, profane mirror, not buying up. i go, look, see me, pull up
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a book on those words visibly. i'm working on to them. yeah. you mean younger than you know as well. so virginia to, he couldn't, you know, start with a premier, him, he's a 5th grade of that in your bundled mix. you go, mr. yes, you will. you will lose you from that yet. oh, as a b, is it? when you look back, you click web movie and through the portal. on july 14th, 2013 elizabeth dixon, peter impulse cathedral in louis western ukraine. your builder memorial service for victims of the valley near massacres, which was attended by the polish president bananas left komarovsky. ukraine was represented by the deputy prime minister, the constant in gresham with the, the old with mothers, louisville storage. i mean, you still to read your but if you don't come with it, i'm gray husky. after we met at the bill of seizure,
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which nice cover on got. i got your state all good pizza, pretty me, or i thought your me, i was, it was the growth in you're still one bill goes over it. so she was, i talked to, you will take a break. not here of all the get the bill. it's gotta be in your global google docs . yeah. not to just. they were thoughtful browsing. you want to thank you grange parliament displayed a curious response to the 70th anniversary of the valiant tragedy. nearly one 3rd of the value of nevada with not 148 members who mostly communist and from the ruling party of regions. we have signed an official request to the polish parliament to recognize what had happened 70 years before. as genocide against the polish people here was that request triggered a strong response on both sides of the polish ukrainian border. the initiative was heavily criticized in ukraine and described as tantamount to treason with modern you break your school to get it was his code using clean east him nino cuz i think of a shuttle. it was she. she needs to excuse the controller. a new thing. no matter what
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pro and deal with talking listed on the condition of tomatoes. anything in which to believe in the piece of arch foursquare stored on a swishing these 2, i'm in all kinds of sports skate ester and then also something to tucker convertible, as if exceed one wilkins capacity of the community because it should take you want to 1st attempt to build a bridge between ukraine and poland, over disagreements regarding the volume tragedy was in 2003 by the van presidents. if leon it coach mark, which man alexandra wasn't upscale in 2006. the reconciliation process continued through the efforts of consecutive president victor yoshika and leg kuchinski, who jointly opened the memorial to polish and ukrainian victims of the valley. a massacre been public, a military and scheme. it was then that former president yoshika. he spoke. the memorable words died, we forgive and ask for forgiveness with him, but no later than 2008 when we got bianca issued a decree, posthumously conferring the title of hero of ukraine on the ukrainian insurgent ami
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leader roman sha cambridge with the 2 years later in january 2010, yoshika awarded the title hero of ukraine to step on bendara, also posthumously. he'd been the leader of the most radical nationalist group, o u. n. b. western ukraine celebrate show here which and ben dana, by erecting statues and naming major streets after them ah needs to come to the russian state full narrative. i've stayed as i phone and ignore santini. d vast mckindoe's house lamps, and up with 55 with . we will ban in the european union, the kremlin media machine estate on russia for date and split ortiz food. now,
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given our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube with ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
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i thought it was just your busy man. yeah. how many times go to with this with you? i'm here with you. i'm with poor english here. the whole the bit oceania still valuable. mickey scott boom, you to plasma a style in spanish. now come a missile
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dot slow yesterday for you, tanya. all because that's how i feel crane that on you poor he did. ching, i feel crazy you polish, and ukrainian historians have the different assessments of the number of victims on each side as well as different accounts of why it happened. but all agree that the volume tragedy was the bloodiest, ukrainian polish conflict in the 2 nations shared history. i don't know if this was the yet, or took a certain the proceeds from the oval in school. so we can see the issue not putting up a new agreement, we can agreement to leo because taking, taking sticking, and yet i'm sort of particular with it. so can speak with the new interfere or a muscley extra may not say english teachers here at all. sure. it was listed in geneva lynn's k ones can publish it as a teacher, but in the case it, somebody to use ski a sort of case a little that the both of us for yeah,
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kept or it will in natural south. i'm children for this has developed the reward, the us before them, yet some pushed on naturalists sketch. nowhere to australia middle prolactin was to limit the belief that we could do is to lose a couple of bill cilia full scope. previous of the worm 0 that the worst of or complex palsky elements were williams come come, push them, stick number with accused go at the job with co cobra was possible to can fitness authority learn which is noon puts korean enters the milk, atoria crane. so recorded lucas, group of things go out of me. could we do all of your current school in that summer? is michelle is so easy. is she telling you a quote you, we just need you to the pile of some which is to socio be with from sister to, to pitch that need to get used to live that this is you live? it's a to by mid summer. in 1943,
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they see the volcano massacres had reached their climax. europe is thought and they feel on the hundreds of polish villages where level trust always ristocki still will accounts very but 42100000 civilians, women and children, and the elderly. one brutally killed me. is this the am but after them yet it's known that up to a certain point it holes and ukrainians left side by side quite peacefully with spears nobody's. there was little gam that it was quite normal for them to work and celebrate together in to marriage was also commonplace with miss new hilder them. so no, thank you. shit professionals about he says, well, you're and you also have new community in the financial part guide, you were able to learn the able rebuild them. neurology did a through z granules walk, you re more just on the ball on our mile up the most of the bill of rights, greece, giddy of a when you so when you go, when you notice the brush unionism gets in, thumbs in your floats as i say we have not yet for blow,
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does that assa, tara, paulette, and other were she act isn't to rally volley. so if i leave it on, on, on my list, you shall on of all in you by like you grazing amc g here. me and you could, i am with the guy neatly packed valia. you got your formula, what some of our senior you put us cousin, but ideally, look, i'm over the mean. you could keep conflict looking as the 18 minutes on my list. amenable on nibble, like a conflict of copper emotional bla because if you sooner whatnot. so i move on. this is your conference. i will show up at hundreds of places in mountain western ukraine. she had a common and bloody history who studied castilian and lipp nikki for example. where on march the 26th 1943 by 179 poles were murdered. mainly women was an elderly people, more than 50 children under 14 great every year. the polish and ukrainian delegations come here to honor the memory of those innocent victims with many who
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lived in nor near valinda and witness those tragic events managed to survive to this day in general. miroslav gosh epsky la collins 1st astronaut is one of them that you can put in 1943. the future space conqueror was just a helpless baby who miraculously survived his children loss because he hadn't the shelf hold of nick lane. that doctor's i wish my yesterday bought a nice thesis. bottles of the shooting. i long of no grain. your people national uniform. you are some your bill of both are a border political part us cousin. what i didn't even see me. mammy dave fabricate . she shoes together voice, kind of rush vertical of out of the few of them both of us. each of them are russia seem here that i give you in the holy level about show sniff our bus. the young, the mom of us are show us. can you was by me and i knew we up in march. i started, i get the la should have a good hour. and we just think of young tegan adverse dishes to monitor jessica
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sugar of village me. but it is good news for god. you either that
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loan loan, loanable to what did you with that part as i on so yeah, i could just go after them as much as you've already more comfortable with will show that we actually see with my mostly just call them the just came from national got it, if you're thinking of the of you or did you call them, was only got a week of cement, legible, it will stop showing you book on it. i'm already sure. i'm not sure. like when you some sheets, the guy pre cross manageable issue obviously, but nasty school boys, pdf you get to watch what kids channels are crucial. i've sure all the little search to the jeep when you will. a similar that done that. she was a scheduled me,
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a bottom brought what she brought, it will not be so a lot of tea until to 1000 more than july. i'm a piece, i don't see it yourself, that my sister, those are more yankton, yoko plus humor shows, kind of dumb fancy is favor. they were giving them that it's about you just don't eat your own, you know, those years i'm with novalink, global concepts on user video with it's not a good idea, but why did it reaches out to keep up with a minute or 2, reading of math each is nanny, my mom, you know, to sionna flores is i was you go to the villages. domingo must build you up with you. okay. because of a visual. it is dormer troy by d. a yet i go to point to wasn't take our time. a group association was the bill
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comes up with you, bye might, could show you a scar being on up when you all accumulate aggressive machine. what would be a human a dispute? gene cheese a video of you're not sure what to do it to please eat, but not only the style. that's how you're going to do it. so you deal with too much money. people have nothing serious to lucian decent was you. he's not, you see mutant seamless choice for almost, you know, a thing that he's talk with him to his will with a little boy a few minutes of just to go to pick up a screen with the problem. marginalize. i see our new digital know now photos give new taylor
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will be john movie size boom. and you still want to possibly senior for them, some one. yep. much the political idea as to what i grew up with when you, when you did it would be, well if question is that to change to kelvin there? could i use a machine? you could put a yeah, i knew a bundle. get an idea. i mean, one of the most popular theories is that innocent club was spilled as a result of a so called popular uprising that women, ukrainian farmers in those areas turned against that polish neighbors who lived in the same area at the bellagio beach, a poorer shop or so based on a cinema or should send the shipment of an issue because it might
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cost more to those of i to not a bleaching. we should keep up with company steadily and brain. so from a new new quarter, he's on the product or a new new sweet place, sushi, so green, some of them will up some of them. but the, we, and you could give up, some excuse, can you care? but it is just about the way i'm with you with both of the one as a mom, as usual, but got shape by up on a shoes for my mom as i isd in lubbock east, a little been using a bristol problem. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be in arms. race is on often very dramatic development only personally and
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getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. it's very difficult time to sit down and talk with terror attack on a russian control. they know your crazy stuff, but those yeah. nuclear power plants, according to local officials who say a kamikaze thrown because bones is government building. he's president se if ukrainian grain is being shipped to wealthy countries instead of those that made it the most, i think joined the course of international condemnation of a western failure to help african american energy tycoon stays the u. s. will profit from europe fuel crisis re can get the big bucks. thanks again for the.


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